What do you do when your refrigerator dies – conks out – stops working… ?

If this has ever happened to you, I’m sure it was an eye-opener with regards to the basics of our modern way of life – and how it’s absence will change one’s priorities right quick…

When your fridge stops working you’re suddenly thinking, oh $hit – what am I going to do?

It is an interesting thing – when one of the basic (but ‘necessary’) essentials of our modern way of life – fails us. Your refrigerator stops working. Your freezer conks out. Your stove no longer works. Your toilet stops working. Your heater or air-conditioning breaks down, etc.

Suddenly, it becomes the highest priority in your life – and you need to get it fixed – NOW.

Imagine if there was no fixing it? At least for a fairly long time?

I bring this up because of something that recently happened to me. We’re presently moving to another location, and during the initial move we discovered that the refrigerator had stopped working.

We had already transported a chunk of our refrigerated foods, but were then faced with the dilemma of what to do, given that the fridge ‘lost it’s cool’.

The first thought (obviously) was to preserve (and/or eat) the food before it spoils! Fortunately I had a few coolers with me on the first trip of the move, and given our modern technology I was able to drive to a store and buy ice.

The second action was to drive to the nearest Lowes and order a new fridge!

It made me think about how things once were – before the days of our modern conveniences. We take it so much for granted. The appliances. The availability. The electricity that powers the appliances. How did our ancient ancestors survive without these things?

While I only have to wait several days for a new fridge to be delivered, and while I can simply keep feeding my coolers with fresh cold ice each day from the local market, it makes you think – what would I (any of us) do if these conveniences did not exist?

The minute there is a ripple in the Matrix, it makes you think about these things…

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