SURVIVAL – How To Survive


To survive under difficult or threatening circumstances requires good instincts and the right knowledge and actions working together for success.

Here are some survival tips to consider:

The following tips come from the US Army Survival Manual: FM 21-76 (October 1970)

Size Up the Situation
Size Up the Situation, Surroundings, your Physical Condition, and your Equipment.

Use All Your Senses, Undue Haste Makes Waste
You may make a wrong move when you react quickly without thinking or planning.

Remember Where You Are
Always try to determine how your location relates to ‘the enemy’, ‘friendlies’, local water sources, and areas that will provide cover.

Vanquish Fear and Panic
The greatest enemies in a survival situation are fear and panic.

No matter how complete a survival kit you have with you, it will run out or wear out after a while. Your imagination must take over when your kit wears out.

Value Living
Stubbornness, a refusal to give in to problems and obstacles that face you, will give you the mental and physical strength to endure.

Act Like the Natives
The natives and animals of a region have adapted to their environment. To get a feel of the area, watch how the people go about their daily routine. Learn how to adapt to their (humans and animals) environment and increase your chances of survival.

Live by Your Wits, but for now…Learn Basic Skills
Survival training reduces fear of the unknown and gives you self-confidence. It teaches you to live by your wits. Learn these basic skills now–not when you are headed for or are in the ‘battle’.

Pattern For Survival
Develop a survival pattern that lets you beat the enemies of survival. This survival pattern must include food, water, shelter, fire, first aid, and signals – placed in order of importance.

For example, in a cold environment, you would need a fire to get warm, a shelter to protect you from the (cold, wind, and rain or snow), a means to get food, a means to signal for help (if you’re looking for it), and first aid to maintain health.

Change your survival pattern to meet your immediate physical needs as the environment changes around you.


More thoughts on survival…

Practice. Many of the essential survival skills must be learned and practice is a better way to learn them then necessity. Pratice will also expose your errors and misconceptions in a way that gives you time and opportunity to correct them.

Learn the 10 C’s of survival.
The 10 C’s Of Survivability include Cutting, Combustion, Cover, Container, Cordage.

The general subject of survival is immense, and dependent upon conditions, circumstances, and so many other things. It will range from very basic rudimentary skills to those more advanced. There’s wilderness survival, urban survival, and so much more. You might focus on those that better match your probabilities and likelihoods. But don’t forget the basics…

Remember, “Survival training reduces fear of the unknown and gives you self-confidence.”


  1. Good post, Ken, Thanks.

    Occurs to me, that in a general sort of way, it applies to life, everyday life “survival”.

    I have come across/read of many persons who
    should not have “survived”
    should not have prospered (and in this I mean living well, not rich)
    should not have accomplished due to physical or social or such disadvantages…

    and yet they do.

    I think the “explanation”, is somehow they had a bit of “all of the above”.

  2. I try to prepare so I will not worry too much ! Disciplined awareness coupled with a steely sense of humor. ‘Cause the world is gettin’ crazy…

  3. Taking those Army ‘tip’s and putting them into a few ‘what-if’ scenarios might be a great exercise to think through. I know I’m going to do this over the next couple of days, beginning with a ‘what-if’ scenario on I-85 in Charlotte, NC (ie what would I do if I were in a stopped vehicle on I-85 last night).

    To me, situational awareness and analytical assessment are critical factors during trying/difficult situations. But then, I’m analytical and saying this flies in the face of some of those folks who we’d never consider ‘survivalists’ and yet they somehow conquer a treacherous plight (as Anon points out).

    1. The news showed everyone in cars going every which away, up ramps, driving the wrong way on 85 ridiculous

  4. Excellent Article Ken!

    Another key word in survival is Anticipate. Given the fact that in today’s world of unexpected emergencies, floods, terror attacks by “Lone Wolves”, forest fires, etc. We must have plans to anticipate. To consider having multiple plans, escape routes, a network of communication, etc.

    To be able to recognize changes to your environment that would indicate something is about to happen so that you can have a reaction time to avoid being a victim. The earlier you can react to circumstances the more time you have to get away from danger or warn others. I guess this boils down to the importance of having a very keen sense of situational awareness, and not just the mature adults, but all family members.

    Also remember domestic animals can sense imminent danger to our environment before humans can. Their sense of hearing, smell and vibrations can sometimes be hours ahead of what humans can detect. Recognizing their different behavior can serve as an early warning sign especially if you’re in an earthquake zone.

      1. actually you indeed had spelled it ‘antiscipate’ however there is no ‘s’ in ‘anticipate’, so I corrected it for you ;)

        (sometimes we go in and correct spelling within comments)

        1. Ken

          You have my permission to correct MY spelling, also. I wake up very early, when there are hours to go before daylight, so lots of my comments are typed in the dark — and are often very misspelled.


        2. Santa Claus might surprise you with a laptop that has an illuminated keyboard!!! Have you been a good Girl???

        3. @ Ken

          Dude, you’re going to have a full time correcting my spelling and typos… LOL


        4. NRP, he has to keep an eye on ya so might as well right? LOL!

          BTW, a little off topic but I got my bulk turmeric, ginger in yesterday. Thought I saved your recipe. Nope. Wrote it down. Can’t find it.

          What week did you post that? Thanks!
          Now back to our regular scheduled ranting…

        5. NRP, got it. Thanks.

          Knock yourself out on the sticker! My wife cracked up and said that describes almost all the people she works with.

          There can be so many variations at the beginning too.The clueless sheep are…or my knucklehead BIL is… for example. Plenty more I’m sure.

          Biting Sarcasm. ..just one more service provided by us who post here on MSB! No extra charge!LOL!

        6. 23 comments on this very good article, but 15 of them are about spelling!
          Partly my fault.

        7. @ DaisyK

          Yeah, it’s fun to watch Ken go CRAZY!

          BUT we do get a lot of GREAT information out there…..


    1. I’ll have an article I’ll be sharing about Not quitting this Sat.

  5. The most important, needed item to survive; without it you are doomed to fail:


  6. Your last statement, says it all. Practice, all the study and stores are useless. Unless you know what to do.
    Start with just camping, and slowly drop all the luxurious clutter. And get to the point of a week with the very basics.
    Makes having all the supplies more effective.

    I take a week yearly and survive with what I have in a basic EDC.
    Last year I was in the Florida Everglades for a week.
    Very difficult. And I’m 58, I’ve been doing this for the last 20 years.

    So having all the preps makes life comfortable. But what if?

  7. Just remember, survival skills are needed for any “normal” day, including fast reflexes and split second decisions with NO time to plan or think about it……….. and especially how to spell it :-)

  8. Question:
    You used the US Army manual from 1970.
    Didn’t the US Army have another manual in WWI or WWII?

    1. Sandismom. It’s a sad state we live in and it has been said that we are dumbing down the population. The Army did a re-write on many of their technical and field manuals so they could be understood by people with a fourth grade comprehension level. I believe I recall the prior level was eighth grade.

  9. Listing skills, equipment and knowledge is important to survival but having the will to survive is probably the most important.

    Adapt and overcome–if you don’t do this well, you will not survive long.

    “Learn the system then work the system” to your advantage…good, bad or indifferent.

  10. Would appreciate everyone’s prayers. 2nd night of protest here in Charlotte NC. Protestors took over downtown Charlotte. 1 person was shot, by another citizen. Several police taken to hospitals. Police still out on streets–protestors not leaving.

    I live in neighborhood 8 minutes from downtown.
    1 reason I want to move out!!!
    Thanks for your Prayers.

    1. Sandismom

      Yes, certainly, sending prayers for your and others safety. Hope no more are hurt.

      Turned on the news, and saw the Police on Bikes…
      All I could think was “Seriously?”…Someone really thought it was safe for Officers to be sent out on bikes? How crazy is that?

      I saw one clip, which said the Hyatt Hotel was broken in to (sounds like mostly the bar, and it was emptied)…We all (here) felt for the folks who were staying at Hotel. News said it was on lock down…We thought a person would want to leave…—what if it was set on fire? — Surely a pricey hotel/guests is a target for rioters to rob, etc? And someone sent in Bike Cops? Seriously?

    2. Sandismom

      I looked up Charlotte on the Internet. Looks like a population of almost a million. Since 1970 the population has changed from 70% white to 45% white. Whenever there is a large migration or population shift, it is always accompanied by violence. I hope you can move out of there soon.

      1. Working on getting out very soon. Wanted to move Oct.1st. Can’t pack stuff up that quick. And it is a lot of stuff. Have tried but it wears me out. to the point of giving up.
        None of the rioters have come down this way yet.
        The way it’s been going, they probably won’t.

    3. Having experienced an incident simalar but w/o violence only a few months ago here in Baton Rouge; what made a huge difference here was the involvement of religous leaders of the black community working with the city Govt. Also the entire city coming together in prayer, genuine power of prayer has gotten this area thru a several historic challenges this summer.

      Many prayers in Baton Rouge are being said for Charlotte.

      During the early 90’s I was involved with contractors doing gasolene piping at gas stations in the Charolette area and its very beautiful city. I hope the violence ends.

      Stay aware and stay safe!

  11. Brought my 38 special in living room for tonight. It has all 6 chambers full.

    1. From one Tammie to another Tammy, you have my prayers. Be safe and stay at home. Our world is changing and not for the better. Please keep us posted. Please pray for me too. My son in law has never woken up from his stroke on Saturday. It looks very, very bad. Our daughter is heartbroken and so are we. So much sadness right now for all of us.

      1. Miss I Made It Myself

        Sorry to hear about your son in law…Will keep him, and you all, in prayers….

  12. Sandismom

    It’s a scary world that we are living in. Will say a prayer that it calms down.

  13. @sandismom…stay strong. You are now living through the topic of this article Ken posted. Survival!

  14. Survival – I have heard it said that it is better to be lucky, more than being good. We discuss all the possibilities, anticipate, prep, and all that is left is cross our fingers.

  15. To Sandismom:

    We will be praying for your safety. In the meantime, it sounds like you are doing everything right.(low profile, you are armed and in your safe room). Hopefully you do not have to go anywhere near the downtown area and (hopefully) you have plenty of other supplies on hand.

    The worst of these things usually passes after 3 days but it is hard to tell with the news coverage these days.

    Stay safe with your family and God be with you and yours.

    1. Was up until midnight last night. My wonderful “guard” dog sound asleep.
      Noticed Charlotte made the Fox news today & Attorney General spoke about it.
      Not sure if anything is taking place tonight. Yes, Charlotte Police ride bikes, they also drive cars. I think horses would be good. Have watched the police in New York & New Orleans. Horses can put people in their place & bikes can’t.(If the police only knew how silly that looked, them on bikes) Many people that were taking part in the riots were from out of town. Announcers last night said the riots spread into other parts of the city. I do have preps & don’t need to go out anytime soon. Thought about going shopping at walmart to get med/vit. supplies that have run low but that can wait.Not knowing if any riot people would show up at store’s. But I have noticed that they never riot in the daytime. My “safe” room last night was just my living room. I wasn’t scared but was a little unnerved, never having experienced this before & 1st thing I thought of was Ferguson. My sister called me at 9:30 pm to tell me to turn on tv to watch Fox news. that Charlotte was on tv. I think the media causes things to escalate. if the media wasn’t there the people probably wouldn’t act stupid. Noticed 1 reporter was shoved down while he was talking.
      Charlotte NC has far more Mexicans & blacks now due to more jobs here.
      I met 2 black women from NYC couple months ago at grocery store.
      they said they moved down here for jobs.
      This just went across tv–Duke Energy, Wells Fargo & another company just asked their employee’s to stay home today due to uncertainty of the riot situation here.
      Decided not to pull out my pistol last night. I Don’t have licenses for any of my guns–were my fathers & grandfathers guns/rifles.
      Don’t think there would be any need for National Guard to search homes, but not taking chances. I choose to not get licenses for the weapons because then my name goes on a data list & then I would be easier to Find.
      Still thinking/working on moving. Wanted to be in my new home on Oct. 1st.
      sis says that’s too much stress on me. less than 2 weeks.
      Didn’t realize how hard it is to pack up everything along with finding a home & selling this one. Kind of know how much I would get for this house,
      Need to find what I want in a home at the price I would get for this one minus mortgage & Eguity I still owe on it. Whew–and that’s not much left at all for a home.
      Thanks for all your prayers.
      And the one’s who asked me to pray for you–yes I will.

      1. Ken, SANDISMOM mentioned about the guns and who they belonged to at one time, I would suggest an action we all should take a legal maneuver, that is very hard to get around in court. The action is to take a pic of all your firearms print them out on paper with the serial numbers and any other details then go to a notary have the list (each page notarized) what this establishes is a legal document showing on the date notarized and beyond these guns were in your possession and being claimed by you as your property. This is a great item to have for insurance purposes or for any false claims against them that they belong to someone else. The situation I thinking about is in case a law is passed to remove any firearms not owned after a law is enacted and the date is established……so forearmed is forewarned I had a burglary some years ago and my notarized papers created smooth sailing with the insurance company in getting a settlement.

  16. I think the folks in Puerto Rico just experienced a local SHTF/survival event, power went out for the entire island, blacked-out. Fire at a power plant, the power company is $9 billion in debt, 3.5 million people without power. Been there working a couple of times in the past, beautiful place, great people, wish them the best.

    1. Grey Lensman

      Since Puerto Rico is in such debt, does one assume that they will not be able to do repairs, or at least not be able to do “proper”/”thorough” repairs?

      Seems like a recipe for further problems.

  17. Cops shoot 4 times as many Whites, than they do Blacks.
    So why aren’t the Whites rioting?
    What does your Common Sense tell you?

    1. My common sense tells me that this is a Harbinger of things to come.
      It will only grow and get worse.
      ‘Be forewarned – Be prepared’.

      1. Perhaps US city Mayors could follow what Rudy G. did in NYC when he was Mayor. Placing more Police Officers where the highest crime was, yet prosicute any unjust Police action. Rudy G was personaly involved in every level of his city of NY as a Prosecutor and Mayor, and was and still is very respected because he was very good at only choosing one side,”The Truth”!!

  18. These people just want to steal and raise hell. They can stay up all night cause they do not work on welfare and food stamps. I think it will get much worse. Sorry for getting off subject but people need to stand up and support the police when they are in the right.

    1. Running Bear,

      “but people need to stand up and support the police when they are in the right.”

      How about giving the police the benefit of the doubt until all the facts come out. Ignore the mindless babble from the “victims” families and “witnesses” that didn’t witness anything at all, that is broadcast ad nauseum by the media until after cities are burnt down, only to find the officer did everything right? The statistics show this is the case in 99.9% of the police involved fatalities.

      Do police make mistakes? Of course they do? Maliciously? In extremely rare instances, yes. Dealt with severely? Absolutely. Why believe otherwise? You won’t, unless you fail the question the propaganda and do your own research. The media wants to drive a narrative (herd the sheep to the location they choose). They’ve done a damn good job of it with a large segment of our population and it’s on the verge of causing chaos because of the lie.

      Don’t fall prey to the media/liberal propaganda.

  19. “Family of Scott have seen dash and body cams’ video. Would not give details on what they saw.” at Will Kennedy News twitter dot com

    The family do not look very happy…lawyer would not confirm they did or did not see a gun.

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