Most everyone is good at ‘something’. What I mean by that is most of you have ‘a job’ or a career which is likely complementary with a skill or skill set that you posses – something that you’re good at – or something that you have learned along the way. Even if you are retired, you made your way to retirement through areas that you were good at or became good at…

Most of us have our specialties and areas of so called ‘expertise’. While some of these areas of expertise may be specific and valuable within the framework of today’s modern world, these skills may not necessarily be beneficial in a post-collapse world.

So, why am I saying this?

I’m pointing this out so that you might consider becoming more ‘well rounded’. I don’t mean overindulging in cake and ice-cream to expand into a well rounded figure, but I do mean expanding your skills in a basic way to improve your self-reliance and self-worth in a world that may not be so ‘modern’.

In today’s modern world, careers may often be narrowly focused and specialized. Even today’s broader skill sets are intertwined with high technology and modern methodologies. There’s nothing wrong with that of course. We are fortunate to be living in a modern world of conveniences and technologies. However if you place yourself in a hypothetical world which has collapsed to some extent, how many of those skills and abilities will be of importance or value?

When you get down to the basics (the things that our ancestors were particularly good at), how many of you posses any of those skills and abilities? How well rounded are you?

Having a broad set of ‘practical’ and ‘hands-on’ skills that compliment the basics of survival and self-reliance will be most important during a time of collapse.

I have also found that the more of these skills that you posses, the easier it is to adapt. Adaptability is a unique ability to use what is available to you in order to accomplish a task or goal. The more well-rounded you are, the easier it is to adapt.

So, what general skills will help shape you into a more well rounded prepper?
A few thoughts include the following:

Homesteading and Farming
Mechanic / Mechanical
Home Cooking / Home Canning

I believe that you’re getting the idea…

Because we live in a modern world where we can buy pretty much anything, this same world has eliminated the requirement to know the basic practical ‘survival’ skills of yesteryear. If you’re a prepper or someone who is preparedness-minded, in order to become a more well rounded prepper you should expand your practical skills sets…

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