How To Escape A Sinking Car

How to escape a sinking car

How to escape a sinking car

In the United States, approximately 400 people die each year because their cars are trapped in water. Most people do exactly the wrong thing in that moment… we roll up the windows and hope for an air bubble or call 911.

Here is the right thing to do if your car is sinking; how to get out alive…

Critical seconds that can save your life…
The first 30 to 60 seconds are the most critical to get out alive.

I recently received an email from Melissa at, advising of the best way to get out of a sinking car. We have no affiliation, however I do believe their message is a valuable one so I’m sharing it with you if you’re interested…

In the United States, approximately 400 people die each year in cars that have gone off the road into canals, lakes, or rivers. There is confused and misguiding messaging about what to do to escape from a sinking car.

The secret to survival is to remember these 4 key words:
Seat-belts, Windows, Children, Out.

If your car goes off the road into water, don’t call 911. Take these steps to escape.


This is the first step to take as soon as you hit the water.

2. WINDOWS down (or break)

Due to water pressure, you will likely be unable to open your door. The best procedure to getting out from your car is through your window.

There are tools like the ResQMe car escape tool (Made in USA) that can help with this step.

3. CHILDREN (old to young)

If there are children in the car, have the older ones unbuckle their seat-belts and help them out. They can hold on to the side of the car. Then help the younger ones out of their car seats, handing them to someone waiting outside the car, or carrying them out with you.

4. OUT

Get everyone out of the car as soon as possible. Don’t call 911, don’t wait for the car to fill with water. The first 60 seconds are the most crucial ones to get out alive.

Seat belt off, Window down, Get out

Video clip from ABC Nightline, how to escape from a sinking vehicle.