Learn And Practice Survival Skills


Do you have everything that you need in case of the worst case scenario? Water? Food? Tools? How about skills?

Regardless of how much equipment or how many supplies that you stock up on, skills are still your most valuable asset.

by Charlie Mike Adkins of CharlieMikeSolutions.net

So you have a Ferrocerium Rod, but how many fires have you actually started with it? Have you practiced purifying water? This list of questions could go on and on. The bottom line is that our brains have always been our most valuable tool and our most deadly weapon. However, people are lazy. That’s not an insult, it’s a fact. Anthropologists theorize on the origin of our laziness and have come up with some pretty interesting insights. It’s about conserving calories. Think back to the days of Fred & Barney. The less efficient that I was and the more physical work that I performed, the more calories that I needed. That meant more hunting, more gathering and even more energy expenditure! So the logical conclusion was to do the least amount of work possible in order to conserve calories.

For most people in America today, we aren’t worried about getting enough calories. Actually, it’s usually exactly the opposite. However, the part of the brain that is responsible for self-preservation (the limbic system) still wants us to conserve our calories, just in case we can’t get more. Conserving calories means not practicing your skills. However, your limbic system isn’t making your decisions for you. That’s happening in your pre-frontal cortex (PFC). Your PFC is your executive thought center. That’s what gives us the ability for complex thought and decision making.

So here is a decision: Do you want to practice your skills and perfect your techniques BEFORE the emergency situation? Of course we do. Do we always get around to practicing? No, life tends to get in the way. That’s where Charlie Mike Solutions can help.

Charlie Mike Solutions is a Retired US Special Forces owned and operated outdoor skills training company in West Virginia providing you with the chance to learn, practice and perfect the skills that you need for surviving and thriving outdoors. Their classes include: Basic Land Navigation, Advanced Land Navigation, Military Advanced Land Navigation, Basic Winter Survival, Basic Summer Survival, Advanced Survival and the menu is still growing. Some classes that are coming are Basic Pistol, Basic Carbine, Small Unit Tactics and Surviving With Kids.

Think about this: Can you REALLY use a map? By the way, the batteries are dead in your GPS! Can you truly stay warm when you get caught out in the woods overnight on a “short winter hike”? You don’t really know until you’ve done it. Studying skills is great, but performing those skills is the only way to perfect them.

‘Charlie Mike Solutions’ uses an adult learning model which is specifically designed to aid in skill set retention in new students and reinforce skills in more experienced woodsmen. If you are ready to take your preparations to the next level, make the decision to improve your skills. That’s more important than buying another knife, or one more backpack.

About the author:

Charlie Mike Adkins is a retired U.S. Army Green Beret (Special Forces). He is the primary instructor for all Charlie Mike Solutions classes. He is a graduate of numerous shooting schools, survival schools (including 2 international schools) and has years of real world experience. Charlie Mike completed 11 overseas tours during his time in Special Forces including multiple combat tours to Afghanistan as a member of an ODA (Special Forces A-Team).