If you want to be successful (at whatever you’re doing or planning to do), an effective method is to use visualization for your success. Visualize it. See it through your mind’s eye. It works.

Here’s more of what I mean:

The power of visualization can create successful outcomes to your goals. When you visualize the end result, your mind will work in interesting ways that will affect your problem-solving and your subsequent actions.

One of the more fascinating ways that visualization works, is when you don’t yet have a crystal clear end result in mind… Although you do have a general idea or notion as to what you want to accomplish, the more you think about it (even after you’ve started towards your goal), the subconscious mind often ‘figures it out’ for you or clarifies it for you. For example, how many times have you woken up in the middle of the night upon having seemingly miraculously sorted out one of the steps of an ongoing project? Your mind keeps working when you’re asleep and if you let it, it will help you sort things out. This requires ongoing visualization right from the start – of what it is that you’re trying to accomplish. When you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything…

Why am I talking about this on a preparedness blog? Well because preparedness-minded people often have many goals in mind, and the process of visualization can really help.

You might visualize what things might be like following a given set of circumstances such as a particular accident, disaster, collapse, or even SHTF. The visualizations will then help you to plan or set goals to be better prepared.

You might visualize a fully stocked and completed food storage pantry or a room with shelves of long-term food. When you keep thinking about it, your actions will be affected and you will move yourself in the direction of your visualization.

You might visualize a seemingly overwhelming project, but as you put your mind to it – each small step becomes doable. Visualize the final completed project as you continue through each phase.

You’ve heard the saying, “You are what you eat”, well similarly “You are what you think”.

While it’s one thing to ‘write it down’ – to write a goal or process on paper… but it’s another thing to ‘see it’ in your mind. At first the image will be blurry, but as you continue to imagine, it will become sharper – until you’re literally looking at the final product.

Visualization requires setting yourself aside from distractions. Proactive critical ‘thinking’ (and visualization) is apparently not the normal today. Many instead ‘react’ and/or are too plugged-in to the grid to block out the noise.

I suppose that all I’m trying to say in all this ramble is to picture success. Don’t dwell on failures (we all have plenty of those along the way). Let them go and move on to a positive visualization – because that type of thinking will get you there…

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