Using Visualization For Success


If you want to be successful (at whatever you’re doing or planning to do), an effective method is to use visualization for your success. Visualize it. See it through your mind’s eye. It works.

Here’s more of what I mean:

The power of visualization can create successful outcomes to your goals. When you visualize the end result, your mind will work in interesting ways that will affect your problem-solving and your subsequent actions.

One of the more fascinating ways that visualization works, is when you don’t yet have a crystal clear end result in mind… Although you do have a general idea or notion as to what you want to accomplish, the more you think about it (even after you’ve started towards your goal), the subconscious mind often ‘figures it out’ for you or clarifies it for you. For example, how many times have you woken up in the middle of the night upon having seemingly miraculously sorted out one of the steps of an ongoing project? Your mind keeps working when you’re asleep and if you let it, it will help you sort things out. This requires ongoing visualization right from the start – of what it is that you’re trying to accomplish. When you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything…

Why am I talking about this on a preparedness blog? Well because preparedness-minded people often have many goals in mind, and the process of visualization can really help.

You might visualize what things might be like following a given set of circumstances such as a particular accident, disaster, collapse, or even SHTF. The visualizations will then help you to plan or set goals to be better prepared.

You might visualize a fully stocked and completed food storage pantry or a room with shelves of long-term food. When you keep thinking about it, your actions will be affected and you will move yourself in the direction of your visualization.

You might visualize a seemingly overwhelming project, but as you put your mind to it – each small step becomes doable. Visualize the final completed project as you continue through each phase.

You’ve heard the saying, “You are what you eat”, well similarly “You are what you think”.

While it’s one thing to ‘write it down’ – to write a goal or process on paper… but it’s another thing to ‘see it’ in your mind. At first the image will be blurry, but as you continue to imagine, it will become sharper – until you’re literally looking at the final product.

Visualization requires setting yourself aside from distractions. Proactive critical ‘thinking’ (and visualization) is apparently not the normal today. Many instead ‘react’ and/or are too plugged-in to the grid to block out the noise.

I suppose that all I’m trying to say in all this ramble is to picture success. Don’t dwell on failures (we all have plenty of those along the way). Let them go and move on to a positive visualization – because that type of thinking will get you there…


  1. That is all that I used when I built the north deck and also the rear screened in porch. The wife asked where are my plans and all I did was ploint at my head and said in here. She cannot grasp this concept.

    1. not a bad example, although can lead to stopping and rework if things aren’t quite falling in place as you are building. i like to think things through to the goal in mind whether it be a construction project or other goals and once i feel i have a solid plan starting to come together in mind i write it out or draw. sometimes this lets me catch something that may cause a problem during the process of enacting a plan or project.

  2. Always a fairly handy guy in my youth, things escalated when I got out of the Corps.

    Without any construction experience, I studied my butt off and passed a very difficult General Contractor’s test in California.

    License in hand, I got bonded and teamed up with my brother to make our fortunes in remodeling.

    Now what,,,, right?

    Long story shorter, we never had a complaint in over 8 years.

    I laugh in retrospect at the jobs we’d take on in very expensive homes, and pulled off.

    Of course, we lived hand to mouth because I was a lousy businessman,,,, no fortune there.

    Anyway, what we were good at was visualizing a project (remodeling is very tough, because you don’t know what you’ll run into once you finish your demolition).

    Given our current potential futures, despite no rainbow,,,,, it was 8+ years well spent.

  3. Visualization is an occult “New Age” teaching.
    Norman Vincent Peale taught a so-called “Christian” version of this in his book, The Power of Positive Thinking.

    Visualization truly is different than making a plan to follow through to achieve a goal; which is just common sense. As a Christian, visualization is forbidden, so I’ll stick with good ‘ol plan making.

    1. ummm… okay, I have no idea what you’re talking about (occult? really?), but everyone is entitled to their opinion – of which apparently there are many ;)

      1. Thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinion, Ken. I’m sorry the link I originally placed in my comment wasn’t allowed.

        However, I will agree to disagree with what most have said about visualization. It only takes a bit of time to research it’s connections to the occult (and the New Age), so I suppose those interested can do that.

        Meanwhile, I’m just going to make plans that if “God-willing and the creek don’t rise” will be done.

        1. Sorry, I can’t get this out of my mind.

          You know what the problem is with the Church (regardless of denomination)?

          It’s that so many of the rules are man made.

          There was a time when people were stoned to death if they lifted a finger during the ‘Sabbath’. Jesus took care of that during his life.

          Our way is better then your way, we are God’s chosen,,, not you. Do it my way.

          Geeze,,,, We all have the most important aspect of the ‘Messiah’ in grained in all of us.

          He loves us all, and our salvation is assured if we believe in him.

          I took half a day off today,,,, and I at this very moment have a beer in my hand.

          No sarcasm, or intent to inflame here.

          But,,,,, am I damned?

    2. OMG, so I’m a devil worshipper?

      Tiny you are missing the whole point.

      My mother is a leftist from California, the real devil worshippers. I had built some outbuildings one of which had storage below, and the entire 2nd floor including the roof was corrugated glass.

      I live in the woods and the top is useless during the summer because I refuse to totally clear my land. But,,,,, during the winter (leaves are gone)it’s placed perfectly to allow all day sunlight for growing winter crops, and allows a good head start on the regular growing season.

      On one of her recent visits (very rare, can’t mingle with the extremists) she was very impressed and asked if I had plans for my projects.

      I told her sorry, I just thought it up and did it.

      That’s the visualization Ken is talking about. And what I’ve been talking about for 2 months.

      The ability to do for yourself comes from God.

      1. And anybody can do it with a stern belief in the ‘Trinity’

        God loves us despite our imperfections.

        Ask for guidance,,, do some research,,, don’t be afraid to take on a project.

        Jesus loves hard work. He built us that way.

    3. As a Christian you are forbidden to visualize? Apparently it’s OK to judge and throw stones at “New Agers.” You credit Christianity for your narrow views; perhaps it is just narrow mindedness. Can’t imagine he would object to people trying to visualize a better world or visualizing a way to help their family survive hard times. Seems faith and the belief in heaven are forms of visualization. I guess you have to open your eyes to visualize. Good luck with your plans.

    4. Without visionaries, there would be No Moses, No Joseph, No King David, and No Jesus. We would just exist as heathen cave men if that’s what our Creator wanted. We would never have found out how to make fire, invent the wheel, make medical discoveries, talk or write.

      It took visualization for the human race to prosper. As the saying goes, “With God, all things are possible”. Visualization is the first step to planning, and the next step is making that visualization real. It is not a New Age thing, it has been built into man by God for thousands of years, and Christianity is being “visionary” as Jesus was.

  4. Mike K. I concur completely. As I replaced 8 of our old double glazed (and fogged)30 by 76 inch windows all I could think of was new sunroom out of these suckers and it looks good! They were double paned and the tinted outer glass made the rooms’ wall. the un-tinted inner glass will go into the green house.

  5. Tina,
    I once read the book “The Power of Positive Thinking” many years ago and I did not see anything cultish in the book. As a born again Christian I promise you I would have seen anything that even smells like a cult unless we are talking about different books. I am glad you are sensitive to cult stuff. Best wishes,

  6. When I have a project upcoming that I have never done, visualization is a tool often used.
    I will randomly picture the project and work thru how to accomplish it.
    When the project starts, I have a good idea how to go about it.
    Works for me.
    You have to be able to picture the end product, before starting.

    1. Exactly !!!

      You have to be able to picture the finished product.

      Good Post.

  7. Building my earthbag dome above ground root cellar I have used plans from books to blogs to videos and I have also used visualization and another technique I read about called festering. I did as much as I could do with the plans but most of the plans call for a large workforce because earthbag domes are very labor intensive. I’m building mine by myself which isn’t impossible but there’s lots of things that would be easier with a few more hands. Through visualization I found solutions to problems along the way. Sometimes you come across a problem with no immediate solution. That’s where festering comes in. You just kind of sit on the problem for awhile. Work on something else or go do something else for awhile and eventually you come up with a few ideas. Then, sometimes neither of those work so I pray for inspiration. It’s amazing how something you normally wouldn’t have thought of suddenly comes to you.

    By the way, the dome is almost finished. I got done laying the final bags and now I’m working on putting on the earthen plaster exterior. When I get done with that I have to build a door for it cuz you can’t just go out and buy a door that’s 2′ by 4′. I’m thinking a sheet of rigid foam insulation sandwiched between vertical and horizontal 1x4s all glued and screwed.

    1. Best of Luck.

      Thinking on your feet.

      Ventilation, shaded area important if it’s above ground.

      Ventilate from low ground.

      New idea to me,,,, I’ll look it up.

      Best of luck.

      1. I’ve incorporated a few ideas that weren’t in the books or blogs. I’m installing a passive solar chimney and an underground air intake similar to what the Romans used in their shopping centers. Mine won’t be as effective as theirs but I should be able to achieve a 20 degree air temp difference in the summer. The Romans were able to get their temps so low people had to wear heavy clothing while shopping even in the summer. They’ve estimated temps at about 50 degrees inside during the summer.

  8. So OBummer just said in an speech to the African Union that he thinks he could win a third term if only he could run. Anyone else seeing him laying the groundwork to make that happen?

  9. I have read manny of O’Rileys (Fox News) book such as;
    Killing Lincoln
    Killing Kennedy
    Killing Jesus
    and a few others of his. As a writer I hope he writes one about O’bama since O’Riley is such a factual writer. I hope he writes and releases the book before O’Bama runs for a third term. This way voters would have a chance to get to know him.

  10. I visualized a dog sled put together with dowels and rawhide. I put it on paper and made it for my huskies as a sport and historical reenactments. I visualized many of my creations, put them on paper and got results.

    When I was challenged to make a unique primitive camping “kitchenette” in a contest who can make the best, so I made an early American hutch in my visual for food storage, shelves for plates and pots, with drop down board for a writing desk that folded up, cabinet doors with rustic handles, a drawer for my antique utensils and silverware, and handles for carrying from camp to camp. I put an antique finish on it. There were so many angles and parts I had to write it down. I did it because I was selling the wood worked products I made at these historical events, seems fittin …………….The challenger had made two shelves with plain boards with a sheet in front and back. When recently tested for my IQ, the test score determined I was a visual mathematician. The more I knew, the more I didn’t know, and it’s there for the discovery. :-)

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