What Does Self Reliant Mean

The meaning of self reliant

You’ve heard the term, but wonder what does self reliant mean?

In my view, the shortest simplest general definition for “what does self reliant mean” – is – the following…

Relying on one’s self.

Self Reliant | What Does It Really Mean?

Okay, relying on one’s self. But is it that simple?

Pretty much, yes. It’s a combination of this… Having the natural instinctive attitude and behavior of taking responsibility upon one’s self, a can-do attitude of doing it yourself, and that of depending on yourself.

Taking Responsibility

What do I mean by responsibility? Well, it might be an obligation. Or a burden. Duty. Being answerable. Accountable. That’s part of it…

Do it yourself

An instinct to get it done, perhaps with one’s own resources. While there’s plenty that we as individuals cannot do ourselves without assistance or help… a self reliant person will not firstly or instinctively put off something onto others.

Depending on yourself

Making your own decisions. Confidence to exercise one’s power of judgement. As opposed to relying upon or depending on others.

Another way to address the question of “what does self reliant mean” is to look at the opposite. There are those who rely on others first, before they rely on themselves. Someone who is NOT self reliant is more likely to be intuitively or naturally dependent. Dependent on others or other systems (for whatever). In other words, they count on it.

It doesn’t take me long to discover through conversation with another — whether or not that person has the attribute of being self reliant versus dependent. Though ultimately, ‘the proof is in the pudding’ — actions speak louder than words.

Sure, we’re all dependent on other people and other systems to an extent. But what I’m getting at is the natural resolve of depending on yourself versus a reliance upon another (as one example).

Self reliant is an attribute. A good trait in my estimation. I believe it reflects a core desire for freedom and independence. Liberty.

It’s a measure of one’s character.

It involves conviction, dedication, determination, fortitude, and self reliant skills in order to reach or aspire towards a goal (or result).

Survival Skills Of The Great Depression Era | What About The Next One?

Practical Skills That People Once Knew

A self reliant individual aspires towards non-dependence.

Natural or Learned?

That’s a good question. I believe it’s both.

Some have a built-in desire to be independent, self reliant. It seems to come naturally. Perhaps attributed to their upbringing and/or accumulated life experiences. Or maybe built in to their DNA sequencing…

I also believe that it can be learned. When an individual takes on a challenge, a task or goal, the resulting feeling of accomplishment afterwards is a learning and rewarding experience. This leads towards being less fearful or apprehensive about doing it again. Becoming more self reliant.

It’s an Attitude

The takeaway is that it’s basically an attitude. A personal characteristic. It doesn’t mean that you’ve got lots of stuff or that you’re self-sufficient. It simply describes a desire. The gumption. Resourcefulness. The acumen and get-up-and-go to be — self reliant.

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Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why
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