preparedness for global risk of war

Considerable Preparedness For The Rest Of This Year And Beyond

There is no lack of reasons to become better prepared, especially now. In fact, there is a near-overwhelming number of reasons to get ready. Although for the most part, you cannot do anything about the causation of these risks, or have a meaningful impact on the momentum of these risks, you absolutely can prepare for them.

What big risks do I speak of? Here’s a bullet list off the top of my head…

  • BREAKDOWN OF JUSTICE, LAW-AND-ORDER (already happening)
  • CIVIL UNREST & RAGE, possibly leading to…
  • CIVIL WAR (spreading pockets of collapse & WROL)
  • FALSE FLAG OPERATIONS, feeding the above, perhaps leading to…
  • MARTIAL LAW (regional, or total, and all that goes with it)
  • LOCKDOWNS (several potential causes)
  • WWIII (we are certainly heading there quickly)
  • ‘TACTICAL’ NUKE(S) (triggering further collapse)
  • FINANCIAL MARKETS MELTDOWN (several obvious triggers)
  • THERMONUCLEAR WAR (worst-case via out-of-control rapid escalation ladder)

Today’s Risks Require Considerable Preparedness

None of these are beyond the very real realm of possibilities today. It is exceedingly clear. We are living in perilous times, which I believe are unprecedented.

At the top, several global power entities are battling for dominance. The pyramid of power is layered with multifactional networks and organizations that serve the power structures up the line. This obviously extends into world organizations, national governments, NGOs, mega-corporations, and global and national banking. You might say that it’s all ‘above our pay grade’ so to speak.

We, the people, are at the bottom, just trying to live our lives in peace and happiness. Most of us don’t want division and divisiveness. We don’t want war. Most of us simply desire an extent of freedom, liberties, and protections such as those spelled out in our own Bill of Rights here in the USA.

Unfortunately, the cyclical cycles of war and peace never end. It appears to many of us that we’re in for some SHTF as this cycle is evidently nearing its end (along with the cycle of economic boom, spending, and bust). Many believe that the powers-that-be need some really bad stuff to go down, to blame a somewhat orchestrated collapse upon the war. To be followed by a new system brought in by the victors, one in which we will likely have lost much of our existing liberties as we know them today.

We humans have always been a warring people (at least some of those among us who tend to rise up the pyramid of power). The powers that be have always been at war with each other throughout history. Today is no different. However, what is different today are the big risks and dangers brought on by enormous dependencies that modern human civilization has upon a functional infrastructure continuously delivering just on time, the goods and services that we need to survive. Wars tend to break these things.

I can feel it…

Anyway, I can feel it. Maybe you can too. Things are increasingly coming to a crescendo on many different but perhaps associated fronts. The stakes are high. Time is seemingly short. I believe that we cannot avoid some, several, or possibly many of the big risks that I’ve just pointed out above.

The rest of this year and beyond could prove quite rocky. You might think about some considerable preparedness. Given the state of our world, it is simply sensible to do so.

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