One way that foreigners are divesting their shrinking dollars is to buy agricultural land in the United States. While their overall holdings of all U.S. land is not vast by percentage (yet), the number of acres they own may be startling to you…

Foreign investors hold an interest in 25.7 million acres of U.S. agricultural land!

Foreign persons have reported acreage holdings in all 50 States.

The state of Texas has the largest amount of foreign held U.S. agricultural land with 2,894,563 acres.

Maine has the second largest amount of foreign held agricultural acres with 2,877,965.

Washington has the third largest amount of foreign held agricultural land with 1,671,102 acres, which is 7.6 percent of its privately held agricultural land!

16 percent of Maine’s privately held agricultural land is held by foreign investors; this is approximately 11 percent of the reported foreign held agricultural land in the United States.

Foreign landholdings in cropland and pasture land is increasing in the United States.

(Data sourced through DEC-2011 via a newly released USDA report)

It is an understatement that owning land which can produce is a good investment. It is an investment in life. Land that can produce food or even energy is something where you really can’t go wrong when it comes down to survival.

Even a small hobby farm will present a lifestyle of more self sufficiency and a better chance of survival should things go really bad…

Foreigners are buying our agricultural land… so what does that tell you?

…thought you would like to know.

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