Map Of EVERY Road In The United States… All On The Same Map

This incredible map which shows every single road / street within the United States (on the same map!).

Map Of ALL Roads In The United States
I’ve had to update this original post because the source of this download has been removed.

The map had been making its way around the web, and is (was) in the public domain.

It now appears that this is only available for sale, as printed maps (USA, and individual states). I don’t see a download option. I have no affiliation, but their site is

About the unique maps:

When you strip everything off a map except the roads, most of the U.S. is still clearly recognizable. In a series of maps of every state, and the country as a whole, Boston-based design firm Fathom took away mountains, rivers, and place-names to demonstrate how well we can be defined by pavement.

Here’s an example of the USA map (All Streets)

If you’re looking for a ‘navigational’ road map for your State, you will find some of the best choices in the following article:

All State Maps & Road Atlas


  1. Interesting. There are so few roads in my area that I use a trail map, not shown on your provided map if I need to stay off main and dirt roads.

  2. seems like this is a good map to consult if one is trying to find a more isolated bug out spot, or cabin.

  3. The individual state maps do not have sufficient resolution.
    My home town is missing significant roads.
    There are no name tags for anything.

    Overall, these maps are not useful for navigation.

    1. well, the above maps, to my thinking, aren’t for navigation, but more to get a sort of over all idea of population densities, if one wants that info for various reasons.

    2. @insufficient-resolution, You are correct that these maps are not meant for navigation (hopefully I did not mislead you in the article ;) ), and I presented them here for the general interest of those who might enjoy another perspective of our footprint as it relates to population density, where we are, etc..

  4. When the bad guys plan their nuke attacks for WWW3 I’m sure they will be looking at population density.

    Actually, prepping for a WWW3 scenario on the home front would make for some interesting articles … For me, that is the biggest fear and it rolls all of the other prepping scenarios right into it.

  5. Agree with earlier comment — when you expand the map the roads lose their definition.

    But what would be really useful and would not be as cluttered is a very high resolution map of all the railroads in the US. Unfortunately, even the latest commercial state maps have been leaving this info off their latest publications

    Knowing where the railroads go could be quite helpful in a SHTF forced travel situation
    I’ve been looking for one of these for sometime, but no joy.

  6. The maps are useless for navigation since there are no town or county names on it. Plus, you can’t get the resolution you need. Google Maps is infinitely better.

    1. @useless, This map is not meant for navigation. I posted it (them) as another interesting (at least it was interesting to me) indicator of our population footprint.

      Note: If you’re looking for a ‘navigational’ road map for your State, you will find some of the best choices in the following article,
      Maps For Your Car: State Maps and Road Atlas

  7. I find it amazingly surprising at both how crowded we are in the country verses how “wild” we actually view it as being.

  8. The link to the map is in/op. “Server Not Found”
    I hope I can find another way to see that map.
    Thanks for what you are doing.

  9. My computer will not pull this up. It starts out and then tells me that they are unable to open this website. Any suggestions?

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