Massive Food Storage Will Be Found Here…


Consider this… IF we were to ever experience a true SHTF collapse in this nation, most of us know that within days… FOOD will be of the utmost concern.

Where will this food be?

A supply will exist in all of our local grocery stores… for about 3 days to a week (without resupply).

A supply will exist in the transportation network trucks who were traveling to resupply the grocery stores.

And a massive quantity of food will exist in a place that most people will not be aware of.
And that place is…


…in the Grocery Distribution Centers that supply all of the retail grocery stores.

I’ll bet that many people do not realize the amount of food that is held in these distribution centers. And, I’ll bet that not many people even realize that their grocery store food comes from these distribution centers. It just magically appears on their shelves…

Walmart’s U.S. distribution network is massive. There are approximately 140 distribution centers totaling 114 million square feet. The combined distribution centers and retail space total 950 million square feet. That’s about 1.5 times larger than that of Manhattan!

To the best of my research, Walmart today has 41 operating Grocery Distribution Centers which supply all of their retail super-center stores with groceries and perishables.

While there will be massive spoilage of fresh food during a true SHTF scenario, these distribution centers will still contain massive amounts of other food. It is interesting to note the locations of all the Walmart Grocery Distribution Centers in the United States which I have listed here for your reference.


Wal-Mart Distribution Center #7014
31 Alfred Plourde Pkwy
Lewiston, ME

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6096
300 Enterprise Rd
Johnstown, NY

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #7030
390 Highridge Park Rd.
Pottsville, PA

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #7016
10695 Freedom Trail
Gordonsville, VA

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6091
680 Vanco Rd.
Henderson, NC

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6047
181 Wal-Mart Rd.
Bedford, PA

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #7017
843 State Route 43
Wintersville, OH

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6073
160 W Dove Sutton Rd
Pageland, SC

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6099
2686 Commerce Rd.
Macclenny, FL

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6071
5600 State Rd. 544
Winterhaven, FL

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #7023
6785 SW Enterprize Blvd
Arcadia, FL

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6055
655 Unisia Dr.
Monroe, GA

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #7012
1400 Old Chillicothe Rd S
Washington Court House, OH

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6097
3701 Russell Dyche Memorial Hwy
London, KY

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6074
1729 State Road 8
Auburn, IN

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #7055
100 Fischer Pkwy.
Gas City, IN

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6062
285 Frank Martin Rd
Shelbyville, TN

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6095
2701 Andrews Rd
Opelika, AL

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #7019
1005 Sara G. Lott Blvd.
Brundidge, AL

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6085
525 Industrial Dr
Tomah, WI

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #7024
23769 Matthew Rd
Sterling, IL

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6059
3801 US Highway 50 E
Olney, IL

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6072
973 State Highway 30 W
New Albany, MS

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6057
45346 Parkway Blvd
Robert, LA

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6082
3300 Sterlin Hrly Ind Hwy
Clarksville, AR

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6077
1309 Highway 24 East
Moberly, MO

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6065
5100 Brookhart Dr., Suite 100
Harrisonville, MO

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #7018
3001 E. State Farm Rd.
North Platte, NE

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #7015
397319 West 3000 Rd.
Ochelata, OK

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6042
2601 South Indian Meridian
St. Pauls Valley, OK

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6056
591 Apache Trail
Terrell, TX

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6064
3470 Windmill Rd.
Cleburne, TX

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6083
9605 MW HK Dodgen Loop
Temple, TX

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #7010
20131 Gene Campbell Rd
New Caney, TX

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #7077
426 Logistics Dr
Cheyenne, WY

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6084
670 Los Morros Rd NW
Los Lunas, NM

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #7013
868 W Peters Rd
Casa Grande, AZ

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6090
5400 W. Highway 83
Corinne, UT

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #7048
2155 USA Pkwy
McCarran, NV

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #7047
13550 Valley Boulevard
Fontana, CA

Wal-Mart Distribution Center #7021
546 Woodall Rd.
Grandview, WA

Note: We do not advocate looting in any way, shape, or form… rather, to be prepared and self-sufficient PRIOR to a collapse is the obvious (for most) solution.

What we are pointing out is that should we suffer a terrible worst-case-scenario SHTF collapse, there will be pockets of resources out there (until they are gone) beyond that of simply the obvious. Think beyond your normalcy.

Also be aware that in a collapsed world, these resources will likely be claimed rapidly and held by force.

Another benefit to understanding the underlying distribution network, is to realize how most people absolutely rely on these unseen networks for their survival (and they don’t even realize it).

We must understand the risks that we face; and while many of them are unseen and behind the scenes, these systems will be disrupted and/or collapsed themselves following a worst-case-scenario SHTF collapse.


  1. Thats what ive thought too, the distribution centers. I personally have worked in coupe as a truckhauler and im sure only handfull of people realize the amount of food that would wait for transport in those places.
    And lesser knows the spot, the better.
    Also food manufacturers, like those who make canned food “olives, pork etc.” will have horads of consumable food waiting for delivery wich will never arrive in “shit hits the dam” scenario. :)

    Good article, thumbs up. (oh i hate you facebook.)

  2. Sounds like the food distribution centers will be an all out war zone before long. If civil order ever breaks down, a pharmacy might not be a bad place to visit either.

    1. ;)

      …all joking aside though, if one discovers ahead of time where these distribution centers are for a SHTF emergency… and there’s more than just Walmart…

      However there is no doubt in my mind that these (or many of them) will be taken over right quick – probably by DHS/FEMA/Natl.Guard, etc. Remember, they bought all those bullets, weapons, etc.

      1. What do you think the second amendment is for ? A general, in my history, once said “I do not need trained men ! What I need is men with balls ” So don’t worry about the number or training of the organizations you mentioned. there are always true individuals that rise to the occasion !!

        1. And those ones with balls will “rise to the occasion” and take for themselves and kill all resistors! We will have more survivalistic revolutionaries to deal with than actual government criminals!

      2. Get real, how do you propose to obtain the food? Steal it? I sincerely they have a checkout stand at a distribution center. For those who plan to steal food from a distribution center have your personal effects in order.

        1. You are obviously not ‘getting it’. Did you read the premise of the article? If not, let me explain it to you…

          SHTF means $hit Hit The Fan. I do suppose that this could mean different things to different people, but in my mind it is the ultimate collapse, societal breakdown, chaos, desperate people dieing, government unable to help, businesses crushed and gone, roving hoards of gangs and zombies, etc.

          The things of value in a post collapse world will include food and supplies. It is interesting to point out where some of this may be located (apart from one’s own preparedness storage and means of self-sufficiency).

          Another commenter had mentioned that he felt that this was encouraging looting. By no means is this my intention. It is simply pointing out that thinking outside your normalcy bias may provide insight. Most people’s minds ‘stop’ at the grocery store… how many ‘think’ of distribution? I’m simply pointing out that there’s a supply chain.

          Having said that, I would expect that many of these distribution centers (post collapse, SHTF) will be taken over one way or another. So for the ordinary desperate forager, it will be futile.

        2. Ken:

          An article like this makes you sound like one of the “new school” types of preppers out there. SHTF, and you and your merry band of men will just happily go and take what you need, and it will all be just that easy.

          Suppose a government agency wasn’t protecting a massive food supply like a WalMart distro. center, what makes you think the locals wouldn’t be? Without mentioning what state I’m in, I can tell you this about it:

          We have one of the largest populations of hunters in the country. We also have a high number of retired military in the area. The point is, “prepping” is a way of life for us. We don’t have to steal anything, because we grow and raise a lot of it ourselves.

          In a SHTF scenario, do you think “just taking it” is going to be that easy? You probably wouldn’t even get within 20 miles of this place. In SHTF, you would just be another “outsider”.

          “Outsider” = “A free gun and free ammo walkin’ towards us Cletus”.

          A lot of people would look at it like that too.

          I’m not saying that I’m that tough, but you’re fooling yourself if you think you’re going to take over the local community food stockpile, and nobody’s going to have anything to say about it.

        3. @Joe Blow,

          Apparently you haven’t read this blog much, and have made an assumption based on what you think this article means to you.

          As a suggestion, I do recommend that you read more here, which should help you to realize that this blog is about preparedness for life; a way of life; risk awareness, and more.

          Having said that, I’ve put out a wide variety of subjects and topics within the vein of preparedness… things that have caught my interest from time to time. One of them, the topic of supply chain and distribution of America’s food supply, is not only a potential weak link of dependency for most Americans, but an interesting thing to know more about…

          For example, I’ll bet that most people don’t even realize or think about “where” the food comes from that makes it to their grocery store shelves. Perhaps one or two who read this article will be enlightened to realize that there is a HUGE network of distribution out there, and will inspire them to think more “outside the box” of their own thinking. This has a good side effect of opening one’s eyes to the risks that we face while we rely on the unseen systems that keep most people alive.

          While we promote personal preparedness here, a little education on how things work behind the scenes – is a VERY good thing to know.

        4. Sorry Ken But it does sound like you are advocating looting. I do read this blog and while I don’t think that was your point I do think that is how it came across. I understand that a lot of people do think that food appears on the shelves at stores by little elves that make it at night but when you say hmmmm SHTF, no food,here is a list of warehouses where it is at people will take that wrong.

        5. poorman…felt I must make the suggestion, that if the SHTF, it will be a fact of life that any place with quantities of food/supplies will be emptied, and I doubt by a charity group wishing to fairly distribute. It will be a matter of who gets there first.

        6. @poorman, Have you ever heard of the phrase, “nice guys finish last”? This will be especially true after TSHTF. It will be a dog eat dog world for awhile. It will be brutal in many ways. It definitely will NOT be civil. My interpretation of looting is the stealing of stuff from a business by opportune punks and thugs who take advantage of temporary chaos and loot for the sake of looting. They are vandals. I think that after TSHTF, the word “looting” will not apply, and instead will be about pure survival. It will be a primitive and very dangerous world for awhile.

        7. Jack I have no illusions on what will happen when the SHTF this is why I have preps and guns. I was commenting to Ken as he kept saying that looting was not what he meant by this article. The human being is about 5 meals removed from the animals we came from and will revert to in the right situation. I don’t feel most people out there have any idea just how bad it will get in a total SHTF situation. Killing looting rape ect will become a way of life. The veneer of civilization is very thin and millions of people are only held back by the fear of being caught or the worry of what others will think. Once that goes away its everyone for themselves.

        8. I am sure that there are locals and even employees there that have already devised a plan if the SHTF,on how to take what they will need and have advised their families and friends of what they can get for themselves,and they will be there before any one who lives quite a distance from these centers.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

        9. Hello, Ken. Just read this article and had to chuckle to myself. Wal-Mart, even in a collapse scenario, would be the LAST place I would go in search of food. Even their dry/hard goods are inferior in quality and almost always fall apart. The “food” products they sell, though, is the most toxic and lethal garbage that I would not even wish on my least favorite person.
          Just consuming their toxic “foods” causes birth defects ( DNA damage ), and a plethora of serious health conditions that limits the life span. Why would anybody raid these warehouses of death for ANY reason?

          I highly suggest that people purchase organic/heirloom SEED of every plant they can get their hands on. This will prevent the need to raid/plunder garbage that is not fit for four legged consumption…much less two legged.

        10. Jamie, I too had to chuckle at your comment ;)

          “Why would anybody raid these warehouses of death for ANY reason?”

          Not that we’re promoting doing such a thing, but I would imagine that starving hoards of desperate unprepared people might consider such an action after TSHTF.

          For those who regularly read this blog and other similar blogs, know that survival preparedness is about preparedness, NOT waiting until after disaster or collapse to procure their food stores (and other such things). This particular article and the information that is offered, is for reference.

          Your suggestion of heirloom seed is a VERY GOOD SUGGESTION, and one which we’ve written about here numerous times. Preparedness is about living a lifestyle of self-sufficiency (as best as one can) in a location of reasonable security from high population density, so that if TSHTF, you will already be prepared. It’s a way of life, and one which should begin now, before its too late.

  3. well if you have already been prepairing for this ,these places wont matter,going to these places in a crisis can get you hurt or even killed, its best to already have what you need and stay home.( just my own opinion)

    1. You are absolutely correct rhonda! Thanks for pointing that out. I put out this type of information as part of our overall broad coverage of “survival”, knowing that people are in various stages of their thinking regarding survival and preparedness “Post collapse”. Hopefully this type of data will illustrate to people how “thinking outside the box” can be an attribute. There are solutions for everything, although some of them very dangerous…

  4. Useful resource. I bet early in, it would be a good place to go, but after a day or two it would be taken over by military types.

    Is there a list of Canadian ones as well?

    1. This is in the context of a complete and total SHTF collapse. You can let your imagination tell you what you might be facing…

  5. Great info! The only problem I see is that the employees of such places, along with their family and friends, will have them locked down and defended as quickly as possible. Every Wal-Mart, Winn Dixie, Publix and other distribution centers will become an employee defended fortress. Same with the canning facilities and producers of other nonperishable or long shelf life goodies.

    1. Add in every home depot,Lowes, ect. Food will be important but so will tools,generators,building supplies to fortify positions ect.

  6. Not only are we about 10 miles from one of the DC and about 15 miles from another (you missed the 2 in Bentonville Arkansas and also that is where Wal-mart headquarters is with 3 neighborhood markets, at least 2 DC, a sams club, supercenters, and the company store/warehouse for the employees. Also real close is the Allens canning warehouses also 10 miles, and the McKee baking warehouse, factory and company store is less than 3 miles from us and we also have several chicken plants, plus litterally millions of birds in the chicken houses that we are surrounded by! I have worked inside the Simmons plant years ago. They will have two plants close together one is a kill plant and the other is a finish plant. The finish plant has huge freezers where all the processed birds are put to await shipment.

    1. Yes, It’s good information to know where everything is…
      The list within the article are all of the “Grocery Distribution Centers” for Walmart. There are 41 of them. Additionally, there are about 100 Merchandise Distribution Centers (no food) which I did not list (no food). Besides that, there are thousands of Walmart stores around the country (which will be stripped clean first…)

      Besides Walmart, there are MANY additional food related warehouses (as you mentioned) which are mostly out of plain sight to the ordinary Sheeple, and good to know where they are.

      1. Hey Ken, you mention you did not list the Walmart distribution centers which did not contain food…Just occurs to me, those other centers may be quite useful to many of your readers/you…..Seems like they should have much which would be useful for a hardy prepper/survivalist..Supplies such as ..camping gear/fire – briquettes – fuel – matches – etc etc

      1. We live down the street from a chocolate factory. That’s my first stop so I can barter with the people that only stocked healthy food.

        1. Thanks for the comment… that actually made me laugh ;) It has more truth than you may realize… After TSHTF, people will sorely miss their addictions, perhaps chocolate being one of them…

  7. If anyone lives nearby and wants to keep this in mind, there is a Frozen as well as Regular Grocery distribution center for Harris Teeter in Greensboro, NC out near PTI airport. After a SHTF situation the frozen food portion will rot and stink to high heaven but there should be some usable stuff in the other section of the giant warehouse.

  8. Planning to steal to survive post-doom, is morally wrong, dangerous, and it’s NOT a very good survival tactic.


    It would be a many sided fight… Your group wouldn’t be the only group fighting for the goods… It’s foolish to entertain such notions.

    Best bet is to stock up and get self sufficient.

    Don’t be a “Gun-Prepper” and plan to steal what you should have stored. If you plan to raid and rob, then you don’t deserve to survive.


    Everyone knows…

    1. I’m on the same page as you. But I think the post is assuming a Mad Max world after TSHTF where there no longer is any ownership to speak of, except whoever takes it over.

  9. luckily i happen to live in city with one of these and a relative that works there… may help….

  10. Speaking of LDS for those of you who do not know. You can get on their main church site and order long term food storage. You can sign up for an account without being a member you would just sign up as a “friend” The prices are very reasonable and no shipping. You can get wheat, rice, flour, oats, beans, O2 absorbers, mylar bags etc. All the food stores are already prepacked in #10 cans and ready to go on the shelf for the next how ever many years. I hope this helps…

  11. I bet FEMA, DHS and military will grab it all before public even moves to go to these places. Look at Northern Illinois Food Bank. Recently hosted group of Chinses interested in how our food distribution system works. Check their webpage.

  12. Check Northern Illinois Food Bank Facebook page. That will shut down or control 700 pantries in Chicago area. Chinese group photos there.

  13. Has anyone ever studied the civil war at all? Even seen a movie about it?
    How about gestapo Germany? Whatever you have accumulated, the
    Marauding armies, will come take by force or torture out of you. With modern
    Military weaponry, no individuals are going to be able to hold their own. And the
    local community “guard” turns criminal themselves, looting and killing.
    I have taken a different tact, I have made it my business to learn what “weeds” are
    edible. What is growing wild in the woods and fields. I have stayed off the grid my
    entire life. City people are screwed if SHTF ever happens. Pure and simple.
    The problem I see is that terrorism worked. They started the panic and America
    Is fast becoming terroristic itself. From the government to people on the internet
    spreading fear and terror until they are accomplishing and bringing about the

  14. To add to this, there is a Wal-mart distribution center near Shelby NC also, just trying to help out.

  15. James Shelby is not a grocery DC it is for general goods I worked at the Pageland DC #6073 it supplies the most part of NC/SC and good number of parts of GA,VA,and TN

  16. Wondering if anyone has thought of this? In a situation where it seems a longterm SHTF happens, some other places it might be useful to check out..

    Garden Supply Stores/Greenhouses – Seeds/Fertilizer/etc
    Farm Supply Stores – Lots of useful items
    Large Mail Order Warehouses – who knows?
    Never Mind Local Pharmacies, they will be inundated – Locate their warehouse
    Ditto for your local Grocer – Locate their warehouse
    Ditto for local restaurant, etc..

  17. For everyone that is coming down on the author about this article. Have you considered all the people that live close to these locations and were unaware of it? Have you considered that they might put together a plan/group to protect these assets? Have you considered that this information might be useful to some as areas to AVOID? Information, like a weapon, is not always good or evil. It’s all how you use it. Knowledge is power!

  18. I’m not surprised to see the negative comments, however Ken’s correct. I made a similar comment on another article and about the very same idea of a grocery distribution warehouse.

    Goods are shipped there and then to the grocery chain locations upon demand and anticipated demand. Those discount cards you use at the grocery are actually data mining how often your family purchases supplies and helps the Just-In-Time inventory software for that grocery chain.

    The most likely scenario is the local city in which the warehouse is located or country, for some warehousing companies service smaller mom and pop operations from their warehouse, will be commandeered by those municipalities.

    In urban centers, local criminals will likely storm these supplies as they are the most valuable items in the city post-collapse. Expect that of pharmacy warehouses, camping supply or sporting goods warehouses, etc.

    Meditate upon this. It’s six months post-pandemic and everyone is dead. You need nails for a construction job and there’s a store down the street. Won’t you go get some for your project or will you say, “No, that isn’t right…”

    Rules will change as people fight for survival. If you think that makes me a modern day maurader, then you’re not thinking it out logically.

    Marusders steal from other folks as the collapse occurs. Preppers in a severe collapse six months down the road, or longer in a sustained collapse like a year, will be forced to resupply and many will be dead.

    In Kunstler’s book “World Made By Hand”, groups do things like strip out building materials from other homes that formerly belong to someone now deceased.

    Communities will need things like cloth and there are few ways of making cloth by hand. Sure one can weave new cloth from wool and flax, but without those operations there won’t be many ways of doing that. If you think about it, you’ll be wearing your clothing a lot more and far more repairs and patches will be needed, and I believe a lot of clothing will simply disintergrate based upon the stories I’ve read from the Lewis and Clark expedition.

    It might be that some smaller rural communities really come together and then trade surplus items with another rural community, but think what an undertaking that would be and what alteration in ideas about property would have to take place. Are municipalities who commandeer goods from a grocery warehouse or distribution center any different than maruders?

    It’s a complicated subject. Read, One Second After by Forstchen to get some idea about how one town copes with both items within a city as well as considering commandeering agricultural items from local farming families or preppers. It will open your eyes a bit.

    Ken’s store on the site does sell the Forstchen book.

  19. With the amounts of items coming and going on a daily basis in a distribution center, you would be surprised to find that there would not be the over abundance of goods that you assume to be there. If you factor in that in order to keep the warehouses stocked, you need a constant influx of truckers replenishing the stock. Which on a daily basis is over a hundred + trucks. Main roads would most likely be blocked, allowing mainly emergency vehicles. I could only wonder how many companies in an emergency situation would continue business as usual. In a distribution center, the freezer areas are only 3 floors high with about 8 aisles in each. Most of the spaces in a food distribution area consist of receiving and shipping docks, the storage areas are probably less than 1/2 the size of the building with much of the area consisting of racking systems. In the dry goods areas, a large portion of the 30 or so aisles are dedicated to paper goods and such. I guess you could give it a shot if you are desperate, but I find it hardly likely that you would even get anywhere near the inside of a warehouse in an emergency. Most likely you would have better luck knocking off your local grocery store. Look at New Orleans or anywhere that suffered a natural disaster. People ransacked local businesses. Damn, how do you even know that a distribution center will even survive a disaster. I agree with those preppers who hunt and fish and grow their own produce. You are the ones who are genuinely prepping as you can truly be self reliant. It’s fine to go and steal a few cans of beans or whatever, but what happens when it’s all gone? Unless you know how to live off the land, you’ll starve to death.

  20. Thanks for the locations to AVOID in a SHTF scenario. I think your basic premise that people don’t realize that there is a “whole distribution system” out there to get the food to the local store shelves is off base. I can’t think of a single person on the face of the earth that hasn’t seen (or heard) a Truck, labeled with their local grocery store logo in bold print on the side, rolling down the road. Everyone is aware that the food comes from some central location; it’s taught to kindergartners and first graders as part of their social studies unit, for heaven’s sake. With that said, there is no way in holy heck you are going to get anywhere near those distribution centers…the one in Johnstown, NY is fenced and has barbed wire atop the fence. (Been past it many times) You want food to survive the coming collapse? Start now storeing it and learning to grow it and gather it. Compile a library of print books, complete with pictures, so when the internet is no longer available you won’t be wondering if it is lamb’s ear or lamb’s wool you are looking at or that “feild dressing” does not involve putting clothing on in the back yard. (Not that there will be much game to eat after the first year anyway, cuz it will all have been killed off. Raise your own meat/protein…rabbits and chickens if nothing else)

  21. Most of these locations are in large cities.Something you might want to avoid if all possible, You want be the only one there, and you might have to confront other people for the food. You would want to travel in groups, and depending on the disaster,you will probadly be walking.

  22. I think that the most powerful gangs will arise from looting of major distribution centers and manufacturers of ammunition’s. They will be capable of feeding and arming large groups of people. My hope is that the local town’s get to these first and distribute via rations to the locals. But that will not always be the case. With that said for all of you who dissed on the author I think you have a very narrow idea of preparedness. Being prepared is also about recon and knowing your surroundings, state, and local cities and towns. Do you have a prison or sanctuary city near by? Is there an ammunition plant or a something else like a cabela’s near by? Everything in society will be redefined in a complete and total collapse. Even looting. I am a christian and I do not believe in stealing BTW! But in a total shtf event the big wallet owners will not be able to “own” what is in their stores across the nation anyways and it is all going to get looted whether it is by you or someone else. So first and foremost get crazy prepared as things are heating up. But also know your area. I found this article thinking outside the box of this very thing. But all the centers are in areas I would not go. But there is a place that is well tucked away that is different than a major chain distributor. Let me give you another aspect to the food supply chain. There are food distributors that distribute to the “walmart” “hannaford” “publix” “bj’s” ect. Those will be even less thought of. With that said essentially all of the goods left in the big boxes and centers will belong to the town or organized people… but I highly doubt that most towns will end up like Black Mountain in Forschen’s book. Most will degrade and fall to complete disaster. The leaders we have today are use to leading in a peaceful society. If new leaders arise there are good chances they will be warlord types. I however plan to speak to my local community leaders and warn them asap so that assets can be saved from looting and an immediate action plan county wide can be made and a good leader can arise with the support of the people. (Note this plan will only work in a very small amount of places in the country that have great farming and hunting and assets already)

  23. Very likely local Gov will seize these assets for themselves and their local communities.
    Even trying will likely be a failure, the one I used to live near 9 years back had a guard station staffed 24/7 with roving guards guns and all.

    It might be a place to go beg but your “sol” at that point if you already resorted to begging.

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