More Population Density In The 10 Fastest Growing Counties


For most people when they read new data or statistics that a region is growing in population – it probably indicates to them a healthy, successful, and opportunistic place.

While that may be true… for the prepper though who may be concerned about the risks associated with high population density – it may indicate a region to steer clear.

Here are the 10 fastest growing counties in America…

No. 1: Williamson County, Texas
Population Growth, 2010-12: 7.94%
2012 Population: 456,232

No. 2: Loudoun County, Virginia.
Population growth, 2010-12: 7.87%
2012 Population: 336,898

No. 3: Hays County, Texas
Growth, 2010-12: 7.56%
2012 Population: 168,990

No. 4: Orleans Parish, Louisiana.
Growth, 2010-12: 7.39%
2012 Population: 369,250

No 5: Fort Bend County, Texas
Growth, 2010-12: 7.16%
2012 Population: 627,293

No. 6: Midland County, Texas
Growth, 2010-12: 7.14%
2012 Population: 146,645

No. 7: Forsyth County, Georgia.
Growth, 2010-12: 7.07%
2012 Population: 187,928

No. 8 (tie): Prince William County, Virginia.
Growth, 2010-12: 7.04%
2012 Population: 430,289

No. 8 (tie): Montgomery County, Tennessee.
Growth 2010-12: 7.04%
2012 Population: 184,468

No. 10: Osceola County, Florida.
Growth, 2010-12: 6.97%
2012 Population: 287,416

Analysis by demographer Wendell Cox of the counties with populations over 100,000 that have gained the most new residents since 2010

For the prepper, they (we) realize that higher population density is detrimental to one’s survival in a SHTF breakdown. While these areas provide work, income, and business opportunities, they also present many systemic risks to those who live there. While most people do not recognize the risks, or give it much thought… those who do, may decide to steer clear.

The ten fastest growing counties listed above and highlighted in the map below, represent 3.2 million people. These county regions have population densities ranging from 50 – 250 people per square mile, with some well over 250 people per square mile.

…that requires a-lot of systemic support systems.


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  1. notice how these cities are the dem run blue cities and in what part of the country they are in. fools like their own company. notice how easily they could be surrounded and laid siege to. look at where they are, and imagine how many rednecks are around them with 4 wheelers, side by sides, trucks and deer rifles. those boy’s don’t play, Noooooo, and it’s not just in those areas
    most are in the NG and are veteran’s, all are working people just like us. normal people are really getting pissed off and tired about this stuff, trust me on this one. honest hard working people have biting their tongues hoping things will get better, doing what they can by going to work everyday to help. but it’s only getting worse every day, chipping away at our constitution and freedoms, slowly and methodically. the frog in the hot water thing. they notice the water temp.
    that could be our black swan event. 1776 2.0 when it ‘pops’ and people say”that’s enough, no more” and take this country back. prepare for Nov., it could possibly happen. we’ll see
    me, i’m more worried about our own federal government than i am about China or Russia, what a clown show this is.

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