The Perfect Storm – Greater Depression – 6 Months From Now…

Another Great Depression. The Greater Depression. Great Depression 2. Whatever you want to call the next one. Here is my concern… What if we are in a Great Depression six months from now?

Am I making a prediction? NO!

However I am suggesting that you take this hypothetical seriously. Why? Because it could happen. In actuality, I do believe we’re already in one to an extent. Though somewhat (temporarily) hidden from view for a number of reasons.

“Hey Ken, Are you nuts? A Great Depression??”

Well, some probably think I’m nuts simply because I’m into preparedness (though many have jumped on board the prepping train this year!). But yes, a Great(er) Depression. I’m not a financial or economics expert. But I believe that I’m pretty good at seeing the bigger picture. Here’s what I see…

The Perfect Storm

I remember the famous October storm of 1991 dubbed “1991 Perfect Storm” and the “Halloween Storm” (it had no official name). It was a massive nor’easter that absorbed Hurricane Grace and evolved into its own hurricane in the North Atlantic. All of the atmospheric / weather conditions were “perfect”. It brought everything together as though it was meant to be.

We are in one right now. A sort of Perfect Storm. Though it’s not atmospheric, it is very real. It has been playing out in slow motion for many years. Except now the storm has taken shape as the swirling bands of destruction are wrapping around a forming “eye”. It’s huge. None of us will be left unscathed.

Hey Ken, You fear monger!”

Nope. Just calling it as I see it. There are several contributing conditions to this perfect storm as it winds up into a cyclone of probable destruction.

A divided society that wants a divorce

Compromise has failed and has really not been an option of late. Both sides are unwilling to divorce using “irreconcilable differences” as an excuse to simply walk away without a nasty fight. It has become a “bitter divorce” which has already come to blows. And that’s just for starters. There’s a social powder keg out there…

Struggle for control of the USS United States of America

There is an epic struggle underway, right now, for rudder control of the ship USS United States of America. The direction of which will be determined ~ 3 months from now. The thing of it is this… The divorce that’s underway (previous paragraph)… Both sides live on this same ship. Regardless of the ultimate direction (given the outcome of steering control), one side (or the other) of the divorce party is going to go “bananas”. Thus, there’s “gonna be trouble”… (civility is lost).

There’s this pandemic / epidemic out there

You may have heard of it (/sarc). It has been used (abused) to the absolute fullest degree and extent in order to advantage political agendas, power-mad tyrants, and control of a (free?) people. It has crushed much of the main street economy (and beyond) due to lockdowns, business closures, unemployment. Resulting in MASSIVE deficits across all States and the Federal Government. The FED’s financial coverup can no longer hold back the devastating flood waters as the debt-damn begins to burst. What an absolute mess.

The New Left’s Marxist Revolution

This is it. They are ALL IN. They are not waiting until the next go-around. It’s here and it’s now. A marxist / communist takeover attempt is clearly underway. Many are waking up to the reality. At first it seemed like, “No, no way. That’s ridiculous”. But no longer. It is real. It’s a cancer that started slow. At first undetected. Then it spread its roots throughout the school systems. Now it is spreading very rapidly. Is it too late to “cut out”? I’m not so sure.

It’s All Coming To A Head – Leading To A Greater Depression

My thinking is that there are many things that have lined up which may contribute to a serious Great(er) Depression. It’s already bad out there. However I believe these are just the initial strong gusts of the Perfect Storm yet to overtake us. The eye wall is forming offshore, but right now it’s heading our way.


It is very clear (to me) some of the goals and agendas that are unfolding before our eyes. From all levels. Global – on down…

Us pesky little American patriots are standing in the way of nirvana. Utopia.

There is a unfathomable amount of money and power behind it.

What better way than to collapse it all down with…
Great Depression II

Be ready for it.

[ Read: Action Plan For The Greater Depression ]


  1. Dang I hate to post first two days in a row. I believe that the evidence is that you are 100% correct Mr. Ken. So what’s the plan of action? Do we go off and hide in the woods, dig a bunker, or become Wolverines and fight to defend our beloved Republic. Alone we are weak, together we are UNBREAKABLE.

    A storm is coming-prepare for ugly

      1. I second it. Time to start peacefully assembling with like minded individuals.

  2. Yeah Ken, you are probably right to a tee.Under the cover of covid the commies are getting all their ducks in a row.All the roots and violence, answer Gun Control,virus spread dirty money, answer cashless society leading to chip insertion via covid vaccine made Mandatory.Erase all the unwanted amendments to the Constitution, Total control of the population .Manipulate the election in their favor, an idiot in the white house voila! When they have the Biden marionette strings in their hands, the wealthy will totally rule the World and there will only be ultra wealthy and poor. Every right we ever had, every freedom, every dollar we ever saved will disappear either through economic turmoil inflation so high you won’t be able to keep up.And everything only with Government approval. Yeah Perfect Storm .

    1. Thank you Ken. You eloquently and wisely expressed the need to prepare six month feeling I’ve been having.

    2. It sounds terrifying. To see things coming to fruition is terrifying.

  3. During the Depression of the 30’s, 1 of 4 Americans was unemployed. Many households were single earner. So job loss meant no income. Double earner households where job lossor hour reductionshurt less, use of credit cards, and government payments are keeping cash flowing for now. But it won’t last forever and who knows when the dominoes will start falling.

    If Trump can win outright, as in sizable margin, and the bug doesn’t get worse, I think we can muddle through outside of the urban war zones.

    It’s a difficult balance for me to want to help out small independent businesses as I am able versus marshalling resources. DH is in defense work so not likely to have layoffs.

    One concern I have is a depression with hyperinflation from all the money printing. Scary thought.

    1. Totally agree MamaLark. Hubby is military and was looking to retire next year after 30 years in. But if things get worse, he may want to stay put. Hyperinflation seems concerning, especially with the money printing they have done. I was asking where is it actually coming from. That part is confusing to me. Been doing extra prepping but I hope it is enough.

  4. Ken don’t worry about being labeled a fear monger. Those of us that come here would rather discuss things and get ideas and if nothing happens so much the better. But if it all stops just swirling the toilet bowl and finally goes down then those who paid attention will be better for being here
    I do think it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better. The rubber band is stretched about as far as it can go and it’s either going to snap back or break and we are all going to feel the sting in one way or another

    1. Agree D B Cooper. Those here want to have these discussions of what if. Because we see the writing on the wall, and have for some time. It is nerve wracking to see what I have feared happening, actually happening. But I felt a bit vindicated as well (for being a prepper) because we were just fine. But for how long?? If this continues or we have another shutdown, we will be good but more than a year? I’m just not sure.

  5. Unfortunately you seem to have it pegged to a fare thee well. Civil, social, financial, even religious if you think of socialism/communism as a religion (and I think it is for most of them) differences that have been manipulated into raw wounds. A nearly fake pandemic that has killed far fewer people than the last flu season did, used to effect control over the population and finish wrecking the economy. What more could a coordinated revolutionary group effort ask except for a true depression?(sarc) Opps! I know, a massive debt that can’t be repaid.

    It looks like a very, very rough ride even if Trump is reelected and conservatives hold the senate. Maybe 50-50 now. Maybe.

  6. Consider that Marx wrote the playbook and Lenin enacted it.
    You have the two classes of people. One the victim and one the opressor.
    One promises everything good via the government, but the others won’t give them what they rightly deserve.
    I think that you are on the money Ken.
    History is repeating itself.

  7. I think the silent majority (those living outside of the urban cesspools) are fed up with BLM, Antifa and the woke crowds that are running wild in democrat cities and hopefully they will demonstrate it at the voting booth in November, if we make it that far. The Democrats and MSM manipulate the polling data to make it seem like the majority of Americans support communism, looting, defunding the police and other idiotic liberal agendas.

    The majority of Americans are not actively engaged in these urban war zones because they have everything to lose and nothing to gain by going into the enemies backyard and fighting on their turf. However if it spills out of the democrat dumps and into the rural areas there will be a swift and brutal response. Most of the folks where I live own a lot of firearms and backhoes and know how to use both.

    The Democrats are pulling out all of the stops to destroy Trump, the economy and God help us if they succeed and win in November as I see no way for the country to recover and a depression will be the least of our worries.

    1. Very true, RC. But I did see a poll where the majority of Americans now do not support the Black Lives Matter whereas they did in June. I think a lot of eyes are opening. And in more patriotic states like Idaho, those patriots in Boise gave the “protesters” a warm welcome and a resounding Good-Bye. So there is a glimmer of hope, I hope!

  8. Ken, those have been my exact thoughts for over a year now. Today, as we write, we have fifteen mayors in fifteen MAJOR cities that are actively PROMOTING anarchy. I am amazed Detroit hasn’t joined the fray. Maybe it’s because the areas of 1967 riots are still desolate; burned out and left as a ghost town after fifty-some years, but that’s a side-note. It’s no ‘conspiracy’ theory. This is all orchestrated. George Soros has single-handedly toppled five governments, primarily through currency manipulation. This one is different. He solely funds more than 230 Marxist revolutionary organizations here and has so for decades. Their bible is Rules For Radicals and all, all, of the Dem.’s strategies for engagement are written right there.

    Sadly, I have found very few that I could talk to about this. It’s too far out there, nobody wants to believe it. What’s that called, the normality bias syndrome? It’s like something that could never happen. Much of their mission is completed: The education system long taken over, completely, now even down to the elementary levels. Entertainment industry, all theirs. News media, just an arm of their propaganda machine, bar one, and that’s a mixed bag. Now, their last leg is complete governmental control. A one-party system. It’s close, real close.

    I can’t even talk to my beloved girlfriend about it. The few times the subject has come up I try to tell her, “Sweetie, this is what a revolution looks like in real time”. If anyone out there is a WWII historian, they will tell you, Hitler started out as just a simple opposition party leader. I’m not saying we’re heading in that direction, although I’m not saying we can’t. But he wasn’t a monster in the beginning, in the beginning. But maybe that’s a side-bar also.

    But for sure, we know ‘they’ have taken off their masks. They’re not pretending to be anything now like middle of the road, left-center, etc. The co-founder of BLM says it straight out, “we’re trained anarchists and we want to destroy this system. Like their bible says, there comes a time when you have to take off the mask and rise up least you (they) be crushed. I think we’re living in that right now.

    1. And yet the ideas that later made Hitler a monster were clear in his early writings. No ambiguity.

      The progression is clear–he didn’t start with the Jews. He started with the handicapped, the homosexuals, the gypsies–those who would not be missed and many people applauded. By the time he got around to the Jews, the German people had already acquiesced to the use of the ovens.

      If you say “yes” just once, that’s all it takes to make it very difficult to say no the next time. And the next. It’s a form of emotional blackmail, and it works.

      1. One major problem is ‘yes’ is already being said, multiple times. And there has been very little recourse for breaking the laws. Riot in the cities-yes, loot in the cities-yes, murder opponents (white folks, etc…)in the cities-yes, burn businesses in the cities-yes, rape people in the cities-yes, injure and kill police officers-yes,, take over areas of cities and hold the people and businesses in those areas hostage-yes, indoctrinate out kids in school to the wonders of socialism-communism-yes, indoctrinate the university kids to the wonders of socialism/communism-yes, and on and on. We have been saying ‘yes’ for a long time. It is just that now it’s coming to a head. The left had the boat just putting along nice and slow for a long time. Now, they are full speed ahead.

  9. If things get really bad I am doomed. My wife just invited her mother and sister to stay with us if things get really bad in the city.
    It looks like I will be spending a lot of time in our 34 acre woods.

    1. better go buiold ur self a huntin shak out in the deep woods on ur back end of the 34acres. Stock up on the essentials. leave no marked trail good luck with that one LOL!!!

    2. Old guy,
      I can relate. If things go south, we may have a few of the wife’s progressive liberal family members come over here. LOL (might take me a while to run them off). Think I might move into a small dugout on the far corner of the place, only come up for meals, maybe. Or being who I am, maybe I just go placer mine out in the boonies for a while until they leave, let the Italian wife run them off.

      1. Don’t worry miner.
        They will leave eventually. After they’ve eaten all your food and used all your supplies. Then they will go find someone else to mooch off of and clean out their home. Their grasshoppers after all.

      2. Having family grasshoppers is a real problem. Given the Communists “If you see something, Say something” with the “Good Citizen” awards even when you drive them off they can cause real problems.

        Most if not all of the anti-hording arrests during the Great Depression (and both World Wars) were from family turning their non-sharing family IN to the police. Then you get “Legally” stripped of your food, supplies and given the recent San Francisco liberal laws even your home as they made it illegal to put homeless out of your home . I think that law is under legal challenge but once a precedent of bad law gets established….. Got a spare bedroom buddy???

        Wasn’t it the Quartering Act (food and shelter) for British Troops part of the complaints of the Declaration of Independence?

        Winter is coming, that humble dugout might be a blessing if it has it’s own safe water supply.

  10. Ken, IMO you are spot on.
    The commies are openly saying what they want to do and are on the move.
    Bad times are coming, maybe really bad.

    Also The Big Reset is supposedly coming in 2021.
    Look it up — it is incredibly scary!

  11. On yesterday’s podcast, which you can watch on Whatfinger News , Dan Bongino spoke about The Left’s 30 front war. Instead of attacking America on a single front, they are doing it in so many ways. Did anyone ever think that the NBA, NFL, MLB, all would go leftist, as an example?

    How about Cops being attacked across the U.S., the Commie nutjobs on CNN, MSNBC and so on. Pelosi, third in line to be President calling Federal Agents ” Storm Troopers”? !!!!!

    Either we Deplorables resist the Tyranny of Communism, or we’ll be killed off one way or another.

    1. It is a full-on assault. Clear as day (at least it is for me, and most of you).

      I do subscribe to Bongino’s podcasts (among others). I’ll look for that one you mentioned. Maybe listen tomorrow with my headphones as I do some much needed mowing around here…

    2. One thing that has been mentioned some is where the Chicoms attack the US’s allies instead of continually going after the US only. Australia called for an investigation into the origins of the covid. The Chicoms retaliated by decreasing beef imports from the Aussies by around 80%. The also put out a warning advising Chinese to not got to Australia for tourism citing racial attacks against Chinese there. So it’s not just the US that’s racist now, it’s our Aussie colleagues.

  12. To me, Trump is more like Reardon. He fought and fought the system and they tried many maneuvers to get him to give up his steel companies and his secrets to the steel. In the end, he lost, but he went down fighting until the very end.

  13. Trusting GOD is the only way I keep my sanity, preparedness and love of country(USA).

  14. Been in lurk mode for a while. As a libertarian I have friends on both sides of the fence. I know lots of Democrats and not a one of them want to go Marxist. Really don’t know what to make of whats going on. I have a hard time believing whats happening with precious metals. Gold was $1500 oz 3 months ago and now over $1900. For the longest time a pre 65 dime was worth a $1.10 and now it’s up to $1.65. Pray for the republic and remember the 6th commandment. Be safe the covid related deaths are just shy of 148,000 here in the USA and has killed well over 600,000 worldwide.

    1. A different brand of democrats, I suppose. All those I know are all gung-ho for “equality,” by which they mean what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine. What’s yours should be redistributed, but what’s mine is sacrosanct. Never a thought that THEIR money might be at risk, or THEIR ideals might not be the ideals of the idiots pushing this.

      A young friend is out there protesting for BLM and making noises about being ashamed to be white. Even my history-teacher SIL thinks socialism is great. Another acquaintance is all “Facts don’t matter, stick to the talking points,” and my sister screeches at 10 year old nieces about their horrible politics and tries to shame them into being Democrat.

      Their politics are horrible, their intentions may be good but we all know where that road leads. They have no interest in reality or human nature, and facts are just inconvenient. Truth can be made up on the fly and it doesn’t matter anyway because they FEEL so hard that their FEELS are going to make it all work.

      I just stay as far away as possible.

  15. & death by abortion worldwide 7 MILLION plus MONTHLY X 12= 72 MILLION plus per year. HELLO-covert vs covid.

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