USA Urban Areas – Clusters Map


I have come across a map which may be useful and/or informative for those who are concerned about survival preparedness as it relates to issues of population and population density in the United States…

The United States Census Bureau now classifies and categorizes…
Urban Areas and Urban Clusters

An Urbanized Area (UA) is a statistical geographic entity consisting of a central core and adjacent densely settled territory that together contain at least 50,000 people, generally with an overall population density of at least 1,000 people per square mile.

An Urban Cluster (UC) is a statistical geographic entity consisting of a central core and adjacent densely settled territory that together contains between 2,500 and 49,999 people.

Regarding the risks associated with the development of social chaos in the aftermath of a SHTF scenario, Urban Areas will be the primary centers of core chaos. Urban Clusters will also be vulnerable, especially those which are in close proximity to Urban Areas, but may not devolve to the same level as Urban Areas.

Living outside any of these areas is considered rural.

As a result of the 2010 Census, there are 486 Urbanized Areas in the United States and a total of 3,104 Urban Clusters.

The following map from the U.S. Census data of 2010 identifies all of the Urban Areas and Clusters in the United States and may prove informative for those who are interested in such things…

The purple regions are Urban Areas
The green dots are Urban Clusters


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  1. so in other words the east and west coasts are toasts, big cities will burn and everyone else might have a chance. sounds good to me.

    1. Well, not so much, think how many will eventually head inland in a panic to get supplies and avoid the looting and violence that will ensue. both coasts have alot of people, bad gun laws and Cali has bad water supplies., I’m in Cali but from Missouri and have been trying to get my wife to move someplace “redder” and safer for years. They’ll move to feed off the people who have stuff just like their “leaders” trained them. Just a possibility but one to noodle over. I’m about an hour from LA and that’s not too far to see interlopers after a couple weeks.

      But yes, they will be toast.

  2. But when the SHTF they won’t be able to find the gas they need to travel far. Plus, travel will be dangerous. The west/east coasts have politics that tend to make people in the areas/clusters to be unarmed sheep. Some of them will be wolves in sheep clothing but the rural areas have learned how to deal with wolves and have the capability to do it. If you have the chance to move somewhere rural you will have a longer time to prepare against the zombie hoards. At the least, have a place you can go. Take a vacation there and get to know your area/shelter. Make plans. Be prepared.

  3. I live in a section of the coastline where a lot of the land area is swampy river basin. The St. Johns river can be as narrow as a hundred feet to as wide as fifteen or twenty miles here. There is a large section of developed land that falls in the 50 year flood plain, but has incredibly rich, loamy soil, The only drawback is the proximity to dense population centers. Although I do not yet own property there, I’m working on it. Prices have calmed down significantly since the crash, in fact too much. When this current mis-pricing resolves, I’ll pick up five to ten acres. I want to spend around 80 large in total. Even though we’re close to urban areas, they are a lot more spread out than areas in the northeast. Here we have more of a dense neighborhood set-up, with mile after mile of 1/5th acre lots and houses built shoulder to shoulder. Where we want to build, it’s way less dense and zoned residential agricultural, with a minimum lot size of five acres.

    When TSHTF, my neighbors will mostly all be like minded folks. The folks I already know, many of them live out there and all are preppers on some level, and all of them are armed. I don’t want to see it happen, but I know it will, irrespective of what .Gov tries to do to ameliorate the coming crisis, so I intend to be ready.

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