What If You Have To Bug Out

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To Bug Out. Evacuate. Leave the area. I cover this topic from time to time. This time though, think about this… If for some reason you have to bug-out, and you have no choice (let me repeat, “you have no choice”),
WHAT WOULD YOU DO? and WHERE WOULD YOU GO? Have you thought about it at all? Well, you should, even if you believe you’re perfectly safe and prepared at your present home location.

Instead of imagining a scenario where you could actually choose to stay and ‘bug-in’ and ‘ride it out’, what if you could not stay, because if you did, you would be in grave danger.

Depending on what happened, you may have time to evaluate pros and cons. Gathering information. Like “What happened?” And “How bad is it?” Or “How bad might it be, or become, where I live?” Are there things that I have, or that I can do, to mitigate and overcome what’s happening? Is it going to be safe enough here throughout the ordeal? How long might I make it here (survive here) on my own?

What If A Disaster Requires That You Bug Out

What if there is a disaster of sufficient magnitude (where you live) such that you MUST GET OUT? A disaster of this magnitude might be of the type whereby you might have little time to collect your thoughts, analyze the situation, gather information, talk to others, weigh out all the pros and cons, and make decisions that will (hopefully) be the right ones. In some scenarios, you may have minutes or just hours to decide whether or not you need to bug out.

Let’s make the situation even worse… What if it’s a ‘mega-disaster’, and is very wide spread? A disaster so big that when you bug out (because you HAVE TO LEAVE), your options of destinations might be under the same or similar disaster where you left from? Have you thought about where you might go (if you absolutely had to bug out)?

There are plenty of dramatic examples that I could present, ranging from regional to much wider geographical consequence. The thing is, if and when ‘it’ happens, most people may become paralyzed with fear, and make bad decisions as a result. I’ve seen ‘panic’ in the eyes (and actions) of ordinary people during times of ordinary disruptions in life. It’s remarkable to witness (and kind of scary). You, the prepared, will more likely ‘think on your feet’, and preferably have thought about this beforehand.

You really do need to have a plan. As remote a likelihood as it may seem, you never know, it just might happen. It is not my intention to get into the technical aspects of a bug out situation, like what to do, where to go, what to bring, and all that… Plenty of articles here on these various subjects (and likely more in the future). Instead, I’m presenting the notion of planning ahead for a bug out from your home. Although maybe an unlikely necessity for most, one never knows…

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