What Would Happen When The Internet Goes Down


Try this and see what happens in your household… pull the plug on your internet router. How long will it take before there are inconveniences or upset people (especially the younger ones) …

I have been having issues with my internet service all week, and this morning it went ‘belly up’ – no internet. Having spent some time on the phone with my Internet Service Provider, they finally concluded to send someone out tomorrow (probably a hardware issue with the modem itself).

It got me to thinking about how we might fare if the internet were to go down, and it’s a scary thought…


During day to day ordinary life, you probably see others continuously checking their ‘smart device’. Without internet connectivity, they will actually have to look up from their devices and see and deal with the real world around them. They might even have to ‘talk’ with someone. The horror!

Could the public at large survive without their Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, and all the other social media platforms that exist today? How long until they go into withdrawal symptoms without their constant social ‘connectivity’?

For me, since I use the internet to run this blog, it would cease to update. I suppose I could survive that. I also occasionally use the internet for streaming Netflix or Roku, but I could survive without that as well. Email would no longer work, but I still know how to talk and use an ordinary telephone. I would lose the convenience of occasional research using a search-engine, but I could live without it…

But more importantly, what about our infrastructure of commerce? Without the internet, most all commerce would cease. Store transactions would probably come to a screeching halt since many require networking with the corporate ‘mother ship’.

So much of our infrastructure is connected with the internet that the world as we know it would be terribly affected without it and all of the automated systems that work behind the scenes to keep the gears turning. And to think that we survived without the internet up until just a few decades ago! It’s amazing when you really think about it.

Seriously, it would be disastrous (nearly close to a power-grid down) if the internet went down.

The design of the internet itself though is generally set up for redundancy, however there are choke points of traffic (.gov NSA interceptions, etc…) along with the service providers themselves that could be potential critical junctions of cutoff or failure.

Anyway, seeing how I’m sitting here without connectivity today, I thought that I would present the general issue to think about. That is, our reliance on the internet. Can you think of other ways that we rely on internet connectivity in our daily lives – even ‘unseen’ reliance?

Now I suppose that I’ll hop in the truck and take this Word document and my laptop on over to the local Dunkin Donuts parking lot for their WiFi internet connection to upload to the MSB site ;)

Hopefully I’ll be back online sometime tomorrow to check your comments. Be good…

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  1. I always think back to life for our family back in the 60s and 70s, black and white TV, dial phone on a party line, catchment water.

    And now people shut down if they can’t check their email or only have one bar.
    Wish it would all just go away.

    1. Kulafarmer

      ah, those were the days…

      I remember the party line…


      I remember the odd time I would pick the phone up to “listen in” (as a small child) that dam operator would phone my Mother and tell her I had done so…(grin)

          1. Me 2, me 2.

            I remember learning my dad’s music store number and having to tell it to…

            THE OPERATOR !

            Wow, I even remember playing with paper dolls and paper animals and having so much fun. We used to build forts and barns with sticks and moss in the back yard to play with the little plastic farm animals and cowboys and Indians.

            Awh. The way back machine is fun to travel in once in a while.

        1. LOL… I actually put a 300 baud modem on a party line. To compare with broadband that is 0.0003 Mbps. You could see the letters coming in one by one.

          1. My first work computer had a black screen and green letters. Then a blue screen and white letters. Now my computer has rotating full color pictures that take up more than the full memory of my first computer. Weird.

      1. I am 69, I remember the hand crank party line phone at my cousin’s farm in Scio, Oregon, circa 1960…..

  2. Ken, you do know we are all just a bunch of naughty kids when the teacher calls in sick…

    1. …okay, I’m finally back online after 24hours+ of being off the internet, and I survived ;)

      Now lets see if you all behaved….

        1. “Whatever they say, they’re lying!”
          “Now there’s a comprehensive indictment.”

  3. Ken, you do know we are all just a bunch of naughty kids when the teacher calls in sick don’t you? Hope you get your internet fixed soon though. We have stayed in lots of RV parks that have next to nothing phone service and Internet. The first day or so it takes a little getting used to, but then you adjust and forget about it (pretty much anyway).

    I would miss my kindle most because when we travel I can’t drag my library with me because of the weight, and I am an avid reader. A few years ago we were Ina park along the Oregon coast and a freak snow storm showed up. Everything went down. Oh my word people went crazy! What are we going to do? No electricity, no wifi! Well folks, you are in an RV, they run on propane! We had heat, we had water, we had a stove, we were fine. But others absolutely freaked out. I knew right then and there, when SHTF happens, people will panic in A matter of hours.

  4. We went through the ups and downs of IP service with TMobile and eventually cancelled their service because they lied to us when we first called. The foreigner assigned us a ‘trouble ticket’ and that was the beginning. Two weeks later, after having no ability to do our financials online, we’d reached the end of our tolerance.

    We called back and after several different conversations with customer reps, we eventually learned that TMobile had replaced their system in our area and it required a completely different modem. We were never informed of this “upgrade” and had no idea we needed a different modem.

    Meanwhile, our credit card was charged for the auto-subscription for the month. We were paying for a service that we not only didn’t get but couldn’t possibly get with outdated equipment. So we decided they didn’t deserve our business and cancelled with TMobile. We asked for a full refund for the month. We were told no — they have a no-refund-policy. EXCUSE ME???

    We paid via our credit card so we promptly contacted our VISA merchant and relayed all of this to dispute the charge.

    Buh-bye, TMobile…

    We signed on with a smaller IP service that we once had and were up and running in no time because we still had their old modem.

    Without the internet, I missed doing some research and my choice news feeds. I missed the MSB posts here, too. The big issue was that we could not do financial business using our home IP service for several weeks. Since all of our banking is pretty much online and we pay a couple of bills online, we were in a bind. Nothing was so critical that it was life threatening, but when you have a system in place and lose it, you need to adapt to something else. When a system breaks down, reliability comes into question and so does priority and ‘need’ — good to have an alternate plan or two. Remember the saying, “Two is one, and one is none.”

    (And now that Ken ain’t around, let’s have-at-it!)

    1. Yes, that upgrade for my modem @ my local service provider was gonna cost me a hole in the bedroom wall for the big wiring/machine OR a hole underneath the carpet OR a hole in the floor behind one of the recliner sofas in the den meaning I could never rearrange ever!!

      I threw a fit!! Guess what?? I didn’t get upgraded and no one called me for a return visit.
      When I inquired, I was told that I just couldn’t do as much as others with wi-fi. Since all I do is Roku and Internet, I was told it would be a little slower–the cost of not having a HUGE machine in my den behind the sofas or a HUGE machine in the bedroom sitting in the floor. I’ll suffer through it!! :-)

      1. JJ, I’ve heard of Roku and Netflix, never tried either of them (don’t have the speed on satellite or monthly allotted usage to support them). I can’t miss what I don’t have, right? lol

        1. Throwback, I’m running Netflix and Youtube on a 300kb download speed for nearly a decade, no major problems. Don’t watch a lot of it so the data isn’t an issue either.

          1. LOL…you must connect to a movie, do some chores, and then go back later to watch the show. I suppose that we could go for the occasional online video but I’m afraid of the ‘suck us in’ phenomenon.

  5. I think I would miss the internet the most as I am always researching on-line. We also pay all of our bills on-line these days. I could always go back to snail mail for that, but it would definitely be a major pain. Otherwise I prefer to read and I try to keep a few books on my kindle app to read for when the internet goes down. I do a large portion of odd shopping on-line too though. Things that I can’t find in my area I order on-line, so that would be missed. However we lived fine before the internet and we would adjust fine after several days.

  6. To me, the internet is just convenience. I use it for banking, research, Roku, Apple TV, reading, and shopping as well as email but I did without it for more of my life than I’ve had it. Doing without it would take a little adjustment again, but wouldn’t be a major concern. With the way our government has the ability to spy on our electronic/digital footprints we would definitely enjoy a higher level of privacy without it.

  7. I would miss Amazon. We are regulars with UPS. I would also miss the ability to instantly research any question. We used to use our old World Book Encyclopedias for that!

  8. If the internet went down, most, if not all stores would close including gas stations and convenience stores. Registers today do more than just hold money. They’re directly linked to the store’s inventory system, plus without a screen telling the cashier how much change to give you most cashiers would be lost.

    Besides that, very few stores actually have prices on their items. So even if they will accept cash, unless the cashier can read bar codes, lines in the store will be very long because employees will be price checking every item in your cart. Or they may even have lines to get into the store so that an employee can follow customers around and write prices on items with a sharpie as you take them off the shelf.

    I highly doubt many stores even have a price gun in the back room anywhere. I’m sure calculators will still work, but could you imagine the cashiers having to add everything up on paper? However, once the store is cleaned out they won’t get restocked since they’re no longer connected to the Internet JIT system.

    Years ago when my parents owned a corner grocery store (they used to be on just about every block) I worked in the store as a child and had no problem adding up a customers totals and even adding in the tax, all without a calculator.

    We even had our own in store credit program for certain customers. It was more of a “tab” than actual credit, no interest or anything like that, they just paid us back when they got paid kind of thing. It was the 70’s and most small stores like ours did pretty much the same.

    The corner stores like that all took a hit even before the big box stores. They started falling one by one as soon as supermarkets got bigger and bigger and drove all the prices down. The little stores just couldn’t compete any longer. Ours lasted till about 1989, one of the last in the neighborhood to close. Watching the big box stores do the same to the smaller supermarket chains is almost a kind of redemption in a sad kind of way.

    I guess I ran off topic a bit, but if the Internet crashed and the whole system crashed, I’m sure I could manage to run a store. I’m sure small stores will pop up all over the place once again. I just wonder how many people still have the skills to do things the old fashioned way. Sales Tax would be easier today since it’s about 10% most places, back when I was 8 it was around 2%. I don’t remember what year it was but I remember being happy when it went up to 5% because I was able to figure out the tax in my head. Then again, if everything crashes who is going to be paying taxes? lol

    1. Grits is correct. I own a business that used to have an answering machine that had to be checked four times a day for messages. I now have a cell phone with call forwarding now I have instant contact with my customers. A website with a calendar for my customer to check plus Craigslist saving me advertising money. A computer, while a pain, saves me time & money. Also the news I get from blogs is better than the local left leaning newspaper.

  9. We rely pretty heavily on the internet for home and office.

    Some of our clients only pay their bills electronically, they have no paper checks.

    Many govt. tax agencies require businesses to file payroll, sales tax and other returns and make payments online… that would all have to be undone.

    In CA, the DMV requires online smog tests and certifications, and the dealers rely on DMV hook-ups to record vehicle sales… have to go back to paper.

    Our access to news, especially alternative news, would be stopped and we would be back to crappy local TV news and newspapers.

    My IRA is through an online brokerage. I couldn’t access my account or make a trade, and I think the market as a whole would grind to a halt until they could bring back the old ways of paper documentation for all trades and accts.

    It would be harder for me to prep, I get quite a few items online that might not be available locally.

    Some people rely on Voice over Internet for their phones. I am not a techie, but I’ll bet some folks would have phone issues.

    This list goes on and on… and like many of you, I also rely on the Internet for research and I would really miss having a literal world of info at my fingertips.

    1. Paper checks here for everything…if not cash. Utilities, mortgage, insurances, property taxes, even my credit card I use for bonus points for free stuff.
      Saved mortgage statements are about 1 inch thick.

      1. Hi JJ,

        We are paper check people, too… but some of our clients are very large companies that refuse to issue paper checks. If you are not willing to accept electronic payments then they drop you as a vendor. We still pay bills via “snail mail”. Friends tell us we are crazy… I just smile and let it go.

  10. I like books and I still read the newspaper. To meet with like-minded people within my community, I would go to my local community food plot/CSA. As far as markets, I would continue going to the small stores and markets that I have always gone to. Smaller stores with local roots will still operate like the “corner stores of the old days” that I like going to.

    The internet going down is the reason I still have several hundred dollars in a lock-box in my truck. The internet is something I use more at work as opposed to home. This site is one of the things I would miss if the net went down for an extended period of time.(but, there is a lot of garbage out there on the world-wide web too.)

    Besides, the newspaper can be re-purposed to clean the backside in a pinch.(Not as good as Charmin, ultra strong,,and quilted for NRP.) Sorry Ken, was I misbehaving by bringing up the topic of T.P. again?

    1. T.P. or not T.P. that is the question, sorry I just couldn’t help myself. If the internet went down life as we know it would cease. The survivors would revert to life in black and white. As a co-worker used to say, life was better in black and white. We left the car keys in the ignition so we always knew where they were. Nobody locked their doors. I miss it.
      Actually I don’t think we can go back. We are in a war that we can’t end and is probably impossible for either side to truly win.

  11. A couple of interesting articles yesterday and today.

    Makes one remember how fragile the “system” really is, and what would we, as a few, know how to handle the aftermath.

    God knows I’m glad for the 350 rolls of TP I have stored up…. HAHAHAH


    1. You always make me want to go count my rolls.. Just so I’ll know if I’m close to your count.

      1. @ Raised this way

        Well some of us are just fuller of ***** and need a lot more TP, and when the Internet crashes, there goes a JIT inventory to restock the stores with TP…. Right?

        That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.


    2. Given the frequency that you bring up that topic, I would venture to say you have more than double that amount!! LOL!!

      1. NRP is having a stash of TP hidden in plain sight :)…I had enough tp for two years for me and the kids before I lost my job…sigh…soon I will have my Zewa brand tp and my Tempo tissue…Thank God for European homes and full basements, drooling over the prospect to stock up.

    3. NRP
      On your TP….ah is that 350 rolls or packages of rolls??? :-)

      Time to see who has the most in stock before we lose the internet. Will go into
      internet withdrawal if we lose the sight.

      1. This what happens when the cat and dog need a treat and are talking to me, one whining about mom being on the internet and the other ‘cat’er walling about needing canned cat food.
        “before we lose the internet” “if we lose this sight”

  12. I expect the Internet to go down just as WWIII/financial collapse takes place. This would place total reliance on the MSM for Info. When the Internet did come back, it would only reflect the views the Govt would want, just like the MSM does now!! Blockage of Alternative Media should be expected. I will also be expecting mobile phone use to be limited also.

    In the first few days we may also experience some Govt interference with the use of HAM and CB radios by jamming the frequencies/channels and blame it on solar flares, since they would be controlling the media.

    The sooner you could get to a rural setting the better the reception because the Govt will concentrate on the more heavily populated areas first.

    Plan ahead by listing the mailing addresses of any bills you currently pay via the internet and purchase postage stamps and envelopes to mail payments.

    If you purchase money orders to make payments, wear physical disguises when you purchase them and place the mailed payments into the system as far away from your BOL as possible.

    China will have recognition into the IMF’s SDR program by Oct 1st. The IMF SDR rating of each country is based on the assets of each country, natural resources, financial reserves strength, manufacturing strength, and last but not least its level of debt!! I expect WWIII to start just prior to OCT 1st!!! The internet and mobile phones to go down about the same time!!

    1. @ Being Watched

      One does not have to outrun the bear; just outrun the one next to you. No?


      1. If we are to plan short and long term, we must consider all the ways Big Brother would find ways to track us. To out run or to out smart, it’s just common sense to avoid our exposure of identity and location using as many ways as we can. This includes not using your mobile phones pr HAM radio now and afterwards when you are anywhere near your BOL.

      2. NRP That is why when I go hiking I carry a .22 pistol, to shoot the other guy in the foot so I CAN out run him.

    2. Watched, I don’t understand, please educate the ignorant on the China / IMF thing…

      Who will start the war and why? The US because China will ignite a move towards a gold standard and, well, the US will be having none of that, or something similar?

      1. Billy,

        Where should I start? How about how the super powers have been playing politics in each others back yard!

        How about the fact that China and Russia have provided military equipment, guns and ammo to almost every country in Central and South America at a reduced cost or in the form of aid. In addition China has provided a floating hospital into the ports of these same countries as a humanitarian gesture to serve the medical needs of its citizens. In exchange these same countries have agreed to provide their ports for the refueling and restocking of food for the Chinese and Russian Naval Ships.

        While all that was happening, the Ukrainian Govt being overthrown as a result of our CIA funding. The Syrian conflict starts with the US training and funding of the rebels, which became what is now ISIS. All this while knowing that Russia has one of its largest naval ports on the Syrian coast and would eventually involve Russia.

        I won’t matter how WWIII starts!! A false flag event of a small tactical nuke being used in the US, in the Middle East, or the sinking of a military ship in the South China Sea. A huge event will be used to serve as a distraction and can be blamed for a financial collapse.

        The US dollar has over the last year has strengthened and has resulted in the devalued currencies of South America. As of now South America is in a full blown DEPRESSION.

        Once the dust clears from the war that is coming that weakens our military strength and the free food stops here in the US that will likely result in civil unrest and chaos, the invasion will start.

        This is NOT my plan!!! I HOPE that none of this happens. However the facts of what has happened over the last few years will not change. The world is a powder keg about to explode!

        We can only lessen the impact by preparing in every way possible.

      1. I’m referring to the old school method of buying postal stamps so if those bugging out could still mail their bill payments in regardless of their location. Just don’t put a return address on the outside of the envelope. If all the important info. is contained inside the envelope with your money order then no need on the outside except where its going!

  13. Have to say that I rely in the internet a lot. For banking, play, research etc. I would miss it more than say cable TV. As I mentioned yesterday home depot had a problem and all registers were down and in less than 10 minutes people were really angry.

    1. @ aka

      Can you imagine that “anger” if they could not buy food, or their cars did not run….
      How about if the Banks collapsed and all of their money was gone, just gone.

      Just something to think on…

      1. You REALLY want to go down the Cyprus-Russkidepositor haircut scheme?

        I have a feeling that IF, bank branches try that crap, (they will anyway), their friendly faced bankers will all be used as targets of opportunity rhetorically speaking.

        Cyprus ripped off their Russian oligarch and Mafiyah accounts and will pay a price for that greed, many have, already.

        Banking is not a noble profession, it is one small notch above a suppurating syphilitic street walker. At least when one buys a hoe, (either kind) your “expectations” are not a surprise.

      2. A few weeks ago my friend and I went to the Safeway in North central Nv to pick up a needed prescription that was ready. We drove about 80 miles one way (we live very remote) upon arriving at the store we were told that the computer internet system was down.

        OK did they have the prescription, well yes it was in site in the pick up box BUT the policy was they had to be able to process it on the computer system and verify…..Oh my God Well they stated they would deliver later in the day. Really? OK, so the customer lives 80 miles away. Hmmmmm after some brain storming (not)by the staff it was to be sent out by FedEx for next day delivery. And we really think a short term outage would not crash this country…..we are in for a five star cluster-flock.

    2. Yes, keeping a clear head and trying to keep an even temperment will be very important during the first week. Hopefully having a well thought out plan of action will help all of us stay alive.

  14. Once a week I do this for myself and the kids (DW does computer work at home so she’s exempt). All day nothing is allowed with a screen. At first it was hard but they are adapting to doing other stuff with their time, using their imaginations, and not becoming complete idiots. It was even hard for me actually. I didn’t realize how often I would be drawn to the siren call of the mind numbing devices.

  15. I think one point we have all missed would be the government letting the internet stay down for long on a widespread basis. The Internet is their BEST means of surveying us. Without the Internet it would be much harder for them to gather info on us. I do everything possible to keep my digital tracks private and my systems secure, but if her majesty Hillary, the pentagon, major banks, the IRS, and countless other systems both public and private can’t be kept secure you can rest assured the little guy like you and me CANNOT stay completely private and secure.

    1. I basically agree with you, Texasprepper, except I would turn that around: if the Internet went down and stayed down, it would mean that the Federal government has ceased to exist as a functioning entity (at least on a national basis), because they will keep it up to surveil us as long as possible.

  16. I was out of town for a weekend. Hubby & 1 kid at home. All I asked was them to clean up after themselves. I left a clean house I wanted a clean one on my return. Well long story short, dishes piled up, something sticky on the floor…a big mess.

    So after they went to bed I took the router cable and hid it. When they got up the next morning sheer panic set in. It took 4 hours for them to fix the mess they made. And to see the panic in their faces. Withdraw was bad. So if my house is an example of sheer fear, I do not want to see how it affects the rest of the world.

    1. Just think of all the things can be done if you did that to our country!

      But if the internet went down, I would go fishing. I would go fishing if it didn’t go down.

  17. To appreciate the control of the internet over our lives just look at the growth of Amazon for all types of goods, Facebook for social interaction, and games to distract us from real life. Bread and circus has just reached a new level in controlling the population. There is no turning back and I fear only cataclysmic destruction ahead.

  18. I resisted computers and the internet until retirement. Now, it’s an integral part of my day. I always read (as in past tense) at least two daily newspapers a day, and watched the evening national news on TV. Now I depend on the warring points of view represented on different web sites to try to determine the actual truth on different issues.

    Our news outlets in the U.S. suck. They have devolved into propaganda media for the Republican and Democrat parties. All the news is filtered as to content and to whether it will hurt the cause.

    That is why I recommend everyone purchase a high quality shortwave radio receiver, capable of reliably pulling in English speaking, foreign based news sources. Learn when and at what frequency they transmit. This may be your only source for truthful info, should our government completely take over other outlets.

    1. The only problem right now with shortwave radio listening is that there aren’t many English language stations left that provide news. And the ones that do aren’t exactly pro-American.

  19. Ken’s statement…..”Now I suppose that I’ll hop in the truck and take this Word document and my laptop on over to the local Dunkin Donuts parking lot for their WiFi internet connection to upload to the MSB site ?”

    Thank GOD he was thinking of us and put the extra effort into getting us through another day…. HAHAHAH

    I mean….. can you just imagine the withdraws from MSB??? Thanks Dad.


  20. What will I do when the internet goes down? I will finally get my chores done; catch up on my reading; lose weight; get out of the house more often…

  21. Ditto on being disconnected. Now have to carry 2 phones for work and personal. I am always wired in and thoroughly enjoy not being connected. We did a cruise a year ago and it was awesome. No phone, no network connectivity. One week away and I return to 1500+ emails.

  22. Our area has gone without internet service for 3 days at the most. Having experience the withdrawal from the net, I can understand how many would go bananas.

  23. Internet goes down, and Ken can’t run the blog, I think that would be awful. First I check my emails, then earthquake status, then weather and then this blog…I have my priorities straight lol….

      1. Ken, I have to have MSB first :) the rest of the news hawks are just that, hawking around while everything is crumbling, besides, we are all sane people on this site, the others are giving me head aches. Thanks for the best site on the net!

        The Texas troublemaker ( with pride )

      2. Hi Ken,

        Welcome back to your own site! ;)

        You are also my top of list every day… didn’t take long before I was hooked!

        1. …and I had today’s new post all ready to go, but had to wait for the service tech to show up later than I had hoped – so couldn’t go to Dunkin Donuts to upload. Now that the day is long, I’ll post it in the AM.

          …glad you’re hooked ;) although I do ‘catch and release’

          1. It is ironic that your internet went down the right after your article about the possibility of the internet going down.

          2. DaisyK


            Didn’t Freud say “there are not accidents”…..?


          3. Actually I wrote the article after my internet connection went down (which inspired the topic) and then proceeded to Dunkin Donuts to use their free WiFi to upload it to the site. So there’s no conspiracy in this instance ;)

      3. Ken,
        Where else can we compete of how much TP we have in store and how many jars of home made food :)
        Texas is okay, not El Paso, NH-now there I would be a very happy camper. Out in nowhere checking out how many bears will deliver themselves for breakfast, lunch and dinner-life is good :)

  24. The stupid “interconnectedness” of everything today is insane. Almost all retail stores would not be able to order stock. I know my DW’s pharmacy would be screwed. It would soon equal a grid down situation. I’ve seen episodes of This Old House where they install lighting and window blinds that connect thru wifi to your smart phone! How un-self-sufficient is that?

  25. Even as I write this there is a attack on some internet services providers going on right now and its causing problems in the game world right now its causing havoc already and that’s only in the game world. I shudder to think what it would do if the whole thing crashed.

  26. Being old school how much difference would it make to me. None. The Internet is fun and helpful for information but necessary? No. Most everything I do would go on as before. We used to joke that there was nothing wrong with a computer that a Hawken Rifle wouldn’t fix. :)


  27. If the internet goes, everything changes at my house.

    Kids have tons of dvds. They usually watch Netflix, but dvds are also a staple. They have been grounded from gaming devices all summer, and none of them are internet compatible anyway. Wife will have major withdrawal. I will miss my Clash of Clans, but really only on that 5 min per day.

    If/When the internet goes, the biggest shock will be the implementation of my SHTF plan. If the internet goes, that is a major indicator of SHTF soon. Defense and supply procurement plans will immediately be implemented. This will result in a shock to most family members as they are not prepared for what will be necessary to survive. My plans to not involve taking from individuals or hurting others, but the first 24 hours will be a drastic change of mind.

  28. The timing of this article was spot-on. My son who is 29 years old, that lives part of the property and loves the thought of always being connected, ran out of data on his phone today. He had the day off, so that meant no internet, no inter-tube, no streaming of movies, no fake book, texting, or even being able to use the phone to…..actually talk to someone!!!!

    After I read the article, I had to laugh, because he was up early, smashing aluminum cans, did 3 loads of laundry, helped me put up a tarp port, and did some much needed maintenance on the property.

    I wish the internet would go down at least a few days a week! At least his! Lol. His mom got home from work and said, Hey you guys got a lot done, what’s up with that? He said that he ran out of data on his phone and didn’t want to get bored.

    One consequence of not having the internet would be not being able to pay bills online. The post office would increase the price of stamps to $5 bucks. Why would they let a crisis go to waste???

  29. We recently moved & it took Century Link over a week to get our internet switched. Really I only missed my YouTube group & the ability to research, especially in a new town where I knew no one & didn’t know where anything was located. I’m not much of a techie but even I felt the jitters at being so disconnected. My 16 yr old was on vacation; good thing because she would have gone into meltdown mode. Haha

  30. I’m working on a refinance and it’s all done over the internet. Ran into a small snag because I don’t have a real cell phone so couldn’t take a pic to send nor could I text. There was something else that I don’t have (forgotten what) but finally we connected on, I can scan and attach to email.

  31. You have to wonder if the food distributors would figure out how to communicate with the retailers without internet use before shelves were empty, even with normal shopping.

    Once consumers notice shortages, the panic shopping would begin, and the stores would empty out quickly. Within a week, folks would be going hungry, with chaos not far behind.

  32. The only thing that I would really miss if the Internet disappeared would be the ability to listen to radio stations and watch TV newscasts from different parts of the US. Especially if there’s major news happening.

  33. Our internet went out at work, and we couldn’t do anything. We had to just take calls and basically call our other office to look up every single thing for us. It was a very big nuisance. Went to the Dollar Store one day and their credit/check machine wouldn’t work. They couldn’t do anything. I can imagine how bad things would quickly escalate. You can’t pump gas. You can’t get food. Nothing. Most people don’t even have a landline anymore. If cell phones stopped working we would really be in trouble.

    I have to say, when it went out at the house, I did get a lot done. haha. I like to read the news, prepper sites, etc. But without the internet, could not do much, so I got a lot of stuff I had been meaning to do, finally done.

  34. Sounds like a lot of people got caught in the interNET. Allowing it to become one`s primary means of conducting one`s life`s affairs should be approached with caution, as control is not completely in the hands of the user. http://www.downdetector.com may provide interesting info for some. CR

  35. Internet down would be the same as grid down. Every utility, every business, every store, every office, and every government agency uses web to run. No one knows how to bypass the online way of running things and it will all collapse before anyone even thinks of trying! Crazy fragile world we live in. Thus I prep.

    1. Yes, that is the point that some may be missing. That is, they think they will not be affected, but indeed they will. Nearly everything in this modern world requires the internet to function…

    2. Thus I prep–amen.
      I am pretty well situated with prep food, water, supplies, lots of stuff, but not everything I need and definitely not everything I want.

      So, today, while buying more junk food(oh yeah, sealed in mason jars and vacuum sealed in plastics, coming along nicely) to add to my preps a lady started a conversation and in this conversation she mentioned her husband griped just because she had ONE freezer.

      Those people are gonna starve and I ask God to please wake them up because the news isn’t doing it.

  36. But a lot of work phones are through the internet as well. Home phones are routed through the internet. Even street lights and stop lights are controlled by the internet. Power generation plants as well.

    A few years ago I was reading an article that indicated that only three power generation plants in the US aren’t linked in to the internet. The internet goes down, power generation goes down.

    They’re building self-controlled cars and buses which use the internet for navigation. Your GPS goes down. If you have a newer car, some of the pieces of your car won’t function properly. If you have remote access to your house, you can’t get in (or possibly out) and you no longer have a furnace, dishwasher, TV, etc, because all of them are linked to the internet and won’t function without it.

    Might as well have an EMP.

  37. We have a 17 yr old grandson residing with us, since he was 11…great young man who lost his parents. We live remote, so we have a phone router and 3G service. Our grandson ask for a phone, we explained the limited service…he wanted that new type. We told him it wouldn’t work at home….that’s okay!!

    He got the expensive phone, can’t use it…and really frustrated. I told him to get another 3G to use here at home – wow, he wasn’t going for that “old fashion” stuff….and we just watch and wait. The Party Line brought back fond memories, and we had family interface, wow!

  38. When the Pacific test was done and caused the damage in Hawaii, everything electronic was run by tubes. Tubes are much much less sensitive to static discharges than transistors. Your old tube type radio probably would still work if there were any broadcast stations still on. Ham equipment should be disconnected from outdoor antennas when not in use

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