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SHTF Headline News – When It’s Breaking – It’s Too Late to Prepare

SHTF Breaking News. Not the ordinary breaking news, but I’m talking about the real bad stuff. Something that jolts awake the masses. Something big. Maybe a ‘black swan’ event. Or, maybe a shocking culmination of a series of events that have gone unnoticed by most. I could provide a lot of examples. But the simple point I’m making here is this.. When it’s (SHTF) ‘Breaking News’, it will quite likely be too late to prepare.

It’s one thing to prepare for ordinary bumps in the road. After all, those bumps happen often enough that most people should expect it (even though many are still caught unprepared). But it’s quite another to contemplate and prepare for the really big/bad ones. Some call it SHTF. When the shite hits the fan, so to speak.

The big thing to think about in this regard is ‘the supply chain’. Big disruptions tend to break these supply chains. And if the SHTF is big and bad enough, well then, when it happens – what you have may be all there is, and all there will be for a period of time.

Why don’t people think about, or prepare for SHTF until it’s already headline news?

I believe there are a number of reasons, including the following.

A lack of awareness pertaining to any of the number of SHTF events that could affect them. The reason for the lack of awareness could be several. Perhaps the leading indicators have been kept from the public at large. Maybe there’s a complete lack of interest beyond their local sphere of life. Or a normalcy bias that all will continue to be fine. Maybe it’s the stigma that such thoughts or preparations are a bit ‘nutty’.

And you know what? You can get away with that for the majority of ‘typical’ scenarios that might disrupt life from time to time. Even if you have just a few days of extra food and supplies, you’re probably good for lots of situations. But that’s not what I’m talking about here..

I can always get what I need, somewhere…

“No worries, I’ll be able to run down to the store, even after ‘it’ happens, to get what I need.” Or, There are two frozen pizzas in the freezer, so I’m good..” Or, “I can just get in my car and drive to Walmart (or wherever). There will always be access to supplies available somewhere out there within reach. Right?”

The thing is, this may be true for immediate mitigation. Maybe.. that is if the power is still on. But I’m talking about a real big and bad SHTF event or series of events. Most everyone just assumes that ‘stuff’, supplies, food, whatever, will always be readily (or near readily) available. Those assumptions and supplies will get thrown out the window right quick..

Safety Nets will always be there, right?

We all know that governments (federal, state, and even local) in some areas can be especially ‘giving’ when it comes to safety nets. Some on the receiving end truly need these safety nets, and I have compassion for those who do.

However those systems are abused, some very badly. It has implanted a mindset of never ending or always available ‘help’. Food, supplies, even money. So why should they prepare?

People may also figure that they will simply rely on family or friends if things get bad. Or maybe they’ll head over to Uncle Joe’s place out in the country (because they know he’s some sort of ‘prepared’). Well, if SHTF is real bad, maybe Uncle Joe won’t be entirely pleased to see you at his door with your hand out.. (just sayin.. so think about it).

SHTF Is A Very Real Possibility In Today’s Uncertain Times

War, and on many fronts. Terrible economic collapse, leading to Greater Depression type living. These two are front and center in today’s realm of SHTF Headline News for those who can see. Each of these two (war, economic collapse) have many terrible additional follow-on risks and ramifications.

We are already in war. In my view, this is going hotter. And we’re talking about nuclear armed super powers. There seems to be no stopping the escalation.

We are already in economic collapse. Banks are failing. Inflation is crazy. The economic catastrophe in motion is all around us, despite the talking-heads assuring that all is fine.

When any of these ongoing events suddenly culminate into SHTF Breaking News Headlines, well, it will be too late to prepare.

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  1. If you havent had to deal with one of these “urgent breaking news kinda SHTF” thing, you have no clue how fast things go sideways.

    I have.

    Tsunami warning

    Within an hour and a half it was pure bedlam, luckily i was already headed home from just wanting an extra couple drums of fuel just in case, but people went nuts!

    That was about the same time someone told me about this site.

    Now, i am not leaving the homestead for anything.

  2. In the shorter / nearer term, in my opinion, ‘war’ is the more likely SHTF – although economic collapse as I mentioned above, is certainly a plausible concern too.

    This war, or wars, will not be the bully knocking out some little dictator. No, this one will likely be quite different.

    1. Ken,
      I agree, but do think this is a matter of degrees of separation with these events. The war event on a grand scale will most likely trigger some of the other events such as supply chain disruption and possible bank failures.
      Its getting sporty out there……

    2. Ken J.,

      I’ve always considered the possibility of WWIII but sorta thought of it as not imminent …until this recent “drone attack/Putin assassination attempt”.

      The video looks to me like a kid’s toy drone dropping an M-80 firecracker on the Kremlin…but Russia is calling it an assassination attempt…is blaming the U.S. and talking retaliation.

      If the U.S. was behind it, it was beyond stupid. I see it as more likely a false flag…Russia creating a reason to openly hit back at the U.S.

      A real likelihood that could spiral out of control quickly. I saw a headline this morning saying Putin was again threatening employing nukes. If so, our world will never be “normal” again.

      1. The MIC and the neocons are thrusting forward towards hot kinetic conflict. They seem hell bent on it. Keep on pushin putin, over and over.. perfect proxy in the Z-man over there in the YouCrane. They keep hoping for an excuse. I too thought the drone ‘attack’ looked strange. False flag on their part? Maybe. Or maybe one of Z-man’s stooges flying a consumer drone with a firecracker.

        I see nothing but escalation rather than any attempt at de-escalation. And it seems to me that this thing could go bad, real quick. One move/push too far, and.. we’ll have SHTF headline news..

        1. Ken,
          They need a major conflict so they can kill our constitution and declare emergency powers, is mostly about distraction and control, all the bureaucrats want it, just dont want everyone looking at them when it happens.
          None of whats going on is good,

      2. Dennis if I may add my 5 cents worth (have to account for inflation). You also need to take into account all of the illegals that are here, some, not all, are agents of various foreign countries (the enemy of my enemy is my friend). So you could see a WWIII and a RED DAWN event here on our home soil at the same time. What do you think that would do to our MIC strategy and our ability to fight an enemy that is equal to our strength?

        What/how would a scenario like that impact the citizens ability to survive?

      3. Dennis,
        I think that ship has sailed, no matter what it will never be normal again,

  3. Why don’t people?

    – Too lazy.
    – Not my(his/her) problem.
    – I’m not political, don’t want to hear negative news.
    – Too stupid.
    – Won’t happen here.
    – Fake news.
    – That’s wrong think.
    – Costs money.
    – That’s silly talk, where would I put it all?
    – Having more than you need is hoarding.
    – Why do you need more than two?

    Anything they can come up with to deny there is any possible cause or need.
    But, just another grand opinion here.

    1. Horse,
      Normalcy bias,
      Personally, i think this time around, when the SHTF, it will be too late for most to deal.

      1. “normal ppl”
        Hay, that Kula has a full fridge, he’s got a freezer full, I’ll bet he’ll help us, I’ll just go see what he’ll give me.

        Normies then get bent when Kula tells them what cliff to walk off and where to put those idea’s.

        That’s the big problem I see coming but it won’t be nicely asking.
        Will be demands and possibly threats.
        That is if anyone knows your dark secret.
        Not that one, the other dark secret!

        1. Horse:
          Hence the true PMs
          Lead and Brass.
          It really will be a difficult decision when those you know and trust come a knocking

        2. Horse, I don’t think Kula will/would give them a chance to get close enough. I think he would/will shoot first and ask for forgiveness later. Based on his past responses.

  4. I’ve never been able to understand why “they” try to cushion everything. Sure, it prevents panic, but so would a culture of preparedness.

    Say we have an enormous stone rolling down a hill, ready to crush everything on its path.
    We have years before it actually hits. One town builds a wall high enough that no one can see the stone, in order to prevent panic. Another spends the time building where the stone won’t land, leaving the path clear so nothing gets damaged.

    Ironically, the wall builders would probably sue the other town for “misinformation.”

  5. Flashback a couple of years to the beginning of the Plan-demic and all the shutdowns, closures, empty stores and OMG no Toilet Paper.

    I would bet for 95% here it was little more than a slight speed bump.

    While the masses did a full on panic of sorts trying to find what they “needed”. Yet even today those same people still don’t have a clue.

    Honestly that Plan-demic was nothing compared to what (in my opinion) is coming.

    “Is 600 rolls really enough???”.

    1. I work for a home health care company. Many families with a disabled family member went out and stocked up on not only TP but wipes, briefs, bed pads, everything. Then when the crisis was “over,” i.e. when they thought they looked like idiots for having so much, a lot of it was donated because, and I quote,”It will never happen again.”

      My company had a storeroom full of this stuff, which was good for our low income clients…

  6. In the past 43 years there have been sufficient calamities just here in the US to have informed everyone that some level of preparedness is prudent. Mt St Helens, major Midwestern rivers flooding, 9/11, Katrina, Sandy, other massive hurricanes and tornadoes, various snowmageddons, economic collapses of 1991 and 2008, and devastating fires. In just the last 3 we’ve seen riots burn up more than 100 cities, black bloc militia groups run amuck, millions of criminals flood into the country, Sotos-ecutors that more than doubled crime in our big cities, lock-downs, shut-outs, destruction of our primary education system, closing half of small businesses, urban desolation, and increasing war drums from the left. We’re on a cliff watching our economy, international security, national cohesion, and medical infrastructure crumble away beneath our feet. There are more preppers than ever. We don’t need to feel like we haven’t done enough to warn others. Prophets shout from the rooftops, they don’t go door-to-door.

    1. I think a part of the problem is it has never effected all of the people at any one time.
      Like the feared WROL, it’s always somewhere else, that town.. that city, never all encompassing.
      9/11 had the single most impact on the USA since WW2, in my mind.

      Hyper inflation, that will be everywhere within a couple days.
      Socio-economic collapse will be everywhere in days to a couple weeks.
      (small close nit towns and communities won’t suffer right away even if they do feel the impact immediately money wise)

      I normally see the bad first so the worse it gets, the more the police state grows and that horrible “see something, say something” will be quite a problem for anyone attempting to be any level of independent.
      Or if people know you have stuff/food.
      I also see, if it gets real bad gardens being raided or confiscated.
      (localities make up bs laws on the go illegal or not. plus home owners associations the crap that they are to start with) HOA’s will be more a plague on those subjugated to them)

      Much of the problems will arise out of everyone not having the things they need or want.
      Most were never prepared and had no plans to go there.

      I fear the local/national snitch line for imagined offenses of any kind, IT will happen either during the collapse or right after.
      I also expect reprisals because of it, if only old scores being settled.

      A truly bad situation here in the stated will be when things degrade to people not caring about wants but only needs.
      That would be the basics, housing, food, meds.

  7. The saying “It will happen slowly…then suddenly.” comes to mind. It’s the ‘suddenly’ that worries me. Until then I just keep plugging along doing what we all do. Today I’m planting more raspberries, blueberries, and grapevines along with areas and patches of wildflowers for pollinators. Oh, and two peach trees and another hazelnut tree.

    We all know that foreign actors are here in this country. And doesn’t Title 42 end next week? We also all know that this is a planned demolition of the U.S. and our freedoms. It’s coming like it or not. Things will never go back to what they once were. Ever. The global reset cannot happen with the U.S. still a powerful nation. So…………….you get it.

    Keep busy.

  8. So with the flood of people(end of title 42) there will be a considerable rise in killings.
    (along with a more censored media and migrant positive propaganda)
    I’m looking for a massive push for gun confiscation to protect those precious immigrants, murderers, home invaders.

    I think the biggest run on guns/gun shops in history will be this year, in the coming months.
    That will be a singular ohshit moment for everyone that never thought they would need any defensive tools.
    If they don’t have it, it is too late for most of them.
    It does depend on relevant info getting out though.

    Most of those people have nothing so they will just take whatever and wherever possible as boarder towns have long known.

    I deleted 1/2 of this because I run on.

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