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This message is for the complacent, the procrastinator, and simply the unsuspecting.

“Be prepared.” A Boy Scouts motto. And that of many others including the preparedness-minded among us.

The thing is, there are so many people and families who are not prepared (adequately or at all). Why is that?

In other words, most people scramble to get what they need only AFTER the ‘breaking news’, so to speak.

The shocking reality one day might be that “it’s too late when it’s already breaking news”.

That’s when grocery store shelves will get thin, or empty if it’s really bad.

When breaking news is such that people get virtually slapped upside the head with the reality of disaster (whatever it may be), that’s when you’ll see lines out the door. Lines at gas stations. Lines at the checkout. Emptying shelves. Panic.

Why don’t People Prepare until After it’s Breaking News?

It’s never ‘that’ bad…

Because whatever it is, it won’t be bad enough to have had to prepare ahead of time in any unusual way.

That, in my opinion, is the #1 reason.

And you know what? You can get away with that for many ‘typical’ scenarios that might disrupt life these days. Hey, if you have a few days food and supplies, you’re probably good for lots of situations.

However that’s not the primary reason that most preparedness-minded people ‘prep’. Although it surely is a great idea to have, say, a week’s worth of supplies – or two, many of us get prepared for bigger, badder, scenarios.

I can always get what I need, somewhere…

“I’ll be able to run down to the store, even after it happens, to get what I need.” If they don’t have any more bread and milk at my store, I’ll just drive over to the next neighborhood Publix or Walmart and get it.

If I can get in my car and drive, there will always be access to supplies somewhere out there within reach. Right?

And you know what? That’s pretty much true in today’s modern world. Though many don’t grasp the ‘just in time’ distribution / supply chain.

People ‘Assume’.

Most everyone just assumes that ‘stuff’, supplies, food, whatever, will always be readily (or near readily) available.

That assumption may prove disastrous for them “if” we ever experience a truly devastating set of circumstances that disrupt or disable supply chains.

Safety Nets will always be there

We all know that governments (federal, state, and even local) in some areas can be especially ‘giving’ when it comes to safety nets when people are in need.

Those systems are abused, some very badly, but it has implanted a mindset of never ending or always available ‘help’. Food, supplies, even money. So why should they prepare?

People may also figure that they will rely on family or friends if things get bad. Or maybe they’ll head over to Uncle Joe’s place out in the country (they know he’s some sort of ‘prepper’).

Why oh Why do people not prepare?

That is the question. I’ve tossed out some of my opinion for your consumption. Any other thoughts?

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Be Prepared. Not Fearful. Not Scared.

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