The Many Uses Of A Bandana


While a bandana may simply look like a big handkerchief, it actually is a tool with many uses.

A characteristic trait of the survival-oriented or preparedness-minded is that of adaptability. Using what one has on hand to help with the current situation. Perhaps finding multiple uses for an ordinary object. Well, let’s talk bandanas…

Here’s a list of the many uses for a bandana:

Note: It’s desirable to employ a bandana of 100% cotton for it’s absorptive properties and other reasons.

Forehead wrap to absorb sweat.

Head cover – shade from the sun.

Neck scarf.

Nose & Mouth filter.

Camouflage your face.

Hide your identity.


Tie things together.

Towel – all purpose rag.

1st-stage water filter to strain out sediments.

Strainer (general purpose).

Hold small objects – hobo bag.

Marker or Flag.


Weapon – fill with rocks, tie into bundle, throw, sling, or wield…

Wound dressing for emergency.

Kindling fire-starter material, or to make ash cloth.

Grip – Use for a more secure grip on things.

Pot holder – for a hot pan handle.

Dish rag.



Tourniquet (twist tight with a stick).

Pressure Bandage (apply pressure – stop bleeding)

Coffee filter.


Pillow – fill with leaves, etc. and tie closed.

Gag (to silence someone).


Eye cover – while napping.

Feminine hygiene.


Hair tie up – ponytail, etc..

Shoulder pad – extra cushion under backpack straps, etc..

Emergency flag for broken-down vehicle – tie to antenna, hang out window.


Tie-down – general purpose.

Toilet ‘paper’.

A sporty neck wrap for your dog…

Solid Color Bandanas (27″ x 27″ Jumbo)

USA Made (22″ x 22″)

What are some of your ideas?


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