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The Best Survival Bicycle

March 2, 2013, by Ken Jorgustin


A bicycle will be a valuable prep asset during a survival or disaster situation when ordinary transportation may be difficult or impossible.

If we are ever to face a societal collapse, times will become tough, to say the least, and modes of transportation may become diversified. Bicycle transportation requires no fuel (except calories and muscle power). A bicycle is obviously faster than walking and could be put to practical use for not only general transportation, but for other things like transporting supplies, security patrol, or simply getting from one place to another more quickly…



Survival Bicycle and Trailer

Steve submitted this photo of his survival bike setup (he built the trailer). It has a 14 speed internal geared Rohloff hub, and he has pulled a 600 pound load at 10 mph on flat ground…


To decide which bicycle is best for survival, there are criteria that you should think about which may influence your decision.

The following is a list of features, considerations and questions, some of which may or may not be relevant to your own needs or situation.


Survival Bicycle List of Considerations

Silent gears – No clicking while coasting (stealth)?

Off-road versus On-road use

Mountain bike?

Hybrid bike?

Beneficial to fit inside of your vehicle or trunk?

Folding frame?

Its design or practical ability to strap on some gear or to transport heavy objects or things

The ability to tow a small utility trailer designed for bicycles

How many gear speeds?

Complexity of components and availability of replacement parts

How light does the frame need to be? Is this particularly important in this use-case?

Strength of frame

Is color important? (stealth?)

The proper frame size for your height and weight

The type of tires (tubeless?)

The more specialized or unique, the less parts you will find post-collapse

Most common brands and parts?

Price? Maybe get two cheaper bikes rather than one more expensive bicycle?

I am not a bike expert or enthusiast, but I do believe it is an important consideration to have a bicycle due to its practicality and usefulness.

I am curious to know your opinion on the subject – please leave a comment.