Hiding In Plain Sight

March 16, 2013, by Ken Jorgustin

Hiding In Plain Sight

For whatever the reason, you may need to hide in plain sight while moving through an area. You don’t want to be seen or noticed by someone (or in general). The situation may be such that you cannot stop and hide because you need to get out of there or pass through the area without being seen, perhaps before your situation worsens or a threat arises. You may be caught in an emergency situation, or you may be planning ahead how not to be seen.

Whatever the reason, here’s how you do it…

First and foremost, people look for anomalies or strange behavior. Additionally, they may not be purposely looking for it, but people have a way of instinctively noticing things that are out of place. This is the key to all the rest…

Plan ahead.

Heighten your situational awareness.

Dress in clothes that are common to the area where you are, or where you plan to go.

Avoid wearing high fashion or designer clothing if everyone around you are wearing t-shirts and jeans.

The opposite is also true. Wear what most others wear.

Walk in a relaxed way.

Do not wander around aimlessly.

Do not look like a tourist, gazing at the surroundings as though for the first time.

Run ONLY if you are in a emergency situation; otherwise you WILL look suspicious.

Keep your pace steady and calm.

Observe and be aware of your surroundings, but, keep your head level, eyes straight ahead.

Don’t keep your head down conspicuously.

Do not make eye contact when you want to look at a person; look at the face without making eye contact.

If you make eye contact by accident, quickly focus on something behind them, then slide your eyes off them to either side.

If you are near a crowd, move to it and stay with it.

You will seem less obvious in a group.

Avoid long open stretches; you will appear unusual if by yourself.

Know the area or plan ahead to take shortcuts.

Do not look uncomfortable; this will look suspicious.

Act like you are supposed to be there.