Preparing For The Conflict Of Societal Chaos


Here’s the scenario… Societal chaos is advancing and expanding due to a disastrous chain of events which has left a large portion of the population in an increasingly desperate state. People are hungry, thirsty, and becoming aggressive to get what they need. The realization has set in that this is more than just a temporary setback and many are anxiously and perilously setting out to find help for themselves and for others in their family or household.

The thing to remember is this: The more desperate the situation, the more likely you are to be confronted or challenged by others who may want what you have…

It may start like this:

You might be asked for food, for water, for help. Lets say you decline…

They may resort to assertive pleading. Lets say you decline…

They may then insist. Lets say you decline…

What happens next is where it gets dangerous. They may have convinced themselves that they are justified in having (taking) what you have, because they know that it’s what they need to survive. Literally. And if they are not alone in the confrontation, the others with them will merge into the same thinking – creating an opposing force (a mob?) who may quickly morph into marauders – in a situation where ‘the law’ does not exist. You have ‘it’ and they don’t…and they just might take ‘it’.

There’s something that you need to understand… something that’s difficult for most to understand. That is how seemingly ordinary ‘good people’, may try to hurt you during times of true and deep desperation for survival. The reason it’s tough to really accept is because most of us have never been in that very desperate place, so we refuse to let those thoughts in. It’s not pleasant. It may be very uncomfortable to contemplate.

When suddenly faced with such a conflict within an environment of societal chaos (and/or collapse), you are forced to make a decision. To protect yourself, your family / your household, or to be defeated and lose it all. The reality is that you need to be prepared to fight.

While it’s best to have avoided a confrontation in the first place (and there are a multitude of ways to do so – another set of articles…), there likely will come a time when you are forced to make a choice.

Physically fit. First, you must be in good (or even better) physical condition. How are you going to stand a chance during a fight if you’re immediately out of breath or badly overweight and can’t move well (for example)? This is something that you can do something about right now. Do what you need to do in order to ‘be fit’. You instinctively already know what that is, so just do it…

Force multiplier. Never be without some sort of weapon. Especially when it hits the fan and there’s essentially no ‘law and order’, you will need a force multiplier. A firearm. Other than putting distance between you and the threat, a handgun is a most effective force multiplier. Carry. Practice. Become proficient.

Hand to hand. Although very undesirable, if you are forced into hand-to-hand combat, to win you must fight to win. This means knowing what to do. There’s no such thing as a ‘nice’ fight in the context we’re surmising here. So this means being ruthless. Fighting ‘dirty’. No matter the ‘size’ and strength of an opponent, there are ‘things’ common to every man which will hurt or take them down just the same. Those are the ‘nuts’ (kick, squash, etc..), eyes (gouge, thumbs, etc..), and knees (kick). I’m simply suggesting that it will do you well to visualize what you may need to do – so to avoid potential ‘lockup’ from fear when you are thrust into the fight…

There’s one thing you can count on, and that is great conflict during the coming societal collapse. While methods of avoidance are advised, you better start facing the reality that you will not be immune (from conflict). Start figuring how you will deal with it. What do you (or any of us) need to do, right now, to be better prepared for this conflict?

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  1. I may be old and not too physically strong – but- my trigger finger is still willing & able! And, I won’t hesitate to exercise it, when the time comes.

  2. I am 5’2″, 72, live alone, and not much of a fighter.

    If you refuse to give them what they want, they will be mad and maybe burn down your house in retaliation. But if you share, they will come back for more again and again until there is nothing left — and then they will be mad.

    I am not afraid to shoot, but I don’t believe I would have much of a chance if there were more than one or two. I keep inviting my brother to come and live with me. He is losing his rental the 1st of May since the owner wants to move back in. But he says he hates Wyoming and all his friends are in Colorado. I can’t sell my house for enough to buy a house in Colorado, and besides, I think I am better off alone in WY than together in CO.

    1. More than one or two…….Kel Tec PMR-30. Lightweight, .22WMR, 30 round magazine, CCI hollowpoints. Problem solved

      1. I don’t know much about guns, so I don’t know anything about the ones you suggest. We do have a gun store in town that is open part time. I will take your list to see the owner. I have a problem with most guns. I am no longer strong enough to hold a long gun steady, and I am not strong enough to work the slide on a pistol. I bought a Ruger LCR that has a 4 1/2 pound trigger pull and it is very lightweight. But it has a big kick! I also have a 5-shot S & W.

        1. Daisy K, I am 67 and due to an auto accident, I’ve lost a lot of my hand strength. I bought a Ruger SR22P .22LR. The slide is easy and it comes with 2- 10 round magazines. That’s 1 in the chamber and 10 in the mag. It has excellent safety features. People will tell you a .22 doesn’t have any knock-down power, but a .22 can take down anyone if you hit the right place.

      2. Sure just buy the gun and that will solve all problems. of course you might want to suggest practice,training and getting a gun that works for that person but hey what do I know.

    2. @ DaisyK
      First of all, how can anyone HATE WY? fantastic there.
      Second CO????? been there, done that for 12 years, To many rules laws regulations and Liberals….

      1. NRP

        He doesn’t like the cold. And his friends and his son live near him (in Boulder.) I can’t imagine anyone would want to live there.

        We have 1,800 people in our town; another nearby town has 1,200. After that, it is 35 miles to our county’s “large” town (3,200.) 60 miles away is a town of 9,000. I feel safer here than I would in Boulder, CO.

        1. @ DaisyK
          Boulder? and he does not like the cold HAHAHAHAHA, ohhhhh-K
          Sounds like you have a GREAT place/location…. please DONT move to Boulder

          1. NRP, I grew up in Boulder. It seldom gets below zero there. Here in Northern WY it can get to minus 35. Record is -43, but that was before I moved here.

          2. @DaisyK
            Well heck, it gets -10 here in the Four Corners at times. But I always figured once it’s below 40…… its cold hehehe

    3. There’s lots of us in Colorado who would much rather be in Wyoming. If and when things go south, I think they’ll be some like minded people that’ll be looking for and out those of the same.

    4. If I had to move in, I wouldn’t take a free house in CO. Freaks from CA have ruined most of the west coast, CO, and are ruining TX.

      1. “Freaks from CA have ruined most of the west coast”

        M/M Hildegard: There are 40 million of us still living here in the land of fruits and nuts. Perhaps 10%, cloistered around West LA and Marin County have earned the title of ‘freak’; IMHO anyway. Admittedly, I attended public school; but that should leave ~36 million people who aren’t ‘freaks’ bent on the destruction of other peoples real estate markets and social sensibilities. Some of us… (hold on to your hat)… may have a lot in common with you.

        I just want to respectfully offer this for your consideration.

        Thank you.

        1. You beat me to the punch with your comment MCG. I hate how people group ALL folks from California with the idiots from the LA and SF area. Northern California should not even be the same state but then people will spout their drivel without any backing just to be able to say something.

          1. It’s funny really… Anyone out of state looks at my zip code and assumes I’m a freak.

            But the local liberal, statist, hard-left population, upon learning that I am a self-sufficient, independent, flaming heterosexual… well, they think I’m a freak too.

            I must be a universal freak for every occasion.

            Perhaps I’ll take a moment and go act freaky, or something.

    5. Daisy K:

      My mom is in the same situation as you are as far as hand strength goes. Soooo think outside the box… Fight and fight to win no matter what pain you must inflict on some one. So with that said a cup of acid or even chlorine to someone’s face sure takes the fight out of them. There are also a few house hold items that can be mixed together but you will need a gas mask.

      Fight like your life depends on it, think outside the box and NEVER GIVE UP!!!

      Just my 2 cents…

      1. Wasp spray, if you can depress the sprayer, has a 20-22 foot spray range. Gives you a bit of distance between you & intruder. Practice, aiming at face level. Inexpensive alternative, really bad in the eyes, incapacitates so you have a “window” to grab gun with both hands & let her rip.

    6. Daisy K: I am 71 and 6 inches taller than you, have a husband retired Army and other job retired also, here’s what I would do if left alone as a widow. (what a friend did recently), join and find someone like minded. Details about each person are matched to another. Marriage is optional, which I would’t do because of military pension, but a male friend for companionship, casual dating may be the answer. Another friend had companionship eating out and common interests as both were widowed and it worked out. Marriage didn’t happen as she was drawing a military survival pension. We all live in cities. Local dating sites are also online.

  3. For those who are not fighters: Depending on the circumstances, quick disable and get out. And don’t hesitate. If they outweigh you, do NOT turn to run until the individual is down. Move in. Attack. Have a plan. Have training. Most attackers will not expect to be attacked, they’re set to chase you down or subdue someone trying to get away. Even if they’re just desperate, the human body is designed for resistance. Pull back against someone holding you, you’re working for their strengths. Most of all, do NOT underestimate yourself because that’s your weakness. If you see yourself as a victim you will be a victim.

    For the rest, in CERT training we were told not to endanger ourselves. Your safety is your first priority because if you get hurt you’re just another victim. The preps can be rebuilt if you have the knowledge, but if you’re dead those who rely on you are worse off. Consider your knowledge a priceless resource, and protect it so that those who survive the initial chaos will have something to fall back on.

    1. Train in hand to hand, take martial arts, does not matter what style, it will help if you have a weapon on hand even pepper spray or mace, that shit burns, I had it tested out on me when I joined the military.

  4. Hey Ken,

    Thought this would tie in great with your article. I’m sure we all have seen what happens on Black Friday, etc.

    This happened yesterday at the Houston Zoo where they were having a free admission day.
    “Fists fly over parking spot at the zoo”

    If people will fight over a parking spot then they won’t hesitate to kill you and your family for some food or whatever you have.

    I wonder what the animals in the zoo were thinking when they saw this happening.

    Adapt and Overcome.

    1. Similarly, just search YouTube for Black Friday shopping fights… it’s absolutely incredible how people act out… People go nuts over the stupidest things, so just imagine (if you can) the mayhem when it all falls apart for real.

    2. @ 11HE9
      Looks like a typical Friday night at the Wally World around here… HAHAHA
      Another testimony that people are stupid. :-)

    3. I once went to the children’s museum in Indy on freebie day (had no idea there even WAS a freebie day). The turd worlders were out in force. I never knowingly go to any free event.

      Home run, 11HE9. If somebody will fight over trying to ‘save’ a freebie for their feral friend, what will they do for something they think they actually NEED? Houston has become West New Orleans. Anywhere the Katrina ‘refugees’ fled to has been dragged down.

  5. All preparations are important but secondary to who one knows.

    Proverbs says “A horse is prepared for the day of battle, but victory is in the Lord.”

    History repeats. Patriots and Christians the main target. Those who will not be silenced about Truth. Events will be repeat Jewish and Indian historical treatment. Labeling, persecution, war through disease, starvation, segregation, relocation, and finally murder the targets. A redo and it’s almost here.

    Death can not kill a Christ-one. Perfect love has nothing to fear and yes perfect love will pull the trigger to protect the innocent and those we are responsible for. Jesus instructed the disciples on their later mission trips to buy and carry a sword. Love is not letting your loved ones be raped and assaulted.

    1. @ Minnie Min
      With that said, I’m sure glad to be Buddhist.
      Nice preaching though….

  6. To keep your distance is best. The worse the crises the bigger my comfort zone. If someone enters it tell them to back off. (TELL THEM TWICE) If they don’t and they enter the inner circle then figure its just self defense and defend yourself with force. I will charge up on them and be out for blood, even if they are a group. It is the last thing they expect. (I am not a runner) Letting someone get close shortens your reaction time to any aggression.

    1. In about two seconds, a healthy male can cover about 21 feet. FerFal is said to have answered from an upstairs window.

  7. Thanks Ken, I need to know I’m not the only one who is thinking about the coming close confrontation we face. I am prepared to take lives to protect my family. However we may face a Supreme Court that tries to do away with the 2nd amendment. If we elect a Democrat president and they appoint a liberal judge to the court. Just one more thing to worry about! I will never give up my ability to defend myself. I hope everybody is aware we have to vote for a republican to protect the second amendment. This is a critical time and we need to pray up, vote and load up!

    1. “we may face a Supreme Court that tries to do away with the 2nd amendment”

      …and if that happens, we will no doubt enter into the next civil / revolutionary war.

      1. I totally agree. These liberals say we want to protect you so give us your guns at the same time bringing in terrorists and leaving the door/border open to what ever criminal/terrorist wants to come in.

        1. Prepare for the coming storm (hard core martial law or better known as “lawlessness”. Recommend personal protection and home protection in the form of an AR-15 at a minimum and at least 2,500 rounds of 5.56mm or .223 cal ammo and carry a semi-auto or pistol (.45, 9mm, .380, .38 Special, etc.). Strongly recommend that everyone join a gun club or start one in your local area…and get training and practice, practice and practice some more. International Defense Pistol Association (IDPA) matches are a good start. Also, learn how to shoot with a rifle like the AR-15, M1A, M14 and other medium to high power rifles. If nothing else, you can harvest your own meat if there is any left (.22 long rifle is excellent for local shooting and harvesting–and much quieter). That said, it is very, very difficult to take a human life or lives and that is hard to train for. In addition you as a shooter will be held responsible for any shooting… your best to “keep it justified”. If you shoot someone on your property, make sure they are dead. If still alive, two rounds to the chest and one round to the head–dead men tell no lies…then keep the area secure. This is very serious stuff to discuss but it has to be done to survive. And survive we must. And survive we will.

  8. In the last couple of yrs we’ve seen a small sample of a breakdown of society, just look at Ferguson and Baltimore, now multiply it by at least 100. If you wonder where it will happen look where Bernie Sanders got his biggest crowds, those are people who think everything is owed to them and if it’s not freely given they feel justified in taking it.

    In the last seven yrs we’ve seen the mostly uneducated masses convinced that all their problems are because of the rich white man, and now we have a person running for president who says we will just take from them and give to the people who are to lazy to get out of bed and go to work, that’s enough of my rant.

    1. JD: Your observations about Ferguson and Baltimore are correct. They are the tip of the iceberg. Just today, MSN reported the exodus of the well-to-do from Chi-raq(Chicago). Every major metro area of this country will see a noticeable melt-down. Since most folks cannot hop into their Escalades or Gulfstream IV’s and flee to their well-stocked hideouts, you must have a plan.

      If you decide to “bug-in” then harden your home. Have the necessary supplies and means of defense. Have fall-back positions and reliable friends/family to help you. The excellent book, A FAILURE OF CIVILITY, spells all of this out. And, remember what Stonewall Jackson said: “Do not take counsel of your fears.” Bleib ubrig.

  9. I got caught in a crowd riot once at a concert, was crushed and they tried to rob me while they overturned cars and set them ablaze. Since then, I have avoided crowds and large cities because I was nearly killed that night. It was one of the chapters in my life that reassured me living remotely is a much safer place to be if SHTF than in crowded cities where there are more concentrated criminals who on a good day will cause chaos.

    Caching supplies in hidden places is a good way to outwit marauders and keeping it secret. Hiding a secret garden will be a benefit. Learning bushcraft, self defense, taking CPR classes, and joining shooting clubs will make you more secure, and doing it is a fun and rewarding experience while times are still good.

  10. Avoid confrontation. Look like a loser with nothing to lose. Beg like a dog but don’t bite. Tell em your dog is starved and may have rabies. “Down boy!”

    1. Not going to happen Juan… If it gets to this point the herd will need to be thinned down or it will just keep getting worse. Avoiding confrontation is wise but some times it just doesn’t work and it will be a cold day in hell when I start to beg!!!

  11. To Hildegard:

    Maybe I should change my e-mail name to “Califreak” What do ya think? I am sorry that I moved away from the People’s Republic of California but my wife and I needed jobs that would pay us cash. Back in 2008 this was not happening in California. We left the People’s Collective Republic of California when it was being led by the Teutonic Movie Star that called his political opponents “Girlie-Men”. We took our brains, job skills and experience (not to forget Professional licenses) to another state where I was hired after 4 hrs of deliberation. I do not vote in my new state but I pay my taxes and donate to political lobby groups of my choice (NRA)

    To DaisyK: It is good to hear you have some weapons and common sense. I realize many on this site are fans of Glocks and AR rifles but they are not right for everybody. My wife is a big fan of the pump shotgun in youth model (shortened stock- fits her better) and revolvers are good for people that have trouble racking a slide. Along the lines of defense, do not forget the knife or chemical weapons. At age 72 some people may not have the strength to swing an impact weapon with authority. Finally, living where you live may be a good deterent in the form of Winter Weather. Homeless people tend to go to locations where it is warm year round, cops don’t hassle you too much and they are tolerated by the general populace. (ie. Portland, OR, Los Angeles, CA)

    These days, I try to avoid the large crowds and certain locations at night. Some areas are so dangerous that the best strategy is to go around the crowd. I guess I will just have to miss out on some sales items. I can live with that.

    1. @ Cyb
      Naw, just a Squirrel rifle and a skinning knife. HAHAHA
      Well maybe a book of matches. :-) :-) :-)

  12. For all of those talking “freaks”

    Personally I use the (Crazy, Insane, Freak, Irrational, Absurd, etc.) side of my personality to my advantage as much as I can. And for me it’s easy. hehehe

    “Preparing For The Conflict Of Societal Chaos” what a better way to ward off “some” problems that to have others think your absolutely NUTS!!!!! I made a comment here some time back on how to avoid a lot of the solicitors/fanatics that have a perfect knack of “showing up at the wrong time”, just answer the door in your underwear, a beer in hand, scratching your butt. Works every time, and the word gets out very VERY quickly. Actually works with noisy neighbors too. LOLOL

    Same way if you find your way in an uncomfortable situation, after all who wants to deal with a “crazy man”? It’s amazing how people will avoid you at times when just a little twitch of the neck, a little drool running, and eyes crossed.

    Being also an Ex-Calif form 10 years in San Diego I can also contest that “most” are just good people that want to be left alone and live life. As with anywhere else, it’s that 5% that want to tell the rest of use what, when, where, why and so forth. Calif is actually a great place, and would consider going back if one could find a sparsely populated area in downtown LA area hehehe.


    1. @NRP< you sound like my co-workers. It is not because they want me to know they are weird, but this is the way they are all the time, being the only woman in a man's work place here. Now it would be different if I did those things they did, they think it would be a come-on for them. lol

  13. To NRP:

    I work in a locked ward for criminally insane. I do not try to out-do the crazies butt I can do a good job of imitating them. At my age, periodic incontinence or poor grooming habits tops the list for people leaving you alone. Another good aquired skill is to be able to pass gas on command. (makes a big impression at cocktail parties and political rallies.)

    Wardrobe selection goes hand in hand with the behaviors: Wear either denims made by Dickies or other inexpensive outer layer for that: “I’ve recently been institutionalized look” The topper is the foam rubber disposable sandels that are given to new fish/indigent inmates. (colored black or orange)

    Between the wardrobe and behaviors, I joke that I am going to embarass my wife on days off. I sometimes joke that I’m going to get arrested for vagrancy on days off too. All in the name of Urban Camoflage.

    Lastly: My handgun case gets tucked inside a Safeway reusable shopping bag colored Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. Manly men and thieves just leave it (and me) alone at the end of the day. Those of us that work with psychos consider ourselves to be : “Freaks”.

  14. So much AR15 lock-and-load mentality here and on other boards.
    If you fire a rifle shot it means you really messed-up somewhere.
    In these situations, your guns and Ammo are designed to break contact with any sized force, not defeat it.

    Nobody will go it alone.
    If you don’t have a group of like minded and like willed people with you if we enter a time of lawlessness then you will lose you gear and your lives. Simple math because the people attacking you will be a group.

    By all means own an AR15, a 308 scoped rifle and a 45 or 9mm. The 45 is for one-on-one self defense and the rest is for group patrol or coordinated defense. It will be wet, cold, lonely,,scary and you will wish like hell for the stability you had under Carter while you are hungry and worried about noise and light pollution giving your group away.

    Prepare by all means but don’t fall into he trap that took so many during WW1 imagining a great adventure whee they held off the enemy like there fathers did in wars prior. This one will be on our soil, in our homes, among our children and we will see disease like never before. Spend a weekend relying on your preps and seeing what works and what doesn’t. Every time I do this randomly I’m amazed by the oversights that I thought I had covered.

    Hilary was right that it takes a village – just not the way she met.
    Guns and ammo are a far third to water and group support. You can only Rambo for so long which is why every Seal team consists of two people. Suggest all here read action 8 of this book by retired Seal Alden Mills

  15. Kick down, not up. Kick down on side of threat’s knee. More like stepping into and through it, than kicking at it. Use that move as a starting block to sprint to safety. Trying to kick anywhere above the groin will leave you horizontal on the ground in a hurry.

    Aim for the throat, not the head. Strike the soft tissue, not the hard skull.

    Learn pressure points in case you get in a scrum.
    Learn to fall correctly.
    Learn to see trouble coming a thousand yards away.
    Don’t use public transportation, and stay away from bus stops.

    Maim, disable, and get away!

    Deny everything.

    Always Be Armed.

  16. You should get into the mindset now that all people, everyone you know, fall into 2 categories. A unit of labor/skill, or food.
    That guy in the cube next to you at work, probably food.

    The buddies you go camping/shooting with, are skilled resources.

    If someone comes to you begging for help, they are most likely not very skilled, and therefore are food. You no longer need to feel any guilt for denying them your resources, in the same way you would for walking by a stray dog. Simply kill them and harvest them like you would a deer, or hog.

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