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Best Way To Get Germs Off A Kitchen Sponge

June 12, 2014, by Ken Jorgustin


Even if you wash your kitchen sponge regularly, it can still be full of bacteria. Apparently, studies have shown that the average kitchen sponge can contain up to a million more germs than a toilet seat! And if you’re not careful, those germs can make it onto your dishes, your drinking glasses, and your countertops.

Here’s how to decontaminate your sponge:

Fortunately, the best way to decontaminate a sponge is also the easiest.

Best Way To Clean A Kitchen Sponge

Rinse it.
Wring it out.
Microwave it (on high) for 30 seconds.

It’s so easy, there’s no excuse not to clean your sponge every day.

If without electricity, drop your sponge in boiling water for several minutes.