Storage Of Fresh Eggs

August 18, 2012, by Ken Jorgustin

Guest post: by Christine Coburn

We are a farm so of course we have chickens… And ducks…. And guineas… And hopefully soon turkeys also…

Currently I am using fresh eggs from April (4 months !). I bring in my fresh eggs and wash them carefully with antibacterial soap then I dry them and then coat them well with mineral oil. (You can buy it in the pharmacy section of any store, it is sold as a laxative) See how shiny they are…


I write the date on the carton.


Then I store them in the fridge in my travel trailer which I have set to the warmest temp to save electricity. I take my fresh eggs out to storage and use the oldest eggs to cook. First in first out…


I always break my eggs in a cup or a bowl first before I put them in anything because of course there can be a micro fracture in the shell which you can not see but is big enough for bacteria to get in the egg and spoil it. This egg is from April. As you can see it is perfectly fine.


I usually have 1 egg out of 12 that is bad. Except for duck eggs!!!! I oiled and stored a couple dozen duck eggs as an experiment. My family loves the big rich yolks of the duck eggs and they make wonderful mayonnaise. That was a bad idea!! Instead of 1 being bad I had 11 bad eggs and only 1 good one. I am unsure of the reason, maybe the shells are thinner or more porous, but I can tell you for sure that duck eggs do NOT store well!!!!


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