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How To Avoid A Heart Attack When Shoveling Snow

January 21, 2016, by Ken Jorgustin


You’ve heard it before, but shoveling snow can cause a heart attack.

It is the winter season, so it would do you good to know what you can do to lower the risk of heart attack while shoveling snow…

Especially for the middle aged and older, it is very important to understand what it is that you do while shoveling snow which attributes to the danger of triggering a heart attack.

It is the SUDDEN burst of heavy physical exertion and the start-and-stop effort which can cause trauma to coronary arteries, which ruptures plaques that cut off blood flow.


Lower Your Heart Attack Risk

Reduce SUDDEN exertion.

WARM UP FIRST – start shoveling slow and easy.

Shovel early when the snow is lighter.

Be aware of your level of exertion and heart rate.

Take smaller shovel-fulls, especially in heavy snow.

Go slower.

Take breaks.

It all sounds like common-sense, but the thing is… many people start their shoveling FULL-ON. You might want to think twice about that.

Even though most people living in the snow belts have a snow blower, there’s shoveling to be done nonetheless – so be careful, take it easy, and survive!