Your Stories Of Encounters With Common-Sense-Challenged People


Lets have some fun today. I know you all have stories about this subject. Your encounters with those who are ‘common-sense challenged’. Those who may exhibit higher than usual episodes lacking common sense.

Hey, we all make / made mistakes! That’s how we learn! However there are those among us who don’t seem to (learn)…

There are plenty of common-sense-challenged people out there these days. I dare to say that this tribe has been on the increase year after year. One wonders the actual percentage. These people would likely never make it following SHTF ;)

I put this out for discussion 5 years ago. Here are a number of excerpts from MSB commenters back then. Enjoy reading the stories!

Add your own encounters with the common-sense-challenged below.

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Common-Sense-Challenged Stories

Our power went out today. All of the neighbors were outside because it was 5:00 pm and completely unexpected. I was talking to the neighbors and one said, “Oh my gosh, I can’t leave my house. My garage door is open and the power is off. I can’t go anywhere with my garage door open.”

I looked at her, a bit baffled, and trying really hard not to judge, and said, “You know you can manually close the garage door, right?”

The response, “Huh?” As nice as this lady is, she is a clear snapshot of the stupidity of people. The overall lack of common sense of the every day joe. The whoa-is-me / helpless mentality in our communities.

I know of a woman that for years had to walk through a dark basement parking ramp to get to her car and said over and over again how she wished she had remote start. After she retired and traded it in the salesman looked at her key-chain and said “oh, you’ve got remote start”.

At a local Stop-N-Rob convenience store I witnessed a woman driving S-L-O-W-L-Y around every island of pumps. She would stop, get out, then jump back into her car, speed out around the pumps and do the same thing at the next island.

I heard giggling behind me. Two store employees told me they had a bet, as to how many times she would drive around the pump islands BEFORE she realized that her gas tank opening was on the other side of her car.

Finally, I walked out and stopped her. She got out of her car, and asked me why I stopped her. I told her to back up and pull to the opposite side of the pump island she was at, and her tank and gas pump handle would magically be on the same side. So, she backed up, and drove around the island again, stopping on the same side I was. I gave up and left.

At work about to hoist some HVAC parts up on to a roof. Send good ‘ol Jay up the ladder with a rope. Wait for him to get in position and from below I yelled “OK Jay, go ahead and throw the rope down”….. Boom….. The rope hits the ground still as neatly coiled as when he took it up the ladder.

I stopped to help a family stranded with a flat tire. The dad couldn’t figure out why the jack wouldn’t lift the car. He had the jack on the rear quarter panel. It had crushed the bottom part up about 6 inches. I explained the jack had to be on the frame or axle and changed his tire. He was 40 and I was 20 (at the time).

I learned about people when I started working as an auto mechanic. The vice principal of my old high school brought in his car because the windshield washers was not working. We checked it out and found the washer jug was empty. My boss asked him if he ever put washer fluid in the jug. The VP said that he thought it was self filling whenever it rains. From that point on, people never cease to amaze me.

Back when I had the boat, I came back to the launch after a day of fishing. I pulled up to the dock and tied up. I walked past five men trying to get their boat loaded. Got my truck and trailer, backed in and loaded my boat and pulled out. All the while watching these five guys, who are all in the water trying to get their boat on the trailer.

I could not take it anymore, so I stopped and got out of the truck. Walked over to them and suggested that if they actually backed the trailer into the water, it may be easier for them to “float” the boat onto the trailer. I then left them to figure out their dilemma.

I use to have a small outdoor/backpacking store in a town in northern Michigan. Lake Michigan was only a couple hundred yards from the store. More than once I had people ask me what lake that was….

A seventeen year-old waitress takes our order. The wife says, I’ll have a Country-fried steak.” And I said, “I’ll have the same.” She looks a little puzzled, then retreats to the kitchen. About 20 minutes later, she brings us one order, and two forks, and says, “Are you sure that’s all you want??”

I was visiting a neighbor and noticed that a very large pine tree, very near their house, was rotting near the bottom. I mentioned it to her and suggested they should probably take it down, especially since we’re entering hurricane season. She said that she had a tree guy take a look at it, but he wanted to charge her $300.00 to take it down, and she couldn’t afford it right now.

They just got a new truck today.

I worked for a large company that had a bunch of small branches and I was doing some work remotely. I needed to reboot a (Ethernet) switch that I lost connectivity to. The problem was it was racked high up on a wall and it was hard to get to. So I asked the local staff (one of which was a senior VP), to just unplug the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) from the wall and the battery would last about 10 minutes before everything would shut down.

Well it took a little longer and the VP asked how he could make it drain faster. So I told him to hold the cable upside down and shake it. It would drain the electrons faster. He did it for about 10 minutest. I had to mute the phone I was laughing so hard.

I also had the president’s secretary call me one time from the airport. She was complaining about not getting a cell signal. I told her she had to hold the phone over head and spin it around counter clock wise. She did it for about a minute and then came back and said it didn’t help. So I asked her what carrier she had. She said ATT. I said I’m sorry I was wrong, Att need to spin clock wise. She did it again and came back and said she would just send me the phone back and I could send her one that worked.

I just wish I could have seen the faces of other people in the airport as she was doing it

Okay, your turn!