Lets have some fun today. I know you all have stories about this subject… your encounters with those who are ‘common-sense challenged’ – those who may exhibit a higher than usual number of episodes which involve a clear lack of common sense, judgement, or basic understanding of the world around them.

There are plenty of them out there (these people), and while one wonders the actual percentage of the human species, one might believe that number to be exceptionally high these days… perhaps due to the ‘modern’ cushy world we currently live in whereby just about anyone can survive with ease…

With that said, here’s one example of a story which I copied from one of our reader’s comments from yesterday’s article (How Will People React After The Crash Of The Great Reset?) – which I thought was pretty darn humorous (and telling) —


Our power went out today, just briefly, but it went out. All of the neighbors were outside because it was like 5:00 pm and completely unexpected. Anywho, talking to the neighbors and one says, “Oh my gosh, I can’t leave my house. My garage door is open and the power is off. I can’t go anywhere with my garage door open.”

I looked at her, a bit baffled, and trying really hard not to judge and said, “You know you can manually close the garage door, right?”

Her response, “Huh?”

As nice as this lady is, she is a clear snapshot of the stupidity of people, the overall lack of common sense of the every day joe, and the whoa-is-me/helpless mentality in our communities. And to think, the power was only out for 10 minutes.

Followed by this response:

She probably cusses that red ropey thingy that she keeps hitting her head on. You know, the one with the large red tag she has never read.

And this one:

Its a good thing she was not accidentally locked in her car.

And then this one:

I know of a woman that for years had to walk through a dark basement parking ramp to get to her car and said over and over again how she wished she had remote start. After she retired and traded it in the salesman looked at her keychain and said “oh, you’ve got remote start”.

Okay, lets hear your stories…

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