How Will People React After The Crash Of The Great Reset?


For those who are already reasonably prepared, perhaps one of the biggest concerns is the reaction and behavior of the unprepared. When it all comes crashing down, whether it’s a sudden or drawn-out decent into collapse conditions during the Great Reset, the question is how will people react during this time of great turmoil?

Here are a few thoughts, while we invite those of your own…

Human Sub Species of Zombies

Today we live in a world largely filled with a human sub species of zombies who are largely unaware and ignorant of the ‘real’ world around them.

You’ve seen these poor, lifeless beings everywhere. People… if you can still call them that… with pallid, emotionless faces, staring down at small screens while they walk direction-less down the street, completely unaware of their surroundings.

Yet these poor souls actually believe they are more “connected” to the outside world and more people than ever.

Sometimes they return to real life, and have real interactions with living human beings, but then this horrible urge kicks in which compels them to pull out their iPhone, their iPad or their Android device. Their PRECIOUS… (reference ‘Gollum’, The Hobbit films)

How in the world will people like that be able to cope with the harsh and difficult ‘realities’ in an environment stripped of their technological ‘Precious…’? Can these people actually think for themselves without their virtual online support group? Just saying…

Normalcy Bias

Additionally, people in general suffer from a severe case of normalcy bias. Their perception of reality is influenced and filtered by their past, and expectations are such that things will remain on a given course (because it always has been that way – in their experience).

Life has been exceedingly (comparatively) easy during these past decades. Food and distribution is plentiful and available nearly everywhere – technology has softened our lives and has changed the way we live – we are living in relative peace time – we are entertained in countless ways – and things will always be this way… right?

What if part or all of this was stripped away? What would they do?

People can’t grasp or even contemplate that seemingly absurd new reality.

Dependent On GOV

We have been living for decades within a system with all sorts of safety nets. There are tens of millions of people who rely on these safety nets and there are tens of millions more who know how to play the system and extract from the safety nets.

What will these people do if their sustenance is slashed or eliminated? After having lived a portion of their lives feeding off .gov, how will they cope afterwards? How will they react?

Living Large in a Debt Bubble
Coupled with normalcy bias, the modern way of life (for decades) has been fueled by a gargantuan bubble of debt (globally) and people have been ‘living large’ on a lifestyle which is phony at its core. Peak debt has arrived. Debt can only rise to a given level to that which it can be serviced – and it cannot go up in perpetuity. Only so many loans can be saddled until a total debt burden has risen to a level which can no longer be sustained by any means…

Those who have become accustomed to living life on debt are going to be hurt badly. That said, everyone is going to be hurt. What are all these people going to do and how are they going to react when credit freezes up and our systems of distribution lock up?

The Great Reset

We have entered into a global deflationary period, which is THE most frightening thing for central bankers. Despite the false and rosy ‘numbers’ that have been reported since the so called ‘recovery’ since 2008, they’ve reached the end where it can no longer be covered up. They have run out of ‘ammo’. They also ‘will not lose’, so what they will do is enter into a ‘Great Reset’ – which has already begun.

How Will People React?

It’s difficult to quantify or predict what would happen because there are so many variables in the equation. With that said however, it is logical that the shock waves of a new reality filled with difficulties and challenges that have never been experienced before – will be hard felt. Some will rise to the occasion. Others will simply wait for help (which may not come). Many might feel hopeless while still others will lash out…

A question to consider is “When will people become desperate?”. Then adjust that question to be “Why will people become desperate”, “How will…”. It is the desperate (unprepared) who may (will) become a problem. Perhaps wildly unpredictable and even dangerous.

When? When their lives are disrupted to the point of desperation. Some (many) much sooner from fear of their new reality.

Why? Because they have not adequately prepared for themselves an ‘insurance policy’ of sorts to ride the storm.

How? How they become desperate or how they will react is highly variable and will depend on where they live, what they need, their surroundings, whether they can get any assistance at all, what they know, their ability to adapt and overcome (or not), their personality, their will power (or lack of), their physical abilities, their tangible assets (or lack of), etc..

When people believe that a disaster will be temporary, localized, or short-lived, most will cling to the notion that they’ll get through it and/or someone (or .gov) will help. However when the realization sets in that this is going to be very big, long lasting, and a life-altering change, many will begin to react badly as their pods pop open and they see the real world around them for the first time, and realize that the Matrix is real…

What’s your opinion of how people will react?

Additionally, do you believe that the government will be able to control it (the reactions of the people)? Will their be political upheaval?

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For how people will react in the inner cities just look at the Katrina aftermath and Ferguson. In Katrina people stood in groups looking at the helicopters waiting for help. They were totally dependent on someone else to rescue them, provide for them, etc. These same type of people would gladly get on a bus to a FEMA “resettlement camp”. In Ferguson, the news of a LE officer being justified in using deadly force against a perp resulted in the disaffected burning and looting their own city. If their free handouts stop coming 1/2 the people in the inner cities will turn wholeheartedly to “government institutions” and “resettlement” while the other half will rampage, loot, rape and destroy each other. Those that survive will then try to head out of the area like crazed animals. That is where they will encounter preppers ready to defend themselves and family. In the rural areas I think it would be much different with people of moral character coming together to pool skills and resources. Those that have been leaching off the system would probably be driven out at gun point to meet the zombies coming down the highway. Anyway, that’s my take on it but there are so many variables that could come into play…that’s why I never stop prepping.

To any who scoff at the notion of a zombie apocalypse, keep in mind that the walking (un)dead have been with us for decades. Their leader uses the moniker Kieth Richards.

SGT, when I read your comment I had not even looked at your name yet but knew as you continued you were part of the educated. Medal chasers,Solo Artists or loners will not survive what is coming, it is survivable but not in the current state of thought this country is in. As in the Military we knew that Team work, community were the only way we would make it out of our rotation at a FOB, they who went it alone or chose to be the loner often wound up in a bad way when the shit began coming in. Anyway good post man. Peace.

Sgt Bill is so “spot on” just to let everyone know earlier this year I attended the ‘Stagecoach Country Music Festival’ in Southern Cal a three day event with I believe they reported attendance in excess of 110,000 in a hundred acre type fairground with county type people, and country civility, courtesy and most of all the Patriotic Attitude that was shown by the music those there was beyond believe. It helped me restore my faith that a major of people here could force a change for the better and for the Obama types maybe even re-institute a tar and feather parade. God Bless this Country

I agree with Sgt Bill in about 90%.

I do not believe the “government” will be there to help at all, or to the extent most think they will. We have all seen how well they “helped” people, as in Katrina, AND Ferguson. 5 days for water to get to the Super Dome, Riots running uncontrolled in Ferguson are two examples of how well the government can/will help. So the so-called FEMA camps can not and will not be able to “help” more that a few million people, what about the other 330 million? I totally believe the only help that the “government” will give is to themselves. Please remember the “government” produces nothing, it manufactures nothing, it grows/farms nothing. How can it (government) help when they basically do NOTHING? When was the last time the “government” actually helped without stealing that “help” from the people? Think about that. All they do is steal (taxes) from us and give to someone else and keep a HUGE present for themselves.

I do agree there will be mass destruction of the cities, and most suburbs. The more people panic the more they will destroy, riot, murder and become those “Zombies”. If the economy falters to the point of a “reset” the government will try to print and print fake money until we have that 800% inflation as in South America. That cup of Java will cost you $50 if you can find it. Sgt Bill mentioned the Rural areas, I believe they will (IMHO) be just as bad, that neighbor that has nothing (in a total SHTF) will shoot you in the back for your preps. That Constable On Patrol that’s there to protect you will do the same to feed his family. I do NOT trust the human animal in times of need, that human animal is deadlier than any animal on the face of this earth when it comes time to provide for themselves/family.

Unfortunately people are angry and hateful now, and they will only get worse if you take away their way to live their stupid little life. Humans are creatures of habit, change that habit and they will strike out. They will riot and kill for any reason now, can you imagine what will happen in a crash WROL?

Lastly I do believe there will be a GREAT number of those people (preppers) that WILL help others, that WILL rebuild this country, that WILL be kind and “helpful” to others, Yes there is a LOT of kindness in the world, and I believe we (the preppers) are ones that can and will save this GREAT COUNTRY.

God help us all, because the current government, IMHO, is trying everything they can to destroy us all.

I agree with a lot of what NRP says, thats why I said there are a lot of variables. I can tell you from military travels that many of our bases have been stocked with food, water, detention equipment to set up “refugee camps”. You got to remember, government likes to control people so although they are behind the destruction of our country they still want the serfdom (or whats left) to serve them and be the workers after the reset. I know many military people who would not go along with this. But a lot of the current generation of kids they have recruited are not instructed in our history of liberty and freedom, they would probably go along with the “round up”.

800% like south America or 8,000,000% like Zimbabwe
Either way, cash wont be king,,,,my money is on the 3 Bs

If we did have a Great Reset, I believe that the government would only be concerned with the Continuity of Government. The rest of us would be left on our own for some time. Check out the Whitehouse’s Continuity of Government plan where it references the President’s Expanded Executive Powers and the Role of Military under Martial Law including the use of detention camps. Also check out the FEMA website for related ‘powers’. Scary! I pray that we never have a Great Reset so we do not have to endure the loss of our Liberty and rights.

COGCON ZERO: Expanded Executive Powers
In 2012, President Obama issued two Executive Orders that will greatly expand his executive powers in the event of a national emergency. The March 2012 Executive Order gives the President the authority to commandeer all U.S. domestic resources, including food and water, and seize all energy and transportation infrastructure within the United States. The order also allows authorizes the U.S. Government to force its citizens to fulfill labor requirements for the purposes of national defense. The July 2012 Executive Order gives the Department of Homeland Security authority over private communication networks in emergency situations.

Under a recent Cybersecurity Act, President Obama has the right to shut down parts of the Internet in times of an emergency. This would be accomplished by having the National Security Agency shut down key Domain Name Servers, which would effectively act as a “kill switch’.

The White House believes the ability to rapidly expand Presidential Powers in a crisis is a matter of National Security. Because it is impossible to anticipate every possible catastrophic scenario, draft Presidential Emergency-Action Directives (PEADs) have been prepared in advance allowing the White House to fill in the blanks as needed during a crisis.

COGCON ZERO: The Military’s Role in Civilian Control Under Martial Law

NORTHCOM also has the important responsibility for ensuring the safety of our citizens during the expected chaotic unrest. The classified CONPLAN 3502 – Civil Disturbance Operations gives the military the authority to establish operational zones across the country to enforce law and order upon the U.S. civilian population.

Upon activation, troops would report to their assigned “Civilian Control District”. The military would impose curfews until the chaos subsided. Citizens would be required to carry identification at all times. The civilian judicial system would be temporarily halted until full order was restored.

Military forces would have the authority to imprison rioters, looters and other civilians committing criminal offenses. Anyone failing to heed the orders of the military would be arrested and held in temporary detention camps until the civilian judicial process was restored. Special military units acting under the authority of classified JCS CONPLAN 0300-97 would detain Main Core watchlisted individuals in the Special Circumstances Section of the federal detention camps.

Obsoletely frightening.

If you scroll to the very bottom of the above-mentioned website, you will see that it is not a government website but a parody. Please stick with the facts.

Well golly gosh darn geeeee weeesssss, I guess I’m just a blind old fart and cant read very well, so would you please show me where Praetorian stated that the link offered was for a fact a “government site”? Maybe he “plugged” the site for quick reference?

“Check out the Whitehouse’s Continuity of Government plan where it references the President’s Expanded Executive Powers and the Role of Military under Martial Law including the use of detention camps. Also check out the FEMA website for related ‘powers’.”

As you said MARS; “Please stick with the facts”, rather than banishing others opinions. Please if you have “facts” to the contrary of what Praetorian stated your more that welcome to post them, Thank You


NRP and Praetorian – My apologies on the “stick with the facts” comment. I should have re-read what I wrote before posting as it certainly does sound inflammatory.

Ken, My apologies. I did not realize that this was a parody website. I guess I should have checked the facts before I posted.

In case you are interested, and without posting any links, you can research the White House website for following Executive Order 13603 for the actual language. There is a lot of legalese so, it can be a difficult read. But in the context of the document is that the different department of the government have a lot of power.

Executive Order — National Defense Resources Preparedness

That particular website may be fake, but Obama has given himself all kinds of ’emergency’ powers. These ‘lawful’ EOs merely serve to assuage the consciences of the thugs who actually carry out the atrocities–“I was just following orders”.

On a personal level, only idiots or psychopaths would stay in service of an entity that feeds on it’s own minions on a regular basis (Ask Wilson).

Those preppers who must wait till the first signs of the crash and chaos to bugout, please have a plan and stick to it! Have alternate routes that you have traveled to your BOL, turn off your mobile phones, place in a metal box and use walkie talkies if traveling in multiple cars, turn off major utilities before leaving, check your list of final items that should include important documents, (insurance polices, mortgage, birth certificates), etc. Make as many trips to your bugout location now pre-staging supplies if someone is staying there to guard it. Make sure your vehicle is in good condition now. When bugging out and your primary route has congestion, having a map to guide you to another route will be handy. TO CONSIDER: If you have a trusted friend along your escape route that you could store a cache of supplies with that is outside a city. This will save time and eliminate the uncertainty of having to cross a check point if Martial Law becomes a reality. Less contact with police and/or military after the collapse the better off you’ll be.

Stay Safe!!

As for a giant reset , My biggest fear is that people’s life savings & 401k would completely vanish in this Global or National reset. I believe it would lead to chaos of unspeakable proportions. Government’s would siege it in order to create a new Governments.
Mass Media would play a huge factor into this massive chaos, which in turn would spread like wild fire through out every major city. As citizens come to grip that these luxurious government programs they have grown accustomed to for years are no longer available, they will lash out at those who have prepared.

We have World Governments that are spinning out of control unable to pay of debt it they have amassed. Countries pointing the finger at each other for issues currently occurring. Countries trying to invade each other. ISIS creating panic with its Lone Wolf attacks. I hope I am wrong , I truly believe deep down something that something will occur soon GLOBAL if not Nationally.
God Help us if it does occur.

@ Uncle B
Great point on the Mass Media or as I call it, the “Mass Hysteria”. They basically “work” for the government, they are told what to broadcast and what is “approved” for the airways. IMHO they are the ones that cased the riots in Ferguson for example.

When you listen to them, be smart, filter out the BS, seek out the truth for yourselves. Be very careful who you listen to when it comes to your own safety and the safety of your family.

By listening to the MSM I’ll know what not to do!! Which will be the opposite of what they are telling everyone else to do!

The Govt already knows that most preppers use the alternate media of the internet for the truth. That’s why they will shut those sites down, if not the entire system.

Having a police scanner, Ham Radio, CB radio to monitor should be utilized as much as possible. Expect Govt trolls there as well, so be alert. If you see just the opposite of what is being announced, make as many people aware as possible. Once outside the city, try to limit the time on the CB or Ham as much as possible so that the Govt can’t triangulate your position. If the chaos has started and you are attempting to escape in a vehicle, securing reams of paper to the inside doors will add another layer of protection against bullets for you and your passengers! Duct Taping a ream of paper or phone book to ones chest and back would help make a temporary body armor.

Personally if I have to travel by foot, I’ll move during the cover of darkness. I can travel farther without being detected with cooler temp.
I have already studied routes to take by foot to my BOL. Set goals of how far to travel per day to take advantage of secure locations for rest.

I will try to help all that I can without revealing my location, by giving to a local church close by but must take precautions not to be followed.

I will try to have the same mindset about hanging on to my freedom as our founding fathers had. FIGHT Those that try to take away my freedom. While most are stocking up on food, ammo, please don’t neglect trauma first aid, celox, quik clot, gauze, antibiotics. A full face respirator to use against tear gas WILL come in handy at some point. If you can afford it, body armor, because after it starts it won’t be available!!!!

Hope all of you are able to make it to safety once the collapse starts.

God Bless!!

That 10%:
I’ve always heard this. In school, in the military, in civilian life: There’s always “that 10%” that doesn’t get the word (know what’s going on). It’s the same about being prepared. Here in South Florida we always get plenty of notice of approaching hurricanes, with more than ample time for people to get prepared. But, sure enough, there is always that percentage that get caught flat-footed, like all of a sudden they realize what’s going on, but it’s too late and they have to depend on someone else to bail them out to survive. (Perhaps, because there always was someone that would help them out after the fact.) Always was, and always will be – just a fact of life. But, when things get desperate, they won’t just be asking, they’ll be taking! And you won’t have to wait for “the Golden Horde” to arrive. It will be the people in your own neighborhood! I have learned this very important lesson (Having lived in the area for the last 50 years), that you DO NOT let people know how well prepared you are, or you will be at the top of everyone’s list for a helping hand. And believe me, people can get very nasty when you are not willing to share!

Absolutely right about people knowing your preps. I have come to the realization that I can’t even trust family, as a result, all of my prepping is done in secret. Food that was once out in the open is slowly disappearing. If I am asked about it, I say I have been using it. Its a slow process, but if too much disappears at once, someone may suspect what is going on.

I make sure that I put most of my preps into containers other than the ones they came in, because I can put the empty boxes and containers into the trash now and no one notices, but if I wait to put the empty boxes into the trash after shtf, those going through my trash will be aware that I have food and supplies based on the boxes and packaging I toss.

Good point,
Its the season again, we have the 10% unaware but i believe its more like 20% here, then we have 20% apathetic deniers who say it will never happen here, and then there is about 40% who at the last minute are running around like chickens with their heads cut off, about 10% who follow gov guidelines and have their cute little 72 hour packs with the hand crank radio hanging off it, and an extra 11oz bottle of water to boot! There are maybe 3% who actually have thought about the ramifications of living on an island in the middle of the ocean that produces less than 15% of the food consumed here and NONE of the other stuff you use in day to day life and have acted accordingly.
Its scary, people who should know better simply don’t or wont.

I agree with Kalufarmer. We are pretty rural and I really don’t think any more than 3% are even aware of the possibilities. Most are farmers and good people. They stay up on politics and are conservative. They have no idea… The few who are aware are not ready.

Agree full on with that, know quite a few people who know about it but beyond the usual pantry assortment and maybe a flashlight or two they almost all take the wait and see attitude.
Personally i have no desire to get out in the ruckous at the 11th hour trying to find stuff like extra batteries or candles let alone food and water. Actually had someone this morning tell me they figured the county would bring out water trailers and emergency rations if theres a stom hit and that they were pretty sure the fire department or cops would go door to door to check on people if there was a disaster,,,,yikes is all i can say,

Kula, I just read what you said about others, I’m just sitting here shaking my head…….

Aloha from the Big Island.You are spot on about how people are acting in regards to the storms heading our way.So many are doing absolutely nothing to prepare.I’m always telling these sheep” ya know we are on a rock out in the middle of the ocean…right?” It just doesn’t register that if the delivery chain is broken nothing will be in the stores.Last year we got hit by a tropical storm that dropped trees,snapped electric poles and blocked roads in and out of subdivisions.People lost power and some lost water.It only took the clueless,the government parasites and the unprepared 24 hours to turn feral.Many of us were out the next day cutting trees,delivering water and ice when it was available.The cops had to escort road workers,electric company workers because people were getting violent towards them.The National Guard was sent in to help too.Many people adjusted pretty quick and toughed it out.A big percentage were completely lost though.Crime and thefts skyrocketed!So much so that they enhanced the penalties for misdemeanor crimes to felonies under an emergency act.I am fortunate that my close neighbors are can do prepared families.We all came through it with no problems because we were ready.The one bright side we noticed when we were out helping folks was that neighbors were out talking to each other and kids were actually playing outside!Many people were shocked that strangers were willing to help them cut up trees and offer free ice and drinking water well before the Government got their act together.All the local churches sprang into action quickly.The one thing I realized is that there is a certain segment of the population that are capable of adapting to hard times and still be good honest folks.They are the ones worth helping/ saving…

I personally believe ya-all are being way overly generous with the 10%, 20%, and so on, I have an idea it’s more like 80% that have no clue to “problems”, hurricanes, storms, riots heading their way, the only way they know is when it smacks them in the door. and out of the 20% that do hear about it 90% of those will wait till the last second to do anything.

I have heard stats that say only about 3-5% of the people are getting prepared more that 72 hours. I would say that’s a lot more that those who actually are. Figure 3% of 330 million, that’s 9.9 million that are actually ready. Maybe, Maybe-not.

People, prepare, it does not have to be “prepare for XYZ”, if your prepared your preps will cover 99% of what may hit the front door.


Since I am an unashamed natural cynical pessimist, I wholeheartedly AGREE to NRP’s suggestion, that the MAJORITY of the sheeple are completely UN or NON-prepared for ANY disruption no matter how small in their lives.

I do believe the real figure for those who are prepared in ANY size at all is 3% or below of the voting public. I don’t believe personally, that those who choose to NOT vote, because of their own apathy are either prepared physically nor emotionally to deal with any kind of local, regional or national “disruption” of any kind at all. Hence the qualification of “voting public”. Just an observation of mine is all.

I agree with you NRP. I rarely talk to anyone who has any idea whats going on outside their own little world.

I will offer this thought… many people are simply unable to react or respond to a situation. I have been involved in a several emergency situations where people just implode. They can’t follow the most basic of requests and can’t think of the simplest solutions. It may be that they are so conditioned that they are unable to prepare.

I am always struck by the plywood runs on Home Despot and Lowe’s. Hey guys, what happened to the plywood from last time?

“…hey guys, what happened to that plywood from the last time?”

Dude! We used it to float down to Jackie-John’s when we run outta beer! it dun floated off afta we got there.

Response will most likely be similar to citizens of other countries under the same circumstances. If order is to be maintained, then you must provide the means to maintain the system of supply. Perhaps with some adjustments as to logistics. The question is why would prior proper provision not be made, when the forthcoming issue has been foreseen for a long enough period of time, to be able to make proper provision. Speaking of a way of course which maintains the liberty and dignity of the individual. Of all nations, we are the one with the ability to prevent civil unrest due to lack of supply. There is no excuse. We are in this circumstance because of a lack of manhood. Real men do what is right regardless. They produce and sign documents such as the Declaration of Independence, The Bill of rights, and The Constitution of The United States of America. AND THEY STAND BEHIND THEM! We are in this mess because we did not adhere to the Constitution bequeathed to us by our nation`s Founders. Where are the men who will do that which is right? Where are the men that will keep this nation free? Where are the men who stand up for America and the freedom for which it stands? In Congress? In our armed forces? In our nations churches? We are in for a massive financial correction, but we can refuse to let it destroy us. Let it refine us instead, and cause us to become a leaner, stronger nation. One to which mankind can look for hope and freedom.

Where these men are is at work and taking care of their families. They don’t get unions and party hacks taking them on buses to organized protests. However, when pushed far enough or crisis comes they will fight for what is right. Look at the people who showed up to stand guard at businesses in Ferguson (the ones that didn’t get looted and didn’t get much press coverage).

Well said CR;

To answer your question “where are the men?”, we are here, we are among the masses that will wait for the correct time. We will know when it’s time to “correct” what’s going on in the National/State/Local Governments. Unfortunately we have a President/Congress/Court all levels of government that are hell-bent on breaking down the people, hell-bent on TAKING our rights, our freedoms, our love of this country. My friends, they will not succeed. This coming economic crash WILL not break the backs of the “true people” that love this country. It will be a mess for awhile, but time will tell when it’s time to stop the madness, to stop the attacks on our own people and “fix” the wrongs that have come about lately. Rome was not build in a day, nor was it destroyed in a day. The next few weeks/months/years will tell the story.

One of the issues that most preppers, except for Veterans, who plan to resist tyranny, will be when they will have to use their firearm to defend their rights and freedoms. We must have our mindset ready to pull that trigger because any hesitation could cost our life or the life of a fellow Patriot! Know that we ARE on the RIGHT SIDE of OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS!!

If you have not done so already, organize, review tactics, and communication skills and equipment. If possible do recon on the enemy and plan accordingly!! Waiting till the enemy gets to your door step to take action, is a set up to be defeated!!! Start meeting with like minded people NOW to create a warning system. Perhaps the above issue is something that you have not dealt with yet, but MAKE NO MISTAKE ITS COMING!!!!!

Stay Safe!!!

I honestly have NO idea as to how people are going to “react” to any disruptions that I believe/KNOW are coming to us all.

I don’t want to be one who “reacts”, we choose to RESPOND, so that we are not already behind the time line. While we cannot be “totally” prepared, we can be as prepared as possible given our own specific circumstances. Thus, we will respond instead of “reacting”, panicking, wringing our hands and wailing about the timeline of the Cavalry coming to our “rescue”, etc.

I want to be more positive than the current political and economic situation calls for me to be, it’s through being as prepared as possible, that my family and I , as well as our extended family,loved ones and friends WON’T be “victimized” by the Golden Horde of Political-Whores, that will descend on the “victims” in order to “help”(read: enslave) them. No thanks, that kind of help we don’t need nor want.

I know those were rhetorical questions Ken; but here’s an answer anyways ….

#1) Do a search on Venezuela, Greece, Honduras, Hattie to see what could be coming.

#2) Once even one person finds out you “have”, than the word WILL get out, and you will be “without” or dead very quickly, even that person you shared with so “nicely” WILL turn on you in a heartbeat to feed his/her family. Honestly what family man would not? What would you do?


Living where I am, I will give a hand up and teach them sources of the food they can gather for themselves. I of course, will be eating these resources as well around the beggars, while my main stash is hidden.

Winter will be harder to get food around here, so I have cheap ramen noodle packages available just for beggars, plus–they can ice fish, grind Cambrian bark or make cucumber noodles from basswood, eat tender birch bark buds, wild grains and use rose hips, late berries, Indian and pine tea, and some wild meat to add to their meals. Warmer weather permits a wider variety of food. But I doubt where I live will have any beggars coming, but maybe relatives who didn’t heed my warnings.

Everything I have I worked and sweated for , I have no pity for the rabble . They made their bed and they can lie in it . The only thing I’ll share is lead . Yea I know I’m a caustic old fart but I haven’t done anything everyone else could have .

From one “caustic old fart” (62 here and getting tired) to another, I agree with you 10,000%, and some of us have had it even harder.

lol 70 here , if you look like your eating , their going to raid you . I live in the sticks hahaha

if it comes to this, and you decide to “give” some of your food, it is likely best to do what I read those who survived in past “wars” did where military and hungry tried to get their supplies…

-hide most of it
-keep some easily accessible, best it is banged/dinged/rusted, not great looking
-look poor and hungry and dingy yourself (your family)
-state sadly that you have little yourself, but perhaps you could spare small amount, and pass on something which does not look appetizing (bug infested/dinged up/etc)

Have old larger sized clothes on hand so you can dress like you’ve lost weight. Keep black/blue/red makeup to give yourself dark circles under yours eyes. I plan on looking so pathetic that someone will want to give me food ;)

I keep all my old busted up looking canned goods for just such a use,
Ill be sure here ya go, it looks rough but is keeping us fed, took all the wrappers off the cans and so is a mystery meal smorgazborg,,,

The question posed here is basically: how will people react to a serious SHTF event? The answer is: there are just too many reactions from various peoples. Here is what I am considering to cover most all of those reactions. After watching many episodes of life in Alaska, I am thinking about relocating to some place in remote Alaska. Oh yes, -50 F is deadly cold but alteast I can predict what I have to contend with. I have been in Alaska several times and have thought about living there many times. Perhaps this is the time to go. Moving there and taking a lot of resources for living would not be a problem. This way most of my problems would boil down to Mother Nature.
I need the opinions of others?

@ No joke;
Interesting you should mention Alaska.
VERY seriously considering moving there myself with a good lady friend that knows the places there to go. I have a few years till retirement, so if the SHTF would please wait for 3 years I would much appreciate it.
Actually a retirement cabin (small 800SqFt with a couple of out buildings) sounds very verrryyyyyy nice right about now.

I have near 40 years in Alaska. It’s a young man’s/woman’s place. There is a long learning curve. People coming here for refuge will die like they did in ’98. People here know how to navigate the environment. Some of them will live. You need to learn how to live off grid where you are–that’s hard enough. I have decades into my homestead here but I’d never make it in Florida or Arizona. If your in your 60s and thinking of striking out into the wilds you better take your kids. We process 8 cord of firewood in our spare time when we aren’t doing the gardens or fishing or any number of a hundred other things, all day, 7 days a week, to live “off” the land. It’s hard work. We couldn’t do it if we hadn’t started near 40 years ago when we were young. We take in young volunteers to do the heavy lifting now or we would parish. Look for community in your own area. Find like minded people and circle the wagons. We Americans are a tough lot. Grab a root and growl.

Best of luck,

“grab a root ad growl”. I’ve heard this expression once in my life, some 55 years ago as a child. I was raised in Texas and had never heard it before nor heard it since. As I recall, it was used by a couple from “up north”, possibly Minnesota. I still live in the south and occasionally will use the expression, only to be stared at with eyes begging the question “what is he talking about?”. Would you be able to give me some background on it’s origin?

The expression I believe originated closer to your part of the country, in the heart of the dust bowl. As the wind and drought had taken everything, leaving people starving and coughing up dirty blood, it was a last act of defiance. “Grab a root and growl.” Further reading; The Grapes of Rath, John Steinbeck; The Worst Hard Time, Timothy Egan. Both tell the story of the hardships endured during the dust bowl. If you really want a glimpse of what it is like when TSHTF read these. I read them both winter before last. It is exhausting just to read about but a good education.


I thought about that too, ship my two 4x4s and turn the refer box from my delivery truck into a trailer and ship my gear in that, find a remote spot and just exist,,, i dont like people all that much anyway

Being a forest dweller and alone in Northern Minnesota facing 40 below temps in winter with 3 feet of snow is harsh enough for me! The plan for any northern remote wilderness is to be prepared 6 or more months ahead of time.

Without constant resupply from elsewhere, Alaska is like most of Africa–pretty inhospitable to human life. Few humans lived in Alaska until outside resupply was possible.

Don’t wait for the SHTF to hide, bury, or camouflage most of your supplies. If you have regular people in an out of your house, you can bet they know you already have these supplies. Some of those very people may or may not come looking for a handout. If they are hungry, they won’t be asking.

Whatever Happens…
…i will do everything i can to Help Others.

I agree we should help others if we can but be very careful. The morals and respect for life we believe in does not always apply to others, We just had a family murdered when they stopped to help a young man who looked like he was having car trouble. He asked for money and when they replied they didn’t have any he just shot them. I am sorry to say this is a different world than the one I grew up in many years ago. Your first responsibility is to your self and family. People on this blog may sound cold but there is wisdom and truth on what I have read here. In a major crises, it is not the time to believe in the best of people but the opposite. Be very careful.

How will they react? The majority of them same way they have always reacted. Inner city and suburbia alike have bred a whole new subspecies of humans – Ovis Sapien. This group will blindly follow any and all directions and commands of the Government as it is in the ‘best interest’ of the People.

If directed to a FEMA camp they’ll blindly plod along, if told to stay indoors, batten down the hatches and wait for “rescue” that’s what they’ll do.

There’s obviously going to be the groups/gangs out looting and pillaging but these will eventually self consume…once the realisation that there’s nothing left to steal hits, they would go banging on the gates too.

The Government has done a great job in convincing the American people that they have to depend on the PTB in order to thrive…free housing, food stamps, welfare…you don’t bite the hand that feeds!

Why do you have to say, “Just sayin'”? It has become trite and overused. It means nothing.

In my neighborhood as long as they can still buy their 30 packs of lite beer, let the meltdown happen. Notta problem! I don’t have a problem with beer, but I do with it’s all about beer. When the government says “the line starts here” that’s where they will be, boasting about their place in line.

Societal collapse can be survived, but tyrannical micro-management which is now accessible to the government via mandatory disclosement requirements for the IRS/AffordableHealthCareLaw could easily usher in a complete loss of personal liberty and privacy. I think we are closer to that, however I also believe the whole structure is on the verge of collapse. ANONYMOUS hackers and Snowden are going to be really big players, in fact I believe Black Swans on major scale that will determine the future course of events.

Right now, we are not where anyone ever thought we would be. Nobody knows where we will be. but keep your ear to the ground and don’t panic over anything. Where you keep your heart stayed is where your peace will be.

During any American crisis event, no matter how large, beer and chips seem to be near the top of the list of essential supplies

That makes knowing how to brew alcohol of all kinds & knowing how to grow crops that support brewing… And chip making,
The real thing to know.

That is a great topic and the answers of course are many . God has given us all the ability to make choices and I believe people must live, and deal with the choices that they have made. A reset is certainly on its way and it will be especially ugly in the large cities . We are rural, prepped and quite secretive about it and we are going to keep it that way . We will only assist needy folks if we can do it secretly somehow , we do not want them to know that we are the source of any gifts .

In the meantime we will just stay below the radar and keep our ear to the ground .

I believe that we are closer to the crash than most folks realize , just look at how most of the worlds militaries are gearing up for what seems to be a fight , to me I see it as preparing to fight the population when the balloon goes up , this is gonna be a worldwide event , not just regional , why over the years has the government built blast shelters for the upper crust of government and society , why has the government bought so much ammo and dried long lasting survival food because they know what is coming and it won’t be long . It is just going to take a small catalyst and the game will be on , the big cities will probably be death traps , when the food runs out most will take to he suburbs , then the rural areas , those that don’t will become cannibals , there is no way to sugarcoat any of this it will be like the Stone Age , there will be no jobs , no power grid which I think will be put out of commission by terrorists that have come across our vulnerable underbelly , no food shipments everything will stop except he need to survive , are you willing to kill the neighbor down the street who is trying to kill you to get to your food you have set back ? Tough decisions ahead folks , I will do what I have to , to protect my family and our survival unit if it means having to put folks down so be it , like I said tough times ahead , be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

Our power went out today, just briefly, but it went out. All of the neighbors were outside because it was like 5:00 pm and completely unexpected. Anywho, talking to the neighbors and one says, “Oh my gosh, I can’t leave my house. My garage door is open and the power is off. I can’t go anywhere with my garage door open.”

I looked at her, a bit baffled, and trying really hard not to judge and said, “You know you can manually close the garage door, right?”

Her response, “Huh?”

As nice as this lady is, she is a clear snapshot of the stupidity of people, the overall lack of common sense of the every day joe, and the whoa-is-me/helpless mentality in our communities. And to think, the power was only out for 10 minutes.

She probably cusses that red ropey thingy that she keeps hitting her head on. You know, the one with the large red tag she has never read.

About that red rope thing. People are using coat hangers to reach in and grab them through the top of your garage door to gain access. Thieves think of everything! Position them out of the way of tie them off.

Its a good thing she was not accidentally locked in her car.

I know of a woman that for years had to walk through a dark basement parking ramp to get to her car and said over and over again how she wished she had remote start. After she retired and traded it in the salesman looked at her keychain and said “oh, you’ve got remote start”.

I have a friend age 61 who said she may have to retire before she turns 62 because of health issues. I asked if she would be able to make it until she can collect early Social Security. She said it would be tight. I suggested that she start buying food on sale now as much as she can. (Good way to suggest she prepare without letting her know that I am prepared.)

She said, “Don’t worry. My freezer is full.”

I don’t know how to subtly suggest that if the electricity goes out, her food would spoil. How do I tell her that she needs to stock up on things that don’t have to be kept cold?

@ DaisyK
I agree with me. totally.
There is no reason to be “subtle”, Forcibly yet without being mean or harsh, tell her that $2000-$4000 worth of meat/stuff in the freezes is a ticking time-bomb waiting to go bad if the power is out for a couple of days. Maybe even ask her what would happen if the freezer broke and she did not realize for 3-4 days or could not replace it quick enough?
Like so many other sheeple they just don’t get it. But your doing the right thing by “suggesting” she store other foods besides a freezer full of “stuff”.

I might add I also have a freezer full of “stuff” but I do have a backup plan for that. Generator (for short term), Dehydrating, Canning, Jerking, and so on if it comes to that I can eat a LOT of steaks quickly LOL

I know that she dehydrates too, because she has advised me to dehydrate some of my extra produce. Every time I give her some of my tomatoes, cukes, etc., she thanks me, tells me how to dehydrate them and tells me she dehydrated the produce I gave her.

So maybe she is a prepper, too and just doesn’t tell anyone.

Very well could be.

Daisy, No need to be subtle. Tell her bluntly that if the power is out for 2 or 3 days her frozen food will rot and if she eats it she will die. Tell her she needs canned food and I’ll bet she doesn’t have a good manual can opener. Hint to others who may not have considered it, you probably can’t find an American made manual can opener in any stores now-a-days. Yard sales and thrift stores are the places to look.

We purchased a made in USA manual can opener from Amazon a few months back. Works great. I can’t remember the brand name but it is by far the best can opener I have found.

I will post a link to it when it get to my computer. If anyone is interested.

Adapt and Overcome.

I bought several Kuhn Rikon can openers a few years back. We take it everywhere we travel, short or long trips and even on flights in the luggage, plus a bottle opener and a paring knife…hehe, the looks we get by the gov folks checking things out. Anyways, the KR can opener runs at about 20 plus anywhere, but I love Marshalls and get the high quality stuff cheap ( especially when it is marked down-still around 8 bucks a piece ), but it has never rusted and opens the cans smoothly.

Here is the link to take a look at it. Aside from this, I have a clothes drying rack, best investment when the utilities are out and you need to wash and dry:

Kuhn Rikon Slim Safety Lid Lifter

Compact Indoor Laundry Dryer

Here is the link for the USA manual can opener we purchased and it works great.

Baflan Deluxe USA Made Manual Heavy Duty Can Opener

Adapt and Overcome


I do my best to buy Made in the USA, but if not available, then I look for stuff made in Europe. No, not being an ass here, it just about quality. I hate spending my hard earned money in Walmart and the like with made in China crap. I rather save, and then buy the things I need and are well made because replacing rusty stuff even with maintenance, adds up financially over time. It is the same for other kitchen thingies. Always looking for 18/10 steel, not the 18/0 that one is prone to being useless after a few weeks or months of use even with proper care.
This is for me.: yes, the ones I have are made in Switzerland, and of course I have my P-38 too :))), can’t beat the P.

Without a can opener you can just rub the top of a can back and forth on a brick a few times and the can is open without beating it up.

Forget canning. Way to energy intensive. Ferments are the ticket. Stock up on salt to keep bad bacteria in check. Just put your veggies in a container. (Beat them up) add salt and water. Keep submerged. Store out of the way till you need them. Eat.
No heat, no drying, no seals.

Let’s not minimize the seriousness of the measures our government has in place to clamp down on the US Populace. About 13 years ago, while employed as a civilian maintenance worker on one of the many military bases in Tidewater Virginia I responded to a sewerage problem in a set of buildings that were “vacant”. A unit of marines brought in from someplace else were set up in the buildings conducting an exercise on sealing off the entire southside of the Hampton Roads area. The windows of all the buildings had been blacked out. By looking at the maps, it became apparent to me that about 16 roadblocks were effectively sealing off the entire area.

Boy do I love quirky message formats that send the e-mail before you’re done.
Anyhow, after talking to these guys a bit, it quickly became apparent that this had nothing to do with a natural disaster or an outbreak of plague or something. It also became apparent that this was a classified operation, and I was escorted out abruptly.
The objective was sealing off the entire southside. Being retired military, I found the whole thing profoundly ominous.

I stand corrected about the availability of made in the USA can openers. I do wonder though is the Kuhn Rikon made in Switzerland? If so it’s probably of better quality than anywhere else in the world. I also forgot to mention the one on my key chain. My old and very dependable C rat opener, the Shelby P-38!

Situational awareness at night after SHTF will nessitate having night vision or thermal vision use for those on perimeter security duty. Since we can’t see 180 degree vision, having a series of battery powered motion sensors should be considered.

Remember, the UN Small Arms Trade Treaty states that member states can request help in emplementing confiscation of fire arms from other member states.

I suspect we WILL encounter moderate to heavy action coming from foriegners coming here once they think that our defenses have weakened. These are the ones that will want to release their revenge on American citizens for the policies and actions that our Govt did to their homeland. They most likely have had practice at killing already. So be tough, prepare, know every inch of ground, set boobie traps, pre-stage assets in retreat battle set up just in case!! Have neighborhood warning system! Etc!!!

What is coming will be the fight of and for our lives!!!
Food for thought: Consider key locations of approach to your BOL. Having someone being able to warn you of what is coming, number of troops, equipment, etc that could be 15 to 20 miles away would be very valuable. This person doesn’t have to be battle ready, but willing and able to monitor the area.This could be an older person who could be trusted and needs help with food and supplies.

Hope your BOL is on high ground with plenty of hardwood timber with enough cleared land for a garden!!

I pray for God’s protection for our families, and for Him to provide us a lighted path in the decisions we’ll make.

I got what you intend, thanks for posting .Woh I am pleased to find this website through google. “You must pray that the way be long, full of adventures and experiences.” by Constantine Peter Cavafy.

yes the public did not vote for this others are ignorant but when wake up there is more of us than of them then we fight and those responsible for this evil will be brought to account