Write Down These Important Phone Numbers


It is important to keep a hard-copy list of important (local) phone numbers – readily accessible in an emergency situation. While these phone numbers should also be stored in your cell phone, do not rely on it alone – because the availability to access those numbers will depend on a ‘working’ cell phone in hand.

The following phone numbers should be kept on a written list, available in a moments notice:

While dialing ‘911’ will connect you with help for emergency situations, it is advisable to also keep the phone numbers of your local (and other) services for direct contact and/or for communication regarding less than critical emergencies.


Police Department / Sheriff



Fire Department



Local Emergency Services



Health-care Provider



Health Clinic / Hospital



Electric Utility



Nat.Gas / Propane / Oil






American Red Cross



Centers for Disease Control and Prevention



Federal Emergency Management Agency



Poison Control Center – National Hotline




Other Important Names and Numbers




Emergency Documentation To Keep In 72-hr Kit

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