Emergency Numbers to Write Down for Hard Copy at Home


It’s important to write down these emergency numbers and keep a hard-copy list of those which may be extra important.

To be kept readily accessible for an emergency situation.

Kept on your refrigerator for access by anyone.

It would be good to keep these numbers in your cell phone too. But don’t rely on just your cell phone for your contacts. These phones do break or lose their juice once in awhile.

There’s nothing like having a hard copy of emergency numbers.

Why? Because it’s accessible to anyone in the house!

During an emergency, things can get panicky. Of course you can and should dial 9-1-1 for major emergencies. But maybe there’s a situation that’s not 9-1-1 caliber and you could call directly when you need to.


Emergency Numbers

The following phone numbers should be kept on a written list, available in a moments notice. They’re not necessarily for emergency, but could simply be convenient.

Add your comment below for more suggestions.

For any life threatening situations you should call 9-1-1.


Police Department / Sheriff

You may have local PD, a Sheriff’s department, and State Police.


Fire Department

Though you should call 9-1-1 for a fire, you might contact them for Community Emergency Response – which is a typical responsibility within this department. Maybe you call about a fire permit, or when there might be (free?) First Aid training, or other questions related to their department.


Local EMS

Some town’s integrate their Fire Department with Emergency Medical Services. Though others it’s separate.


Your Doctor

There are plenty of non-emergency reasons to have your doctor’s office number handy. Hopefully it’s not so frequent that you know it by memory!


Local Hospital

You find out that someone you know has been admitted. No need to scramble for the phone number (for example).


Insurance Company

Report damage to your vehicle, your home, or any other type of emergency claim.



Not everyone has thought about having a lawyer. But researching this ahead of time will save potential rushed mistakes later (if you ever need one). Hopefully you won’t need a lawyer on ‘speed dial’…


School & Day Care

If you have kids, you’ll definitely want to keep their school and day care number nearby!


Electric Utility

Power outage? Know the number to report it.


Natural Gas / Propane / Oil

Whichever type of fuel company you have, this number may be useful. Smell gas? Quick, who are you going to call in this emergency?


Furnace Repair

Sometimes this is a different company than your fuel supplier. If your heat goes out during the winter, you’ll want to dial this number fast!


Water Company

Ever heard of water breaks? It happens.


Town DOT Services

The number for your own town’s department of transportation / garage. Maybe you notice some bad situation on a local road (a monster pot hole?). Or maybe a wicked icy patch on a town road during winter – needs some salt…


Fish & Game / Animal control

We all live among the wildlife. Some more than others. There may be a time when you need the expertise or services of Animal Control or Fish & Game.


Your Automotive Garage / Tow Truck / AAA

Cars and Trucks break down. Maybe a family member calls from the road – broken down vehicle – and you need to call a tow for them. And to their garage / repair shop.


Trusted Neighbors

During an emergency you might not remember a neighbor’s number (because we keep those numbers in our cell phones rather than our memory).



Your Vet and/or a Veterinarian hospital emergency care. The last thing you want to deal with while your beloved pet is injured – is to scramble for a phone number to see if their open or available.


Poison Control Center – National Hotline



Emergency Documentation To Keep In 72-hr Kit

Any other ideas for emergency numbers?

Tip: You might even laminate your hard copy sheet!

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  1. What about work? If something happened to me, someone would need to call to let them know I wouldn’t be there. Same thing about family members. If the police need to reach next of kin, it is nice to have it posted where it is easy to find. Neither of these are emergency numbers, of course, but posting them like this makes it easy for anyone to find. If you don’t want them on the fridge, putting them inside the door of a kitchen cabinet works, too.

    1. Thanks for the good suggestion! Work numbers – your boss, coworker,

  2. Ken, I’ve mentioned this before, but it bears mentioning again. Unlike land lines, cell phones don’t give the 911 operator your location, and when you use a cell phone, the cell tower you hit will route that call to the jurisdiction the tower is in which may be different than the jurisdiction that actually services your location. It’s imperative that you know the physical address, and county you are in. At my home, when I call 911, I invariably get one of two adjacent counties 911 center, never my own. When the operator answers, I ask ask what county, tell them what county I’m in, and ask them to transfer my call. It takes usually less than 10 seconds for the transaction. If you’re travelling, stay aware of your approximately location. Keep up with mile markers or crossroads in order for responders to locate you faster.

    If you live rural, as I do, know your GPS coordinates. Really helps medi-vac helicopter crews. I’ve marked and recorded several sites in my area that would do for an emergency helicopter LZ should they be needed. I utilized this a couple of years back when a neighbor rolled his tractor down a very high pond dam a couple of miles from the closest home. Gave the helicopter crew coordinates to land within 75 yards of him. We had him immobilized and treating him for shock waiting for them. Helicopter beat the local responders to the scene (a reminder in itself, many times, you will be the first responder).

  3. – One of our local businesses had some refrigerator magnets printed up with a lot of this information on it, plus a few blank lines where you could “Sharpie” in additional numbers. After they did it once, It became a source of advertising revenue with small ads listing still more local numbers. It’s not small, and printed in bright colors so it is easy to find. Someone might be able to come up with a fund raiser or something out of this.
    – Papa S.

  4. Years ago, I knew by heart all the important numbers — friends, relatives, doctors, public officials, etc. Now those numbers are in my phone under “Mary” “Tom” etc.

    When I broke my leg and went to the hospital, I didn’t have my phone with me. Doctors found I had to go up 6 steps to get back into my house and when they had me try the crutches they gave me, they discovered I couldn’t go up steps safely with crutches. So they refused to let me go home until I had someone available to help me get into the house once I got home.

    Well, I didn’t know the #’s of ANY of my friends. When I tried to look numbers up in the hospital’s phone book, I discovered that the phone book didn’t have cell numbers — and who has a land line these days?

    Finally, I called the police and asked if an officer could come and help me. They sent two volunteer firemen who helped me up the steps and also shoveled my walk. Small town living.

  5. Along with all the prudent numbers that one needs have “handy”.

    I would greatly suggest having a copy of your Advanced Directive attached to that list, YES not a Phone Number per-say but absolutely necessary. Imagine being injured and basically brain dead and no ‘AD’ is found.

    Back to Phone Numbers, One might make sure to give your list to your beneficiary (yes we just had a very bad vehicle accident here, 3 dead, yesterday) How are they to know who to call about your death? Also have in your wallet/purse the “in case of death” call XYZ. I know, that’s kind of morbid, but it does happen everyday.

    Your list should also contain your Funeral Home you wish to use, also family numbers.

    Ok back to Happy NRP;

    I would also add #’s on your Bail Bonds Man, your Dentist, your Alarm Company, Plumber, Electrician, even your Local/trusted Handyman/Contractor for repairs if your away from home and a tree decides to crash down on your house in the middle of a Rain Storm.

    Do NOT forget the local TP supply House…. HAHAHAHA Just HAD to add that, sorry LOL

    1. We had a child run over and killed yesterday. The kid was riding her bike in a neighborhood and somehow they haven’t been able to identify her. I’ve been told it’s morbid and unnecessary to talk to parents about having some way to identify their children if they’re missing.

  6. Thank you for your reminder to us of this Ken.
    Will start my list now!

    We moved up here to a new area in the same state, about 7 months ago.

    Just met a 73 year old ham radio operator who has lived here for 50 years. A wise and very intelligent man with lots of life experience (and is a Veteran). He told me where he lived. I don’t believe in coincidence, I believe they are divine appointments! The Lord is so good and is always watching over us.

    Anyway, what’s really odd is, I haven’t been on this site for quite a while since I’ve been ridiculously busy with the property and work, and last night I literally had a dream about Modern Survival Blog!! I was talking to Ken in person (we’ve never met mind you!) Unfortunately I don’t remember what the conversation was about. However, it prompted me to get on here today to see what the topic was!

    So I am heeding today’s message on here as especially important!! Because it was just too odd.

    With absolutely no intent of offense at all, (because I have always loved this site), it was NOT on my mind AT ALL, and like I said, I haven’t been on here in a long time, so for me to clearly dream that, was very interesting to me.

    Stay safe and prepared all!
    “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”.
    Things are accelerating and heating up!
    God speed!!

  7. Great reminder article Ken.

    To add to Dennis’s comment above, I was lead to understand that landline calls to 911were routed through the county Sheriff’s Department 911 call center and all calls are recorded from moment of pick-up and location (street address) is on the computer screen as the call is received.

    The cell phone calls are traced via the location of the nearest cell tower and these calls were routed through the State Police/Highway Patrol dispatch centers at least within the state of California.

    This division of calls became necessity due to high call volume after everybody 12 years and older began carrying modern powerful cell phones with them on their person in the past 2-3 decades. This was over 20 years ago the last time I had access to 911 call centers as a sword officer. I cannot help to wonder if the technology to more precisely trace call location has improved since the days I last drove a black & white.

    The fact that you are being recorded on the 911 call can be a double edged sword should you ever be involved in a self defense situation within your own home. Just remember that once contact is made, the entire transaction is available and being recorded on audio and it will be used within a court of law either for your defense to exonerate you or…if you use poor judgement/talk too much, it can provide the evidence to place you in prison for manslaughter or worse.

    My wife and I both have our work phone numbers on the fridge at home should contact become needed. I work in an area where no cell phones are allowed. ( maximum security- psych hospital ) so I am used to not carrying a cell phone all the time and I take calls in the office via landline.

    Thanks for the reminder article Ken. I keep my last billing notice for my utilities in order to contact for emergency shut-off or status change. ( water, electric and gas.).

    1. Calirefugee and All

      Yes the Sheriff can triangulate a Cell Phone call.
      It takes a little time but most certainly can be done.
      Had stupid neighbor shot himself in the foot Seriously shot himself in the foot, he called 011, than hung up after 3 minutes and called his brother, told him to call back 911 and STOP hanging up, they found him just before bleeding out.
      I was told by the local 911 operators, that working the Cell Towers they can spot a cell within 1 meter. Of course ya have to have more than one tower in the vacinity

  8. To NRP: Every jail I have been to as a customer or as a working officer or civilian has the number of the local bail bondsman posted near the phones where people are allowed to make their one phone call before being placed in detention.

    Most successful bail bondsman will have a good working relationship with the county jail as well. ( many bail bondsman I know are either retired deputies or employ a retired deputy on their parole.)

    I had to bail my brother out of jail many times over the years.

    1. Calirefugee;
      Agreed with the posting Bail Bondsmen’s # there, I have had the privilege of bailing out my BIL many of times, thinking he never grew out of the 60s LOLOL

      Personally I liked being on the “nice” side of the LEO and Laws, got me out of a few uncomfortable situations back in the day.

      I was always hold by my Father to remember three people to be nice to
      1. The LEo that just pulled you over
      2. The soon-to-be Ex wife’s Lawyer
      3. your Proctologist,
      I always figured #2 and #3 were about the same hehehe.

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