Don't touch your face with your hands.

Seriously. See how long you can go without touching your face, at all. Good luck!

It is highly advisable during times of contagion (common cold, flu, coronavirus…) to make a deliberate effort to not touch your face at all with your hands while out in public. That’s how it (the virus) “gets in”.

Assume that public places are contaminated. And anything that you touch may be contaminated with virus. Until you wash your hands (the right way), the easiest way to get infected is to touch your face with your hands (after having touched something contaminated).

Virus will find its way into your nose or eyes. Then it’s too late. You got it… the virus.

I tried not to touch my face | I failed…

Last week I made a minor Walmart run to top off on toilet paper, paper towels, and some other items including a few grocery products.

Given the coronavirus situation, though not apparently affecting this location right now, I made a conscious effort NOT to touch my face while in the store.

Let me tell you, I failed miserably. I was surprised. Maybe it was because I was thinking about it, so it brought on every imaginable little “itch” that I wanted to scratch. For some reason my nose tickled, just begging me to rub and rid the tickle.

You try it. How long can you last?

TIP: If you must touch your face (i.e. an itch or whatever), the back of your wrist or arm is MUCH BETTER than using your hands.

Some here on the blog have mentioned how wearing a mask (e.g. N95 or better) is being most effective simply by keeping you aware not to touch your face. As opposed to possible or probable air leakage around the fit of the mask’s perimeter (unless it’s really snug to your face).

Anyway, short of wearing a space helmet, it’s not as easy as you might think to NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE, AT ALL… while out in a public place like Walmart, Costco, any store – during a time of potential infection.

Any tips out there?

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