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Pandemic Survival Kit | How To Survive

A severe pandemic may incapacitate a significant portion of the population. When a percentage of people are dying, it will get real. Real scary. Can you survive a pandemic? Yes you can. Here’s how to survive a pandemic…

Take a deep breath, read through this entire article with its recommendations. Make your own decisions and choices. Be prepared.

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Stay away from people

This may sound easy. But it’s not. Not at all. Why? Because there’s so many of us, and close proximity is inevitable. At first, people will believe that it won’t affect them. It will be business as usual. Going to work. Daycare. School. Errands. The grocery store. You name it…

The simple truth is to avoid proximity to other people, until it’s over. Easier said than done.

A severe pandemic may cripple infrastructure supply-chains, like groceries and things you need at home for a pandemic. Panic buying, people who are sick not going to work, or even self isolation or quarantine.

Are you ready and able to self quarantine for 7, 14, or more days? Worst case, could you remain isolated for weeks or even a month or more?

This article is re-published and updated for your information, given the recent publicity of the “coronavirus” outbreak which is evidently spreading in parts of Asia at this time. Though the article applies generically to any severe pandemic outbreak.

Surviving a pandemic is a matter of ISOLATING YOURSELF from OTHER INFECTED PEOPLE until it has run its course. At worse, this could be many weeks, month(s) or even longer (though absolute worst case).

Since you may not know which people may be infected (showing no symptoms yet), you will need to stay away from everyone outside of your home sphere for maximum mitigation. Therefore in order to be fully prepared, you must have the ability to self quarantine. To not go out where other potentially infected people are. This includes going to ‘work’, grocery shopping, etc..

You must have everything that you need already at home.

People going about their business…

During the onset of a severe and deadly pandemic, most people will not fully realize the ramifications. They will continue to go about their daily habitual routines of going to work, the grocery store, etc. They may be exposing themselves to the potential mortal consequences of a deadly pandemic.

Almost every transmissible disease has an incubation period during which time the person is infected but not yet showing signs of disease. Quite often, a person can be contagious for one to several or more days before exhibiting symptoms. That’s a problem!

Incubation Period

The incubation period of an infectious disease is the time between infection and symptom onset. Many viral infections will manifest themselves within a period of 3 – 5 days, and most within 10 – 14.

Ebola virus incubation potentially up to 21 days. Incubation period for Pneumonic plague is 1 – 3 days. Bubonic plague is 2 – 6 days. Up to 4 days for severe Coronavirus. (for example)

UPDATE: COVID-19 Coronavirus is said to be asymptomatic (no symptoms) for up to 14 days while shedding virus. 24 days has also been reported. It is apparently highly contagious during all that time!

Bugging in | Staying Home

If it ever gets real bad, the tough part will be deciding at what point to “bug in”, or stay home. Why? Because your employer will probably want you at work. If you choose to stay home, you might be risking your job (at least at first). There’s no clear answer. It will be an individual choice based on what’s going on out there.


The following is a starter-list of preparedness items, focused to do with pandemic survival. In reality there is much more to consider than this list. But hopefully it will set you in a direction to begin considering your options, should you ever need them…

Again, the key is to have enough supplies to hunker down without having to be around other people. Though some supplies are specific to the potential health realities of sick people.


This is to get you thinking about a pandemic shopping list. Things you need at home. Food for a pandemic.

Food, Water, Consumables

Firstly, be sure to have enough of the basics to remain at home for weeks, maybe longer, without having to go out and resupply. It’s a simple concept. But in reality most people don’t keep enough food and supplies to make it beyond a week.

FOOD SUPPLY. It’s not terribly difficult to build up a supply that will last 1 month — a good initial preparedness target – for each and all members of the household. Then 3 months.

There are reputable emergency food companies that sell kits of varying quantities (days). I like the ready made “food buckets” because they are quick and easy. But that’s just a starting point.

Augason Farms 30-Day Emergency Food Storage

Wise Company Emergency Food Supply

Augason Farms Lunch & Dinner Food Bucket

An excellent family operated and well established business in emergency preparedness who distributes several quality brands of emergency food is Ready Made Resources. I recommend that you check them out too. Tell ’em you came from Modern Survival Blog ;)

(UPDATE) New Article: Food To Survive Pandemic For 90 Days

(UPDATE) Coronavirus concerns: Listen, if you’re an amazon prime member, you can mitigate the risk of going to the grocery store among other potentially infected people. You can get just about any grocery delivered to your door. This might make sense for some of you, at least temporarily until threat of pandemic has subsided.


Water & Food (Level 2 Preparedness)

WATER FILTER. Clean, pure drinking water without bacteria or virus. An essential preparedness item is a quality gravity water filter, such as one of the Berkey models from USABerkeyFilters. I use their filters exclusively. The Best.

WATER STORAGE. Though we’re not expecting shutdown of water infrastructure, it’s always a good idea to have some water storage at home. Cases of ‘bottled water’. And/or water-specific storage containers. For example, these Samson Stackers.

TOILET PAPER. Can you ever have enough backup TP? Plus, when sick, you’re going to go through lots more than normal. On average, most use ~2 rolls/week/person. How about 5 per week? That’s ~60 rolls for 3 months per person.

KLEENEX / TISSUES & PAPER TOWELS. Get enough for 90 days so you don’t have to go out to the store and risk contagion from the pandemic. Paper towels ideal for sanitary / surfaces cleanup and disinfection with antiseptics.

Pandemic-specific Survival Kit Supplies

Protection for at home, or away from home. Surfaces may become contaminated with virus. Virus may become airborne via droplet or even aerosol transmission (worst case). These are the things that you need to think about, and to protect yourself from. — The things you can do to mitigate the issues associated with virus and contamination.

Firstly, good hygiene habits. Wash your hands. Especially after being out in public places. It may seem silly to describe “how to”, but read this to do it right.

Don’t touch eyes, nose, or mouth without having washed your hands first! Especially after having been in public places (e.g. grocery store?). It’s hard not to touch your face!

LIQUID BLEACH. “Regular” liquid bleach for sanitation and disinfection (have enough of it).

Read: Disinfectant Bleach-Water Ratio.

NITRILE EXAM GLOVES. Several boxes of disposable gloves. Example: Nitrile Exam Gloves

CHEMICAL RESISTANT GLOVES. These are thicker. Use them to protect hands while mixing / applying a batch of disinfecting bleach/water. Also for dealing with dangerous wastes (Wells Lamont).

FACE MASKS. Provides some protection from particulates entering your respiratory system. Rated at least for N95, like these from amzn. Note as of this update (FEB-2020), most are sold out due to coronavirus. But check back later…

RESPIRATOR MASK. The next step up. Quality respirator mask such as this one: 3M P100 having replaceable filter cartridges.

FACE SHIELD. It will help protect the eyes, nose, and mouth while in close proximity to an infected person (e.g. while treating). Example: Safety Works Adjustable Headgear

DISPOSABLE COVERALL SUIT. Such as the DuPont Tyvek Suit (several).

HAND SANITIZER. Use it for quick hand sanitizing after any public or patient exposure . It must have at least 60% alcohol active ingredient antiseptic (70% even better). Though you should wash hands often with soap and water. Search hand sanitizer on amzn.

HEPA AIR FILTER. HEPA filters for in-house air filtration. Virus will latch on to sneeze/cough globules. Aerosol transmission would be even worse (this coronavirus has been said to exhibit this). A HEPA air filter at home will help to catch this.

VOMIT BAGS. Sorry, gross I know. But if someone at home gets sick, these sure make it a bit easier to deal with. (We’ve been using this type of bag). It has a convenient closure method to minimize exposure – twist and secure bag into the notched ring. We first saw them at our local hospital.

DISINFECTING WIPES. Keep surfaces disinfected at home. Also, (tip!) grocery stores have this near their carriages / baskets. Use them! Wipe down the handles. Search Disinfecting Wipes on amzn.

LIQUID SOAP | HAND SOAP. An aggressive formula soap such as Dawn Ultra. Have enough hand soap (i.e. pump bottles).

MEDICATIONS. Enough of whatever you may be taking. Also consider those which may help alleviate symptoms if someone were to get sick at home.

FLU SYMPTOM MEDICINES. Make sure that you already have enough in your house. Fever reducers (Ibuprofen, Tylenol). NyQuil, DayQuil. Whichever of this type of relief has worked for you in the past. Just make sure you have a supply.

ELECTROLYTE REPLACEMENT. If someone becomes sick, they may dehydrate (not good!). So keep some electrolyte replacement, such as this one from Vitalyte.

IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTERS. Get enough sleep. Keep your body strong. Eat right. With that said, there are boosters and supplements. Such as the following (view on amzn),

Elderberry Gummies with Vitamin C & Zinc (Kids)

Elederberry Gummies with Vitamin C & Zinc (Adults)

Vitamin C Powder

ISOLATION ROOM. You might consider the materials necessary to set up a temporary isolation room — in case someone at home gets sick with this virus. This may include a separate HEPA filter for the room. An adequate supply of nitrile gloves and masks for in-and-out. Maybe even a portable toilet for the room.

If you are very serious about an isolation room, you might have a look at CBRN protection by way of a professional isolation tent for quarantine or protection mode.

PORTABLE TOILET. For provisional isolation room, if you need to set one up. (Self-Contained Toilet).

The Takeaway | How to Survive a Pandemic

The world is ill-prepared for the fight against severe pandemic outbreaks. The Plague, Ebola, MERS, SARS, avian flu and other illnesses could re-emerge at any time. We live in a world of high speed transportation (worldwide). There are more people than ever, and things could spread fast.

While the list above is not complete for an overall pandemic preparedness plan, it should get you to thinking about your own preparedness. Search Modern Survival Blog for further ideas and opinions regarding prepping & preparedness.

Feel free to add your additional suggestions below…

The first chunk of comments below are relevant to earlier posting regarding Ebola.

Jump to comments surrounding the Coronavirus which begin about (here) down the page.

Continue reading: Mind-blowing Exponential Growth – Parallels with a Pandemic


  1. We are social animals that cannot stand to be without companionship for very long. Indeed there are a few that quite prefer solitude, but for the most part, we need someone to talk to.

    That being said, it is most important to recognize that it takes some measure of proximity in order to acquire the germ set or bacterium causing a particular disease or malady, so it makes perfect sense that to maintain distance between oneself and others with potential infection.

    To that end, I would say that to keep a supply of books, movies or other time consuming entertainment on-hand for such an event would be prudent at the least.

    Most of us here have some level of preparations, hopefully several weeks worth. I for one, am willing to sacrifice my job if need be, stay home and away from the infected masses and retain my health in order to survive.

    I work to live, I do not live to work. Once that distinction becomes clear, it is easier to accept that one may need to lay low for more than a month for the pandemic to stabilize.

    1. Sometimes working is the main reason for the survival of the human race. If all the doctors, researchers, and the persons that try to find a cure suddenly stop working in order to stay safe, how can we ensure the survival of ourselves? The pandemic may die out, but its far too risky to wait for the virus to die out. Virus mutates and sooner it may infect everyone.

      1. Trust me, those of us in the healthcare profession are here at work. We are taking precautions, but we are here.

        1. Good place to add this.
          As of today 3/18/2020
          Everything you have to purchase through Amazon is sold out. They are not giving a time that they will have anymore. I think what the person who wrote this has done a GREAT JOB. If I make it through this Virus, I will definitely look into doing this. Thank for the information. I also was a Nurse. I’m now retired early due to MS. I have been confined to my apartment by Medical Staff who will deliver Food, Water and Medicine to my front door. After a knock I will be able to open it and bring in the items. Thank God I have not had any company or contact with anyone in the last 30 days!
          I can handle being alone with my cat and TV.
          Be Safe, Be Diligent and May God Bless us all!

    2. I think that very much depends on what you do for work. If you’re a doctor, nurse, EMT, cop, firefighter, electric company worker, farmer etc. you pretty much have to go to work. If you’re working retail sales at a boutique, a “desk jockey” or in some other “non-essential” job where you’d be told to stay home in a severe snowstorm, I’d say you can easily stay home and probably should.

      1. what about retail workers in dollar stores, convenience stores and grocery stores? motel employee? gas station attendants? fast food employees? mail and delivery services like ups? public transit employees? it’s a pandemic and my budget motel brand corporate office went home until the 6th of april but properties are still open. happy to have 50% occupancy in a pandemic off the backs of their frontline workers at the desk and in housekeeping. it makes me sick to my stomach.

  2. For what it’s worth-I take a lot of vitamin c-split over the course of the day.Been doing so for years-decades actually! I could not tell you the last time I was ever sick.I really believe it has built up my immunity to a nice degree.I am 55,and still work hard at my job which can be quite physical,and do 3 strength training sessions a week.I think this all helps to keep you healthy in the long run!

    1. Vitamin C, D-3, hemp oil daily without fail, and turmeric.

      I have not been sick for decades.
      I am 64 and take no prescription drugs.

        1. Whiskey Vision
          I purchase my hemp oil thru Amazon. I have it set up on regular automatic delivery. I take it to help with the pain in my knees. It helps me to be more mobile.

  3. As far as masks go, I personally believe that a half-face mask with P-100 cartridges [HEPA] are the best bet for protection, mobility and being able to retain your peripheral vision. I am VP of an environmental remediation firm, so we regularly provide respiratory fitness physicals and qualitative fit testing for all employees enrolled in our respiratory protection program. Not everyone can use a negative pressure respirator, and some cannot use them at all. Respirators take a lot of “getting used to” since while wearing them, one must exert more energy to breathe than normal. P-100 filters are rather dense, so you have to pull your air in across the filter media. I have seen healthy, fit men tear them off after half an hour and quit, saying they cannot tolerate the mask. They are confining and claustrophobic to some, and they require significant effort to breathe normally.

    Please be careful when making the decision to wear a respirator. Even the N95 can restrict air flow, so those with COPD, asthma or if you have a URI, should use great caution when deciding to use one.


  4. I work in a county hospital and have been an intensive care nurse for 30 years. 10 years ago when I started at county, the infection control nurse told us this in our orientation:

    When one of the pandemic type infections starts, you will be the first to know. You will hear from other departments in the hospital at first that they don’t have enough ventilators, medications and isolation rooms for the pts coming in to the hospital.

    Mobs of people will be coming to the ER who will put the waiting in tents outside the hospital to wait to be seen – not treated.

    The last thing she said was that she would not be coming to work. She repeated it three times.

    Two years ago we had tents up for N1H1 Flu, but it never came. We have had cases of SARS, N1H1, Plague (really!), Flesh eating bacteria, MRSA and VRSA is common in all departments and Swine Flu. That said, I will not be going to work, but will work for my family and neighbors.

    I live in a regular housing tract, but we have 10 families sharing the responsibility for supplies and skills. To survive I have a better chance in a group. I pray we never need to use them, but we are way overdue for a pandemic. At the first sign of Ebola we should have closed our borders. Good Luck. When I know it is starting I will post everywhere I can. Bless you all.

    1. Thank you for your real life input. What this means is that the first hint of a serious pandemic, outside of media, will be the manifestation of hospitals putting up tents, even before the arrival of any actual pts. The second hint shall be all the available parking spaces in the employees only parking lot.

      This information makes it clear that, during a pandemic, going to the hospital, for ANY reason, might be extremely foolish. A pandemic doesn’t stop all the OTHER injuries and sicknesses that normally abound. But, non-pandemic health issues, which would normally motivate one to go to the hospital to treat, would simply expose those people to an extreme concentration of highly contagious pathogen. At the same time, the understaffed health facility, wouldn’t be able to aid you, and you would be subject to triage.

      Therefore, if you currently have health issues, you MUST attempt to become utterly independent of ANY health facility for the duration of the pandemic. Doing so may be an overwhelming task for many. People on oxygen, for example.

      Remarkable how everything seems to be coming to a head, as if events are “timed,” or coordinated, to compliment each other. A perfect storm.

      1. Ision

        You are so right about taking care of any health issues ahead of time. That includes regular cardiac screening, postponed trips to the dentist and eye exams (in case you might be developing glaucoma or something). Also, make sure you have plenty of any prescription medications on hand and if they require refrigeration, such as insulin, make sure you have a way to keep them at the proper temperature.

        Some people have trouble getting doctors and pharmacists to provide extra amounts of prescription meds. Here are a few ways:
        Make sure you fill your prescription just as soon as you are allowed (don’t wait an extra day just because you have extra) Each time fill it a little earlier in the month than last time.

        Ask for a prescription for a 90 day supply (It is cheaper that way, too)

        Ask for your prescription to be filled ahead of time because you are going on a trip.

        Tell them you accidently spilled your entire pill bottle into the toilet.

        Present a record of your blood pressure readings and tell the doctor you need a stronger prescription. If your pills have a little line across the middle, it is ok to cut them in two. So if you need 25 mg per day, and you have some pills that are 50 mg, not only can you make your pills last twice as long, but usually they are cheaper per mg in the higher dose.

        Make sure you rotate your meds and keep them in a cool dry place.

    2. Tridden, Thank You! we will depend on you.
      also.,What area of ounry are you in north, east ,south, or west?

    3. Thank YOU for your post, Tridden. Thank you for sharing here. I know many people in the medical field, even family (first responders) who state they will not be going to work either. Also, just a few weeks ago advised us to check and update our first aid/medical supplies and make sure we have the tyvek suits and masks. One of my projects for this week. Also had some people advise us to limit airline travel.

  5. Maybe the “boomers’ will remember back in the day when we went to the hospital, the “hospital smell”? That was usually from a chemical called Lysol. I suggest a bottle or two of Lysol Disinfectant Concentrate. And a supply of pump spray bottles. You simply mix your own disinfectant spray, as strong as you wish. The label on Lysol lists the main ingredient as o-Benzyl-p-chlorophenol. One bottle of concentrate can be diluted to make up to 8 to 10 gallons of disinfectant spray.

    1. I remember the brown bottles of Lysol well. Anytime someone was sick in the house, the whole house was washed down with it. Floors, walls, everything. Even the sheets were soaked in a bucket of it for a while before washing. And tooth brushes were all to be kept in their container and rinsed with the gold listerine before and after we used them.

  6. From the article. My thoughts in between the —. Italics would work if I knew how.

    Dr. Christopher Perkins with the Dallas County health department told reporters that the Texas man didn’t start showing symptoms until he arrived home.

    So Customs or whoever isn’t testing returning travelers from dangerous areas? TSA too busy groping people?

    “We know at this time this person was not symptomatic during travel but became symptomatic once arriving here and being home for several days,” said Perkins, according the Dallas Morning News. “So that decreases the threat that might be to the general population.”

    What? Why? I’m sure that anyone who has come into contact with Ebola John, perhaps a descendant of Typhoid Mary, are reassured.

    The CDC has a team enroute to North Texas to help health officials re-trace the man’s contacts since he has been back in the states.

    Making a list, checking it twice. They’re off to camp tonight.

    Dr. Thomas Frieden, CDC director, said the man arrived from Liberia on Sept. 20, but didn’t start feeling ill until Sept. 24. The man saught medical treatment last Friday before being sent home, but later admitted to the hospital on Sunday.

    Getting better by the moment. Looks like the Keystone Docs are running the show. Might be biblical, i.e. go forth and multiply. Anybody know what ‘saught’ means? Journalism at it’s finest. Could be a Texas thing.

    Ebola is highly contagious and deadly, but only spread through contact with bodily fluids. Dallas County Health and Human Services Director Zachary Thompson spent most of his day trying to calm the fears of North Texans.

    Like sweat? Put it there pardner!

    “It is easier to get the flu than it is to get the Ebola virus,” Thompson told KTVT-TV. “You have to get it through secretion, blood, that type of transmission. So this is not a situation where you go to the grocery store and you get infected with the virus.”

    1. Keystone Docs

      yup yup yup…

      you pretty much pegged their response.

      I have read articles, from Doctors Without Borders, from WHO, from International Experts (NOT American CDC), which to sum it all up

      —Ebola is most definitely contagious 21 days prior to ANY symptom, via any physical contact/body fluids/sexual contact etc.

      —Ebola virus can live on a hard surface (never mind a biologically attractive surface like animal/person) for three to five days

      —Ebola virus is active in the body of the deceased person for some time after death, no one seems certain if this is days/weeks ????

      why are they all sticking their heads in the sand?

    2. Here’s a link that says the Ebola virus can live on surfaces for several hours even days at room temperature. That cough & sneeze droplets, though these aren’t normal symptoms of Ebola patients will have infection fluids. So the line of crap that the grocery store is safe, etc. is a lie.

  7. Don’t forget feminine products on your list. Happy wife, happy life.

  8. At what point in a pandemic would you consider bugging in and staying away from other? I mean if you do it too early and it turns out to be nothing you could have really set back your work and kids schooling. Any pointers? Perhaps anyone knows of a good book on this subject?

  9. Be smart.

    In reality the chances of a Society Collapse scenario are very low, I believe that Civil Defense teams and community bonds will be enough to keep the community together. People will only start looting as a last resort (Although, the stupidity of humans has amazed me in the past.)

    In the event of a breakdown of society during a pandemic, you want to be prepared to isolate yourself from the outside for a significant period of time, couple of months. That’s going to require resources to be collected BEFORE society goes to far to crap. If things start looking like they might turn sour, stock up. You won’t be the only one thinking it but you’ll need the resources. Avoid large shopping centers if necessary and go to smaller stores.

    The biggest thing you can do for yourself is to keep cool and calm. Determine your priorities and assess the situation, then make a plan of action and execute it. Need water? Seawater can be turned into fresh water by boiling it and collecting the steam, or even just boiling freshwater for a couple minutes should make it safe to drink.

    Know your issues. Is the pandemic airborne? How can you reduce the risk of infection? What is the state of society outside? Can you relax at night or should you board up the windows? Information is your best friend, acquire as much as you can without putting yourself at too much risk.

    1. I disagree about the community bonding. Our civilization begins to fall apart over the smallest issues. Remember the rioting in North Carolina a little over 2 years ago? My gosh, people were being bused in to tear the city apart. A couple of local gun shops close to downtown kept their stores open for law enforcement in case additional ammunition was needed. They looted, stole tennis shoes, and anything else that wasn’t nailed down. As a former operator and LEO, I guarantee the fabric of civilization will break down if it gets bad enough. May I suggest the purchase of a good mares leg pump shotgun or a Glock 22 with extra .40 cal. cartridges, or both. If someone breaks into your home, that is not the time to debate politics or “non-violence”. I would definitely add that to my Corona Virus tool kit.

  10. Does anyone know the answer to this..?—- Say one wants to thoroughly “disinfect” one’s hands. Would pouring/dipping / rubbing one’s hands with a bleach-water solution —- Rubbing Alcohol —- Hydrogen Peroxide —all be roughly “equal” in germ/virus/killing properties, or is one superior?

    1. Anon,
      There may not be any one sized fits all answer…

      Peroxide would be less damaging … It will kill all the bacteria and virus’ that depend on low oxygen levels to survive. we recently used FOOD Grade peroxide with other things to kill out a Hospital acquired pneumonia/ from hospital procedure. someone mentioned Dankins solution, it would be beneficial as well.

      One would need to be very sure there are no breaks in the skin, before going into any situation bare handed. One would need to do a thorough hand washing technique after removing gloves and hands and skin integrity may become compromised by chapping from handwashng. My best guess would depend on what i thought the offending organism was…. would use a bleach water solution if a bacteria or viral that bleach affects… then would follow with thorough soap solution..washing all way to elbows , soaping and rinsing at least 2x. following that with a protective lotion.

      I would not use the alcohol uless it is food grade, for any hand washing.. would reserve that for cleaning tools… for making tinctures, pain relief etc…

      We routiely go all week without seeing or talkig to anyone..If we get word there is “something going around tre is a good chance we will not have contacted and would reman home and out of contact.

      For those that have children in school… consider home schooling options… at least investigate… get extra workbooks, old textbooks a level at and above your childs present age./grade., to have back up activities. Have plenty reading matrials and writing materials on hand. Language skills and math should be focus. Reading of various social studies, history books, fiction books can all be utilized to do “written book reports” from.for first 6 years of schooling at least half of reading should be done aloud to an adult.

      If there is a pandemic No one will be going to school, and if you remove your child soon in the anticipated crisis,they will not be sequestered in the petri dish at school…. Basic supplies needed…., writing paper and supplies,.. pens pencils…activities (cooking is a good science project teaches math skills) and reading material,( the older the better) in all subjects, your child should not suffer, especially in the younger grades… a good certified nursing assistanc set of workbooks would be useful to teach children and teens how to properly do carefor others and keep themselves safe..( handwashing etc) disinfectant procedures…making beds..assisting to help turn or position someone sick/hurt.

      1. Just Sayin’
        Thank you. Good info.
        You mention ” recently used FOOD Grade peroxide with other things to kill out a Hospital acquired pneumonia” — Can I ask how was this used? gargle? swallow? Am wondering then, if gargling with this would help someone with severe laryngitis? Thks.

        1. Anon, Also should consider vinegar diluted as a possible hand ,..surface, counter wash..
          .DH used 35% 10 drops in 120cc water, He held under tongue for absorbtion., after holding and swishing for about 2 inutes then he swallowed…. gastric juices destroys much of benefit and this gives high oxygenation.. it .causes germs that thrive in a low oxygen enviroment to die.In short has worked for my DH.. he also used a 20ppm colloidal silver , 15cc same way on alternate 4 hour schedule. works very quickly, To stop rebound illness, he continued 3 days past symptoms being gone.( when he stopped sooner, the congestion returned next day) consider the cleansers and immune boosters.. naturals that are also foods… garlic,, cilantro, parsley, cordycepts,, chorella, dandilion, having clean supply of these can maintain our health to our own highest level.s.. .

        2. Just Sayin’
          I use lots of vinegar as counter wash etc, but hadn’t thought of it as hand wash. Good suggestion.

          Thank you for info on the ratios / technique re Hydrogen Peroxide. It is good to have something else (non prescription) in my “bag”. (and the other suggestions too).

      2. In some areas, you can register a child for home school but they continue going to the regular school indefinitely. A few years ago they were actually suggesting this in our area for worried parents during the ebola scare. Pull your child out at a moment’s notice because all the paperwork is already done.

        1. If i had a young child who needed heavy interaction, and recieved extra schooling supports, music…etc.. this would be a very good option.
          Knowing what the curriculum that follows what your child is presently learning would be imperative to avoid learning gaps …. ie… can’t skip multiplication and division and go straight into geometry… all are needed throughout life.
          With the under currents that has all of the world as being panic driven and stricken at the slightest info, I do not think that needed info will be released early…my concern would be that I would not pull my child quick enough. to err on the side of caution…would be imperative.
          Many years ago my local school did not support my child and began home school under a religous school banner. I was responsible for all her curriculum. with a learning disability. We developed a plan to get her reading at level in 3 years. for a profoundly dyslexic, she did not get many days off, but was able to catch up.. .She later , as an adult, told me “Mom the reading program you made for me was boring, but it worked better than anything else I have tried”

    2. Don’t use bleach on your skin. It sets up contact dermatitis. Rubbing alcohol works well; hydrogen peroxide works–but don’t over use. Honestly, your very best, and I do mean BEST, solution is thoroughly washing your hands frequently with basic soap and warm water. Get under the nails as best you can, use a fingernail brush if you have it. Scrub for at least 20 seconds. I think there’s a link above for technique, if you need. This will over time dry your skin out, so don’t forget lotion, too. Cracked skin is bad to get infected. And avoid touching your face. Which is harder than it sounds.

  11. Anon

    another question on this….(I am skeptical)….—- recently I was at a walk-in medical clinic. I had a minor cut they were “inspecting”. Expecting them to disinfect it with a chemical, the nurse insisted they only ever used a salt water solution. (it came in a little tube and they dribbled it over, and then dabbed at cut)…Now I am old enough that soaking many things in salt water was widely used…BUT…If one is in a situation where there are lots of germs etc (Medical clinic), and one has a cut, possibly infected, is salt water really adequate? ((( I didn’t argue with the nurse, as she seemed quite intense on this “new” idea of salt water, but I had myself treated said injury before and after, regardless)

    1. Humm interesting. The over use of antibiotics is ruining our drinking water etc. Wonder is that is the reason. Or perhaps finances. Salt is good for many things.

      1. What is not said,…. is that the over use of antibiotics is in the food world.. in your animals… hormones… ditto.. and they poop it out and it ends up in water supply indefinitely… This is a really good reason to get the best water filter system you can afford . it should be one that even removes fracking chemicals… those get enough things that even medicines have a hard time getting thru…
        as i also posted a dilute of vinegar would work for a wound wash, however, sterile SALINE is the make up of tears…that wash your eyes, so are safe for all wounds even sterile places like the eyes..If i had an open wound in an infected/ affected enviroment…I would be leaning toward a optional antibacterial that is highly effective on most resistant bacteria… silver solutions, now comes in a tube in first aide section…Just Sayin’

        1. True. I know some will find home remedies pretty ugly. But, I have urinated on my feet many times to prevent bacteria buildup and cure blisters. The salt and uric acid work wonders. Also for ear infections, a tiny bit of urine heated in a spoon will address the problem of an ear ache. For for mild cases, sweet oil or olive oil will do the same thing.

  12. I am also a nurse and I would continue going to work until no longer able to or no longer paid to. I’m a mercenary. I will work as long as I am paid.

    1. I am no longer a mercenary. Been out a good 20 years. One would need to consider ….Is it safe to travel to and from work?. How many family members depend on you to come home.? What is the price you are willing to PAY?

    2. Cali, could you give us a list of what you think are the most important supplies to keep on hand? It would be much appreciated by all here. Thanks in advance for considering it…..

      1. DJ5280, look at your post and scroll down a few posts… is posted below about cleaning solutions…. Cali gives some cleaning….solution ideas. Other items…..good rubber gloves in sizes of every adult in household 2 pair each. disposable gloves and face masks. several cleaning buckets, portable loo,bleach, peroxide. emesis basins, disinfectant sprays….either commercial or herbal….
        …rehydration formula’s. medication for diarrhea and vomiting.
        For those with allergy issues and respiratory compromise extra rescue medications..back ups.
        Paper towels, TP laundry detergent. including borax,+ vinegar.Multiple sized trash bags… paper plates for anyone sick with plastic ware
        ……/burn barrell/ fire-pit to dispose of .Matches, lighters
        .All trash from a sick room should be double bagged, gloves used to handle should be burned. as disposed of…and thorough handwashing/ followed w peroxide rinse on removal of gloves.
        Look up, natural immunity boosters, anti virals and antibacterial (naturals.) this is a virus but many problems come from secondary infections for the weak.

        1. Just Sayin,

          Have read about lomatium disectum (aka fernleaf biscuit root) as a strong antiviral against all influenza. Have ordered some up to have on hand just in case. Do you have any experience with this ? Thanks.

        2. Minerjim and friends please remember that all these herbals are mostly for reinforcing the most powerful influenza defense you have. Your own immune system. Mankind has been battling disease long before we “discovered” supporting herbs and foods.

          Indeed most if not all of those discoveries were discovered that we “Felt Better” after eating….

          To HELP your Immune System. Get plenty of rest, drink plenty of water (Your morning urine will be yellow, the other 3 visits should be straw yellow or clear) eat healthy foods AND be aware of how you feel after you eat.

          Chicken soup has been proven to help. Easy nutrition, extra fluids. MY GO TO when I have the “I WANNA DIE FLU” is Hot Kimchee Soup. It’s a cross between “Fire Cider” (Which WORKS pretty well for me) and Chicken Soup. Fermented foods SUPPORT the Gut which is most of your Immune System.

          Hot Kimchee Soup Super Jewish Penicillin. Lots of Garlic, hot peppers, fermented goodies, easy nutrition.

          So to reduce exposure to pathogens. Wear a mask if a lot of folks are getting sick. Wash your hands BEFORE touching your mucus membranes like your mouth, nose eyes. Reduce your time of exposure to sick people I. E. think are you shopping because your bored (I am often guilty here) or because you NEED to get IN (With a LIST AND a Plan to get’er DONE and gone..) for 10 days of food and critical needs.

          Isolation protocol. To reduce bringing pathogens INTO your home. OUTSIDE your home set up IN THE SUNSHINE a place to spread out your groceries. Allow them to “Air Out” and get some sunshine (UV) decontamination. EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS here folks.

          Set up a strip and wash zone. Assume your covered in nastiness and figure out how to get home and CLEAN UP before you hug your kids, sit on that sofa (making it contaminated) and in general not track it all over your house. Maybe a Soap and Water “Whores Bath” of your #1 your Hands #2 Face #3 Hair (a wonderful place for Flu Bugs to await your families kisses) and the AGAIN your hands.

          Plastic bags to transport laundry into the ready washing machine WEAR a Mask when loading machine and WASH your Hands again.

          Soap and Water are your friends.

          IF despite all this effort you get sick, when you first notice it BLAST it with Isolation (as not to spread it to the rest of your family) plenty of bed rest, hydration good nutrition and whatever herbals you feel the need to add.

          I always KNOW I’m coming down with something. DO NOT WAIT until your “Really Sick” to start self medicating. Stomp it NOW and thus your immune system has the best chance to destroy this problem before it’s overwhelmed.

          You could look it up but the time from “Your feeling Poorly” to your really SICK from a nasty influenza is around 3 days. That second day or so YOUR Spewing Flu bugs all around. THUS the NEED to Isolate yourself ASAP. Any MASK is better than NO Mask. Always MASK the SICK ONES as they are SPEWING with every cough the BUG.

          I’ve been working in the hospital system for decades. I’ve seen and survived many a nasty flu seasons as everybody SICK shows up to see us. The Above has been my personal FLU season protocol and has always done me well.

  13. What about the mail? Being isolated is great but don’t touch the mail box or any other packages. Just a thought!

    1. Had that thought just the other day when I got a package from China. Ultimately I did open it, but I washed my hands after.

  14. Different chemicals are used for different purposes for cleaning surfaces:

    Alcohol pads are used to clean razor heads and things that touch our skin because it kills the bad bugs yet is relatively benign on our skin.

    Lye as in Lysol is good for surfaces though it would cause skin irritation when used on razor heads. Lysol will cause inflammation and burns on broken skin. Also be careful not to get lye in the eyes or mucous membranes.

    My facility uses peroxide wipes but the fallback is bleach in wipes or in spray bottles. Bleach is cheap.

    Cepacol ( spelling ) contains a type of antibiotic that kills many bad bugs found within your mouth and throat. I discovered this in my experiments with petri dishes in Microbiology. ( one of the few courses in which I got an A grade.).

    I have observed that many mystery rashes within my locked facility came about when the wrong chemical was used for cleaning purposes. An example is people that used lysol to clean razor heads. When the lysol was replaced with alcohol pads after rinsing the lye off, the mystery rashes disappeared.

    Bottom line: Be a smart consumer and read the label while purchasing.

    It is winter here and the air is dry. Lotion up after bathing to keep your skin intact and wear gloves to protect your skin from the cold and the things that nick your skin this time of year.

  15. To Anon:

    Your wound was probably cleansed with normal saline. That along with gauze to scrub or wipe away was for purpose of debridement. The goal may have been to not kill the healthy tissue on surface while leaving foreign matter deep within a wound channel. that is a recipe for creating a pocket of infection beneath scar tissue.

    In a perfect world, I clean from bottom out and let the human body start the healing process from bottom out as well. Use of sterile normal saline reduces the chances of scar tissue formation in the healing process. Very few people will pay attention to this explanation and will simply come back for me to re-clean and redress the wound.

    1. that is the way I was taught… inside out for cleaning and inside out for healing

  16. Another timely article Ken

    I often wonder what happens to all of the Ebola, Hepatitis A, Killer Flu, ‘on and on’ epidemics that hit the MSM for 35 seconds than disappear.

    Are those deadly plagues still not out there?

    Are we all of the sudden immune to them?

    How about the Black Plague that’s hitting Madagascar/Africa right now? Where is the “News” on this?

    What about the hundreds of people being killed and raped by ISIS and immigrants in Europe right now?

    How about my favorite city Chicago; November to Date, Shot & Killed: 16, Shot & Wounded: 76, Total Shot: 92, Total Homicides: 16 ….. and nobody seems to care??????

    Is this Country so worried about who did this to them 40 years ago that the Country simply does not care anymore?

    Ok, ,Rant over

    Taking a hard look at Ken’s list I feel fairly good about when the Pandemic hits, Have a few things to stock up more on, like 3M P100 Reusable Respirator Mask, could use a few more, and the Purina Cat Litter, of course I don’t have a cat, and I have a LOT of sandy dirt outside….. thinking maybe??? Maybe not.

    I believe being able to just stay home and away from other people for a few weeks/months will be one of the most important things AND knowing how to ‘seal’ up the house, good to know for also sealing in case of radiation also.

    Do you have a way to filter fresh air that comes into the house?

    1. @NRP,
      Is 100 rolls of TP per person enough? I actually stock more than that. Having been a reader of this blog for a year or two, you seem to be the TP expert so I’m asking your advice.

      1. Texasprepper

        Im going to go off the idea of a 3 month ‘lockdown’, so we’re talking 90 days, so yes a roll per day shoulf be more than enough, even double the time frame of 6 months, 100 rolls per person is right at 2 days per roll of TP. I would seriously consider 100 rollls of TP per person would hold one for close to a year, two rolls a week.

        1. Texasprepper and NRP..
          agreed that is approximate use to be expected under normal conditions, just calling it to attention…
          If you change brands of TP for any reason, be sure to do a check and see how long the new brand lasts..with normal useage… The companies are putting out so many different qualities of paper,… it is hard to compare without knowing how long each one lasts.
          Our latest forced change found us increasing from 2.5 rolls/wk to 4 rolls a week/2 adults home most days. Add a sinus infection , respiratory and/or diarrhea to that mix and double that need would not be unusual to see.part of this can be off set via extra boxes of Kleenex products.

        2. Just Sayin

          So your of the same mindset as myself?
          ^00 rolls is not excessive per person?????

    2. NRP,
      With most any house, the little cracks and leaks are referred to as “infiltration” in the industry. Just really can’t avoid it much. you can seal cracks, etc. but you will still get infiltration in a strong wind. What you could do is install an outside air intake into the return of your heating system and throw a HEPA filter on that. Now you are bringing in outside air, filtering it well, and allowing the heating system to somewhat pressurize your house, so the air flow is going out, thus somewhat equalizing the infiltration. (Most nuclear and chemical manufacturing facilities do the opposite, keeping zones on negative pressure to keep the crap in.) Just a thought. I need to do that on our cottage, and install the intake and HEPA filter right before the electrostatic air filter. BTW, they are doing controlled burns on the Uncompahgre Plateau this week up here, smoky as heck outside, but that electrostatic air filter takes the smoke particles right out and keeps the air in the cottage nice.
      Ken, maybe we need an article on air filters, like what is considered HEPA and what is ‘good enough’?

      1. Minerjim
        Agreed on the Electrostatic Filters I have them installed on my two forced air furnaces. I also agree on sealing a house 100%, fortunately my home is a positive pressure home, so good to go there. Good idea on the HEPA filter, thinking on a removable unit for the intake air….

    3. Rant is close to a 9… need for a rant on said subject is 20. real answer is all of them are developed as weapons for destruction of targeted populations in government sponsored labs. news networks are fed info based on what they want released. That is why real news stroies gets pulled after just a few minutes , or certain things are suddenly cut off to go to a commercial break.

  17. I wonder if people will stay in a quarantine situation? We had people in the past who wouldn’t even quarantine their horses for the allotted four-day requirement at a stable. Kept sneaking them out at night for turn-outs and grazing. Will people listen? And obey quarantine? Who takes care of them? I will help my family, and I hope I could help others, but I am not too sure I could risk everything and everyone I love for strangers. We have most of the items listed, and our supplies are geared for us never having to leave the house for at least six months. And reading the nurse comments here makes me think that others also would not be going to work. Like those at the power companies, or the stores, gas stations, etc. We have geared our homestead to live like the 1800’s, if necessary. (Or the Amish, my DIL says). After so many years of trying different things, I have learned that keeping things most simple and basic is the answer for us. Besides pneumonic plague, I read that Marburg virus has surfaced in Africa. Any more info on that?

    Oh, and K9 flu has surfaced in the Heartland….get your dogs vaccinated. Nasty stuff for dogs.

      1. That is why one must be prepared for …an extended time in self quarantine… I am thinking 6 -9 months, will be closer to time needed than the 2-3 months being talked about. I would expect all grid services to fail at some point, due to low or inadequate maintainence. secondary to sick or self sequestering for personal safety. Then ther ewill be those who get out too early because “they can’t stand being alone with just family” and they will contract said disease, extending the necessity for everyoe to remain in. Something truly to ponder.

        1. I agree with most of your comment, especially the possibility of grid-failure at some point. Keep on your toes, people.

  18. A lot to be said for soap and water and adequate time scrubbing. Normal saline is great and is used because it is is isotonic or neutral to tissue being exposed to it. It’s also popular to mix with hydrogen peroxide, betadine and hibiclens. There are recipes on the web for making it and you should also be familiar with Dakins solution which is a weak bleach solution. Once again. Look it up also.

    To add to NRPs note. There has just been another shooting in central California with at least 5 people shot.

    1. me

      I saw that shooting News, the new epidemic? along with the .gov lying about everything?
      I wonder if the Gun Grabbers will let the blood dry before Gov. Brown signs in a new law confiscating Firearms?

      1. no, the dead have not been buried from the last episode in this saga .how many law in this town, 100 officers there immediately, must have had a convention there.

  19. If it gets really bad a full face gas mask is the only way to go. Went into a walk in crawl space with just face mask and safety glasses at the first of the year. This is standard safety practice as a general contractor in confined space area inspection. Found black mold growing on everything under this house. Backed out and dumped jumpsuit, face mask and safety glasses and washed up with cold hose water. A month later I have a terrible eye infection and the doctor believes it was from the black mold. It took two months to get over it with three different eye drops. Now have double canister full face respirators at $400.00 a pop. I don’t know about Bio-Weapons or just plain nasty bugs as my training was different. I do know if this balloon goes up we are on total lock down and see you in a year.

    1. @Southernman, If the balloon goes up, my plan is to not need a mask because Mrs.J and I will be hunkered down and will not go out in public until long after it’s over…

      That said, I certainly do have masks here, including the P100 linked in the article above! You never know when you might need them…

      1. Ken
        Personally I like the N95 with the built in respirator, they are easier to breathe through than the solid N95’s. The other mask you have linked, I had not seen until I looked at this article.

  20. James. The book you want to read is “Living Terrors: What America Needs to Know to Survive the Coming Bioterroist Catastrophe” by Michael T Osterholm, founder of Cidrac (Center for Disease Research and Policy) at the University of Minnesota ( A top epidemiologist and his site will tell you about current, new or emerging diseases and when to really be worried about them. He’s the type of expert the government calls on when they need answers on the subject.

    The book mentioned talks about the top 5 pathogens which could be weaponized, the first signs, what you can do about it (if anything) and the course that pandemics take so you can prepare as best you can.

    As he has pointed out, even the media which follows and writes on health matters, too often mixes up the differences between an epidemic and a pandemic.

    So folks really worry too much when they shouldn’t. The plague hitting Africa is only a regional epidemic not a pandemic. Look to his site and good government sites for good information. It’s all out there.

    Don’t worry about anthrax because it’s not communicable although it could do a lot of damage if aerosolized and dispersed in crowded areas. So don’t worry about mail in mailboxes either Wolfgar.

    CaliRefugee Thanks for planning to go to work. The good news is that the government has 300 million doses of smallpox vaccine so if the pandemic is smallpox then most everyone will get a dose and first responders, health care workers, police and military will get theirs first as it should be.

    I’m retired so it would be easy to self quarantine IF it came to that. Go out as little as possible, stock up for 3 months on water, food and medicines as a pandemic comes in 3 month waves and wear gloves, face masks and something over your eyes when you do have to go out. Be super careful. Don’t forget antibiotics and read up on how to use them. They may or may not help. Depends on what the pandemic pathogen is. We’ll find out after the fact.

    Get Pandemic Ready is an excellent web site for everything you need to get set up.

    Not just for weaponized pathogens but the worse ever – influenza like the 1918 one which killed 30 million worldwide.

  21. I note that virtually all of the items can be bought at the Dollar Store, Harbor Freight or a big box store. While not necessarily of the best quality, they might be “good enough” (mindful of the adage that “perfect” is the enemy of “good enough”). For example, I have bought the plastic face guards for a dollar at one of the above named places, for use in connection with my hobbies, but it can be easily repurposed for pandemic use.

    1. Absolutely! Hopefully the simple list above will get people thinking about the unique preps for pandemic survival.

      In a nutshell… be able to stay at home for 3 months along with specifics having to do with potentially dealing with the sickness itself. Now that I’m thinking about it again, will a family be able to mentally survive at home together for 3 months?!

  22. 3 months? 3 weeks? 3 days? Good question. It made me laff. It made me think of National Lampoons vacation to Wally World………..The dog peed on the sandwiches………….Rusty’s feet……….”Dad, I think Aunt Edna’s dead!”. Don’t forget cousin Eddy. I bet quite a few of us has our own “Eddy” LOL

  23. Spending several days in Albuquerque in our Motor Home for my husbands annual VA appt, and i can’t wait to get back to the peace and quiet of our frontier living. I can see how the town would be quickly gobbled up with a virus. Everyone is on top of everyone and the noise!! IT is deafening here.
    While we are here I can pick up a few of the supplies we are short of on Ken’s list. And then back to the mountain. IT will be mail order after this.

      1. Can’t leave till Fri. If the shtf come and get me, on the west mesa at Amer RV

        1. old lady

          If ya need help getting OUT of ABQ, just give me a holler. will bring the Calvary, and Blue for backup
          :-) :-)

  24. Pandemics: Closest one was stated in a past article.
    Saw the first patient in a rolling bed to keep him from drowning in his bodies fluids. It could place the patient in the standing position roll to place them as is they were on a roller coaster to keep fluids moving in their bodies. Others with oxygen machines forcing 02 into the lungs to keep them from drowning as the hospital was limited on beds that came with special mechanics.
    Scared,,, not for myself, I had a good immune system, but those who were compromised and had to be in the hospital. Longest two+ weeks of my life and that of the hospital staff.
    It is what made me carry large containers of Lysol wipes with me every where, cleaning my hands all the time. If someone cough or appeared sick avoiding them at all cost.

    Even to day in the grocery store, people were shopping with their sick children coughing and spreading their germs every where. Parents not providing Kleenex or other methods of stopping the spread of the lil germmi’s. Went the other way, guess I will start carrying an N95 mask with me and give the idiots a dirty look. My other best thing I love doing is speaking loud enough for them to hear but pretending to be whispering…lol

  25. If the shelf life of liquid bleach (sodium hypochlorite) is 3-6 months, does anyone know what the shelf life of the granular form (that you can buy in swimming pool supply stores) is? Thanks

    1. The shelf life of liquid bleach is longer than that. I have bleach that’s well over 1 year old and it’s still bleach – although not as potent. Still effective.

      Years ago I had the thought of making a project of quantifying and measuring old bleach so as to have a better understanding of its decay curve. Haven’t done it yet…

      I believe that the granular ‘pool shock’ will be viable ‘forever’? if stored properly. I keep mine sealed in glass jugs.

      1. Ken,
        Isn’t there a process of making chlorine out of salt water with electricity that could be used to disinfect?

        1. Google homemade production of bleach for information. Hardest part is finding a D cell Zinc Carbon cell to get the carbon rod out of.

        2. – tmcgyver,. NHMichael,

          A little while back I sent Ken an article on this very subject. Other sizes will work for obtaining a carbon rod (carbon rods can also be bought from the big A. without difficulty and in many sizes, if deconstructing a battery seems too difficult).

          For my article, I used a AA-size cell, worked just fine. Further research indicates that, per WHO, bleach produced by this method is actually superior to the brand-name stuff for both water purification and general cleaning. The bleach produced may be somewhat stronger than the commercial variety, and it is not hard to do.

          Actually, the hardest part, if you did not already know how to tie one, is the barrel hitch (Basically a modified square knot) to suspend the 2-liter bottle in the upright position. A liter of fresh bleach is a potent tool, both for your own use and for trade/barter. To keep the motorcycle battery charged, I used a 5-watt solar cell I have around to keep car/truck batteries charged up when the vehicle is not in use.

          This is a level-three prep to my mind, and I hope Ken will agree and possibly run the article on making and using homemade bleach. It is far cheaper than the $250 MSR device, if not as sturdy. It does, however, lend itself to being made anywhere you might find yourself, and the carbon rod is the hardest part to find. I have tried a homemade charcoal rod but had rather poor success.

          – Papa S.

        3. I hope Ken posts that home made Papa Smurf chlorine generator. The webpage I found it was a little awkward.

          That and maybe someone (Just Say’n?) could repost Fire Cider recipe?

          Seems we MIGHT need it sooner than later….

        4. A day or two ago someone brought up the chlorine maker from Mountain Safety Research. MSR SE200. Less than $250.00. Uses a 12 volt. I want to ask them how much and how strong the final product is.

  26. Good post Ken and thanks to all for all the good information, may be very helpful soon. Can not help but wonder if at least some of this came out of a lab somewhere, government or otherwise.

    1. I too have read reports suggesting this is some sort of bio escape. Let’s hope that someone doesn’t spread this on a plane to other world regions. That wouldn’t be good…

      The thing about a pandemic is that it could spread really fast. By the time people are fully aware, it’s already too late (potentially).

      1. This Friday is the Chinese New Year. A good portion of the far east will be in motion, and a lot of them headed to other areas of the world to visit family.

        1. Lauren,

          To expand on your statement… there are so many Chinese travelers for Lunar New Year that they cannot possibly travel on the same dates. In our factory alone, they have been departing in shifts for the last week and will arrive back in staggered groups as well. It’s probably too late; likely already spread far and wide.

  27. Great article Ken! (As always.)
    After illness swept through our group we put in and adhere to better protocols.
    I have posted this before but it’s worth another mention.
    To be truly prepared for this it’s a good idea to know what your local Government will or will not do. To this end I suggest you download your state’s Pandemic Flu Plan. Every state has one. They all fall under the DOD’s plan.
    Another eye opener folks.
    Good to know what to expect ahead of time

    1. BTW,
      (as per DOD Pandemic”flu” Nationwide plan)
      Your milage may vary locally…haha

    2. BJH
      You are just making my day—. Now will have to see what the state pen of CA has planned.

      1. AC,
        That’s why folks need to read them.
        It seems benign on the surface at first glance. But the problem is they have already gotten all the “legal” issues taken care of.
        You don’t get to sue or protest or take them to court over how they treat/mistreat you.
        That’s all been finalized for your convenience.
        Comply or be detained are your choices .
        They can quarantine you in your home or move you to a camp. For your own “good” of course.
        The local Mayor is in charge.
        Now the National plan that all the states fall under is about 200 plus pages. Most states are about 85 or so.
        It’s all considered a National Security issue as Military personnel will be affected by a Pandemic.
        People who are serious about prepping should at least read their own State’s plan…

        1. BJH
          Do not believe I can find a rock large enough under which we can hold all our stuff…. but if I do guess where we will be living. We need a hobbit house & dh said he has the big feet.

        2. AC,
          I wrote a 5 part article to submit to Ken on this subject of hidden areas and such.

          Had my wife proof read it and my Security Officer go over it.

          They both concluded that it would become a” laundry list” for “bad ” guys to use to locate folks stuff so I shelved it.

          With all that’s gone on this year I haven’t had a chance to rethink it and make it ambiguous enough so those who read it can implement the principles for themselves.

          I believe it’s time for me to work on it again and submit an edited version for Ken’s perusal and approval.

          There will be a need for this… (unfortunately )

        3. BJH, AC + All,
          I would also be very interested in your insights that you feel can be shared safely, and agree with AC that I’m sure many here would value that info. Thank you!

        4. BJH
          Understand you are like all of us, swamped with things to accomplish. Yet, if the article could be written in such a way that passes Mrs. BJH & your security office. I am not the only one who would be interested in the knowledge, as knowledge is power until it’s self.
          Dh & I are sending our best to all of you. AC& ACDH

        5. BJH
          Well —-I can see the last few days of jump & run are catching up on the mind and typing…laughing at myself.
          office–officer & until —unto it’s self.
          Time for a nap but we are off & running again this morning.

  28. Update
    Reports comin out of Africa now say that the pneumonic plague there does not respond to antibiotics and can kill in as little as 3 hours.

    1. From what I’m reading it is still treatable and I doubt that the pneumonic can kill in 3 hours. Don’t forget that people will be sick for a certain amount of time before they begin treatment, Bubonic is less lethal than pneumonic which is 100% if untreated. I can certainly believe a patient dying within 3 hours of the start of treatment but who knows how long they were ill before treatment was started.

      This makes a case for recognizing symptoms and starting treatment early. Two important drugs for treatment are ciprofloxcin and doxycyline. They are available for your sick fish also. So if you are concerned about your fish getting sick and haven’t ordered them now is probably a good time to do so.

      Ken, maybe you could find an amazon link for these?

  29. A simple thing is to get the flu shot. Where I live it is free. Also, I stock up on disposable dishes and Depends underwear for GI illness as I do not want fecal material in my washing machine. If I have a respiratory illness I use bottled water and do not recycle the empty bottles but bag them for the trash. Scrub surfaces in the home diligently with disposable cloths. Showers not baths. Wash mitts and scarves as well as hands.

    1. Depends are good. Endotracheal tubes, catheters and IV equipment are also useful. Flu shots can be fatal for way too many people.

  30. Remember the last anthrax scare how fast Cipro disappeared? The fed even was going to seize all the Cipro until the anthrax scare was over. This airborne black plague from Madagascar initial fatality rate of 80% is reduced to 11% if treated within the first 24 hours of initial flu like symptoms. Consider hedging your bet and getting your Ciprofloxacinn now before the rush.

  31. “Make sure the room has a negative pressure by leaving a window cracked, so the air flows into the room from the remainder of the house and exits through the window.”

    Houses have some rooms with higher pressure than others. The side of the house where the air stream normally hits (upwind side) will have higher pressure and air will come into the windows. The downwind side will have less pressure and air will go out the windows. As a side note, this is why when you design a house with a fireplace, it’s best to design it with the fireplace on the downwind side, as the air in the room will want to be pushed up the chimney resulting in a good draft.

  32. Jan 26, I just heard there is a Tamiflu shortage, getting pretty hard hit around here.

    1. All the more reason to order star anise, and tincture your own, single tincture.. or get those sweet gum leaves… when they put out in the spring and make your own tami flu.. It is used the same way as rx’d one.You just need the food grade alcohol…I use PGA, and the leaves, but it takes a minimum of 6 weeks to make. I pick all the leaves at one time and put in the jar, put the remainder in ziplock bag mushed flat and freeze til needed. at end of 3 weeks.
      It is a double tincture so each set of leaves must set covered with the alcohol for three weeks minimum… then the first set of leaves are removed and the fresh batch is placed in the alcohol from the first 3 weeks…make sure all plant material is covered. can remove the material after 3 weeks, I ususlly let mine set for 4 each time….so mine is 8 wk.
      There are many herbals that are anti viral,and anti bacterial… some weak, others strong…garlic and oregano are some of the stronger ones. the quicker one begins some treatment the more likely survival is., and ability to lessen the impact of illness…. whether bacterial or viral

      1. Just Sayin’
        What is PGA?
        My neighbor has a sweet gum, I’ve been looking at that tree with a little more love in my heart now! How small are the leaves when you pick? How about using the seed balls? I tried to find info on google, but not much to be found. Thanks!

  33. A poster on another site just stated that an ozone machine will kill airborne virus. Can anyone speak with authority on this?

    1. What about UV light that is now being used in some operating rooms? I believe I saw an article on this awhile back. Could be useful in an entry room to disinfect outerwear?

      1. There are UV light room HEPA filters and add on UV lights for central HVAC systems. UV light shouldn’t be used outside of a contained system as the light is not safe for your eyes or skin. It also will degrade things like rubber etc. It does help with controlling bacteria and viruses also things like dust mites. Some of us have allergies. :)

        1. Deep South

          I have also seen it used on sewage effluent after the initial treatment before the waste is discharged to a river. Perhaps a UV bulb in a cabinet with a clear water container may be an alternative way of killing pathogens.

      2. UV light wands can not be tipped sideways to do clothing. Safety feature so your eyes or skin are not exposed to cancer causing light. I have used one for 10 years.

    2. Amazon sells the Sanquiao Professional Grade Ozone Generator & Air Purifier for home use. I found this in the Reviews / Questions:

      Question: Can I run the machine non-stop even with ozone on?
      Answer: Dear customer:
      The machine is always on and off. However, ozone is to eliminate odors and kill viruses and bacteria. Long-term use is harmful to the human body. Thank you
      By Puning Sanqiao SELLER on January 9, 2018

  34. Wash your hands with soap and water after every outing. Take your shoes off outside to not walk into your home. This Would be a first good step to help avoid catching the virus. If the sucker is airborne, which it is… Better not get too close to anyone at all. Keep a healthy distance 15-20 ft.?.

    Yesterday I calculated the current death rate from that ground zero Genral Tso’s province.

    (Deaths / Total infected)x100 =… Came out to 2% death rate so far. At least what the Chicomms are telling us.. its probably is much higher than what they say… Of course they let everybody fly out of country chicomms dont give a sh_t…

    1. Chinese New Year. People flying all over the world for that. The timing is interesting, to say the least.

      I was watching something this morning, supposedly “leaked” information from hospitals in China. True or not, who knows? It stated that the hospitals are overwhelmed. Anyone with fever or cough is being turned away from the hospitals, and if you call in to emergency and state you have fever or cough they won’t send an ambulance.

    2. Just checked the numbers from ground zero according to the chicomms cough cough…..
      (17 dead / 444 infections)x100= 3.8% death rate… cough cough sneeze oh f_ck :)

      1. Cracker Man: Word on the street from our folks over there; this has been going on since mid-December; concealed from the general public until just recently.

  35. Stock up on booze.
    Drink yourself into an alcoholic stupor, and ride it out.

    1. That was my thought and you, my friend, are exactly right! Bottoms Up Bitches!

  36. The only problem is that we are expected to be at work/school. You can’t just not show up… Or we will be either without a job or having to repeat a grade and that’s it. How about wearing a biohazard suit to go to work/school? Surely ridicule is to follow.

    1. Hand sanitizer and face masks. If anyone asks, you may be sick and didn’t want to infect anyone else. That will have the added advantage of making THEM stay away from YOU. Work from home if possible, even for half days.

  37. We have plenty of the N95 masks. They are not very comfortable and don’t last ore than a few hours.
    We now have a gater made by Bioscarf. It can be rotated to keep you breathing through a fresh area.
    They also have a seven foot scarf which I will be buying and cutting up to a better size.
    I found that the scarf makes the air quite warm as you use it.

  38. In early 2005 a particularly virulent form of H5N1 avian influenza hit Asia. Fears of a spread to the US during the upcoming 2005-2006 flu season and waterfowl migration lead CDC to require all states to develop a pandemic influenza plan. Depending on the state, some of this devolved since down to the local levels. For most emergencies now DHS/FEMA expect States, Localities, Tribes, and Territories (SLTTs) to provide initial and on-going relief. Might be instructive to look up your state’s plan.

    I was in Idaho then and remember watching a program where folks were told that if it got bad the healthy would be expected to self-quarantine for between six weeks and 90 days, and have enough food, water, and supplies on hand, including a shovel to dig a latrine in case sewer service was interrupted.

    Where I am now, have to take livestock into account with enough supplies for them. And dog food. Also season of the year. Do I have seeds for planting in the spring, jars for canning if quarantined in the fall? Lumber, supplies, and tools for planned projects?

    Good reminder; thanks Ken.

    1. Someone suggested in another posting, think it was Ken, to find your states influenza pandemic response plan. I found mine at the dept of
      Interesting reading and info.

  39. MSB Patriots, I’m serious with this question.

    How dangerous is coronavirus? As serious as SARS? Or, do we know enough facts yet.

    1. Stand,

      The problem is that this virus seems to be mutating within a season, instead of the usual yearly mutation. Right now the mortality rate isn’t quite to SARS/MERS levels. But if it keeps reinventing itself at this rate, I’m not sure anyone knows what it could turn into in the next week or sooner. In many ways this is behaving similar to the 1918 pandemic where 50 million people died. Extrapolate that by population growth over the past 100 years and you’ll see the potential.

      1. tmcgyver

        This 2019-nCoV’s has a 2% death rate, similar to Spanish flu, compared to 0.1% for the regular flu. For every 50 people who are infected, one will statistically die. And, it’s nowhere near under control.

        Beside Cascadia Subduction Zone, a Pandemic is #2 on my SHTF list.

        1. Kulafarmer
          Influenza B, is epidemic in my college town. 100’s of cases.

          In all fairness, I am well supplied, and decides not to go to town.

          Normal town trips? Every 2 weeks. I live a long ways out, 1/2 hour in and 1/2 hour. home. I don’t like town anyway, so, I ain’t a missin the muck, one bit.

          Keep on keepin on my fellow Patriot.

      2. I don’t think we have a clear idea as to the fatality rate nor the number of illnesses yet. China hasn’t exactly been forthcoming. Reports are that they are mostly turning people away who show up ill at the hospital and lack enough test kits to get accurate numbers. So far it appears that mostly elderly people are dying from this so it’s not behaving as say the 2018 Pandemic Flu did.

    2. Stand,
      It is serious enough they have tried to minimize the number of victims..that should be speaking volumes to every person.WE will probably never have a true count on beginning source/nation.Shutting a city of 11 million down, is screaming -we have a massive issue.
      True facts will only be recorded in historical perspective.I have been home about 2 hours after following this , morning… came back to check on available info. Case(s) in washington state(30 yo), Portland, Oregon, UK,34 yo old?), Brazil and Mexico. Too late to shut the barn door. The horse is already out.
      This is why we prep. if not in one of danger zones of identified victims/or have not traveled in petri dish…I would top off supplies of “needed items”..and Useful items to keep self and family safe., for as many days as possible. garlic, vinegar, ginger…
      Would consider getting items needed, immediately shipped to save from possible contaminations. Peroxide decontamination outside the door. You have done your research on these organism families. boost immunity first. Healthy Diet matters. Those with serious health issues seem at greatest risk.Those who live much time isolated have lesser mortality. Make sure you have supplies for multiple system viral attacks… ie respiratory and GI,.. One example would be … silver solution and anti nausea and anti diarrheal w/ rehydration formula. From what i can understand, it is those who have most mortality…facts are not sure if it is one virus that attacks many system or if it is vectored with 2 different virus’ one main and one being opportunistic

    3. Stand My Ground

      This one is 2019-nCoV for novel (new) Coronavirus. What CDC knows is here

      Currently the recommendation for lab work is at BSL II. “To date, we do not fully understand the pathogenic potential and transmission dynamics of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV).” Scary enough for someone who’s spent some time in infectious diseases research labs.

      They’ll update as often as knowledge changes.

      NIH says initial genetics indicate it’s SARS-like.

      WHO mentions that in 80% of the earliest examined deaths, the person had a comorbidity, another serious condition.

      In short, we’ll have to wait and see.
      And stay away from crowds.

  40. Acdh was watching News Max this afternoon when on bottom of the screen came this information:

    Researchers in the Tibetan mountains discovered 33 virus.

    The quote may not be exact, but you get the point of them digging around where they should leave mother nature alone.

  41. Well it took exactly 24 hours for people in Wuhan to start physically fighting over food at the supermarket. These people aren’t prone to fighting each other. So expect ‘Trixie’ and ‘LaQuanda’ to start rioting at Walmart almost instantly on any news. Two more smaller cities locked down. HK is involved now. And perhaps most frightening, they found a case in Shanghai overnight; at Pudong airport; saw him being wheeled out in a sealed box. I think it’s game-on now.

  42. “China on Thursday locked down two cities at the epicenter of a coronavirus outbreak… as health authorities around the world took action to prevent a global pandemic.”

    “Most transport in Wuhan, a city of 11 million people, was suspended on Thursday morning and people were told not to leave. Hours later, neighboring Huanggang, a city of about 7 million people, announced a similar lockdown.”

    “The lockdown of 11 million people is unprecedented in public health history,”

    “The WHO has said it will decide on Thursday whether to declare the outbreak a global health emergency,”

    China Orders ‘Unprecedented’ Lockdown of 2 Cities Over Virus

    1. Ken,
      update…just read on british news….Three cities ordered lockdown/quarantine

    2. Ken,
      So heres something i am curious about, how exactly, do you stop people from a city that size from moving about? I mean, it seems to me there will be people sneaking out no matter what the “authorities” do. Thats a lot of people. I knoe Chinese folks who were basicly political prisoners within China, and they managed to make it here in spite of being monitored 24/7

      1. They will use police and army! If situation is really serious they will be brutal and people there know that.
        This is my worst nightmare. I hope it’s not so serious as it looks.
        God bless all this people!

  43. Kulafarmer — myself, don’t believe I is actually possible. Bit like trying to hold water in a fishing net.

  44. Little less than 20 000 000 of people under quarantine in 3 big cities! They know something.
    For sure is deadly serious if they did that.

  45. I have been hearing of a confirmed case of coronavirus in Maryland. Has anyone else heard this yet? I seen it on twitter so not sure of the source there.

  46. BBC news reporting a 3rd city now on lock-down and Beijing has cancelled all their Lunar New Year festivals to try to stop the spread.

    But with the virus showing up in so many places around the globe there’s no way to stop it – so why is China going to these unprecedented lengths to pretend they have some sort of control?
    And really, can we trust China to be truthful about the numbers of people who are ill or have died? And if they really thought this way no more dangerous than a flu outbreak would they be trying to contain millions of people?

    Thanks so much for this info and thread, Ken. I appreciate being able to get updates and anecdotal info as well.

  47. Wuhan
    – Huanggang
    – Zhijiang
    – Ezhou
    – Qianjiang
    – Chibi
    – Xiantao
    20,000,000+ citizens in total.

  48. Picked up a 30 pack of N95 masks at home depot for a bit over $20.00. The ones with the valve on the front cost more and the valve is just a one way flap to make exhalation a bit easier. I also ordered a 10 pack off of eBay that include 5 regular masks and 5 small masks as we have a 7 year old grand daughter. A regular size mask would be a very loose fit for her.

  49. CAVEAT EMPTOR! Just went to eBay and typed in N95 for masks ad the second listing calls the mask a N95. Box of 50 for 35 and change. It is not a N95 mask!

    1. same in the uk amazon has sold out of cheaper masks and very few of the expensive ones left . But us preppers are crazy right ! :)

      1. There’s been a new report of the virus in Texas. A Texas A&M student. Source was headlines with a voice.

      1. Have you ever seen so empty streets in China. Usually there are crowds of people.
        This is strange to me.
        There is shtf situation! I have seen some other videos. Army is there as I have said it will be.

  50. Coming back to office after visit to Home Depot (where I bought their last 5 NIOSH P100 masks) and caught a couple of interviews on BBC radio.
    A Brit journalist who lives in the Wuhan area reported the streets are practically empty, all who are out wear masks. His local market shelves were about empty, paid 9pound for a small bunch of carrots, were 2pound last week.

    He said no busses are running, he has been home for 4 days.
    No English-speaking reports coming from the government there, so us is struggling to interpret printed government news.

    Another woman was interviewed who has a lot of family in Wuhan. Says one in the family is sick, they have very few test kits available. They took sick womans’ blood and s CT scan, she is waiting to hear. Hospitals and clinics have long lines, many people who have cold/flu symptoms but no way to know who has the corona virus.

    She said her family told her with no busses running its hard for sick people to even get to a medical facility. Said people thought it was no big thing until the city shut down, which never happened before, even with SARS. She said people are starting to get panicky.

    W H O saying not yet a world crisis, just a China crisis, yeah right.

  51. This IS a weapons grade virus that was manufactured in the Wuhan institute of virology CAS. It is 42km from Wuhan seafood market…Ground zero….12 monkeys rings a bell.

    Garlic, onions, radishes, honey,vitamin D3, magnesium,tumeric with black pepper.

    Food disappeared in 1 hour at stores after the cities were quarantined….shop now.

    Riots now in China.

    1. As infectious disease
      Under another interpretation, the first Horseman is called Pestilence, and is associated with infectious disease and plague. It appears at least as early as 1906, when it is mentioned in the Jewish Encyclopedia.[18] This particular interpretation is common in popular culture references to the Four Horsemen.[19]

      The origin of this interpretation is unclear. Some translations of the Bible mention “plague” (e.g. the NIV) or “pestilence” (e.g. the RSV) in connection with the riders in the passage following the introduction of the fourth rider; cf. “They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine, plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.” (Revelation 6:7–8 NASB). However, it is a matter of debate as to whether this passage refers to the first rider, or to the four riders as a whole.[1]

      Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, in his 1916 novel The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (filmed in 1921 and in 1962), provides an early example of this interpretation, writing “The horseman on the white horse was clad in a showy and barbarous attire. … While his horse continued galloping, he was bending his bow in order to spread pestilence abroad. At his back swung the brass quiver filled with poisoned arrows, containing the germs of all diseases.”[20]

    2. Is it just me, or has this coronavirus exploded more than the more lethal Ebola virus?

      precautionary measures are to be made, but these same measures weren’t taken with the spread of Ebola….not even in the slightest.
      Swine flu of 2009? We were still allowing semis from Mexico….. here’s a mask …

      Maybe I’m missing something?

      1. They’re still not sure how contagious it might be (duh!) or how it spreads. “Investigations are ongoing to learn more, but person-to-person spread of 2019-nCoV is occurring. It’s important to note that person-to-person spread can happen on a continuum. Some viruses are highly contagious (like measles), while other viruses are less so. It’s not clear yet how easily 2019-nCoV spreads from person-to-person.”

        The Chinese government isn’t being forthcoming, but their actions speak louder. Either it’s highly contagious and they’re trying to control the spread (good luck!) or they have other purposes in making the world think it’s contagious.

        I’m thinking it’s both.

  52. ……or maybe this instilled hype and hysteria will be the death of us all….more so than the ‘thing’ we’re battling.
    Anyone finding that people are more hostile on last minute needs?
    What’s gonna be the next tipping point?

    Black Friday sales on final, available N95’s.

    Yep, MT
    Good call.
    The ‘roaring (20) 20’s’

  53. Our CEO was due back from China, into LAX this morning, office by afternoon. He hasn’t been seen and is not answering email. A manager, who rarely socializes, visited me in my office today, she wanted to know if I had heard the news; what I’d heard, etc. The whole China section of our office was bristling, some pounding WeChat and QQ far more than normal. Now some ‘alt-news’ sites are reporting massive numbers of dead, and even Drudge is hinting at it. There’s also a disturbing number of pictures on Twitter and elsewhere showing people who have fallen dead in their tracks. My poor wife works directly with the public, face-to-face, hundreds per day. I haven’t been this concerned about anything in a very long time.

    1. Best to not go to china for a bit bud,,,
      Even if work says so,,, just not worth it.
      Family first,

      1. Kula,

        Funny thing, they’ve never really told me to do anything. I asked for those trips to the factory; so I could work directly with engineering, in the same room, so we could all deliver better quality products. Along the way I made some friends; I pray they are ok. Este no bueno.

        1. tmcgyver

          Praying with you. Had friends in Liberia during the Ebola outbreak there.

    2. tmcgyver
      Hope your CEO shows up soon or someone lets you know he is alright. That is really strange he is not answering his phone.
      Did they shut down the outgoing cell service from China?

    3. He’s probably (hopefully) ok for now- just can’t get out. I would worry about food etc more at this point.

  54. I don’t believe in coincidence. Keep in mind, this all took place prior to the current Wuhan coronavirus outbreak.

    Newswars 1/23/20 from Liberty Daily (top headline as of 7pm PST)

    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation co-hosted a pandemic exercise in late 2019 that simulated a global coronavirus outbreak.

    They also just happen to fund the group who owns the patent to the deadly virus and are working on a vaccine to solve the crisis.

    Meanwhile, on Oct. 18, 2019, also before the outbreak, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the World Economic Forum co-hosted an event in NYC, called “Event 201”. Look this DISASTER up.!!!!

    I kid you not, you can’t make this sh-t up.!!


    We know the history on how safe those are……

    Just saying

  56. One cannot stop the hysteria creating fantasies regarding any aspect of pandemic influenza.

    People will think any organization involved in any aspect of influenza control, or vaccine development, are actually part of a horrid criminal plan to develop and spread the pathogen. Doctors and health workers will be imagined to be evil criminals, administering some terrible plan to make people sick and die, as they pretend to try and heal them.

    Such idiocy results in the front line health workers being attacked and killed, while scare facilities are burned to the ground. This has historically happened, and is happening right now in Africa, where Ebola is currently being fought.

    Bill Gates is not trying to kill you with influenza, which is much deadlier than Ebola…by the way.

    We have been expecting a Global pandemic for quite some time now, as we have always known it was coming.

    1. Ision you remember that old intelligence saying? “once is accident, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action?”

      China is on it’s third “Accident” and when they decide the source’ nuclear triad is not enough to force them to bow their heads all hades will erupt. Pig Ebola, HK and now this serious flu.

      SERIOUS Trouble always breeds litters of flaming kittens to spread the joy around often BACK to the source. You remember how the Moguls and other warriors would tie a flaming object to cats and free them in the enemies grain fields…

      Prepare for the FLU and prepare for blowback from our 3 letter agencies actions in China and Russia. Yes Russia knows where their aircraft “accidents” exploding factories and terrorist supporters are.

      Pray for our Republic. The Insane Asylum has taken over the whole hospital.

    2. And Colloidal Silver is effective against both organisms. Pretty sure Oregano will be as well.. Don’t forget your buckets of several sizes…will need for soaking clothes, that are contaminated.Peroxide! kills some virals.
      When someone has a video saying they will use vaccines to reduce the worlds population… Believe them.

      1. Just Sayin’ –

        So glad you are here. Regarding virus treatment and mitigation, do you have an opinion on the usefulness and/or efficacy of NAC (n-acetyl cysteine). I meant to ask you a few days ago, but was mesmerized by your other information. Thanks.

        1. tmgyver, I have not used NAC much but seemed effective.My DH used it.(for ppn/r-ALA in high doses.). and followed with serrrapeptase,( was a high unit one he used.) Cordycepts mushroom,also may be effective especially as organisms die off and need to be removed.. Of course our best chances of surviving a high viral overload…. would be,with clean liver / herbal, several preps avail… detox tea to have best benefit and response to antivirals we choose. With these ppl havig multiple organ failure…we need to start with clean as possible systems. Kidney and Liver..esp important… dandilion, milk thistle will start us off.and safe for most people.

          We pretty much self isolate most of the time anyway.. We will be making it our practice to preemptively, heavily dose with antivirals of our choice…diff\users can be used effectively to sanitize the air.. frankincense, myrrh, colloidal silver., thieves blends, peppermint are all options..These are preventative and treatment.Most of these can be purchased easily thru amazon.

  57. Then, again….

    A nice Global pandemic is a very a-political method of population control….

  58. Those 3M N95 masks that Ken links to is out of stock at Amazon.

    If you need masks, find another brand or shop locally. If you don’t ‘need’ them soon, they can be stored with your medical supplies and they don’t need to be “fresh”. We have a case of N95s on hand.

    I caught H1N1, then got bronchitis, then pneumonia. Was tested for H1N1 but the result was Negative…turned out Virginia’s testing was giving ‘false negative’ results. So I was misdiagnosed. Then the respiratory problems kicked in…Pneumonia is awful! Never been so sick in my life. Now I’m using immune boosters and essential oils, with additional items on hand if necessary. Listen to the information Just Sayin’ provides and research stuff if need be.

    The govt has only set up monitoring stations at 3 sites at this time. Do you trust the govt? Please get your preventative and curative items now. Got herbals? Got antibiotics? Got essential oils? Got food and water stored for a couple of months? Stay out of planes, hotels, restaurants, the big stores. It’s a good time to stay home and hunker down. Roaring 20s…

    1. MT, add to that list Got Garlic fresh bulbs? Got local Honey?Ability to process Garlic for allicin? DH got Hospital acquired Pneumonia /causative was serratia mercens.(grows in bleach) antibiotic was insufficient. Dr said could give no more antibiotic with him still running a fever. herbals of many types and bird biotic got us over it.treatment was 24 days for him and 21 for me.He had high fever for 12 days./until herbals added.recommendations via the common sense show… is to prepare like all will be shut down for weeks. Peroxide! Peroxide!

  59. I am not one for fake news, I try to apply common sense but this recent outbreak has me concerned.
    I do not live in the us but in a city with a well know university which has a large Chinese contingent. Concerns about travel have been raised but no action taken. Specifically about traveling back for Chinese new year.
    With this outbreak gloves and masks in public may need to become the norm.

  60. Ten cities under quarantine!
    33 million of citizens.
    So number is 2x bigger than yesterday. This is a deadly serious if government decides to close so many people. They make new hospital in Wuhan. Probably military field hospital. 1000 beds. They civil hospitals are overrun. It is forbidden to have 100 people in one place in that province of the country!
    This is definitely deadly serious!

    1. I think this might be the pandemic we have been waiting for. If so, it shall be a world wide pathogen within about a month. If so, 1918 will seem tiny, simply because of the increase in population and means of travel differences…even if this new pathogen has the same mortality…and it appears the new pathogen has a higher one.

      We could be on the verge of a disaster many of us shall live to see its end.

    2. Veteran
      Wow! Are you and your family going to be alright in your area where your live? Please do not disclose the city, have a general idea where you call home.

      1. Antique Collector,
        I am in south east Europe.
        If this is so contagious it will be same where ever you are from.

  61. Seen reports this morning of a student in Tennessee that has been quarantined for the n-cov virus. They are waiting on the results come back. Now that is hitting closer to home. Also seen a report of a possible case in NJ. Just in case I believe the family and I will stay home this weekend and find things to do around the house.

  62. Saw a link to CNBC online news that is at the Liberty Daily news aggregate. People may want to read it. Article says 2nd person is confirmed (in Chicago). Here is part of the article:

    “U.S. health officials said Friday they diagnosed a second patient with the China coronavirus — a Chicago woman who returned from Wuhan with the infection, and they are monitoring dozens of other potential cases here.

    There are 63 cases being monitored in the U.S. that stretch across 22 states, including the first patient in Washington state and the new case in Illinois, said Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases.”

  63. Some one asked Thor1 about his evidence on the Coronavirus. A friend sent me the following link out of the patent office:

    Take a good look at this, as I have just scanned it, not an in-depth study.

    Then there is the CDC version:
    Your selection is optional or choice whom you wish to follow.

    1. Antique Collector
      I’m the one who said it.
      The article was only on Liberty news, 24hrs. Now, I can’t find it. i’ll keep looking.
      Look up “Event 201”.

      1. SMG
        The 201 pandemic exercise under John Hopkins (centerforhealthsecuritydotorg). Is that the one you are referring to, or looking for on the net?

  64. Interesting. Some epidemiologists are speculating this coronavirus may have originated in what is described as the “wet market” in Wuhan China.

    The so-called “wet market” is where exotic animals such as bats, salamanders, snakes, badgers, kangaroos, etc. are sold for exotic food dishes.

    Scientists speculate that the virus mutated in these animals, ingested by humans who became infected and started the human to human transmittal.

    Of course, Chinese internet chats are blaming it on the U.S. intentionally infecting the region in a biological warfare attack.

  65. Someone said that the mortality rate is around 3.8%, thus far.
    SARS mortality rate was significantly higher with WHO estimating 6%-10%. While others, as per an article in the Guardian, estimated as high as 20%.
    50% For people over 65 yrs.

    1. Need: Biohazzard bags, in multiple sizes, for cloth over-clothes use a plastic under lining to protect inner layer of any clothing. Others have already covered disinfectants..Know..procedure… Outer clothes should be removed and placed in bucket of disinfectant./soaked for time required. Peroxide bleaches, non chlorine will work on virals….use liberally.Be able to isolate in own home form an ill person… Be able to keep others away from your living area….blockade your drive.when you decide.

      Need Knowledge: need to know proper procedure for removing those clothes without contaminating the under garments…Look up video on removing surgical suite… same process…. the plastic under layer should be put in biohazard bags w/ any contaminated tissue/dressings… and burned if possible. LONG period of isolation may be absolutely required. For plastic..liner…( to use between inner clothes and care-giving clothes.) garbage bags with a hole for head and arms would work.. must know they will go over your clothes and you can move in them. some of us will require the ones for 55 gallon some will need 33 gallon.

      Look at video on JenniferVeterans4truth you tube . read comments. Drs begging for supplies ,they are out of masks, gloves, and haz mat protection..meds they began using are no longer effective. people falling over dead in the streets . estimate is one person infects 14 more.

      pneumotic plague is term she uses.some are not running fevers. Is already airborne and spread before people KNOW they are sick…many are having hemorrhagic episodes according to several you tube videos – showing pictures..out thru instagram/deception bytes vid…. This would suggest VIRAL of more than one all provisions we make need to be effective on wide range of contagions.

      Main cause of death is multiple organ failure..( from another source. sent to me via e mail.. here is the whole e mail, it cites source.

      ” A report shared with MailOnline after being produced by researchers from Lancaster University in England, the University of Florida and the University of Glasgow, estimated that only five per cent of all the coronavirus cases are being diagnosed. Dr Jonathan Read, a biostatistics researcher at Lancaster, wrote with colleagues: ‘If no change in control or transmission happens, then we expect further outbreaks to occur in other Chinese cities, and that infections will continue to be exported to international destinations at an increasing rate. ‘In 14 days’ time (4 February 2020), our model predicts the number of infected people in Wuhan to be greater than 250 thousand (prediction interval, 164,602 to 351,396).

      Do your research how to obtain these supplies cheaply…ex. DIY silver generators.. need not only antiviral, antibacterial.. masks, gloves.eye covers.. eye glasses or face shields is being recommended by one researcher he got from a cough to eye.. had on all other protections….

  66. Here’s a silly idea:
    Shut down all boarders, stop all air travel abroad, (business, vacation), keep those that piss and chit in the streets contained within their own cities, ban imports of everything…..(including food)
    A worldwide epidemic problem solved.

    But whoa, the sorrow of the sheeple…..and businesses making a buck.

    1. Joe C.
      would have been a good idea 3 weeks ago. The horse is out of the barn., little late to shut the doors now.
      Might stop the goat from getting out tho..
      shutting stuff down can stop spread, why they have put such strong things in place in China… and groceries are running low in some stores, medical supplies running out.. .. showed fighting over a head of lettuce…
      . One place posted they are allowing trucks with needed supplies of people standing in line to entrance to hospital…out door down a block around a corner…almost to second corner.

  67. Hmmm… Deaths have risen by 60% in 24 hours. More cities closed. 22 States watching infected and possible infected. Seems we may be in trouble.

  68. Veteran,
    The world is in trouble
    .many more than that.Docs are falling over with exhaustion…lack of supplies. pics out thru instagram show many falling over unresponsive.
    get antivirals.lots of fluids.way to protect self if should need to care for helpless one. self-Isolation . garbage bags, peroxide, gloves, masks. Danger from this virus is organ shutdown. Before illness/prepare,herbal teas to detox liver and kidneys / ie..destroying heavy viral overload puts stress on all body systems.things we have discussed for flu elderberry/ tamiflu may be partially effective/oregano/garlic. boost immune system..enzymes for gut health, vitamin c sources, D3 sources.

    1. Would anyone have a recommendation for a good site, book, etc. where it explains home remedies like mentioned above? Things for liver detox, immune support, shorten the lifespan of a cold or flu. I mean I have some knowledge but I certainly could use more!

      1. Whiskey Vision,
        I don’t have a specific site. I put in search bar on start page or duck duck go search engine. the parameters i am seeking.. ie “antiviral herbals and natural substances ” I look for herbal sites within the search, or other source not connected to Pharma..(My reason.. Pharma does not release good info on naturals it interferes with their pocketbook).
        I take some of the info i collect and transfer it to a document. then after those substances are investigated thru that i do it again using specific herb request.. By compiling info in little bites from several sources…one can quickly figure out what you/yours may tolerate..doses required, methods to prepare and use… Hope this helps..

      2. Whiskey Vision, List every item mentioned in this article…under a heading .. consider as headings: protection, prevention, treatment. Then any one you do not have enough knowledge to use, research. This will give you a good place to start. good number of things in this whole article.Choose and make sure you have sufficient amounts on hand. diffusers use around 9 drops essential oils w/ water over 6 hours. Doses vary on every one, from one drop topical to just aroma therapy…like ravensara. sm amt. will go a long way…

  69. does any one know what size the new virus. in microns?

    My Tyvek suits protect to 1 micron. Are these good to go?

    1. Stand my Ground I just looked up virus sizes .004 to .1 micron in size. However aside from a Level 4 Biohazard Rubber Suit that’s not really important per say. The virus is transmitted by coughing and DROPLET Size is far larger than a micron. BTW a droplet holds a huge number of virus each.

      If your treating sick people wearing a Tyvex suit you need to look to decontamination protocol.

      REMEMBER eye protection as viruses (the droplets) enter through eyes, nose and mouth access.

      The ideas of wearing plastic “Under Clothing” sound odd to me. HEAT Exhaustion will KILL you far faster than a virus. Are we trying for “Stealth” protection here? Curious as the crackle of wearing a sweaty steam bag will give that away pretty fast.

      Soap and water still works folks.

      You can wash your clothing and hang them on Grandmothers clothes line for drying and solar UV treatments. Better washing with soap and water, putting stuff outside to air out and get some UV than burning your furniture after this flu situation resolves.

      WE NEED Papa Smurf’s salt+water+electricity=Bleach machine he described earlier in this thread. A lot of soap and water for humans, clothing and PETS and wiping down with bleach for harder surfaces.

      From a medical point of view every flu and that’s what coronavirus is btw can become a deadly situation. Man kind has been dealing with this situation forever.

      (read my earlier posting about Real Life Home-Family protection from the FLU.)

      Not as exciting as Tyvex suits and biohazard protocols but I have WORKED UNDER Biohazard Protocols. HEAT Exhaustion was the hardest thing followed by PROPER Decontamination while getting processed OUT of your Powered Filter Rubber Suit. No sense being protected UNTIL you get out of your Protective Garb and get exposed anyway…

      And as always remember that God is in control. Have your relationship with Him figured out because we will all die someday. It’s how we lived that matters.

      1. Ken I don’t mind editing but this thread is so long AND the part you edited is up in the 2017 part of this thread.

        I hope folks find it.

        [Edit: Ken adds: (for convenience, this is the referenced comment)

        Part of the problem in China is that folks care for their sick AT HOME but lack understanding of medical isolation and thus the droplet control (Hand washing, eye protection, masks, and easily removable-washable clothing as NOT to carry the Virus all over the rest of the home) spreads the disease.

        They don’t think about that need to use soap and water to do a home decontamination “Whores Bath” I described to prevent bringing in even more virus from their shopping trips and returning from work.

        Like China, America simply doesn’t have the amount of beds and professionals (witness the exhausted Health Care folks described in this thread and the news) to handle such an onslaught of sick people.

        Thus Knowledge of proper Medical Isolation at home is important at least to myself a medical person working for decades at the sickest place in your city the Hospital.

        MOST of US cannot simply STAY HOME for the next few Months. Jobs, and medications and “gasp” maybe food unless we tap deeply into our emergency stores.

        So that’s why I reposted it Ken as it has WORKED for me and Mine for Decade AND I have 94 year old easily sickened and killed O2 dependent Parents successfully LIVING with me.

      2. me2, No , stealth protection is not the thought but keeping viral materials from your body is the provide care to someone down and needing personal care, safely and be able to continue to care for family with limited resources. The incubation period of this according to some sources is 5-14 days. If you are sequestered in your home and Do not have but few items of protective gear, will need to improvise.
        The white plastic suits, /surgical type gowns have a barrier protection system. think of replicating that with common items available at home… and the top layer has to be long sleeves!

        1. Sounds good Just Sayin’

          Can I suggest some sort of a disposable plastic butchers apron WITH Sleeves (I seen them at Cabella’s, maybe Ken has an Amazon Link?) eye protection (I suggest vented as fogging is a problem) M95 masks WITH the exhale vent (really HELPS) or as that is in short supply ANY decent fitting mask for BOTH the patient spewing droplets of virus and the care givers.

          Hard surfaces you can use hydrogen peroxide, 2 parts bleach to water Bleach solution or in a pinch even vinegar or soap and water. All will help reduce the Bio load of virus.

          Soft surfaces like clothing simple washing machine action works. Try HARD not to contaminate stuff like your furniture, beds, window curtains. Can be washed and I would place outside for airing our and solar UV treatments.

          That’s part of why I suggest the Designated OUTSIDE Person (going to work, shopping) do the medical isolation I described with that “Whores Bath” to reduce the chance of contamination INSIDE the home.

          As I see it the PROBLEM is KNOWING When this virus is at your area. It’s HIGHLY Likely you’ll be at work or shopping WHEN the WORD gets out OR you notice a LOT of hacking folks. HAVING an HOME Medical Isolation PLAN AND a MASK in your Pocket is a good idea in my opinion. I have one in each car, and in my jacket.

          Also Professional Tip lose the beards and big moustaches guys. Air like water seeks the path of least resistance. Wearing a mask and someone can see facial hair showing at the mask seal THATS the path Air AND the Virus will follow.

          I am praying THIS Event like the SAR’s event in 2017 WHEN this thread started fades away. I want to hear from my MSB friends next year too.

        2. SORRY on proof reading I forgot to specify NO Vented Mask ON the patient.

          Only the Caregiver. That Vented Mask would simply spew droplets of virus and that would be a medical FAIL.

          Sorry for the error.

        3. CF
          Amazon carries disposable gowns same typed used in hospitals. Saw enough of them when Acdh was there during the H1N1 out break 2013-14, and they moved him out of ICU. Due to the influx of patients with this illness.

          Dynarex 2141, 50 gowns for $26, if you want to look at them.

          As for Scrubs they are cotton you would need several replacements as you would be gowning down each time you enter a room & exited. mo

  70. Some sources indicate that the initial host of the virus may be the horseshoe bat.
    From which it seems to be transmitted to swine, and from swine to people. I assume from people consuming infected swine. The is indicated as the probable path of infection of the SARS outbreak in ’03.
    With the current coronavirus being more identical to the SARS virus, than the M.E. upper respiratory syndrome virus, and the recent mass die off of swine in China, perhaps that’s the possible pathway of the current outbreak.

    1. Have read that eating bat soup has been linked to the 2020 Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan.

  71. And epidemy is progressing!
    15 big cities are in the quarantine. More than 57 million of people.
    It looks like a fire is out of control!

    1. Perhaps they learned from the SARS outbreak, and quarantine cities in order to contain the virus as much as possible.

  72. Everyone probably already knows this, but, an air traveler landed in the Raleigh, NC airport. Complaining of respiratory symptoms. Wore a mask the whole time he was in the airport and is now at Duke University in their unusual virus containment with highly trained caregivers.
    Test results are not back yet.

    1. CR, they only protect what is under them if additional barrier is used… in home setting. caring for one person. I would use a big garbage bag over t shirt and light weight inner clothes. and long sleeved scrub clothes over the bag. Yes it would be hot. would give protection from droplets , of cough , vomit or feces. would be organizing needed care to do most at one time and remove said clothes as me 2 posted. thankfully i did get a good rotation thru Operating rooms. Our Trainer thought we were going for 2 classes of license above our proficiency. Have always been thankful for Mrs. Ida B., just been a while..

  73. – CR,
    Sorry, scrubs are not protective. They’re just easy to clean and relatively cheap/long lasting.

    We are just covered up here at the urgent care clinic. I have kids (of all sorts of ages) coughing, sneezing and occasionally spitting in my face every hour. Procedure masks are not N95 level, but so far, elderberry and oregano are keeping me going. One thing about working here, you end up with a cast-iron constitution!

    Sorry, it’s just hard to post anything from here right now as we are covered up! Bad weather is slowing them down at the moment.

    – Papa S.

  74. The biggest vector of this kind of virus is via the hands. It is more important to decontaminate your hands than to wear a mask, which is usually worthless against a virus and are not meant to do so…but only to handle vapor, aerosols, and contaminated particulates. You want positive protection from a virus? You cannot afford it, nor obtain it.

    Most people trying to use protective clothing will contaminate themselves, either by improperly using them, or simply taking them off…after exposure. You must learn how to get out of a contaminated suit..and to take off contaminated gloves…properly, else it they are meaningless.

    Just wash everything and constantly wash your hands. Use disposable gloves and learn how to take them off. Once your area is effected, stay home, seal your windows and doors with tape, make an “air-lock” entry via your garage/laundry exit..where people can undress and toss clothes directly into the washer, wash their hands…wipe down any exposed skin with liquid decontaminate…and enter the living space clean. Keep bleach solutions at hand for area decon and remember your HVAC is not a properly filtered source of air. A proper “bunker” will have a positive pressure, filtered air source, which creates an inside air pressure greater than the outside…so any leaks flow OUT..not in.

    All you can really do is to remain isolated as much as possible, shelter for the critical period, and hope some swift 28 year old PHD figures out a blanket vaccine.

    1. Ision good comments. A good quality HEPA filter will reduce the airborne virus bio loading. Cheap ones are so poorly made that sir flow goes AROUND that HEPA filter. Not too many of us reading this have a proper Bio Hazard Bunker to retreat too.

      While nasty and dangerous like all serious Flu’s the Coronavirus is not exactly the Black Plague or Ebola.

      I have one HEPA for my house and one set aside FOR the Medical Isolation Room. With sickly 94 year olds around I want all the help I can get to keep that FLU from them.

      That SAID the Medical Isolation Bedroom (STRIPPED of all unneeded stuff) COULD have an OUT GOING Fan to create a negative pressure as so the airflow goes from the house through the Isolation Room and out the window.

      A reminder outside SIGN so folks will not gather there to “Chat” with the sick might help keep folks away from the Exhaust System (yes I’ve SEEN this before). You might want to close the HVAC intakes in that room as not to recycle the virus though the HVAC system but that room still needs airflow and at least here in NH HEAT.

      As you mentioned proper Gown-glove removal I’ll try to use words to describe it for non-medical folks. Calirefugee or Pap Smurf please expand as needed.

      Gown removal is first, keeping gloves ON. Have someone with gloved hands Untie your Gown. Doing it yourself risks you accidently touching your clothing under the gown. With your gloved hands, Right Hand Grasps the Left Shoulder, Left hand the Right Shoulder AT the same time. Pull off the gown in a smooth motion and drop into ready trash can.

      Removal of hair covering, goggles (into bleach solution basin) and mask. DON”T Touch bare skin here.

      Proceed with removal of gloves.

      Keeping both arms away and hands lower than elbows facing the trashcan. The fingers of each hand at the same time GRASP Firmly the wrist area of the other glove. Pull together then drop into ready trash can. Then wash your hands. Disposable gloves are single use.

      PROCEED with “Whore Bath” as described before to clean accidently contaminated areas.

      If perchance you have to use reusable gloves like those long dishwashing gloves KEEPING your hands LOWER than the elbows so contaminated water flows into your sink-decon bucket wash the gloves from two inches lower than elbow area to fingers. Then carefully using your gloved fingers take down the extended arm part and then proceed as described with disposable gloves INTO your bleach solution bucket.

      Those reusable gloves will last a good while if you don’t leave them in the bleach solution beyond the minute or two soak (Stirring with a designated set of Tongs to get all surfaces bleached). Then onward to the rinse water and drying rack.

      Was your self as described in “Whores Bath” including above elbows down to the fingers.

      Questions? Hopes this helps.

      Papa Smurf we need your homemade bleach maker information.

    2. yes, good comments. DO not neglect to use some kind of lotion on hands and chapped skin, a good place for using small amount of coconut oil. OR food grade olive oil- added to a little lotion. Chapped skin gives one more place for virus to invade.

  75. Also, if you haven’t already… Go down to the Walgreens and get your flu shot for this season. Those 65 and older should get the pneumonia shots, too.

    1. I choose to pass on formaldehyde, flouride, dna and rna from various other critters, and aluminum being injected… If you are so hot on taking a flu shot you can have mine. I will use my silver and oregano.

      1. The amount of aluminum you might get by the tiny injection is less than what you get from cooking a single egg on an aluminum pan. I guess you can wave raw garlic about and chant, too.

  76. One final comment..

    Determining when to go to the hospital is not easy. If you wait too long, you may allow the influenza to have advanced to far, which will prevent your body the ability to respond to treatment. If you go to early, you will be exposing yourself to possible gatherings of the infected, without you knowing if your ailment is virus related.

    Remember, the normal flow of sick and dying people is not abated by the pandemic and not all the bodies you may see lining a hospital’s hallways are virus caused. Triage will be practiced, too.

    Your symptoms may appear to be those of the pandemic flu, but they could easily be the result of other pathogens. After all, the other existing viral pathogens are still out there without regard to the pandemic.

    Nothing strikes fear into the populace more than an invisible killer and the sight of the fallen, lying face down, where they dropped, in a pool of blood created by their lacerations when they fell…such as seen in the Chinese video feeds. Note too…how the first responders are not in any rush to check the fallen for vitals…possibly because such victims are usually already dead. If so, the numbers of dead we are aware of are fictions.

      1. Take Monolaurin supplements instead of attempting to dose with Coconut Oil, whose active element is Laurin Acid, which must be converted by the body. You will find it under the brand name Lauricidin, and the developing Doctor suggests that people age 12 and older start with 750 milligrams (mg) of monolaurin two to three times per day. From there, he suggests they work their way up to 3000 mg, two to three times per day.

        You have no way of knowing how your body is effective in performing the conversion of Laurin acid into Monolarin, which is what does the antiviral effect.

        1. It’s reported that some of the viruses that have been inactivated, at least partially, by Monolaurin include: HIV, measles,herpes simplex-1,vesicular stomatitis,visna virus, and cytomeglovirus.

  77. Ken
    Map on this virus outbreak is in your email account to view, comes from a reliable source.

    1. Thank you AC, very nice. I will keep an eye on this data. Presently, the mortality rate is evidently 2.9% (of current reporting). Though it’s early in the process – could go higher. Time will tell. And it probably won’t be too long from now before we all have a better idea about this thing.

  78. Military medical staff being sent to a hospital in #Wuhan.
    – Deployment of Central Military Commission troops to assist with the #Wuhan lockdown. Soldiers seen equipped with assault rifles and biological protective gear.
    – New hospital being built in 10 days.

    Army is now in charge there! Situation is worse than they said on TV.

    Trump Administration brief on the #Wuhan virus:
    – Airborne virus.
    – Can remain on objects.
    – Two week incubation period.
    – CDC confirms third individual in the US has the virus.

    Officials have confirmed that a third individual has tested positive for the virus.

    #NEW: France health officials confirmed that two individuals within the country tested positive for the #Wuhan virus.

  79. A thought: Lots of ‘stuff’ is shipped directly from China to the US. Some to distribution centers, some directly to consumer, etc.

    If the coronavirus remains on surfaces (not sure how long), given the scale of infection in China, one wonders how that might spread to the US via transporting products and goods…

    1. Ken,
      Oooo such great thinking. This is why your site is so important! I am thankful that I already have face masks, gloves, etc. already in my “closet”.
      Luv ya’ll, Beach’n

    2. I wondered about that myself – how long can a virus live on an inanimate object? There are so many ways a virus can spread with our global connectedness, have to wonder what the coming days hold for us.

    3. Ken J
      The estimate time frame for this virus is 5 to 10 days on touchable surfaces. What was recommended to me. Paper bags for all grocery items, clean all products place on clean surface, dispose of paper bags into hazard trash bag. After cleaning all products, change gloves or wash in bleachy water then clean your food products again before taking into the house.

      Shoes; leave outside spray with bleach/water mix for contamination. Remember there are those who spit on the ground where we all walk and that spit debris can be transferred into the home environment.

  80. With the world gearing up to battle this new coronavirus, does this mean we all gonna’ be ” Kung Flu Fightin’ ” ?

    1. Dennis:
      Please return the 100 proof Moonshine to the cabinet.
      Thank You.

      1. Folks have told me “you old cops have a sick sense of humor” to which I reply, “old cops have seen some sick sh&t, sick humor is just how we deal with it.”

      2. NRP,
        It ain’t “shine” till it’s over 160 proof!

        🖒”Those dudes were fast as lightning!”

      3. NRP,
        its not “shine” until it tops 160 proof Ol’ Son!

        Yup to “Kung Flu fighting”. ” that stuff is fast as Lightning!”

        1. Minerjim:
          Starts at 90% (180 proof) but it melts the glass bottle’s.
          Gata cut it to 50%.
          Just dont set it next to an open flame.

        2. NRP
          Can get some of that moon shine🥃 for spot cleaning??

          Will go poof if I put it into a vapor machine for dispensing herbals??

        3. NRP
          Can get some of that moon shine🥃 for spot cleaning??

          Will go poof if I put it into a vapor machine for dispensing herbals??

    2. Or trying to get out of China on an airplane
      ” Kung Fu Flightin’ “. 🛫 😯

  81. It is certain the numbers are being played with and most of them are fictions. The people who have actually died is much higher than you are being told…as the cause of death is being altered to avoid association with coronavirus. Already, it is documented people, who have died from this virus are excluded from official reports.

    I am certain the death rate is radically higher.

  82. January 25th. Zerohedge:

    1497 Cases Worldwide; 42 Deaths: 3% official mortality rate (SARS was 11%)
    18 Chinese cities – 56 million people – quarantined
    President Xi said China faces a ‘grave situation’ as the spread is ‘accelerating’
    US and Russia planning evacuation of citizens from Wuhan
    Australia and Malaysia join the list of global nations with CoV cases, in addition to France, Pakistan, Singapore, the US and Nepal
    Chinese President Xi Jinping empowered local governments and said teams from Beijing will be sent to severely impacted areas to strengthen front-line prevention and containment
    The US and France chartered planes to evacuate diplomats and nationals in containment zones
    The director of the CDC says she expects cases of human-to-human transmission in the US
    China banned all domestic tour groups immediately and overseas group tours from Jan 27
    Starbucks and China said they were closing some stores in China
    Wuhan is building a second emergency hospital, this one with 1300 beds
    3 doctors in Beijing who visited Wuhan are confirmed to have the virus

    1. The USofA is bring home our people now!! Really??

      Way to late, they should quarantine them all at a military base that is closed down. Would not let them back into the general public until they are all pass the contaimnation stage.

      Close our borders to all incoming flights/trains/buses or what ever moves over the territorial lines. Drastic yes, but this bugger loves human host and the free flight mileage that comes with said travelers. my non humble opinion

    2. Chevy.
      At least it sounds like they’re doing what’s necessary in order to try to contain it.

  83. Seeing the videos and photos on various sites, it sure seems like more than 1,500 people ill and 41-42 deaths. Seeing as how Xi had an emergency meeting this morning, and more and more areas under lock-down, and the second make-shift hospital going up, and the military seemingly taking over… makes you wonder what the real numbers are? And how are they going to feed 11 million just in the one city alone?

    Needless to say, been stocking up (more than usual) all week. Extra food and water, vehicles gassed up, more masks, plastic sheeting, duct tape, cleaning and disinfecting supplies, and so on.

    Even as the domestic MSM continues to bury this story, at least some outlets are discussing. Have heard numerous interviews on BBC this week, although they are just as MSM as all the rest, at least they are attempting to get the news out… more than I can say for most media outlets who seem to be downplaying it.

    Read that one doctor in the original infection area has now died, several others have contracted it. Also now confirmed cases in Australia. All this quarantining is clearly closing the barn door after the horse got out.

    Appreciate all of you sharing what you have read and know about the spread, and biohazards in general… every bit of knowledge and info is so helpful.

    1. So Cal Gal
      Acdh saw video on Fox Business News yesterday of the dead laying in hall ways of hospital. How they were able to send that video out is amazing since they(C gov)has such a strangle hold on media outlets.

      Only time will tell the vast devastation IF we really see all of it.
      Acdh backed up the dvr so I could see what they had posted on their net work. It is out there but just being tightly controlled.

      1. AC and ACDH,
        It is pretty amazing the footage is getting out… and if the reporters are airlifted out there will be almost nothing getting out at all. Just read on ZH that death certificates are starting to be written as “pneumonia” rather than the virus, even after families were told the person had the virus while being treated. We all know the numbers being published aren’t real – but if they are already hiding the real casualties this early then it’s hard to know just how bad it really is. Leaves a lot to my very vivid imagination.

        Have to assume with all the shut-downs – unlike anything anyone has seen before – that this is far worse than is being publicized. Now reading Canada may have its’ first case as well.

  84. To hell with all the good advice on avoiding the pandemic – gloves, masks, shots, garbage bag suits, face guards, scrubs, isolation rooms, disinfectants, medical knowledge, filters, ….

    I’m just going to stay away from others out here in the bush until I see some progress in containment and improvement. I may get run over by a bull moose or elk but at least I will go out with my boots on.

  85. Does anyone know, if the “right” virus mask to purchase is N935? or what is the correct designation? Rough idea of cost per mask?

    Someone told me they thought they came in box of 1000. Anyone know if they are individually sealed? Was thinking if not, they would get contaminated?

    How long might they “last” if left sealed?

    1. How about a surgical mask sprayed with thieves spray?
      Or other essential oils?

      1. Jane Foxe and CR, I heard one Doctor, don’t remember which site… state he would lightly spray any n 95 masks from the inside with colloidal silver and give them time to dry before going out in public ,if all he had..would give a layer of protection above 95-. CS is water based so would dry completely..
        .. would take lomatium.when we must go out/or one of others we have been discussing.
        .. I could not stand the thieves… allergic to one ingredient in it…

  86. Just on the local news. Person in isolation at Duke tested negative for the virus.

  87. I’ve posted a number of articles about the severity of the coronaflu virus with some skepticism of the reports. I don’t really know what’s going on and I don’t see any noticeable concern locally. We hit the stores today and they were mobbed, nobody was staying home due to flu fear. Nobody was wearing masks.

    When I came home I sanitized my hands.

      1. Most likely to see more indications of concern if the local population is notified of local contamination.

    1. Chevy I am happy you washed your hands to protect yourself and your family.

      That “Unaware” and “Unconcerned” will change suddenly and that’s why I suggested everybody carry a mask in their pocket as well as set up basic home medical isolation materials.

      Today they are cheap and easy to get. Try finding bleach and plastic sheeting after the WORD gets out….

      SO far the Main Stream Media is doing a good job making the “Impeachment of Donald Trump” the front and center stories and NOT Reporting the coronavirus stories. They did the same for Ebola until it couldn’t be hidden THEN after reporting it was “Cured” promptly put us back to our daily diet of “Dancing with the Stars”.

      We dodged a BULLET with Ebola, hopefully next year we will be making jokes about coronavirus.

    2. Chevy
      Funny you should say as such.
      The other half’s medical staff Christmas Party was last night…… January 25th… close to the Holiday.
      So four people’s other half’s were home with the flu.
      I didn’t even wait til I got home.
      Hand sanitizer in my diabetic med bag, there in the truck….
      Sadly there wasn’t enough to take a bath in.
      Isn’t it weird that being with potentially sick people, makes you ‘feel’ sick?

  88. Did China Steal Coronavirus From Canada And Weaponize It?

    So here is the article that talks about how china STOLE BIOWEAPONS from leaves.

    >This Coronavirus sample was acquired by Scientific Director Dr. Frank Plummer of Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory (NML) in Winnipeg directly from Fouchier, who received it from Zaki. This virus was reportedly stolen from the Canadian lab by Chinese agents.

    >In March 2019, in mysterious event a shipment of exceptionally virulent viruses from Canada’s NML ended up in China. The event caused a major scandal with Bio-warfare experts questioning why Canada was sending lethal viruses to China. Scientists from NML said the highly lethal viruses were a potential bio-weapon.

    >Following investigation, the incident was traced to Chinese agents working at NML. Four months later in July 2019, a group of Chinese virologists were forcibly dispatched from the Canadian National Microbiology Laboratory (NML). The NML is Canada’s only level-4 facility and one of only a few in North America equipped to handle the world’s deadliest diseases, including Ebola, SARS, Coronavirus, etc.

    >Xiangguo Qiu – The Chinese Bio-Warfare Agent

    >The NML scientist who was escorted out of the Canadian lab along with her husband, another biologist, and members of her research team is believed to be a Chinese Bio-Warfare agent Xiangguo Qiu. Qiu was the head of the Vaccine Development and Antiviral Therapies Section in the Special Pathogens Program at Canada’s NML

    1. MSG — WOW…I recall her being escorted out /sent back to China (along with others). When this virus “popped” up, I did wonder if they were connected. But, WOW. I hadn’t realised what the scientist was working on/what had been sent to China. Lax security ….at the very least.
      Is it a case of simple stupidity/carelessness (on part of Canadian regulators/authorities), or is it a case of “follow the money”?

      1. The source of this trouble while interesting (as in Chinese Curse) the RESULTS to you and your family are a bit more important.

        I don’t think the Chinese are stupid enough to “release” a bioweapon upon their own people. Too uncontrollable AND their ACTIONS to contain it were too slow and unplanned to be intended.

        I *think* the release was aided by some of our 3 letter agencies efforts. Same with the Pig “Ebola” and Wheat diseases to cripple the Chinese ability to feed themselves WITHOUT Buying American pork and Wheat. After all we are effectively at a low level war with China and have been since before Obama.

        Now China OWNS our major Pork Producers and has cemented their food relationship with Russian wheat and soybeans. Good going Langley.

        Sad that their actions will generate a vicious blowback for you and I to suffer through.

        Pray for our Republic and that the plans of the Deep State gets snuffed out by Patriots with in those 3 letter agencies.

        1. Me2
          Heres something to consider.
          Just a passing thought i had.
          Gates foundation funds research with this stuff
          They are also one of the leading proponents of curbing manmade climate change.
          Who is one of the largest polluters and most overpopulated countries in the world?
          Not the USA, we actually are one of the cleanest per capita.
          Mhmmm starts with a C
          We all have read about the theories and such about population reduction.
          Gates is an American
          Perhaps a bit of meddling with natural selection to kill a few birds with one stone?
          Over pop
          Industrial over production
          ??? Other???
          Just a curiosity and a Passing thought, but possible. How better to give an agenda a bit of a boost by thinning the herd, and mind you that thinning will be most effective in countries that have people living like sardines

        2. Kulafarmer the Rich and Powerful have their OWN plans for this planet.

          Or as someone (maybe you friend) said “It’s a big CLUB and we are not part of it”.

          Wait until the TRUCKERS are afraid to drive…. Ken’s article about that says it all.

          Voles are small, they have no real weapons, but they are smart enough to store away needed supplies and HIDE well. Maybe a lesson here?

  89. I saw someone posting about what the c d c is saying, so I just read through and excerpted some commentary here… this is post 1 of 2 so that it does not get too long:

    According to the c d c website (updated with today’s date):

    “The fact that this disease has caused illness, including illness resulting in death, and sustained person-to-person spread is concerning. These factors meet 2 of the criteria of a pandemic. As community spread is detected in more and more countries, the world moves closer toward meeting the third criteria: worldwide spread of the new virus.”

    They continue to say that individual risk is low to the general public, unless you are a med professional or had close contact with an infected person. But, they go on to say:

    “However, it is important to note that current circumstances suggest it is likely that this virus will cause a pandemic. In that case, the risk assessment would be different.”

    I will post the more concerning paragraph on “What May Happen” in a separate post to keep the length reasonable.

  90. Post 2 of 2 on comments on the c d c website dated today:

    What May Happen (It does not say will, it does say MAY):

    “More cases are likely to be identified in the coming days, including more in the U.S. It’s also likely that person-to-person spread will occur, including in the U.S. Widespread transmission… in the US would translate into large numbers of people needing medical care at the same time. Schools, childcare centers, workplaces, and other places for mass gatherings may experience more absenteeism. Public health care systems may become overloaded, with elevated rates of hospitalizations and deaths. Other critical infrastructure, such as law enforcement, emergency medical services, and transportation industry may also be affected. Healthcare providers and hospitals may be overwhelmed. At this time, there is no vaccine to protect against covid 19 and no medications approved to treat it. Non-pharmaceutical interventions would be the most important response strategy.”

    Again… this does say MAY HAPPEN… it does not say will happen… but it’s pretty chilling that they are giving this as a warning… Perhaps this is boilerplate language, but it certainly acknowledges possibilities we have discussed at length here.

    1. So Cal Gal;
      Interesting way to dance around the Table.
      So, in my humble opinion the C D C and W H O are saying “Wellllll maybe not today or tomorrow, we will wait till more and more die from this than tell the truth”
      All awhile people could be, not saying they will, but could be preparing for themselves just a little.

      1. NRP,
        The tight-rope commentary is really something. They are so afraid to cause panic that they keep tip-toe’ing around.

        We’re not saying it’s a p-word yet, but we expect it to be at some point… we’ll wait on the w h o perhaps? We’ll just keep watching and let you parse our words for what we really mean.

        And the comments on what “may” happen… so, we’re not saying it’s going to happen, BUT, if it did happen, here’s the things that may happen, you know, if it happens.

        And since all these agencies are refusing to just spit it out, my imagination is working full time imagining what would happen, you know, if it happens. Good grief.

        1. SO Cal Gal;
          I believe you did one of those Dance Around’s….

          “my imagination is working full time imagining what would happen, you know, if it happens. Good grief.”

          My friend, is this virus already not shut down China? Cruse Ships, Hotels, Entire cities, ALL being quarantined…

          It is no longer “If or When” it happens, this Pandemic is already happening all around the world, granted not so hard here I the US, “yet” BUT it is already happening.

        2. Ohhhhh yeah.
          AND the Dow is down another 880 so far today.
          “Nothing to see here, move along” comes to mind

        3. NRP,
          I should have changed it to “when” it happens. It’s here, but since it’s not a full blown zombie apocalypse people around me are starting to believe we’re fine. I’ve irritated the crap out of DH over this. Let me know last night I am getting myself worked up over this…. said I already know we’re being lied to so why am I letting it get to me each time a new lie is published? He is beyond sick of my continual bad news updates.

          TPTB continue to speak and act as though containment is possible, but that’s just wishful thinking IMO, too late to stop it.

          A coworker with a daughter who is a nurse (and going to school to be a P.A.) let me know this thing is totally overblown, people need to stop freaking out and if they want to worry about something it should be seasonal flu and getting a flu shot. I decided to shut my trap, smile and walk away – which I suck at, BTW.

          I know it’s here and getting closer, it’s just a matter of when and how bad. Sideswipe or head-on collision?

          Needed supplies obtained, just watching and waiting now. And apparently I’m also venting a lot!

        4. So Cal Gal;
          If it’s no big deal, then why the hell did TPTB just for another $1.2 billion to help fight it? Or was that $2.1?
          Sure as heck ain’t for Lolly Pops for the waiting room.

        5. NRP

          The markets? Look for the hockey stick – we should be back to the top by the end of the week – just my guess.

        6. NRP,
          I agree… they’ve already said they don’t have enough equipment to go around. And the Feds aren’t looking at the run-down center in Costa Mesa (that was built in the 50’s to house 2,000+ people) because they are looking for a fun renovation project to keep 30-50 people contained. Clearly none of the alphabet agencies were prepared for s serious event.

          Nothing about the activities going on anywhere here or abroad indicate this virus is no big thing. And the markets are finally waking up to it.

          I guess some people think its only serious if there is an immediate die-off in the millions like in the movies. This steady march we’re on toward the edge of the cliff is just not on the radar of most people… yet.

        7. hermit us;
          I hope your right, we all have seen hard times enough.
          Maybe this Beer Virus will burn itself out come spring time warmth.
          Maybe we all will look back on these few Articles and say “what the hell were we worried about”?
          Maybe I won’t need those 600 rolls of TP.
          AND maybe just Maybe Pigs WILL learn to fly hehehehe
          Time to go soak my liver in some Distilled Apple Juice ye-ha y’all

        8. NRP,
          Only real question you have to answer is: “Red or Green?”, right?

        9. Minerjim;
          Usually “Christmas”
          And 95% of the people out there will have ZERO idea what we’re talking about HAHAHAHA

        10. So al GAl, It’s ok… you are not the only one that is dealing with others around them ..”not want any more details” . It is a coping method….In my case knows we are prepared as we can be. Are continuing to do what we can. has even talked about shutting off the drive… so supportive, but focused elsewhere.
          When i try to give information, not sure was recieved. – don’t worry about it….was reply.. Knowing if it is a scate -board or train is important to me, i want to know what the danger and what i need to do….then i can be as ready as possible… UUUGGGH! at least no problem with what i do purchase.,

  91. I was waiting for the full transcript from today’s c d c briefing to be put up on their site, but since its not there yet, I went looking for a little more info on the comments made today, since they seemed to have a heightened sense of urgency to them. Here are takeaways I thought important:

    Nancy Messonnier, c d c director of immunization and respiratory disease said today:
    “As we’ve seen from recent countries with community spread, when it has hit those countries, it has moved quite rapidly. We want to make sure the American public is prepared. As more and more countries experience community spread, successful containment at our borders becomes harder and harder. Ultimately, we expect we will see community spread in this country. It’s not so much a question of if this will happen anymore, but rather more of a question of exactly when this will happen and how many people in this country will have severe illness.”


    “I understand this whole situation may seem overwhelming, and that disruption to everyday life may be severe. But these are things that people need to start thinking about now. I had a conversation with my family over breakfast this morning, I told my children that, while I didn’t think they were at risk right now, we as a family need to be preparing for significant disruption of our lives.”

    She also said that only 5 states have working test kits right now. Just 5 states. No wonder the numbers aren’t growing. But, she may have gone further out on a limb than the agency wanted her to. The HHS Secretary back-pedaled, saying they are committed to “radical transparency” and that Nancy was “just previewing for the American people” the strategies they have in their toolbox as more cases appear, and “… what that might involve. Might. Might involve.”

    Hmmm… sounds like the Secretary did not enjoy her candor. I, on the other hand, found her candor refreshing. If she’s telling her kids over breakfast that their family needs to be prepared for “significant disruption” that may be “severe” and questioning how many people will have “severe illness”… that certainly gets my attention (note that she used the word “severe” twice in her brief comments). Even if the Secretary tried to sugar coat it afterward.

      1. NRP,
        I know, right. That’s some serious sh*t right there. I can’t believe she came out and said it, and I’m wondering if she’s in hot water now for doing so.

        1. So Cal Gal:
          Welcome to the. Gov, in trouble for telling the truth.

  92. Here is the audio of today’s CDC briefing. Try putting it in your search engine to get the webpage. I adjusted it to try and bypass Ken’s filter.


    1. One more little tidbit that probably doesnt mean anything. The brother of Dr. Nancy Messonnier of the CDC is Rod Rosenstein with the DOJ.


  93. I heard the CDC report, and can see panic very soon….Just like the stock market crashed as it happened in just a few days…..

    I have a reasonable thought the way the C-virus could start here— the large cities with foreigners and citizens coming home from infected areas in other countries through large ports or airports, or even across our borders. All we need is one person who escaped quarantine not showing symptoms but a carrier at the time to enter a population.

    I am cautious though, it is not the Black Death but as my great uncle and aunt died of the Spanish flu when it ravaged the world in the early 1900’s, they had no cure or vaccine for it either.

    I wonder how many people will get the panic rush to stock up now through the rest of this week upon hearing this “candor”?

    1. Stardust
      It took my step-fathers mother in 1920. Which we did not know about until we were doing the families trees.

    2. Stardust:
      OMG tis good to hear from you.
      This is the exact things we talked about many years ago…
      To Prepare for.
      God help us all. Spanish Pledge all over again or worse.
      Be well my friend, please be well

      1. Hi, my old MSB friend! I come here when there is some seriousness for preparation, but it is good to hear from you guys.

        I, like many others in this blog are in survival mode. I am very isolated like Hermit, and have nearly been in an a “quarantine” for years without thinking I am.

        Stay safe and healthy my friends.

        1. Stardust;
          Wish you would/could comment a little more if you can.
          You’re a wealth of good/GREAT information.
          This is a “Teaching” BLOG IMHO. Ken has thousands of Lurkers that read probably everyday.
          I honestly feel if we can help only one person, then this is all worth the time spent.
          Thank you for your contributions that you have added, it’s been a good few/many years for sure.

    3. Interesting note about the Black death and its relationship to AIDS. It has been scientifically proven, if both your direct ancestors died from the plague, so will get HIV and it will develop into AIDS. If one of your ancestors died, and the other survived and you were part of that lineage, you will contract HIV and it will not develop into AIDS, and you cannot pass it on. If both survived and you were part of that lineage, you won’t contact HIV. if we know all of this, why can’t we stop this virus?

      1. Why?
        Because it makes more money for the medical industrial complex to sell you treatments,
        Cure,,,, ha now thats a laugh, why would the medical profession want anything cured…

        1. Once again Kula’s “farmer common sense” is dead-on.

          There is no profit potential in a healthy human specimen. Remember this always!

      2. Mick aside from the illogic that both your family lines DIED from the plague and thus YOU have never been born…. Maybe my reading skill is a little weak here.

        How about some references to that “Scientifically Proven” we can look up?

  94. Interesting read. Thanks for posting. What have others used to protect stores from rodents, damp, insects, heat damage, etc… ?

    We are in the Pacific NW, aka the land of the unprepared (just watch any news coverage of an inch snowfall around Portland).

    1. Sparrow:
      You just a 5000 word question as far as how to protect your stores.
      The easy answer is to keep the goods cool and in rodent proof containers, out of moist places (good luck with that in Portland. Also keep well out of sunlight.

      Had to chuckle on your comment on 1″ od snow…. Was in Potland when that happened… OMG it shut the entire city down, I mean entirely, Nothing was moving, schools, .gov, stores EVERYTHING was shut down… Amazing.

    2. Hi Sparrow

      Am out on Oly Pen where it averages 115 inches of rain annually. DampRid works. I use it in house as well as conex box. Boxes and other vulnerable containers for deep pantry go in the inexpensive clear plastic tubs from Costco. Almost all LTS food staples are in #10 cans. I buy them that way from LDS store.

  95. Has anyone else noticed that there are NO corvi-19 cases in North Korea? They are land locked between China and South Korea, and not one case has been identified from there? Remember them threatening a Christmas Present to our President? hmmm? Just asking to see if anyone else has run this theory?

    1. Actually Mamma Bear there has been reports of corona virus in North Korea. One fellow today tried to escape his “Self Quarantine” and was shot to death per MSN.

      It’s showing up everywhere. I just want to KNOW if any non-Asians died from it yet.

        1. Good to hear from you Veteran!

          The main casualties from the “Normal Flu” are the Older and those very sick (or medical speak Co-Morbidities folks).

          However the “Normal” flu season has about a 0.1% death rate and THIS one has closer to the Spanish Flu 3% death rate and a much higher rate of transmission person to person.

          The US medical system (and others) will rapidly fall to the level we’ve been Criticizing China for when millions of sick and afraid they are sick folks flood the system. With masses warehoused and uncared for due to exhaustion of the limited number of Medical personnel to care for them.

          The US history of the Spanish flu showed bulldozed mass graves. History often rhymes.

    2. Mamma Bear,

      No one knows for sure what is happening in N. Korea, but most “experts” believes they are experiencing a COVID-19 crisis. They canceled an annual military parade that has taken place without fail for 72 years. Reports of the summary execution of a virus quarantine violator, on the streets, have filtered out. Their healthcare system is almost non-existent except for party elites, and they are almost totally dependent on China, who probably ain’t in a good position to come to their aid.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions develops there.
      I detest their leadership, but my heart goes out to the common man and woman there. I cannot imagine their suffering……….even before this challenge.

  96. I have stocked up on many of the things mentioned. But there is one item, I want to add: I live in a large senior community. We are a highly vulnerable people to criminals. During a panic, unprepared people will want what you have. So I have additionally stocked up on ammunition. It doesn’t spoil and will be there just in case.

    1. You may want to try some things I did many years ago. For large quantity ammo, if you can find it in SEALED sardine cans that hold 850 to 1000 rounds, buy it. It will last 30-50 years and maybe longer. For loose boxes, invest in some good USA ammo cans, the REAL ones for about $3 to $8. make sure the seal is good around them. It keeps out the moisture and keeps your ammo fresh for many years.

      1. When I first moved to California, sporting goods store “Big 5” used to sell mil-Surp Mosin-Nagant’s in an oak barrel for $89 a piece. Oh to go back in time and pick up a few of those! I had no idea what I was even looking at back then.

  97. Are these articles used to inform us (consumers) or make for ready sales sites? Tragically, most crisis are usually profitable for someone!

    1. Randy, If you don’t find any of my articles informative, you are free to change the channel. I do not work for free. Do you have a job? Or do you work for free… Does that shed new light on the subject?

    2. Randy – OMG I just noticed all of the other sites I’ve been visiting have advertising related to the subject matter. Mind blown!

      1. tmcgyver & Ken
        Heck try loading some of those sites.
        Counted one site that had 8 popups all load you as soon as ya got there, AND could not even see the Site Page till you closed them.

        1. Exactly.
          Plus, I never do popups. I hate them.

          Additionally, I dropped ALL my G O O G L E ads awhile ago. I actually reduced my income in that regard! But there were advantages. Faster page load, and I’m done feeding the evil beast. But I digress. I’m going off-topic (as I put myself in “timeout”).

  98. Anyone else hearing or seeing reports of 3M and Honeywell will no longer supply private businesses such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, and places like that with N95 mask? All products are now reserved for governmental or medical facilities.

  99. panick in grocereries in shops outbreack will cause a shortage of food for the disabled, are vunerable and elderly . Dureing the war it was rationed so that every one would not starve. shops should start organizeing and make out some controle . Figure out a plan to deale with a certaine number of cutomers at a time for starter a called for space may be nessesary . And the amount of cutermers in shops no more than 50 at a time. while others queue outside of large stores. Then when they are served let another 50 in. The large food shops may need guards to controle panick outside of the shops but as long as they are carefull in dealing with a problem with out agression. If the big stores can organize a plan similer it could ease problems for themselves. Panick will not solve anything just adds to more stress and make you ill please take care where all in the same boat. forgive my mistakes, i am dyslexic. by for now barbara

  100. Wow, this post was quite the time capsule from pre-lockdown days. I type this after the lockdowns are lifted in most places. I went to work at my hospital as I said I would with 2 weeks off after catching the Omicron variant in the first weeks of Feb 2022. I was one of the last in my community to get the Pfizer vax due to employer mandate and my unit is still attached and has not fallen off. (no extra appendages have sprouted either).
    The statistics folks and historians will be busy crunching numbers regarding morbidity versus mortality for the next several years. Books will be written and theories will be espoused amongst those of us that survived this epidemic. Odds are, there will be another bad one 8-10 years from now. This prophecy coming from an old nurse that has watched these events take place in California and Oregon for the past 40 years.

    1. And… it’s a terrible shame on the medical community whereby a virus with an apprx. 99.7% survival rate (and much better than that for most, if you weren’t obese or with other bad health conditions or very old), whereby proven treatments such as Ivermectin and HCQ (and others) were forbidden, yes forbidden!

      The inventor of the mRNA vax estimates that perhaps 800,000 lives could have been saved if these treatments were “allowed”. Un freaking believable. The medical establishment and their masters are disgusting… at least those who went along with this, which is nearly all of them. It really opened my eyes as to how the medical establishment is a controlled industry (I always knew to an extent, but had no idea how beholden).

      Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance

      To make matters worse, tens of thousands (likely many more) have died from the vax, and many more will follow as time unfolds – from the well-established side effects including Myocarditis, micro-clotting, VAIDS, and other conditions too many to mention. I’m glad that you were not one of them. And I’m glad that I never took that chance. My body, My choice.

      Pfizer Covid mRNA vaccine 1,291 Side Effects

      Covid-19 Management & Vitamin Supplement List

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