Herbal Medicines for Ongoing Health

Herbal Medicines

Guest Article by NRP

I will be the first to admit I know about 1/1000 of what I would like to know about Homeopathic Medicine, Herbal Medicines, and Herbology. Also I am by no means a Doctor or claim to know lots about this topic.

But I do know that the ability to “Heal” will be of GREAT importance in the ‘Aftermath’ of any potential long lasting SHTF.

So, herbal medicines, what exactly is all the uproar about?

Well let me first say this; I have seen first-hand what “Modern Medicine’s” hack/cut, Radiation/Chemo Drugs/Therapy Cut/Paste ‘can’ and will do. Also look at the long term problems which the “Take A Pill” society has created. First thing that comes to mind, the current Opioid crises that’s overtaking the Country and World. How about all the people that Doctors get hooked on Meds, and than never follow up on?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not dissing Modern Medicine. Are there situations where Modern Medicine is warranted? Yes very much so. And a LOT of people have lived to a ripe old age after such treatment.

I have also seen the opposite side. All of the “Doctors” mistakes and “accidental deaths” caused by carelessness, misdiagnoses, abuse, and just all out incompetency.

** Johns Hopkins study estimates that more than 250,000 Americans die each year from medical errors. May 3, 2016 **

In the same breath Herbal Medicines if abused can kill, I did a search but found no “actual” numbers, but it’s estimated that close to 23,000 hospital ‘visits’ each year are cause by “Overdosing” on herbs. Please note; that’s 1/10 the number KILLED by ‘medical errors’.


Herbal Medicines as Alternative To Drugs?

Is there an alternative to the “Drug” side of the medical field?

YES there is a very good alternative, Herbal and Homeopathic medicines.

After reading and seeing first-hand the hype of Herbal medicines, I more understand the “crazy’s” and their thinking.

I personally have become convinced after seeing a good friend with a PSA level of over 45 reduce the levels to 12 with just Asian Herbal Medicines within just 2 mouths.

Here is my first hand latest experience:

I was just weeks from becoming a Drug addict from my Doctor for the pain and swelling. Ken did an article here on Turmeric, and within one month I had practically zero inflammation left. After 2 months I have all but forgotten the arthritic. I did revisit my Doctor and he was totally amazed. BTW, he is no longer my Doctor.

How Do You Take Your Turmeric?
Top 100 High ORAC Value Antioxidant Foods

NRP’s Turmeric Recipe:

1 Cup of Turmeric Powder, this is a powerful Anti-Inflammatory
1/4 cup Ginger Power, a good Anti-Oxidant
1/4 cup Garlic Powder, also a good Anti-Oxidant
1/4 cup Cayenne Pepper Powder, supposedly very good for the Cardio System.
1/4 cup Black Pepper very fine grind, this helps the absorption of the other Herbs

Mix well in a glass bowl and store in a glass container

1 teaspoon with V8 every morning.

Disclaimer: Consult your doctor.

Starwest Botanicals Organic Turmeric Root Powder

YES herbal does work.


Herbal Medicines for Survival & Preparedness

So what does this have to do with Modern Survival you ask?

Imagine for starters that TSHTF and no longer can one get simple medical for the common cold or fever.

How about an open wound from a bite or simple accident.

And for the Rambo’s out there, a fresh GSW.

Will you have the knowledge to treat the illness, wound, infection, or virus? Or will someone simply die from a common cold?

What about your ongoing health issues such as Diabetes, Heart problems, ulcers, hemorrhoids, common cold?

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What about “if” the supply trucks stop rolling? Would there be a way to find Herbal Medicines to “carry you through” for a year, longer?

My guess would be yes, especially considering that 95+% of modern medicines are derived originally from Plants aka Herbal Medicine.

How about ongoing health? Do you take Vitamins or ‘supplements’ that are simply chemicals? Or do you go for the Herbal?

As I said in the beginning, I’m 50 miles behind what I want to know about Herbal, but I have a very STRONG will to learn.

How about you?
What is your opinion on Alternatives to chemicals that our current doctors push?

Here’s an asset worth having on your survival book shelf:
Survival Medicine Handbook


  1. Alternatives have a definite place in our home. We have taken the homeopathic Occillococenum ( or “Occillo”) for years at the first sign of flu symptoms. Have not had the flu for years. I think I will try turmeric for inflammation as I now take ibuprofen a nightly basis for aches and pains I get from building and farming. I am also going to check into wild lettuce for pain reduction. I have one area of the vineyard where it has spread, might as well see if it can be utilized for some good. I am not on any prescription meds now, and will avoid them like the plague. Good to have natural remedies, can grow myself for future use if need be.

    1. Minerjim
      I also have done 40+ years of Heavy Construction and am 90% worn out, I started turmeric, and honestly within a month the Inflammation was 90% gone. Inflammation = aches & pain in my thinking. Ken does have that Article listed; you might give it a read. I have cut back the Turmeric to about 1/2 the original dose, it’s still on the top of my list over IB, I also understand that ibuprofen over long term is not so good on the gut.

      One thing, it’s an everyday sort of thing, not like the chemicals one takes for pain whereas you hurt you take a pill.

      Hope it works for you Jim, I know several others that have started it and works, and yes some turmeric does not, but there is a HUGE amount of other Herbs out there that might.

      1. NRP,
        I have been looking for an alternative to ‘vitamin I’, as I call it. it does not bother my stomach, but do not like the idea that I have to reach for a bottle of something if I want to end some aches and pains to sleep. Hence my interest in turmeric. It’s natural, its a food, and if it has the benefit of inflammation reduction all the better. Thanks for the article!

        1. minerjim,
          They are now saying that ibuprofen is really bad for the heart. You might look into some white willow bark in addition to the turmeric for pain.

        2. It does make a very effective birth control, held tightly between the knees. ;–)

      2. I believe in that old phrase – ” Physician, heal Thyself. ”

        What it means to me is that you are ultimately responsible for your own health.

        Prevention is cure, knowledge is power, and nature existed long before doctors and pharmaceuticals entered our lives. Eat what your farmers market has to offer – fresh foods that were recently harvested. Get plenty of sleep, exercise, and, as you age, more probiotic foods to make your digestive system stay healthy.

        There is a time and a place for modern medicine, but it should be a last resort, not the first stop on your way to perfect health.

    2. Pain can be caused by other things than inflammation. Bones grinding, arthritis, muscle spasms, nerve pain, etc. If your pain is primarily other things, you’ll probably need a different combination to combat it.

    3. I have severe austio arthritis in my left hip
      The turmerick definitely helps, i take one from Swanson
      I also take some supplements from healthy back
      Google Heal and Soothe,
      I take this dayly, along with another joint supplement from the same company called super joint support, helps cut the pain in a big way, big big way, it cut my ibuprofin intake more than half, and can function even if i dont take ib.

    4. Mr. wanted to try Wild lettuce. I understand it is more potent if it is smoked. It will make you sleepy with not much relief. Of course we humans are varied so one must see for themselves. Homeopathic works but can be subtle. I have a lot of it!!! Turmeric helps Mr. too. We buy Solgar Curcumin and a separate Black Pepper supplement to go with it. Decided to get a good quality collagen. It has not arrived yet. Collagen helps hold us together so to speak and supposed to be healthy for the joints too. MSM is something I have been taking along time for joints. List goes on and on…………….

    5. There are specific ways to prepare the wild lettuce for pain relief…do the research.. we don’t have it, that I know of here, ..going to try to remedy that situation..
      .also might try krill oil for arthritis type symptoms. I use willow bark effectively, it is also easier on the stomach than ibuprophen….and much easier on the liver. There are many anti inflammatories that are natural. For instance, those that have Lyme, might find relief of arthritic symptoms by using Oregano
      Tumeric is one many people use, …after I found an article saying it could disable the body’s ability to fight cancer. We stopped using it.
      Every medication or herbal we use should be thoroughly researched…and each person must make their own decisions.

      1. Hmm, thats interesting about the oregano, got to look into that, both the oregano and the turmeric grow well at our place, going to expand the turmeric this year, as well as add a pretty good size planting of ginger. The oregano grows like a weed once you get it established, fairly hearty plants,

  2. I believe in herbal treatment but clearly not as fast and effective as modern drugs. I have been taking turmeric capsules and finely ground black pepper capsules and have noticed no benefit myself.

      1. Howdy,
        To increase turmeric/pepper effects: heat and presence of fat (or at least something with fat)
        Some people like the golden milk recipe:
        Golden Milk
        •1 cup of almond milk (hemp or coconut are also good options)
        •1 teaspoon coconut oil
        •1/4 teaspoon or more of turmeric paste (I use organic ground)
        Combine all the ingredients, except honey in a saucepan. Turn the heat to medium. While heating make sure to stir constantly and do not allow the mixture to boil. Add honey to taste.
        I like to drink this first thing in the AM, I also add in dash of organic ground cloves and ginger and Ceylon cinnamon as well.
        Peace and Health to you and all :)

      2. Howdy…
        I know of someone who had bad enough arthritis in their hand, that they could not easily do their work. They started taking a tsp of cinnamon/tsp of honey in cup of tea (or maybe it was a cup of chamoille tea…not sure). Within a month or two they had no pain. The person continued the regime and continued without visible arthritis/pain in hand. —- If you do take cinnamon regular, research which type is best. One has more of some ingredient which harms one’s liver.

        1. Ceylon is the better for health cinnamon :)
          Good article describing benefits on greenmedinfo dot com
          the cassia cinnamon has more blood thinning qualities
          Ceylon cinnamon has numerous benefits: lower cholesterol, memory boosting power, anti-fungal anti-bacterial, improves digestion I also love the smooth subtly sweet flavor of it, good stuff!

        2. Shepherdess
          Thank you. Couldn’t recall. I know this one person in particular was very much helped by the drink, so hope it might help others.

    1. Howdy;
      Maybe something else would work, Just because it works for one does not mean it’s a cure all for everyone. I would suggest talking to an Herbal Doctor.
      I just am tired of the chemicals the Big Box Pharms are pushing all the time while making $billions off our suffering. Think about it, why would a Pharmaceutical Producer want to “cure” you, would they not lose a source of income?

    2. Be careful of where you get your turmeric capsules. I read that some turmeric capsules have been found to be adulterated with other ingredients. You could have an ineffective product.

  3. To NRP,
    I always read your articles and comments with great satisfaction but this time I must say with all due respect “This article really misleads your reader.” I have spent all my professional career (45 years) making certain that I understand the scientific basis for whatever I comment on. Now, let me say that most of these home remedies (homeopathic remedies, etc. ) at best do no harm. Your comment that home remedies harm the patient only 1/10 as much has a doctors medical treatment is true. That is only true because home remedies have no effectiveness to begin with where as a medical treatment has an medical effect even if it turns out harmful. Again, please do not take my comment as a personal put down, I do not mean it as such.

    1. So…if SHTF and you have no pain killers available, you wouldn’t be willing to try the plants those pain killers were derived from? Our ancestors were using these plants for thousands of years before the pharmaceutical industry decided to make a profit from them. Most pharmaceuticals have herbal roots, the compounds now made in labs were isolated from plants used in “herbal” medicine.

      1. Yes they do. Then they synthesize the active ingredient, patent it and make ga gillions of dollars,while controlling YOUR health and empting your pocket.

    2. Texas boy
      No offence taken.

      I do believe I mentioned there IS a place for modern medicines, and yes Herbal Meds are not a cure all by any means, but there is also a huge danger in the chemical field of addictions and so on.

      I hope one does not miss this in my article

      **“Don’t get me wrong. I’m not dissing Modern Medicine. Are there situations where Modern Medicine is warranted? Yes very much so. And a LOT of people have lived to a ripe old age after such treatment.”**

      But such as OneGuy mentioned, he completely regrew a leg with just Turmeric. Absolutely Amazing.

      I am not so sure of your comment

      **“ That is only true because home remedies have no effectiveness to begin with”**,

      but that’s why I wrote the article, to open conversations, not to just toss out digs as OneGuy has shown how easy it is to do.

      I know for a ‘fact’ that Turmeric has had an effect on me, so how can it be that “home remedies” have no effectiveness?

      Thanks for your comment.

    3. Texas boy…—–
      as a whole I would disagree with you. Even the lowly Chicken Soup (long recommended for much) has been researched (by yes actual scientists/university science/individual researchers etc) to have actual beneficial effects….— As another example, have you seen the recent news articles on coffee? Pretty much all good.

      —Much more, but I believe there is much to be recommended by “alternatives”. — Have you seen the reports that as the increase in consumption of pharmaceuticals and vaccines has increased in North America, Lifespan in North America has decidedly decreased? mmmm……

    4. I’ve heard this identical statement recently on another well known blog. Never anything to back it up other than “I said so’. Sorry, nothing personal, but unless there is content to that comment it is just nothing more than a comment. Therefore disregarded.

      1. This was in reply to Texas Boy saying “This article really misleads your reader.”

  4. No, really! This works. I lost my leg in a motorcycle accident and after taking Turmeric for 6 months it grew back. My doctor was amazed. I have been taking Occillio for 6 months too and no cancer or deaths yet. This stuff really works.

    1. OneGuy;
      That’s fantastic on the regrowth of your leg. I’m sure there is a good article your doctor has written up in a medical journal somewhere, can you please provide more information? Thanks
      I might also suggest you cut back on the Ayahuasca Brew some.

      1. NRP,
        It’s mind over matter…
        We don’t mind and a troll don’t matter…

  5. While there is some “hype” about herbal medicines, I have found them both safe and effective when taken appropriately. Find out what is actually in what you’re taking rather than relying on word of mouth. Goldenseal, for example, has been driven almost to extinction because of the “hype” that it’s good for everything from the common cold to cancer.

    The belief that herbal medicines do nothing is generally based on pharmaceutical companies claims, and just like anything else I have to question the results when someone with a financial stake in the results is paying for the tests. There is plenty of evidence of herbs’ usefulness in thousands of legitimate studies across the world.

    The problem with comparing herbs to pharmaceuticals is that plant defenses aren’t just made up of one chemical–they may have one chemical constituent which solves the main problem but creates massive swelling, one which reduces or eliminates that swelling, one which helps the body recognize the intruders, and so on. It’s not one chemical, which can be isolated and sold. It’s a chemical symphony, and if you take out the violins or the drums it may not do its job right. So in the pharmaceutical industry we end up with a list of side effects often worse than the original disease because we’re removing the axle to fix a flat tire.

    I have a book that lists herb-drug interactions, and I have to laugh at the number of times it says “There’s no proof that this herb has any effect” and then goes on to say not to use that herb with certain medications because it will either cancel out or enhance the effects.

    I learn more from that than from their other statements.

  6. It is up to each of us to decide for ourselves what type of medicine we want to use. That being said all types have a place in the modern world, my wish is that they would work together for the good of the patient but that is not to be, mainly, in my opinion, because of the money involved in big Pharma and the ability to patent or not.

    I must respectfully disagree with Texas Boy in this area but I am not a chemist or microbiologist, I have only watched herbal medicine work in my own body to know, that for me, it does work. Herbal medicine has been around since the beginning of man kind, where “modern medicine” a mere drop in the bucket in comparison. Herbal medicine works much slower but it does work. Modern pharma takes the active ingredient from the herbs that works and reworks it into a synthetic that can then be patented and sells that as the latest “wonder treatment”.

    One must consider all the side affects of the “wonder treatment” and ask themselves, “whaaaat?”. Why, within a few years of the relaease of this “new treatment” is there advertisements on TV suggesting the treatment is flawed and a “settlement” could be obtained, because the synthetic has side effects. Now admittedly those ads are run by attornies and that makes them suspect. But where there’s smoke theres fire in many cases.

    Again I must say, I believe, there is a place for both and only wish the AMA and other organizations would allow natural medicine into the main stream and promote a good working relationship of back and forth for the good of the patient. Example–I would have died when my appendix ruptured had it not been for modern medicine but I would have also died from modern medicine when the doctors refused to see the ravages my body was suffering because of the side effect of “the most effective medication” for my problem.

    Somewhere there is a happy medium and it must be met for the good of the patient.


    1. “It is up to each of us to decide for ourselves what type of medicine we want to use.”

      And this is because of your doctors degree in medicine/science and the fact that quacks have never actually fooled anyone in the past just to get their hard earned money. Right!

      1. Whatever! I will not debate you!

        As NRP said you are only about digging the commenters. Not about open and equal discourse. I believe, you sir, are a troll.

    2. preparednana
      “One must consider all the side affects of the “wonder treatment” and ask themselves, “whaaaat?”. ” —Indeed…Absolutely so. Also, have a gander at the product monographs for side effects, or the side effects listed in commercials for products…Or…How about the Commercials for Lawsuits for various drugs? Seems as though a drug gets a few yrs as a “wonder drug”, and next thing you know the Drug Company ponies up a “relief fund” for side effects…mmm

    3. My favorite was an eye drop prescribed to my Mom to cure temporary blindness. When I looked at the (lengthy) list of side effects, one was “May cause blindness.”

  7. NRP,
    Thank you for this article, and I am one of the folks here who is very interested in Eastern Medicine and the use of herbs and essential oils. I became more interested in this after reading the Survival Medicine handbook more than a year ago.

    I realize that advances in modern medicine have increased our average life expectancy substantially. And certainly, in a SHTF situation some people will not make it without a way to get their meds. But, what about those chronic non-life threatening conditions that could be helped with an Eastern Medicine alternative when a Western Medicine option isn’t available?

    Do I think it’s dangerous to randomly self- diagnose and self-medicate? Of course I do. But I also think it’s dangerous to have so many people on Rx meds for chronic pain, anxiety, and so on. Anyone who watches even an hour of TV these days will see how many big pharma ads? With low long a list of side effects? And now, there are drugs out there designed to help with the side effects of another drug – a pill to help with another pill.

    I will continue to read and learn and ask questions about big pharma alternatives in a reasonable and responsible manner. Thanks again, NRP.

    1. Supposed to be “how long a list of side effects” – not low. Jeez, too early for my eyes and typing I guess.

        1. NRP, too bad I’m not a coffee drinker – maybe that’s my problem.

        2. So Cal Gal;
          Morning Gin???? Maybe?
          Or now that legal puff of Mary-Jane? :-)

        3. NRP,
          MJ… I’d be asleep at the desk!!! Hahaha!
          But, I guess my stress level would go down, so there’s that.
          It’s still mid-morning here – so maybe something simple like a screwdriver – not the tool – the kind with quality vodka and fresh squeezed OJ. You know, gotta have that vitamin C!

  8. Good morning all!!

    Tumeric has changed my life. I stated so on a previous thread with terrible arthritis in my knees. This morning on Drudge is an article how huge doses of tumeric curcumin has cured a lady’s blood cancer. I am back on here today with a warning. As the healing qualities of tumeric become more well known, look for the .gov to take action somehow. You can be sure that the drug companies will get this on the list of natural supplements to regulate. I plan on stocking up this month for a year supply to stockpile. I am sorry that others have not had the success in pain/inflammation that i have enjoyed. I take 2000 mg in pill form every day, thanks to Ken’s article and NRP’S success. I would have let my pain and inability to move disable me, had it not be for them.

    1. Someone else;
      Thank you for the comment, and congrats on the Knees……
      I’m heading over to the Drudge to check out the article, thanks for the lead. And yes I will say it, if it works on only one person, is it worth it? I think so.
      I agree on the .gov and Pharms, they WILL find a way to regulate it, and if they do, there is ‘proof’ it works at least for some :-)

    2. You can grow turmeric in pots like ginger and bring it in for the winter

  9. “Herbal Medicines For Ongoing Health” is the title of the article where “Ongoing” is the operative word and applies to consumption as well as health.

    Consuming herbal medicines regularly over the long term before you get sick will probably contribute to your ongoing good health and will most likely help prevent you from getting sick. My experience over the years tells me that this stuff only works as a preventative and only if you consume it regularly to begin with, preferably fresh and/or raw. It does you no good to wait until after you get sick to drink a few cups of herbal tea. Also, herbal medicines will do you no good if you regularly consume the standard American diet of adulterated boxed and commercially canned or fast foods.

    We consume herbal medicines in our regular diet either eaten fresh or consumed in teas daily or weekly. Stuff like Yellow Dock root, Perilla leaves, Gingko leaves, Dandelion roots & leaves, Shepherds Purse, Mugwort, Elderberry flowers, Ginger root, Turmeric root, raw garlic, Cinnamon, fresh Lemon juice, raw honey to name a few, and a daily serving of home made fermented products like Sauerkraut and Kimchi, and peppers (Cayenne, Habanero, Thai, Tabasco, Jalapeno) in different forms (chopped fresh/ dried/ roasted/ pickled) all have a place in our home medicine repertoire along with a daily diet of fresh vegetables (roots and greens) from the garden and home made and home canned foods.

    We all have an expiration date which no amount of herbal medicines will change. The best I can hope for is to not become ensnared in the pharmaceutical web and to that end have been successful. I certainly don’t want to speak prematurely since there seems to be a hidden force that lurks around me that has a way of putting me in my place when I brag about something but so far, thankfully, neither I nor DW get sick very often and then only mildly so although people around us are dropping like flies and neither of us have been inducted into the pharmaceutical hall of fame like so many of our acquaintances.

    1. CrabbeNebulae;
      You just listed the information I’m trying to gather. What, how much, what form, when, so-on. As I stated I’m 1/1000 PLUS 50 miles from where I want to be, but am reading and studying, also been talking a lot to the local Thai Mafia (inside joke) about all sorts of things. I’m also working my azz off to get away from the “American” diet. Everything I’m reading now days is absolutely frightening as far as out foods.
      Thank you for your comments.

  10. I would add to not just buy the cheapest brand you can find but to go with a brand or company with a good long standing reputation. As with all things there are shysters. A friend was talking a herbal blend for depression/anxiety and had no results. I suggested a different brand and tada- it worked. I have 2 or 3 ‘go to’ companies that I like.

  11. Medication, herbal or pharma, is one prepping area that I have a problem with. There are too many ailments and injuries that can occur. Should medications be used as specifics or preventative? Each person reacts differently based on their bodies’ ability to heal itself.
    So my dilemma is that I have no health problems and have not needed any medications unless you count getting swimmers ear occasionally. So, do I try to stock up on a variety of antibiotics, pain meds, herbal blends, …. just in case. I think I have some aspirin that is now 5 years old in my first aid kit but keeping all this stuff for years with questionable expiry dates is a guessing game for me. Without ever have needed these meds, I do not know what is effective for me and I’m not going to experiment to find out.

    1. Hermit Us, and Others….
      My approach to herbals as I began them was to seek herbals for our common problems… stomach issues, chest congestion, sinus issues,. after stocking and being secure with how to use those,. I bridged out to sinus infections , bronchitis and urinary infections…( same herbs effective for lungs also work on kidneys and vice versa… so really one study, but each herb can have side effects, sometimes desire-able and sometimes not. examples are : Pippsisswea is good for UTI and also has a gentle diuretic effect, so is helpful when one has mild Congestive heart failure. Hawthorn is effective for the beat regulation of the heart, and assists with the same cardiac edema.

      Do not forget to store basic minerals, things such as Hydrated Lime, epsom salt and other oral magnesium and iodine replacers. (sea kelp). Having the minerals to use in your body/ and or feed to your plants) can assist when you have low heart rate, high blood pressure. via keeping your mineral balance in normal range.
      Storing all those supplements you have, (the ones in date or out of date and perceived good). I would store with AC’s method in bottle, and in a vacumed container…(she has posted it several times) This will extend the shelf life many times, because oxygenation and moisture are the primary things that destroy medications.
      .If you are not allergic to asprin, willow bark does work and is a natural
      . There is a whole range of herbals that are antibacterial and anti viral. I would get those substances in essential oils and or tinctures… Write down any instructions I could find for using those. .Tinctures are long keeping esp when made with PGA,(less water content), just store cool and dry location.

      1. Herbalist would always have a cupboard in the basement or cellar for their bottles of tinctures and oils, cool, dry, low light, the old ways are intriguing to me.
        You go to a doctor now and treatment, if you get any, can work or not work, sometimes makes you sicker, some wholistic doctors are total quacks, they basicly are snake oil salesmen, have a couple locally that i have been to, i swear they are running on the placebo effect,
        But the old school healing arts, can be just as or more effective than most of these other methods,

  12. Good point NRP, just as many pesticides are made from synthetic compounds that mimic plant based extracts, the same is true of medicines.
    Pharmaceuticals take it a step further as well, there are also synthetic compounds that are similar to enzymes etc found in different animals or rather organisms.
    One thing people need to keep in mind though, is that just like pharmaceuticals, plant based remedies can have side effects. Many people have different sensitivities as well.
    Take NRPs Turmeric mix, i used it for a while, it does help with joint pain, but it gave me the runs and gas so bad i had to stop. Just wasnt worth it. Turmeric pills alone work pretty good, little easier on the system, but again, too many and its off to the can we go,
    Beets, great for blood pressure, i love pickled beets, but! Eat too many and i feel like sleeping all day, turns out they lowered my blood pressure too low…..
    Have been trying to get herbs establidhed in the garden as permanent plantings, both cullinary and medicinal, is easier said than done.

    1. Yes and the link of plastics mimicking estrogens is well studied and not “fake news”. Soy also can act like estrogen. So why do we wonder why so many young boys don’t know “who they are” so to speak and young girls are maturing too soon. All is out of whack one has to be aware and proactive for their families. Think the oil companies and Monsanto care?

      1. Mrs. USMCBG,
        Very good point and also all the added hormones in our meat. I have always tried to stay away from soy and we raise our own meat I think this is why my DD’s were ” late bloomers” compared to all their friends.

      2. Funny you mention the soy issue, have an aquaintence not close who feeds their kids soy this soy that soy everything, their son has become the fruitiest little queer ive ever seen, complete with growing boobs,,, she thinks its cute, its actually pathetic,,,

  13. NRP:
    Your article resonates with this household on the use of man made drugs along with herbals.
    I am going to impart a true story about my uncle. Time frame would be the late 1940’s early 50’s or later.
    He was injured while logging, he kept on working when the injury became unbearable he went the only physician in that area. The doctor told him he would try to save his arm but due to the extend of the damage he doubted it could be saved. After two weeks and no healing progress the doctor told him surgery was his only option and to remove the arm was his only hope to keep on living.
    In this section of eastern Oregon was a Chinese herbologist. His mother said before you have the surgery go see this person, which he did. According to my uncle the Chinese herbologist said he could save the arm but my uncle would have to follow his instructions to the letter or he would lose the arm since he was so late incoming to him. Two months later the arm was healed……..no permeate damage to the connective tissue and nerves. He rarely spoke about this until he was much older, I did not find out until my uncle was 90 years old.

  14. All things are poison, what matters is the dose. This is a brief synopsis of an observation of Paracelsus considered to be the father of modern toxicology. He was a physician in the 1500s and one of the first to do battle with big pharma of his day.

    After having worked for modern medicine for about 45 years I am a proponent of it. This does not mean I don’t believe in homeopathy. Paracelsus was also involved in it. Modern medicine isn’t new. It’s always been modern in it’s time. It’s current state of knowledge is the culmination of the experiences of millennia. As we continue to discover new we discard the old when it has been shown to wrong. I think that’s where one of the problems is. some of what was believed to be wrong was possible somewhat wrong and somewhat right?

    There are still a lot of snake oil salespeople out there and as Barnum said there is a sucker born every minute. Some homeopathy is snake oil, some isn’t. At it’s best it is helpful and prolongs life.
    Modern medicine for the most part is the same. At their worst they are the same as all things are poison what matters is the dose.

    Read up on Wikipedia abut Paracelsus and follow some of the links, very interesting.

    And now to go slightly off subject, Okay more than slightly but for those who like Quinoa and have a Grocery Outlet store near them they are selling 4 pound bags for $4.99 which I believe is an very good price.

    1. Good price,
      Can be ground into a flour, makes good rustic tortillas,

  15. I have a neighbor that, by her own diagnosis through the internet, has had every disease known to mankind (sorry personkind). Her use of prescription meds, over the counter meds, and herbals, has left her a total wreck – but she will not change. I’m not certain about the validity of some stories I have read, but many have said that they took away all the meds from some elderly who then got better without the pills. For me it is healthy food, activity, fresh air, no smoke and little “parts cleaner”. But each of us has a different metabolism and DNA. Take care all.

    1. Hypochondria is a medical diagnosis! The internet has contributed greatly to the contraction of it. Doctors used to never discuss side effects of medications because of the placebo effect. If yo tell them about it they will get it. The power of suggestion should not be underestimated.

      Be careful about throwing away your elderly relative’s medications. You could be charged with elder abuse and possibly murder.

      1. Yea, good luck with anyone proving that,,,,
        They cant even lock away real murderers or the clitons, not going to worry about some bureaucrat accusing me of throwing some medications away,,,
        Just sayin
        They could but then again, they can is didderent story

      2. me
        I’m not saying I would take the meds away, but have read that some doctors took some elderly off up to a dozen different meds only to find that the patients improved.

        1. hermit us
          I was not going to say, but My 95 year old Mom, that’s is exactly what a ‘GOOD’ Doctor did, took her off 95% of the prescriptions that others kept adding, within a week she was feeling a LOT better, and now to only 2-3 pills a day.
          PS; I’m a Home brewer and my mom lover my beer, so she asked her ‘new’ doctor, the Doc told her “Please by ALL means have a beer a day”. she has since dropped another one of her blood thinner meds.
          Gata LOVE it HAHAHAHA

        2. NRP
          Her going from being a suffering zombie to a fun loving party girl – got to love that doctor. :)
          We have gotten to the point where we can not stand even a little discomfort or a low grade fever without popping a pill. There is power in advertising by big pharma.

        3. Love it. My mammaw live to be 101 and only took aspirin most of her life. In her late 90’s her cholesterol was a bit high. SO WHAT enjoy your food. Used Crisco and lard her whole life. Genetics matter too.

        4. Ah genetics. Just today, before I read this article I was wondering if my parents were as spry as myself when they reached my age. Then i remembered, neither did. My husband on the other hand, in the 1800’s his relatives were living into there 100’s!

    2. hermit us
      I’ll agree with you, everyone needs to be very pro-active in their health, starting with all the crapo we put into our faces called food. Activity, and all the rest is a HUGE contributor, and yes a “little” parts cleaner at times.
      The hard part is to make and know the changes needed to outlast the other 50% that make the bottom 1/2 of the lifespan scale.
      And yes, life is a death sentence, but sure will be nice to die in my sleep at the ripe old age of 95+

    1. Bombay Blue Sapphire has;

      “Bombay Sapphire’s recipe is based on 10 botanicals. They include traditional gin botanicals such as juniper berries, citrus, angelica and orris root. To these are added coriander, liquorice, cassia bark, almonds, cubeb berries and West African grains of paradise.”

      So I guess I’m good to go… HAHAHA Thank GOD for Herbs :-)

      1. Add a little tonic water w/quinine (keeps the malaria at bay) and lime wedge, natural all the way.

      2. NRP, I am so thankful for your article and the above tidbit. I bought a small bottle of Bombay Sapphire last time we were at the CGS. Just to try, mind you, I didn’t know if I would like it or not. Cracked the top one day over the holidays and it’s not bad. Now that I know of all the healthy herbs and spices it contains I think I’ll buy a bi-i-i-i-i-g bottle and tonic water, next time we go to CGS. Can’t be too careful about malaria in the PNW you know. Thanks Grey for that interesting aside.

        We also keep peppermint schnapps, cinnamon whiskey, absolute and cocoa schnapps on hand for medicinal purposes.

        1. preparednana;
          FYI, Sam’s Club, 1/2 gallon size for $36.95 :-) :-)
          GOT to stay prepared, right?
          AND it’s an Herbal drink….. well close enough LOL

        2. We don’t live near a Sam’s Club, but I will check out Costco, however when we go to CGS we avoid state sales tax.

        3. They make a cocoa schnapps? Oh my goodness will have to look into that. :)

        4. Ranchers Wife;

          cocoa schnapps?
          See NOW were talking Herbal Medicines HAHAHAHA

        5. NRP
          Now, I would only use it for medicinal purposes wink wink haha.
          I also left you a message.

      3. Had to give up Gin YEARS ago. Made me a little bit combative so started drinking tequila ended up with organic vodka and now nothing. It was a choice for my health. Stomach is all better!

        1. old lady;

          ‘juniper berries’, it looks like a blue hail-storm around my place, those little suckers are EVERYWHERE!!!!

        2. They are everywhere around my place also and I have a terrible time keeping my garbage gut dog out of them.

        3. old lady;
          Just don’t mix the Juniper Berries with the Peyote
          Makes a horrible Gin… YUCKO

  16. Thank you for the article, and the recipe! I have been in the medical field for over 20 years, and I know the pros and cons of doing it yourself herbal medicines. I truly believe that they work. With a work related shoulder injury, I had 90% use of my shoulder after 9 months. It just would not get better to 100% on its own. I went to acupuncture (I know, I know – I have heard it often: “I don’t like needles!”) and it was fixed (pain free) within a month! That is definitely not just time healing it. So there is much more to alternative medicines than big pharma wants you to know.

    A long-time friend and trusted pharmacist has told me how disgusted with big pharma he is. He has seen that big pharma is all about the money, not about what is best for the patient. This pharmacist is all about alternative medicines and supplements and cross-over drugs (medicines that were developed for one thing and show great promise for another illness). Because there is no money in the cross-over drugs, there are no large studies to see if these drugs could be used for other ailments. Case in point – Low Dose Naltrexone. (LDN) Naltrexone was created in the 1950’s to get the opioid addicts off their drugs – kinda like now, hmmmmm. Anyway, LDN – a very low dose of this drug – is being used in Europe for auto-immune diseases, from AIDS to Multiple Sclerosis. But since there is no money for big pharma, no large American studies will be funded.

    I am all for the alternatives. Truly, some drugs (like taking an aspirin right now rather than chewing on a willow branch) are convenient. But remember – all these medicines come from an alternative that is located on our earth. And I believe God created these to be beneficial to us, his creation as well.

    1. Pegasus;
      Thank you for your comments,
      It’s sooooo true about “follow the money”, BUT again I will re-emphasize YES Modern Meds DO have their place, and have saved millions of lives. Just don’t block out the alternatives and a healthier lifestyle.

      1. I have had 2 different cancers. Both times I was faced with taking the course of treatment doctors recommended or natural meds. Somehow when you are faced with such a horrendous disease which results in death, you tend to go with the medical docs. At least I did. Chemo, radiation and meds to counteract things those chemicals gave you. IT was really something .Both times it took a year out of my life. But going on 9 years with one and 5 with the other and being cancer free, I feel it was the right choice. Yes i am having some effects like internal scaring from the radiation, a very low immunity to a sneeze and I have to keep an eye on my kidney function, but I am here. A friend had the same cancer at the same time and went with natural meds and she is not with us today. You never know. I am a great proponent of natural meds and use them whenever possible and like NPR I keep learning about them. I will be trying turmeric. Maybe i can grow it. I don’t like the flavor in food, but there is always capsules. I use a group of vitamins when I think I am coming down with something and one of my favorite is Yarrow. It is great when you are outside and hurt yourself. Just grab a flower and rub it on the scrape- no pain and it heals. I guess I am for a combo of the 2 types of meds.

  17. NRP, thank you for this article…this topic has implications even beyond one’s health including surviving health crises (without big pharma or even a local pharmacy) minor or large in a post collapse scenario but also for the present as I have found quality herbal products often take special measures in growing/harvesting sustainably and being good to the environment…I like having our dollars (while they still work) to support companies that care for the land and resources and do not pollute our environment with chemicals that leach/or dumped into soil or water sources…

    I just got a book recently called “Backyard Medicine Harvest and Make Your Own Herbal Remedies”. The pictures are colorful and very clear and so are the instructions of how to prepare the herb and what it helps with…

    Along with that it would be wise to consider/ask one’s self what ailments am I most likely to have or already have and see if you can obtain or learn how to make an alternative…

    High on my list are:

    ORS (oral rehydration solution) – 5 cups water, 1/2 tsp salt, 5-6 tsp sugar heated till combined let cool and serve, useful for when GI illnesses strike or after hard work/exercise

    Black strap molasses – treats heachaches, charlie’ horses, restless legs, constipation, source of energy not too high on glycemic index, nutritional supplement for iron, potassium, magnesium and more
    Lemon Balm tea- mild relaxant helps to unwind helpful before sleep

    Peppermint tea- soothing for respiratory and also for anti-nausea, helps quell coughs

    Ginger tea- soothing on throat and digestion, anti-inflammatory

    Frankincense essential oil- 10-20 drops mixed with water in a small spray bottle makes a soothing anti-septic spray, and anti-inflammatory, and also topical pain reliever…

    Dandelion- for vitamins and minerals and a natural detoxer

    Well time to put more wood on the fire

    Peace and Be Well to all :)

    1. The oral rehydration will be very important when SHTF. Not all of us have IV stuff, and the dehydration is what kills many through the flu.

    2. ORS recipe can be modified to be more effective in case of severe illness that results in potential dehydration. That alternate recipe would cut the salt amount in half and add 1/2 of it as a potassium salt replacer like” no salt” or “nu salt.”. In case of someone vomiting this could be given rectally with a syringe or a very slow drip via a rectal tube/enema set.. to replace critical fluids.

    3. Black Strap Molasses is very high in Magnesium, that is why it works on muscle cramps of all kinds, and being a sugar, …is asorbed very quickly..so is effective quickly. Some headaches have been treated with magnesium- so why is also effective on headache.

      Pepperment essential oil can be used for gastric distress just rub one drop in epigastric region, (space where the ribs come together in middle of abomen).

      Dandelon, is a whole system detox..but especially for liver and kidney. The whole plant is medicinal…leaves, seed stems,blossoms, and roots.

      Another natural detoxifier is milk thistle. neighbor had fatty liver and his specialist said the milk thistle extended his life by a full two years.

      Those who are doing high protein diets and are on wieght loss regimines also can benefit for using it to assist the liver’s ability to clear the by products of fat loss from their systems…

      Corn silk has cleared Kidney stones for my DH. I bought from a natural vitamin store , was enough for 21 days.. and that was enough to clear his stone formations and his urine returned to clear.Under treatment urine was very cloudy. Those prone to kidney stones might want to try them.

  18. Great article NRP!
    Anything that gets folks thinking and researching is a good day.
    I can attest to turmeric and your recipe. I don’t hurt from the arthritis in my joints.
    I also take some other minerals help me along.
    Best thing I ever did was lose weight and get in shape. Went hard core last year to do it.
    One thing I have noticed is there is a “perfect ” weight for me. Between 175 to 182.
    I go lower I feel weak. I go over I feel lethargic.
    When I got sick last year the lowest I got was in the 160’s. It wasn’t until I put on 10 pounds that I really felt better.
    I really believe our bodies get out of balance. We don’t get the trace minerals from our water or the correct vitamins from our food.
    Herbs and spices can indeed help. But we got to be smart about it. Moderation in all things is good advice.
    Now on to Mary Jane…
    I have seen it help folks with medical problems. A good friend’s son has seizures. His body hits its tolerance level for the meds and then he has another seizure. Kids in his late 20’s. His doctor has him taking CBD compound derived from MJ. He hasn’t had any seizures since taking it along with his seizure meds. They even cut his dose down.
    What makes me angry is our Government wants to control all of it.
    That component from pot holds great promise to help folks. As long as you buy it through the proper cartel (us.government ).
    Think I will stop here before I go into full on rant mode… again great article.

    1. Bill Jenkins Horse;
      I have mixed thoughts on Cannabis, I do believe that the Fed’s Laws are outdated on the stuff, sort of like prohibition, it ‘may’ be time to revise what some think. Personally I don’t indulge, though I know quite a few that do, just never was a ‘thing’ for me.
      BUT, like cigarettes & alcohol; look at the tax that’s being collected from the legal sales in some states, amazing.
      Some will argue that Pot is a very bad drug and anyone that uses it should spend a lifetime in jail, ahhhhh may I point out that the ‘legal’ consumption of Booze is a LOT worse for the body and the effects are many times more deadly that from the Pot Smokers.
      I believe it’s stupid for the Feds to keep up the BS and realize that Pot is here to stay, and before anyone says well what about XYZ drugs…… Please look at the ‘real’ effects of Opioids compared to Pot. How about the $billions that the Pharms have made hooking kids on Ridden (sp) and drugs like that?
      Cannabis someday will be legalized, taxed, and better controlled. Until that day we will spend $billions on Law Enforcement, to stop a drug, that some states are making $millions…..
      And Thanks.

      1. Marijuana is here to stay. Soma Holiday has arrived. Brave New World, Aldous Huxley.

      2. NRP
        I’m talking about CBD Compound from Cannabis. It has little to none of the compound that gets you “high”.
        It is very promising for many illnesses
        The Pharma thugs don’t want you making it for yourselves. No profit in that…
        Regular weed is known to help folks get their appetite back while going through cancer and other treatments.
        It should be up to all of us what we choose to put in our bodies. Not Pharma/government thugs…
        You just have to be ready to live with the health consequences either good or especially bad IMO…

        1. Bill Jenkins Horse;
          Ohhhhhh got ya, Have not had any experience with CBD at all.
          Personally I agree 1000% with you, not enough people want to take responsibility for themselves anymore…..
          It seems we live in a world of “It’s His fault I did this or that”

        2. I use a menthol rub from a company called Real Time, is nice, soothing, been thinking about combining it with a CBD oil, maybe a higher concentration, had heard of folks using it as a topical rub just not sure, seems like a good option though. So whenever i canni try to find out if anyone has experience using it this way.

      3. Yesterday my Mr went to a new Dr. She asked if he smoked? No not since 2002. Do you drink alcohol? Not since 1997. Do you use marijuana? Well….. yes, I use it instead of opiates for my back. Her answer was…. oh I would much rather you use It than opiates. Opiates will kill you, pot won’t hurt you one bit, as long as you aren’t working or driving. He was using hydrocodone for years until it almost killed his liver from the acetaminophen. So, like all things, moderation people.! Our creator put it on this earth for a reason, but use good sense.

    2. I think it has some great medicinal purposes. I have also grown a plant to see if I could and my husband (who used to smoke it in his younger years) had a hissy fit. Actually he was worried about a neighbor who snoops when people are away. He said if he saw it he would turn us in. But i must say it was great for the health of my other plants. I had no bugs and all the plants were healthy and happy! Then I had to rip it up and used it to pay a friend to fix my computer.

    3. CBD is not from MJ, It is from hemp.! It is a cousin to MJ.. It has no psych effects.., but has several medical effects, works well on some people and not so much on others… Hemp is very versatile it grows easily, can be used to make paper and oter utilitarian uses, but was in danger of messing with a “money boon” for the thugs in charge…thus it was banned.

  19. Look up the contents of a pharmacy prior to the 1920’s, and you’ll see that they used herbal/homeopathic remedies. I’ve used healyourselfathome.com for some things. A lot of good research at Weston A. Price Foundation. Good article.

    1. CR;
      Funny you mentioned this, I have seen a old, very old bottle of Cough Syrup that actually contained Cocaine as an ingredient …. Ahhhh the good old days HAHAHAHA

      1. Use to buy Paregoric over the counter too back in early 70’s. Rub a little on a baby’s gums for teething.

  20. I am all for herbals. As a sufferer of migraines and other health ailments, docs have pushed so many meds on me that have caused horrific side effects. And I still am suffering. So I am in the process of slowly getting myself off these meds. It might take awhile but I am doing it. I have tried some herbals that have not worked. My belief is that I have been on these prescription meds so long, my body is going to take a long time to detox. Its dependent on the meds. So I will not give up. Maybe that is why the herbals don’t work for some people. Maybe it doesn’t work because of the prescriptions they are on, or length of time they were on them. Could also be the brand of herbals/naturals, maybe not a very trustworthy or good brand.

    There are plenty of good doctors. This is where prayer comes in. Pray that God puts you with a good, understanding doctor. There are lots of good doctors who believe in natural medicine and can steer you in the right direction. I finally found a family doctor that is great.

    Sorry if I am rambling….getting over the flu……lol……kinda a mess still…….but getting better…..I am wearing real clothes today. I ate real food. You did a good job NRP! Gonna do your turmeric recipe. Was doing plain turmeric, thinking this recipe might be more effective! Thanks!

    1. Texasgirl;
      The reasoning for the Garlic/Ginger are for the antioxidants, the Cayenne Pepper is for the circularity system.
      I believe you’re correct, the moving from Modern Meds to Herbals may take a very long time, and I certainly would never recommend that anyone ever stop the M-Ms by any means.
      Personally if I can forgo some of the chemicals, that I will, but if the circumstances require the M-Ms, than I would by all means indulge.
      I would like to add, I’m becoming more and more in the thinking that my personal health is an overall ‘thing’, as many have said, I know for a FACT I need to get my butt in gear and be responsible for myself.
      Thank you for the comments.

      1. I can cook with much higher concentrations of your mix but for some reason even though i love it in the V8 my system just cant handle it, but even 4 times the amount cooked into a veggie stir fry no problem,,

        1. Nailbanger;
          My understanding that ‘cooking’ the Turmeric actually helps bring out the good qualities more.
          And yes a good stir fry…….. ohhhhh I know what I’m having for dinner tonight.

        2. Have been pulling some good veggies from the garden, so good opportunity to try mixing, overall i like curry the most, especially a real strong hot curry, put on rice with mango chutney is grinds, can just keep adding to it too, but thats about my favorite way to incorporate the NRP mix

    2. Texasgirl;
      Speaking of herbal remedies,you might want to look into elderberry extract syrup as a possible help with the flu.

    3. Texas girl i just did some research on migraines for a friend. Will pull those remedies out if you are interested.

        1. Takes some practice, but I’ve gotten rid of my sisters’ migraines with hand massage. Feet work better, but hands are always available.

          You need to find the right spot, and it could be anywhere on your hands–back, front, fingers, between the bones, etc. If your headache is a migraine it’ll be on the hand on the same side. If it’s a normal headache it’ll be on the opposite hand. It could easily be on both sides. The spot may be very sensitive. If it’s really sensitive, start around the outside and work in.

          Walk your fingers firmly across your hand until you find a spot (or spots) that crunches under your fingers. Best to do this before you actually have a problem so you know how to find it, because the location will change. Try it on someone else if necessary, it’s much easier to find that way when you’re learning. These crunchy spots are often there when there’s no sign of a problem, so you don’t need to have a headache to practice. You’ll recognize it once you feel it. Not a bone or muscle crunch, very different. I think it’s nerve congestion, but I don’t know. This is NOT reflexology, with the zones and such. I don’t know what it is, I figured it out myself. But it works.

        2. Everyone and their headaches are different. You may need to experiment with a variety of herbals/meds to find what works best for you. There ae some medications that are used successfully… like topramax… they also lower blood pressure and are not for everyone.Everyone should be aware if your headaches are suddenly worse or change, you should immediately see a Dr….. It Could be a Stroke.

          There are the herbs that were presented in order, of most commonly used or considered most effective. I would try what you have on hand first and obtain enough of another one or two to try for a month.-6 weeks. some should be taken 2x daily, to help maintain blood levels. ..

          My friend elected to try things in groups, because of some limited results earlier with certain things….like asa/w/ caffeine.
          .. she elected to try first was feverfew.. and it did lessen the severity and freq of her disabling headaches…. then later Butterburr.

          Other common herbals are Peppermint oil ,Lavender Oil, (both, Topically or inhaled),
          Ginger is an antiinflammatory and slightly thins the blood ( esp for those with queasy stomach) ,

          Others recommended are….Black Cohosh. Valerian,.( will also assist with sleep), corriander seed, ,Dong quai, yarrow ,Mullein,
          Willow bark capsules, /or tincture, w/caffeine will dilate blood vessels and give longer quicker relief. …Asprin can be used instead of willow bark and vice versa, don’t use both at one time.. also consider chamomile tea, tension tamer tea or sleepytime or sleepytime extra mix…(each of these have valerian in them , in small amounts, I don’t tolerate the valerian except in small doses, but can use the tea with it included.) Supplements: You should also consider adding magnesium, zinc,and or potassium, flax seed, or fish oil and Co Q 10 ( dose effective for most problems is between 200-300mg daily) no need of wasting time with< 100 mg doses.

          also consider K2, latest research indicates- it moves calcium from the artries and puts it back into the bones.This would add elasticity back to those arteries. Not a "quick fix" but may help. with time. Evaluate your vitamin intake..B6, Vitamins C, D3, and E are also key in prevention.
          Hope this helps…

    1. Nailbanger;
      No Sir, I use Pennzoil hehehe……
      Don’t know what CBD oil is, will look it up :-)

        1. Is that like the Caster Oil my mom used to give me when coughed up? hehehehe
          OMG that stuff was NASTY!!!!!

    2. No, but Mr. had to buy some Hemp Bombs to try. Put him to sleep for 2 hours!!!

    3. If you are referrig to hemp seed oil, yes. I buy it online in gallon size.

    4. Banger. …i tried that before tumeric. It was NASTY. The instructions said put one dropper full under your tongue, then swallow. Herrrrkk! The three days in row i used it as directed, it didnt touch my pain. I probably didnt give it long enough to work but i couldnt possible swallow another dose. Some pot head fron work stole it, and it didn’t upset me in the least.

    5. Not legal here, but have been watching the reports on it…very interesting ,

    6. I give it to my dog. She is much better since we started her on it. It is made especially for pets. And yes, I have some that I’ve used also. It sure helps my fibromyalgia.

  21. BTW, as a side note, I want to thank Ken for his superb Editing Skills.
    Thank you Sir, makes my scribbling look mighty darn good :-)
    I do like the First Aid Kit with the Herbs in it, good touch.

  22. All said there is a place for all of the types of healing and only the person involved can decide. There is a pharma I have to take once a day. Supposed to take 2 but found one will do and I take two days off a week and take none. Of course the Dr. still thinks I take two a day. This gives me a very nice backup in the med cupboard. We have talked before about stocking up where we can for a SHTF.

    1. Mrs. USMCBG;
      “We have talked before about stocking up where we can for a SHTF.”

      That is exactly one of the things I was thinking when writing this article.

      What If/When TSHTF and we all need to find other resources that that Truck Load of ‘stuff’ showing up at Wally World, including Medications.

      Honestly we all live in a “get it now” world, what if that changes for whatever reason? What happens if I can get Gin anymore? or TP? I know I can Brew several “beverages” and use many alternates to TP, but how about those that have no idea, or cant make it without McDonalds?

      Just Pondering the future a little.

      1. gosh my husband is going to be 80 and takes no medications! I only take 1.

    2. I do that with my asthma inhalers, have about 9 months backup, way longer if i am careful what im breathing or eating, but at just over 700$ for the two ill make sure i get a small backup JIC

        1. Dulera is the primary preventive, works really well, then for the rescue inhaler use combivent, depending on what sort of mischief im into sometimes i dont need the rescue inhaler at all, but use the dulera two puffs onceva day and it keeps me breathing, nothing like turning blue as your headed to the emergency room to snap you into reality,,,
          Tried all sorts of alternatives, nothing works, and i suppose if i had tens of thousands of dollars to fork overbto some practitioner i could find biggest source of the issue, or not, so will go with what works,

        2. Nailbanger, I just ran across some video’s for improving lung health and healing sthma on ou tube. Most of what i found were by herbaalists and physicians. You might want to do a search in somme fo your spare time for things that are more natural and may help you in the long term, naturally.

      1. Nailbanger
        I found an article on food grade hydrogen peroxide for the lungs. From what I have read so far it will not repair the lung tissue but it will dispel the contaminates in the lungs tissue.
        Just know this is still a work in progress, and it is not a recommendation by any means, but thought you might like to do your own research since you have asthma

  23. I have a book titled MEDICINAL PLANTS OF THE MOUNTAIN WEST written by Michael Moore and published by Museum of New Mexico Press that I have found to be quite worthwhile.

  24. NPR. Thanks for the recipe I love v-8 and this would spice it up , always say the spicier the better lol.
    First off let me say that modern medicine does have its place. I do use a lot of herbals and I think they help for the things that I take them for. I have taken a few herbal classes and one thing that they tell you is that not everything works the same for everyone you have to figure out what
    works for you.
    I think diet is a big factor in that. A few years ago I used to drink Diet Dr. Pepper ( more in one day then a person should drink in a month) well I was getting arthritis bad I have always had a little in my thumbs but now it was in my feet and ankles I would get up in the morning and it would take a few hours before I could walk without pain and I hated to sit very long because getting up and trying to walk hurt so bad. Well I started reading up on aspartame ( the stuff in all diet foods) one of the many bad side effects was arthritis, so I started weaning my self off. After a few weeks, I could walk again with no pain but I still had it in my thumbs and that was when I started taking turmeric in capsule and in golden milk similar to shepherdess. I have no arthritis pain anywhere now.
    I have seen too many people on a million prescription drugs because 1. they don’t eat right they eat the “American Diet” 2 they have to have a pill for the side effects of the first pill and so on.
    I think we need to focus on our diets first, herbal remedies second ( and as someone mentioned go to a certified herbalist or naturopath for the serious stuff don’t try to self-medicate). Then if all else fails modern medicine.
    I really advocate learning and using as much as you can then if there comes a time there is no “modern medicine “ available you have an alternative. There were put here for a reason

    1. Also be very careful where you by your herbs from you want a high-quality herb and most of the stuff at the grocery store is pretty low quality.

      1. AND possibly from China. Do you all remember the recall on dog treats from China?
        Killed dogs and we know their stomachs are fairly tough.
        By the way, Mr’s. Dad died from dirty Heparin, blood thinner, in the hospital about 10 years ago. Mr. was talking to him when the nurse came to put it in his IV. The poor man immediately turned blue, the hair stood up on his arms and he went into a coma just like that! Two weeks later he passed away. The Heparin was made in China. It comes from scraped pig intestines. Dirty, filthy made in China. It was supposed to be pulled and some got in somewhere. Sad. He was still getting around good and had a good mind.
        So we never know…….

        1. Mrs. USMCBG,
          I am so sorry that is horrible. It does make you wonder how many have died or become sick because of stuff from China. I try real hard to not buy anything from there especially food items.

      2. Ranchers Wife
        Check out Mountain Rose Herbs dot com as they sell organic USA items. A lady I met years ago on MD Ckmore site was working on her license for this field. She used this company because of the organically raised products.
        I do not call if you were posting over there at the time she shared her knowledge. Do you remember Michele? She is lady which I speak of, she is doing well last time I heard from her.

        1. A.C.
          Thanks, I have used them and they are a great company I also use Starwest-botanicals dot com if you sign up as a business you get a cheaper price ( it was nothing to sign up like a business). I check back and forth to see who is cheaper for what I need. I do remember Michele glad she is doing well, I haven’t been to the other site in some time.

        2. Ranchers Wife & Antique Collector
          Now don’t yell at me ok?
          I just checked the exact same Organic Turmeric on Starwest-botanicals dot com and Amazon, both are by Starwest, the pricing on Star was $13.08 plus $9.82 shipping, Amazon is $12.20 with free shipping on Prime.
          Don’t get me wrong, I’m not pushing Amazon by any means, but buyer beware, and spend your dollars as best as on can…. After all Starwest is still getting the sale.
          Please don’t yell at me :-)

        3. NRP
          I would never yell at you, who else would I argue with over TP. lol
          Yes, I do price comparing all the time it is a part of being retire on a fixed income. Dh is the retired person…..I am just tired..

        4. NRP,
          Always shop around, I get the wholesale price on S-W. which brings it down to 7.85 for 1 pd organic but the shipping is 9.85. so I would definitely go with prime. When I have a large order it is sometimes cheaper with S.W. They used to have free shipping on orders over 100 now it is 250 so I really try to watch the different prices with added shipping.

        5. Terra
          Yes, I know. Off site some of us are still in contact with her. Thank goodness we exchanged addresses so that every so often we keep in touch.

    2. To address diet, I have a book by Jean Carper, Food your Miracle Medicine. pubisher is Harper Collins. I picked it up as a re-sell store. It has lots of tidbits of info on what to Do, what To eat for various health issues… and what to avoid….

  25. If anyone checks out CBD oil, you may want to check and see if it’s legal to use in your state. Some of the issues with it’s use is determined by the quality of the product.

    1. I have a gallon in the freezer. Be advised–I paid $25 years ago and last order was $75.

      1. JJ, what you have is hemp oil, CBD is a different product, different extraction and a concentration… from same plant,

    2. I have been giving my dog CBD capsules for about 6 months. She suddenly started having seizures at the age of 12 1/2 and was having one every 2 1/2 hours. Vet put her on phenobarbital which literally had her spread eagle on the floor. Started researching and found phenobarbital causes liver, kidney and intestinal dammage. Started weaning her off the stuff and using Canna Pet instead which is a CBD derivitave, she has been siezure free since the 29th of June.

      Tried using CBD oil myself, for a medical thing and ended up with the worst side effects I have ever had. They started 3 days after I started taking it and went away 3 days after I quit taking it. Some stuff works for some and not for others.

  26. Hey NRP:
    There is an old saying “Great Minds Think Alike”
    Not that either of us qualify, (well, maybe me), but I totally agree with you regarding Herbal Meds.
    For all of my life I have been blessed with normal, excellent Blood Pressure, (always around 120/80 ). Early last fall my B.P. really “spiked”, perhaps due to lack pf exercise or other.
    All I wanted to say was, “Doc, I don’t need no stink’in Pills”.
    I researched Herbs that can lower B.P., and made my own “concoction” using the best Herbs to lower B.P.
    I found that most of them I already grow in my Herb Garden.
    I dehydrated and pulverized them to powder, and now add a half teaspoon or so to a daily glass of V9 – just as you do..
    Some daily V8 will help fill my lack of vegetables, and adding the extra Herbs should help to lower my B.P.
    So far – so good.
    That said, I realize that many are not able to do this, and their life depends on prescription meds.
    Perhaps someday, I will also require them.
    At a healthy 75, I hope to delay that as long as possible.

  27. Once again, I neglected to add my name – – Can that somehow be fixed ?

    1. Would you be inclined to share your “recipe”? I’m in an ongoing argument with my doc about the same thing….of course, dropping the 50 lbs I regained last year would undoubtedly help!

      1. I would also like to know your ‘concoction’, please.
        I’ve been told the same,. “You need to be on meds for your BP.”
        “Ahhhh no. You people alone can raise my BP along with the dentist.
        Society in general.
        I don’t need no stinkin’ meds.”
        * Mrs.USMCBG…..*
        GF uses Valerian Root for those easily excitable horses on the Fourth of July fireworks, whilst camping. And also on their first time out in the spring on their first time trail ride. Spunky, willing to go, horses need to be slowwwed down a little. Sometimes the dirt does hurt.
        * NRP *
        Good job on the article, ya old phart.

    2. Hermit, The southern Herbalist.. Darryl Paton has a herbal he recommends for regulating blood sugar and blood pressure… It is to make a tea with huckleberry leaves.( some people know them as sand berries, there are several different varieties that work).. has you tube videos… check him out…

  28. As for all of this talk I am upping my game/knowledge on the natural meds etc. Want to be considered useful in case SHTF. At 65 there is less and less I can do physically to be of use. Don’t want to be singled out for disposal!!! LOL oops who knows………..

  29. Ozarkhermit,
    ” can that somehow be fixed ” . Look up Ginko Biloba. Ha!

  30. I told a story of an inflamed shoulder muscle/neck area around Sept/Oct…sometime after I brought Mr. Gene home from surgery–probably only noticed when I had time to notice!!!
    I knew about Turmeric already, but after research, added fish oil tablets and it took a few weeks, but the inflammation is gone. It was difficult even reaching the top clothes hangers with my right arm. So, maybe adding fish oil will help. Or take more Turmeric for a few days.
    It wasn’t instant relief, but I stuck with the regimen because I had read T isn’t instant, but damned sure effective and it beats sticking pain tablets to my system every day and asking my liver and kidneys to work harder.

    1. you might try krill oil, vet gave it to my dog for arthritis in hips.. after 3-4 days, it has kicked in, he is much less grumpy.

  31. Consider this book. The Language of Plants by Julia Graves. The ancients under stood this language. It is time we understood again.

  32. Want to say also that turmeric can help animals too. My Baby cat gets it in chicken broth to help the inflammation of FHS along with Homeopathic drops for animals. Not a cure but keeps the incidents down to a minimum. Other wise it would be amitriptyline.

    1. Mrs. USMCBG That’s a great idea, my kitties are getting up there in age, so will keep that recipe in mind :)

    2. Mrs.USMCBG
      GF gives Valerian Root to calm our horses. For example….when we are out camping on the Fourth. Of July. Firework booms. Or their first time out on the trails in the spring. Spunky critters. Sometimes dirt does hurt. If ya know what I mean.
      NRP…..good job on the article, old phart. 👍

      1. That is an idea. FHS is rare and very scary when you 1st see a cat attack itself.

  33. NRP
    Good idea with the cayenne in your recipe, capsaicin, along with the herbal enhancing quality of the cayenne.

  34. NRP
    Good idea with the cayenne in your recipe, capsaicin, along with the herbal enhancing quality of the cayenne. If things ever get to the point where we need to use these as a mainstay, then they’ll probably be criminalized as contraband and confiscated 😯

  35. Hi all,
    I was talking about this with a group member and his wife (whose grandparents immigrated from Russia ) told me her Granma would place a cut onion next to the bedwhen someone was coming down with a cold or flu. Something about it attracting germs.
    Said it really helped.
    Wonder if anyone else had heard of this before…

    1. Bill Jenkins Horse;
      Yes, I have heard the Onion thing before, have no idea if it works or not. Have also heard of putting an onion I’m n in a sock on the feet to pull out the “cold”.
      Internet time i guess????

    2. BJH
      Yes, but never knew if it worked or ???
      Only thing I can think of is the enzymes that the onion puts off.

      1. My MIL used cutonion…, seemed to help, was something passed on to her by her GM, Think about it… Onion draws tears, onion draws___? I Know, If left out it will not be fit to eat because of the contamnation… also…in a sick room.. Vinegar is often used for heavy odor.. it draws the odor..

        1. I have heard reports from many who claimed their parents/grandparents used it in countries they immigrated from, and said it worked….Well, what could it hurt to try? I haven’t but….One woman told me her Mom always had a cut half onion in bowl on kitchen table, and no one ever got sick, that she recalls.

          Another use for cut onion which I have read MANY times (and again have not tried this, grin)…Apparently rub a fresh cut onion on your head and hair will thicken, and bald spots start to disappear…. If you try this let us all know..

      2. Antique Collector
        re “enzymes that the onion puts off.”..if it does work, might have something to do with this…BUT…

        I have read many times that one should never save a cut onion, as it HUGELY absorbs germs/bacteria, and can become quite toxic. I have read this so many times I no longer will keep half an onion if I don’t use all.

        1. Anon,
          I never knew that. I always wrap a cut onion in a paper towel then into a ziplock bag (not more than a day or two) if I don’t need the whole thing. I’ve done this for 30+ years. I’ll have to take a look more at this. Thanks!

        2. Anon, Good Lord, I keep partial peeled onions in the frig in a zip lock ALL of the time and have for YEARS. Sometimes common sense has to be your guide. Onions are a blood cleaner purifier.
          Maybe they mean un peeled onions with the skin still on………?
          Sometimes the first layer is getting soft.

        3. Never let it be said that this ole Baby Boomer won’t learn or change when presented with some info. After thinking about the layers of the onions, Where they might be grown and HOW they might be grown. It made some sense. So I just cut the rest up, put in glass and nuke a minute or so. Cooked but not quite. Should take care of the issue.

        4. Yes, what I was referring to, We have refrigerators today to preserve those onions in a ziplock, chilled.. they did not have them then. If we loose the refrigerator we better use the whole thing.. and when an oinion is added to a stew it will sour quicker as well.

        5. Anon, So Cal Gal, Mrs.USMCBG, Just Sayin

          I have heard many times not to eat an onion raw that been ‘saved’ even in a Zip Bag in the Frig., the Onion will absorb a LOT of nasty’s, I do use the saved onions for cooking but don’t eat them raw.

        6. NRP and all…
          okay it sounds ridiculous, But….—- I used to be the original “saver”….after all, can always throw it in a stew/soup..etc..However years back, I started paying more attention to how things smell after being in the fridge, even for a day or two. Now we are talking things nicely sealed, whether in plastic Ziploc/glass container/bags etc..

          — I have noticed that pretty much everything stored in plastic picks up a “smell” after very short time, even one day. I don’t know if this is spoilage, or if it is picking up off gassing from the plastic container/plastic bag. (Yes plastic of all types continues to off gas).
          —I then switched to pretty much exclusive glass containers (even jars are good, and often used in fridge).
          —Most things are much better stored in fridge (to my sniffer), and do seem to last longer
          —Cut Onions (to me) still have a significant smell change even after stored for a short while. To me that does indicate something is going on. Possibly something not good.
          –When I use onions I do try to use the entire onion, and if not pitch.

          Make a point of doing a sniff test, freshly cut, and after the onion has been store in a) plastic bag or b) glass…If any do, would appreciate to know others’ experience.

        7. Anon
          I agree with the ‘smell’ factor, I do use a lot of Zip Lock Freezer bags in the frig. But the onions never get past a day or two, if they are older I feed them to Blue…. nooooo just kidding. I toss them out after 3 days for sure though.
          Ever open a trash can that’s had an onion in it for a week…. OMG it’s nasty.
          Now un-peeled onions I keep for months and months, usually buy from NAPA in the 50 pound sack and just keep cool and in the open air with no stink or odors.

        8. Anon
          If you do not use up the entire onion. Wrap in wax paper and place in a freezer bag for the next time you need an onion. They do freeze well this way, thought you would like to know an save money.

        9. All,
          I get to glean onions from the neighbors that grow them here, so I usually have boxes of them out in the shed. However, when DW or I cook with them, we dice them good, and any left over goes into zip-lock bags, but into the freezer. you put them in the refrigerator and you are asking for nasty. We throw frozen diced onions into whatever and they work just fine. we do not eat them raw. Also, never get dogs onions or garlic or anything from the allum family, toxic to pups. Bet NRP has a way to preserve onions in Gin, but that would be a waste of good gin now wouldn’t it? Wonder if we couldn’t preserve them in white wine?

        10. – Just FWIW, my family and I have used this as a cough syrup for many years on an off-and-on basis. Take several slices (chopped will work) of onion, sprinkle with granulated sugar from the sugar bowl, and placed between two saucers in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. The syrup it extracts supposedly has a mild opiate effect, and will help to calm a bad cough. Use by the teaspoon every 4 hours as needed. Works for me, better than Robitussin DM. Just don’t breathe on folks. LOL (Shouldn’t anyway)
          – Papa S.

        11. Papa Smurf
          and all
          quite the “Onion” discussion. Just goes to show, always something to figure out. To those who suggested freezer, good idea. Anyone pickled onion?

          Papa Smurf,
          thanks for info re cough syrup. Will keep this in mind. Thank you. How long does it take to form syrup? How long do you leave this concoction in the fridge? thks

        12. – Anon, I have had syrup begin to form in as little as fifteen minutes. I don’t try to keep this stuff for more than 72 hours. Still need cough syrup? Onions and sugar are cheap and slicing is quick. Frequently, you have enough fresh onion from family meals for this stuff.
          – Papa

        13. Papa Smurf
          Thank you. Will keep this in mind (hoping, of course it is not needed…)

        14. Onions CAN be pickled in vinegar, just as I make garlic sauce. I use it for seasoning vegetables, that i get tired of it freshens green beans and pinto’s. (just give it to everyone!) and gives them a boost. Grandma used to add Onions as part of a pickled vegetable mix, She would heat her vinegar, sugar and pickling spices and add them to a packed canning jar that had been warmed in a pan of very hot water, allow them to set for 2 weeks…. regularly. , they can also be done separately in Vinegar…. just dice and cover with your favorite vinegar and or spices. This can be used similarly bor anti viral.. Onions don’t last over 12 hours opened in my house ,, most days have them in some form 2 x a day… We use scads of them… 9-12 lbs each month…

    3. It works, it works. My grandmother came from Austria with a plant and I have some. It is easy to grow and is not really an onion. It is part of the lily family and NOT edible. I believe they said it might be poisonous. But boy does it work.

      1. old lady
        so, what kind of plant exactly is it? what are you using it for that it works for?

  36. Greetings to all and thanks to NRP for taking on a great big and controversial topic today.

    I do not take tumeric per se at the present time. but it did serve to remind me of all the other herbs I do take. I am a big fan of herbal teas as mentioned by Shepherdess. I keep around a good selection within my home along with salt and sugar. I have made her recipe for Oral Rehydration Therapy and combined it with an herbal tea for flavor and palatability.

    Though my relative worked in Chinese medicine, I learned more by the people that taught her. What most impressed me was: All things in moderation because in America, what can be done is frequently overdone. ( a little is good therefore a lot will be great Right? – this is NOT the case for: laxatives, inotropic heart medications, blood thinners, and many other drug classifications as so eloquently mentioned by “me” in his posting above.)

    This is why the Chinese herbalist will give very exact instructions when they hand you a bag of mystery ingredients and send you home to brew it into a nasty smelling/tasting tea concoction. ( but it works too.). Several Chinese herbal doctors have asked me why Americans feel the need to “overdo” things or use too much.

    All I could think of was responding that the sense of balance to be restored in form of yin and yang are not even addressed in American Society. The only place you may hear such talk is within a church. ( most such advice on clean living comes from the Old Testament.)

    There is a place for all forms of healing both western and eastern. My day job is still to work with patients that are locked within a building pounding on the desk yelling : “I am not crazy!” and the sight of people pounding on the locked and alarmed door asking to be let out is not that unusual.

    I dispense many drugs at my current place of work. I am interested in research on CBD from the hemp plant because most of the pills we dispense for long term management of seizures does have a life-shortening effect on the human body. ( Valproic Acid, Phenobarbitol, Symmetril, etc. ). But for those people brought to us with repeat head trauma, they are the only thing that works for now.

    To Texas Boy: I hope the research continues and would like to see additional research funds set aside for these on-going, chronic cases that are either on the streets being labeled as: “aggressive pan-handlers”, people having seizures on Mass Transit ( remember: you cannot drive with a known seizure disorder.) or locked up in my place being given shots when they are actively seizing. You want statistics: I say: look up the incident reports we fill out within our locked facility. I fill them out most everyday I work.

    We currently have drugs that work. We need to continue to find medications and treatments that work better with fewer taxing side effects upon our human body. This will take research, time and money.

    1. CaliRefugee, Yin and Yang another way to say that all illness is actually spiritual in nature. When you heal the etheric and astral, the body is healed as they are the energies that we call our soul and spirit. The Chinese have not forgotten this.

    2. CaliRefugee;
      Sure wish I could find a ‘good’ Asian Herbalist around the Four Corners, not just the normal Health Food Stores, yes most are knowledgeable enough, but nothing like in the East.

    3. I remember hearing about a Chinese mental patient who had been on a locked ward for 25 years in San Francisco. All he spoke was gibberish. The facility had a visit from some Chinese practitioners.
      One of them heard the guy speaking and started speaking back to him. Turned out the gibberish was an obscure dialect that nobody recognized until the visitor who was from the same region heard it. The miracle was the guy was still sane.

      We had an elderly Chinese patient who was comatose after her heart bypass surgery. After 45 days the family called in an acupuncturist. He started twirling his needles and she woke up.

      Lots of aggressive panhandlers out there and many of them have underlying mental health issues. It can be very sad when they go off of their medication. Many don’t like the side effects but when they become over aggressive meet their end with a bullet from a LEO. I can’t blame a cop for putting down somebody swinging a bat at their head.

      Lots of those seizure patients are alcoholics who are dependent on alcohol. If their blood alcohol drops to low the start seizing.

      Are incident reports accessible. I’d think that would be a huge no-no with HIPA. Even if redacted.

  37. What Old Greek Doctor of Medicine that said Let your Food be your Medicine and your Medicine be your food? Live foods like Live Yogurt (with out the sickly sweet fruit and SUGAR added) Kimchee and Sauerkraut supports your intestinal biome.

    There was a German study in the 50’s when a Typhoid epidemic among the Turkish workers but not the Germans . Sauerkraut was found to be very effective in prevention and treatment along with hygiene to prevent and treat Typhoid.

    The main issue I’ve noticed with Turmeric is Quality Control of the producers. Some brands make cheapened Turmeric products that give a bad name to the real stuff. You can GROW your own Turmeric root from a root from a good Asian market. Same with ginger, Damp not wet, big pot of good potting soil/compost a little sunshine and a the patience to let it grow. Grated into a dish AFTER you cook it is a great way to soothe my painful joints and sometimes irritable gut. Grated into a tea pot AFTER it starts to cool from boiling is fast relief and you can acquire a taste for it. Trust me, :)

    1. NH Michael;
      Thank you for mentioning Fermented Foods, these are a HUGE benefit to the Gut.
      I happen to make Sauerkraut, Kimchee and yes Homebrewed Beer that is fermented with Yeast.
      I do have a LOT of co-workers that run every time I open the Kimchee though, it sort of stinks to them HAHAHAH
      I LOVE it, especially with a mix of Shrimp ‘stuff’ in it, STINKS, but ohhhhh so good.

      1. Thanks for the recommendation. I will be ordering it today. Looks good…

  38. To me:

    I believe my incident reports written by level-of-care staff get buried and HIPPA does limit access. In my place, they are reviewed by somebody because a series of incident reports is the only way to institute change whether it involves moving a patient, changing medication dosage or switching to a different medication. Large hospitals are like big machines and change occurs at a slow pace.

    I am not sure if Texas Boy was the poster that was offered the chance to go to Medical School last year. He was asking if he should go or not.

    These days, many police officers have tasers and it is much more common to receive live patients that are sightly dented with taser burns as opposed to the fatal side effects of gun shot wounds. Business is good for those of us working on the locked psycho wards.

  39. MrsUSMCBG, Thanks for the book recommendation, sounds like I can pick up a new language and start talking to plants. 😄

  40. Everyday there are numerous warnings about various drugs causing all sorts of life-threatening ailments; I’ve never seen herbs in any of these warnings.

    1. Many drugs that are needed often cause unwanted side effects. Like the drugs that prevent and treat heart arrhythmias, have a range of side effects from genreal muscle aches, to bone pain, nausea with or w/o vomiting and airway congestion of varying degrees. From the data available on this class of drugs, the side effects are well under reported. Sometimes a Dr will give another drug to control a side effect and it gives a diferent one. Going back to the root drug, eliminating and replacing that drug can effectively eliminate the problem and potentially remove 3 medications. ( This is why responsible Physicians can often take a person from 1 drugs a day to 3. Our bodies change over time and our needs should be evaluated and tweaked. On every medication and almost every herbal there is a precaution list . Sometimes it is a list of foods to avoid, for adverse reactions, which can vary from less effectiveness to increased effectivenes . Grapefruit and fermented foods often have this effect with certain meds…like blood thinners,( some are simply’ do not give to someone pregnant’ )…Knowing the possible interactions can be challenging since dependable sources of information are not necessarily easily available, and info is often planted by those who want discourage use of beneficial plants of all kinds. Knowing the agenda of those posting information is helpful. Some information is attributed to herbal and supplements that is directly related to a medication that is Physician rx’d. This is because of the current desire of the medical practitioner to want to know very substance one uses and why it is used. Is good for them to know, Sometimes issues are directly related to a medication but the side effects are attributed to a herb because it is a convienient scapegoat. So Be AWare..
      Some persons are super sensitive to medications and can only tolerate small doses.. I know I am one of these people..I check my tolerance to new drugs and supplements by starting with 1/3 or 1/2 doses. If it can’t be halved… I will rarely try a new medication. I am thankful not to be needing routine meds at present…anemia and. low blood pressure, heartrate can often be addressed with increased liver, iodine and magnesium.

  41. Just Sayin’….wow pickled onions sound great! I just looked up some easy pickled onion recipes on Youtube….onions and vinegar are good for zapping germs and boosting immunity…thanks again! :)

  42. To Just Saying’:

    2 notable examples of what you stated are: Coumadin, Warfarin, blood thinners and the basis of rodent poisons in the US is extract of spoiled clover.

    Digitalis/digoxin heart regulating meds are an extract of the foxglove plant.

    This goes back to what “me” said in his earlier post above: There is a fine line between a medication and a toxin.

  43. Geez I started something with the onion question! LOL!

    Trying to catch up on all the posts.

    I for one,appreciate all the good info on this article and posts.

    One thing I learned last year is having sickness run through your group/family is very bad for security and overall productivity.

    Staying healthy is number one. Losing weight and getting in shape should be a goal for all.

    Best thing I ever did was get back in shape.

    I have more energy and my mind is sharper and more focused.

    I’m researching which flowers to grow for medicinal use and for garden pests. Going to See If CITRON Will grow for mosquito problems.

    So much to do…
    Need some 36 hour dAYS !LOL!

    1. You are so right on regarding your statement, “Staying healthy is number one.”

      We can prep all we want. But if we become unhealthy or get sick, it’s all for nothing. We must first take care of our body. That’s why I post now and again on the health topic. I strongly feel that it’s related to prepping and preparedness.


    NRP and Ken: THANK YOU!
    EVERYONE: WOW. I love this newfound community (1-13-18). I have a few things to say myself, mostly on my mind right now is fish and products from the sea, like kelp and krill and other ocean natural products, which since Fukushima have highly unsafe amounts of toxic radioactive particulates of which the government, and the world is hiding from us. Fish oil worked better for my inflammation than ANYTHING EVER, letting it build up in the blood and taken daily without lapse; however, I SADLY quit taking it in 2011 as soon as I SAW the Fukushima disaster. Also, i was just ready to stock up on huge amounts of Tuna for SHTF, and i had to abandon that idea as well. I have a hard time finding the type of quality vitamins like I like that doesnot have spirulina or kelp in them, but I ditched them as well. Turns out I was right to do so. Pacific Ocean animals are almost completely decimated by massive ocean food shortages and the resulting (my interpretation, being cooked from the inside out) as what some are terming the “6th great mass extinction” on You Tube. I would like to have a full discussion about the Health effects of this, what I consider to be the greatest global and health crises, of our lifetimes, especially for younger generations. And there is radioactive iodine in our rain water, especially on the western states of the USA. I will try to post a link here. I found out about these unfortunate after affects of this disaster, as well as the insidious cover-up by Japan’s Nuclear industry and our own government, accidentally from a man with a YouTube channel that used to film underwater
    for 40 years off the coast of Canada. Now, he is mostly the only person actively counting the die off of species on 1500 miles of Canadian coastline, and willing to endure gag orders and death threats to warn all of us. When I first started listening to him I thought he was, uh . . . “OFF”. And his accent is hard to listen to at first, and all of his videos are VERY long (over 100 minutes). BUT HE IS RIGHT ON. And, because he is gone out there counting species for two thirds of the year, he wants to get the message out. Others, NOW, are reporting mass ocean die off (like Pacific Salmon, and radioactive TUNA. With that said, I hope that some of you will check out his videos, and I would like to know how to suggest this as a topic. I only meant to say thanks to all here, but I am greatly saddened by this topic, which my doctor (who still sells fish oil) and local health food store do not even want to acknowledge. Indeed, it depressed me in bed for many weeks upon realizing the gravity of it all. I will be a regular here from now on. God Bless You ALL.

  45. Mrs U., and all you herbal-smart folks, Please incorporate your wonderful insights and information in an article. Perhaps like NRP’s here. That way we have it safe in our prepper-pedia and it’s not lost when the weekend comes.

  46. The Original Just Sayin’, Love reading your very helpful comments on herbal/natural resources. Could you please incorporate your wonderful insights and information in an article when you share? Perhaps like NRP’s here. That way we have it safe in our prepper-pedia and it’s not lost when the weekend comes.

  47. I surely do wish that everyone who asks or talks about herbals, medicinals, naturals, tinctures, essentials, and all the like wonderful stuff would stop using the Open Forum to do so. All your work describing and discussing washes out with the weekly tide. Why not use NRP’s article here as a platform? Then it’s available as long as we have this truly marvelous edifice of knowledge Ken has provided. We might have had an astounding naturopathic encyclopedia by now if we did earlier, but it’s never too late to start.

  48. Plainsmedic We have been using sweetgum tincture for several years…for any viral symptoms. found the dose in info/ by an herbalist…For proper dose,It is important to know that the sweetgum must be double tinctured, to get the correct % of active ingredient. . Instructions were to use like liquid tamiflu.. Tamiflu is rx/pharma version from Star Anise.
    dose for 210#male… 10cc.put dose in about on ounce of very warm -but not hot water. stir vigorously..let sit for about 5 minutes, then stir it again and chug. Have a chaser handy. DH recommends orange juice or lemon juice. If used as a preventative. use after exposures as a daily,( or weekly if exposures are limited to weekly.).
    If used as a remedy to stop replication of viral illness. the dose is repeated Q 4 hr X 36 hours. set alarm to dose.. If unsure if bacterial or viral can be used alternating with colloidal silver(if no allergy to silver.).taking one of them every 2 hours, but each at 4 hour intervals.They work together very well each has a differing mode of action with virals
    It s important to note colloidal silver can be quickly broken down in the gut and neutralized to get most from that dose, the dose is used and held in mouth sublingual(under tongue and in mucus membranes for best absorption) for 2-5 minutes..then swallowed may chase if desired…
    This is the strategy dh used when he got a viral illness(also for shingles) in spring of 20.his initial fever went away and never returned. after the 36 hours of initial dose.. continue on q4h.while awake. for total of 36 hours… then q 6 hours til all symptoms are gone.. total should be close to 6-7 days.Rebound illness can occur if you stop remedies too soon.
    Liquid tamflu instructions call for every age group below half the dose.9-12 year olds would be next step down. then the group below 5-8, 2-4, and months to 24 months. Testing has been done for extended use of tamiflu

  49. Ken, Would love to see a drop down category for Health on the menu. That might remind folks to add useful threads like Far North’s suggestion for spruce tip tincture. That way it could become part of the wealth of the site rather than something that only lasts a week.

  50. Mrs. U, You put a lot of work into your posts. Like today’s on ashitaba. But Ken purges the Open Forum weekly. Maybe drop your herbal comments into this article so they will be archived and an available reference.

  51. Gopher, Don’t forget to lay in a stock of everclear, or high-octane vodka for tinctures. For salves – beeswax, soy wax, shea butter, or carnuba wax. And a variety of carrier oils for making essential oils.

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