Natural Remedies To Boost Immune System


The Immune System is the body defense mechanism to fight off invaders. Our immune system is an amazing work of nature — it does a very good job of fighting off illnesses and infections when it is in good condition.

Your body ordinarily will do a pretty good job at keeping your immune system up to strength. But there are some things that you can do to help boost it naturally…

Here is a list of some immune boosting remedies:

POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Adopt a positive frame of mind. Even though we live in a world of stress, if you look for the ‘bright side’, your health may follow. Laughter is good for you.

MOVE YOUR BODY. Keep your body moving. Our modern world has lots of us sitting down at our jobs. Get up and move around once in awhile – take a walk. After your lunch, go out and take a short walk before heading back to work. Spend a few minutes exercising each day. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park your car further back in the parking lot and WALK. Ride a bike.

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DRINK PLENTY OF WATER. Drink lots of water throughout the day. You should drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water a day to drain the ‘waste’ fluids from your bodies cells.

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GET ENOUGH SLEEP. Most people do not get enough sleep for the work which our bodies do to rejuvenate during our down time. Try to get 8 hours sleep if possible.

REDUCE STRESS. Identify the source of your worst stresses in life and seek ways to reduce them. Perhaps delegate some of it. Or confront it head on and get it over with. Simply accepting the fact that there will be stress in your life may help. Don’t let it get you down. Stress weakens the body and its immune system.

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VITAMIN C. This vitamin may be the single most important nutrient for the immune system. It has direct effects on bacteria and viruses. Vitamin C should be taken with bioflavonoids – natural plant substances that enhance absorption and reinforce the action of this vitamin.

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VITAMIN D3. Most people do not get anywhere near enough! K2 is apparently a good one to take with D3.

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GARLIC. Garlic is effective against at least 30 types of bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi. It has anti-inflammatory properties. Use lots of it in your meal planning. Onion is a mild immune booster too.

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TURMERIC. This spice has long been lauded for its healthful properties. Turmeric contains curcumin and special compounds that help support many of your body systems including your immune system.

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ECHINACEA. It’s an herb and is used to fight infections, especially the common cold and other upper respiratory infections.

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NUTS HIGH IN VITAMIN E. Almonds, Walnuts, Pistachios, Hazel nuts, and Brazil nuts. Vitamin-E is a powerful antioxidant.

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GREEN TEA. Green tea can stimulate production of immune cells.

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RED WINE. Red wine has been reported to aid in the prevention of coronary heart disease and some cancers, however no one has studied whether its alcohol content might offset any benefits. As with anything, “in moderation”.

KALE. One cup of kale will provide your daily requirement of vitamin A. Vitamin A is an antioxidant that helps your body fight cancer cells and is essential in the formation of white blood cells. Vitamin A also increases the ability of antibodies to respond to invaders.

HONEY. It’s a natural antibiotic.

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APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. Organic, raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar.

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HEALTHY DIET. For an optimal immune function, a healthy diet is the best solution. One should ensure the diet includes fruits, vegetables, beans, seeds, whole grains, and nuts. The diet should be low in fats and refined sugars, and include foods high in carotenes such as yellow and orange squash, dark greens, carrots, yams, sweet potatoes, red peppers and tomatoes. Cabbage family foods (Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, radish and turnip) help prevent low immunity. The diet must contain adequate amounts of protein. Flavonid rich berries, garlic, yogurt and artichoke also help boost immunity.

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FLU Symptoms

The information here is presented as opinion. Consult your doctor.


  1. Interesting that you listed “positive attitude” and reduction of “stress” above all of the supplements and pills. I just heard from my absentee technician; she has bronchial spasms, low O2 sats, is completely freaked out, unable to function. The only known exposure she’s had to Covid-19 is the non-stop media attention, rumors and stories. I believe the proper medical term is a right freak-out. She actually worried herself into an ER; probably out all week. Wild.

  2. I think it’s the positive attitude and keeping busy and genetics
    I eat applesauce/w cinnamon (or as my wife says:would you like some applesauce w / cinnamon) everyday. A spoonful of honey daily. Yogurt and blueberries as much as possible
    Been to the doctor once in the last 20 years ( er visit in 2009 for kidney stone)

  3. We take Lomatium as our #1 immune support along with a multi vitamin
    and extra doses of vitamin D and E.
    For a real boost try KFCs new crispy chicken breast sandwich that uses
    two glazed donuts as the bun.
    Even my vegan friends said that it sounded good.

      1. Ken
        That’s the hardest part of self isolation. Living in Chicago amongst all this great pizza but not trusting other people to touch it. I’ve stocked up on Home Run Inn frozen pizza but it’s just not the same as a pizza cooked at 800°. 😝

  4. This is an interesting topic from the point of view of what people will believe that really has no basis in-fact. Case in point, Omega 3 is so effective at lowering lipids in our blood stream. This is contrary to everything I learned in biochemistry.
    Now, after this writting I know I will bear the brunt of everyone’s wrath.

    1. @Texas Boy,

      You said, quote, “This is an interesting topic from the point of view of what people will believe that really has no basis in-fact”

      No worries. Just support your arguments that this is all wrong – with some apparent facts and/or links. Then we can debate. Makes sense, yes?

    2. Texas Boy,
      You are right on Oils lowering Lipids. We found that certain oils, will lower DH’s triglycerides in 6 weeks. We were displaced for a few months and got down to only peanut oil left… we used it for 3 weeks straight and the triglycerides went very high .. Dr wanted to put him on meds.. we changed back to Olive, coconut, and sunbutter, bacon fat. All levels back to normal 2 months later@ routine check. Meds used to drop lipid levels also strip the needed fats from the brain leading to dementia.need to replace that with CoQ10.

      1. Just Sayin’

        which oils lowered his triglycerides? I know someone who surely needs this info, would appreciate hearing.

        1. Jane, I just had lipid test, have been on lipitor 20yrs my triglycerides this time high, Dr. Put me on 1000 mg per day fish oil capsules.check again 6mo.

        2. Maggie’s farm == please let us know if the fish oil makes a difference. If so, what kind of fish oil? (lots of kinds now….salmon/mixed/krill etc) thks

    3. Texas BOY

      The AMA has pushed most of these things as good practice for general wellness for decades now.
      I remember my doctor telling me to do the first 5 things back in the 80s, are all simple ways to help boost your immunity and general overall wellbeing. The rest of the items Ken mentions are also widely known to boos your immunity and general health. Vitamin C especially has been a common Immunity boosting supplement for decades. Use your finger to search rather than pointing

  5. Just got over a cold… took 6 days. Lots of Vitamin C-1000 mg. Also dosing on a supplement called Allibiotic CF by NOW…
    Has oregeno, galic, elderberry and olive leaf…

    Still have a small cough but nothing crazy… The above listed items by Ken do work, especially you need rest and no stress. This is what I believe got me sick to begin with… That and the little booger monsters some how dragged it in from school. Oh well we are getting through it nothing crazy on symptoms plus we are not going out in public. We are making sure to do the right thing until we are well.

  6. We upped our daily Vitamin C intake from 1000mg to 2000mg about a month ago.We regularly use cinnamon/honey on toast,oatmeal or by the spoonful 3-4 times a week and we take a Vitamin D3 daily. We eat huckleberries on yogurt about twice a week and we do use garlic regularly. We don’t get an annual flu shot.
    We also have some attitude/stress medicine that is used as needed.

  7. Fermented foods like yogurt, sauerkraut and kimchee are also useful in supporting your gut and thus immune system. Fermented garlic in honey has been shown to be quite useful. Oddly tasty once you get used to it.

    Whole chicken soup skin, bone broth and all is classic Jewish Penicillin.

    Reduce exposure, improve-support immune system as COVID19 is likely to be a 2 year marathon like the Spanish Flu.

  8. Ken
    Good article. I too am glad you said reduce stress. I have psoriasis that is in good control, unless I am stressed out. Well you guesses it. It’s Raging right now.
    I think I am going to have to destress for a couple of days, so may not be posting.
    See ya all in a few days.
    PEACE and Health to all

    1. MadFab,
      Maybe you’ve heard the phrase, “chill out”. Don’t let today’s drama (though quite serious) get you too stressed out. Use logic. Reason. Try not to let emotions cloud judgement. Hope that helps ;)

  9. All good things to be doing… I would add… control common allergies with what ever works for you…( be it saline wash, netti pot, diffuser,) Logic behind this allergies open the door for all kinds of issues to begin.. including frequent facial touching, and chest congestion by drainage in sleeping hours.
    ……zinc (immune response), selenium( antiviral properties), Vitamin A ( only one or two days only )-necessary for utilization of many nutrients. Vitamin C a high as your body tolerates…+ common herbals you use now….

    1. Just Sayin’
      Thanks for all your postings. I know I value them greatly. I suspect there are MANY readers that pay attention to things you post. Please continue to do so. Though I hope it doesn’t get bad, we may all be “on our own” with this virus.

      1. Plainsmedic;
        “Though I hope it doesn’t get bad, we may all be “on our own” with this virus.”
        Honestly, has anyone seen anything come from the CDC the WHO or any other .gov agency except to shut down communities or cities/countries?
        What is their answer? “Stay Home”, ok GREAT advice, and everything shuts down and NOTHING gets produced, the Economy completely crashes and we all take a 6 month holiday.
        Yeah that’s going to work.

        BUT…. Yes you are exactly correct. “we may all be “on our own” with this virus.”
        Please prepare for at least 6 months.

        PS: all this BS about this Virus just being another Flu thing, don’t count on that anymore than you would on “Hello, we’re from the Government, we’re here to help”.

        1. And, finally, the w h o now says:
          “We have therefore made the assessment that covid19 can be characterized as a pandemic”

          Not that it changes what happening, but it’s about damn time.

        2. SO Cal Gal;
          Just heard that also….
          There goes the last of the TP supplies around the Country…..
          Please people, prepare SMART!!!!
          TP is of no good it you don’t have the food in the first place….

        3. NRP,
          I’ve been marveling at people stocking up on just water, TP and maybe disinfectant or batteries. People here are so used to earthquake response that I guess that’s their instinct. But most food shelves still stocked (minus rice and beans in some places).

          Maybe all the TP buyers never heard the phrase “you gotta put something in to get something out.”

          On another front, UCLA and other UC-system schools now going to online classes, no crowds for sports events. I think TPTB are reluctant to stop schools for children because that would really cause a panic – parents having to stay home and no free meals for kids from low income families. Will have to see how they decide to handle.

        4. So Cal Gal;
          Well if all they are stocking up on is Beans and Rice… Maybe they DO need all that TP… UGHHH

          Think we’re going to see more and more “crowd” events canceled and more schools closed.

          The next few months are going to be Dicey to say the least.

          Can you see the impact if all schools in the US are closed? Millions of teachers out, 10’s of millions of kids at home, meaning that millions of parents arnt going to work or whatever….

        5. NRP,
          Since the schools are controlled by their state/county/parish/city I can see closures rolling out in waves following infection clusters at the local level(s). And the hit to the economy from all those working parents staying home with their kids would be massive; no politician is going to want to do that for more than a very short time.

          And I can’t help but wonder if sheeple are thinking they can just keep getting food delivered (online retailers, Uber Eats and what-not). And my next post will be on Dr Fauci’s remarks this morning. Not pretty.

        6. NRP,
          Yep! If you’re not ready, well, good luck to ya. I’m as ready as I can think to be. Not sure what else I can do except learn from folks like Just Sayin’. Herbal remedies are undoubtedly part of the solution. Survival is the goal. If you have things that will help your body cope, ya just might survive. Even if you don’t succeed in isolation, you can help your own body to heal. I sincerely hope, she keeps right on posting. I’m not an herbalist. Not even close, but I understand the human body very well.

          Had a recollection of about 3 years ago; my son asked me what the 3m N-95 masks were for? Nothing in particular. Just thought a few boxes might come in handy.

          A pandemic was not among my top 5 concerns, but here it is. Most of the other preps will be just as useful for a pandemic as for an emp or financial collapse.

          My thoughts are with the paramedics still doing their jobs. All the ppe in the world is unlikely to protect them. Too much exposure. Too many chances to make a mistake. Do they quit their jobs to protect their families? What would you do? What is the right thing to do? The doctors? The nurses? The custodians and med techs? The clerks at the ER check-in counter?

          This COULD easily spiral out of control. If an ER doctor or nurse is exposed, who will take their place while they’re in 14 days of isolation? How many medical workers does it take to keep it all afloat? Wayyyyyy too many.

          All we can do is hope for the best and prepare for anything less.

  10. We bought some sambucol- elderberry and are taking that with echinacea to boost our old immune systems. We already take Vitamin C and D3. We even bought some elderberry bushes to grow and make our own. Wish I could get rid of stress!

    1. old lady
      If possible go out to your covered tree garden. Even if it is to cold for gardening a few hours help the mind relax and revive the body. The vitamin D will be a good boost for your.

  11. When my 13 year old had influenza Christmas time (I had my flu shot but did drink from her glass 24hrs before she manifested symptoms)
    I took the cold eze defense (zinc and elderberry) and I swear it helped

  12. Hitting the elderberry syrup daily. Last year we had a glass of elderberry wine each night, kept the flu and colds away. I have several gallons of syrup made for the grandkids, so we are taking some also. I need to filter, stabilize, and sweeten up 13 gallons of elderberry wine before we can switch back to it.(used to stay calm, right?)
    We will be adding our herbal tinctures to the daily ritual once the beer-virus gets to our area. This will include- Lomatium, licorice, Chinese skullcap, dandelion root, and isatis (Dyer’s Wode- when it comes up). Will also be finding some Oil of Oregano on Just Sayin’s advice.

    1. Sleeeep
      Ohh yes. I truly need about 10 hrs.
      Weekends doable. Work week about 6.
      Definitely get your sleep. Let your body and mind recover. Especially during these stressful times.

      Just wanna say, Just Sayin’ has greatly helped us all in her expertise. And others, too.

      Yup, includes you too, Ken.
      *No bouncers needed*

  13. Definitely home made chicken soup. Hard to beat if made right. Be sure to add a couple of cloves chopped garlic, one or two tablespoons fresh chopped ginger, and about 1/8 tsp. or more to taste of cayenne pepper. I use bone-in legs, thighs, and breast, and simmer in broth for several hours. Then de-bone and dice up meat. Normally I have vegetables from my garden, fresh or frozen, to use. I’m sure everyone has their favorite recipe, and their own secret ingredient. Let’s here some more suggestions.

  14. I usually binge drink beer to reset my stress clock.
    Recuperating from a hangover just wipes the slate clean.
    ALDI German beer is my fav.
    Sitting outside with a bonfire and the stars overhead puts me in the right place,with the occasional Raccoon skirting outside the flickering shadows.

    The last soldier marathon was in a lite rain drizzle,not enough to put the fire out but enough to make me realize that this might be unhealthy and unwise.

    Elderberry wine sounds interesting .

  15. These days, I have a tough time sleeping without a big fat cat laying on my chest. I walk my dog for exercise each day and I try to eat the balanced diet daily.

    Thanks for the reminder article Ken, whatever you use to de-stress in your life, make the time to do it with the ones you love. My wife and I sleep together when the dog lets us.

    These last days off saw us cooking baby back ribs on the grill with a good bottle of red wine after I finished cutting the grass our front.

  16. We take most of the vitamins and supplements mentioned, good stuff Mr. Ken. Planted elderberry bushes last year, they haven’t given us any berries yet. Hope to make wine or jelly with them. We also have Blueberries as well, which do produce .

    Beside the usual yard/farm work we walk our dog 2 miles in the morning for exercise.

    Besides an occasional beer, maybe once a month, we find spending time in prayer and knowing that our Loving, Graceful, Heavenly Father is in control brings peace.

    As it is written , ” ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD, FOR THOSE WHO LOVE THE LORD”. That means even the bad stuff.

    Stay safe, God Bless

  17. Seminole Wind have you checked your soils Ph. yet? 5.5 to 6.5 is elderberry happy zone. Also a good side dressing of well rotted manure and compost makes them really happy.

    Blueberries thrive in Ph. of 4.5 to 5.0 so your soil *might* be too acid for elderberries to thrive. Compost generally has a Ph. of 7 almost neutral so a good way to help your elderberry’s soil to be closer to their preferred range.

    Would be nice to get a harvest this year.

    1. Me2, thank you for the info. I am wondering if some lime might help? There were southern pines on the land before we planted the Elderberries, so yup the PH just might be off. I’ll try some of our composted oak leaves and see what that does. Thanks again!

    2. Seminole Wind an oddly of nature or why does oak trees and pine trees do well together. Both like acid soil. Oak leaves fresh from the tree are acidic, ph. 5.5 or so. IF shredded by a lawnmower and composted with some manure they break down into a lovely earthy smelling ph. 7 compost. This takes a lot of time but is a worthwhile project for long term gardeners.

      So in short if the compost is crumbly brown earthy smelling no evidence of oak leaves in it it’s likely to be excellent compost to change the ph. for your elderberries.

      Lime is a useful addition for quick results. I would research amount of suggested lime and do it soon as to encourage that lush springtime growth we want for a Elderberry harvest this fall.

      That brings up a natural remedies thought how many folks have a few bags of lime and fertilizer on hand to boost the growth of their herbal-berry health garden? Maybe some chicken safe bug sprays to keep our gardens healthy? Murphy LOVES to visit when there is already Trouble on hand… Like salt I cannot dig up from my area lime…. That’s where the compost pile comes into play.

      Got Seeds? Got garden skills? Got enough water? Got enough food to carry you if the garden does poorly this year? It wasn’t “Prepping” when our Grandparents kept more than a year of food and seed on hand as to avoid that Bad Situation of “Eating your Seed Corn”. Yes your not Hungry TODAY but eating the “Seed Corn” means what will you plant tomorrow?

      Today cheap, tomorrow who knows? I’m betting not so easy to get nor cheap.

  18. I take Vitamin D and C. I also take Elderberry chews which add Vitamin C and zinc. Supplements include magnesium (for muscles), selenium, and calcium with some Vitamin K to guard against future osteo problems.

    Exercise, keeping ‘busy’ with prepping, hobbies, and enjoyable projects, and learning are the daily activities for me. Stress reducers for me are hand sewing, gardening, cooking, and exercising. Happy-happy comes from my dogs and the beauty of our world….good for the soul! When the idiots of the world and the evil starts to wear on me, I find something to uplift me and distract me from the noise I can’t control. I think we are all going to need to find “that one thing” (as it was said in City Slickers) because we may be coming to a serious crossroads before long.

    While researching this coronavirus beast and getting more prepared, I have come to the conclusion that we all need to be as healthy as we can be to fight this beast.

    For me, being healthy means getting control of my allergies. I’ve been trying really hard to do this. Everything I use is natural and/or herbal: peppermint (tea) with local honey, and a blend of essential oils (lavender, lemon, and peppermint). I also use a diffuser with the oil blend in 2 rooms. The allergist recommended a saline nasal rinse and that’s been the best advice for allergies. I tried Flonase and the Rx Fluticasone but neither seemed to give me any relief. So I’ve stayed with herbals and natural products. I use a nasal spray Alkolol (essential oils) that I got from Amazon and I use that right after I use the saline rinse. The Alkolol tends to clear and ‘dry’ my nasal area and this is a good regimen for me. To prevent the dry cough from allergens, I chew spearmint gum and that helps to keep my throat moist. Once in a while, the Winter seasonal molds will irritate my eyes, so I use a drop of Zatador (over the counter), but I try to stay away from using that medication. I firmly believe that keeping allergies in-check will help to ward off the viral-yuck, or any other crud that wants to come my way. So far, 2 years with no colds, no flu, etc. I hate being allergic to dog dander, but that’s what I have to deal with. We keep our Doodles clipped and when we are working on their haircuts I wear a mask. In fact, any time I do dusting or vacuuming, I wear a mask. It helps.

    I’m now working on anti-viral measures that we can use, if we need to, because we’re all going to be on-our-own and we need to arm ourselves. Once I have my go-to list and my products made, I will be typing up my ‘cheat sheet’ for dosages and products that we will have available for ourselves.

    Viral preventative measures include elderberry. Yum! We have homemade elderberry syrup and tincture made, and there’s about a pound of dried elderberries on hand. Our elderberry bushes are around 12-feet high and we get a great yield but have to protect from birds because they’ll steal the berries. We meant to trim the bushes this past winter but never got to it. So I guess we’ll set up our scaffolds and drape netting this year before we begin harvesting. That ought to be a sight. lol

    The book, Herbal Antivirals, written by Stephen H Buhner has a number of anti-viral compounds that are recommended. I have learned a great deal from this book, from our MSB herbal-expert Just Sayin’, and other folks here. So I am working on a few things this week, just to be prepped….in case.

    An antiviral inhalant (if needed) can be made with: Thyme, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary essential oils. The mixture is made, then boiled for steam inhalation.

    Buhner’s book has several compounds suggested: (1) antiviral tincture formulation, (2) ginger juice tea (antiviral), and (3) immune complex tincture formulation. The formulations are what I’ll be working on. Fresh ginger juice tea is a straightforward process, but only if you have fresh ginger.

  19. Modern Throwback: I’m not sure about this but I read somewhere that
    inhaling mist or vapors that are oil base can be harmful to lungs that are
    making a lot of mucus which is a symptom of this virus. My memory is not great so maybe you could research it and let us know.

    1. NormlChuck, I didn’t provide the full info on this essential oil inhalant — it isn’t just a mix of those 3 oils, it’s added to a gallon of water. The mixture uses 20 drops each of the 3 essential oils, so it’s quite diluted. (I have never used a steam inhaler with essential oil, only a cold water diffuser.)

      This inhalant is said to not only be antiviral for influenza, but helps to reduce the coughing reflex and also expectorate mucus.

      If you have the book I mentioned, it’s listed on page 52.

      Other natural expectorants are peppermint, aniseed, or thyme (make a hot tea), lemon juice with honey in a cup of hot water. Also, basic steam inhalation, steam with eucalyptus leaves, salt water gargle, and yummy chicken soup.

      When I was a kid, it was Vicks Vapo Rub on the chest with a vaporizer in the room at night. That was my go-to for my children and a granddaughter who frequently spent the night, sick or not. Vicks is a great medication, having that wonderful scent.

      Vicks Vapo Rub ingredients are: Camphor, Eucalyptus, and Menthol (active ingredients); and cedarleaf oil, nutmeg oil, petrolatum, thymol, and turpentine oil (inactive ingredients). Don’t know if it’s 100% safe or not but it’s been around for decades and it does work.

  20. of course we all know we should wash our hands. Previously, I have read many times that while good, this does not actually kill the virus, it just “washes it down the drain” and that one should thereafter disinfect one’s sink.

    tonight I read a couple of different articles which said, Yes, soap/handwashing does kill the virus, it destroys the lipid layer on the virus etc…(does this virus have a lipid layer?)

    anyone know which is correct?

    also, would liquid dish soap (which actually has ammonia in it) most likely be better/more effective at killing this virus (or any other ) than the off the shelf hand soap bottle (which frankly is made to be gentle, while dish soap is made to destroy/dissolve grease and fats, therefore lipids?)

    1. Jane Fox almost the same result yes? Dish Soap would work better than most “Beauty Soaps” that are designed NOT to strip the skin oils (also known as Lipids) and make your skin crack.

      As long as you wash 20 seconds properly the offending nastiness is washed down the drain. In both cases watch for the splash though. I’d suggest wiping the sink area with a disinfectant to kill off those splash bugs.

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