Turmeric Targets Root Cause Of Cancer Tumor Development


Did you know that a clinical study published during 2014 in the journal Cancer Letters revealed that Turmeric apparently strikes at the root cause of cancerous tumor development?

Do you know that a most important aspect of preparedness (for life) is one’s own health?

Do you know that ‘if’ a natural remedy or cure were proven to be effective towards targeting something like cancer, that the pharmaceutical industry would likely do everything in its power to ignore it, diminish it, or squash it?

Earlier I had written an article about Turmeric being a ‘super spice’ whereby I pointed out that it has a very high ORAC value (ORAC measures the antioxidant capacity of foods). It was therefore interesting to stumble across the following study some time afterwards, so I decided to share it with you for your health interest…

Evidently the component in turmeric — curcumin — can strike at the ‘root cause’ of cancerous tumor formation. The study found that curcumin is able to selectively kill cancer cells while maintaining healthy cells.

The study author concludes,

“Curcumin, as well as its modified forms (analogues or nanoparticle-encapsulated formulations), has shown great potential to inhibit CSCs (Cancer Stem Cells) in several types of cancer both in cell cultures and in mouse models, including glioma, breast, colorectal, pancreatic, brain, and esophageal cancers.

Some analogues (e.g., CDF) and formulations (e.g., nanotechnology-based formulation) have exhibited improved efficacy against CSC-like cells and greater growth-inhibitory capacity in tumors. It is promising to evaluate curcumin and its modified forms in other types of CSCs.”

Study title: “Targeting cancer stem cells by curcumin and clinical applications”

I also found this…

The Power of Cooking with Turmeric

Dr. Saraswati Sukumar, a cancer doctor (medical oncologist) at Johns Hopkins,is a frequent user of turmeric. She knows how curcumin (the active component in turmeric) can provide health benefits and how it can easily be incorporated into your daily life. She apparently uses it daily in her kitchen and has built a good portion of her professional reputation on touting the benefits of this powerful root.

“The health benefits are many, many. For example, for those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, who have painful swelling in the knees, turmeric is a great way to suppress the inflammation,”

“The problem with the pill is that it is very insoluble in water,” “The better way to take it, I feel, is to use it in your cooking very extensively. If you have any sauté, just sprinkle it in. The moment you heat oil and add turmeric to it, it now becomes completely bio-available to you.”

-Dr. Sukumar

Apparently not all sources of curcumin are equal. As Dr. Sukumar points out, your body can get the most benefits when you add it to your cooking. Also, apparently adding black pepper will increase the percentage of absorption.

Note: Purchase your Turmeric from reputable sources, brands. I have read that there are inferior and/or counterfeit spices out there… Remember, ‘you get what you pay for’. The cheap stuff is probably that… ‘cheap’.

Note: Apparently not to be used during pregnancy.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is not medical advice. We recommend that you always consult your doctor, read labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product.

Organic Turmeric


  1. Tumeric – from Wiki: “It is native to southwest India, requiring temperatures between 20 and 30 °C (68 and 86 °F) and a considerable amount of annual rainfall to thrive”

    Well, this is an amazing thing. A spice that has such profound medical qualities. But, as this is a survival blog and site, would someone please explain how we are to use this information? For the here and now, we can all go run out to whatever store or order from whatever source we may wish to, to partake of this botanical miracle. But!!! If things do go awry, pray tell me how we are to employ this information? That is unless there are those among us that plan on their bug-out to India. Or to establish as a priority a trade system across the Pacific to that same nation.

    Folks, we need to concentrate on what we have – here.

    1. @Heartless, I will try and explain…

      This is a survival and preparedness site. Depending on my mood and interest on any given day, I will do an article on a given subject – and it’s not always the same thing. In this case, the subject is one’s health (‘survive’). I’ve done a number of articles on health – which I believe is a VERY important issue. There are LOTS of things that we can do about our health NOW, during so called ‘good times’ so that if and when the SHTF, we will be strong enough to deal.

      With that said, you are absolutely correct that Turmeric does not grow here in the US (as far as I know). But I am intrigued by its apparent goodness and felt like sharing it with others who may not realize. Sorry to disappoint today ;)

      1. @ Ken -No need for Apologies here. I like the article and found it very useful. Thank you

        @Heartless-Why would you simply not want to grab a few bottles of this spice for your prep pantry now and, If you like it in your cooking, then use it for it’s health benefits. Sure, If TSHTF then you may not be able to replace it after a bit, but it would be that way with most prep items in a long term scenario (whether manufactured “here” or not) That is where skills and knowledge come into play.
        IMHO the more topics the articles are on the more knowledge we all gain. Health is a very important issue now and later.

        1. Same with coffee. It doesn’t grow here. But I have a good prep supply of it (great for barter too). There are lots of similar examples. Antibiotics (or nearly any medication) – I can’t make them myself, but I have a supply just in case. Etc… etc…

        2. To paraphrase Phineas Freak:

          “Its far better to have turmeric in times of no money, than money in times of no turmeric”

          (Freak Brothers Comix, late 60s)

          Great article Ken.

          PS Just received my first pound of Red Ape organic turmeric with “best by” date of 6/17. Supposed to be one of the best and surprisingly affordable.

      2. @ Ken
        WHAT!!!!!!!! “Sorry to disappoint today ? ” Don’t you even think on saying that!!!! and yes that was NRP yelling at you :-)

        First of all; you clearly stated “Do you know that a most important aspect of preparedness (for life) is one’s own health?” If Heartless did not read that or understand those simple words, that’s his problem.

        Second; I find any information as far as maintaining survival/pepperiness/HEALTH very important and useful. and do appreciate your articles on such.

        Third, I also cant grow a LOT of “stuff” I store, like rifle primers and plywood, so what the big thing about “storing” up 50 pounds of Turmeric? No different that storing 50 pounds of salt, right?

        Forth; I had a wife die from cancer and take offence to anyone that thinks its foolish, If Heartless does not know the answer to his own question, “would someone please explain how we are to use this information? For the here and now” than ohhhhhh well for him, he’s one of the problems and not one of the “realistic” survivors. Having All of the “stuff” in the world will do NO GOOD if you don’t have your health…..

        PS; Ok, rant over :-)

        1. I concur NRP. If your not healthy, your chances of survival go way down. I doubt drugs will be available after SHTF, but spices and herbs are more likely to still be around. If someone has a really green thumb, they will be able to grow most if not all of these herbs to use for barter. So yes, this is very useful information. I even read somewhere that someone was able to grow citrus in a green house somewhere in Canada. Just because something originated in a more temperate climate, does not mean that it cannot be grown elsewhere.

          Now if someone learns how to grow coffee in a greenhouse, let me know. I would love to have this information.

        2. Peanut Gallery – we somewhat successfully grew coffee in PA. I got a coffee tree from one of the catalogs (Gurney’s maybe), put it in a big pot, left it out all summer and brought it in every winter. It took several years but we did finally get beans on it! So far, it’s not enough to keep us going but it is kind of fun to grow, roast, grind and drink your own, even if it’s one cup at a time! I think it can be done.

        3. BTW – I should be Newbie Lurker. Ken – your post the other day about lurking made me laugh! I was halfway through my first post that day but got distracted preparing for our first hard frost (bringing all the plants in) and never finished it.

          LOVE, LOVE all the information on this website. You have no idea how much you have all helped me already.

          Just sent a link to the Turmeric article to my Mom, who is on year six of chemo. I’m gently pushing the natural cancer fighting since chemo has only been somewhat effective and is taking its toll on her.

        4. Thanks Newbie, its good to know that it can be done. Where there is coffee, there is hope. And welcome to the forum side. Every input is welcome.

        5. What NRP? You don’t have a rifle primer bush or a plywood tree? And you call your self prepared… Joking aside, your health is the most important thing you have and cancer is paying a visit to my family right now too, so I found this to be a very beneficial article. Thanks Ken. How about seeing if you can come up with an article about the primer bush and plywood tree so we can get NRP up to speed on this preparedness thing…

        6. I know, I was shocked to hear that he doesn’t have this bush and tree. (I thought everyone did). I think you can get it on Amazon.

          I’ll put the subject on my ‘post ideas’ list… ;)

        7. @ Ken

          Hey buddy, still waiting on that info and article about the rifle primer bush and plywood tree. :-) :-) :-)

          Might be a good fill-in during a CRAZY week ya think?????


      3. Thank you Ken for the the article about Turmeric. My mother passed away last year from a 3 year battle with a very aggressive cancer. Survival encompasses all subjects which can threaten ones life. The more we learn the better our odds of survival.

        1. Wofgar, I agree with more info/products, which we can use / learn about for health.

          these days, especially, folks do consume purchased foods / junk foods with gosh knows what chemicals in them..(chemicals from growing/chemicals from manufacturing/chemicals added for various reasons etc).

          it seems like it might be healthy to cut back on “purchased foods” and add in a few things such as turmeric…Who knows, we might all be healthier.

      4. Been using puritanpride.com for over 5 years. Doesn’t have everything, but lots there.
        Never dissatisfied and free shipping.

        I remain stocked for a year on important herbs and vitamins for our needs.
        Turmeric is right up there with most important now.
        ****Note: take prescription drugs and vitamin/herb alternatives at different times, never together. :-)

    2. you can purchase foils sealed packs (by brand) from organic stores, and it is organic, and certified. As Ken says, there is oddly a huge black market in counterfeit Turmeric. When I first read that, I asked my friend from India, and she confirmed that even when she lived in India, it was a huge problem. Odd stuff added like ground glass/fake spice/paint colors and more, and those are just the non toxics..So, I stick to certified organic.

      why would I store/purchase?

      well, in foil, factory sealed, it is going to last a LONG time, and for sure if the SHTF I will take some regular. I take it on / off now, as well.

      word of warning….

      there has been so much in the news in past five years about the benefits of this, Turmeric, that the regulating agencies in both Canada and U.S., have had numerous discussions of branding Turmeric as an actual medicine, and therefore only available by prescription.

      time to stock up.

      1. Turmeric is also available in root form from many ethnic and/or produce markets. Black pepper appears to have the ability to increase the uptake of the curcumin by a factor of 1000 or better. I have 2 markets that I know of locally that have it in stock pretty regularly. I have been incorporating it for over 2 years now along with fresh ginger root. I can’t see going to the expense of paying a company for “processing” my food when I can get it fresh. There is a lot of stuff “certified organic” that I still don’t trust because of the politics of labeling that is going on in this country. These people can’t even agree on a standard definition of stringing a couple of words together most of the time. If I need to store it, I can dry, powder, and preserve it myself! I haven’t tried to grow it, but I don’t think it would take too much effort, especially if one were to have even a small greenhouse that would make it thru the winter with a little heat.
        On that same line of thought with the cancer, Iodine/Iodide (the salt of Iodine) also has been shown to supply the body with cancer fighting nutrients that have essentially been eliminated from our diets. Even iodized salt has had studies done showing that by the time you get it and store it, IF the refiners/manufacturers put it in, most of the iodine had vaporized and dispersed to the atmosphere. Just sayin’ its a nutrient we all need and that it is not one that you can grow. Stock it now for the long haul.

    3. Well, I don’t live in India, but I don’t want to die of cancer before eating all, repeat all of my preps either. So, I appreciate the article very much and will definitely be purchasing some. On the other hand, I hope all of you forget about it or discard it because my wife is a highly paid registered nurse and if this stuff catches on then she could be out of a job. So keep smok’n, eat’n fried foods, pop’n those pills, suck’n on those diet drinks, and watch’n that tv. Stay off the treadmill and remember, you never could trust those people from India anyway.

    4. I grow turmeric, as well as ginger. I grow them in pots on the porch during the summer and inside during the winter. They like to be wet but not soggy. I started my plants from a root purchased in the grocery store.

      In essence, if you feel something is necessary, it’s probably possible.

      1. just wondering, as someone who has never seen either plant,
        how long does it take to mature in pot to be useable?
        how big does it get in pot?
        what part of the plant do you use?

        thank you.

  2. You can grow turmeric yourself in a pot. I grow my own ginger and garlic but I think I’ll add turmeric starting indoors this winter. Look it up.

    1. Do you grow your garlic indoors in the winter as well? Looking for tips on that if you have any?

      1. Garlic is grown outside in the winter. It is planted in October here in Wisconsin and harvested in June. Garlic keeps well so there is no need to grow and harvest it in the middle of winter.

    2. Thanks for pointing out that Turmeric can be grown indoors. I just did a web-search and there are all sorts of related listings.

    3. good to know about growing it in a pot.

      do you grow ginger and garlic, do you grow that in a pot inside, or just in the garden?

      I was thinking of trying to grow some in house in pot.

  3. If I were to rid my belongings of everything that was not from “here”, (wherever that is) I’d be down to a real SHTF scenario. I’ve never been one to subscribe to boycotting goods from abroad. Long distance transcontinental trade routes precede written history. The American continents were discovered by explorations to find trade routes to India in search of SPICES!! Not that we are grateful to spices for that discovery, but rather that is how important and ancient is the quest for spices and herbs that were not from “here”.

  4. I can attest to turmeric’s effectiveness. Five days ago I bought turmeric in pill form (as I am not too crazy about the taste of the spice). I have arthritis which always seems to get worse with the onset of cold weather. I have been taking it for exactly five days, and I already have noticed a huge change, so much so that I will be going out today to buy enough to last several years. The expiration date is 3 years into the future, so at least I can be pain free for 3 years, and maybe beyond if it is still good beyond its expiration date. It is so effective, that for me it is worth the chance of buying extra beyond the expiration date.

    I never had much luck with growing things inside unless you count mold and mildew. However I may still look into growing it.

    1. @Peanut Gallery: The down side is a nurse will not get to generate as much revenue from arthritis as she could have. I’m telling all of you, tumeric is not good for you. Lay off the stuff, NOW.

  5. Excellent Article Ken!

    I have struggled with Osteo-Arthritis due to injuries and surgeries and after years of cortisone shots, my orthopedic doc (off the record) suggested taking ginger and turmeric as well as reducing or eliminating gluten.

    After about 9 months of it, I am relatively pain free, lost some weight, and have not needed a cortisone shot when last year I had the maximum. I switch back and forth between powdered turmeric and pill form and have not noticed a difference. I take the ginger in a morning and evening glass of tea and it took my a while to get used to the taste but it works.

    My doc who I’ve seen for nearly 10 years and has done 2 surgeries on me, may have just lost a patient!

    God Save This Great Republic!

  6. @Heartless,
    I think I understand what you are trying to say; and this is often the point I try to make because there is so much mis-information out in the public domain. Take the medical properties ascribed to something, say for example turmeric, and then explain:
    1. Which forms: of cancer that turmeric is effective against.
    2. Explain how: to identify those forms of cancer.
    3. Explain which: forms of turmeric are effective
    4. Explain: when and why some people should not use a certain medication
    5. Explain: the proper doseage to use and for how long to use it
    6. Explain: what the outcome of proper treatment should look like

    This form of passing information along is very beneficial to every user, I call it understanding what I am doing and why.
    Best wishes to all!

    1. I encourage more of this type of challenge to the articles, even if it is trolling that motivates thought. Very often certain sentiments and emotions are communicated in blogs such as this that were never intended. For me, due to you, and others, I will look into the turmeric issue more.

    2. @No joke, Your advice (#1 through #6) is very good. I did not particularly address them, as it would’ve taken me days to research all that as well as a post that would have been thousands of words long. Instead, I threw it out there for public consumption – and if anyone happens to be interested in it further, they have the modern capability of web-search and other mechanisms to take it to the next step. Which as an aside, it reminds me of the days before the internet when it was so much more difficult to find information (e.g. encyclopedias, the library, etc..). How times have changed…

    3. @NJ: 1: Explain why not just eat the stuff and be done with it. GEEZ!
      2: NO explanation needed.
      3: NO explanation needed. etc for 4,5,6,,,

    4. Sorry Heartless but I have to ask… You gave your opinion well enough and it sounded good and all but Ken happens to regularly post information, not always the most detailed(not a fault) but it is consistent source of information to remind us of all that is out there we can do and prepare for.

      So, what is the URL to your blog and website so that I can go to it, a couple times a week, read detailed and perfectly researched information where I don’t have to do any research on my own at all? Actually, please just direct me to a site that I can go to for perfectly accurate information that is not skewed by some agenda! I would love it!!! I really would go to it on a daily basis.

      I don’t mean to come off overly sarcastic but I think this is some good information for someone that may be wanting it. I plan on researching it more on my own at this point. I have had several Cancer deaths in the family, Brother, Mom, Grandma, 2 Grandpas, Cousin etc… I am only 29! Prepare now, stay healthy and take Spock’s advice, “Live Long and Prosper”…

  7. There have been many, many subtances that have acted on cancer in cell and mouse studies only to fail in humans.
    Beta carotene was at one time promoted to reduce the risk of lung cancer in smokers. It was later found that it increases the risk
    The miracle cure, vitamin B-17, is currently being pushed on cancer patients. Long ago it was discredited. It is cyanide.
    Black salve – it causes severe burns.
    It’s a long list.
    If you have cancer, speak to your doctor about getting into a clinical trial.

  8. I have been putting off an order of organic turmeric for some time now. In the past 6 months several friends and co-workers have been diagnosed with various cancers. There just seems to be more and more of it. I ordered a pound of organic Turmeric and Cinnamon this morning and a container of raw honey to get the free shipping. Prevention is key! The attached article on Turmeric Home Remedies is very helpful. Thanks much.

  9. People (like Heartless) need to become educated on the known powers of phytochemicals. Briefly, these are beneficial plant-based products that have chemical properties which have disease-preventing or protective abilities. There are so many beneficial plant-based products that they are simply too numerous to share here. For tumeric, it’s known to be an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer phytochemical (used for cancer and IBD trials, also examined for type-2 diabetes).

    IMO, the best medical-based website for publications of clinical trials and studies with full search capabilities is found at http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih/pubmed

    Just put in 2 words: curcumin cancer

    1. Lynn,

      I will. I certainly will, when I’ve time after all other things I must do on a daily basis, to look into phytochemicals. In fact, as I sit here this morning I just read the ‘wiki’ on them. Interesting. Example; “Without specific knowledge of their cellular actions or mechanisms, phytochemicals have been considered possible drugs for millennia.”

      I shall read further.

      But 2 things you miss my point on. Please, give me the same courtesy I am giving you. Just consider alternative points of view.

      1. survival, the act and actions, take time. We are allotted so much time in a day, a life. If – BIG “IF” – what we all pray does not take place, does, we are going to quite strapped for time. As harsh as it sounds, we are going to struggling for far more basic things than any particular medically augmented drug or plant. I joke here in my own area about one man who is a proponent of ‘cleansing’ via …….well, you can guess. I have said publicly, “what is he going to do if there is chaos/riot/armed conflict? Run around with a tube in his posterior and an AR in his hand?”

      2. educated. I am assuming (that is a scary act in and of itself) that most here are just that – educated in some field. Please do not assume I am not educated. However, as I readily admit – my field is not botany, agriculture or medicine. I am in engineering, electronics and other technical venues. It is my career path. Self-employed no less for over a quarter of a century. But, certain principles are cross-disciplinary. One of which is inquiry. Another of the analysis of motions created by any effect. In that regard, I recall an event of late.

      My father, 94 years old, takes various medications. Mostly prescription. Some few OTC. Multivitamins, fish oil, garlic…. things like that. Just 4 months ago, a standard medical survey of his array of intake revealed of all things that were contraindicated, were his multi-vitamins. Why? They contained the minimum daily recommended dosage of copper. A minuscule amount. But!, copper is directly antithetical to a specific heart medication he is on. So, when I question any medication – OTC, natural, prescribed – it is with great scrutiny.

      Doing something is an action. Talking about it not. Other than the movement of hot air. I caution any and all to be quite aware of what they will set into motion by the latter. I and my father’s doctor were quite happy we questioned something so common as a multi-vitamin available @ CVS. Our joint actions thereby of removing same from his intake may prolong his life.

      Finally, we all have our special interests, particular area of focus. Fine. It, that fact, is why we have a society. Why so many different arenas of endeavor are pursued. Why trade exists. No particular direction of skill, interest or employment is necessarily superior to any other. I’ve always said a guy who can fix your plumbing all too often is more important in some respects than any PhD in philosophy.

  10. I am a cancer survivor but I still have cancer and it is no longer deemed operable (after two operations in the past). I try to keep up on anything new in cancer treatment and what works and what does not. I believe the latest magic cure, turmeric, is just another phony magic herb. It may take a few years for science to catch up and show this doctor and this magic herb to be pure BS but it will happen just as it has happened for all of the previous magic herbs and phony doctors. Cancer is many things, different cancers are caused by different things. Many of them are genetic or have a genetic predisposition. A few are caused by environmental factors and the tobacco connection to lung cancer is well documented. But surprisingly in a country where most people are educated and information is freely available there is a lot of misinformation and downright superstition about health and diseases. A good example of that is Steve Jobs who was a smart man but when he got a cancer that probably could have been cured with an operation he choose to pursue the phony beliefs of the organic health care community over science based medicine. He paid for this with his life. I cite that example because often you will hear someone reply to a criticism of a popular superstition based “cure” with the statement that “it won’t hurt to try it”.
    It is a sad fact that today after many decades of a well funded and highly publicized fight against cancer that the prognosis for most cancers is still the same. The “effective” treatments are still the same to: i.e. cut, poison or burn (surgery, chemo or radiation). NONE of the magic cures over the last fifty years or so have proved to be of any value what so ever. I am confident that turmeric too will be thrown in the dust bin of phony cure history as well.

    1. I don’t know about turmeric’s effectiveness against cancer, but I do know it has greatly reduced my symptoms associated with arthritis. If I read up on it, I can find articles both promoting and poo pooing the health benefits of certain herbs. I take everything I read with a grain of salt. I myself only promote and herb or spice if I have actually tried it myself. I have been reading about turmeric for a few years but I still was not sure if I wanted to try it. I happened to be in my local organic market last week and spotted it. Since the cold has moved into my state, my arthritis had been wreaking havoc with my abilities to do certain daily task. It was shear desperation that prompted me to pick it up.

      1. I’ve also found it helps alleviate pain. A family member uses for arthritis, and I’ve noticed reduction in headaches, and also random joint aches and pains.

        I’m also a brain cancer survivor, and enjoy the taste of turmeric and freshly ground black pepper. They’re both easy to add to soups, stews, sauces, etc. If there’s a chance the cancer prevention part is true, I feel it doesn’t hurt to use something I like the taste of anyway.

        We also buy organic turmeric.

    2. I don’t have cancer but I do have an autoimmune disease. Anyway, years ago I was looking into Vitamin C doses through an IV and my state didn’t allow that procedure. So when I was on a trip I visited a clinic in another state that was run by a 2 or 3 medical doctors that had treated cancer in the main stream medical field and they had gotten frustrated with the type of treatments they had to do so they opened an alternative center to treat cancer. While I was getting treated, I talked to the doctor and asked him questions about the cancer treatments they do and how successful they were. He commented that they have a lot of success treating people who pick their form of treatment first. The people who get radiation or chemo have already messed up their immune system so much that their treatments are not able to change the outcome in most cases.

      Another doctor told me that if there is possible cancer to never do a biopsy. Your immune system encapsulates the cancer but if it were to be probed, the cancer can escape and plant itself in other parts of the body. So if you question a lump or bump, just get it taken out.
      I have actually seen a case of this myself. My kids teacher’s husband got cancer on his foot. Instead of just taking it out, they did a very probing biopsy of the spot. It was only a couple or so years later that he passed away due to the cancer spreading throughout his body.
      A big percentage (~1 out of 3) of us will get cancer. Actually we all do but can kill it off daily. So staying healthy is the key. Another tidbit I just heard about is that there is no oversight on fragrances used as air fresheners. Many chemicals used in them are carcinogenic. This from another doctor and has a write up on in that I am in the process of getting…

    3. @GWTW, Wow, that’s harsh. I certainly wasn’t recommending turmeric INSTEAD of modern medicine!!!

      I was simply pointing out the ‘apparent’ benefit as a potential preventative (to what extent – I have no idea). There are lots of reports and studies from highly respected organizations that imply that curcumin (from turmeric) may be beneficial. It is also a proven fact that it helps some people with arthritis, joint pain.

      By the way, I am sorry to hear that you are affected by this horrible condition.

      1. If it came across as harsh that was not my intent. In the past 6 years my wife’s father and mother both died from lung cancer. Her ex-mother in law and that mother in laws sister both died from lung cancer. My sister in law’s sister has breast cancer for the last 2 1/2 years and it does not look good for her. Cancer is such a terrible disease and it’s so frustrating to see family taken before their time. If my frustration comes across as “harsh” I apologize.

        I am also frustrated by those who think there is some conspiracy in the medical community to not “cure” cancer. My first oncologist ten years ago was in his late 60’s and retired within a few months of my meeting him. A nicer more competent doctor doesn’t exist. When he retired he gave a million dollars to the local boys and girls club. He helped a lot of people and was a good man. No one could convince me he was part of a big doctor conspiracy to keep the money for treatment flowing in. My next oncologist was also a really nice and competent doctor. He would go the extra mile and explain what everything on the blood tests etc. meant and what he was looking for. By chance I met another of his patients who he helped live for a few more years after being given 6 months. This oncologist also retired and still came in from retirement to treat this patient attended his 84th birthday party and visited with him whenever he was at the hospital for treatment. There is no way this man was part of some conspiracy to withhold cancer treatments. I have had two more oncologists since and they are again competent and caring people. The sad truth is for most cancers there is no cure. Some cancers are treatable especially when discovered early. most/many cancers are a death sentence and the best that medical science can do is give you a few more months or years if you’re lucky. The bottom line is I have found the medical community, the doctors, specialists and nurses to be competent, caring and sincere. I simply do not believe for a second that a couple million doctors and nurses are conspiring to keep a cure for cancer from ever seeing the light of day.

        Truth be told I don’t know if Tumeric will ever prove to be of any value medically and I can’t know. I also doubt any of those who are touting turmeric know either. Without real testing and time it is unknowable. But these magic cures have a really bad track record once they are actually scientifically tested.

    4. Turmeric seems to act on proteins that cause inflammation. It also binds to iron. High iron seems to be a factor in some tumor growth. Tumeric is also poorly absorbed by the body. The research I looked at suggests that it may slow down tumor growth on some cancers, but it is not a cure. I would suggest that you look at a biotechnology company called Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc. They are in advanced stage clinical trials using dendritic cells and showing very positive results in some hopeless cancers. I hope this helps.

  11. I will second the arthritis cure. I have lots of joint pain. After a life time of abuse, not much doesn’t hurt!

    I started turmeric – it really does work. You have to take it with oil. I use a tablespoon of olive oil or coconut oil… heat it up in the microwave. Add 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric. Every day. It really works.

    What turned me on to it is that its the main ingredient in one of the more effective Joint supplements out there. I then researched it. Found some good stuff about it on earth clinic.

    1. YoMamma

      that is good info…(that it works and how you use it to work), thank you.

      I have not tried it with oil, etc.. Might give that a try.

  12. If a cheap cure or preventative was found for cancer. The person that found it would not live past one phone call. You cant destroy a 50 billion dollar industry and live. Research is driven by profit holistic medicine is not profitable. Polio was the last plague to be cured EVER . TREATMENTS = PROFIT. Not cures!

    1. This is true, the health industry is kept in good health by making sure that you don’t.

    2. You are right! No money in cures. It is all about treating symptoms. I have a friend that is a “salt of the earth guy” and has taught me most of what I know with regard to medicinal plants. He cured me of a bad case of Poison Ivy using Pokeweed root (Phytolacca americana)many years ago. I reluctantly tried his treatment and was totally amazed that a plant could be that powerful. It violently reacted to the rash to where I thought I was having a negative reaction to the plant. It subsided in ten minutes with the severe rash completely gone in two days with two applications. Not only did it cure the Ivy rash I had but I never got poison ivy again after the treatment. I am still not sure how to explain that as I have been in it many times and was very allergic to it before the treatment. I have grown and used Ginseng for 25 years. The Chinese have used it for 3000 years! He CURED a woman with skin cancer using a salve infused with Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) after her doctors exhausted all treatments and she came to him. The “Good Book” says the cure to all ailments is in the plant world. I have grown to believe this.

  13. I would rather die from the effects of cancer than live the purgatory of chemo, radiation, and surgery the western world medical profession holds as “sacred healing” fact.

    As for herbal remedies ? Most western medicine is based on naturally occurring compounds derived from natural sources.

    But – until Big Pharma messes around with it, adds some crap to it, patents the end result so it can be monetized to their benefit, it does not exist.

    Well, they can kiss my a__. I will live and die my way.


    We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.

    Be prepared accordingly.

    And, buy a big cache of tumeric for your cooking and good health.

    1. There’s nothing natural about waking up and walking outside to see the chemtrails being the only clouds in the sky as I did a few mornings ago.
      Our terranical Govt will stop at nothing to have control over every aspect of our lives, including our health and now health care. Be warned, 70 and older, you’re on your own regarding serious illness. This is a part of helping to pay for Obumercare!!! Whether vaccines or chemtrails, I will make every attempt to not be a test subject of their control methods. Unfornately I have only started to pay more attention to my health after 50. We are what we eat and drink when it comes to our health. I did some research about antioxidents and found that they come in many forms to eat and drink. Hope that we all will be able to provide for ourselves and family as long as possible!!

  14. Any awesome simple tasty turmeric recipes to share? Powder and/or fresh root?

    1. My kids don’t like the taste of it ( and neither do I ), so we put it in stews and on meat with other spices. With some experimenting in the kitchen we found out it does not do well in tomato sauce tastewise….but mixed with sweet paprika, it goes well. I had chemo a few years back, third time with getting cancer. After a few months taking detox ( bentonite for internal use ), and fresh herbs, garlic, pepper, paprika, I am back on my feet. The chemo was like hell on earth. I kind of bailed out of the hospital and told the folks there that if I am to die, I want my coffee, my smokes, my chocolate and my family around me. Big pharma is about money making. First they make us sick with chemtrails, all the crap in the food and then they offer meds which is nothing but chemicals too. I believe that if there is a creator out there, he created mother nature the way it is for a reason, so we can eat what is meant for us to eat. Real grains, real butter, real milk etx. Natural, not full of preservatives which we find on the shelves on the store.

    2. For turmeric recipes look for curry recipes as turmeric is one of the main ingredients in curry.

  15. I heard doctors or scientists that were coming up with natural cures for different diseases were being killed. Government or pharmaceutical companies who knows. I believe everything put on this planet is here for a reason.

    1. I guess its’ time to make reference to the “Gerson Therapy”, very well represented on YouTube. It is documented that money for cancer research will not go to independent researchers. It has to go to teams working inside of the MMA/FDA industry.

  16. Gone with the wind
    Look a few under your post.
    My reply to you is misplaced

  17. @Ken,
    My comments were not directed toward yourself Ken but toward the mis -information that I hear so often quoted. I was trying to promote the concept of understanding why something works or doesn’t and not just accepting what someone says. Let me demonstrate how bad public information has gotten and watch the reaction.

    How many readers know:
    1. There is no such thing as gravitational attraction between two bodies.
    2. There is no such thing as time in nature( time is a man made concept)
    3. There is no such thing as a distance( distance is only how you measure it).

    We still teach gravity, time and distance in high school and undergraduate college even though Albert Einstein received a Nobel prize for proving these concepts are just not true. I can feel the heat already but be well!

  18. I don’t think I ever had it. What does it taste like? Is is hot? what is good to add it to.. meat, veggies, or beans?? I want to add it to my preps. My father died of brain cancer.

    1. forgot to say…
      my friend from India, said that a lot of folks she grew up with it, were not so keen on the taste, but what mostly they did when using it in cooking (and this seemed to work well , she said, although I haven’t tried)

      melt your fat in fry pan, stir in Turmeric. Mix well. Stir in very hot spice. Stir. Stir in garlic. Toss in LOTS of chopped onions, cook a bit. Toss in thinly sliced meats and veg.

      when she was telling me about it, it seemed like they also grew up tossing LOTS of onions and LOTS of hot spice in with just about everything, and almost always Turmeric.. Sounds healthy.

  19. if you go to Google, and then Google Scholar,
    and put in

    Curcumin(one of the main active parts of Turmeric, but not the only)
    Curcumin Polyphenols
    Turmeric Polyphenols
    Turmeric Active


    you will find a lot of research which might interest.

    1. SwanSong

      good info…

      from my own experience, I can tell you I have never had a problem with “bleeding” with Turmeric, (but will make a point to be extra careful),
      but I have had a Problem with Vitamin D.

      you know the vitamin D they are tell everyone to take tons of? yup, that one. I have found that if I take even small amounts of it for two days, I will bleed easily from tiny cuts.

      I researched Vit D, and was surprised to find it is one of the main ingredients in many (older?) rat poisons, and it works by making them bleed to death.

      Vitamin D “Rat Poison”
      Vitamin D “Rat Poison” Bleeding

      not saying humans will react exactly as rats..but many lab tests/experiments/drugs for humans are first tried on rats.

    2. My husband takes blood thinners and aspirin for heart/circulatory/blood pressure and has been taking turmeric for about a year–no problems with bleeding and he has a job logging around lots of ways to get cuts, etc.

  20. Wow! seemed like an inocent enough post, no hot buttons like the “we’re all going to die” post last week, but wow 63 comments, people have strong opinions about Turmeric.
    I recon….who’d a thunk it….

  21. wondering from the folks who take it “regularly”, do they take / eat turmeric every day?

    I use it, but generally about one week a month, OR, if I get any chest congestion or cough, then I take a small tsp about two or three times a day. That amount of “use’ seems to “fell” right to my body.

    curious about other folks use?

    1. My husband swears by turmeric now–read post below.
      He had days where he couldn’t get out of his truck his leg pain was so bad.
      It works for him and now he takes 2 tablets–800 mg–, not pure form, every day.
      I notice his ability to walk better.
      I am 65 and proud I take no prescription drugs and if turmeric rids me of headaches with no kidney, stomach, liver repercussions, I’m all for it.

  22. The Bloodroot of which you speak, is also known as Black Salve. It burns holes in flesh.
    When a surgeon removes a skin cancer, a small portion of the boundary area is removed and checked for cancer cells. Miss and the cancer returns.
    Sometimes it’s claimed that Bloodroot draws cancer to the surface. Absolutely untrue.
    Bloodroot is in no fashion an ethical treatment for cancer and the people promoting it may be costing people their lives for their own financial gain.

    1. I have had things removed from my face a couple times.
      This summer I had a growth on my arm not wanting to heal.
      I knew I’d have to have it removed as it wasn’t getting better, but tried beeswax/chickweed. I applied it every night with a bandaid.
      In 3 months, yes 3 months, it was completely healed and left a sort of scar it was so deep.
      As I watched this deep sore disappear, I also observed the poison/cancer? being pulled to the surface.
      I use beeswax/chickweed on everything now and so does my thin skinned husband who takes blood thinners.
      No fever blisters any longer due to this application. :-)

      1. JJ

        that is interesting re the beeswax/chickweed.

        do you pick the chickweed fr the yard/buy it in capsule?? beeswax…guessing you just purchase this at store?


        oh, good to know it has not interfered with husband’s blood thinners.

        1. I use Chagrin Valley, Soap and Salve Co., 2 oz.
          Compare prices and get the best deal.
          I ordered from the Mennonites once; exact same salve.
          No interference with husband’s medicine–in fact, when he gets a skin cut or scrape, he comes home and uses chickweed every time now.
          It comes in salve form and lasts a long time.
          Hope you get as good results as I do. I know that spot on my arm was cancerous and I’d need it cut or burnt off real soon.

        2. scouted the website of company mentioned, it looks interesting, thanks.

          I put in beeswax and chickweed, and seems they carry a few different ones. which one do you use/have found useful?


    2. Hey, “It burns holes in flesh” as compared to the cancer your trying to treat that is “consuming flesh, organs and bone” ??? Your point??

      I agree that it can burn holes in flesh and I did indicate in my post how “powerful” certain herbs can be. Terrible diseases sometimes require drastic treatments. Maybe your point is that someone using black salve the wrong way can do a lot of damage. To that I agree. I have read many posts of folks using black salve to remove skin tags and moles. Some great success stories and some nightmares. In a SHTF event, you may not be able to have a mole removed by a doctor “burning” it off with a laser or liquid nitrogen. It sure would be nice to know how to use a formula to remove a mole that is potentially cancerous when no doctors are available.

      Also, “Black salves” can be made with dozens of herbs used in combination and alone. I knew an old timer who swore by using salve infused with Balm of Gilead for muscle pain. Lots of caveats go with the formulas. I think when using herbal remedies it is absolutely critical to have someone with years of experience make the formula and direct the application properly.

      “Bloodroot is in no fashion an ethical treatment for cancer” I can’t comment on ethics and cancer as I have never had cancer and or treatments but I think you would have a hard time convincing the elderly woman I spoke of who was “cured” not “killed” by the use of bloodroot salve to cure her skin cancer.

      I guess my point is the jest of the post was to potentially enlighten the use of various herbs/spices with turmeric being the subject. I have never used the spice but indicated I have placed an order for some to try. I also used two examples of two herbs that were successfully used, one being on me. My intent was not to convert or make believers. Just stating two factual events I witnessed, Period. Seems many of the posts listed indicate arthritic benefits of using turmeric for the readers. That’s great.

      As far as people using herbs for financial gain. Absolutely agree that yes, they are out there. Gotta do your research. But again, financial gain compared to say…. Big Pharma?? Really?

      Another point I will make is that not all herbal formulas will work for everyone. Echinacea is one I used for a long time and honestly can say it just didn’t work for me but I would in no way deny its potential use for others who have had great success with it.

      Be Well

      1. There are many books available that will teach you the proper identification and removal of skin cancers. It’s better to be prepared for a SHTF event with real knowledge and ability rather than resorting to questionable practices. Modern medicine is based on science rather than hearsay quackery.

  23. Let me add, dihydrogen oxide to the quack cure list. Yes, it has anti-microbial properties, but one should think of bleach.
    Anyone want to drink that?

    1. I drink lots of dihydrogen oxide everyday! Are you says I will die of cancer?!?

      Seriously, during a safety class I took in college, we read a study where everything consumed in excess, by mice, caused cancer. Even dihydrogen oxide! And peanut butter, course the mice had to eat their body weight in peanut butter everyday for a period of time, but everyone of them got cancer.So, should we ban peanut butter? Or just avoid eating our body weight in peanut butter everyday? Anything done in excess can be harmful – except prayer. Don’t think I can pray too much.

      1. I toast your statement with a glass of water.
        It is useful to understand that scientists have developed a breed of mice that will easily develop cancers. They use these cancer prone mice to test various foods and chemicals for their propensity to cause cancer. And it’s also true that they feed these mice anywhere from 100 times normal amounts to a million times normal amounts to induce the cancer. The results should be taken with a grain of salt or turmeric or mag, etc. But here is the kicker; if they are really careful of the mouse’s diet and feed it only organic food and appropriate amounts all the mice still will develop cancer. None of these special mice die from any other cause. What does all this say about the testing protocol?

  24. Tumeric – I have not used, but I have heard and read some promising things about it. Seems we ought to be able to grow it in pots, indoors in the winter or anytime the temperature drops.

    I want to try tumeric for arthritis pain. I do not have any diagnoised cancer, nor have I yet. But due to arthritis, I have already had both hip joints replaced and I have arthritis pain in my shoulders, elbows, hands, fingers, ankles and toes. So I take a prescriltion med everyday to help. If tumeric works, I would love to drop a prescription and be able to be more active.

    For everyone who decides to try tumeric or any other herb, spice, OTC medication or prescription medication, be very careful to moniter your own reaction. Just because something is “safe” in general and reacts a certain way does not mean you will have the same reaction. Codiene and morphiene are drugs used to relieve pain and generally they also help one sleep when in pain. They keep me awake – for hours! My heart races and I get jittery and I cannot sleep. So, no morphiene for me.

    We are each our own best medical advocate. Track what you take and your personal reaction to it. Keep your own records. Many doctors see way too many patients to remember everything about each one.

  25. Some people find relief with exercise. A physical therapist may be of some help.
    I hate to see people taking coding and morphine. Wish you the best.

  26. My husband has tried lots of things for leg pain–he got great relief using Turmeric and has started taking two tablets each day with great results.

    I use it for headaches with great results.

  27. My last post..promise!!
    *Many post here seem determined to take the spice or original form of turmeric for benefits.
    I must tell you, after 5 years of trying pain tablets(yuck, his job won’t allow this), and anti-inflammatory meds which had many not-too-pleasant side effects, husband tried turmeric, capsule form, with great results.
    I say try it as every body reacts differently.
    It is an herb/spice?? that improves circulation and that makes sense to me.

    *Good luck. It’s nice to see my old husband pain-free and walking like he’s 67, not 87.

    *You know, Turmeric is in lots of pickle recipes I make.

    *Chemtrails–CILANTRO is put in anything I can sneak it in..NO taste and a natural detoxer of metals in our bodies.

    *PLEASE–if you have cancer and don’t want to go the treatment route, and I will never do that, try Hemp OIL. I take it every day as a preventive–a tablespoon. Mom and Dad both died within 8 weeks of cancer diagnosis.
    Buy Hemp OIL in gallon quantities and keep in freezer.

    All my vitamins come from Puritanpride.com. ALWAYS Free shipping for orders over $25.

    ****Well, after reading some nasty retorts, use your own judgement; we are all adults here and as many testimonies state, my husband has also, after trying VA drugs, herbs and some expensive manufactured medicines, found the Turmeric for a year now to be the best alternative to drugs for him.

    One idiot VA doctor put him on Gabapenton, a pain relief(joke here)/anti-inflammatory tablet also for epilepsy that started seizures when he couldn’t handle the empty- drum- in- the- head feeling and stopped taking, and he will need meds for that for the rest of his life unless we can taper his anti-seizure meds to none eventually.

    If the SHTF, we will have to taper off.

  28. And they are completely oblivious to the fact that billions of dollars are spent researching ways to cure cancer. They prefer the great internet myth that the government does not want to cure cancer. They will also believe that some miracle substance, hawked by a charlatan, is the cure. Cancer is a complex disease and many companies are seeking answers. One would think that those interested in the subject would do some research. But nooo. The frauds live on and the damage continues. Statements like some of those above, may well stop someone from seeking the proper medical treatment until it’s to late.

    1. I have worked in the medical field performing direct patient care for 35+ years. Yes, I have met a Doctor or two that I personally would not go to. However, 99.9% of them have hearts of gold and care so much for their patients that it hurts. To believe that Doctor’s and nurses are out there just to make money and take advantage of or not care about helping patients is just insulting.

      I believe in traditional, scientifically proven medicine and treatments. I like tumeric in my bread and butter pickle recipe.

  29. I have a great doctor that encourages looking for other routes to also help with my health if available.

    @JJ How much Tumeric did you take for you headaches? I have migraines. I take alot of preventative medication and suffer horribly. I cannot believe there is nothing out there that can help. I have tried literally everything. Feverfew, Riboflavin, etc. I even did the Botox (yes I did) injections. Didn’t work. With all this modern medicine, NOTHING for migraines. Yet I am on preventative and medication to stop one when I get one.

    My doctor is trying everything he can to help. I have hereditary migraines. So that makes it worse. I have done the “food” diaries and all that. My mother had them, my sister has them, and her daughter. So it’s not just food. There are a few that aggrevate my head. Aspartame, nitrates and msgs. Cigarette smoke and the weather is another trigger.

    I am willing to try anything.

  30. Maybe I missed it, but I can’t find a single post bashing doctors. There are a good number of posts that bash the government/health industry, but not individual doctors, nurses or any individual in the health industry, that I can find.
    If a doctor or nurse is insulted because of criticism of the government/health complex, than an auto mechanic should be insulted by criticism of the auto industry.

    1. Maybe I’m overly sensitive but, “the health industry is kept in good health by making sure that you don’t”. Physician’s, Nurses, etc. are part of the “health industry” are they not? And, “It’s the doc that gets the kickback”. It’s against federal law for Physician’s to receive any kind of “kickback” from anyone. The pharmaceutical companies won’t even give Doctors (or their employees) a 25cent pen.

      1. @ Anonymous, oops I meant Beach’n

        Golly geeze willikers Beach’n, I just don’t know what were going to do about you… HAHAHAHAHA

        Anonymous, NOOOO!!! I mean NRP :-)
        Gata keep having fun, right? hehehe

        1. Wonder if turmeric cures one’s inability to message on a blog? :D

        2. @ Beach’n
          If so send me a few hundred pounds… LOLOL
          After reading this article I’m going to hit the Turmeric to see if it will actually help this old man out….

        3. @NRP, What about a nice “gin julep” with a dash of tumeric? Thanks for the laugh! Take care and stay healthy :)

        4. @ Beach’n
          OHHHHHH God yea… HAHAHA
          Gin/Mint/Turmeric/Ice and a Silver Cup (no glass)
          Sounds like we have a Date… HAHAHAHA

      2. I wrote that so I am the authority on what I meant to say! I was referring to the health industry, not individuals. I like my doctor, a great guy, but I don’t care for (nor does he) the condition and direction of todays’ health industry as dictated from up on high.

  31. I’m guessing that Ken, despite his vast experience running the show here, had no idea that the Turmeric topic would be as controversial as it has turned out to be. I’ll bet he thought this would be a sleeper topic inspiring no more than a dozen or so posts. Am I right?

    1. True – I am (pleasantly) surprised at the comments to this article. I have done a number of them relating to one’s health and well-being, and this one takes the cake (so far) with regards to comments and opinion.

      It has been good to hear the opinion of many, as well as mostly civil discussion in general.

      So called ‘natural’ preventative measures and/or remedies will always be controversial in today’s ‘modern’ world of medicine – however I do feel that it merits discussion…

  32. Correlation is not causation, but…

    3 years ago I had a colonoscopy and had many nodules they had to remove, both the safe variety and dangerous variety.

    About a year later, I started using turmeric on a lot of foods, and I put a heavy dose of it on my eggs every morning, with salt and black pepper.

    Because of all the polyps they found in my colon, they told me to get a colonoscopy again in 3 years, which I completed last month. And there were no – ZERO – polyps in my colon.

  33. FYI, Do NOT take a tsp. full of dry Turmeric and stuff in your mouth and expect to breath for the next 10 munities. I forgot to add mine to my lunch and figured “what the heck”. BIG mistake… HAHAHAHA Just drank 3 gallons of water and now my eyes are bugging out to there BOL. :-)

    1. I don’t take it exactly like that

      I take a small tsp (slightly less than tsp), put it under my tongue, and swallow liquid.

      works well.

      agree the odd time I took more on the spoon, it was hard swigging back enough liquid to get it gone. and something sweet works well to drink.

  34. Not sure why my comment never posted, so I apologize if this is a re-post. Just wanted to share for anyone who is interested, a GREAT site that I use for all my bulk herbs, many of which are organic. It’s mountainroseherbs[dot]com. I make my own elderberry syrup and I get all of my elderberries, cloves, and ginger from them. Great service and excellent pricing!

    1. @ BG
      Great site, thanks, BUT, I checked on 8 different items, all 8 were “out of stock”. Bummer.

  35. They definitely run out of stock frequently, particularly due to the quality of product and pricing, but if you sign up to receive a notification when an item is back in stock, they are very good about notifying you. I can tell you firsthand that elderberries are VERY hard to get!

    1. I just picked up $1.65 worth of Turmeric at the grocery store selling it bulk at $12.79 per lb. Much cheaper than pill form. Will try it on?

      1. there has been quite a problem with (can you believe it) counterfeit turmeric/adulterated turmeric.

        I have talked to folks from India, and even over there is problem.

        I only buy a largish pre packed organic turmeric, so far has been good.

        bought some , much cheaper, in bulk fr store, and it did not seem the same.. no proof…but..

  36. I realize this is an older topic but wanted to add a note for those new to turmeric.

    My husband had difficulty walking on concrete wo was miserable shopping with me for long periods.
    Today, he assured me he was fine and owes it all to two things:
    turmeric and lecithin.

    He also shared with me that the first few weeks, he felt no change. But after the two started working to improve his leg pain problem, the longer he took it, the better his health was.

    So, if you started and feel no relief, don’t give up!!!

    Lecithin: Lecithin is a necessary component of every cell in the human body. Considered a keystone in the construction of cells, lecithin prevents the hardening of cell membranes. Healthy cells lead to a healthier body, and the membranes are a critical part in monitoring a cell’s intake and output. Protecting cells is integral in maintaining a body’s resistance to many diseases that attack damaged cells.


    One of the most well known benefits of lecithin is its role in supporting cardiovascular health. Lecithin helps the body break down and dispose of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, the so-called “bad” cholesterol; it can also help process fats through the bloodstream, and in so doing can prevent clogged arteries. Some people also say it promotes weight loss by making the heart more efficient, though this particular benefit is somewhat controversial and can vary a lot from person to person


    Hope this helps someone with leg pain.

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