I do enjoy reading a survival novel now and again. There are some good reads out there, and I have taken away a number of tips, ideas, and lessons learned – having read them.

It’s kind of true in general that when you hear, see, or read from another perspective, sometimes there are lessons learned or new thoughts, ideas, angles… even when you thought you already knew a lot about it.

New or different ways of dealing with the problems and challenges of survival and preparedness (even by reading a survival fiction novel) might encourage or inspire additional or different actions on your part – or something you may not have thought about before.

I’ll never forget having read the following survival novel for the first time years ago:

“One Second After” (A John Matherson Novel) was an incredible read. For those who have already read it, I’m sure that most of you agree. That book really opens your eyes to the potential terrible consequences and challenging conditions following a true SHTF collapse. Your motivation with regards to preparedness will certainly be peaked!

One Second After

Regarding any of the survival fiction novels that you may have read in the past, I wonder if any of them helped you in some way to become better prepared or if they inspired particular ideas which motivated you to take action…

A few of my own takeaways from having read various survival novels include:


-The realization how truly devastating a major collapse could be on the literal survival of so many people due to today’s dependence upon modern systems to keep everyone alive.

-The critical and absolute requirement upon free-flowing electricity to maintain today’s modern survival.

-The notion of how quickly people could become desperate and dangerous when their needs are not met.

-The reality that 1-year food storage per person is not unreasonable given some of the major systemic risks that we face today.

-The extreme importance of having “the right tools” for a good defense of one’s person and property.

-The fact that I absolutely do not look forward to any of the scenarios hypothetically described in many of these novels, although I do prepare as best I can.

-The fact that survival preparedness towards an objective of self-reliance and self-sufficiency is an ultimate goal when considering what it may take to survive post-collapse.

MSB Survival Library (there’s a survival fiction section).

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What are some of your thoughts regarding survival fiction novels that you may have read?

Anything learned from them? Or are most of them just entertainment?

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