(the road little traveled)

We are creatures of habit. Not saying that it’s necessarily a bad thing. Just an observation. Might it be good to break the routines once in awhile?

Think about it…

How often do you park in the same general parking spot location every day at work?

Do you always park in the same area when you go to your grocery store?

When you take a vacation, do you often go to the same places as before?

If you go to church, do you sit in the same (or close to the same) place each time?

Do you drive the same way to work every day?

Do you drive the same way to ( fill-in-th-blank ) whenever you go there?

If you eat lunch in a work cafeteria do you sit at the same table nearly every time?

Do you mostly eat the same foods all the time?

Do you always get your news from the same place or places?

Think of all your routines and how they are often repeated time after time.
How often do you get out of our ‘comfort zone’?

Why is it that we so easily fall into the same routines while rarely trying new things, new ways, new places, new routes of travel, a different schedule, new or different ‘anything’?

I suppose it’s simply part of our human nature to a large extent.

The thing is, the world is immense. And throughout most of our lives we only see and experience an extremely tiny slice of it as we ‘travel the same roads’ of life. We rarely venture out – even in our own neighborhoods and localities.

There is so much more to see, so much more to experience – all of which affects our own view of the world, who we are, and how we fit in it.

It might do us good to push ourselves out of our routines from time to time. To get outside of our comfort zone. To experience a new direction. To learn something new.

One day you might take the back roads to where you’re going instead of the main road.

Maybe go for a walk through your neighborhood. Look around. Park in a different place next time. Do something different.

It might be healthy to break your habits and routines once in awhile.
Just saying…

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