Do You Enjoy Last Minute Preparedness Right Before A Storm?

lightning bolt

How many of you are like this? I know that it’s true for me… When there’s a potentially major storm coming (usually having been forecast), I enjoy the last minute preparations and the event itself. Why is that?

There’s an amount of excitement during the last minute process of readiness before a storm.

Maybe it’s a winter snowstorm that’s going to dump a lot of snow. Or maybe a high wind event. A severe thunderstorm. The possibility of a tornado. A hurricane. Tonight where I live there might be an ice-storm event and potential power outages (my inspiration for posting this).

I have always enjoyed “weather”. Especially severe weather. Is that weird?

Maybe I should have gone into a professional meteorological career.

So, why is it exciting?

Good question. Maybe it’s just my disposition.

I enjoy running through a last minute checklist in my head. Getting ready.

I ask myself, what specific things should I do to get ready for this? Are my generators ready? Do I have enough fuel? Does my alt-energy battery bank have enough charge? Do I need to put anything away? Is the snowblower ready? Maybe bring in a few extra bags of pellets for the stove? Disconnect my outdoor VHF/UHF radio antenna (lightning)? Etc..

Run to the store and grab all the bread, milk & eggs I can find (just kidding)? (That’s what everyone else is doing…)

Then I’m ready. The weather event arrives. Sometimes it is as forecast. Other times not as bad. While once in awhile it’s worse.

I watch it from the safety of my castle. Looking out the windows as it passes over/through (unless something like a tornado!).

Now it’s over. Time to venture outside. Assess damage, if any. The work begins. The cleanup.

Is it fun for any of you too?

Incidentally, I took the photo above a few years ago. The lightning storm was so intense that all I had to do was keep snapping pictures – many of which captured lightning bolts. It was insane! And deafening!

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  1. Generally, I have everything ready but do double check my list especially electrically.

    Bug out vehicle.. √
    Generators √
    Chainsaw √
    Batteries charged √
    NOAA radio √
    Kevlar helmet √
    Rubber suit √ (Hey I got hit by lightning before, it hurts) LOL

    1. Thor1: I haven’t heard of the rubber suit as it relates to lightning.
      Fill me in.

      1. NC, a wet suit….I figure its an insulator and if there is a flood I’m ready..pull out the kayak. Oh don’t forget the safety glasses.

        If it doesn’t work I’m going to look really funny fried in wet suit wearing a kevlar helmet and safety glasses….LOL

        1. I would think that a dry suit may work, but I doubt that a wet suit would provide any insulative value.

        2. Thor1, now that’s funny!
          I’m also a kayaker and have both wet and dry suits.
          Never once thought of wearing rubber during a thunderstorm but I’ll mention it to my husband. He has one too.
          I was next to our friend who was struck by lightning one day…only about 5 feet away from him. We were at a shoot and were under the roof in an open shelter. We were about 50 feet from a small river and he was holding a steel microphone making an announcement. BAM!
          Lightening struck him and he was air-lifted a few feet and he sailed past me about 4 feet. I thought he was being silly at first until I realized he’d been struck by lightening. He was dumbfounded for a few seconds but was okay. We did convince him to get to the hospital, so a friend drove him.

          Too many close calls in my life. It might be rubber suit time??? lo

        3. MT, I have a shocking sense of humor…… Lightning, get it LOL

          I love kayaking, got caught once in a T-storm….scary….. Hugged the shoreline till I got back.

    2. Just knowing if you are prepared is exciting. Only me and the wife now and we think we are somewhat ready for a variety of situations. If not, we can adapt. First time responder and love this site.

      1. Dannytejas

        Would wanna say,
        Welcome here….and say I agree with ya.
        Thanks for being a contributor for your input!

        1. Dannytejas
          Hello, welcome to you and your dw. Nice to see a new person come on board.

      2. – Dannytejas,
        Have to agree and welcome to the (Nuthouse!) site. LOLOL
        I have to agree, there is a good feeling knowing that you are ready, even (or especially) if those around you are not!
        – Papa S.

    3. I`ve been indirectly hit by lightning 3 times and knocked out. I run like hell when I hear thunder!

  2. Love watching the rain storms that come in to the valley but not the lightening that accompanies it at times. Especially where we resided, this area is a magnetic for the lightening strikes. Not my favorite mother nature event.
    When a notice goes out that we are going to experience a ‘weather front’, I prepare everything outside way before it arrives. Then do a walk around to see if perchance that I may have missed or over looked anything. Really like take caring stuff in advance so that it is not a last minute run around.

  3. I think there’s a bit of an adrenalin rush that goes along with the last-minute “storms-a-comin'” checklist.

    But, there’s also something almost fulfilling in knowing that a storm is coming and all the work you’ve put in to making the “castle” strong and safe is going to get put to use.

    So much of what we all prep for we hope and pray will never happen. So, when a storm is coming, you get to batton down the hatches, then watch Mother Nature take over. Preferably with something warm and yummy to eat and an adult beverage in hand…. as long as there’s no physical danger (the tornado,hurricane or lightning strikes – that’s another story).

  4. This morning we had a tornado cross two counties and come down our county road and did both major and minor damage. Major damage to farms/houses south of us in the next county; mostly tree damage in our county. The tornado zigged across the road to the west just as it was approaching our farm, so we have only minor damage to out-buildings and trees. The county/state road folks are trying to get the roads clear now.

    Storms scare me. The weather people started warnings three days ago for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes for East Texas all the way up to Kentucky and east across the south. I am always prepped for storms this time of year but I do last minute gasoline fill-ups, topping off the tractor, UTV, and gas-powered tools. I always make sure tool batteries, phones, etc., are fully charged and I make enough bread, soup and casseroles to last several days and enough to give to my neighbors. I make sure the gallon jugs of toilet flush water are all full and placed by each toilet. I give the animals extra feed and water just in case I can’t get to them for some reason (like downed trees). Good thing I did all this because I’m feeding my neighbors and giving them water.

  5. I think my feelings of an impending storm are more concern and not so much of excitement.
    Some our summer storms are the dry lightning type sometimes followed by the sound of the Forest Service hellocopter looking for smoke.
    We have had two severe wind storms in the past six months which caused extensive damage.
    Our winter snow has been slow getting here but the NWS forecast for the
    next five days is accumulations of 14-16 inches,high wind,and air temperatures of 20 below.
    Some folks say “Jed move away from there”.
    Not me.I like the excitement.

  6. I am not sure if i like the last minute or not. I do know i like the feeling of knowing the chain saw is ready, the truck full of gas, the wood box is full. One of my quirks is i want the wood stove to have the kindling and everything ready to simply open the door and light it.

  7. Of course here in Florida we get ready for hurricanes through the summer season. Given the amount of damage that these super storms can do, it is not something that we look forward to.

    Much like the other states in the South we can also get some strong Springtime storms as well.

    Nice “thing” about a hurricane is that one usually knows it is coming in advance which give you a chance to Git-R-Done before it strikes.

  8. Not last minute, at the last place it was an excuse to start
    one of my generators, play with lighting.
    I do love watching the storms move in.

    When younger I thought people were stupid sitting on lawn chairs
    on porches or in open garages while rain was pounding down.
    When given the opportunity it’s what I like to do now.

    In central WI, severe storm warnings usually disappoint.

    1. Where I live now, storm events are no big worry prep wise, which I think has made me a bit complacent. I do believe that as humans we have the capability to sense a storm coming in….static electricity in the air, change in barometric pressure and humidity levels. Probably some additional physical nuances that I can’t come up with. I watch the animals around me….birds, deer, farm animals… they feel it coming too and get excited. I think I may be just a hair more cognizant of these things above ground, as I compare them to being underground with a complete absence of these factors. I enjoy all surface weather, especially storms. Invigorating to me. Just call me crazy, that’s the way it is.

    2. Horse:When I was very young we lived on a small farm outside of Oxford
      and my dad had a photo of an old Farm Bureau thermometer showing
      -48 degrees on January 1st. 1948.
      I recall that FM radio reception was intermittent so there was probably no
      forecast to warn folks.

      I don’t mind cold weather but there is a difference between scratching your butt and ripping it to shreds!

  9. The only part I like is KNowing I have done all I can to prepare… for what ever the threat. In the event we have a warning of several days out… I do extra cooking and water if to be an ice/snow event.. if tornado/ wind storm- secure all objects i do not want to fly and.extra feed for all animals..feed hay and water…to build in me extra response time.
    .As a young child I experienced too many close calls with tornado’s, hearing them pass overhead and rattling the windows, and being in a mobile home that was racheted down, yet was picked up and moved over 3 ft on one end.- the end i was in at 2 am… It is the night(dark) time events that bother me the most..

  10. I fill the vehicles with gas, and make sure all the gas cans are full. Also I like to clean the house and do laundry, JIC power goes out for any length of time. All the animal feed is at the ready, and we lay in plenty of it (and dog food) for the winter months. Firewood is stacked and ready. Coffee brewing and a stack of good books nearby. Boom. I’m ready.

    1. I should have added…I kind of enjoy storms. It’s down time to me. I take advantage of it and enjoy some R&R keeping an eye on things.

    2. DJ5280

      I did the same thing with the laundry and dishes. If the power goes out, you never know for how long…..

  11. When we hear storm or severe weather forecast we look at it as a bit of a test. We now have cold and snow forecast for the week ahead of us .
    We have plenty of gas for generator or chain saw use. I fired up the snow blower so it is ready if needed. We have1/2 cord of wood just outside the back door. We have de-icer and snow shovels at the ready and kerosene lanterns and flashlights all set.
    We do enjoy a bit of stormy weather and being warm and comfy.

  12. The tornadoes missed us last night, but had straight line winds in excess of 70 mph. No damage found, so far. Lots of lightning. Ground is over-saturated with rain

    To your article. I believe it’s a combination of several factors playing in for the “enjoyment” of pre-storm prepping.

    Anticipation of possible danger heightens your senses, adrenaline starts increasing, and with it, an up-tick in energy. Foreboding, a sense of impending danger, but at the same time, knowing that while you can’t avoid what’s coming, you are facing the challenge and mitigating the impact as best you can.

    Contrast that with the panic, fear, and self pity that some folks experience. You think about it, that’s much the difference between sheep and sheep dogs, snowflakes and the prepared.

  13. Ohh, I like storms….as long as no one gets wiped out or injured.
    I think it’s an adrenaline rush, getting prepaired with last minute checks. Something different from every day ‘stuff’.
    But there are the drawbacks.
    Such as, we got dumped on with rain last night. The sump pump is a running. Not fun if/when the power goes out.
    Got the wood stove and wood, the Genny, food for the endeavor, plow truck (hopefully it’s operational) and shovels.
    It ain’t like being a kid though… waiting for that storm….snow days, power outages. No school!👍👍
    Too much to look after now.
    Last minute runs to the store aren’t necessary here, although we might grab a few things. The other half had to deal with snotty people yesterday. OMG my water is gone. Panic city.
    Of course on the local news:
    “Storm of the century. Road crews and power companies are preparing for total chaos this weekend.”
    Well… that’s a farce. Typical
    over exaggeration.

  14. For us, storm preps in the Winter are different than the storm preps during warm weather. We don’t live in an area where hurricanes or tornadoes are common, but we have been known to quickly run to the greenhouse to literally batten down the hatches! :-) We are well prepared for the average storm here, so we don’t run out to a store to top off fuel or get a few groceries. In the Winter, if there is a big storm warning, we will bring in an extra load of wood.

    I have always enjoyed changes in weather — storms, seasons, gentle rains, fluffy snowfall…. It’s beautiful and oftentimes cleansing to the Earth. But I can live without the strong summertime thunderstorms that are close by. This past year we had several direct strikes that destroyed trees. About a mile from us, a neighbor had a large oak tree that literally blew up in the center area from the lightening hit! Part of that tree was a pile of splinters.

  15. I’ll try this again. Forgot to add my name so it’s probably in never never land, lol. Before becoming a ” lifestyler”( new word NRP?) I never cared for storms since living here . We lose power all the time, storm or not. I never knew if I had gas for the Genny, would it start ? Yes I was once one if those store running lunatics buying everything like I would never be able to go to the store again.
    Now I know there is enough gas to get me 2weeks of power with a generator that works and have the ext. Cords labeled and close by. I don’t have to scramble to the store for everything. Only milk and bread if I am low, and a few snacks to keep up morale.
    Since living this lifestyle, I am much more orginized than I ever was. Our area is expecting snow and freezing temps starting tomorrow. Snow here PARALYZES the people here. End of the world stuff. So I will be sticking around here and enjoying snow fun with the Grandboys.
    So now I say bring in the storms,( not really GOD)
    Hope all who have bad weather on the way are safe and the ones who just had some made it through fairly unscathed.

  16. I’m a thunder storm kind of guy myself. I just love watching the lightening. When the storm is coming, I run around and get all the emergency lighting etc. ready just in case, then wait for the show. Last year, lightening blew up a transformer just behind the house, up on a pole. It sounded like dynamite going off. Almost got hit myself one time, when I was outside watching. Felt all the hair on me stand up, and felt a funny crackling sensation all over, then lightening hit a tree just 50 feet across the street from me. Pretty scarey ! Now I just watch from inside. Anyway, yes, I do enjoy running around last minute making sure everything is ready.

  17. I definitely get a thrill from last minute organizing and checking stuff.
    The anticipation of seeing how your plan washes out, satisfaction with success, the learning experiences and possible innovation.
    Am at a goot spot where my last minute definitely does not involve going anywhere.

  18. Severe Thunderstorms down here in Florida, No Problem time to head out to the golf course for 18 holes. Just kidding… well me at least you’d be surprised who’s out on the course as a storm approaches.

    When a hurricane comes through or gets close Yes, I admit there is no panic just good ol’ excitement, Governor comes on the TV announces suspension of CCW and open carry laws.
    Tells us we are all on our own no police or rescue are comin to help you…

    Lock and load baby… I take pleasure breaking out the plywood sign that reads “You loot.. We Shoot!” Wife runs off for a last minute panic buy at the liquor store. Told her she is not aloud to use our “SHFT stash” Yup good times…

  19. WC
    I hear ya on the ‘hands off SHTF stashes’.
    Git it while you can….all else is for…. awaiting the wait out.

  20. NRP…..or Blue…the silent partner…..

    2020 is here
    any future plans on a rendezvous?
    (Ken is such a party pooper….)

    1. Joe c

      Brother from a distant mother! Was wondering the same thing.

      If not NH, is there a central prepper expo or campground where some might meet up?

      Have so enjoyed getting to know other like-minded in person.

      1. Anony Mee
        That would be so cool, wouldn’t it.
        I don’t do water, planes, trains, or non reciprocity states… fact I don’t much like leaving home.

        2020 Party
        My place!
        (Ohh boy, would I be in deep S from brother and other half……but doable)

        1. JC
          You sound like me, i really dont like travel much, if i can drive it is one thing but having to be reliant on a giant sausage stuffed with humans, not so much.

        2. Joe and Kula

          I found this quote that I think you might like

          “Anarchy doesn’t mean out of control; it means out of their control.”

          Jim Dodge

        3. They don’t even have to know it’s you. Locate a handful of close campgrounds and a good hotel–pick a date and the whole town is inundated. You just show up for the party.

      2. Hi Anony Mee and Joe c –

        Been digging and tamping rock-laden soil all weekend for my HVAC replacement, (a big effer) just getting caught up. This is a good idea. With careful planning and coordination, it is truly a delight to meet up with like-minded folks IRL; especially from Ken’s site. New Hampster is a stretch… but heck, non-stops into Logan are cheap. As long as it’s not winter, a nice ride in an award-point rental car should be pleasant. Count me in.

    2. Joe c & others;
      Something to think about (2020,06,20,20:20), still thinking Ken’s place, he’s got that new Barn and 900 acres of playground.

  21. Gee, and I thought I was nuts for getting excited preparing for storms, always praying for safety for all involved, but loving the burst of energy it gave me. The storm others are going through today we went through last night — caught up on all laundry (even washed bed linens) just in case the electricity went off, had purchased a battery organizer over the holidays and had purchased batteries to fill it — so flashlights and battery operated lanterns were operable— had backup kerosene lanterns as well — had made large pot of soup earlier in the day — have always loved electrical storms except during drought times — have had more than a few prairie fires as a result — all other preps for battening down the hatches were done during warm days while we were being warned of possible severe weather — never have understood why some people don’t heed warnings — guess I never will ……

  22. As one who has lived through many storms I get why some people are last minute. There was a time that we lived pay check to pay check. We could not prepare for a storm until paycheck was in hand. That was a lifetime ago. Today I am always prepared as if the storm is tomorrow. That way I am always prepared. We have been giving serious consideration to finally disconnecting the cable. When that happens, I will lose my long term forecasting and will only have my severe weather warning radio which would mean my notices would be last minute. So I act as if the next severe weather event is tomorrow.

    1. Lonely peanut,
      I feel you hit the nail square on that, paycheck to paycheck,
      Here, most regular folks live on a tight budget, also with tight quarters in many instances, if they cant really afford rent and food to begin with they really cant spend $ on preparedness, its just the way it goes.

      1. Kulafarmer,.
        Yes paychek to paycheck is only the half of it, there are many who require already stretching those $’s to make it to next payday, and sometimes still a lack. Best said as ” too much month, at the end of the money”
        when i first started- with doing preps..There were none of the things they tell you to cut… no meals out, no specialized coffee, No date nights..barebones.I had to find a way to cut our daily expenses for an extended period of time, for medical necessities…. I had to find an area i could cut expenses to begin. For me it was washing powder for laundry. I took about 12-14$, made enough powdered laundry detergent( does not need to be re-mixed, can add dry non chlorine bleach and retain its ability , stores in smaller area.than liquid.) for 4-6 months…. and each month until time to purchase for restock…i used “laundry money” for preps.. once one gets started it does begin to build rapidly.Stack prep money saved from week to week or month to month….Just consistency, is required.keep rotating the items bought and buying in cycles for complete meals.( Ex. spaghetti& spahetti sauce mix one month. beef /tomatoes , spices next.

    2. – Lonely Peanut,
      For me right now, this is just a backup. Should you have to be without cable/satellite, the internet is capable of providing Long term forecasting. In fact, if you have a preferred local forecaster, a couple of minutes of searching may be able to get you the same weatherman you already like. ( Try the TV stations call letters)
      – Papa S.

      1. Thanks Papa Smurf, I do have several weather sites that I use.

    3. Lonely Peanut,
      I hope your internet is not thru your cable line! ( as one of the bundled services.) we had that one not available in our present location…we are literally on the wrong side of the road… personell too lazy to put line across with the power lines, as a break/splice is already present… Because of their laziness we now save 25$ each month.. we have a line of sight transmission tower. a wi-fi service.IT is cheaper by 25$ than a single internet service from major cable company…( it was about 60, by the time they added franchise fees. etc. The phone we have is one of the home based cell phones. for 17$ mo w tax, nationwide and long distance automatcially on cheapest service..If you have a number it is portable to this service… the ma bell type companies will charge you on last bill , and will take up to a week to release the number…if you need to maintain the number.If want to change the number they can not charge you…. comes with the phone service as you set it up. Need to set it up via internet if You can….. easier. easy to add time monthly.
      Hope this helps.
      I do not have tv service. and really do not want it now.we have not had any tv in almost 5 years.Internet has several channels that do long range forecast.. including direct weather , and individual forecasters. I go thru you tube for these. our local station can be pulled up, the national weather service and others.

      1. Just Sayin, yes we have a bundled service. We can still just get the internet service, it will just cost a little more. I will save more than enough to cover the increase by cutting cable.

  23. My Dad always enjoyed a good thunderstorm and I guess he passed that down to me. “God’s fireworks”. We would watch storms approach and go inside when the storm got “too close for comfort”. We always had a flashlight in our room and extra blankets in the winter. My Dad loved to go sledding. Sledding and hot chocolate with my Dad…good memories. I think he looked forward to the snow storms more than we did!

    Fast forward, I now live in a hurricane prone area. I began my preparedness lifestyle getting ready for hurricanes. Then several years ago discovered Ken’s wonderful site. Now my hurricane prep has become a little deeper, for lots of other reasons.

    I do enjoy a good storm! Especially knowing that I’m not going to go out anywhere for anything, except making sure the vehicles are full of gas. Luv ya’ll, Beach’n

    p.s. NRP & Blue, hope all is well my friend.

    1. Beach’n;
      Yep all is good, been buried in “stuff to do”.
      I have been Lurking though.

    1. Chevy;
      I was thinking the same thing, wondering if anyone else had picked up on that.

    2. See… I missed it… I took Ken literally. But really, the political storms have the potential to do a lot more damage, particularly the long-term kind.

  24. Ditto here. During the storm I have more of a tendency to use paper plates and bowls for the same reason

  25. My wife says I just Glory in the fact that we have storms and power outage at times. Maybe I do. I know it’s a good feeling to know your family is going to be comfortable warm and well fed during the problem. Isn’t that what our job is?

  26. Living in an area with 300 days of Sun, and 65 days of Cloudy/Rain/Snow a good storm is a welcome sight.
    EXCEPT for Lightning, I have seen and witnessed what it will do. NOT good. I’m always amazed when someone says they were “Hit by Lightning”, ahhhhh no, maybe a feeder or static but not by a 24 million volt, 1” diameter ion bolt, that has enough power to feed NYC for 3-4 days.

    Anyways, I look at Kens article as a double edged sword, talking Weather Storms AND Political Storms on the horizon…..
    Both will be about the same
    1. It gets cold, gray, and distant, like politicians
    2. Gets windy-er think the hot air politicians spew out.
    3. The sky’s turn dark, think attitude towards the people
    4. THAN the SHTF, when the .gov and Storm decides to dump on us all
    5. Next is the cleanup…… need I say more?

    SO yeah tis good to prepare as well as possible for both storms, and make sure you know how to make Bread, and have a LOT of dehydrated milk stored up. NO running to the store if/when.
    Is 600 rolls really enough?
    Ohhhh yeah, and Dog Food.

      1. Dennis;
        Good point indeed.
        I like a good-GREAT Storm, Politicians ahhhhh not so much.
        My apologies to Hurricane Katrina, you were a nasty critter, but nowhere as nasty as most politicians.

    1. Storms, politicians?

      I will borrow a saying from a person in Iran “the enemy is here”

      Be prepared for both!

      1. Hermit,
        Ill take a huge storm over a politician any day,
        Mother Nature leaves me in awe,
        Politicians Only leave me aggravated.

  27. I like coming home with groceries and other goods to a well maintained home to my loving wife and cats + dog. The more foul the weather, the happier I am staying at home and fixing a nice meal with a cold beer or other adult beverage.

    The snow storm we were expecting ended up being rain in my area. I am still walking very carefully on the wet stuff as the one thing I do not care for this time of year is: ice on the ground. We may get snow later this week.

    Time for me to spin one of my fat cats. ( when they doze off on the hardwood floor is my favorite time to spin them.). I wonder if this is a sign that I have too much time on my hands.

  28. (Do You Enjoy Last Minute Preparedness Right Before A Storm?)

    Nope, I have been prepping for years and (only a fool says this…) I feel I’m pretty well prepped for just about anything likely to come among.

    The house is pretty well stocked up, my van and PU truck has bags in them. My go-bag (a 34-foot Motorhome) is ready to go.

    I will not be one of those hurried, last min shoppers buying things at a store at a frenzied pace.

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