Military Nuclear Targets in USA Mainland

(larger military nuclear targets map image here)

I have assembled a map and a list of United States military targets likely to be hit first (compared with other targets which no doubt are also on target lists).

Although there are lots of military installations, the following military nuclear targets logically seem more likely than others to be on a primary target list. But again, ALL military installations are on a nuke “list”.

I welcome your additional input (so long as it’s not ‘classified’) as this map and list is simply opinion based on strategic value military centers as well as those which are populous compared with others.

If you believe there are additional military nuclear targets that may likely be primary nuclear targeting, comment below with your opinion.

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Here’s the list, not necessarily in a particular order:

List of Military Nuclear Targets (mainland USA)

Washington DC

Primary command center for the President of the United States.

Cheyenne Mountain

Colorado Springs, Colorado. The mountain serves as a host for military, communications, and underground operations center for the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).

Offutt Air Force Base

Located in Omaha, Nebraska. It is a U.S. Air Force installation and headquarters of the U.S. Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM), the Air Force Weather Agency, and the 55th Wing (55 WG) of the Air Combat Command (ACC).

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Naval Base Kitsap

Seattle, Washington is home to a number of naval bases. Naval Submarine Base Bangor merged with Naval Station Bremerton to form Naval Base Kitsap, making it the third-largest Navy base in the U.S. Support for both surface ships and Fleet Ballistic Missile and other nuclear submarines. It features one of the U.S. Navy’s four nuclear shipyards, one of two strategic nuclear weapons facilities, the only West Coast dry dock capable of handling a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier and the Navy’s largest fuel depot

Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay

Located in southeastern Georgia, near Jacksonville, Florida. The Submarine Base is the U.S. Atlantic Fleet’s home port for U.S. Navy Fleet ballistic missile nuclear submarines armed with Trident missile nuclear weapons.

Naval Base San Diego

San Diego, California. It is one of the largest bases of the United States Navy and is the principal homeport of the Pacific Fleet, consisting of 50 ships and over 120 tenant commands.

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Naval Station Norfolk

Located in Norfolk, Virginia. It is the world’s largest naval station, with the largest concentration of U.S. Navy forces through 75 ships alongside 14 piers and with 134 aircraft and 11 aircraft hangars at the adjacently operated Chambers Field. It supports naval forces in the United States Fleet Forces Command.

Kansas City National Security Campus

Kansas City, MO. A National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) facility that produces 85 percent of the nonnuclear material used in the United States nuclear weapon arsenal.

Warren Air Force Base

Located in Cheyenne, WY. Home of the 90th Missile Wing (90 MW). The 90 MW operates the LGM-30G Minuteman III ICBM Home of Twentieth Air Force, which commands all U.S. Air Force ICBMs.

Malmstrom Air Force Base

Located in Great Falls, Montana. Home of the 341st Missile Wing (341 MW) of the Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC). Maintains and operates the Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile.

Naval Submarine Base New London

Located in New London, Connecticut. It is homeport to fifteen attack submarines. Commander Navy Region Northeast (CNRNE), Naval Submarine School (NAVSUBSCOL), and Naval Submarine Support Facility (NSSF).

Military Nuclear Targets based on some of the largest populated military bases in the United States include the following:

Fort Bragg

West of Fayetteville, North Carolina. Home of US Army airborne forces and Special Forces, as well as U.S. Army Forces Command, U.S. Army Reserve Command

Fort Campbell

On the border of Kentucky and Tennessee. Home to the 101st Airborne Division Air Assault (known as the “Screaming Eagles”) as well as the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. Hosts the Air Assault School, called the “Toughest 10 Days in the Army.”

Fort Hood

Located in Texas between Austin and Waco. Home to the III Corps, 1st Cavalry Division, 13th Sustainment Command, First Army Division West, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, 41st Fires Brigade and many other Forces Command and other units.

Joint Base Lewis-McChord

Located southwest of Tacoma, Washington. Home to I Corps and 62d Airlift Wing.

Fort Benning

Straddling the Alabama-Georgia border next to Columbus, Georgia. Home of the United States Army Maneuver Center of Excellence, the United States Army Armor School, United States Army Infantry School, the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (formerly known as the School of the Americas), elements of the 75th Ranger Regiment (United States), 3rd Brigade – 3rd Infantry Division, and many other additional tenant units.

Joint Base San Antonio

Located in San Antonio, Texas. It is under the jurisdiction of the United States Air Force 502d Air Base Wing, Air Education and Training Command (AETC). The facility is a Joint Base of the United States Army Fort Sam Houston, the United States Air Force Randolph Air Force Base, Lackland Air Force Base and Martindale Army Airfield.

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More Input from your comments:
Additional potential primary military nuclear targets include the following:

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Located a short distance northwest of Santa Fe, New Mexico it is a primary location for nuclear bomb design. While there are other labs (e.g. Oak Ridge and Argonne) that concentrate on production of uranium and plutonium bomb fuels, Los Alamos is apparently the heart of the project. A collection of some of the world’s most famous scientists.

Pantex Plant

17 miles northeast of Amarillo Texas (in the Panhandle of Texas) is the primary United States nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly facility. As a major national security site, the plant and its grounds are strictly controlled and off-limits to all civilians, and the airspace above and around the plant is prohibited to civilian air traffic by the FAA


  1. The Norkocommies may be able to fire a rocket or even detonate a nuke explosion, but they more likely than not cant hit the broad side of a barn at even close range with any of their missiles. Even the USA with the most sophisticated hardware on the planet misses, so the norks with their tech from Iran or china, they are going to hit a dime in a forest? I think not, there was a blast map that I was playing with that showed radius of effects from a blast, it put things in perspective. They need to be right on target or they are just wasting equipment, a nuke blast isn’t like it will wipe out hundreds of square miles, its much much less.

    1. Nailbanger, Like the buddy I love to needle. I tell him that the safest place to stand when he’s shooting is in front of whatever he’s aiming at.

    2. I would think of other targets that aren’t directly military ones. Such as defense industries, weapons and aircraft manufacturers. I live in North texas and we have a juicy opportunity for a commie nuke. There’s the former Carswell AFB now a joint base, which is right by Lockheed Martin where they manufacture F-35’s and F-22s along with missiles. There’s Bell Helicopter and many other types i’m sure

  2. There must be some urban no-go areas that need attention. I also see the injustice of not enough representation in Blue Areas. I’ll get out Sarah Palin’s target map and fix it for you. :) Had to add some levity to the room before NRP woke up. Ha Ha

  3. All of the targets listed above are really secondary in importance but yet very significant. The real primary targets will be the military navigation and communications satellites in space. The satellites do not have be hit directly. A nuclear blast with its EMP and neutron radiation will take out hundreds of the navigation and communication satellites at once. After that our military is almost blind and can not navigate very well, yes there is still the celestial system still in place. Those targets listed above will happen within minutes thereafter. Even NoKo can take out many if not most of our satellites. This type of attack also takes out our financial system and electrical grid. Are we having fun yet?
    In the mean time I am looking for acreage on the dark side of the moon.

    1. I agree that an EMP makes the most sense if the crazy guy is going to bust a move. A standard nuke missile or two is not going to do enough damage in Rocket Man’s mind. It is like poking a hornets nest. He is still waiting for us to give him more money to stop annoying us.

      When we contemplate about where it is safe to live – there is no place that is perfectly safe. Mother Nature has her bad days, our systems have their bad days (whoops didn’t mean to accidentally discharge that toxin into your river), and those around us have their bad days. The more rural you are the better your chances but even that can work against you. Do you know how many farmers get hurt each year?

      Get your safety nets in place, eat healthy, stay alert and enjoy life.


      GOING TO DO?

        1. Prism triangle color refraction light beam ☀️🌏🌚🌝🌙🪐💫⭐️💞

  4. EMP concerns me the most.

    Living in NH, I remember one map mentioned a fairly major site in Maine? I need to recheck.

    Really, if we’re hit anywhere, the ensuing panic is what frightens me.

  5. As a history buff I must point out that ALL Major Wars started from misconceptions (they enemy is weak, cannot hit the broad side of the barn etc) AND starred new disruptive weapons (the Machine Gun in WW1 vs Calvary/Infantry charges, Aircraft carrier in WW2 vs the MIGHTY Battleship).

    Will WW3 find the USA under EMP? Will Russian and Chinese high tech ECM systems shut off our High Tech Weapons? Ask the commanders of the two recent US Navy collisions if they think ECM jammed their Command and Control Systems. Both of the Ships were very high tech Aegis Warships, yet were rammed by slow moving clumsy Cargo Ships. Will we get our heads handed to us like the Germans? You know that in both world wars the Germans did not expect to lose you know.

    Prepare for bad times my friends the petrodollar is almost done. The cost of everything is about to rise quickly.

    NH Michael

    1. Read Ghost Fleet. Our electronics get turned off by the Chinese chips in everything now a days.

    2. NH Michael

      Interesting you mentioned the Petrodollar, Have you watched the Dow in the last week?

      Old Kim-Boy may not need to nuke us, just sit back and watch as we self destruct.

    3. It’s been a couple of years back now but there was something similar with, I believe maybe, a new ‘carrier (?). No damage but just suddenly dead in the water and then just as suddenly everything was just hunky dory again.

      1. @ aka I think that was the USS Donald Cook (destroyer) in the Black Sea you may talking about. Buzzed by a SU-24 and most electronic systems went dead so the story goes.

      2. I remember when a huge cruiser (can’t recall which??) was affected nd stories surfaced it was an EMP attack. The USS Reagan took spam to these stranded rich dudes with $1000 suites!!

        Okay, I’ll pray for forgiveness for that remark tonight.

  6. Like mentioned already and I have said before;

    Kim-Boy, or newly names ‘Rocket Man’ by Trump, may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, BUT his scientist and advisors also research the net, they know exactly what will bring down the US and her military, an EMP. Only takes one or two and poof the US as we know here is toast, no more grid, no more US, sure we-all could last a year or two, what then? Hence I’m interested to see Ken’s new ‘levels of preparedness’ series and his suggestions.

    Heck, even NK has read the reports to Congress and the Military on the dangers and almost impossibility’s of defending against the EMP strike, why would he hit a city or two, when he can take 90% of it out, after all he also knows he’s a goner after he pushed the little red button.

    I will agree the ‘Land Based’ targets are concerning, as would be a simply attack on 8-9 main transformers to take the grid down. Fact is with an unlimited number of Nukes (NK is reported to have 90 as of now) and if his not stupid, he could do a world of hurt on a LOT of places.

    Just my 2¢ worth.

    1. Actually it requires six EMP detonations carefully spaced at the right altitude to disrupt all US electronics.

      There is ZERO evidence that North Korea has that capability.

      EMP is merely a technique that would be used by Russia or China as a prelude (or concurrently) with a full-scale nuclear first strike. No other country has that capability.

      And if you’re in a full-scale nuclear first strike, you have more to worry about than your iPad not working…

      All this EMP hysteria is a complete waste of time (excluding the possibility of sun discharges possibly affecting us.)

      1. And the sun discharges definitely affect my phone service…had about 2 weeks of more than normal solar events, and phone dropped every call, very frustrating.

    2. @NRP
      From everything I have read about NoKo and their abilities, they do not have the capability to travel the distance to mainland-USA, nor the ‘lift’, for an EMP strike.
      Kim is a one-trick pony and is only dangerous at this time to his region (S Korea, Japan, Guam, etc). Don’t give him too much credit and remember that quite a bit of that ‘news’ is for public consumption and is sensationalized.
      What I have not researched is whether either of the NoKo satellites are capable of an EMP strike during their flyover path. I seriously can’t imagine the US military intel would have ever kept those 2 sats in orbit if they were nefarious. Maybe someone here can enlighten me on those satellites?

  7. Ft Greely and Vandenburg for our interceptors, Newport News/Virginia Beach/Bath Maine for shipyards, Ft. Carson for armor and infantry, Groom Lake/Wright-Patterson for stealth programs, Oak Ridge/Hanford with a ground burst to spread fallout.
    Yes some are not fully “military” targets, but without them (or the effects targeting them would cause), we would be even further up the creek.

    1. There’s a great deal more in Newport, and along Virginia’s coast (think DC, too), but I’m sure not putting a hit-list on the Internet!

      1. @ cossack55……You find me swimming to where ever did that for my revenge! 🥃

  8. Ft. Campbell, of course and we live about 40 miles away. Oak Ridge about a 100 or so. Oh well,
    Prep On.

      1. Maybe sometime in the future K will let us talk. Mr. has asked about others near by. I realize the necessity of cover though so for now it is what it is.

    1. We also live about 40 miles from Ft Campbell toward the north. It’s scary times.

        1. I’m in Logan County, Ky. I am on the outer edge, it’s scary…..and 50 aerial miles from Ft. Campbell.

        2. I’m in Christian co. about 75 miles east of Paducah Ky. I understand the New Madrid fault is rumbling again today.

  9. A person I have reason to trust told me we can stop anything that is sent at us from overseas. His concern (for us) was either something unclean brought into a busy area, or something coming from very close by, where time would be too short for a useful response.

    The whole world knows about the EMP report that spells out the dangers and vulnerabilities. Ted Koppel’s book lays it all bare in clear, easy-to-understand language. We have some serious vulnerabilities and it is no secret.


    1. You should stop trusting that individual.

      It’s EXTREMELY unlikely that the US can stop modern nuclear weapons from Russia. There is ZERO evidence that any of the US anti-missile technologies would be sufficient to stop a MIRV warhead – let alone multiple MIRV warheads – traveling at the speeds a modern missile can achieve. In a war with Russia, literally hundreds if not thousands of warheads would be heading towards the US. No missile defense system known can handle that.

      North Korea can’t hit the continental US with a missile carrying a warhead…yet. Nor would they waste their most valuable weapons even trying to hit the US. They would reserve them for the immediate threat – the invaders of their country. They might hit Guam, but that’s about it.

      Not to mention that NK would only attack the US if attacked BY the US.

      1. The more sanctions we put on them the more likely it is that they will sell a nuke to ISIS. That’s what scares me the most.

        1. @ me… ISIS is stupid, but I don’t think they are dumb enough to use something stamped “Made in NK” lol! But really, I would be more worried about a “technology sharing” with someone more like Iran. They have the means to hit their main target (Israel) and would only need a few cuz they would get melted to glass anyway. ISIS would have to smuggle and move it around as is making easy to implicate NK if found out. Not sure if anybody has sample signatures of material out of NKs reactor as they all leave their own chemical fingerprint as to the reactor of manufacture.

  10. Not going to happen any time soon. NOKO does not have a capable ballistic weapon…..yet. They are sabre rattling.

    1. I did not post this because of NoKo. Rather for general information. It also may be of interest for some who are considering a bug out location.

  11. I just read an excellent Club Orlov essay about the fall of a Superpower. I hope Ken does not mind me suggesting you guys go and read it.

    Get prepared friends soon the cost of everything will jump. You could google Britain’s Winter of Discontent to see what happens when a Superpower falls and the value of it’s money follows.

    NH Michael who is praying for my country

  12. Dh advised me that I have a devious mind latest evening. When the FNM was saying the sky is falling due to fat boy now aka rocketman wanting to send us to the dirt pile.

    My reply was simple all we need is a few good hackers(borrow the Exquifax crew) to back door the codes on rm’s new up up & away. Hence returning it back to him, maybe his kissing cousins or his comrades which ever one the crew feels needs an up lifting day. 😎

  13. Do not forget McDill AFB
    Home to CENTCOM, SOCOM and maybe other high level operations.

    The prevelant winds in he US are from the west— remember that

  14. Kirtland AFB Albuquerque – USAF Nuclear Weapons Center – home of the majority of US special weapons

  15. Every single USNavy Weapons Station will be first strike targeted as well. They are where all subs and warships arm armed up prior to deployment.
    I would guess that IF, a potential adversary wanted to blind us, they would hit the main radar installations on each coast to blind us to incoming missile threats before anything else. There are two significant over-the-horizon on each coast that give us great access to activities of our potential enemies.

    1. TPS,
      Even if they took out those radar installations wouldn’t we still be able to see incoming missles via satellite and other forms? Every radar (civilian, aerial, etc) would still be seen at NORAD.

      Adapt and Overcome

    2. I’m no insider, just a back seat strategist for fun. Knowing how much emphasis the mil. Training places on early warning systems for soldiers camps and outpost, If I was making decisions for the MIComp
      I’d have multiple rapid alert systems all over, as well as hovering over, Nato territory in Europe. And I’d have a couple scout subs with detection systems in any accessible waterways in Europe, and Asia. And probably over the artic since it’s the shortest distance to the other side of the world. I’d be monitoring Antarctica just the same, too many rumors of bases on the South Pole for us to just ignore entirely

  16. I would wager that while everyone is looking up at the sky, a tramp steamer sailing into Long Beach, CA, SF, Seattle, New Yawk, etc. could very well have a thermonuclear device in its hold or on deck as a sealed container which would obliterate a good-sized city. Why would Kim Flung Dung risk the obliteration of his country and himself by attempting to lob anything over here which would be detected in a nanosecond and traced back to him?
    The Chinamen have already told Kim they will not back his play if he initiates a first strike. He or whoever wants to bring down this corrupt, syphilitic country can figure out many delivery methods which would give them plausible denial. The damage would be done and they could sit back and watch the economy tank, food riots ensue, and general chaos take place. That is the strategy I would follow if I knew America to be my mortal enemy.

    1. Exactly! when one goes off like this, we will have NO idea who did it or how to retaliate but the results are the same…

    2. Idk, china is NKs puppet master. We say we are allied with Taiwan, but also believe and respect the one china policy. National speakers are never honest. Chinas using NK for plausible deniability.

      I’d wager chinas right, Their not supporting NK…nah…They are actually the ones giving the orders. Puppet states are useful when u want to wage war without involving your mainlands ;)

  17. Some more military bases with Division sized units that would be primary targets:, Fort Stewart, Ga – 3rd Inf Div, Fort Bliss, TX 1st Armored Div, Fort Carson, Co-4th Inf Div (probably knocked out with Peterson AFB, NORAD’s ground HQ, along with Cheyenne Mtn. ) Fort Polk, La- 5th Inf Div, Fort Drum, NY -10th Mountain Div, Fort Lewis-7th Inf Div. Fort Riley, Ks- 1st Inf Div. Pemperton, NJ- Maguire AFB, Dover, De-Dover AFB and any AFB in the US that has fighters or transports.

  18. I bet Beale AFB would be on the list too. It is 40 miles north of Sacramento. Beale is home to all of the U-2 spy planes and designated as an Air Combat Command. They have the 9th Reconnaissance Wing assigned to Air Combat Command, the Missile Warning system, and part of the Twelfth Air Force. Beale is an intelligence hub that seems to fall off of everyone radar.

  19. I don’t buy the EMP worries. Nukes leave fingerprints to their material source. Kim is ruthless but no fool. He and his generals value survival. One nuke burst affecting the US could be the end of NOKO. Best to wack US via non-nuke hits on US infrastructure – no electrical, no gas, no comms, no food, no water, riots. US would revert back to focus on local communities for survival. We’d survive; rebuilding a better nation. Like a forest fire burns out the grass, we’ll survive.

    1. Yeah I pray for miracles too. Unfortunately, most nations are bought by shwab, the last nazi-money bender. And is WEF. He wouldn’t let one pawn, hurt the security of his favorite chess piece. No, he’d have the MIC and other a.b.z agencies store up on supplies, and then burn our food farms, poison our livestock, derail coal carts, and seize down supply chains of energy. Ya know

      Like what’s happened in the last 2 months :)

      Just think the happy thoughts. And do what u can for long term independent living. It’s gonna be a test of American will vs foreign economic attack, who has any American leadership of note, on his payroll and memo board

  20. First of all you left out one of the main places that will be hit First Strike by nuclear weapons from Russia. I live in Amarillo Texas 17 miles outside of Amarillo Texas sits the pantex nuclear assembly plant in this assembly plant. This is where all nuclear weapons are ready this is where where they built. Now I’m going to inform you of something the major cities are not important to the Russians New York and Los Angeles and Chicago in the rift these major cities are not even important to the Russians. They will take out command and control centers. I will say this they will not take you out the Cheyenne Mountain Complex. What you people do not realize it’s it’s inside of a mountain. Once the blast doors are closed nothing can affect that area is self-powered from the inside. Russia will take out major Naval bases and air bases. As well as the nuclear assembly plant here in Amarillo. You see you left that out you keep thinking Los Alamos is so important it’s not anymore they develop the weapons and we build them here in Amarillo. It just for The Hunger Games we are District 13 here..

  21. Did not see Barksdale AFB, in Bossier City, LA. Home of the Global Strike Force, 2nd Bomb Wing Leadership, 8th AF Leadership,

    1. I know right?

      Glad to be left off the list for the first time in 70+ years!!

  22. I live less then 10 miles from Offutt. Gonna go in blast, so don’t worry about it.

  23. 30 miles from grand forks base probably wish I was closer if nukes start flying

  24. Vandenberg AFB, CA is the ONLY US Military base that can not only launch various types of missiles, but their launch silos and towers can be RELOADED for more launches!

  25. I always thought the GE plant in Ky. Would be a likely target due to the manufacture of military aircraft engines. I live within 13-14 miles of it. My fallout shelter is nearly complete. 6-8’ underground steel tank 8’x16’

  26. Knob Noster, MO (home of stealth bomber) and Pine Bluff, AR (Chemical Weapons/Protective device Stockpile). I’d guarantee the first if it’s a nation-state (China) and figure on the second if it’s a full first strike.

    1. I’m afraid our fair city Huntsville (The Rocket City) will be a “first strike” target if Putin is actually as mad as a march hare. We host Redstone Arsenal, a large missle command (MICOM) plus 85% of military supply chain command and control due to BRAC. Third largest defensive/offensive oriented research park in US is located 1/2 mile north of Redstone / NASA fence. Naval intelligence assumes every country (friendly and not) have agents here attempting infiltration or placement of assets inside every one of the 300+ military contractors at and around Redstone. I’m 1/2 mile northeast of main gate, so prepping for us in our 70’s is futile. I need my sleep and do not plan to stay up 24/7 to guard my pork and beans. I just hope the first missle hits my house…

      1. I live ten miles from the largest navy base in the world. I know how you feel

  27. Somewhat surprised that Fairchild Air Force base near Spokane, WA isn’t on the first strike list. Granted that they mainly operate tankers for in-flight refueling, but without those the operational range of combat aircraft would be significantly degraded.

  28. I went over the list and was surprised that Camp Lejeune- 2nd Mar Div. Jacksonville N.C, Robins AFB 116th Bomber Wing- ( was there)Warner Robins Ga. were not on the list nor was Camp Pendleton in California all of which are substantial large bases.

  29. Relax don’t become the same type of idiot. We will be gone not matter what or who

  30. Y’all should compare US and Russian nuclear war strategies, of flying fleets of aircraft. Then
    Go look up how the native Americans believed the world began
    Summed up it goes as follows:
    The First Lady flew in the sky, over the seas, waiting for the land(turtle in myth) to arise. They slowly brought mud from the sea, and placed it on the turtles shell. When big enough, the lady landed, and birthed the first humans…

    Idk. Sounds like the lady was a survivor of an ancient nuclear war. We even call presidents wife the First Lady. It seems too similar to dismiss. And with all the wonders and megaliths in the world, and tales of previous civilizations. I’m starting to believe this isn’t the first time nuclear weapons have destroyed the world… or at least North America. Sodom, Gramora, Atlantis. Maybe the Grand Canyon was a underground nuke silo that went mcbigboom

  31. I find it hard to believe, HAFB, WSMR and HLSTF in NM as well as Ft Bliss in El Paso TX aren’t on this map. There are also Dry Naval satellite observation and communications in the middle of nowhere In The deserts there in NM.

  32. I believe the great lakes naval training base in the city of North Chicago Illinois will be a nuke attack target also.

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