Nuclear Meltdown Risk In The United States

Many of you may not even know where the nuclear power plants are located here in the U.S., and as a result you may not understand the associated risk if one of these plants suffers a nuclear meltdown.

Here are a few maps which show some of the geographical vulnerabilities of nuclear plants compared with floods, earthquakes, and dam failures.


Many nuclear reactors are built within flood zones.

Many nuclear reactors are built within or near earthquake zones.

Many nuclear reactors are built near previous dam failures.

What can you do about it? Being AWARE is the first step towards risk assessment and preparedness actions that may result.

It is always a good idea to have a pre-planned evacuation route (several routes – just in case).


Have a bug out bag at the ready (with at least 72-hours of food to get you where you’re going).

If the disaster is major, then you may not be returning any time soon (if at all)… so think about that.

There are LOTS of things to consider when you’re planning for a bug-out that involves the notion of not returning… What should you take? Keep copies of? What things are important? What if you only had minutes or an hour to evacuate? Where will you go? How much space in your vehicle to fit ‘things’? What things?


United States Map of Nuclear Power Plants


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  1. My plan is NOT living within 100 miles in all directions of a Nuclear power plant.
    So far that is working. Even though what goes around the planet comes back around.

    And,I/we are all getting Fuku’d every day, and that is not getting any better.
    We are on the road to accumalitve radiation in our food chain for the rest of ours and every decendant of ours life span – forever…
    That clock can not be turned back.

    Pick your food choices, and sources wisely, some is more toxic than others.
    Some the body uses for fuel and nourishment, some ingredients just don’t digest well in the human digestive track and actually can cause harm and illness.
    A good place to start is JUST SAY NO – TO GMO!
    Do you think that your body really needs to be Round-Up ready?
    The less crap you eat the stronger your system will be to fight this insidious radiation poison our powers that be have cursed us with.

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