Dangerous Pandemic ‘Super Spreader’ Airports in the USA


I originally posted this a number of years ago. Although relevant today, or any day, especially given the current coronavirus situation (pandemic?).

Today’s modern world of airline travel and airport hubs could facilitate a rapid deployment of a contagious SuperBug, possibly leading to pandemic.

If we consider the Spanish Flu of 1918 – 1919 (caused by a H1N1 virus) that killed between 20 and 100 million people, and if we consider that there was no airline travel back then, it illustrates the danger and risk that we face of a pandemic outbreak given today’s daily travel and open borders around the globe – coupled with today’s population of 7 Billion.

Think a devastating pandemic can’t happen today? Think again.

An MIT engineer, Ruben Juanes, has modeled the effects of air travel so as to more effectively predict outbreaks and predict the flow of disease from a given airport and rank the most contagious ones.

Surprisingly, the number of passengers per day did not directly correlate to contagion risk.

The MIT team used a computer simulation to seed 40 major U.S. airports with virtual infected travelers. Then they mimicked the individual itineraries of millions of real passengers to model how people move through the system.

The travel data included flights, wait times between flights, number of connections to international hubs, flight duration, and length of stay at destinations.

The list of early-time ‘super-spreaders‘ are as follows:

The Most Dangerous U.S. Airports For Spread Of Pandemic

1. New York (JFK)

JFK International in New York, one of the world’s most heavily trafficked airports, emerged as the biggest culprit in disease spread. JFK has over 1,000 daily flights, connecting some 200 airports in more than 60 countries. The number of international connections allows passengers here to come in contact with individuals from many points of origin, dramatically increasing the risk that infected travelers could pass disease to uninfected populations worldwide.

2. Los Angeles (LAX)

Los Angeles International has lots of traffic, 
supporting more than 1,400 flights a day 
and connecting some 
55 countries.

3. Honolulu (HNL)

Honolulu International gets only two-fifths of JFK’s traffic, yet it poses a major risk because it has a high proportion of long-distance flights, links to well-connected airports, and a geographic location that encourages an equal diffusion of travelers 
going east and west.

4. San Francisco (SFO)

San Francisco International Airport has flights to points throughout North America and is a major gateway to Europe and Asia.

5. Newark, NJ (EWR)

An international airport which during 2013 handled 35 million passengers. Combined with JFK, the region comprise the second largest in the world in terms of passenger traffic.

6. Chicago (ORD)

O’Hare International Airport is a major airport serving numerous domestic and international destinations. O’Hare is the fifth busiest airport in the world.

7. Washington, D.C., Dulles (IAD)

Dulles is the busiest international airport in the Mid-Atlantic outside of the New York metropolitan area with over 22 million passengers a year.

8. Atlanta (ATL)

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International ranks first in the world for traffic with roughly 2,600 flights a day, 95 million passengers a year (more than 260,000 passengers daily).

Logically, today’s world of high speed worldwide travel is a virus’s best friend. When a new deadly and highly contagious virus pops up, it’s going to have an easy and quick time getting around the world…

 resource: MIT Report

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How to Avoid Catching the Flu or Germs on an Airplane


  1. HNL definitely, connecting flights direct to many Pacific rim countries. Then out of HNL to outer islands. Not good

  2. The airports mentioned are no surprise.I doubt that anyone in the government or the public has a firm handle on the severity of this disease.
    We don’t have boots on the ground in China to provide the intelligence
    that the President Trumps needs.
    The time is now to stop all international travel into the United States.
    Of course the poop storm that would occur will be unbelievable.
    The Democrats will scream bloody murder but this is not a political event.
    The citizens know that this a war that must be won.

    1. Yep British airways stopped all flight in or out and the US is CONSIDERING it. Whats to think about? How many people will come through before they DO it. I am not one to panic about these things. We have 5 cases in the US and 320 million people so it’s not panic time but common sense should prevail.

    2. I live in SoCal. They brought those 200 people from China on that 747 to nearby March Air Reserve Base yesterday. It’s iffy if they’re gonna be quarantined for 14 days

    3. I would posit that we do indeed have boots on the ground…however the general public is not going to be privy to their intel.

  3. Why my post, a week ago.
    Shut down all boarders, air travel, imports…food especially.
    This should have been done generations ago. Not 4 weeks ago.
    All these allowances contribute to devastation.
    Disease..(human, plants,trees) pests, invasive species of all sorts.
    You name it…. we will get/got it.

    My gas guzzling SUV running, my OMG hot day, don’t run your lawn mower, my unapproved wood burning stove, didn’t cause this shit.
    Greedy corporate and .gov did.
    And they will still blame you for not complying….bottom line.

    1. ……And they will still blame you for not complying….bottom line.

      Constantly impeding on your rights.

      If the saying is:

      Don’t drink the water.
      How does that imply to allow individuals in, that can carry infectious diseases, let alone a virus, that our immune system has not built a resistance for.
      Same goes for nature.


  4. Flew out of SFO & LAX so many years ago young adult, an thankful I no longer get on those tin cans. LAX in my view as a teenage was to large, and I have seen live footage of it now. No thank YOU! Same for SFO, running from one terminal to another to catch a plane out.

    Like driving, that way we can stop along the way. We are the pilot & co-pilot, and limit the exposure of what is waiting for us out there beyond the horizon.

    1. I hear you. Having to deal with airports is a real challenge now more than ever, Aside from them being a Petri dish for international germs, one also has to deal with TSA, rudeness, groping, hordes of people being herded from one security point to the next due to understaffing issues…it takes preparation and radical acceptance to move through a flying itinerary in the most seamless way possible, for sure. I’m still willing to take it on however, because I just plain love wandering the planet and have streamlined my gear and coping skills. Last trip was Hong Kong and Bangkok back in November. Glad I didn’t wait another month. Moving through airports right now is not an option, just common sense.

  5. I was at my local welding and medical supply store yesterday. There were 3 different people who came in looking for virus proof respirators as I waited to check out. They were informed they were out of stock and didn’t know when their next order would be coming in. If this turns into a real problem, the grocery stores will be next. Just a heads up to everyone.

    1. Wolfgar,
      Its already happened.. I wear N95s for allergies. I bought some last Friday (full shelf) and went back on Monday and there was 1 box left.

    2. Trip to Wally World pharmacy to pick up meds for family. Perused their shelf stock with an eye for N95 masks. Only masks of any style/type was a single box of what appeared to be surgical masks, but only description of box contents was “blocks 99% of airborne bacteria”, also read “for protection from airborne pathogens”. They cost $2.96 for box of twenty. Pretty sure they’re next to useless against virus, but I bought them anyhow (I wear similar for dust/pollen protection when mowing the yard or pastures.) Besides, I don’t want to not be in style when out and about.

      1. Dennis,
        Yes, “being in style” is so important…especially during this time..I worked in medical field for 20 years. Knowing and using common precautions is essential in every family…Only by being vigilant will we protect our families.
        We have a small amount of n 95’s. It is my intent to stretch those, via using the type you purchased today for lower risk trips,We will largely self isolate. Is common that we go out for supplies one or 2 times a month.. will not seem out of our routine.after 2 more weeks we should know where the breakouts, general areas will occur.. we know there are 5 areas of exposure now. More will occur.
        Have friend who has studied and done extensive research, Much info is being shut down..This one “educated one” thinks a total of 4 weeks- 2 full cycles of incubation period- before we will know the full importance of what we individually are doing now. ( I have plan for limited contact with ppl who do not travel,/ mostly remain home alone… My concern, NOW is for any virus already here and active, at this point.So far we have avoided both stomach one and active flu.) I will use these after sprayed with antibacterial… have an anti viral to spray outer surface ( homemade) that i can stand the scent of..and not allergic to.. a thieves blend type in few drops of oil, then in food grade alcohol.i don’t know exactly how effective, but better than nothing. will just lightly spray so material is not saturated all way thru.
        The main goal of these masks is to prevent droplets from reaching mucus membranes./ from inside or outside.of them….or to be expelled by an unexpected cough, sneeze- as medical personnel use in surgical/sterile setting. Heard somewhere a single un-shielded cough can spread droplets for 200 ft.

        1. Just Sayin’,

          To be clear, I’m not making lite the seriousness of the current situation with my remark about being in style by wearing protection. Actually, we already had a store of N95 masks on hand. Not large, but probably enough to get us through this event (like I’ve said, we live fairly secluded, being face to face with folks other than our nuclear family, only occasionally). I bought the cheapy masks for the same reason I would buy the last can of cheap coffee when all the shelves are empty.

  6. We are still not sure what bug we are facing. So far, we are being told that it’s a particularly nasty coronavirus that developed by standard mutation in nature. Dangerous for sure, but these have been dealt with in the past.

    There are suspicions that this is a weaponized bug that accidently(?) was released. If this is true, we (the whole planet) are in deep doo. If even one infected carrier has made it home, back in the population, closing the borders and ports of entry won’t matter.

    If it is in fact a weaponized bug, we will be well aware of that pretty quick. I suspect complete isolation undertaken by you and your loved ones would be the wisest course of action. Protect your perimeters, no ingress or egress.

        1. NRP & Blue,

          Early on, speculation was that this coronavirus first mutated in bats, and bats sold in Wuhan “wet market” (market for exotic animals for exotic dishes) were the source of the first transmission of the virus from animal to humans. A local taste for bat soup was blamed.

          Personally, I would put bat soup somewhere below sauteed armadillo toenails in new dishes to try. But then, I’m a pretty boring dinner partner.

        2. I am SO WITH YOU on the boring dinner guest list. Yes, the bat soup was one of the original claimed offenders….but yuk.

        3. Dennis, Kulafarmer, Pioneer Woman, Chipmunk, and of course So Cal Gal;
          Please don’t knock the finer cuisine offered in the Cookbook of the World.
          Toasted and chocolate covered Grasshoppers really are quite good, as long as you don’t know what they are…..
          PS; while eating in a foreign country, never NEVER ask what the food is, just eat and enjoy. In comparison do you really know what’s in that McDonald’s Big-Mac?

        4. NRP and Blue,
          There was some fake video about bat soup being eaten at the wet market they are saying was the virus source 😝
          I’d sooner starve – no way in hell Im eating bat soup.

    1. Denni

      I roger all!! And add when Soviet u . went down. China was able to get a copy. Can not prove this but came from a good source.

  7. Im kinda surprised there is not much info in the news, is like there is no concern….
    We shall see what comes up. I get the feeling that info is being suppressed on purpose.
    I sure as hell dont trust the government

    1. Kulafarmer,
      I think the reason there is not much news on this is because the ChiCom Party is not releasing any, or if they do it is old. (they are notorious for this, no?). I also think the mainstream media here realizes how serious this is, and sure a heck does not want to been seen as ‘stoking the rumor- mill’ on something so serious. Or perhaps the US Govt has appealed to them not to report anything until they can get better confirmation of what is going on.( it has been done in war time in the past). As far as not trusting the government, I gotta ask, which one? Chinese? Ours? or all of them???? Goes back to the old chesnut ;” How do you tell if a politician is lying?” ans- ” their lips are moving”.

      1. Minerjim, yesterday I read that this is the virus China allegedly stole from a Canadian lab last year. They can trace the DNA of it, I guess. Sheesh. Why do countries need to ‘weaponize’ these viruses? I think we’re doing an ok job of killing ourselves with fast food (yech) and GMO’s. Just sayin’…….

        And doesn’t it strike you a little odd they are all wearing hazmat for a little case of the flu?

        1. DJ5280,
          Doesn’t it strike you odd that they have quarantined 11 or so cities, some 45 million people for some little flu bug? That is what has got my attention.

        2. Just heard on radio right now China has suspended schools indefinitely also. Hope everyone is ready to shelter in place, if necessary.

        3. Definitely gets one to thinking,,,
          Why would they be making such a big deal out of it if it was just the flu?
          i doubt they would, me thinks there be more nefarious intent afoot

    1. There is a difference between ‘virus phobia’ and just being smart about the situation, don’t you think? I’m not panicked, or scared. But I’m prepared. My DH only has one functioning lung. Do we want to be exposed here? Nope.

      1. I hear you on that one DJ
        Being an asthmatic i am quite leery of anything that will make it harder to breathe.

      2. And Chevy, just heard some people are already concerned how this virus will affect trade and the stock market. So yes, there IS (or definitely could be) ‘virus phobia!’ Hope this doesn’t tank the economy (much). I think you’re spot on there.

  8. A bus driver in Japan was diagnosed with the coronavirus on Tuesday.

    This was the first person in Japan diagnosed with the virus who did not travel to the Chinese city of Wuhan.

    The bus driver did drive tourists from Wuhan twice in December.
    So Wuhan travelers were spreading the virus in Japan back in December.

    They didn’t swim to Japan.!!

    The Gateway Pundit

  9. DW can’t get on a plane without catching something. Makes vacations difficult. We had been hoping to take a trip to New Zealand this spring and have been waiting for an all clear from her oncologist. We get it and five days later this crap happens. Unforeseen consequences. Travel has been part of our retirement dream. I would imagine that many folks are cancelling their vacations. Oh well. At least I’m not Chinese in a quarantined city. I do feel sorry for those folks. They’ve got to be going through hell with worry. From what is being reported people are getting over this.

    I also follow a nursing blog and although the owner of the blog has asked for input not much is coming in yet. Questions about N95 masks maybe being okay for droplet infection but insufficient if transmission is airborne. Also no definitive decision as to if this is an airborne virus or spread by droplet. Pray that it’s droplet. Either way goggles are a good plan also. As it can be contacted by rubbing your eyes if the virus is on your hands. Now with 155 people being monitored I’m finding it to be a concern that we are not being told if any of them are being cleared. No news is good news isn’t necessarily so.

    One thing mentioned is that we are only screening people who have come from China.
    However screening everyone with a respiratory complaint would overwhelm the system. Flu activity is currently reported as widespread and has similar symptoms at the onset of illness. Takeaway from this is if you come down with a cough and fever it is likely that it is the flu. I can’t say for sure but If you go to the local ER I would imagine they will just send you home and tell you not to expose others. You may or may not get a rapid flu test which is often wrong anyway.

  10. me,
    I heard the student in Tn was cleared., another couple were, but I do not remember where.
    US numbers are still at 5 confirmed…with several others under monitoring .110+
    Info is is spread by droplets, but no way to confirm…If ppl are asymptomatic and still can spread this after exposed and do not know.. will be about 2 -3 weeks before we have a good idea how bad it will be. I would get DW on some antiviral..since the seasonal flu and various stomach virus’ are going around in several areas.
    Prevention is easier than treatment. More effective.
    Know what your critical level is: where you will do self isolation, have supplies in for a good while…this could have more than one wave… only after NO cases for 21 days or so, will i be going out post a self isolation.

    1. If there is no test for it how in the world are they ‘clearing’ people ……..

      1. I wondered that too. I suspect what’s lacking is a rapid test, like the rapid flu test you get in doctor’s offices. I’m guessing they are able to check a blood sample to determine if you have it.

  11. I believe that the Reds in China are trying to keep a lid on the Wu Flu news because the Freedom Movement in Hong Kong is spreading to the Mainland and like the Snakes/Democrats/Commies here, they don’t want to lose their millions stolen from we ” Deplorables” who work hard for what we got.

    DW flies a lot, always takes Air Bourn before getting on a plane. Surprised Orlando airport is not on the list what with all of the Kiddies coming to ” The Happiest Place on Earth”.

    Also wish the “Stupid Bowl” was in another town instead of Miami this weekend. More chance of disease spreading. Pimps fly in Whores etc. for “The Fans”. God have mercy on’m!

  12. ok so it sounds like you couldnt find a better time to stock up on antivirals and to pretty much stay out of the public as much as possible but not to self quarantine YET

  13. Another interesting little tidbit.

    7000 people on a Cruse Liner are now in Quarantine after one passenger shows signs of virus.
    Kinda makes one go “Hummm”

    1. NRP,
      IMHO a cruse liner is the same as ‘petri dish’ airliners, only 100 times bigger. How would you decontaminate one of those????
      I remember several years ago they had an outbreak of some virus/disease on a ship. Even after they supposedly “Decontaminated” the whole ship, they had people getting sick afterwards. Floating pus buckets.

      What part of “stay away from crowds” do people not understand?

      1. Miner J
        Nowadays, most people dont understand a simple statement like
        It flies right over their heads

        1. Kulafarmer, “What you talk’n bout Willis? ”

          Yes, by all means STAY AWAY FROM CROWDS! (and bat soup eaters)

      2. Right? love your description “floating puss buckets” Needed a good chuckle. Whole situation is very sad, but that did cause me to chuckle.

    2. Wifey and I just talked about being stuck on a Cruise ship.
      Wifey called it “the floating barge of death”.
      Gallows humor from the little woman. Who knew?
      All kidding aside, how many ports have these folks visited in the last few days?

      1. Bill Jenkins Horse;
        Sounds like the “little woman” has her head screwed on straight, a HELL of a lot better that the idiots I work with.
        Tomorrow I’m wearing my full on Hazmat Suit, WITH O2 tank, to work, hehehe
        Maybe that will get their attention?

      2. Bill Jenkins Horse,
        If you recall your history, the Spanish Flu was transmitted by GI’s returning home from WW 1 on troop transport ships. Seems every port they stopped at had an influx of the flu.
        History repeats itself, except we have added airliners to the mix.

    3. Ok, here is another one to toss in the mix.

      I work in a small office of 6 people, I ask the question;
      “what ya all think on the coronavirus going around in China and the world?”
      Blank stares….. I’m so screwed….. Even Blue just shook his head at the lack of concern.

    4. NRP: Which cruise ship is under quarantine at which port? Who owns the cruise line?

      1. Farmmom;
        Read the info over on Fox News, and just heard it again in the Radio News.

      2. Update: Civitavecchia (Italy) (AFP) – Thousands of stranded tourists were free to disembark from a cruise ship at an Italian port after authorities said two Chinese passengers feared to have the coronavirus tested negative Thursday. 7,000 passengers and crew trapped on cruise ship in Italy over coronavirus fears

  14. la la la. Time for bread and circus. Pack a stadium with thousands – what could go wrong?

    1. hermit us
      The spectators are packed in the sardines cans🛫 then to be delivered 🚌to the larger processing arena for a wonderful day of sharing & caring😤😲🤧… Yes what in the world could go wrong.🤮🤢

      1. AC
        If they found one sick person in that crowd, do you think they could quarantine the entire stadium like the ship??? That could be interesting.

    1. They already have. This is the reason for the Chinese information slap down. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese Zombies…

      1. Those people/ Doctors who released information from China, before authorized, KNEW they were going against the government, and there WOuld be reprisals.. They are the WORLD’S HERO’s.
        They Know/Knew how bad it IS there and did so to try to save lives elsewhere.. Showed a true love of humanity. .. have sacrificed themselves.Let us be ready as this mess spreads so every sacrifice they have made is not in vain.

    2. Kula, when the dead come back they are not called Zombies. They are called Democrat Voters in Chicago.

      1. Hah! Those Democrat Voters (aka zombies) have appeared at many elections around the country in recent history.

  15. Hey all,
    So many good points and observations being posted here.
    The complacency is astounding but not surprising. Sheep are gonna sheep.
    Smoke and mirrors for the terminally clueless unfortunately.
    “First to know,first to act”used to be the phrase.
    I prefer “first to understand, first to act.”
    Anomalies abound as DJ5280 pointed out. Why are some in hazmat while others are only using a 25 cent mask?
    Those who really understand (or have been informed) to those who are wearing a mask because they were told to for the unmasked masses.
    I posted awhile back about friends visiting us who made our whole group sick. They showed up just presenting and infectious.
    We changed our protocols from then on.
    ME2,SMG and others here are correct when they talk about sanitation priorities.
    So many who contribute about anti viral mixes we can make for ourselves. Lives just might be saved because of the free flow of ideas and information here.
    Thanks as always to Ken for making it happen every day.
    I believe its prudent to err on the side of caution as it fits our own personal situations.
    If this gets out of hand(and we see how it could) panic and chaos from the clueless unmasked masses will be all around us.
    And just because we might be rural and somewhat isolated doesn’t mean we dont have some clueless neighbors.
    Peace and good fortune to all MSB Family…

    1. Good to hear from Bill Jenkins Horse.

      In addition to sanitation thoughts can I add one more?

      The just in time system will fail when folks are afraid to go to work, truckers STOP etc.

      Knock on issues of grid failure when storms and not enough healthy linemen?

      DO you have SEEDS for two+ years guys? Or do you assume somehow amazon and the seed companies will continue to take orders and ship when this corona becomes main stream trouble? Would stink to survive corona and have nothing to plant for food?

      Yep, I preaching at myself also friends.

      1. me2;
        Not preaching at all, that’s called gentle reminders.

        PS: is “600 rolls really enough”

        1. NRP,
          Only for one person! LOL
          I have a friend who thinks it may be 2 full- incubation periods before they will no longer be able to hide it…. with the seasonal flu going on, numbers may be confused/mixed. and isolation self imposed or mandated could be necessary for several months.

    2. Read that CDC said that last year 35,500,000 Americans had been infected with the flu virus, and that 34,200 died from it. So why didn’t everybody freak out?

      1. CR, there is no immunity in any human to this NEW virus unlike the ‘regular’ strains of flu that mutate every year.

      2. The fear partially stems from the projected mortality rate. Last year’s flu was about 1 death out of 1,000 infected. The Wu flu is running about 2.06% mortality or 1 out of 50 will die when infected.

  16. If China is putting cities with millions of people on lock down because they know what it is, don’t you think we should at the very least close our borders and put ALL suspected cases in quarantine just out of precaution?

    There are many ( Obama FEMA camps) AKA closed military bases that would be great for this.


  17. Another headliner on Fox News;
    “Coronavirus fears spread as CDC confirms person-to-person transmission on US soil”
    Here we go people…. time to get our SHTF hats on.

  18. What are people purchasing to protect against entry via the eyes? I’m considering swim goggles? Would they be effective?

  19. Would swim googles be effective to prevent virus entry through the eyes?

    1. Roger;
      The idea of the mask is to also prevent those that “may” be infected from spreading the virus.
      As far as transmitting the virus. There is a report that this particular one “can” be contracted through the skin.
      So where does one start and end.
      My suggestions, as Tommyboy says, stay away from crowds and people. Keep washing your hands any time you need to go out. FYI, most “wipes” will not kill a virus.
      Do some research on how to isolate yourself, even if in a city, get your supplies you believe you will need NOW.
      Personally I got a bad feeling about this, just think, 70,000,000 people in China are in Quretinten, don’t ya wound how those people are surviving with ZERO travel? and ZERO supplies coming into those cities?
      DO NOT panic, just be smart and prepare

      1. NRP
        Just that number is sobering.
        70 mil
        That is about 1/4 of the US population, close enough anyway.
        Can you imagine the already violent cities on lockdown?

      2. Was reading earlier that Wuhan has food for two weeks. Not sure what they will do after that. Maybe air drops?
        Lots of rumors out there and the through the skin thing is hard to believe. Mucus membranes yes, hence the need for eye protection. Largest organ is the skin, yes it is considered an organ. Function is to regulate body temperature and keep infection out. Also keeps the insides in.

    2. Roger ,yes very effective… use extreme care when removing them.. by removing dirty masks and gloves drop in small lined garbage can … washing hands thoroughly ,then wash face thoroughly… then remove goggles or glasses and pulling the strap off of them from the back.. wash your face for a second time. and use moisturizer…on face and hands when finished.

    3. In theory, yes swim goggles would give excellent protection if somebody was coughing in your face. In the ER we used common safety glasses when there was a concern for droplet infection. These are the clear plastic glasses with side shields. Full face respirator is the best but not very practical for everyday use. Best protection is avoidance of possibly infected people.

  20. So if my math is correct the w h o started their meeting 6 hours ago to decide if they are finally going to make a real announcement.

    I have not heard a word. Has anyone else? Is it taking so long because they are trying to figure out how to avoid panic, or to alert heads of state as to what’s coming, or because they cannot agree on what to say?

    Has anyone heard any more on this? Theories/thoughts?

    1. I’ve read that they have raised the threat level to ” high “. This from a usually very reliable source.

      1. CR,
        The w h o came out yesterday and apologized for rating risk as moderate when it should have been high – they called it a human error. But, they are meeting today to decide what to do about making a pandemic declaration. Ridiculous.

    2. So Cal Gal;
      How do you tell people there is a fire in the theater without saying there is a fire in the theater.
      Just look at the increased media reports emerging. NONE of it good.
      In the last week this seems to be going ballistic. EXCEPT for here in the good old USofA
      Question becomes, do you trust the Media and/or the .gov????

      1. NRP,
        I have no trust in any of them. And I get that they are under enormous pressure not to cause a panic. But good grief, countries are closing borders, it is generally accepted that statistical data does not reflect reality- yet the c d c keeps telling us not to go to source country unnecessarily and to wash our hands a lot.

        They continue to say casual contact does not transmit, even though the poor tour bus driver in Japan is now ill.

        Their delays and understatements are glaring. Would help them regain some credibility if they just told the truth already.

        1. SoCalGal,

          I can really hear the anxiety in your comments because you are frustrated and probably want better definition and ‘direction’ on what to do. I sympathize….I can’t say that I empathize because I’m not where you are and I’m not experiencing what you are.

          The reality is, this start-up outbreak is a short time away from being classified as a pandemic. It’s a SHTF event that is going to affect cities first.

          You already know this….this is the anxiety you are experiencing. Trust yourself. Trust your gut.

          All that you need to do now is set your timer on WHEN you need to leave. Once you are out of the LA region, buy extra supplies on your way to the BOL. Stay alert like you already are — it will help you to have a safe and expedient exit.

          Stay safe and well.

        2. MT,
          Thanks for your comments. Especially tense this a.m. Since DH has decided he doesn’t want to talk about this much anymore until its spreading here and time to go.

          And on top of my regular supplies, I’ve got the spare bedroom so full of bags and packages I can hardly step into it any more. I keep thinking of things that would be helpful when/if it’s time to go.

          Trying to get things done/bought before that is no longer an option.

          Maybe I should chill, but then again, that is just not in my nature… no surprise there!

    3. So Cal Gal,

      From Alerts USA (about an hour ago):

      SMS Alert Text:

      WHO declares Public Health Emergency of International Concern for China Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV). More via email.

      Supplemental Info:

      A Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) is a formal declaration by the World Health Organization (WHO) of “an extraordinary event which is determined to constitute a public health risk to other States through the international spread of disease and to potentially require a coordinated international response”, formulated when a situation arises that is “serious, sudden, unusual or unexpected”, which “carries implications for public health beyond the affected State’s national border” and “may require immediate international action”.

      In order to declare a PHEIC, the WHO Director-General is required to take into account factors which include the risk to human health and international spread, as well as advice from an international committee of experts.

      The declaration of a PHEIC is a HIGHLY political process which raises the levels of international support, enhanced diplomatic efforts and security, and typically shakes loose greater financial resources to support the response teams.
      Heading over to WHO’s website for more info……

      1. FinallyOuttaCA — saw this too. Do you know, is this one step “less” than declaring a Global Pandemic, or???

        1. If TPTB time this right, they will declare Pandemic over the weekend.

          OMG …”The Market”….

      2. Thanks, Finally…
        even this morning the BBC says that w h o urging countries to not close their borders, to just do good screening. Which of course is a crock since not all infected people show symptoms.
        Politics over safety.

  21. An alternative to N95 mask,
    They sell actual dust mask, with replaceable filters, i have several different ones, by AOsafety and one that i really like from Miller welding,
    The miller filter can be cleaned and sanitized if you a smart cookie you can figure it out, the AO has inexpensive pre filters.
    Both types have rubber face pieces that can be cleaned and sanitized. I would also suggest nitrile gloves, i use them for everything anyway. So always have lots of them as well as extra filters for my masks as well as a few boxes of the best 3m N95 masks (disposable) just common stuff in the shop really so buying a few extra boxes of filters etc is no big deal.
    Same with the spray suit and full face respirators, well worth the money, have used that getup for dealing with bees, so can have many uses.

    1. P100 mask would offer some of the best, though not perfect protection. R rated masks are better than N rated, however, N rated is better than nothing.

      1. Personally have never used the P100 rated mask. Last mask that I used was a Mark V.
        Does anyone here have experience with the P100? Wondering if you clear the P100 from contaminates the same way as you would clear the Mark V. Blocking the exhalation orrfice while exhaling.

        1. CR,
          No. You might be able to clear out large particles, but for the most part those “iddy-biddy” particles are embedded into the filter itself. Pretty much if it is pugged enough for you to have difficulty inhaling, you need to get another filter. Used P100 nuclear filters for years in the industry.

    2. An alternative to N95 mask:

      I ordered two “fightech dust masks” 4 days ago and got them today. I really like them but they would be hot if you live or work in a hot environment. Once you get used to having a mask on your face, they are comfortable. They are supposedly rated N99.

      When I ordered them they were $23.99 each. I just went back to Amazon to check the info before posting it on MSB, and the price is now $35.99. How’s that for supply and demand?

      MSB link: FIGHTECH Dust Mask

  22. Many that died from the ‘Spanish Flu’ were younger people that had no immunity and of course older and infirmed. This was a strain of flus from before, so many people had some immunity. However no one has ANY immunity to this NEW Strain. Nobody except some critters.

    1. Mrs U, you’re right.
      The Spanish Flu was H1N1. That’s the same flu that came through the US in 2009 and the CDC did label it a PANDEMIC. It’s the virus that got me and I wound up with pneumonia. I had no pre-existing conditions and no other negative factors other than my age (at the time, was 55).

      This coronavirus is a new strain — as you said, people have no immunity to this virus.

  23. Just a (paranoid) thought.
    Suppose the SHTF BIG TIME with the Wu Flu, do the Commies who
    ” Never let a crisis go to waste” declare Marital Law ? Start taking away guns like after Hurricane Katrina etc.?

    Maybe declare Barry President again, for the sake of ” The Children”? Because DJT allowed the world to get sick and die.

    1. Don’t worry, because if they attack DJT for this, his ratings will just go up!
      K.A.G. 👍😁

    2. Seminole Wind,

      Ah, the liberals are not in the majority. They could try a direct “coup”, but would not have the military behind them. Why would they try? They are about have their butts handed to them over this impeachment business, they have no credibility.
      Martial law? no, far from it at this point. Besides, if they declare Martial law, they are going to have a lot more pressing business than taking away guns from the masses, especially us “deplorables” out in the boonies. Just my humble opinion.

    3. Seminole Wind

      Agree with minerjim here. Unless POTUS federalizes the National Guard the units are under the control of governors. Currently 27 governors are Republicans.

  24. New Headlines;
    “World Health Organization declares coronavirus outbreak a global health emergency.”

    “An outbreak of the deadly virus– which has killed at least 170 people as of Thursday and infected a total of 7,834– ”

    “Coronavirus, or 2019-nCoV, is now said to be transferable between humans, and 38 new deaths and 1,737 new infected cases have been reported in the last 24 hours”

    So of the 170 deaths, 38 are in the last 24 hours…… Someone do the chart. Exponential Growth is the real concern.

    1. NRP

      What worries me is that, as I understand it, only those who have been verifiably diagnosed are counted as infected. And only those deceased who were diagnosed and tracked, or who have had definitive autopsies, are counted as deceased from this infection.

      Or, am I mistaken and those numbers include extrapolations of what total number is estimated to be? I imagine there are a lot of poor sick Chinese people who have not seen a doctor or had a lab test, and never will.

  25. Minerjim,
    Thanks, was mainly thinking about bio contaminates, considering the current issue.

  26. Would appreciate some comments/suggestions. Unfortunately, in a little over a week I will be flying from DC to Las Vegas with a stop in Salt Lake City. Returning a week later with a stop in MSP. I would love to cancel, but just not able. So, my plan is to wear a mask in the airport and on the plane (I have the N 95 and also surgical masks), Wet Wipes to wipe everything down around my seat, gloves, Purell, and I plan to start taking Sambucol syrup and/ or gummies a few days before leaving and during my stay. Fortunately I have a window seat which I understand is safer that an aisle seat where people will be walking by. Thoughts?

    1. KayS – I have read that only alcohol actually guaranteed to kill said virus. Can you find some pre packaged alcohol wipes (other than those teeny tiny ones)? I have seen them at one time. Can’t recall where.

      Have read too, do not drink anything which is “poured”. Either bring your own bottle water, or only accept one which is opened. Remember too, that nice steward/stewardess which hands / pours/prepares things for you, has contact with every other passenger (and highly doubtful is swabbing hands/self in between). Best all around if you wave them off/bring your own bottle of water (is that possible these days?)….Refuse all snacks/drinks /do NOT use the washroom/etc…

      1. Jane – Can’t bring the 50 cent bottled water from home anymore; it might ‘splode ya know. But the $5.95 plus tax bottle of water behind security and the smurf patrol has been deemed perfectly OK.

    2. KayS:

      That sounds like a Delta itinerary. They are a good company. Expect they will be on top of disinfection protocols. In addition to your protective measures, it’s about the best anyone can do.

      1. Yes, I’m flying on Delta. When I have to fly, I always try to use them.

  27. I just finished reading a paper on the c d c site dated Jan 17th. 2 weeks ago tomorrow. On that date, here are the stats presented:
    – china reported 40+ infections as of 12/31, no new cases reported in China between 1/3 and 1/14.

    – 2 deaths, one victim had pre-existing conditions

    – no healthcare workers sick, no spread to medical community seen or expected

    – cannot rule out “limited person-person spread” but “no ongoing spread”

    Today, 13 days later:
    – 9,800+ confirmed cases
    – 150+ of those outside China
    – 213 deaths reported
    – 1,100 of confirmed cases are severe and/or critical
    – 15,000+ add’l “suspected” cases
    – 102,000 people under observation in China

    And it is widely believed the numbers reported, particularly deaths, is under reported, but no one knows by how much.

    Pretty big change in the picture in less than 2 weeks.

    1. Hi So Cal Gal,
      Thank you for your post and many previous posts! Can you possibly reference the latest numbers you quoted above (after “Today, 13 days later”)? I’m fighting a battle here with a wife (MD) a father (curmudgeon) and a father in law (MD AND an infectious disease specialist!) who are all poo-pooing the need to be exceedingly cautious right now. Would give me more grist for the mill…

      1. Hi Al (sorry to shorten, limited typing time this morning),

        I have been getting statistical data from a couple of places, one I recommend is the So China Morning Post at s c m p . c o m

        They update as info released, and they are good about sourcing their numbers including data from mainland government and other sources. I figure they are a lot closer to the source than we are, and their numbers do not seem to be exaggerated.

        Take care!

        1. Thank you so much! I guess Al is quite a bit easier. Maybe I’ll just go by Al now. So China MP is a great thought. As you said, closer to the action.

  28. Why are N95 masks considered inadequate defense? What makes the N99 mask a better solution vs N95?

    1. Roger,
      N99 masks take out 99% of particles .3 microns or larger. P95 only 95%. A P100 rated at 99.7%.this is for dust masks.

      1. It is hoped the airborne virus is expelled in droplets from the unprotected infected, which are supposed to be heavier than air…and larger than .3 microns. But, these airborne expectorated virus droplets may also infect by landing upon the eyes and other exposed body areas…and they land upon objects, such as counter tops and the exterior of your clothing.

        The virus, as you may know…is much smaller than .3 microns. It is 125nm, or .125 microns in size, which is over 50% smaller. However, a single, free-floating, live, coronavirus is not supposed to be common thing.

        In order to be somewhat safe, you need a mask, something to shield the eyes, your skin covered up, and your hands in disposable gloves…IF you are thinking of venturing forth into public places, when the pandemic is present.

        I have had to live and perform military duties while wearing masks capable of filtering out Nerve Agents, and I found it horribly tough. The mere effort of breathing through such filters is not very comfortable, even if you are at rest. The N95, or N99, N100, or P100, dust and vapor masks, with exhaust valves, which have an internal gasket for a tight fit to the face is to be sought. But you will only need them when you are near other people, who may be infected. And, the exterior of the mask is where any droplets of virus are going to land…and still be viable…when you take off the mask.

        Just be careful getting out of your possibly contaminated clothes and protection equipment.

        The masks are really for the infected..and those possibly infected…to keep their expectoration from coughing and such…from flying about.

        Remember, becoming infected is not a death sentence, nor will everyone respond to the infection to the same degree.

        1. Ision,
          I second that on breathing through those cartridge filters. Folks who havent worn a triple filter have really no idea how tough it is.
          At the end of the day it feels like you were running a marathon race.
          Effective but tough to do.
          Imagine having to wear one constantly?
          Terminal suck comes to mind…

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