Pandemic Flu Survival


A pandemic flu happens when a new flu virus appears which the world population has little or no immunity. Aviation and global transportation, along with crowded living conditions in a growing world, will cause new flu viruses to spread more rapidly than ever before, possibly threatening our survival


21 Things For Pandemic Survival

If the pandemic flu has a high mortality rate, survival will hinge upon staying away from infected people (and out of public places) for perhaps months – and your preparedness actions taken BEFORE the onset of the pandemic.

In high demand and short supply will be flu vaccines.

Antibiotics may be in short supply during a pandemic from treating infections brought on by infected flu patients.

Hospital and medical center personnel will be fatigued and extended, and may fall victim to the pandemic flu themselves, exacerbating an already overwhelming problem.

Community infrastructure services will suffer from serious shortages of personnel, resulting in substantial shortages of supplies including food and other things that your survival may depend upon. Most goods travel by way of truck. Truckers get sick too…

People will become afraid for their survival, afraid to go outside, or to stores or to areas with other people. This will further shrink the availability of services.

In an effort to slow down the progress of pandemic flu, governments will likely require many businesses to close and ban activities involving congregating people.

During a bad pandemic flu, people will become prisoners within their own homes for fear of becoming infected in public, or will be quarantined there by government mandate (martial law). Government agencies may even round up the sick and quarantine them in shelters.

During the Fall and Winter seasons, the flu will appear once again (although a pandemic virus could appear at ANY TIME). There is always uncertainty whether or not the flu strain will be highly contagious or have a high mortality rate. It may only take weeks before it’s too late to control and keep from spreading around the world.


The time to prepare for a pandemic flu is now

Pandemic flu survival requires a person to build up a supply of food and day-to-day items that are regularly used and consumed. Things like toiletries, personal care items, and soaps are good examples.  Stock up the medicine cabinet. Include an extra supply of prescription medication. Boost your supply of vitamins, pain relievers, and flu symptom medications.

N95-series masks will provide some protection because flu is mainly spread by droplets in the air from when people cough, sneeze or talk – up to about 6 feet away.

Do not settle for cheap ordinary dust masks that do not properly cover your face and allow air to leak around the edges.

This 3M 1870 Surgical Mask N95 is a good example of what you might choose for protection.

Just remember that N95 masks are not 100% reliable in that there will always be some unfiltered air getting around the edges. It is better than nothing, and better than an ordinary dust mask. For the ultimate in airborne virus protection, you really need a respirator mask that forms an air-tight seal to your face, and will be reliable based on the type of filter cartridges that are installed.

Also stock up on alcohol based hand sanitizer to reduce chances of picking up the flu from touching a surface that has flu virus on it and then touching the mouth or nose. 

Be sure to have enough food and supplies to last 3 months, while 6 months is even better. In fact, having significantly more than a 3 month supply may save your life if something occurred again such as the pandemic of 1918

All this preparation will help enable your survival at home without having to go out in public where the pandemic flu will be waiting to infect its next victim.


  1. a good fictional account of a flu pandemic is Konkoly’s THE JAKARTA PANDEMIC
    it is very similar in nature to One Second After

  2. Ebola fever will kill about a thousand people this year; Flu will kill a quarter of a million or more. It seems to me like we have a flu pandemic every year!

    Here is what I take to protect myself from flu and other sickness:

    Vitamin D
    Vitamin C
    Cinnamon tea

    I used to get pneumonia every year. I haven’t had it since I started taking this stuff (2005).

    1. Ebola will kill more than 1000 people this year.There is NO comparison with the flu with exception to both being viral and a few similar symptoms with onset. It ends there.Ive had a few experts on infectious disease and bio terrorism on my radio show and even when not weaponized Ebola ,given the strain, is not something you want in your community.The kill rate even under the finest of care and conditions , is far higher than the flu.I would rather take my chances to ward of the flu with your vitamin suggestions, which are quite wise in my opinion, than trying to avoid the ravaging ebola.We may have no choice in it now.

  3. The reason a particular virus becomes “epidemic” is that it is extremely easy to catch and it is a strain most people do not have any resistence too. You can walk down an empty aisle in a store and breath in the flu on droplets sneezed out seconds to minutes earlier by someone who is now gone. You can touch an object, produce, or virtually anything that has the influenza on it and catch it. to put it simply it is extremely infectious and easily transmitted throughout the environment. It is going to be vey difficult to avoid unless you are living way down the end of a dirt road or are a recluse. The best advice is to get the yearly flu shot.

    1. The flu shot is in many people’s opinion, the absolute worst advice imaginable.

    2. Never get the flu shot unless you are at very high risk. Meaning very old or health care worker. Your healthy people are not recommended to get it.

      1. Are you expressing an opinion? Have *any* support for your statements? Even the *wrong* flu shot will provide some relief. By *wrong*, I mean that the vaccine was not targeted for the flu we got. Happened a few years ago.

        1. I am on the same page. If people want to put a recommendation to not get the shot I would like to hear why not. And I WOULD LIKE THAT BACKED UP WITH FACTS not just ” its bad for you “.

        2. Your immune system is like a police force (PF) in your body waiting for orders. When you get exposed to a virus, the PF is programmed to attack the invading virus/bacteria/fungus etc.. There are many types of invaders so this PF is by design not programmed ahead of time. (yes, there are memory cells that remember the previous pathogen exposures but they are not part of the active force, they just allow your system to reboot and kill off repeat exposures faster…)

          So what happens when you are given a flu vaccine is that the unprogrammed PF is programmed to fight usually 3 flu viruses. And there are a whole lot more flu viruses circulating in the community than the chosen/guessed 3 flu viruses. Now a large subset of your police force is running around looking for only those 3 viruses and if you get exposed to something else (flu or not) the number of PF cells able to be programmed is very small and cannot launch a full scale attack in many cases. I think that this is the reason some people get sick from the flu vaccine.

          I have read many immunology books so this is a watered down version of what I have read.
          We have not gotten the flu vaccine for 11 years and I am a type 1 diabetic with many kids. We all got the swine flu and got thru it fine without any meds. It is nice to have those swine flu memory cells in us now since they are the best protection from future swine flu outbreaks. Talk about peace of mind…

        3. oh, and by the way, many times it is not the flu that kills but actually the secondary infection ( like a bacteral infection) that causes the unfortunate outcome…

        4. The flu shot does indeed build an immunity but it doesn’t hamper your immune system such that it no longer has enough little policemen to fight off any other flu.

          Regarding the comment that the flu shot only targets a couple three different strains of flu and it sometimes fails to target the one that becomes the dominant strain. Absolutely correct. The process to create the flu and produce millions of shots takes months, between 6-9 months. So the scientists are forced to decide which strains to prepare for up to 9 months before the flu season.

          Regarding choosing not to get the flu shot. I say free choice is great. Unlike many of the vaccines whose effectiveness depends on a large majority being vaccinated the flu shot can be effective for an individual no matter how many people opt out. So free will and pseudo-science is on yur side. If you don’t want the protection the flu shot offers then don’t get it.

          Is the flu shot perfect? No. Sometimes they fail to identify which strain of flu will be dominant, for some people with really weak immune systems even the shot doesn’t prepare them for the virus. But in most cases the flu shot saves lives. Your choice! Believe in science or superstition.

        5. poorman, Everyone must make their own decision. I would say look and examine ALL of the facts. I begin with the product flyer page. Look at the ingredient list. and the cautions on that page. formaldehyde, aluminum… that is as far as I needed. I do not need my brain pickled before embalming, nor do i need additional aluminum to keep me from thinking.
          Some of the cautions are it can interfere with nerve function. For someone with Diabetic Neuropathy OR other nerve damage processes, it can cause increased pain that does NOT go away.. This did happen for DH. Progression of pain area from below knee to upper thigh. over 6 months can we prove it was from the flu shot no, We can not disprove it either! .For someone in pain every day already -just does not make sense to increase one’s pain.
          DH and I both took a flu shot in 2007, we were both sick for 2 months..We have not taken it since.. He had the flu in 2018. I did not get it.I think it was because I take Oil of oregano for chronic lyme… at least 4x a week.

        6. poorman,
          I have decided not to take any flu shot. The way i began that process was to check out the flyer that is required… to be dispensed. It list ingredients and cautions. some of the ingredients i did not recognize, but i did recognize formaldehyde and aluminum. It is my choice not to have my vital organs enbalmed before I am dead. and i do not want my brain disabled by aluminum before that time either. This is why i choose aluminum free baking powder and ingredients for making our own… I avoid meds that have aluminum in them as well. side effect, cautions.. include increased Neurological damage ( means: increased pain as myelin sheath’s are destroyed over multiple nerve areas)for people with Nerve pain issues.. these include Diabetic Neuropathy, Poly peripheral Neuropathies, Fibromyalgia, Trigeminal neuralgia(s), and there are several others. We did take a flu shot in 2007 and DH’s nerve pain area increased from 3in below knee to groin in 6 months… Considering this pain has no known cure and is constant..That IS a BIG deal.

        7. just sayin’…. Holy cr*p, you just identified what happened to me. Myelin sheaths, destroyed, dissolved; nerves short-circuited to each other; total paralysis and incredible pain. I learned in 1995 these are required to breathe, digest and focus the eyes. I had a good long time on life support in the ICU to think about it. I’ve learned so much just from your last two posts. Chilling. CDC can stuff their flu shots in their own backside.

        8. Gravity:

          I suffered a near-fatal autoimmune disease in the mid-90’s. My neurologist told me quite starkly not to EVER take a flu shot after that episode, because it could kill me very quickly.

          I haven’t taken one since. I also haven’t missed a day of work in over 20 years. Anecdotal, non-scientific, etc., I get it. But it’s good enough for me. There have been a few close calls with the flu, but I recognize it instantly and attack it successfully with 100% natural treatments; and it;’s gone in <24 hours.

        9. tmc,
          If one of these side effects happens to one person in your family it is devastating.Drug companies are allowed to downplay the side effects and print in such small letters one must have a magnifyig glass to read… PO’d me.
          try heavy metal detox,..then astralagus, lions mane., both work to produce protection for myelin sheath and nerves.. there are other things., expensive, only required for a few months. DH pain area is now to low sock top most of the time.. after the big one used…. need a direct e mail to send info on it (w/ price reduction,)out. I do not make $$ off of the product but do not want company to have additional targeting..

  4. Ebola IS airborne …..It’s called an airplane. This is the worst case scenario of which stacks of fiction and nonfiction books were written.Just rewind to the official statements of our own governments supreme health departments…..from NOT going to happen here… will happen here.AND YET…..we are stilling flying in and out of countries that are hardest hit!People spilling over our borders.My son is studying to become a doctor.He works in the ER at Parkland in Dallas Texas…….I worry for him all the time.God Bless all the health care workers here and in Africa …they are literally fighting to save the world.

  5. And now this on January 21st, 2020: “As virus spreads, anxiety rises in China and overseas”

  6. Ken
    Maybe time to update this article as a reminder.
    Especially with the migrant horde that is flowing towards our borders once again with heaven only knows what type of communicable diseases they maybe carrying.

    It would be nice if we had a working gov that it’s head on it’s shoulders and not up their derriere’s. mho

    1. AC and others.. Dahboo77 has a vid just out.. case in wash. state NOW.

  7. AC,
    I suspect there are a number of good souls at the CDC that are watching all this, but likely have been ‘muzzled’ from saying anything to the press about ‘unauthorized individuals’ bringing in contagious diseases, as that would be labeled as “racist” in today’s political climate.
    I also agree with you that maybe the article should be updated, given the news about the Chinese virus that is getting some headlines. Would like to get other’s thoughts on how to fight infections with alternate sources like herbal remedies.

    1. minerjim – The most used products in my medicine cabinet are colloidal silver, Bragg’s ACV, fresh lemons, fresh ginger, high grade Manuka honey, cayenne pepper, echinacea, ashwaganda, plus a couple dozen tinctures, essential oils and ayurvedic remedies. The information is out there.

      Western medicine is very good in cases of traumatic injury, and a few other things. Overall, in my opinion and experience, they do far more harm than good. To me they are basically sanctioned drug dealers who ‘allow’ me to obtain medicine that my government requires permission to possess.

      1. Tmcgyver,
        Thanks for your input. Have been reading two books by Stephen Buhner, “herbal antibiotics” and “Herbal Antivirals”. He does a great job, lots of references. He also appears to have a good grasp of Chinese Traditional Medicine. So I have been trying some of the antivirals he mentions. Elderberry is really good, and lessened the effects of a really bad cold for us by 50%. I am looking into all of these natural things, because I agree with you about Western Medicines (allopathic), most do more harm than good. Besides, they may not be available in a pandemic, we may have to fend for ourselves. thanks again.

    2. Minerjim, Ac, tmc and others..
      add to the list TMC has given.. and some cautions “need to know”.
      …silver solutions are best absorbed under the tongue and in buccal membranes. Gastric solution destroys much of its benefits, after swallowed.. It also can kill off the good bacteria needed for digestion. When it is taken, it should be followed with a good round of some kind of ( pre and pro-biotics) enzymes and flora to nourish the gut bacterium. Some of the things to drink consume after would be yogurt and buttermilk, cottage cheese.
      We use sweetgum, double tinctured ,the instructions to take it are same as liquid tamiflu. It can be taken daily to prevent.for the entire flu season. It IS Bitter. It works fast and the closer to the beginning of disease process, the quicker the response/effect. For people concerned about the alcohol in a tincture. Directions are out as well to remove alcohols effects., with very warm water.. and time…it will not remove the alcohol residue for those ALERGIC to alcohol, but does make it less intoxicating…depends on the time left to evaporate.
      Oil of oregano is effective for me as well., since i already take it routinely. I have not required the sweetgum. DH did and was better after 2nd dose (6th hour) markedly.
      Local honey and pure tree tea oil can be used to make a”fake” manuka honey. Bees naturally infuse their honey with the pollen from the “Tea tree” plant…This uses the same ingredients,..Ratio I used was 30:2 local honey cc’s to Drops of tea tree oil. I have used this on open and deep wounds…in areas that are easily contaminated. WE did not have time or money to get the best grade in.It worked where antibiotics were resisted.

      1. WOW, Thanks Just Sayin’ I am printing this out for my herbal medicine notes. I never realized the silver disruptions nor the “fake” Manuka Honey ideas.

        Thanks best post all week.

        1. me2,be sure to go to web site and get all dosing instructions on LIQUID tamiflu.if you have not already.

    3. AC, Ones who do not go along with “muzzzle” end up floating in a river somewhere./ run over by a car/ or some other ” accident.”
      They MUST ALL KNOw and are terrified…. OF both options , speaking out VS Not speaking out.
      Remember the NWO’s goals as they PUBLISHED are to reduce populations to 500K for this nation. Number one and two ways are war and disease….Bill Gates stated , (I saw on video): “vaccines will reduce worlds population”.he gave a percentage…number . I do not remember what it was, but significant, to each of us, Especially if even a portion of a percent is YOU/me.
      By the time ANY press releases are made here… the virus’ (multiple and mutating) will be here and well involved. gives a good reason to have canned goods for an extended self isolation. Use precautions routinely. It will be important…unfortunately, sooner rather than later. Just my thoughts…in putting much together.

  8. Today’s headline: “Death Toll from China Mystery Virus Doubles Overnight”.
    It was reported that it is unusual for China to be so open about such things. Also read that it is spreading rapidly throughout S.E. Asia. I am more than just a little concerned as that is where family is.

    One infected person in an airport and it goes global.

    1. Funny how every major airport in PRC has dozens of arrayed IR imagers and lasers pointed at arriving passengers, looking for febrile and/or diaphoretic individuals; but no such technology is present in the departure terminals for outbound PAX. Guess they thought it couldn’t happen there if they kept a sharp eye on grimy foreigners. Oops.

    2. Chevy, Garlic in large quantities should be available to them-even there. If they are concerned tell them at first s/sx to Think in terms of BULBS per day, not cloves… prepared for allicin production. 3 bulbs of garlic in 36 hours put one gentleman on his 36 hours from fever and chills./flu… Ginger also, but i have heard/seen no personal responses to it.

  9. Used the gift card given to me a while back for a store I rarely use but the have some medical supplies so ordered 4 boxes of N95 masks.

    We have used these before when a two different flu virus were being spread around the USA. We both wore them in doctor’s office, and refused the flu shot. Years back Acdh was given the flu shot and had adverse reactions to it, it was the year I refused to have given to me. After that kerfuffle, that was it for the flu shots in this household.

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