A pandemic flu happens when a new flu virus appears which the world population has little or no immunity. Aviation and global transportation, along with crowded living conditions in a growing world, will cause new flu viruses to spread more rapidly than ever before, possibly threatening our survival


21 Things For Pandemic Survival

If the pandemic flu has a high mortality rate, survival will hinge upon staying away from infected people (and out of public places) for perhaps months – and your preparedness actions taken BEFORE the onset of the pandemic.

In high demand and short supply will be flu vaccines.

Antibiotics may be in short supply during a pandemic from treating infections brought on by infected flu patients.

Hospital and medical center personnel will be fatigued and extended, and may fall victim to the pandemic flu themselves, exacerbating an already overwhelming problem.

Community infrastructure services will suffer from serious shortages of personnel, resulting in substantial shortages of supplies including food and other things that your survival may depend upon. Most goods travel by way of truck. Truckers get sick too…

People will become afraid for their survival, afraid to go outside, or to stores or to areas with other people. This will further shrink the availability of services.

In an effort to slow down the progress of pandemic flu, governments will likely require many businesses to close and ban activities involving congregating people.

During a bad pandemic flu, people will become prisoners within their own homes for fear of becoming infected in public, or will be quarantined there by government mandate (martial law). Government agencies may even round up the sick and quarantine them in shelters.

During the Fall and Winter seasons, the flu will appear once again (although a pandemic virus could appear at ANY TIME). There is always uncertainty whether or not the flu strain will be highly contagious or have a high mortality rate. It may only take weeks before it’s too late to control and keep from spreading around the world.


The time to prepare for a pandemic flu is now

Pandemic flu survival requires a person to build up a supply of food and day-to-day items that are regularly used and consumed. Things like toiletries, personal care items, and soaps are good examples.  Stock up the medicine cabinet. Include an extra supply of prescription medication. Boost your supply of vitamins, pain relievers, and flu symptom medications.

N95-series masks will provide some protection because flu is mainly spread by droplets in the air from when people cough, sneeze or talk – up to about 6 feet away.

Do not settle for cheap ordinary dust masks that do not properly cover your face and allow air to leak around the edges.

This 3M 1870 Surgical Mask N95 is a good example of what you might choose for protection.

Just remember that N95 masks are not 100% reliable in that there will always be some unfiltered air getting around the edges. It is better than nothing, and better than an ordinary dust mask. For the ultimate in airborne virus protection, you really need a respirator mask that forms an air-tight seal to your face, and will be reliable based on the type of filter cartridges that are installed.

Also stock up on alcohol based hand sanitizer to reduce chances of picking up the flu from touching a surface that has flu virus on it and then touching the mouth or nose. 

Be sure to have enough food and supplies to last 3 months, while 6 months is even better. In fact, having significantly more than a 3 month supply may save your life if something occurred again such as the pandemic of 1918

All this preparation will help enable your survival at home without having to go out in public where the pandemic flu will be waiting to infect its next victim.

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