Severe Food Shortages in Weeks Without PPE | Leaked FEMA Document

PPE shortages could disrupt food supply

Several recent articles and news reports indicate that potentially major food shortages may become a shocking reality in just weeks. That is, if the food industry cannot acquire enough PPE (personal protection equipment) gear.

As you well know, there are already some food shortages in the majority of grocery stores. However a leaked FEMA document raises additional concerns of increasingly severe food shortages in a matter of weeks if the food industry and distribution channels are not adequately supplied with PPE.

Reported at, the FEMA document titled “Senior Leadership Brief COVID-19” (dated April 2, 2020) “It contains a brief description of findings made by the Food Supply Chain Task Force on the availability of PPE.”

There would be shortages of milk within 24 hours and of fresh fruits and vegetables “within several days.”

The document estimates that “meat, poultry, seafood, and processed eggs” would become scarce within a period of two to four weeks,

while “dry goods and processed foods inventories” — that is, the non-perishables that are pantry staples — could become scarce “as soon as four weeks” after face masks and gloves run out across the food supply chain.


^^ You might want to read that again.

More reports:

Two terminals for the Port of Houston were recently shut down after an employee tested positive for coronavirus.

Pennsylvania briefly closed most of its truck stops and service areas to slow the spread of the virus, threatening to also slow the distribution of food and other goods.

Some meat packagers around the country were at 3/4 capacity because of illness.


One of the nations largest poultry producers, Sanderson Farms, has disclosed that 11 eleven of its workers have become ill with COVID-19 in six different plants across the country.

~ HuffPost

Major meat processors shutting down plants nationwide as employees get sick.

Across the country, major meat processors are starting to shut down plants as employees are getting infected by coronavirus.

Tyson, one of the world’s largest meat processors, suspended operations at its Columbus Junction, Iowa, pork plant this week after more than two dozen workers contracted Covid-19 there.

JBS USA, another major meat processor, has stopped operations at its beef plant in Souderton, Pennsylvania

~ CBS Philly

Reportedly the Food and Agriculture Administration also expects global food shortages in April and May. Especially as nations take steps to protect their own food supplies. COVID-19 Coronavirus is wreaking havoc on foreign and domestic supply chains around the globe.

People within the complex food supply systems are getting ill from COVID-19.

The spreading virus is beginning to more seriously impact the food industry from production, to processing, packing, to distribution and delivery. The systems are strained.

PPE that does exist is being prioritized to hospitals and medical services. There’s simply not enough to go around. The whole world wants masks and PPE.

The next several weeks appear to be crucial. Apparently if the food industry cannot get adequately supplied with PPE, there will likely be very serious food shortages.

And then things get real interesting…

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  1. Well that was an uplifting Article Ken….. Thanks
    We all kinda figured this was/is coming, FAST, probably faster that we figured.
    Here in NM you ask? Today the Governor shut down all solo Liquor Stores, Limiting ALL stores to 20% max capacity, Shut down Car Dealerships, Starting a 8M-5AM curfew, ZERO non-essential travel, Pharmacies are not allowed to give “shots” anymore…. the list goes on.
    So how does this regard to Article?
    Simple, When the Food starts to shut down, and it will, the Sheeple will already be taught to obey the DON’T LEAVE YOUR HOME ORDERS!!!! They are actually talking $1000 fine for being away from your home.

    My prediction, very shortly after the food shuts down is when all hell is going to break lose.
    Remember the question… “What would you do if your children were starving?”.
    I hope like crazy we don’t need to find out.

    1. PS:
      I did go by my local Safeway store yesterday afternoon, to get my second Shingles Shot. Opps.
      Anyways I did a walk through and picked up a couple of cartons of Milk.
      Was totally shocked with the lack of “stuff”.
      Pre-packaged Salads, Vegetables and such were completely gone.
      Bread isle looked like maybe 50%, meats 20% left, canned goods (fruit vegetables and juices) maybe 20-30 % left, ZERO paper goods, Liquor area was wiped NO BEER left, fresh vegetables were maybe at 10% and looked nasty.
      It was shocking to see, last week there was very little problems.
      Now remember this is a small town in Po-Dunk nowhere, of 6000 people.

      I see a “Food Shortage” even without the shortages in PPEs for the food industry. Now think about it WHEN the total supply lines shut down, even the trucking industry is feeling the effects of the shut-downs.
      Most stores will not even allow the Truckers to get out of their trucks when delivering foods.

      My friends, we are at the beginning of some very hard times.

      1. Here in central Oklahoma I see shortages in all the grocery stores (WM included). Some days shelves of important items are 50% stocked, others times 10% stocked. This is in a region where ice storms and twisters are common, and almost everyone has a decent sized pantry. The big citites are going to be in serious trouble pretty soon…. I hope they don’t come here…..

          1. Just A Grandma: Very, very good point. And after they burn through that, then what? Answer: chaos.

          2. Just a prepared pundit..

            3 days to get water to Super doom…leason learned, solution on Long Island food vouchers to be used at stores that were leveled…Grandma sees it clear…

          3. just a prepared pundit:
            Actually that was 5 days ti get water to………

        1. Ok…here goes…this is only my second time to ever post a comment on line…and both in one day! :-)

          I am a great grandmother…also living in Okla. As you all know, us older folks (hubby is 81) are told to stay inside. As if we were to just stop living?! What kind of people would we be to sit home and ask someone else to go into harms way to shop for us?! Don’t they know there were no “snow flakes” in our generation? Anyway, the “orders” just keep going out for us to stay in side so we do desire to co-operate. but for how long?…till Mr G gets his draconian immunizations ready? … That’s what they are saying now. Um, Nope! NOT for me! No way! So we gotta pull up our boot straps and keep going. Right? So I looked for a way to get groceries and yet obey the authorities as near as possible. Rather impossible, isn’t it? We live far in the country. There’s no delivery service out here and besides we couldn’t afford that and who wants strangers coming in and out in a time like this anyway? So…..

          In trying to figure out what to do… I heard that a certain chain store was letting folks call their grocery orders in and they bring them out to the curb to us. Oh Happy Day! I went online and placed my first grocery order…. well, I might add that it took several days and nights before I finally was able to get an available time slot for pick up. Finally tonight we picked up our first online grocery order! Oh, I didn’t mention that the only time slot I could get was at night…and we never go out at night. But, like in much of what is happening now , we were given no choice in the matter. Well, it was after dark when we finally got back home. It was obvious when they loaded the groceries that we did not get anywhere near what we ordered. “Out of stock” is repeated again and again and again. But that wasn’t as troubling to me as was the fact that we were charged for six items that we did not even get. How did they get rung up by a cashier and not make it into our basket? Hmmm. Some one must have thought they needed them more than we.
          Yes, I will request a refund on items paid for but not delivered. Whether it happened intentionally or not, only God knows. And He DOES see all… Be it a dishonest store worker or some billionaire globalist who’d do anything to purge “their earth” of a lot of “useless eaters”. It’s all recorded in His Books.
          As I sat and pondered this evenings events two things came to mind..May I share them?
          1) The words to a song that I have not heard in years popped into my mind.

          He didn’t bring us this far – to leave us
          He didn’t teach us to swim – to let us drown
          He didn’t build his home in us- to move away
          He didn’t pick us up – to let is down

          Then something else from much further back came to mind.

 was more than half a century ago… we were driving down the highway when we noticed a camp trailer in front of us that looked like it would fall all to pieces at any moment! My husband slowed back…way back! Then after quite some time of following it he decided that it had held together that long surely it would hold together long enough that we could hurry past it. So off we went…I was really looking it over! I wanted to see if it started falling across the road! That thing was so lop sided…there were even a few boards hanging off the sides…Mercy did it look bad! But as we came along side I noticed a big sign on it that said, “When it seems life is falling apart, Look UP! God’s got everything in control!” So while I am waving and applauding the driver my husband is looking at that trailer…He exclaimed, “That thing is built as sturdy as a Sherman tank!” Then I realized it was being pulled by a late model Cadillac! The man had a message to relay…and that message has come to mind many times through the years when it looked like the world was falling apart..we can say Yes, God always brought us through….and He has not changed. While we can’t quite imagine Jesus driving a late model Cadillac…He has given us something far more valuable! He has given us many precious promises among which are…”I will never leave thee nor forsake thee”, And His Word says,” I once was young but now I am old but I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread”. He walked or rode a donkey …but he could multiply five loaves and two fishes and feed five thousand men plus women and children. …and He said, “the things that I do and greater shall you do if you believe”.
          Yes, His Word tells us there will be famines, pestilence (plagues), earth quakes, wars…etc.. preceding His return. But for those whose hearts are anchored in the Rock,…

          “Look up! God’s got everything in control!” We’re home(ward) bound!

          1. Amen to that!!! That’s all we can do in these unprecedented times – pray to Jesus and keep the faith!! Thank you for sharing.

        1. I’ve near liked big towns. My towns a couple dozen people.
          Its starting to get crowded around here.

      2. We had our first food line for vehicles to drive through yesterday in town I live in in Indiana. It was 2pm-6pm. I could not believe how many cars were in these lines. They ran out at 4:30 then car were sent away. The grocery stores are limiting the hours and the number of people in the store so it makes it look like they are doing better than they are. I know we haven’t seen anything yet.

      3. I’ve seen the same thing at my local Safeway-owned chain. But there are still other chain grocery stores who are pretty well stocked.

    2. Agreed. The big issue is people living paycheck to paycheck without adequate savings. It makes no sense how people can leave home at 18 with 2 months of rent saved and that’s it or get out of college (student loans) with a degree and little savings and need to get a job in a month so they can get an apartment before their little savings runs out. With adequate savings people can make calm and sensible decisions and not have to be worried about the month to month survival. It does start with the parents who should only have kids if they can provide a decent lifestyle and realize that support doesn’t end at 18. They should either support kids at home until they have the savings to move out or support the kids out of the home (like the first year out of college) until they have built up adequate reserves. If every parent made sure his or her kids are taken care of then so many problems wouldn’t exist. The problem parents who pass on problem genes maybe shouldn’t have kids. A lot of liberal people in their 20s say they don’t want kids and that is wonderful as they often are mentally unstable. I never donate a cent to charitable causes because I don’t want my money ending up in the hands of liberals who breed bad problems.

      1. Jackson Aimson
        The problem with your theory is most of the parents live check to check also and have never learned themselves or taught their children anything about financial responsibility. if the did we wouldn’t have so many of these kids living on takeout,drowning in debt or getting degrees in making mudpie’s or modern dance or whatever they go to collage for that doesn’t get them a job in the real world.

        1. poorman: parents never taught their kids resp. and saving, work eithics. I started saving in grade school as other kids did. Kids should be working at 16 (I am a retiree and then many were) part time, same w/ college pt time work. It is really a sorry mess when even my peers near retirement age or older have sky high debt and lack of solid values. The point is: this is generational, started with parents (some boomers) born in mid 50’s on, passed to their kids now several generations later ongoing. Those that cannot afford kids or don’t want any, need to see a specialist, get medically sterilized (outpatient not in hosp.) and quit depending on pills and condoms.

        2. Agreed that a lot of people live paycheck to paycheck. They can break the cycle by not having kids until they are able to offer a decent lifestyle to their kids. If all kids stayed at home at 18 and didn’t move out until they had a year of anticipated living expenses saved up and always maintained it until an emergency situation, then everyone would be much better off. The cycle has to break though. It has been ingrained in people by culture that adulthood begins at 18 and people should live on their own. That has produced dire consequences. We can’t fix the past but we can fix the future. Government throwing money at it isn’t going to fix the problem if people keep repeating the same mistakes. Kids need to stay home and it really is an easy solution because there is no cost difference between 17 and 18. If kids were home at 17 even if parents are struggling the parents can continue and their kids can build up a strong financial position. I’m with you. I think college is a waste of time and also is detrimental for intellect because 18 year olds are programmed with biased information by overwhelming biased professors. There should be no college with core courses but engineering schools, coding schools, agriculture schools, medical schools, chemistry schools, etc. Too much money is wasted and the expense not justified. The only way to end this is to change the culture that college is necessary and encourage employers to drop the college requirement for careers that don’t need it.

          1. I’ve always believed that college is not “necessary” (for many career avenues). Thanks for bringing that up.

            If I were a an employer, I would not be particularly concerned if said person has a college degree. Rather, their potential employment would hinge on my own discretion whether or not this person is able to adequately start the position with adequate starting skills (sometimes which only require common sense), has the right “head on their shoulders”, the right attitude, and many more instinctive things which I would pick up during interview.

            That said, I’m NOT trashing college! It is quite necessary in many fields where particular expertise is absolutely essential.

            I agree in principle though that the notion that “college culture is necessary” is in many ways false.

        3. Ken,
          Boy ain’t that the truth! college has its place, but damn. How many Minority Studies PhDs does a nation need???? While my college degrees did me well, I have to say I was blessed to be an exception. I am a firm believer in trade schools, we as a nation need them more than ever!

        4. Ken,
          Ive been in the trades for 30 years+
          I know a lot of degreed guys n gals working trades because they could never find work in their degree field or they decided they hated the job after going through all that trouble,,,,

      2. You must remember that they do not teach any kind of budgeting in schools and even parents don’t teach their children budgeting. I am 45 and was never taught how to budget. Figured it out a few years ago thank GOD, but until then I was making the same mistakes most make and living paycheck to paycheck. I have since changed and changed my husband’s ways and we are doing ok now.

        1. uhh, ok laura ann – I’ll get right on that.

          Anyone else? C’mon fellas, let’s try for a group discount. aye…

        2. Laura Ann,

          Yup, been there, done that many years ago. Never regretted it either. the gate swings both ways though too, ya know?

        3. Miner J
          +1 mind you,
          But still, some people show their extreme distaste for the other gender through their comments,,,

        4. modern throwback & tmcgyver: Women can get their tubes cauterized or blocked (Gyn spec.) also. No one needs kids with a zero future when the gov. is now ushering in a police state and agenda 2030. ( couples can foster or even adopt ones already here if they desire.

        5. laura ann

          Take your birth control BS, some where else.

          My Daughter has 9 kids. There is NOTHING better in this world than children. These grand kids, are the reason I live for.

        6. laura ann,

          the women need to have their tubes tied and be responsible about their bodies too. Oh, yes, I am a woman and have two kids, a daughter and a son. Both have been thought by me to be responsible. And I do not believe that responsibilities are with the man only. Because I see a lot of kids from different daddy’s everywhere, whos fault is that?

      1. An overwhelming percentage of condoms are made in Malaysia. Yep – they are all shut down. …. still thinking on Ms. Laura Ann’s mandate. Flashbacks to the bitter feminist critters of the 70’s. …shudder…

      2. Just remember the ant and the other playful critter. The only thing an ant worries about is a human with round-up.

    3. Didn’t know about the curfew in NM. Wonder where the $ would go from the fines? Didn’t think about a food problem because of lack of PPEs. Need more chocolate!

    4. “Prepare” is what people do when they have been taught how to grow up and be productive.

      Problems got worse when the Feds started “welfare”. All they gave society was generational welfare families where there is no male as the head of household. Those dudes went to prison, or got killed. Fast forward 3-5 generations, depending on the reproduction rate of these winners, and we have new street-respect: “baby mama” and “baby daddy” because there is a complete lack of morals and dignity.

      When I see these losers with professional manicures, hair weaves, and nice cars, and they’re toting around a bunch of children buying garbage that taxpayers funded, it pisses me off to no end. Wait til they get rounded up and put in the convention centers or the empty malls when things get real dicey and those EBT cards don’t work.

      I wonder if the Feds will bus them off to small towns across the US to disperse the blight. They certainly won’t be able to shelter, feed, or clothe them for long.

      1. MT:

        Busing the gimmedats to greener pastures? Already been done! Late 70’s. Chicago Public Schools. Stunning failure, full of forgotten victims. Rather than integrate, the gibs simply infected all of the suburban schools with their violence, ghetto ways and babymama mentality. FFW 40 years, and they’ve destroyed the upper half of Illinois, while still crying ‘racism’. So-freaking-glad I left that hole when I did.

        1. Tmc, wasn’t busing pretty much a failure in most places? I’m not sure I trust the objective being about education as much as a means to “integrate” races in America. The Feds don’t seem to understand that people want to be with those they’re most comfortable with and it doesn’t mean people are ‘racist’ or ‘phobic’ — it’s a comfort issue. Look how things have progressed since then, and since govt pushed so much racism onto society that people have fought back and it’s becoming more and more obvious that people like their tribes, whatever they may be.
          I’ve always thought it so funny to see how the elites tell everyone else how to behave, and give out the rules for the minions to follow, yet they don’t do it themselves. Elites, being superior to everyone else, don’t socialize with those in poverty — unless it’s a photo op. Wealthy people don’t hang around the ghetto, and most from the ghetto wouldn’t even want them there.

      2. Hello NRP & all- – the report from my WalMart in south NM today- food side entrance open, the other side closed. Caution tape dividing in & out. Each cart sprayed & wiped by an employee and waiting for you. Not crowded, many checkouts open, still very few people wearing masks- I expect we’ll start seeing some interesting ones being used soon. The auto service section is shut down, lights out, taped off. But everything else was accessible, including seeds- I picked up some various cheapo $.50 American Seed packets.
        No serious shortages here except I tell you this town hasn’t really had any t.p. for sale since Friday the 13th.
        Anyway. looks like instead of ground beef and sacks of potatoes it may soon be cans of spam and french cut green beans.

      3. “I wonder if the Feds will bus them off to small towns across the US to disperse the blight. They certainly won’t be able to shelter, feed, or clothe them for long.”

        Now there is a cheery thought!

        1. We have history to warn us…Started with Natives to move them in the 1800s. Now, all it takes is too many homeless, too many illegals, too many ‘refugees’, too many disaster victims.

          A thought — now that CA’s homeless are being put up in hotels, does anyone believe they’ll be put back out in the streets?

        2. Sure they will be able to. They will divert all of the supplies to themselves first. If you aren’t with them you get the late seconds.

    5. I have a hunch this is only the beginning. This is not about a virus. That is only an excuse. This is psychological warfare. In an unbelievable mass coordinated effort around the globe, the populations are being indoctrinated in the ways of totalitarian rule, and one-world government. They will give us brief respites, followed by unending lockdowns. Ultimately they want most of us dead, with the remaining serfs serving them (the super-rich elite) in a “Hunger Games” sort of world.

    6. Best comment yet. We close truck/rest stops and still charge tolls to our front line – truckers. They should have ALL resources available for free, stops guarded and tolls closed down for them to keep things moving. Looks like “they” are knocking out the US for the big change. My friend says the rug has been pulled for the green new deal. With no flights, limited traffic and empty buildings it looks like they are half way to the goal. Another friends says we’re entering the final 2300 days of Daniel 11.

    7. Seems to me, and according to Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai that the powers that be are avoiding simple , inexpensive measures like taking vitamin D3, 1000 mg (IU), Zinc 50mg, Magnesium 400mg and vitamin C 1000mg daily, to boost our immune systems and fight this virus and get back to work. Dr. Shiva can be heard on YouTube. Its worth the time, really!

      1. Phil T Rich –

        I’m pretty sure that a gram of D3 would put a person IN the hospital. This is probably why Ken bristles at medical advice. Maybe double check your UOM.

      2. I’ve edited the above comment — crossed out “mg” while assuming he meant “IU” with reference to Vitamin D3.

    8. Only Jesus saves and he’s coming back soon very soon! Today is the day to make Jesus Lord and savior of your life ! Don’t wait too late! The mark of the beast system is being rolled out right before our eyes! The Rapture is imminent! If you are left behind don’t get the mark of the beast! Jesus loves you! John 3:16 Acts 4:12

  2. This is why we are not using our long term storage yet… We are being smart ordering food that allows for curbside pickup from a supplier or direct delivery from a local farm.

    My opinion is as follows: only take calculated risks that you feel comfortable with.

    If you are rural with minimal county cases… you should consider calling your local store owner ask if you can pick up an order outside of the store… just phone it in… keep your distance wear PPE when picking up and then decontaminate the items and allow them to sit in your grange for 10 days or longer. Plastic bagged products or Styrofoam egg cases can be sprayed with bleach water.

    Once you stop resupplying your long term storage… the clock starts ticking on your long term stores. So if you had a years of food and you started to self quarantine back in mid Feb. You now only have 10 1/2 months of food left. Before there are actual shortages.

    Be smart, Be savvy there you do not have to go into a wally world for supplies. Look to restaurant supply stores.

    Stay Safe

    1. Why would you wait 10 days? Information I have seen says Covid19 only lasts one day on cardboard and 3 days on plastic. Have you seen other information? We have designated a table in the carport for packages we have ordered, with a Sharpie for dating them.

    2. WC, I do have to say, your comment kept me motivated to his Aldis again this week. I am ready to keep my distance but I keep thinking that there may come a time that we cannot restock so…..don the nitrile gloves and mask. And I picked up a couple items for others that are not shopping. Leave it on their porch.

      I scored TP today!

  3. I went to Wally World early this morning, (5:30 a.m.) and it was crowded already. I noticed people were a lot more rude than the last time I was there. The shortage of food and non-food items is really starting to show. However, I still got most of what I wanted, but I fear that won’t be happening for long. I got the rest of what I wanted at Krogers, (Fred Meyer). They were a little better off. I think it would be prudent to get what you want or can get now, as I believe it will get ugly soon. Hopefully, I hope I’m wrong, as I usually am, and the sun will shine, the flowers will bloom, and the birds will sing.

    1. P.S. Just a little reminder, be sure to plant a little extra in your gardens this year.

  4. Ashamed to say writing in from the Central Coast of CA here. Stores have become better stocked, (maybe 75-80%) from the initial rush a few weeks back. Local news is singing of better times on the horizon and the local infected numbers have slowed which is the basis for their conclusion.

    What started out as mostly compliant with the shelter at home order, has mostly reversed itself and the traffic and ped traffic is back up to normal levels as if they’re convinced things are back to normal or they just don’t feel like complying.

    Been watching the steady stream of traffic at the ATM’s ever since the FDIC chair told everyone 2-3 weeks back that their money was “safe in the banks” and urging people not to pull their cash out.

    It makes sense this will play out in “waves” and the first one has passed. The food, (and fuel) chain slowing again would definitely take things into the “second wave” quick.

    Just my observations from the west side of things.

    Careful everyone, Silver Lodge

    1. Silver Lodge;
      I like you analogy of;
      “Been watching the steady stream of traffic at the ATM’s ever since the FDIC chair told everyone 2-3 weeks back that their money was “safe in the banks” and urging people not to pull their cash out.”
      Sure does show everyone of the thinking of trust in the .gov huh?

      Please do remember though… “We’re from the Government, We’re here to help”

  5. Make America Great Again. My feeling is that POTUS will loosen the reins before all of the above takes place. I think ‘They’ are just pushing us to the edge of the cliff, only to make the turn on two wheels and land on four wheels before plunging off. All of the countries love money and power too much and if necessary will forfeit some humans and begin to lie about the number of viruses and deaths (China) before the economies falter too much. Grim you bet. This is Societal Reset. The last one was Sept. 11 2001. The Powers That Be always direct our attention elsewhere so we do not see what is really happening. Stay tuned for the next episode…..

  6. Ice Age Farmer made a similar report the other day. He’s got lots of links to a variety of reference reports.

    This is on top of the delay in processing temporary visas for the hundreds of thousands of mostly our Mexican neighbors who come to plant, tend, and harvest here, last year’s poor crop yield, and anticipated weather-related lower yields this year.

    We all need to pay attention to the scenario Ken’s laid out. Read it more than once, for sure. If we have the resources, we should overtop our current supplies. Our MAGs, families, friends, and neighbors may come to bless us for having done so. If we can afford to expand our gardens and livestock production we should do so.

    We can all use a little extra good karma.

    Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.
    Heb 13:2 NIV

  7. Yahoo article stated, “Officials from FEMA, HHS and Homeland Security did not respond to a request for comment. “We are not seeing any disruptions,” a senior Trump administration official said, but declined to comment on the task force findings.”

    Well, we know that is a blatant lie. And if these people are even failing on-the-job, from their personal perspectives every one of them has to admit to the food shortages already seen in the majority of grocery stores!!)

    Under the auspices of DHS, both FEMA and CISA are closely monitoring and studying ALL of the identified US sectors that are involved with COVID in any way. If, for any reason, these agencies decide that a private enterprise is not performing to their expectations, the Feds can, and would, come in.

    There are a bunch of identified critical sectors within the US. FEMA and CISA have all sorts of rules, regulations, and policies. Think “control.”

    Here is some of their verbiage:
    “CISA Releases Guidance on Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers During COVID-19” March 19, 2020
    (clipped from the Guidance document)

    March 16, 2020 the President issued updated Coronavirus Guidance for America. This guidance states that:

    “If you work in a critical infrastructure industry, as defined by the Department of Homeland Security, such as healthcare services and pharmaceutical and food supply, you have a special responsibility to maintain your normal work schedule.”

    CISA executes the Secretary of Homeland Security’s responsibilities as assigned under the Homeland Security Act of 2002 to provide strategic guidance, promote a national unity of effort, and coordinate the overall Federal effort to ensure the security and resilience of the Nation’s critical infrastructure. The list of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers was developed in coordination with Federal agencies and the private sector as a guide to help decision-makers within communities understand how to ensure continuity of essential functions and critical workforce as they consider COVID-related restrictions in certain communities (e.g., shelter-in-place). The list can also inform critical infrastructure community decision-making to determine the sectors, sub sectors, segments, or critical functions that should continue normal operations, appropriately modified to account for Centers for Disease Control (CDC) workforce and customer protection guidance. These critical functions include, but are not limited to, systems that support healthcare personnel (e.g., doctors, nurses, laboratory personnel, etc.), the food industry (e.g., retail groceries and pharmacies), communication providers (e.g., operator, call centers, IT data centers), defense systems support, law enforcement, public works, and other essential operations. Workers who support these critical functions are necessary to keep critical systems and assets working.

    (Further down in this Guidance, it states the following: “The list does not impose any mandates on state or local jurisdictions or private companies.” Note the exclusion of public and/or publicly-traded companies.)

  8. For those that have a particular need for N95 protection:
    The N95 can be resterilized.
    From the University of Tennessee.
    In your oven suspend the masks using clothespins.
    Do not let the masks touch metal. It will ruin them.
    Preheat oven to 158 F
    Bake for 30 minutes.
    An oven thermometer is helpful as home ovens vary.
    Many of you may have seen articals stating a temperature of 133 F.
    That was third hand information originating from a study in CHINA and repeated.
    I’ll go with a materials scientist from the U of T.
    Alternately, the mask can be boiled for 3 minutes.

      1. Kula, Me too, just read that it was reported that some of the sick folks there were burned while alive , I haven’t cried in 20+ years, but did so upon reading that.


        1. Seminole Wind,
          The Communist party in China is the same one that praises Mao,,,
          Let that sink in, Mao killed more of his own people than Hitler.

          1. Kula,

            Yep they sure did, around 100m in total in all the communist years and regimes in the orient. Mao’s purges killed around 70m.

            The Soviets, including Stalin and all the Soviet states’ purges killed around another 100m people.

            Both of these figures could be way too low though as much of the evidence was destroyed.

            WW2 killed around 70m people (that includes famine and disease), military casualties were around 25m of that. This is an accurate figure based on a whole lot of public records that survived.

            Quite a lot of the WW2 deaths occurred after the WW2 was over (e.g. 1.5million surrendered German POW troops died, many under US guard, many of these died from disease, but a whole lot of them died from starvation, Red Cross was kept away from these POW camps. The Russians executed at least 50,000 surrendered German officers).

            That’s Socialism for you..

        2. Seminole:

          That ‘story’ was third-hand hearsay from a group called Falun Gong. Do you know who they are and what their mission is?

          As difficult as it is, think it through. Does it even make practical sense? A subsonic bullet or quick air embolism would have made bag stuffing much easier and quieter. Isn’t China supposed to be the king of Fentanyl?? THINK. Zipping them up, kicking and screaming? Give me a break.

          This is AgitProp to help justify a war. Wait til you learn what they are telling their citizens about us. Don’t be a pawn.

          1. Nathan James:

            Ahh, there ya got me didn’t ya. How long have you been posting here?

          2. tmcgyver;
            You a Troll???? HAHAHAH
            Ohhhh that’s a good one. ROFLMAO
            Even Blue is laughing on that one

          3. Tmc
            I don’t think everyone is buying your “Chinese are innocent” story. The complete lack of truth from China is very telling. The fact that the Chinese have been lying to the world has caused additional deaths and suffering. These things, coming from a country with extreme behaviors like genocide, don’t sit well for most Americans. Not to mention that China is a hard Communist nation filled with communists.

            Some of us have read plenty of legitimate information about the COVID development and how it probably leaked out of the Wuhan lab. Just today, a retired military officer (an Army Colonel) who worked at worked at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases wrote:

            ” “there appears to be a politically-motivated campaign to demonstrate that CoVid-19 occurred naturally as a species ‘jump’ from animals to humans originating in the Wuhan wet market…there is still little evidence that directly supports that contention.”

            He continued, ““the technology to create a coronavirus chimera has been demonstrated,” and “deadly viruses have previously ‘leaked’ out of Chinese virology labs in two separate incidents.”

            “Given the illness, death and economic destruction caused by CoVid-19, it is the responsibility of the Chinese government to fully open its research files and databases to international inspection, including information about the hundreds of coronavirus isolates, in order to ascertain the true origin of the Chinese CoVid-19 coronavirus.”

            Why would Chinese scientists develop such a sinister viral beast, leak it, and then become secretive to the world, knowing the damage that they themselves had seen? China has lengthy history of not placing a high value on life. Their ideology really doesn’t blend well with American values.

          4. MT:

            You put “Chinese are innocent” in quotes. And you attributed the quote to me. I’ve never in my life said, or typed those words.

            Government workers there are generally ornery rotten creeps… kinda like our government employees. Yet if a street cop wants to ask you a question, they don’t do it at gunpoint, like US cops. They don’t handcuff you “for their safety” like US cops. They just ask the question.

            As for civilians, they have a fair mix of decent, versus indecent. Just like the USA, I elect to associate with the former, while doing my best to ignore the latter.

            Remember not so long ago, Russia was part of “The Evil Empire” (TM). Now people go there on vacation. Not long before that, North Vietnam sat at the right hand of Satan. Now they have taken over a good portion of Chinese manufacturing, just to placate the new American paradigm.

            In summary – they are human beings. And I believe the majority of them deserve to be regarded and treated as such.

          5. Tmcgyver, I saw a video of a woman saying that yes they did bag up people who were still breathing to dispose of instead of waiting until their last breathe. These people were still gasping but unable to fight.

          6. Peanut – You “saw a video of a woman who said”… thank you for making my point for me, better than I was able to do.

          7. Kind of hard to fathom. However it is not uncommon for people who are so far gone to have what is called agonal respiration’s. This is when some one is taking a breath every 30 seconds or so. For all intensive purposes they are already dead. This is not to be confused with very shallow respiration’s. For the record I’ve seen a monitored heart “beat” for up to 30 minutes after death was pronounced. Random electrical conduction through the heart tissue but the heart muscle isn’t moving so it really isn’t beating, just looks that way on the monitor. These people are the recently dead, The brain is so hypoxic that it can’t register. There is a protocol for pulseless electrical activity but it is usually useless. As a rule flat liners don’t come back except in the movies.

            Makes sense in a cold hearted way to move these people out to make room for those who can still be treated.

    1. Paleo…read it quickly.. just realised you said “boiled”…Really? wont it get soggy, destroy inner fibres etc?

      1. Article by Dr. Peter P. Tsai, inventor of the electrostatic charging technology that makes the filter media of face masks including medical and N95. Dr. Tsai is a material scientist not a virologist and as such his advice is on possible sterilization techniques and how the materials perform. He does not give any advice on the performance of the re-sterilized N95 or mask against the virus.
        Q6: Can the respirator be treated by boiling water?
        A: Yes. Our investigation showed that sterilization in boiling water for three minutes has an unnoticeable effect on the charge loss on the electret. However, to avoid physically damaging the mask, stirring is not recommended. Note that it is important to be sure that the inner or the outer veil of the mask is not made of paper-like tissues – paper pulp or nonwovens bond by water soluble binder – which will either dissolve in water resulting in loose fibers in the veil or the loss of its strength after exposing to water. Add https:// to

      2. Let me provide a little meat processing update from the middle of Texas. I have had beef butchered for the last 25 years (I am a rancher) and I have gotten to know many processing plant owners over the years. The processing plants are running full out, often two shifts and they can not keep up with demand. The owners know that the “great shut down” is comming and they want to make their money while they can. They are charging about 20% more than before, labor is tight. After so many years in business they know the signs of a crash that is comming and so do the butchers themselves.
        Before a new shifts starts work their temperature is taken by the state inspector, who is present all day each day. Just one case of the virus and the entire processing plant will be shut down.
        Next time I will write about the hay and feed grain end of the cattle business. It is even far more at risk than processing and so is the auction barn business.

        1. Texas Boy:

          Have you heard of any deadlines at the butcher, perhaps 15 April? I posted earlier about a state mandate in PA for all cattle to be sold by then.

    2. If you have several masks you might alternate their use. After using one today, take it off and leave it sit 10 days. If there is virus on it , it is not going to live on the mask indefinitely without dying.

    3. I have a question. Does anyone think that misting a mask with colloidal silver will help the efficiency? Or is that just wishful thinking?

      1. BigBadCat;
        Good question, I believe this has been asked before.
        Personally I have no exact idea.
        BUT, I make it more of a policy to go nowhere I need a Mask OR my Hazmat Suit.
        Hunker down time for this old fart.
        Fishing and walks around the Homestead are the main goal now-a-days.
        That and the Garden planting and such.

      2. – BigBadCat,
        Honestly, I would have to say I really don’t know.
        What I would suspect, is that it would be wishful thinking. being as the effectiveness of an N-95 or better is established as an electromagnetic measure, I would be afraid that spraying it with a silver (conductive) solution might actually make it less effective. if I were going to use colloidal silver, I would spray it on something like a procedure mask or even a coffee filter and wear it over the N-95 after it was dry, to be sure I didn’t adversely affect the mask’s effectiveness.
        – Papa S.

  9. I thought we were all gonna be set free the end of April? Truckers should catch up fairly soon after that. I got faith in them. We still have only 2 cases in our county, from a couple that vacationed elsewhere and returned home. Our county is under stay-at-home orders, but obviously doesn’t apply to my neighbors. They are in and out multiple times a day, getting project items and landscaping stuff. Had a party last weekend. Contractors coming and going, etc. Their grandkids showed up yesterday to stay a few days, like always.

    We are still using up fresh stuff, and our son drops off a few items like bananas and milk. Told him to stop now. We really don’t need anything more. We’ll wait it out now till the end of April. Thank goodness it’s not as bad as they’ve predicted it to be as far as number of deaths. Does make me question this whole thing. Personally, I think it’s just a global economic reset. Just MHO.

    1. Yet,,,,
      Its not as bad as they predicted yet,,,,,
      People are starting to get antsy. Most can barely sit still on a sunday morning to hang out with family let alone for 4-6 weeks going nowhere.
      It will dip, then explode….

  10. “Tyson Foods, one of the country’s biggest meat processors, says it suspended operations at its pork plant in Columbus Junction Iowa after more than 2dozen workers got sick with covid19. National beef packing stopped… at another Iowa plant, and HBS USA shut down a beef plant in PA”

    “A handful of workers at a JBS plant in Greeley CO tested positive… hundreds of workers didn’t show up for work Monday in protest for lack of protections for workers”

    This is an article dated this afternoon on NPR. It was at the top of my search results when looking for more info on this subject. Does not sound good.

  11. I have been wondering when some more shoes would drop, Trump sending our Navy to Venezuela/ South China Sea and now a possible food shortage? Will the next “shoe” be a Terror attack on our grid, or maybe just the power companies shutting down because of their employees getting sick? Sure is getting “sporty” ain’t it?

    Stay safe and God bless

  12. Just heard on local radio station (news), The TX. Gov. has ordered the closer of all state parks effective at 5 pm. today (4/07/2020). So, if you wanted to use the boat ramp at your local lake to do some fishing; You can’t, it’s closed until further notice.

  13. Things are ok here in NYC (good area in the Bronx). Had Brawny paper towels (love Bounty) and some toilet tissue for the first time in a month. Shelves are pretty well stocked. I think this crisis has just magnified existing problems. People living paycheck to paycheck without adequate savings (12 months of living expenses) are enduring what they normally do although all at once and a greater scale. People who have adequate savings or still are making a decent income can order what they need online either groceries locally (freshdirect, peapod), amazon pantry or from grubhub. People who can’t do that probably couldn’t do it before.

    This isn’t Ebola with a severe death rate. It is scary but since the morality is low we will still have plenty of food supply although with hospitals and cops hoarding N-95s that is something that will take a year to get a hold of in big quantity (had 6 before crisis and ordered 6 N95s last week for about $8-12 a mask which is fair). When I can it is 100 for me, 100 for my mom and 100 for my dad. Same thing with 91% isopropyl rubbing alcohol. But aside from that I don’t see life threatening shortages. If there are no eggs there are plenty of substitutes. No bread then there is plenty of junk food in the junk food aisles that will provide carbs. No lobster but plenty of frozen fish.

    1. Jackson Aimson;
      No Lobster?
      That is just down right unacceptable…. PERIOD!
      The hell with the TP shortage, But Lobster NOOOOOOOOOO

      1. To be proper; It’s pronounced Lobstaa (lob-staa), not Lobster (lob-stir) and it’s wicked good with some melted butta. Yup.

          1. Grey n Ken:
            Y’all meanen “neck o da woods”?
            Thinken da sayen goes

        1. I think there is an H at the end of Lobstah….At least in Maine and New Hampshire…..!

    2. Jackson, I have to disagree with you. We use Sam’s and Amazon regularly for our business…most items are out of stock – it is hit and miss what will be available. Check it out yourself if you don’t believe me.

      I even attempted to send some items to my ex DIL in GA, my cart was emptied of half the items prior to check out by Sam’s. Said they were not available.

  14. The corona virus will go down in history that killed more jobs than people. Read that yesterday and am wondering if it is true.

  15. Saw my first face mask today — an employee of the grocery store.

    I wasn’t going to go out again, but after reading your article and looking up cases in Wyoming (still no deaths and only 6 cases in the NW quarter of our state, no cases in Big Horn County.)

    Anyway I decided to top off my groceries; I was almost completely out of fresh fruits and vegetables. I bought fresh foods, including lots of veggies and a half gallon of milk that doesn’t expire until June. I also bought cat food and coconut oil. Still no tp, but they had rice and noodles so I bought a package of each.

    1. I am getting senile. I forgot to mention the reason I posted the above in the first place!

      I spent $76, which is more than usual, and when I mentioned to the cashier that I was stocking up in case the disease came to our county and I might decide to stay home for a while, she said,

      “It is a good idea to buy as much as you can because a lot of the things you bought today probably won’t be available at all in a couple of weeks.”

  16. News article on beef and dairy you may wish to take the time to read:
    midwestfarmreportdotcom for the date of 4/4/2020 for both articles.

  17. AC:

    I saw 3 articles from the 4th, all to do with excess dairy stockpiles, due to food service cancellations and the inability to shift to smaller retail packaging. This just reeks of government bureaucracy. Many people would gladly take that 50 pound bag of cheese, divide it up, vac-seal and freeze it. Instead they are dumping milk to maintain price point integrity in a market which has ‘udderly’ collapsed.

    Shoot even over here my co-workers pooled their Costco orders to get a truck delivery, divided everything up once it got here. People still CAN figure things out without big daddy government setting every rule.

    Side note – public schizophrenia. Yesterday our call center was lit up like a mid-summer sale was happening. today, we are DEAD. I’m reading the Midwest farm report, instead of working. Never seen such a thing

  18. Mr. and I suited up and went to Kroger. Real quiet which was great. There was no one counting anyone going in and out. Appox 3/4 had no mask on. Appox 1/4 of those with mask had gloves on also. Plenty of potatoes and veggies. Fresh fish cooler was open again. Very little in the fresh beef/chicken cooler. Plenty in the regular coolers. Only allowing 3 per family along with eggs and milk. Some staples still empty on shelves and freezer items, along with TP and other paper goods.

  19. I got gas today for $1.40 a gallon at Walmart and scored 18 pack of Charmin, 6 lbs. of ground beef, 4 packages of Johnsonville Brats, 3 cans of Vienna Sausages! Protein Baby😋😋

  20. The guy on the television said that “all we need to get thru this is a little
    common sense.”

    I think some of y’all are in trouble!

  21. There would be shortages of milk within 24 hours? Read an article the other day saying dairies were dumping milk due to the lower demand because schools are not in session. OK! who is right?

    1. I wonder about this because the cows still need milking. I support my local dairy by buying their products. Hopefully the milk supply will be okay. But to hedge my bets I have six gallons in the freezer.

    2. Both. Farmers are dumping milk partially because they can’t get a price for it that will pay their expenses, and partially because the distribution system is overwhelmed. In the article mentioned, the co-op where they sell their milk told them to dump it because of a lack of market (schools and restaurants not buying). They were getting much more than could be processed when balanced against what was going out, so they told the farmers to dump their milk.

      Shortages due to processing problems (lack of PPE) come after the dumping of milk and could indeed stop milk processing in its tracks, resulting in more dumping even while the shortage gets worse. If the milk that is available can’t be processed to FDA standards, then yes there could be a shortage within hours.

      1. Lauren, it does appear to be a basic economic dilemma. But! I’m unsure if there isn’t more to the shortages, or COULD be more coming up. Remember the US loves to extend our food supply to other nations all the time. In fact, a few weeks ago, the US and China agreed for US wheat to be sold to China.

        1. Oh, certainly there’s more. I was responding to a simple Yes/no question from “Not me.” Adding in the extraneous information seemed counter productive.

          1. Could you share what you think will happen? Would like to know your thoughts based on your readings.
            I’m trying to figure out how to plan for the typical ‘unknown’ with all of these new ‘unknown’ factors coming at us at warp speed. It helps me to process the illogical in a more logical fashion. lol

          2. It’s complicated, and I can’t say what will happen as much as I can say what I (and others) see happening.

            The situation with dumping milk–I went back and looked at the original article. The co-op sent out a letter stating that it was a management decision, that they couldn’t use all the milk they were getting and asking the farmers to dump it. However, the letter (a picture in the article) stated that it was a USDA decision.

            Unsubstantiated reports of inspection officials refusing approval (or whatever they call it) for various food products, apparently without reason, and demanding that those food products be discarded. Unsubstantiated, but coming from widely disparate areas with the same stories. One first hand, one 2nd hand.

            Seasonal workers not arriving. Choose your reason, whether COVID or choosing not to apply.

            Food processing plants shutting down, either as directed by officialdom or because of virus fears.

            Those that aren’t shutting down, unions are choosing this moment to put pressure on management with walk-outs and other actions.

            State border closures stop trucking as well as other traffic.

            Farmers being ordered to sell off their animals–another co-op decision, demanding that they either stop production or sell off animals by a certain date. They would get a co-op credit for the animals sent to slaughter and must provide proof of the sale. The implication was definitely “we would prefer you sell the animals” because there was no credit for just stopping production. This would lead to an immediate drop in production, and a period of years before production could be ramped up again.

            At the same time, beef farmers are choosing to slaughter and discard (bury) animals that they can’t afford to feed. Some say it’s because they can’t afford to sell for the amount they’re being offered. Others because the feedlots are not even open, or because the meat packing plants can’t keep up.

            On a more basic level, a letter went out to farmers from one of the major seed companies in December? (I can’t remember the exact details) stating that if they want seed in the spring order it NOW because they’re short. Farmers have been buying the seed for feed to keep their animals over the winter.

            Because our food system is so intertwined and so extremely regulated, any little hickup is going to cause problems. Farmers can’t just go out and find another market. Distributors are locked into contracts. If the USDA or the FDA says “DON’T,” it’s an absolute even if it makes no sense whatsoever.

            So food is wasted even while shortages deepen. Reminds me of something my grandfather said–he lived through the depression, and even while people were starving in New York the US government was buying food from foreign countries (a form of foreign aid) and rather than sell it to the people they dumped it in the ocean to prevent it from affecting the US economy.

            So take historical precedent or whatever you like, it’s not going to get better any time soon. The information is out there, and while I keep hearing “This isn’t happening where I am” it is spreading and I’m hearing it more often first-hand and documented.

          3. Thanks, Lauren. You made a couple of points that I was unaware of.
            This is really a multi-pronged problem and from what we’re able to figure out, will take a long time to remedy.

            In the short-term, individuals need to get more prepared for the long stretch by making additional purchases for pantries/storage, adjusting what/how foods are being made for personal consumption, and growing some/more foods.

          4. Agreed. It’s almost impossible to provide all the information in a short post.

            Our food supply and distribution is in serious disarray. It appears that .gov is making it worse. Regulation is making it worse. International chaos is making it worse. Weather and natural disasters are making it worse. When people who have no idea how to prepare stop trusting government to solve the problems, that makes it worse. Etc.

            Perfect storm.

  22. Thanks for posting those articles and passing along the info. I read it and hit the market for canned goods. I generally don’t keep many on hand. I found lots of produce on sale, no paper products, no cleaning products. I have enough food for several weeks. Hopefully enough until I can get the garden in the ground and it producing early crops. Unfortunately, it’s supposed to snow again this week.

    1. Chuck, I’m very happy that this inspired you to acquire more foods for your pantry, just in case! Keep an eye on the news and alt-news…

  23. I’ve been out to Publix once a week for the last four or five weeks. I was able to get a 12 pack of toilet paper. We have a year’s supply–I thought I would pick up another pack while I could. Eggs and bread have been sold out or available only in limited supply. Milk has been plentiful. Fresh fruits and vegetables are usually well picked over. Last time I went their meat section was well stocked. I picked up two roasts for Sunday dinners and a ham for Easter dinner.

    I am expecting food shortages–much worse than we are seeing now. It is going to get ugly. When the Mormons run out of beans, we should all be worried! (The LDS Online Store is out of black beans, white beans and pinto beans.) Chewy was out of dog food. I was able to purchase two 40 lb. bags from Walmart–the only two left in stock. I don’t think most folks realize how fragile our “just in time” food delivery system really is.

  24. Interesting timing on this article. Today local news reiterated SEVERAL times throughout the day that people should try to avoid grocery stores over the next couple weeks as they expect COVID to peak in our state. Could it be that media is being fed this message because there won’t be much coming in over the next several weeks……

    1. rb308, the reason is a good many community spread cases right now are found to have the only common denominator is grocery store visit. I know that is the case for us locally as well. When doing the tracking on those that agree to answer the questions, it does appear to be the high traffic area. I heard a couple counties up north of me had a lady test positive and get “quarantined” so she decided she needed to drive to another town and shop for several hours to get all her stuff. Morons live among us, and they thieve perfectly good oxygen.

        1. Judd,
          Thats why donkeys like most career politicians get in term after term,,,,
          Most people vote for a familiar name, have no clue the bullshit these so called “representatives” are up to or about.
          Everybody should have to pass a test on said “representatives” background etc before being able to vote for anyone.

  25. I just read an article that I’m having trouble with. Fred Boehler, CEO of American Logistics, and a supposed expert on food chain was quoted by BBC last week (4/2) saying:
    Retail grocery keep a 20-30 day supply of goods in their own storerooms, the retailer (day Kroeber or Safeway) keeps another 30 days of food in their local distribution centers, and there is another 30 days in regional centers waiting to go to retailers. Add to that an average of 30 days supply in production facilities and there is nearly 4 months of non-perishable foods
    In the supply chain waiting to go on the shelf.

    20-30 days supply in individual grocery retailers? Maybe there is that much in various warehouses and distribution centers, but where would a grocery store keep 20-30 days of stock on hand?

    He also went on to say that most retailers have a lot of goods that hadn’t been put on shelves due to lack of store staff to restock.

    For those who work(ed) in retail food, does this sound right? It flies in the face of what my local grocery store mgrs have told me about their JIT ordering.

    1. So Cal Gal

      Worked in an IGA years ago. Not sure how much has changed but when I was there there was always minimal stocked in the storeroom. Most of the time truck pulled in, truck was unloaded, items were unboxed tagged and headed for the shelf. I find it extremely hard to believe that most grocery stores have 2-3 days of product stores never mind 20-30. Sounds like this gentlemen is blowing smoke to me

    2. Company warehouses, may have 20-30 days in stock, although I have to doubt it considering how things got messed up with loading trucks at those distribution centers when just ONE truck didn’t arrive on time. Stores do not. Look at the size of the store, total square footage. Look at the area dedicated to the public. At best they could stuff a week of supplies in one of those “storage areas,” if they filled it to capacity.

      My guess is that he’s never set foot inside a grocery store or had to deal with late shipments. The closest he’s had to come to the reality of the supply chain is blackballing and refusing to pay some poor driver who got a flat tire on the way to delivery.

    3. So Cal Gal:
      Sorry to say it but I call BS.
      Every been in tha back od a typ.
      3 days max. Without JIT the stores will be totally empty.

    4. So Cal Gal
      I have been in the back of a major grocery store to pick up a box of pears. The food back there was on the slim side, which surprised me. That was 4-5 years ago, had ordered the box of pears for canning they had me come in the back to make sure it was what I wanted.

    5. SCG,
      This guy is blowing smoke…trying to keep others from being concerned while he is stocking his own pantry- deep. You can bet your last $, he does not believe that.That is not a gamble,ie a sure thing. He did not get where he is by being stupid, but by convincing others that he is.

      Under normal circumstances… everything open and people working restaurant ‘s open. all venue’s open Grocery stores have about 4- 5 the very most.

      Considering everything is shut down, every family has to eat meals at home each day… possibly there are 2 days in grocery stores.When they are fully stocked.There are not enough stockers in most stores to fully stock when everything is wiped from the shelves. He is right about that.. It takes time to wipe down those shelves, do price check and item bar code matches, set up special displays, and make it all look neat and be secure/not a danger.

      When a weather event is forecast here ice storm or heavy snow… all stores order double order – bread and milk… On top of that they are ordering and their items are not being sent… so not in the “Local” whse… several stores in west Tn get groceries from whse in northern Alabama.(where was working 12 years ago).. so not exactly a local supply, so can take local whse.out of the equation.Does NOT exist..only regional for years..

      They have little storeroom space and basically only receiving space in the back.. they must unload and count every item – line by line., by store. Often they get items damaged, or produce frozen because of way it was loaded/shifted in transit. these have to be accounted for and store gets credit off that bill.Has to be reported before driver leaves in some systems.

      Per inner workings, the people who own those whse’s have been reducing inventory since early fall….so they will have $$ in their pocket. (We saw managers specials of items that were well in date…Many of those same items still have not been restocked. )Their money is more important than: people to have food. Many items have been downsized, some items are no longer available to buy. Baking powder without aluminum? Some of items, purchased without checking dates,. 2 weeks ago expired in 2017,(major grocery, generic baking powder.) Stores are handling the most profitable.(generic foods they own the production from start to finish, over name branded items. Have you purchased flour lately from your local store? Now everything is stocked in 2 lb bags..enough for biscuits n’ gravy for 2 days…for now, 5 lbs are available. 10 lbs are avail . and 25 and 50 lbs are more expensive per pound..( require special handling for bulk and charge is more.)… you can forget getting organic processed or unbleached flours in our area. You might find coconut or almond flour easier.

      The problem with major grocery whse in Memphis( worked as lumper long ago and far away) same dock used for shipping is used for receiving.. If truck does not come in on time and unloaded promptly(put away/counted) the loads- outgoing can not be set on the same dock and loaded. Then several orders were put on one truck in a certain order.last load to come off was in front of trailer. When outgoing trucks can’t be loaded, receiving can not go in same dock…so the lag time increases each day. Until some load arrives that takes less than normal time to process.

      The same thing with dollar store type whse’s..except their buildings usually have separate sets of doors for shipping and receiving. Dock space is still limited. depending on how many stores they service… one location serviced 11 states.

      MY opinion only, if you think you will want to eat it in next 6-9 months, and do not possess, best be purchasing…asap. Think about the time it takes grain to be grown, harvested, dried, transferred and made into flour/bread or cereal. Once you are unable to get a resupply – you have what you have until you grow more or it becomes available again.

      1. Not one store over here has more than a week of product, nothing, in fact the containers come off a ship from a consolidator on the west coast, to the store, is unloaded and stocked, this is an all week affair, one a day at least, if the ships stop the stores are screwed, seen it many times, high surf with a bad surge in the port and nobody is offloading anything period.

    6. Thank you to all of you who confirmed my suspicions about this story. I don’t know why this guy is telling tales, why he is pretending there is more food immediately available than there is. A lot of folks are going out of their way to tell us “nothing to see here, folks, just move along”.

      1. SoCalGal,
        There are tons of people who say this whole thing is a hoax,
        We have em here, they keep going on doing what they have been doing grumbling about everything being shut down and people acting weird and scared scoffing at all of them/us etc,,,
        IMHO, they are in denial and suffer from severe normalcy bias. They will be some of the first to get run over when it really starts rolling.

        1. Kula,
          There are lots of people down in suburbia who seem to think the virus does not apply to them. Although LA County closed the beaches, parks, etc… Orange County only closed the parking lots. Next thing you see on the news is beaches full of people who parked on the street and went walking, surfing, etc… with street crosswalks full of people like it’s summer vacation. The rain down there should help, but too many people are incredibly self-centered and refuse to use common sense.

          I guess it’s typical, there are lots of people who are dumb azzeses.

          1. Kulafarmer & So Cal Gal;
            Ya want to see a perfect example of “STUPID”?
            Go do a search on the photos taken when the “Comfort” arrived in NYC.
            Literally thousands of Idiots arriving on the Docks to welcome them to NY….
            Most with zero PPEs, standing right next to each other just having a good old time……

    7. Now that many stores, from strictly grocery to WM, are moving to delivery and curbside pickup all their back room space is dedicated to organizing those orders. Local WM is building an addition just for coolers and freezers for pickup orders. Would be surprised if any store had more than a few hours of only a few things in the back. Basically JIT logistics means “what you see is what we got.”

    8. So Cal, nope, does not sound right according to the two people I know who work locally regarding the actual store. You get what comes in, they don’t maintain inventory.

  26. Nope- I worked at Fred Meyer and there is very little extra stock in back. Mostly ‘slow movers’. Stock room is actually small for such a large store. Stock goes out quickly as there is no room for it. Lots of stuff isn’t even stocked in the store it is filled by vendors that come in. Can’t say how much the warehouse has on hand. But I sincerely doubt it is 20 days.

    1. Have to agree with aka and many others. I have worked for Walmart and the food they have in back is next to nothing. Same with the frozen goods. Very little. Have 2 boys that work at Publix they told me years ago hardly nothing in back. What comes in on the truck basically go right out on the shelves. Not sure about the RDC’S but would think they are the same but with a small cushion to deal with some small disruptions.


  27. I worked for Publix in Florida for 10+ years, and it hasn’t changed. Every time a delivery truck comes in, it is unloaded as quickly as possible and the truck is on it’s way without delay. Then the stock is transferred to the shelves in the same manner, as quickly as possible. Very little is stored in the back, and the constant ordering goes on.
    Without deliveries, the store shelves would be emptied in a day or two.
    The paper products aisles; toilet paper, towels, tissues have been bare for the past several days. Milk and eggs disappear immediately as soon as they hit the shelves.
    The managers can order, but they don’t know what’s on the truck until it’s unloaded.
    There is almost always products that are ordered that are not delivered.
    And, so far, it’s not getting any better.

    1. I spoke with a Publix manager a few weeks ago about the empty shelves. He said they were stocking everything as soon as the trucks came in. The problem, he said, is that they are not getting everything they ordered.

    2. I would like to reply to all the receivers, Thanks to all of you who clear our trucks in minutes you have a thankless job, and PBSSST to those who jerk us truck drivers around for hours. That being said, I have delivered to many many different stores, you are right there is about 1 truck worth of floor space in most stores. In the really big super walsmarts you might hold 60 pallets.
      That space is for when they stage the stuff that is going out onto the sales floor. They get their products based upon computer ordering systems from a central store warehouse. This central warehouse can only ship to the stores that which actually physically have these products on site.
      This central warehouse must get it’s products directly from the main manufacturers and producers. These are now getting empty too. We don’t haul what is not available to ship.

      1. SCTV said “This central warehouse must get it’s products directly from the main manufacturers and producers. These are now getting empty too.”

        Thanks for that inside information. When the warehouses / distribution centers get low, it’s getting closer to major food and products shortage time…

        Keep us in the loop and comment with updates as you see it. Thanks. And, thanks for being a professional driver. Because “when the trucks stop, it’s over”.

  28. I am surprised to see this virus seen as another name for Chinese communist. How many do think that our government is innocent when it comes to research of NBC’s? Speculation is one thing, actual facts and the truth highly unlikely any one of us will ever find out.

    I sense a level of hatred towards anything which is different, unusual, doesn’t look and speak like us and if we don’t pull ourselves up on the bootstraps, humanity will speed up downward to the abyss from which there is no coming back anytime soon. I call this the approach of the dark ages 2.0.

    1. Certainly hoping humanity does not speed up downward to the abyss.
      kumbaya, my friend
      msb- boy

  29. – I have been in the back of several major stores in our area, as a result of working with DW’s business. I was in the back of one of the largest stores in our area just today, talking with the manager as he was working at assembling some new displays.

    Compared to what is on the shelves in that particular store, they might have one tenth (being generous) of what is on the shelves in the public area. Primarily that store and every other store has basically an unloading area, with just enough space to stack up what they have unloaded so they can count it and inspect it to make sure it is in condition to sell.

    The idiot is quite simply blowing smoke. I have been in a couple of district warehouses as well, and there is not a lot of storage space for things to be held in reserve there either.


    – Papa S.

  30. Just an observation I have seen in my area is the trains are loaded double stacked with containers and semi trailers. Big long loads of trailers . What used to be oil cars and grain cars are loaded with every company logo trailer you can think of. Moving lots of goods but for how long?

    1. and the mask have metal where it meets the bridge of the nose so it can be secured. Metal and Microwaves does not compute.

  31. For Lauren (my other comment got stuck in moderation)

    Could you share what you think will happen? Would like to know your thoughts based on your readings.
    I’m trying to figure out how to plan for the typical ‘unknown’ with all of these new ‘unknown’ factors coming at us at warp speed. It helps me to process the illogical in a more logical fashion. lol

  32. Looks like the possibility of hunger, unemployment, isolation, … has motivated a nation into action. Too bad it was the UK and not our country. Cut welfare for the able bodied basement slugs and load up the buses for a great day in the fresh air.

    “Return of the Land Army: 26,000+ Britons Sign up to Pick Fruit and Vegetables”

    1. If the US tries that, the gimme dats won’t budge. The only people who would sign up to pick would be the workers who keep this Nation running.

      Wouldn’t it be a hoot if the next 2 months EBT benefits were tied to “U Pick ‘Em” ???

      1. Modern Throwback, again;
        Sorry, the Give-me-dats are NEVER going to work for their “free stuff”.
        The .gov will just print more and more $$$ and TAKE from those that do work and contribute to the whole.

        1. NRP,
          Yep. Free stuff for the Lards.
          Meanwhile, I’ve had to make a few drastic changes.
          I used to spin that toilet paper like I was on Wheel of Fortune.
          Now I turn it like I’m cracking a safe.

          1. Modern Throwback!
            Hhahaha hooooooo , yep!
            three folded squares… luv ya’ll, Beach’n

      2. MT and NRP

        What happened to the the move to “work for welfare” that was talked about a few years ago? Is it still in effect in some States?

        1. hermit us;
          Yes I heard of it, just wondering how well that will work?
          Take people that are already getting free stuff, make them work?? HAHAHA
          Yeah we can expect a Great work ethic, quality product, AND a fantastic return for the $$$

        2. Hermit, as I understand it was squashed as being unconstitutional. I doubt it ever went to the Supreme Court, but I believe it was squashed by a lower court and quietly shoved in the dustbin.

      3. Modern Throwback
        Yahooo, IF only!!
        Wait until they have NO benefits at all, or there is no food for those indulgent cards they receive.
        I remember when a family was ashamed to have those paper money forms in order to have food for their table. Reason my dad raised more food than we could ever eat, would leave it at carpenters hall. That way those families could take what they wanted, and leave vegetables for others. He remembered what it was like to be hungry growing up as a kid. When work was slow and unemployment benefits did not go that far. (1960’s-1970’s)
        We had two gardens that were a minimum of 1/2 acre each maybe larger.

  33. Just read that Hormel made their first batch of SPAM in 1937. With all of the hoarding and panic buying they’re getting ready to do a second batch.

      1. Rooster:
        OMG I have a few from 1960 that are still good, not preserving needed, just toss in the Attic and retrieve in 40-60 years.LOLOL

  34. Stupid? Who’s stupid?!
    If I want to see ‘stupid’, I just go to PeopleOfWalmart dot com

    Let’s just say the protective mask concept seems to have morphed into Halloween outfits…

    (Recognize anyone?)

    1. Modern Throwback,

      That’s what I tell my wife. If you start to feel depressed, go to Wally World, look around and you immediately feel better about yourself.

      1. Hi Modern and Dennis,
        Just need to tell you… I work in healthcare. Every day when I drive home for work I say a little thank you prayer, “thank you God that I am not in their shoes”. It has nothing to do with intelligence, just sad luck. Luv ya’ll, Beach’n

  35. According to the pig site dot com, today Cargill announced the closure of their Hazelton PA plant effective today 4/8. 900 employees processing retail food products including ground beef, steaks, beef roasts and pork products.

    “Our facility will re-open as soon as it is safe to do so.”

    The article says that privately the company is working with customers, farmers and employees “to keep the food system running.”

    The article also mentions the Tyson plant I mentioned yesterday. That plant is shut, for a week as of now, which provides about 2% of the country’s slaughter capacity.

    1. So Cal Gal;
      It’s very well coming clear that if ya ain’t got it, you might not get it very soon.
      Meat Packers starting to shut down is NOT good folks.

      I believe your at the BOL for now, hopefully you got stocked up and are good to go for a bit of a duration.
      BTW, Every time I see a post from So Cal Gal, I remember those first days you got here.
      Very proud of how far you came with Ken’s help of course.
      Please keep yar powder dry and your 6 covered, it may start getting a little wild out there in Crime-a-forina in the next few weeks. Been in contact with the Brother in Fullerton…. no good news at all.
      Be well my friend.

      1. NRP,
        Yes, at BOL and stocked. Nearest small town is still okay for many goods, and the poor weather up here is keeping visitors down. However, will be making a run to town in masks and gloves to add to stocks.

        Thanks for your nice note… Ken and all of you have been a huge help in getting me to where I am today.

        This situation of processing plants closing is not good news, and if employee and food safety issues can’t get resolved PDQ, it’s only gonna get worse. Tough times now, tougher times ahead at this rate.

  36. J. Aimson: agree and men need to get vasectomies (urology spec.). They are the ones that have to pay child spt.

    1. laura ann, it depends on which person has custody , I have known of women having to pay child support. Have also known personally of some women who had full custody being unable to collect any support. ..that works both ways too. No traceable income = no support for the child/children and that means the children suffer in some manner.

  37. Went to local Wal Mart today, 11 am, to pick up a called in order.
    Store front caged off, one way in , one way out.
    Surprised to see no employ wearing a mask or gloves, except the cashier ( at the only open register), who was wearing gloves.
    Probably wore them all day!
    Some customers wearing a mask.
    Didn’t stroll the aisles looking for stock, didn’t need any.

  38. I’ve been coming to this site for a couple of months now, and have really appreciated the posts and the comments. I’m a small (very!) supplier of beef/poultry and plant starts in the upper midwest, selling direct to a small group of regular customers and a small farmer’s market.

    Our area of the country is lagging with respect to cases, and toilet paper, while not plentiful, is still available :-). Folks in town are starting to wake up to the fact that the future might not look like the past, or even the present, very slowly. I’m hoping they are noticing that the shelves aren’t getting re-stocked as plentifully as before, or know one of the local dairy farmers that are now being paid to dump milk, or encouraged to cull their herd. I’m planting veggie starts like crazy, knowing I will find some way to get them to customers if our soft lockdown gets more rigid and greenhouses aren’t considered ‘essential’..

    I process just a handful of steers a year, and plan to have a chat with my processor tomorrow to make sure I have a date set this fall. Normally, I can line up the slaughter truck/inspector just a couple of months out, but now…?

    Thanks to all of you for sharing what’s happening in your respective areas. Since late last year, I’ve been watching the financial markets, the ag sector and then ‘the virus’, feeling the urge to be even more resilient than usual. Your comments have been really helpful, and kept me from feeling like maybe I was imagining things…

    1. Farmgirl:
      Thank you for your update AND what you do.
      Please keep letting us know how its going.
      Seriously considering a steer again this year.
      Appreciate anything you have to offer on the subject.

      1. Regarding the steer: dead or alive? ;-) (Hope you all don’t have exacting humor standards – mine can be a bit cheesy at times.)

      2. In case my humor was misunderstood, I’m wondering if you’re thinking of raising a steer yourself, or buying one ‘on the hoof’ for the freezer now.

    2. Farmgirl
      Thanks for commenting — please continue to do so. We can truly benefit from your special set of skills and knowledge.

      Small holdings, CSAs, and small farms have been slowly increasing and I sincerely hope that their advancement carves a continuing path in the future.

  39. Ok, since I like the stir the sh1t pot at times here is one for ya all.

    The economy is basically trashed. Truckers may MAY be getting paid, independent Truckers work hard long hours, if they miss a payment from a vendor they are in deep poo.

    So here is the question….
    Are and how close are we to seeing a default in the JIT market/inventory/suppplies ?????

    And how will that effect you?

    1. I half-expect that to happen – hope it doesn’t, but not too optimistic. My oldest works in grocery, and produce is down a bit in quantity, and getting more expensive. Brother from another MW state has a restaurant with a drive-thru. He says because some of the the sit-down fancy places are converting to take-out, his cost for clamshell containers and to-go packaging has gone up 300%, and is sometimes spotty on delivery.

      Because of that, a few thoughts have occurred to me. One is, demand for the things I sell might get hotter than is comfortable. I’ve moved a lot of production to the ‘back 40’, out of sight of the road. Main greenhouse can’t be moved, but I’m setting up a family greenhouse out of sight. Not worried about my neighbors so much – hunters, farmers and gardeners. More concerned about non-locals and the occasional local bad apple. I can try to defend my home and kids, but I can’t cover every chicken and tomato! It’s hard to be ‘grey man’ when you run a food farm. Might be a good time to check up on your neighbors and maybe throw a few seed packets their way?

    2. Truckers will not truck if they’re not being paid. There’s no “may” about it in my opinion.

      The system (JIT food industry) is complicated. There’s no one “default”. Instead it may be a series of failures that add up. But I hope not.

  40. The JIT truck delivery seems to be working a little slower now and smaller loads as well. I feel price increases will continue rising across the board on everything. Truckers not getting paid in a timely fashion will lead to fewer trucks and I do not blame them at all.No pay no work, easy math. It appears we are having a slow landing on a bumpy runway.
    I agree NRP , the economy is trashed and on its way down the drain.I don’t think the $1,200.00 .gov checks will make a lot of difference ,they only bought a little time.It is just a big smoke and mirrors game and we do not make the rules.
    It is so important to be stocked up and “prepped” for the bumpy road ahead.

    1. Bluesman, “the bumpy road” is our new normal, and I hope it’s only “bumpy”. I fear it will be much worse.

  41. Right after I read, Reported to Yahoo news, stopped reading. if you believe anything from Yahoo News, I have some beautiful ocean beach property in Arkansas I will sell you, real cheap.

  42. Jcb, You are welcome to change the channel. I am simply putting it out there the sensible notion to acquire extra foods, just in case. There are many, many logical reasons to do so. Perhaps this report may inspire one or two.

  43. I am a truck driver, in our company quite a few have already quit their jobs due to fear.
    Nobody is providing us with any kind of protective gear. Not our companies nor the customers.
    It is basically do your job and STFU. If you want to keep getting paid, you have no choice, labelled as essential we cannot even claim insurance should we leave.
    Attrition will eventually winnow our numbers, some through fear, some sickness, 1 guy I know only got his first surgical mask because a nurse at a walmart gave him a spare (she talked to him in a civilised manner and gave him one of hers. Turns out he was getting grief because people saw his rig and started getting mad at him for there not being stuff in the stores. There is a lot of nonsense on crackbook and the news and other social media that the shortages are the trucker’s fault. However we cannot haul what is not there. While some people are creating memes about how they need some kind of protection for when they go to and from work, how about the protection for those at work?

  44. Been reading the comments for the last hour. I’m in a small (3,000) town in NC. We have swelled with the snowbirds coming to their winter homes and folks leaving the cites by 5,000 or so. We have 2 super stores and 3 smaller food stores. ALL of them are down by 30% to 50%. Our Walmart, we only have one, has not had full shelves for two month. Diapers have not been seen for a month. No PT, or TP. Just this last week I was in the Big Lot and they had a pallet of TP. I got two packs. (We’ve been preppers for 20 years). I feel war is coming. It’s only a matter of time. There is no way our economy can survive the trillions of dollars Trump is throwing around. I voted for Trump. I like him but IF we declare war on another country, all debt is forgiven. ONLY WAY OUT. The war ships I think gave it away. Do any of you wonder why the president and the Vice-president are always together……that seems to strange to me. And our war mountain has been closed in Colorado Springs for weeks. All the military are there in the bunkers. I believe this has many layers….we just can’t see them all. Take care.

    1. Teacherteacher40;
      I hear a lot about folks out “hunting” for supplies,
      As far as Trump, don’t blame him totally for the $2.2 trillion, thinking that the Pork congress dumped on had a little to do with it…..
      I do agree there is a lot more going on here that the C-19.
      A HELL of a lot more.

  45. You Control the Masses when you Control the Food and Water Supply!! “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely”!! Especially when you have the U.S.A. that has been bought off on Materialism and Consumerism over decades in the country!! Also selling every bit of industry out to other countries for pennies on the dollar like a cheap prostitute!! How do you like Facism now!! Bunch of Anti-Christs Devil Worshiping Scumbags!! When you do not make things or produce the food in your own country you are Finished as a Nation!! We are going down quicker than the Roman Empire!!

    1. Steve F.

      Devil Worshiping??? I’v not done that in a long time, ever since I left the Vampire Group back in the 70s.

      You actually hade a good comment until the “How do you like Facism now!! Bunch of Anti-Christs Devil Worshiping Scumbags!! ” stuff…… Ohhhhh well.

    2. Hey Steve F.,

      I completely understand the emotional intensity, but maybe take a couple of deep breaths and think about what you might do, today, to bring even a little more safety and security to your world. Lots of stuff out of our control, so maybe focus on something that is? You know….make some things; produce some food. Might help you feel a bit better… Just a thought.

  46. Taking a short break from planting and thought I’d check in. I called my meat processor this morning and got voice mail saying inbox was full, can’t leave message, try again later. Uh huh. So I sent an e-mail form requesting an appointment. We’ll see when I hear back. Could they be extra busy because dairy farmers are being asked to cull their herds? Don’t know. I do have a time cushion, to late summer, and I hope that will be enough. Plan B will be to tap some of my Amish friends who know how to butcher, though I can’t legally sell it then. If things get especially rough, I imagine words like ‘legal’ and ‘licensed’ might not matter so much.
    Broccoli seeds are calling! Back to work! (I’m such a task master! Don’t know how I stand working for me!)
    P.S. Potato planting time is about here! If they’re organic from the store, they’ll sprout. Usually do mine in the ground, but lots of info on-line about growing in various containers, tires, pallets, etc. Not a complete protein source, but good calorie ROI for the growing space required.

    1. Farmgirl,
      In our state, we can get around Federal regs by finding the loopholes (just like politicians do!).
      If you have a buyer, sell your steer to one or more of your buyers (“shares”) and then once you have sold your steer to them, arrange for the butchering based on those “shares.” We have done this with our grower and it’s perfectly legal. (This is how small goat dairy farms can sell milk directly to a customer base, too. The goat is actually “owned” by “shareholders.”)
      I hope you are able to sort through your problem!

      1. Thanks, Modern Throwback.
        Folks do something similar to that here – selling quarters or halves, on the hoof, buyer pays farmer so much per lb. hanging weight, plus processing fees to the processor. Not sure about the rules regarding the processing, though. Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about that yet. Actually got a call a bit ago from my guy at the place I use – yay! I’m good for mid-August, at least as far as we all know for now.
        Loopholes are wonderful, aren’t they? For example, if greenhouses weren’t allowed to be open, but food deliveries are allowed, a person might have me deliver a pound of delicious grass-fed ground beef for say $50.00, and I would just happen to also bring them some flats of garden plants. You know, as a special bonus for being such a good beef customer. I just can’t imagine hard enforcement in our area, but that could be normalcy bias talking. One of the big cities in my state is cracking down on ‘Safer at Home’ violators.

    1. Roger..yes…
      if you run across things on sale, pop them in.
      you can dehydrate many goods (or freeze dry if you have one..sigh)…but say you haven’t filled your freezer (unlike me), you can put dehydrated goods in Ziploc and pop in (takes little space). Also can fill jugs with water to pop in freezer..Uses less energy full, and if you water ever goes off…you have water, etc..

    2. Roger,
      I am a big advocate to have a standalone Chest Freezer if one can fit it in their home or garage. I have two. Very glad that I did – way back when!

      If you get one, just don’t buy stuff and forget about it. It helps to keep a list of what’s in there. Rotate it. First in, first out. Then replace what you’ve consumed. Though this may become more of an issue (getting replacement foods!) given the unfolding COVID-19 situation…

      Having a chest freezer of meats and other food staples – is a great feeling.

    3. Roger –

      I’ll gladly pile on. the 7 c/f chest freezer I bought last year was the best use of money. I almost went smaller, but I’m glad I didn’t. Such a huge convenience, especially now. Cold tends to stay sunk, even with the lid opened. Energy draw is so small I never notice it on my bill. I did spring for an RF remote temperature probe, so I can check all is well from inside the house. Freezer is in the garage. Highly recommended!

        1. Ken;
          I agree, Have these on al my freezers and Refrigerators.

          Wireless dual Refrigerator Freezer Thermometer.

          As a side note, had a neighbor that “lost” a freezer about 3 weeks ago, had a full beef in it, less maybe 1/2 dozen steaks he had eaten.
          NO alarm monitor on it.
          He figured he lost somewhere around $2000 worth of Beef and Pork he had in it, plus the freezer, almost a $3000 loss total.

          1. Let me just add, if the transmitter takes AA batteries, spring for the lithium. Alkalines have severe voltage drop in the freezer and will stop transmitting effectively.

          2. tmcgyver;
            I use Eneloop rechargeable in all the sensors, they seem to work great, and when one gets weak I swap it out to a Flashlight to complete the discharge over time, than recharge them.

          3. NRP…some house insurance policy will pay for loss of food goods in freezer if freezer turtles..

          4. Jane Foxe;
            You are correct,
            But could you imagine inventorying the 2 week old rotten meat in a hot freezer?
            Not a job I’d want, that’s for sure.

    4. Roger;
      I have 3 stand alone freezers, all full.
      1 Chest Freezer and 2 uprights.
      If you have a Garden they are a must.
      Get some remote temperature sensors for them.

      One thing you will find yourself doing is freezing things like Cooking Oils, Peanut Butter, Butter and the likes, they last years longer that way.
      Also when this C-19 thing is over, buying a full or 1/2 beet at a time works wonders, a LOT cheaper that way.

      A hint, don’t open them and stand there looking at what you “might” wont to get, keep a GOOD inventory, even the uprights are good as long as you keep the door closed. A slight problem with Chest Freezers, the stuff on the bottom seems to get lost and forgotten, again keep a good inventory and rotate the foods.

      Lastly, again when this all is over you will see foods on sale, buy 3-4 rather than one. Buy Turkeys after T-Day, Hams after Christmas, Corned Beef after St Patrick’s day and so-on.
      Also a little hint, if you see frozen Vegetables on sale, again buy a case not just one or two bags.

      AND before anyone says that “Hording” don’t, it’s called being SMART and preparing for the bad times for your family……
      I leave those that say it’s hording with this…. What are you going to do when your children are starving and you were to foolish to NOT prepare as you partied and played away your time and money?
      I suggest you NOT say “I’m coming to your house”

    5. Roger, absolutely! get the biggest one you can fit in your space and can afford.
      begin by putting meats in it… also put all dry goods thru it, I leave mine about 2 weeks, then rotate those out as space is needed for frozen things.
      Juice/cola bottles make good water bottles… and will help maintain temps if power lost. and to drink if water access is stopped/interrupted. line breaks etc..
      ….. salt water works even better. IF you use salt water be sure to mark it as salt water.

  47. And so it begins….
    Allen West speaks out. Now the dialog will pivot. The effects of coronavirus needs to be understood because our Nation — and the world — will be forever changed.

    “Something Smells”
    By Allen West, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret)
    TheOldSchoolPatriot dot com

    First paragraphs:

    I am not concerning myself with spats between Peter Navarro and Dr. Anthony Fauci, or the insidious back and forth regarding the relief of command for the Commander of the USS Theodore Roosevelt. Instead, I have been pouring over many articles and research on the origin of the Wuhan Chinese coronavirus. I have taken it upon myself to collate some thoughts and perspectives I have read and combined them with my own.

    It cannot be debated, we have been hit with a massive biological agent. The question is not whether there was intent, but rather the level of intent. Sure, there are such things as coincidences, but in this specific case, nah. The indicators, trends, and warnings all lead to a simple, and reasonable, deduction.

    Wuhan to Shanghai = 839 km
    Wuhan to Beijing = 1,152 km
    Wuhan to Milan = 8,684 km
    Wuhan to NY = 12,033 km

    The coronavirus started in Wuhan, yet there has been no major effect of Chinese coronavirus in nearby Beijing or Shanghai. Yet, there have been many deaths in Italy, Iran, European countries, and America. All business areas of China are now safe, so declared by the Communist Chinese government.

    (Please read the full article)

    1. the not so grimm reaper;

      Yep, your exactly right….
      No need to be prepared for hard times.
      Have a nice day, nothing to see here, move along….

      1. NRP, Yep, he is lost, …sure must have taken him a while to figure it out…No need in him wasting time here..

  48. So took my own advice and headed to the bigger town (77 miles one way) to the little ol’ lady hour at Costco. Overtopping my deep pantry. No boxed mac&cheese, only the chi chi organic eggs, no frozen peas, and no flour. Hit Smart Foodsavers for a few other things.

    On way home stopped at my local Mickey D’s for one of their delicious breakfast biscuits. “Sorry, we’re not doing breakfast.” Started two days ago. Now that was a shock!

  49. This shortage can be attributed to the Need Grow obammie. Why is he not in front of a committe demanding to know what happened?

    1. Man with Name;
      Same reason a LOT of criminals ahhhh I mean Politicians are not being brought up on charges.

  50. Mark of THE BEAST, CHIPS FOR EVERYONE, and I don’t mean potato chips. Get right with God, get Jesus, and get ready for the whirlind, because we as a nation have sowed whats coming up like a freight train, and REAL SOON. Guess what TRUMPSTERS, Q is a PSYOP to pacify the restless, there is no plan from the cavalry, we don’t get bailed out this time, hyperinflation will most likely follow the shutdown in short order, we’ll never see America the way we just lived, the US constitution has been eliminated, Georgy Bush senior will get his way re. NWO, and NO NATION CAN SLAUGHTER 60,000,000, 60 million of its innocent babies and get away with it Scott free. So repent all you sinners, ask forgiveness, receive Jesus sacrifice for humanity, then pass it on to everyone you see. We have a very short time to prepare for permanent lockdown, surveillance. God help us all make it through this and join you In Paradise. Don’t take the vaccines, ” don’t worry” if you have jesus.

    1. Completely agree. The nation has ignored God for far too long and so He left us “to do what was right in our own eyes” and now we are paying the price. Why is there never a mention of God in the media? The only thing left to do is repent as a nation and ask God for forgiveness. He is a just and merciful God who loves us so much that He gave us His only Son, Jesus for our salvation. So keep praying and keep the faith.

  51. The Devils Calling Card since the Beginning has Been Too:Kill,Steal and Destroy!! The Luciferians that are in charge are doing everything under there power to get rid of Christians. We were all born under one Flesh but dead in the spirit until you learn about salvation. We are at the Beginning of Sorrows as a Nation!! Look at the abortion issue, New York never came out with anything about stopping that!!

  52. I agree that we need to go back as a country in being more self sufficient. Another problem in America has been the dumbing down of the Public School System over decades and taking the Bible out of the Schools made it worse!! Instead the United States became Radicalized and now you have more people than you can count on that bandwagon: Ocasio The Nutjob Cortez and the rest of the Cock Roaches that need too be BANISHED from the Country!! Also Bill Gates who is not a Doctor. Amazing how he came out with the Anti-Virus Software and then probably had all the computers infected so that he could sell his product to the public!!

  53. Instead the United States became Radicalized and now you have more people than you can count on that bandwagon: Ocasio The Nutjob Cortez and the rest of the Cock Roaches that need too be BANISHED from the Country!! Also Bill Gates who is not a Doctor. Amazing how he came out with the Anti-Virus Software and then probably had all the computers infected so that he could sell his product to the public!!

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