When Pandemic Spreads To Your Neck Of The Woods…

One of the sites that I’m checking for 2019-ncov coronavirus updates is peakprosperity.com via Chris Martenson. His credentials qualify him in this area and he’s a sensible person. He happens to be into preparedness as well.

With that said, a few recent quotes as follows:
(if and when pandemic reaches his “neck of the woods”)

“I’m not going to be doing anything in the company of strangers.  No shopping, no going to restaurants, and especially no traveling in closed up metal tubes with recirculated air (i.e. planes and trains).”

“I won’t be alone in those behaviors.  How many airline pilots, train conductors, trash collectors, and medical personnel have to call in “sick” to disrupt the entire system?  Not that many.”

If you’re on the fence, so to speak, here’s my advice (regarding if and when coronavirus gets to your neck of the woods).


Coronavirus is much more dangerous than the standard flu.

The flu case fatality rate is approximately 0.1% while nCoV is AT LEAST (minimum) 3% — likely much higher (probable under-reporting of data from China, coupled with fatality rates not accounting for asymptomatic period up to 14 days).

R0 (transmittance) of the flu is evidently 1.28 while nCoV is apparently, currently, in the neighborhood of 4.08. That’s HIGHLY contagious, and it could be worse than that. We just don’t know everything yet.

The “Serious Complication rate” (ICU bed requirement) for the flu is less than 1% while nCoV is ~ 20% (and likely under-reported data from China).


It’s raging in China, while just simmering elsewhere

So far, this coronavirus has not ‘caught on fire’ elsewhere than China. However, as of this post, nCoV is now confirmed in 28 countries.

Because it has not yet flared up (as in China), people here in the US (and likely elsewhere) are not real concerned, or concerned at all. It’s barely simmering here with only 11 confirmed cases (in the US) at this time.

So, what’s the big deal? What’s all the hype?


When it happens, it will happen fast.

We know how contagious it is. So if it is not adequately contained, it’s going to spread fast. This has not been ‘on the radar’ long here in the US. And apparently this virus is asymptomatic for up to 14 days. So we’re going to find out pretty soon what’s going to happen.

Fortunately, major airlines have apparently stopped flights from China for the time being. Though it took awhile (one wonders how many have slipped through — again, we’ll know soon enough).

Here’s the thing… if this virus is going to hit us, it’s going to begin popping up to the extent that it will become self-evident. And when that happens, it’s going to be panic time.

LETS HOPE THIS IS CONTAINED. I’m not hitting the panic button.


Make preparations now. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Whatever food, supplies, medications that you purchase now — will eventually be consumed. Even if this coronavirus is a dud here in the US.

But if you do not prepare, chances are that you will be putting your life at risk. Why? Because you will be going out to the grocery stores (for example) to buy food while the virus rages ‘in your neck of the woods’.

Like Martenson said above, if and when this virus hits my neck of the woods, we will NOT be going to the grocery store or anywhere near crowds of people, public places, or unnecessary exposure to others. Why risk it?

What could happen if it gets bad here?

If this gets anywhere near as bad as China, supply chains WILL break down. Just think of the scenarios. What are the chances that low paid checkout clerks are going to risk exposure at their places of work? When it gets bad, it will be self-evident. And people are going to stop going to work – especially if their job is high exposure to the population in general.

How many will get sick and therefore simply not be able to go to work? How many truckers who distribute our ‘life blood’ supplies across this nation? All aspects and segments will become affected. The ramifications will be a reduction in supplies and services. Think of all the sectors which may be affected.

If you don’t already have what you need, get it now…

Be ahead of the curve. There may just be a few weeks left before this thing becomes self-evident.

Again, right now there are only 11 confirmed cases in the US. That’s hardly anything to worry about by itself. But given what I’ve seen coming from China, “if” this virus flares up here, we’re going to be in big trouble. Seriously, have you seen some of the videos and reports that have escaped China censorship? (though YouTube has been taking some of this down). It is beyond bad…

Go to the grocery store. Buy food. Before it’s here.

How much food? Is one or two weeks worth enough? No. What about three or four weeks? Better, but not enough in my view. Three months of food? That sure feels better… It’s all about your own risk tolerance threshold.

Getting your food now, is probably the best thing you can do right now. Eliminating the need to go out to the grocery store when this coronavirus is raging around you — is huge.

What else?

A significant portion of the population may get this virus. Buy the medications that may help deal with symptoms – before they’re gone. You know what they are. The same you would buy for the flu. Except this one’s worse.

For those who “go to church” (wherever that may be) every week, are you still going to go if coronavirus gets in your neck of the woods? Lots of the US population goes to church. Doesn’t sound like a real good idea to me… Is that ‘bad’? (I don’t think so, but that’s just me).

At what point will people choose not to go to their work? Probably when it becomes self-evident that it’s here and now.

I’ve posted about this situation a number of times already. I don’t mean to be repeating myself or over-dramatizing this. However a deadly pandemic is high on the list of “oh shit” SHTF. And we’re a preparedness website. So I feel it necessary to keep focus on this rapidly developing situation.

Right now it is seemingly okay out there in the US. But it “could” flare up fast. We’re going to know soon enough. So until then, be prepared…

How To Survive A Pandemic


  1. the herb Thyme is available to most anyone. Long known for it’s healing properties as well as a wonderful flavor. I mention this because the coronavirus affects the lungs.

    An excellent antiseptic, tonic for the immune system, Respiratory Remedy and for Throat Infections.

    Infusion…. 1 Tsp dried or 2 tsp fresh to one cup water is a standard formula. Take 3 times a day.

    Syrup….. 2 cups infusion or decoction with 500g of honey or sugar, gently heat till dissolved and cool. 1-2 tsp 3 times a day.

    There are oils and tinctures. They take longer to make.

    There are other uses as well, but here we are concerned with a virus and its effects.

  2. Well, I am already on lockdown. I would be whether or not there is a virus. Right now we are having a blizzard. Snow will continue through the weekend at least. I have supplies to last for months, if necessary. I don’t need to go outside for any reason than to empty my trash in the alley, where I am unlikely to run into any other people. I have tons of books to read and television and telephone to keep me from being lonely. So I am safe and warm at home for the foreseeable future.

  3. At the Firm that my DW retired from there is an Employee who was sent to Wuhan in late December on a business trip. He learned of the Wu Flu while there, returned to his home in Florida and has “self quarantined “, according to a reliable friend. Thank God the Wife retired in November from that job.

    Hit the Lowes store today and found N95 masks, rubber gloves, and protective eyewear. We have been “stocking up” on all sorts of stuff for the past week. Also bought seeds for gowning our Spring garden, extra laundry soap, 26 cases of bottled water, 92 rolls of TP, razors, bar soap, dish soap, tooth paste. Also ordered a security/storm door for the front of the house at Lowes too.

    We are not only concerned by the Virus Itself, but also how it will effect the Economy, and even the political situation here in the U.S. ? For certain we Deplorables will be blamed for not believing the Global Warming lie and it’s a 100% bet Trump will get blamed for any chaos that happens.

    God bless and watch out fur dem hogs!

  4. “I don’t mean to be repeating myself or over-dramatizing this.”

    Not at all. This could become very serious and keeping people updated and aware is why we come to this blog in the first place. Many other news sources have been ahead of the game, “compared to the main stream” that are always behind the curve. Videos from China, “showing people dropping in the street, dead people in body bags laying in the hallway of a hospital” does not corroborate the nothing to panic about story being told by official news outlets. Keep up the good work, it is much appreciated.

    1. There were also reports of buses stacked with dead people in bags – being brought from hospitals to be cremated.

      1. I have seen these bodies in the bus…stacked like luggage. The fool, who filmed them was exposing himself to the greatest concentration of the virus in the world. People are upset this fellow was taken from his apartment by force.

        Well, I have news for you… If this same situation was located in Orlando, Florida…our police would have also found where this guy was..and arrested them in the same manner.

        The chance was very good this man had become infected by his visiting two nCov active clinics..and he could NOT be allowed to return to his home to carry the pathogen around his building. I would have ordered him taken away myself…

  5. Nothing to see here.
    Move Along.
    Keep the masses dumbed down as long as you can.

    As for me, I’m making my list, checking it twice, going to see who’s been ….. telling us all a bunch of hogwash. DO NOT TRUST the MSM. As Ken pointed out go check out “peakprosperity-dot-com” He’s got a LOT of interesting info on this Pandemic. AND I don’t give a Flying Fig if the CDC, WHO, or any other .gov agency says. This is BAD!!!! China is lying through their teeth about this.

    Not ready to shut it down here in the Four Corners quite yet, BUT!!!!! I guarantee you one thing for sure, it will take 2.6 seconds to “Shut-er-Down” and go full on Hibernation.

    Is 600 rolls really enough?

    1. NRP,

      I would have to speed up in order for anyone to notice me shuttin’ down.

    2. Got your WU FLU Gin Supply for 6 months? Me and the wife are headin out for a fine bourbon stock-up this week… Its just tough to stomach shine all the time. Bucket wine aint that great either.

      1. Got wine in the barrel, elderberry wine in the tote. Just picked up 1/2 gal of Canadian Club. Should have enough. If worse comes to worse, I got 50# of sweet feed and the means to make something out of it if need be. I guess if things got really bad I could live off food and water for a time. LOL.

        1. Just go to costco and buy a few cases of Jack Daniels and a few cases of some good wine and you are in there,,,

        2. lol live off of food , more elderberry wine ! i am resorting to using dried elderberry’s but i do have a few gallons of the good stuff left :) . I figure if alcohol is good and elderberry is good then both must be most exultant .

        3. We have quite a few of those plane sized bottles for the house. I have some family that will freak out if they can’t get their booze, so I have some to give them–just not enough to get them falling down useless drunk–just to manage them.

      2. White Cracker:

        Is 600 rolls of TP really enough?

        Gin on the other hand is an essential. HEHEHE.

        Shut the doors for a year an see whats left afterwards seems to be a GREAT way to prepare if the Virus is what it “may be”.

    3. If you use it conservatively

      Its just a keep a wary eye sorta situation

  6. Thank you for this article, Ken. Every time I read stupid comments about nCoV being ‘just a flu’ or ‘it’s like a cold’, I am going to cut and paste the R0 value.

    You’re right about the infection statistics, and I believe that many who have died have not been recorded in China’s death statistics. (Fast-track to crematoriums is what we have learned, whether it’s true or false, we don’t know yet.) I also believe that China is intentionally suppressing the infected statistics and the death statistics associated with nCov, too. Chinese are dying from complications from nCoV and the deaths are not showing that nCoV was a causative agent.

    Yesterday we decided to make a large grocery store run. We did this thinking ‘what if’ we get company — you know, from the the we-know-more-than-you kids that might run out of foods if things get real bad. All that we really did was top-off the freezer contents and we got some fresh produce for ourselves. (And speaking of fresh produce….where is most of the Grown in the USA winter produce grown ?)

    The store made me wonder what was going on — there was an almost completely devastated cereal aisle. Oatmeal, which comes in a variety of packages of all kinds, shapes, and sizes, was almost completely wiped out! Certain cereals were totally bought out. And the granola bars?? Five shelves that measure about 25 feet were almost depleted — all brands and all flavors. This aisle also held the juices and juice boxes. Juice boxes — gone. Are parents ‘buying stores out’ because the schools may close and the kiddos will be forced to stay home or go to a daycare facility? Honestly, I have never ever seen anything like it before.

    There was plenty of fresh produce (that is usually restocked early each morning), a decent supply of milk, butter, sodas, snacks were stocked …. I didn’t check frozen junk foods or the beer/wine aisles — guess I should have, huh? lol

    On another note, I read an interesting comment under Dr. Martenson’s latest video. There is no way to know if this is true or not but it got my attention….here it is:
    “I work for a major supermarket in the UK. Today we had an email saying that our company has just rented a huge warehouse (bigger than the one I currently working in) and that we need to maximise space in out warehouse to take in more stock. Around Christmas time this isn’t unusual as many more people go shopping that time of year, but in February it’s unheard of. The strangest thing though was what stock they used to fill the warehouse with:

    UHT long life milk, cereal, water, dried fruit, tinned goods, powdered milk, rice, pasta, etc. Absolutely everything had a long shelf life, all these items don’t sell very well and never have I seen my work stock so much. Almost everything has at least 12 months until expiry date. There was no alcohol, sweets, or garbage like that, just food and drink. My manager said he’s been working there 18 years and never seen anything like that before. Guys shit is about to get very real, I wasn’t a believer until what I saw at work today, something big is definitely going on. “

    1. Wow, from my neck O’ the woods NH I was at Hannaford’s and Wal-Mart and ample foods of all sorts were to be seen. Was thinking about picking up some more powdered milk and that Mexican brand Udo canned dried milk as recommended as excellent.

      However I DID see several of the Chinese exchange students shopping an chatting in Mandarin (yes I know just enough to order food-beer-find toilet) in both stores.

      So far it seems an targets bio-weapon as said by so many sources that the deaths seem to be Chinese and otherwise a Flu to others. Still maintaining my outside person decon protocol as I have sickly 94 year od to protect.

      I WONDER what the Blow Back will be when the Chinese get this under control. Their Military and Government is kind of busy right now.

      As any long suffering New Englander would tell you a simple Nor’easter can clean out your grocery stores ASAP so I don’t assume todays abundance might not be swept away by pandemic panic.

      Pray for our Republic, not sure what’s the greater danger the Corona Virus or the Socialists running for President. Both have serious potential for long term damage to our country.

    2. I was at our local grocery doing my monthly re-stock. Dry bagged bean shelves were half bare. I was after split peas for soup (w/ham, onions & carrots. yummy.) None. I bought all they had of the 15 bean soup mix. Also oils in the baking aisle were low to nothing. None of the large that I stock. Sugar shelves were half bare.

      I went to the Walmart down the road at the county seat. Same story in the bean aisle. There were three bags of split peas. Got them.

      This is all in small towns USA in southern middle TN.

      IceAgeFarmer blog had a video on the bad bean harvest. Guess he was right on that one. May have to revise the bean planting to include more beans to be dried or canned. Green beans are an easy grow but don’t have the calories that the dryable beans do.

      1. grandee I have been planting French Horticultural Beans for several years. Excellent meaty flavor both picked green for green beans and dried.

        I suggest you get some for your garden. In my area zone 5 I tend to plant two cycles of beans the first soon to be planted in soil blocks for transplanting when the raised bed is thawed and a second salvo about a month or so in the season. I plant mine amid my last falls planted garlic. Keeps the bugs away well enough.

        This year I may cycle a third cycle after I pull all the 1st cycle early plantings. But then again maybe this year I MAY Also Side Dress my beans with compost for an extra boost.

      2. grandee
        Check your area for restaurant supply chains they carry beans in the 20-25lb range. Not sure if yours would be open to the general public, where ours will let you shop. Does not hurt to call them IF you happen to have any within decent driving range of your home.
        Most of these business are strictly cash or credit cards for buying their inventory.

  7. A neighbor down the road took her husband to the VA hospital for outpatient eye surgery in a medium size city; within 3 days she had a cold, three days later it became bronchitis. She is now in bed taking antibiotics and other medications hoping it doesn’t go into pneumonia. This was just a run-of-the-mill trip to a city in a state with no known coronavirus patients. Just think how that could extrapolate.


  8. nCoV is definitely more serious than the flu.

    I was just reading an article on a Harvard medical website regarding nCoV and how the flu is more dangerous and I had to laugh. Anyway, they had a total of 2 recommendations for avoiding the flu, 1 being the flu shot, 2 was avoiding sick people. Then they followed up with 3, if you’re sick stay home. Being sick however doesn’t help avoid getting sick.

    Here’s what I like to do to practice avoidance. I try to imagine that everyone and everything in the world is covered in a layer of shit. If it actually was you would definitely want to wear gloves! And if you didn’t have gloves available you would skip right past washing your hands and jump right in to scrubbing the hell out of them! Plus imagining everything covered in shit will help train you on how to get those gloves off without getting any on you.

    Working with cement, mud, and gardening are good practice too. If your hands got dirty you did it wrong!

    1. Plus how do we avoid sick people if we have no way of knowing they’re sick? nCoV aside, it’s hard enough to avoid people sick with colds and flu since we have so many OTC meds to help them hide their symptoms when they are sick.

    2. Grits,
      Doesnt that give you incredible confidence in Medical schools,,,
      Lax at best
      Outright negligent more likely

    3. Grits, and others…

      What a GREAT way to make sure you do sanitizing and removal of gloves right…explained carefully…

      Decontamination process, ( after using a rain suit,a garbage bag, rubber boots, mask… as a way to service a quarantined tent.)..is shown.. go to Full Spectrum Survival. on you tube.. very good info and explanation.

      . The difference is if you get poop on your hands even the smell can be removed with liberal toothpaste and scrubbing….and you know it is gone… not so much with this…always a question if you have extremely chapped hands or a cut that is open…

      We have had a major flu and stomach virus outbreak in our general area. We sometimes go for 6 days without going anywhere… Church is one of our “regular activities.” If we are sick, we stay home. last year .. we did not go anywhere for several weeks.( out of Church for 7 or 8 weeks)…. Did not go to hospital sick to get routine blood work. Should this come within certain miles of our place.. we will no longer go anywhere…

      1. Just Sayin’
        Pretty good video. Very similar to how we practiced it in the military. It was rather quick though. 16 min video but only spent 2.5 mins showing the removal of all his gear.

        One of the most important parts is the removal of the gloves and often the part where most people contaminate themselves. Should have spent more time on at least that segment focusing on avoiding exterior of glove to skin contact. Most common mistake is contaminating the wrist when removing the second glove.

        Another video on you tube:
        Donning and doffing exam gloves
        is probably best suited for most of our needs. Just remember only touch the insides of your gloves because we all know what the outside is covered with! 😁

  9. I don’t even care about the people who consume MSM news on TV they can waste away for all I care. I will roll right over their infected corpses with my rig.

    Any how we’re ready as we will be for the WU Flu… Still in training mode with the kids.
    Had a jar of olives go bad in the fridge with a good thick slick of Blue-green fungi on the top.

    Placed the olive jar right in front of my boys were they eat and told them they need to wash their hands when I say, or this blue green slime will start growing inside their bodies.

    The Jar is still sittin in front of their chairs at the table.

  10. This virus makes a person wonder of all those ‘guests’ (yes, family) coming to your house if shtf, don’t it?
    Do they have a 3-4 week supply of stuffs to isolate themselves, before housing up with you?
    Do you have a me2 isolation chamber to house X amount of people for weeks?
    If this virus is dormant for some time, but still contagious…how willing are you to open that door for family?
    Gets mighty cold and wet during this time of year.

    It may not be this outbreak, that affects US. What about the next?

    Yeah it’s got my head a spinnin’, too.

    In isolation, we would be fine. My brother yes, as he has any phobia written all over him.

    My son? (Now single again, damn it)

    Going to the workplace between the two of us?

    They are a different story…..

    This would be a ‘your call’ scenario.
    Lots of different factors to be in place at any given time and area.

    And the coaster ride of the Roarin’ 20’s has just begun….

    1. Joe, if we have any kids come as ‘guests’ they can live in the RV. It isn’t close to the house.

      With at least a 1 month flu-cation away from us. And they make their own food that we provide. Cuz we are evil parents. And yes, we will put Trump2020 signs up in the back.

      1. MT
        I love it! LOL

        My boy is a Trumper, so he will appreciate the signs.

        Yeah I forgot about the horse trailers.
        Good call👍

  11. Seems a cruise ship full of folks off the coast of Japan not as lucky as the folks in Italy.
    10 people taken off the ship, tested positive for virus, ship will be quarantined for 14 days.

    A passenger on that ship on a previous cruise confirmed to have virus last Saturday. Over 3,000 people with both guests and crew.

    1. And let me not forget to add that they are not sure yet how many people disembarked inOkinawa, the next to last stop on this cruise’s itinerary.

      1. Okinawa not good – we have military base there. Small island…things spread faster.

  12. The cure for the swine flu was an “oinkment” and the cure for the avian
    flu was a “tweetment”.
    I know….. it’s dumb. Just trying to lighten the mood a little.

  13. NormlChuck
    Good one(s)
    Humour is good for them funny bones.

    Made mine crack up

  14. Not sure what to do. I have to fly every 2 – 3 weeks for work. No way out. I am prepared in every way but for this. I am allowed my lifestyle and preps because of my job but if I refuse to fly, I would be unemployed immediately. Wear a n95 mask thru the airport? Full NBC suit? Is that allowed.

    1. Km in nc,

      Do what you feel you need to do when flying. Wear a mask if it makes you feel better. Treat it as a you normally would when flying during flu season or actually anytime you fly. Planes are not disinfected between flights.

      I flew to TN at the beginning of Jan and to MS at the end of the month. Only saw 5 people wearing a mask on my last trip and I went through Atlanta everytime.

      Wash hands and dont touch your face. Easier said than done. Same as you should do anytime you fly.


      1. Wear old clothes on the plane, full coverage even if it’s hot. Wear gloves. Carry goggles with you (better to look stupid than to get sick) to put on if someone on the plane is coughing. Most viruses go in through the eyes, nose and mouth. If you can avoid it, don’t use the plane restroom, the plane pillows, or the plane blankets. Avoid plane snacks, bring your own. Use hand sanitizer liberally.

        Avoid touching your face, facemask, or goggles in public. That means having a facemask that fits. When you get to your hotel your “traveling clothes” are immediately put into a bag (or washed, to be donned again for the trip home). Then you wash the goggles, shower completely, and discard facemask and gloves.

        1. Take sanitizing wipes and wipe down everything in your area on the plane seat area/table, arm rests, etc. Then use hand sanitizer liberally. From my health care career I learned that using the sanitizer and rubbing your hands like washing them for 2 rounds of the song, “Happy Birthday” (to you!), is the effective way to use it. Just splashing some on your hands does not do the job.

    2. Km in NC
      Find latex gloves that you are comfortable wearing use those.

      Remember years ago it was fashionable for women to wear gloves when they were out shopping, traveling(ended 1960’s). It is a great way to keep the germs off your hands and a wonderful reminder not to touch our face with them on your hands. Maybe it is time to restart an old fashion wearing apparel.

    3. KM in nc,
      Here are some ideas that have basis in what i know/have used in past…
      Elderberry is available in capsule form.. get enough you can take it twice a day.
      Periods of high exposure( actual plane time… i would step up to Q4h.for a day OR -until at destination+12 hours… ….You should be able to travel with this amount.. did not say how long you are gone each time…
      .Eat lots of fresh garlic.
      essential oils of oil of oregano and frankincense.. come in 15 ml bottles.( wrap these with alum foil and keep for show and tell… just say that family member is OCD, to protect the bottles from light )
      take extra bottle (30cc)of just olive oil so you can dilute the frankincense..to proper use/strength. Look it up…has a high dilution rate depending on brand…go with company recommendations of brand you choose.(mine is 10 olive oil to one of Frankincense.)..
      Use both on your feet at night as a foot rub.can be combined in hand… with the oil of oregano…. keep one pair of socks to use for this use only and a ziplock bag to store them in for all travel..

      1. I’ve read that elderberry is cytokine inducer and this virus is full-fledged cytokine dependent so you don’t want to take elderberry. But I’d look for more info on this.

        1. S.Lynn, Your info is incorrect. Elderberry is highly effective against many virus’ including the common cold, flu and e boli and several others. Herbalists have written complete books on just this plant. YOu really need to do more research if you are unsure about using this yummy and effective medicine

        2. Just Sayin’ – I have to report back. Yesterday I was developing a whopper of a cold. By dinnertime it was real bad; blow the nose and within 3 minutes sinuses are swollen, can’t breath nasally; gobs of ugly being produced, sore throat, etc.

          Before bed, I took a half TBS of ‘Zhou’ brand elderberry with ACV and Propolis, plus 3 grams of Vitamin C. Six short hours later the illness is blown right out of my system; like it never happened; not even a sniffle.

          Few things in life really amaze me anymore; Elderberry concoction is one of them.

  15. I have been watching this outbreak since December. At the time, I told my DH if the R0 is above 1 (especially the 2+) range and the death rate at 30% and spreading actively in the US, then our family needs to go into lock down. What we know…R0 above 2+, it is in the US and fatalities at a minimum of 3%. When hospitals become overrun, there won’t be enough space to treat those who might have been able to be saved.

    This is an elegant virus. High R0. Spreads while asymptomatic. Viable on surfaces for up to possibly 5 days. 20% cases require intense medical treatment. RNA virus that is known to jump species and mutate rapidly. Began during holiday season so spread was inevitable. Symptoms mimic the flu, which trick people into thinking “I’m just little sick” until they are not. Waiting to see which protein this virus is targeting. could explain some the strange videos where people just collapse. Ugh. I could go on.

    My eyes are on the end of February/early March. My hope is we have kept our numbers in the US under 50. If higher than that…well, there is a reason we prepare. However, if the numbers continue at this rate, china will be overwhelmed. Black swan.

    1. KYNASE: I read that the virus attacks the heart (acute myocarditis) in many cases, which then leads to the heart stopping altogether (cardiac arrest) leading to sudden death, and THAT is what we’re apparently seeing when people just drop where they are and succumb. I believe this came from a physician.

      I’ve also read that it has components of Ebola AND HIV, so it’s really anyone’s guess at this point.

      1. Ellie-

        I’ve been trying to do my reading on other coronaviruses and the current. If current reports are true, then the new Coronavirus uses ACE2 in order to gain access to cells. So, in theory, only cells that express the ACE2 protein will be vulnerable (assuming there are no other proteins used for entry). This bad boy is found in the heart as well as the lungs.

        This published article is a good one for reference:

        What really concerned me was this part of the article, “Alarmingly, our data predict that a single mutation [at a specific spot in the genome] could significantly enhance [the Wuhan coronavirus’s] ability to bind with human ACE2.”

        I have found some articles that indicate ACE2 might also be found in some nervous tissue (possibly brain) as a part of the ACE2/Ang/Mas pathway (for those who wanna look it up). Need to confirm this. If that is the case…then we are looking at entry points at lungs, heart and brain tissue. Ugh. Got a lot of reading up on my virology right now. Been awhile since I’ve studied this content.

        Coronavirus having similarities to other viruses is not at all uncommon. Heck, we have genetic sequences similar to all sorts of organisms…doesn’t make us dogs, cats, ducks or worms. Mother nature writes her code and keeps it pretty simple. We have been evolving alongside all the other organisms on earth. Our DNA mutates, we evolve. RNA viruses mutate/evolve rapidly. Whether manufactured or naturally occurring, it was merely a matter of time. Hopefully, this will burn itself out.

    2. I saw an article at The Lancet that covered a family of 7. Six got the virus. Of the six, one was asymptomatic but still contagious. That was one of the children, if I remember correctly. Others were contagious before symptom onset and a couple still shedding the virus after all symptoms were gone.

  16. I mentioned to a friend at work today when we were talking about the coronavirus (Wu-flu?) that it might be a good idea to stock up on enough food for a couple of weeks, just in case. (She has no idea what I have in my basement pantry!) I talked about how if the flu ended up not affecting us at all, then the food wouldn’t go to waste because she would still be able to eat it afterwards. She looked at me like I was crazy and said, “But we’re trying to get rid of stuff before we move in a few months.” She won’t be buying anything extra. I pray that it won’t matter because it won’t affect us directly.

    Some of our suppliers for my work are from China. Their factories still aren’t open and shipments that should have left last week and this week haven’t made it out. The effect of that won’t be seen for another month or two, as we’re still receiving cargo that shipped a month or more ago. Someone mentioned on here the other day that if you’re planning to buy something that is made in China in the next several months, go get it now. That person may be right. Yes, I prefer to buy American when possible, but there are some products that are either not made here or are four times more expensive.

  17. If I have 100,000 people, who might be infected with nCov at hand…but, I have only 10,000 test kits available and only 20 people to administer the tests. So, how many of the 100,000 may be tested, and possibly, confirmed as infected with nCov? 10,000.

    There shall be a maximum number of tests, which may be taken in a single day, above which the personnel administering the tests cannot exceed. So, if your testing team can take 1,000 tests a day, the MOST you may be able to report as newly confirmed is 1,000 people. The next day, your team performs the maximum number of tests…1,000…and, again, the number of the confirmed nCov infected is again, 1,000. The same thing will happen every single day, thereafter..until the number of tests being given increase.

    If you then chart the number of confirmed infected…you will see the number is not increasing on a daily basis..but remaining flat at a fixed number of new confirmed cases each day.

    “Wow!” You might think, “The daily count has level off!”

    But, in Reality…the number of the infected is growing and growing and growing. Never mind the 99,000 people who were infected and not tested has grown to 250,000.

    All I can say for certain…is the actual numbers are utterly unknown…and we can only use our previously developed medical models to guess at them….ALL of which indicate the given numbers can be off by 10x.

    The government controls panic with lies. But, they do not lie to themselves… Just watch what THEY do…and do not heed ANY source which is trying to tell you the common flu is more dangerous…it certainly is not.

    If the pandemic comes to your place, the hospitals will already be packed with nCov carriers and will be virus rich zones.

  18. This is my first time posting here. I have been prepping for years. My long term storage is in good shape. This week we have been adding quite a bit to our short term food storage. The shelves in Walmart and my local grocery stores are still full–business as usual. I made a few offhand comments to cashiers just to gauge their reaction–things like, “I am surprised more people aren’t stocking up with that China flu and all.” Everyone I’ve spoken to has their heads in the sand. I am stunned.

    This website is a breath of fresh air. There’s no way the numbers the communists are putting out are correct. I watched one video smuggled out of Wuhan. The nurse was frustrated and having a meltdown. She was begging for supplies. She noted that they had 10 doctors and each doctor saw over 100 patients that day. I watched another video where a young man and his elderly parents all had the symptoms of the virus. After nine days they still didn’t have their test results. He noted that unless you have been confirmed positive, you cannot get checked into a hospital. They simply do not have enough beds. I’ve read that they have run out of test kits. I also watched a video where the government was welding doors, locking people into their apartments. I read a report from scientists in Hong Kong who think the numbers could be as much as 100 times higher than what the Chinese government is releasing.

    I have followed Peak Prosperity. I can’t figure out why the stock markets are still looking good.

    I think we have just a matter of days to finish up getting supplies. Once the hoards realize what’s happening, the store shelves will panic shopping.

    I expect to be shut in until April. (I live in Florida where it warms up by April. The virus is unlikely to spread once it warms up.) I will have to keep an eye on the spread of the virus in Australia. If it spreads there (where it’s summer), all bets are off. I’ve read a few reports from scientists we are concerned about a second wave. The biggest question for my family is when to close the gate. I work from home and dh is retired. But he is on prescription medications that cannot be filled in advance.

    My biggest concern at this point is the economic blow back. Apple and Starbucks have already shut down all their stores in China. Today Hyundai shut down all its factories in South Korea because they couldn’t get the parts they need. When one cog in the global economy goes bad (China) the whole machine suffers. I am grateful that Trump’s trade war has insulated the U.S. (to some extent) from the downs of Chinese production. But I am still concerned that a good deal of the raw ingredients needed to manufacture medications in the U.S. are produced in China. This could lead to shortages of medications in a few months, much like the hurricane in Puerto Rico lead to a shortage of IV bags.

    I am asking myself, “Is there anything I am forgetting?” I think we are in good shape. But if the pandemic lasts for longer than 3-4 months we may be down to eating oatmeal for breakfast, and rice and beans for dinner, and baking bread from freshly ground wheat. We have sufficient supplies laid in to sustain this for over a year. But I have never had to live off of long-term preps. Food boredom is a real issue.

    1. Bam Bam,

      Glad to see you posting here as well. AA. Things i have added to fill in../change food up.Added in more oils, of many forms..coconut/olive and sunflower are our tops ones but Avocado, walnut , grapeseed oils are all good to use in rotation.Don’t forget your real butter… frozen vegetables, ( our preferred) but eating from stored canned goods as i get enough for a dehydrator full am converting into longer term..Just eat as crunchies../snacks… okra especially good this way….goal is to rotate out as much as we can now.. what is not use-able for us is going to chickens. We are getting a few eggs even thru the winter and i have a bucket put back for JIC./lime’d so we will have eggs with our rice and beans and other things…soon the chickens will ramp up their production and hoping i will have a couple hens who wish to raise a brood..

      For me cream of wheat digests and does not spike my blood sugar like oatmeal. to eat oatmeal i have to abide by the serving size on can. and that will not hold me beyond 90 minutes.(blood sugar plummets.) so thankful we have chickens…

      food boredom is a real issue.Amen.!

      We face it without being shut down or secluded.. Do you have sprouts? of green leafys you can plant and have in short period of time… radish( 35-45 days), lettuces, … turnips… remember your re-grows from supermarket finds… centers of onion will re grow. celery will as well… all of these will give variety for a time…You have an excessively long grow season… USE it. plant the squash early and transplant and use row covers. to keep bugs/moths off them. You have some old sheer curtains.?. good use for them…

      Our goals are now… centered on Replacing the canned goods we use with fresh on bi weekly basis. adding meats. keeping our feeds ahead as much as we can. once summer gets here will greatly reduce input on chickens and also the rabbits.we have hay for at least 9 months/ covered.

      screws, nails, for building projects… materials that can be used for many things..Plastic sheeting and duck tape/gorilla tape.

      Spices for various recipes… as much VARIETY as your family will eat. You may need to plan a menu to keep from becoming bored….with flavor changes.. for each day.

      Do not forget the gastric enzymes for digesting the beans…not only beano but a good multi enzyme…If gastritis a problem in your family..what ever you take for excessive gas. including mylanta, activated charcoal, Milk of Mag.+ epsom salts. Diarrhea/ constipation meds.

      Canned meats to change up the beans. Pork pot roast with those black beans sure sets them off…lots of onion and garlic. in all forms. meat tenderizers.

      we added 2 more kinds of rice.jasmine and a gummy rice… we will have rice 3 x from one pot… once plain /or as a cereal, divide remainder for 2 uses.
      for a desert and for a main dish..( Spanish rice),.Rice can be used to make rice milk for those milk intolerant….. a few mixed rice/spice kits.. ones I add okra a can of tomatoes and a few pieces of smoked meat to, for a complete meal…(Louisiana style)

      Bleach/pool shock 4x normal,kept…..baking soda, Mucinex x3x, other disinfectants that are antiviral,91% alcohol and peroxide in multiple forms. new batteries to make colloidal silver….Garbage bags of several sizes.. huge ones to use as isolation gown that can be washed off…smaller ones to use as hair cover/plastic barrier over facemask…will use w/ goggles that wrap around IF we Must go out.

      I am thinking that 30 days after last known case in area may be our best bet… combine with 28days for one cycle and another 14 days…for a last minute incubation… we could easily be looking at a minimum of 3 months..

      Some doctors will give an emergency prescription for long term needs…like blood pressure meds…and it could be filled at an alternate pharmacy and paid for with cash. blood sugar and blood pressure have natural means. to modulate. huckleberry leaves, twigs, bark 2 tbsp steeped for 30 min as a tea. 2x a day. it does take 21 days to be effective. so must start this before one is out of meds… blueberry is in same family.. may need to use a little more to achieve same results…

      If you/family like fermented foods would be a good time to get those going. I don’t eat anything fermented very often= kraut once every 5 years is plenty.no fermented drinks, no sour milk products. hope this helps you and others …

      1. Just Say’in,

        I typed up a long reply but forgot to include my name and my reply got zapped. Ugg. Yes, we have all the supplies you mentioned. I keep two quarts of sprouts going each week. Today I am going to pick up a dozen cabbages and other veggies to ferment. We love kimchi and chow chow. Amazon offered me a $60 gift card if I signed up for their credit card. So I signed up and ordered extra OTC and meds and electrolyte replacement powder, and then promptly deleted the credit card. I didn’t have to use their credit card to get the free gift card.

        I haven’t decided when we should sound the alarm or reopen the gate, so to speak. I think we have days, not weeks. I read an article last night that two Uber drivers in Mexico drove around an infected Chinese man from California, and then picked up 200+ others. Both drivers and those who got rides from them have been suspended. This is certainly enough contact to seed Latin America.

        1. Bam Bam, What we plan to do is to take a few of our “Special / treat items” and save some for each month… we plan to be isolated. so if you have what you would use in 4 months,and do not purchase further,.do a quick inventory. get a small amount from each months supply and set aside for month 5.This will help with the food fatigue, just knowing that you have a back up of a few specialty items to break routine.

    2. Yes…to all you say. Now the h5n1 has become a new factor in the Hunan province just south of the Wuhan. Okay “just chickens”. BUT, read “The Great Influenza” page 112. This portent has haunted me and is the reason for all my preps.

      1. Woodsey,

        I read about that as well. China is a cesspool of infection. H5N1 is highly pathogenic. Could you imagine H5N1 mutating with coronavirus? I got into prepping after the failure of the Russian wheat crop caused food shortages in the Middle East, which then prompted the Arab Spring. I realized the veneer of civilization is very thin. I am not so much concerned about the coronavirus itself. I am more concerned about the social unrest it will cause and the potential collapse of the world economy.

    3. Bam Bam,
      I’m glad that you found our site. Thanks for contributing your thoughts. I agree with what you’ve said… It is particularly odd how the markets have not cratered. Probable intervention – the PPT influx, heads in the sand — all that…

      1. Ken, Thanks for the welcome. You’ve got a great site here. I have found a half dozen or so familiar faces. Great stuff.

    4. Bam bam, lay in some sprouts so you can sprouts fresh greens. Get heirloom seeds for planting if you don’t already have them.

  19. Acdh had a doc’s appt today so we wore masks into the office. The staff know us & I reminded them it is protection from the bugs that may be in the building. We cleaned our hands after exiting the offices as always–jic

    Before we left, spoke with the PA about the coronavirus she was aware but was not worried. Said our area was pretty good with the exception of a church which brings in foreign nationals. Had to remind her that there is flying school which has foreign nationals from the area which is highly infected. That set her back for a moment, will it make an impact only time will tell.

  20. For once I think I’m finally prepared for something. Got food. Got supplies. got 300 rolls of TP. The only thing that stumped me for a moment was the church question. “To go, or not to go.” Then I got to thinking, if he really is God, he will understand if I don’t go to church for a while. I’m sure that praying in your home is just as acceptable to him as praying in church. With that said, all I can say is, be vigilant, and heed the good advice in this article.

    1. Big Bad Cat, Kynase, Ellie and others..

      Many religious groups have their services on line. Even complete with communion service… If no services the week you miss, they are still posted on internet. If we can not go for extended period of time, I have ability to make communion bread and have grape juice. This system works for us when we are ill. We hold our giving until the next time we attend services.

      DH and i have yet to determine what the first” closest… known case” distance from us will be…that prompts us to self isolate. There are a few more things we will be doing as we finish final preps for our situation…

      We prep from poor, so will always be something we need that we will need to improvise around..

      I too have been watching this for a few weeks..Not only is sudden heart failure, sudden respiratory failure…those that survive have a 12 % chance of having acute heart issues for remainder of life. myocarditis would fall in that class. as would Congestive failure..I had heard about the possibility of e boli and hiv… once we are locked down.. we will be using what ever antivirals we have and choose to use on a daily basis., minimal. The good thing is all of these are viral..2-3 antivirals should give good coverage..We will alternate ours. using one in morning and another at night. to begin with…

      Opportunistic infections( bacterial)will set up in lungs if this virus gets a “foothold” . Knowing what may be present and being aware of every symptom will be vital. If you do not have a pulse oximeter you need to get one for each confinement area.. /person if you intend to do care in expedited manner.Don’t forget thermometers , covers,

      One of the first signs of pneumonia is drop in oxygen rate with rise in pulse rate.. Blood pressure can rise or drop…depends on the stage of distress..When.combined with low energy, fatigue,a cough either productive or non productive, fever reduced breath sounds.. or wheeze…There you are needing care. Then we will need to be using the remedies we have already discussed in other articles. From what i have been able to see, IF one gets pneumonia with this virus, would need to utilize every possible resource..quickly and on a tight schedule.

      Someone will be loosing sleep giving care.Do you have alertness aids? coffee tea? caffeine?Are you willing to sleep on a hard floor so your “bad hip” awakens you after a set interval.?

      I have had a few people state they are watching the 3-5 week markers as well and will be making big decisons ..from information around that time.

      Several more plane loads are supposed to be on the way back to t he states from affected areas..They will have 14 day isolation.. Take care, keep head on a swivel. get everything you think you may need for 5 months.. better safe than not..

    2. Big Bad Cat just a few thoughts.

      Mathew 18:20 where two or more are gathered in MY NAME I am there in the midst.

      Hebrews 4:14 Jesus is our High priest we need nothing more to enter before GOD.

      Hebrews 10:25 do not forsake the assembly of the faithful for they encourage each other to serve GOD. Family Churches were what Paul visited all over the known world LONG Before the Mega Churches and such ever occurred.

      God wants us to LIVE in HIS Word.

      The Temple of GOD is inside each believer. 1st Corinthians 3:16-17

    3. BBC, just remember WE are the church. People, not buildings. How many great saints and doctors of the church (Catholic here) went off to live in caves as hermits and get close to God? And it matters not which ‘religion’ you are. God is God. He loves us all.

      Blessings to all here. Praying all in our MSB family remain unaffected by this.

      1. DJ
        Has nothing to do with organized religion.
        Religion has been used as a control tool by the elite over the centuries.
        Is a very personal, and individual thing.
        And a conscious contact with God,
        Has absolutely nothing to do with paying for blessings, nor obeying nor listening to a minister or priest. They are just men, in many cases, very flawed men, and occasionally corrupt or deviant men.
        My Faith in God is unwavering and not attached to any human.
        I a flawed man, its ok,
        But i have faith in God no matter what and will accept his path for me whatever that may be.

        1. Kula, I agree 100 per cent! It is all very personal between you and God. We don’t have to attend a church (building) or services. I think I am closer to God in my garden, and when I freely give away my extra chicken eggs to others than I am in a church. Just me. I do love old buildings tho, especially churches. Wish I could have seen Notre Dame before it burned down. Sad.

  21. Not to be an alarmist but if this is true we are in for the fight of our lives.

    Smog over Wuhan, cars not going, factories not running…..its crematories running 24/7.

    The 2 patients in California are getting worse.

    1. Thor,

      It’s the Uber drives in Mexico that has me concerned. Two drivers picked up an infected Chinese man from California, and then drove around 200+ people the same day. Uber has suspended these accounts. But . . .

      1. Bam, what about the 110 already here under investigation?

        Some in NY little China……

        One in Pittsburgh Pa, businessman met with 912 other people. They aren’t counting him.

        One in Miami……

        The WHO said “Prepare now or pay later”…… We are in deep dodo..

        1. By “Prepare now,” the WHO means “Give us money or you’ll pay for it!” I’ve been listening to their thinly disguised money grab for a week. “Need Moar!” Even though they can’t account for most of what they get.

  22. Kill it before you catch it? Post over at JWR’s site about iodine and corona virus.


  23. We all have an expiration date, no clue when it is, dont forget to live

    1. I think the leak is deliberate, an effort by someone to inform us of the actual situation. As the leaked information is in keeping with government actions and medical modeling.

      I think governments are actually in pandemic panic mode and getting ready for what is about to happen.

      I believe this pandemic shall be the greatest killer in history.

      1. Ision,
        Just watched a video from CNBC from yesterday. Doctor from the center of health security John Hopkins Amel Adalja.
        They are discussing global health and economic impact.
        He states we should assume containment will fail in the US for the coronavirus. For the same reasons it failed in China.
        But he lost me though and pegged my BS meter when he said this is really just a mild flu strain. Really nothing to worry about.
        That flies in the face of what other experts are saying about the mortality rate, long incubation period, infection rates,serious secondary complications of those sick.
        On top of all the leaked videos coming out of China and the lengths they are going through to contain it. Sure doesn’t sound like a mild form of flu to me sports fans!
        The talking head interviewing him broached the subject of why even try to contain it then(if it’s just some mild flu). From what I gather from his remarks they are discussing just that.
        This is some real weirdness going on here…

        1. When a supposed doctor calls this “the flu” my own BS meter pegs. It’s not the flu, and any doctor worth his salt KNOWS that. It’s a completely different virus. Even if he’s trying not to scare anyone, he wouldn’t use the word “flu” unless he’d been instructed to.

        2. the 2019-nCoV…. the n stands for novel. Novel folks. Novel means new and resembling something not formally known or used. per Merriam Webster

    2. Tom ,
      Thanks for sharing that with us.
      My Doctor friend told me we should be adding another zero to their numbers.
      Looks like he was probably right.

      1. You are welcome.
        As Deep South mentions down the page a couple of comments, “Right now we have a golden opportunity to get anything we may need to complete or upgrade our preps.” He is exactly right. Think how fast the reports started showing up about shortages of masks.

        The one thing I’m surprised about is we have heard no reports of food shortages since entire cities were quarantined. How is that possible? Food, prescription refills, water, OTC medicines, TP, more TP, now is the time to shore up supplies.

        1. “The one thing I’m surprised about is we have heard no reports of food shortages since entire cities were quarantined. How is that possible?”

          The thing is, that’s not possible for long (survival in a quarantined city). Being a communist country, government has control of information flow (and the internet). It’s amazing how they have clamped down on this. The world needs to know…

        2. Between 1958 and 1962, internal war between the peasants and the government either starved, or outright killed pretty much everyone in several outlying regions of the country, 80% of all inhabitants were intentionally starved because they were not productive.
          That oughtta cause a pause for thought

        3. I posted on another site the other day– Hitler had the camps and ovens (and the Jews weren’t the only people he killed in them, just the most visible), Stalin did the same. Why would we expect the CCP to be any less ruthless?

          People don’t like the truth.

        4. Lauren
          did you notice that all those hospitals which have been so fast built have bars on all the windows? At first I couldn’t believe it. Then I googled around and found many, including photos on a Chinese news site. Yup, all windows have bars. What’s next? Weld the doors shut after each “hospital” is full?…

        5. Jane
          Just wait till the dead reanimate!

          Too many zombie movies


          Heee Heeee

        6. Jane Foxe,

          I have thought about your question “Why do the makeshift hospitals have bars?” for three days. Answer: They are not hospitals; they are detention centers!

          The only way a mass structure could be built in 10-12 days is if the components were prefabricated. The government in China has used mass detention to control the population. I think the Chinese government had pre-fab prisons ready to go in case of civil unrest. The government just modified their design to make it look like a hospital. But hospitals don’t have bars!

          Mark my word: China will lock up the infected and throw away the key.


    3. I heard the same thing through “Headlines with a Voice”, She said that a Chinese’s website (tencent) accidentally published numbers for the coronavirus that was substantially higher then official numbers than the Chinese’s government. The numbers published were over 150,000 infected cases, 78,000 suspected cases, and over 24,000 deaths. The website quickly updated its site and now shows the official numbers that are being reported out of China of nearly 27,000 infected case and nearly 500 deaths. Don’t know if it’s true but I wouldn’t doubt it.

  24. Right now we have a golden opportunity to get anything we may need to complete or upgrade our preps.

    Even if the Wu Flu is ultimately contained in China the disruption to global supply chains will cause (surprise!) a rolling economic crisis. If it is not contained the same only worse. I am not trying to say its dooms day but this could be a real multi faceted crisis that stage one is the corona virus. Stage two avian flu in China? Stage three supply chains fail? Stage four? I hope this is not the case! The next few weeks should be a good indicator of what is going to happen.

    Pray! Be alert! Be prepared! Use your common sense!

  25. This is the only news that I have been following, and the numbers just don’t make sense. I think if you add a couple of zeros to the Chinese figures you might be closer to the actual numbers. No confirmed cases yet in my state but I have decided to make a huge run to the various stores that I visit tomorrow then hunker down for awhile.

    1. I figure we’ll know by the end of next week. British government guy said the virus is doubling every five days in China. If it follows the same trend here we’ll have 20 cases in the US by Friday (we currently have 11 “confirmed”), and 40 after the weekend, then 80 by the following Friday.

      Whether we’ll get accurate numbers is another issue.

  26. When this virus gets into the school system we will have a problem that can’t be stopped.
    Parents send sick kids to school all of the time, because they have to work and didn’t plan for this kind of problem. The school districts will only close the schools when the govt. makes them.
    There is too much money on the line for them.
    By the time the schools close it will be too late

  27. I too am very concerned about this issue because my DH is still on the front lines of the emergency medical field. In looking at the people working these jobs, how many will actually stay and work – and how many will not show up to shifts. Those with kids may well not show up at all. We will all be on our own and do not think that if you call 911 someone actually may come – they most likely will not. These workers have families who they love, and even if they love you neighbors, their families will take the first priority. I am shoring up preps this week.

    1. Pegasus, Good idea to shore up preps. I’ve been doing the same. I hope like crazy that this is a nothing-burger. But if it’s not, this could be big. It’s worth spending the xtra time and a few xtra bucks to shore it up. These consumables will be eventually consumed anyway – so no loss in the long run.

      1. I’m with you. Get it while you can at uninflated prices and non deferred availability. I’m buying more than I and wife personally need because my nonprepared children will become dependent on us for safe haven.

    2. Pegasus, we have a similar issue…my husband owns a small adult care facility. The residents are in the doctors offices all the time. They invariably come back and within a couple days have colds, flu (even after getting the mandated flu shot and sometimes shortly after getting it), and different infections after hospital stays. Or, family members with “just a little something” come to visit. It is not a good place to be when anything is going around.

      We use the colloidal silver and Oil or Oregano. I ordered extra dried elderberries to deepen my stock and will make the syrup using star anise and honey.

      We worry for our family and friends on the front line.

  28. All the more reason to have manufacturing in the good old USA.
    The longer Chinese workers are quarantined, the greater the effect on the economy.
    Are elderly people with other complications and/or compromised immune systems still the majority of the fatalities?
    Have read that 4,500 people in China die every day from air pollution.
    Pray for revival in China.

  29. Oh, and thanks to comments on the other article on the stock market, along with shoring up preps this week I have ordered funds from various accounts so that I can electronically pay bills. I figure if everything else shuts down, folks may be able to work from home to keep some of the financial institutions going. Think about fuel, and heating oil/propane, which I have ordered to top off everything.

    It is frightening to think of the domino effect this could have on our lives as we know it. I pray for the world and those currently dealing with this outbreak, and I pray we do not need to shut the gates, go underground, or have a prolonged period of world collapse. But plan for it! As Ken says, we can always use our preps in modern life.

  30. Our niece from the baby sister is up on this latest virus. Discussed with her if the business had to shut down for two weeks & they had to stay home did she have enough food for those two weeks. YES. Did not have time to encourage increasing her up to 4 weeks or more. At least she does not have her head in the clouds.🤗

  31. We are always preparing. We live in hurricane ally so we have to. We actually have several years worth of long term food. Live on a septic tank so do not need sewage system. Have a 500 gallon water cistern. With a rain catchment system. Plus water filters,purifiers, and distiller. Plus a boatload of medical supplies, communication devices, propane,gasoline with long term stabilizer, security devices, flashlights, fire and cooking methods, on and on. Now we expanded our N95 mask supplies, spare NBC filters, boxes of rubber gloves,safety glasses,safety goggles, face shields, TYVEK bio/chem suits, sanitation supplies. On and on it goes. Never stops. Had to stop the reinforcing of the rafters I was doing. Since the attic is cool now. It is the best time to strength for hurricane season. Had to stop to work on supplies for the coronavirus.

    1. Regarding a roof water catchment system what happens if the contaminant is airborne so it gets in the water in the cistern? Won’t this contaminate the water supply? Won’t this make further use of this source of supply unavailable? Wouldn’t a back up well be something to consider?

  32. The way I see it, all I know about the status of nCoV in my vicinity; ~14 days prior to 1st case there was no nCoV present.

  33. And here they go again… this time it’s Wikipedia. They just took down Chris Martenson’s Wikipedia page – which has been there for at least 10 years. Why? Because he’s speaking about the coronavirus and his personal website has become popular among those seeking information about it. It is stunning what is happening out there regarding suppression of speech by ‘Big Tech’. Because he is suggesting that the “official” numbers are likely incorrect (under-reported), they take him down. Shoot the messenger. That’s how they do it. I cannot even begin to express my disgust for these commies who are entrenched in ‘Big Tech’.

    The time to prepare, is now.

    1. I have been stewing on this.
      Pres Xi says he is confident they have or will have this contained… which I take it to mean he will have all info about what going on contained.

      More plane loads of evacuated people brought back here yesterday, but barely a whisper. And the last planeload of people who came back? Not a word. Heathy, sick … stories to tell about what was happening when they were evacuated? Nada.

      Suddenly, in a true authoritarian miracle, the number of “recovered” people almost doubled overnight. Yet the number of people “under observation” is now not published?

      Another almost 9 million in China under quarantine, another 10 on the Japanese cruise ship test positive, and stories of people sick after a conference who shared s microphone then went to their home countries and shared the virus with others… but all we get is impeachment crap.

      Feeling pretty angry this morning!
      And exactly how bad is it that the news has to be shut down and censorship is in full swing?

    2. Ken, I just wrote about this (and more) in your article “CoronaVirus Pandemic Should Be Affecting Stock Markets”
      I am so fricking angry over this.

    3. Ken,
      This was to be expected. Smear and discredit those who are sharing Information that TPTB do not want disseminated . By extension, smearing and discrediting us as well.
      Any thinking person has to realize that the Chinese would not be expending these type of assets for 500 -600 dead citizens. Not with their huge population.
      It really makes no economic sense unless it is way worse than the info released.
      The only videos really out there are the feel good stuff. Bringing home their stranded citizens. Crying kids missing mom as she fights the good fight as a nurse in a hospital. Rolling out medical supplies for the camera .
      Now there are YouTube people making videos about it saying it’s no big deal. My gut tells me its because they are getting less views with their own videos. Trying to get back their audience that are looking for info on the outbreak.
      When MSM is not trying to sensationalize this outbreak ad nauseam like most stories?
      “Time to prepare is now.”
      Damn skippy it is Ken!
      Thanks for keeping us informed and a place to discuss this all…

    4. Ken,
      The Chinese doctor who was first to sound the alarm about the virus has died. A young doctor who was threatened officially with a letter about disturbing” the social order” by the government back in December.
      Yep,nothing to worry about…
      Go back to sleep clueless little sheep…

  34. Mrs. U
    The young Dr. who first wanted to speak out on the virus, because he saw a similarity to SARS, just died. He had been TOLD to SHUT UP or else. Supposedly he interacted with a glaucoma patient who had 2019-nCoV.

  35. Just called Emergency Essentials for a ETA on an order. Cust Service said they were behind because of the virus and were trying to catch up. Just a note for ya’ll.

  36. Whomever recommend South China Morning Post, thank you.
    I looked at it this morning and the shoppers are on a purchasing spree for the basic items. Although the gov is telling the citizens they have nothing to worry about, as supplies have always been delivered.

    They still made a run on rice–TP(nrp’s favorite)–perishable foods–baby items and of course the necessary–condoms.
    This article is buried farther down the page you have to search to find it.

  37. DOD Statement on Additional Request From HHS
    FEB. 6, 2020

    Secretary of Defense Dr. Mark T. Esper is expected to support a request from the Department of Health and Human Services which asked DOD to identify military installations near 11 major airports that could house additional passengers, should HHS facilities become filled. These are tertiary locations, and HHS already has primary and secondary locations identified that are not DOD facilities.

    The DOD installations and the airports they could support as tertiary backups are:
    JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam, HI (HNL)
    Great Lakes Training Center Navy Base, IL (ORD)
    Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, TX (DFW)
    March ARB, CA (LAX)
    Travis AFB, CA (SFO)
    Dobbins ARB, GA (ATL)
    Fort Hamilton, NY (JFK)
    Naval Base Kitsap, WA (SEA)
    Joint Base Anacostia, DC (IAD)
    Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJ (EWR)
    Fort Custer Training Center (DTW)

    Under the request, DOD support at each location will be limited to providing housing support for up to 20 people as they undergo a period of quarantined observation. The department will also provide office space for several HHS personnel and their equipment through February 22, 2020.

    As with prior coronavirus Requests for Assistance, HHS will be responsible for all care, transportation, and security of the evacuees.

    DOD personnel will not be in direct contact with the evacuees and will minimize contact with personnel supporting the evacuees. Should routine monitoring of the evacuees identify ill individuals, HHS has procedures in place to transport them to a local civilian medical facility. HHS will also ensure that no evacuated personnel are transferred to any DOD installation if they are infected or ill.

    The department continues to work closely with its interagency partners, while monitoring the situation. DOD has assessed this support will not negatively impact readiness or critical operations.

    DOD’s primary responsibility is the safety of our force, our families and our base communities. DOD personnel will follow guidance in the memorandum, “Force Health Protection Guidance for the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak,” to reduce risk.

    defense (dot) gov/Newsroom/Releases/Release/Article/2076940

    Interesting that the request is for tertiary locations, and only for housing and support for only “up to 20” people as they undergo observation and quarantine.

  38. Here is a question for someone smarter than I.
    Can this virus live in water?
    Can it be spread through a water system if it gets contaminated?
    Thinking rivers, lakes and streams not Municipal systems that get chlorinated?

    1. NRP as far as I can tell there is no real hazard from flu virus in a stream or body of water. That assumes that this Corona Virus is not a Bio-Weapon as they in theory be modified in ways you and I cannot know.

      That said like all advice like this think what is UP stream from your body of water. My worst stomach bug I ever got was from drinking from a “pristine” creek to discover later that day a very dead deer in that creek upstream of our campsite. Giardia and many other issues await folks that drink un purified waters.

      1. me2:
        I think I’m screwed….
        I live downstream of communist Durango CO. new home of CA.

        1. NRP,
          Well look on the bright side, maybe we’ll get one of those really big spring snow storms and all those DRO sissies will go cryin’ back to their safe spaces in Kalifornia. Besides , now you got a good reason to stock more gin.

          PS: It’s Minerjim, minerjim, but never minorjim. ‘Hey you!’ or “Viejo Loco” work also.

    2. NRP,
      Kind of depends on a lot of things. Water temperature, ph, treatment chemicals, etc. .Also the concentration of virus in the water,\.
      Don’t know what you are worrying about this for, you drink water outta that Orange River and you are still here. Ain’t no darn coronavirus gonna take you out Ol’ Son! Besides, if you are pickled in Gin, you have no worries.

      1. Minerjim or is it minerjim, hummm
        Anyways I have heard that alcohol is a good killer of this virus.
        Guess I’m good to go… LOLOL
        Thanks Buddy 😎

    3. NRP,.
      OF course ! VIRUS’ of many kinds CAN live in water. If they could not we would not NEED to have water filters that remove them..

      1. Just Sayin’ while I am aware that Norovirus has been transmitted through private wells and other untreated water supplies so far all my limited research shows no example of the flu being so transmitted.

        Outside a host the life span of the Flu virus is very short and from my understanding of hydrology it takes weeks for rain water to end up in most water aquifers like where MY well comes from. Now a poorly sealed well CAN contaminate your well and that of near by wells I. E. the cholera outbreaks from badly sited outhouses.

        IF this Corona Virus is SO BAD how did the Human race somehow blunder through to today? Your HANDS are the #1 vector of this nastiness into your immune system. A STRONG Immune system like so many of your Excellent posts pointed out with supporting herbs and such is our #1 defense.

        There ARE viruses that live in water, indeed FISH carry viruses. Happily for the Sushi eaters out there MOST of those Fish Hosted Viruses don’t hurt humans.

  39. Folks mentioning bars on hospital windows. Well, 12-13 years ago there were xdr-tb escapees from quarantine in South Africa. These were folks with deadly extreme and multi drug resistant tuberculosis.

    The informed medical community has had s long memory.

    1. People who get confined involuntarily get desperate to get out…with healthcare system overloaded and no specialized equipment available. The problem is the multi-generational family units.passing from person to person with limited supplies , exposure of even a few seconds can produce disease. is highly virulent….If exposed multiple times then extensions of quarantine time will be absolutely necessary.. It is already here. Someone posted below a video” their friend” was diagnosed with both” flu B and American Corona virus”.. there is no such listing it is Kung Flu.,

  40. How are you gonna get medication without a prescription from the doctor that’s the only way you can get it so explain to me how?

    1. Jack
      Which type of medication are you referring to on your post? It is not attached to a thread so we not understand specifically what you have in mind.

    2. Jack;
      All meds are discovered in nature is some form or another, listen to several very smart people her, ask a direct question and you most likely will get a good answer

    3. Jack, It depends on what medication you are talking about. The easiest way is to modify diet to control the issue and use food for medicine or other natural substances.. like huckleberry/sandberry for blood pressure and blood sugar modulation.Or changing the OILs used in cooking to modify cholestrols..(olive, coconut/real butter etc. No canola, corn or “vegetable”…) Neither of these are quick fixes taking from 21 days for first set, with specific instructions. and 6 -12 weeks for the second. I am moving the remainder of this response to Open forum.

  41. So, as i see it, assuming a breakout in my township, and should I self-quarantine myself within my home, I’ll still receive from the outside world, mail, parcel packages, and probably step outside my safe zone to buy chicken feed and other perishables that could be infected from contact with carriers. How do I cost-effectively safeguard myself in this scenario? Spray everything from the outside world that enters my safe zone with Lysol or what?

    1. I’ve heard that the virus can live up to 5 days on surfaces. People have suggested a bleach and water solution to spray. I’m not going to be concerned with the outside world if I am quarantined. I am actually going to put up bio hazard signs to keep people out…

      1. So you’re going into shutdown mode? Nothing gets past your firewall/front door?

      2. Jabba, soft surfaces for weeks. hard cleaned surfaces for 5 days…all the more reason to protect your inner living areas…

    2. Roger I put a bottle of 70% rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. The spray has an adjustable nozzle so it can spray a finer mist. The CDC says 60% will kill the virus. I had some PGA so gave my bottle a nitro boost.

        1. The problem is a virus killing agent, like an alcohol solution, will also have a definite amount of time it needs in order to perform this function. A virus killing wipe, of ANY maker, needs about 4 minutes of WET contact to kill the amount of virus it is rated to kill.

          Alcohol will kill, but the amount of time it needs to do so….will not be “instantly.” If the agent evaporates too quickly, it will not have performed anywhere near its potential rating.

          Potential vs Actual.

        2. Ision, good info. I have soaked the boxes and such. It does take longer than 4 minutes to dry. Thanks

  42. For what it’s worth, this article was prepared via a Chinese hospital: “this case series was approved by the institutional ethics board of Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University”
    I clipped a portion of the abstract below:

    “Clinical Characteristics of 138 Hospitalized Patients With 2019 Novel Coronavirus–Infected Pneumonia in Wuhan, China”
    Dawei Wang, MD1; Bo Hu, MD1; Chang Hu, MD1; et al
    JAMA Published online February 7, 2020. doi:10.1001/jama.2020.1585

    Question What are the clinical characteristics of hospitalized patients with 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV)–infected pneumonia (NCIP) in Wuhan, China?

    Findings In this single-center case series involving 138 patients with NCIP, 26% of patients required admission to the intensive care unit and 4.3% died. Presumed human-to-human hospital-associated transmission of 2019-nCoV was suspected in 41% of patients.

    Meaning In this case series in Wuhan, China, NCIP was frequently associated with presumed hospital-related transmission, 26% of patients required intensive care unit treatment, and mortality was 4.3%.

    Design, Setting, and Participants Retrospective, single-center case series of the 138 consecutive hospitalized patients with confirmed NCIP at Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University in Wuhan, China, from January 1 to January 28, 2020; final date of follow-up was February 3, 2020.

    Exposures Documented NCIP.

    Main Outcomes and Measures Epidemiological, demographic, clinical, laboratory, radiological, and treatment data were collected and analyzed. Outcomes of critically ill patients and noncritically ill patients were compared. Presumed hospital-related transmission was suspected if a cluster of health professionals or hospitalized patients in the same wards became infected and a possible source of infection could be tracked.

    Results Of 138 hospitalized patients with NCIP, the median age was 56 years (interquartile range, 42-68; range, 22-92 years) and 75 (54.3%) were men. Hospital-associated transmission was suspected as the presumed mechanism of infection for affected health professionals (40 [29%]) and hospitalized patients (17 [12.3%]). Common symptoms included fever (136 [98.6%]), fatigue (96 [69.6%]), and dry cough (82 [59.4%]). Lymphopenia (lymphocyte count, 0.8 × 109/L [interquartile range {IQR}, 0.6-1.1]) occurred in 97 patients (70.3%), prolonged prothrombin time (13.0 seconds [IQR, 12.3-13.7]) in 80 patients (58%), and elevated lactate dehydrogenase (261 U/L [IQR, 182-403]) in 55 patients (39.9%). Chest computed tomographic scans showed bilateral patchy shadows or ground glass opacity in the lungs of all patients. Most patients received antiviral therapy (oseltamivir, 124 [89.9%]), and many received antibacterial therapy (moxifloxacin, 89 [64.4%]; ceftriaxone, 34 [24.6%]; azithromycin, 25 [18.1%]) and glucocorticoid therapy (62 [44.9%]). Thirty-six patients (26.1%) were transferred to the intensive care unit (ICU) because of complications, including acute respiratory distress syndrome (22 [61.1%]), arrhythmia (16 [44.4%]), and shock (11 [30.6%]). The median time from first symptom to dyspnea was 5.0 days, to hospital admission was 7.0 days, and to ARDS was 8.0 days. Patients treated in the ICU (n = 36), compared with patients not treated in the ICU (n = 102), were older (median age, 66 years vs 51 years), were more likely to have underlying comorbidities (26 [72.2%] vs 38 [37.3%]), and were more likely to have dyspnea (23 [63.9%] vs 20 [19.6%]), and anorexia (24 [66.7%] vs 31 [30.4%]). Of the 36 cases in the ICU, 4 (11.1%) received high-flow oxygen therapy, 15 (41.7%) received noninvasive ventilation, and 17 (47.2%) received invasive ventilation (4 were switched to extracorporeal membrane oxygenation). As of February 3, 47 patients (34.1%) were discharged and 6 died (overall mortality, 4.3%), but the remaining patients are still hospitalized. Among those discharged alive (n = 47), the median hospital stay was 10 days (IQR, 7.0-14.0).

    Conclusions and Relevance In this single-center case series of 138 hospitalized patients with confirmed NCIP in Wuhan, China, presumed hospital-related transmission of 2019-nCoV was suspected in 41% of patients, 26% of patients received ICU care, and mortality was 4.3%.

    (Full article at JamaNetwork dot com)

  43. DJ5280 & Lauren
    I do not recall how I came about this article, which the two of you are speaking of, the Chinese gov wanting to take over other countries. You both are spot on, as this has been in the works for quite some time according to this article. It is a rather long read, so be prepared it is also back up with facts, which are quoted in the article.
    You will be looking for the date of Jan. 30, 2020 by Nyquist ‘nasty Wuhan soup’.

  44. Did anyone else catch the CDC’s comment today about having sent defective virus test kits out to the states (they say none left the country?

    Seems these defective test kits may give false negatives. I swear, You can’t make this stuff up.

    1. So Cal Gal
      Makes that BOL look better and better don’t it.
      BTW just a little poke in the ribs HEHEHEHE
      Love ya Gal. Be safe

      1. NRP,
        Going up for a long weekend Fri a.m. With a full load of “stuff”.
        Connectivity sucks up there, though… will be out of touch then… which is both a good and bad thing I guess.

        And right back at ya! 🤗

    2. So Cal Gal
      The computer ate my homework!! 😫😫

      Can’t not believe that they sent the bad test kits out then did not let those tested they could be contagious after all..
      We are in deep poop!!

      1. AC,
        Yep, I couldn’t believe it. They didn’t say how many were bad, or how many may have false negative results, not even an advisory (at least not publicly) about getting the-tested.

        It’s lining up like that cascade of events I wrote about a week or two ago. A huge problem made worse by a series of bad decisions, news suppression, more bad decisions, lack of much-needed supplies, people getting out, bad test kits… it goes on and on.

        1. So Cal Gal, and all ya out there:
          Its time to get your bases covered. “There’s a Bad Moon a Rising” as the song goes.
          Just feels like bad mojo for sure, to much disinformation out there and the MSM hiding all kinds of stuff.
          Do you trust the .gov, do you trust the Chinese government?
          Just Saying

        2. I trust none of them. Way too much downplaying and suppression of info, stats unrealistic and unbelievable. WHO and other agencies have no credibility after pushing hard for open borders and near-normal travel. They all just can’t help pushing their economic agendas.

  45. This is very complex science, people. These test kits were sent only to specialized laboratories with the highest certifications, specific instrumentation, and trained technical staff.

    The HHS Secretary declared COVID19 a public health emergency two weeks ago and FDA granted CDC an Emergency Use Authorization for these test kits a few days later.

    A few years back, I had the privilege of working along side both governmental and nongovernmental epidemiologists, virus researchers, diagnosticians, and other infectious disease specialists, both here at home and far, far away, including CDC colleagues. As a group, they are the most intelligent, innovative, dedicated, and caring people I’ve ever known. They deeply care about the people suffering from and being lost to this new virus. Guaranteed they have been working almost nonstop to get these test kits developed. As a matter of routine they’ll continue to improve both initial and confirmatory testing, work on improving reagents, and partner with industry to increase supplies and speed logistics. We should pray for their success, and the success of those beginning to work on a vaccine.

    Many countries have no qualified labs for this work, and some which might have the labs lack a staff with comprehensive expertise. They send their samples to designated WHO labs for testing.

    Though we are all human, everyone is unique, as is each of our biologies. Viral expression in each of us is just slightly different as a result. Every diagnostic test run results in some false positives and some false negatives, which are much more worrying. That’s why confirmatory testing is also done. Researchers work to get those numbers as low as possible, but zero is not a realistic goal. That’s what you get when you run a standard diagnostic test on a group of unique patients.

    The collaboration around the globe to get this far has been stupendous. And that level of international effort should inform us how seriously we need to take our own preparations, JIC.

    1. I should have said

      The collaboration around the globe to get this far this fast has been stupendous.

      1. AM
        I understood what you were saying.
        Yet to the common lay person who does not work in the field of virology this is daunting.
        Remember I said Americans are use to being saved by a ‘Miracle’ drug/cure by our specialized medical personnel. It is not going to happen this time, not in the time frame most Americans would expect.

        When man or women working in a level 4 hazard bio laboratories, blending virus or whatever genetic materials they have on hand. Something terrible will go wrong, it is an odds maker event.

        Recently in Thabit, scientist discovered 30+ virus for them to experiment with in their labs. Are they dangerous virus, one will not know as this story was buried due to the Wu Flu coming on scene. Only time will tell how dangerous these will be but they are now out there in a lab somewhere being tested. We are in Deep $*it. mo

    2. Anony Mee,
      Thanks for taking the time to write a great comment.
      Very well thought out and we’ll written🤗

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