CDC Covid-19 Death Data – Young & Middle-aged Virtually Unscathed

Provisional data on COVID-19 deaths can be downloaded at the CDC. Consider the below data, the most recent on the CDC website:

60% of Covid-19 deaths here in the US are from the age group of 75 years and over.

80% ( 4 of 5 ) Covid-19 deaths are ages 65 and over.

0.849% (that’s ZERO point eight-four-nine percent) Covid-19 deaths are from the age group 35 years and younger.

School aged children up to young college-aged adults comprise 0.156% of Covid-19 deaths (ages 0 – 24).

Is any of this surprising to you? The mainstream news media has not, and is not emphasizing the high risk groups for Covid-19 deaths (most of whom have comorbidity — the presence of one or more additional conditions contributing to death).

Rather, they’re continuing to scare everyone into believing that we’re all asymptomatic Covid-19 death-wielding super-spreader carriers!

Evidence indicates that this is simply not true.

Age Demographic of Covid-19 Deaths

Age DemographicSum of Deaths
 (2/1/20 — 7/8/20)
Under 1 year90.0078%
1–4 years70.0061%
5–14 years140.0122%
15–24 years1490.1299%
25–34 years7950.6929%
35–44 years2,0261.7657%
45–54 years5,6504.9241%
55–64 years13,80812.0341%
65–74 years23,86620.7999%
75–84 years30,36926.4674%
85 years and over38,04833.1599%
Total COVID-19 Deaths114,741

We notice that roughly four in five deaths occur over the age of 65.  That’s consistent with, say, influenza deaths in 2017–18.  But a quick look at the other side of the spectrum yields what may be surprising conclusions that contradict the media narrative that your friends and neighbors may have imbibed wholesale.

Between the ages of zero and 24, we find that there has been a sum of 179 provisional COVID-19 deaths.  None of this is meant to diminish the tragedy of these deaths, I want to be clear.  But despite the much higher number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 in 2020 than we’d find in an example of a bad flu season like 2017–2018, we find that this number of deaths among youth demographics is strikingly low by comparison.

~ American Thinker | Time is Running Out for Coronavirus Course Correction
by William Sullivan

I recommend that you read the article I’ve linked from the quotation block above ^^

Why am I posting this?

Good question. We are bombarded daily from the MSM about new cases. A thinking person may realize that logically there will be more cases when there is lots more testing.

Scaring us with Number of Testing Positive

New cases doesn’t mean they’re sick. It doesn’t mean they’re spreading it. Doesn’t mean they’re dead. It means they are exhibiting antibodies (assuming the tests are accurate specifically for “Covid-19” rather than “coronavirus” – which includes the common cold).

The MSM is also seeking out and reporting on the rare cases when a younger person dies (shock value) — though they’re not mentioning comorbidity. They’re making it seem like everyone around you, including the young and middle-aged, need to be locked down in order to save themselves and others from a certain death. This just is not true.

My motivation for posting the age demographic deaths (shown above) is to refocus / offset what the MSM is trying to do (scare the daylights out of you “again”). While NOT downplaying any deaths (this is primarily deadly for the very elderly with underlying conditions), we the people need to understand the demographic of who is dying. It’s not the young. It’s not the middle-aged. It is the elderly with comorbidities.

Quite evidently (given testing) those who have actually gotten this virus among the young and middle-aged (even those “over the hill” to a great extent) are recovering. Why are we not hearing this? This is (should be) good news. It means the “death rate” is even lower than they thought…

So why are we collectively destroying the economy? Why are we not letting our kids go back to school (in many areas)? Shouldn’t we have been focusing on isolating/protecting the very elderly who are clearly vulnerable? Couldn’t we have done it differently?

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    1. Yep. Almost seems specifically aimed at the age demographic most likely to be traditional, conservative, religious…..

  1. The world is coming to an end!!!!!!!!! Covid-19 has struck!!!!!!!! Only 99.8% of us will survive!!!!!!!! Our only hope is to elect Joe Bide. Then the scourge will dissipate, the clouds will part, the sun will once again shine, and life will be filled with goodness and laughter………..

    1. I have to add to your ……

      We will all live a uni-sexual lifestyle, in communal housing, riding bikes for transportation, attending free indoctrination class daily, all necessities provided free and delivered magically by autonomous vehicles, all utilities provided free, ….. wait, that is how it is now at universities that the government indirectly pays for. Am I ever stupid.

      1. oh no, instead of like in the movie Wild In the Streets where they gave the old people LSD, a robe and fenced them in we get Covid to put us away. Except in that movie you were old at 35.

  2. I had a conversation with a doctor recently and questioned the new numbers of positive cases. I asked: “How do you account for all of the false positive test numbers?” She had no answer. So then. What numbers of increased Covid numbers are the truth? Are they true? Or are they including and using the false positive numbers to pretend there is an increase of cases? This is aggravating that we cannot know the truth. And I don’t think we ever will.

    1. Because science has become “political”. You don’t know what to trust anymore.

      1. I have a scenario. Please tell me if I’m wrong.

        Let’s says citizen X gets a nasal swab and comes up positive. They don’t get sick. Two weeks later they get a throat swab. Still positive. Then a month later, citizen X gets an antibody test. Positive again. Citizen X has not been sick but three tests show positive.

        Do those three positives count as three (3) positive cases or just one (1) positive case?

        If it counts as three, the total number of cases could be skewed to show more people positive with the virus than there actually are.

        1. I would say yes. That’s what I’m hearing and reading; those 3 positives count as 3 separate positives. Read my comment below, INPrepper. The numbers are absolutely skewed and therefore unreliable.

    2. DJ5280,

      Reports today saying that 300 covid-19 testing stations in Florida reported 100% of all the tests they conducted came back positive for the virus. Any guesses as to how improbable that is?

      1. They have to be counted as positive on the right side of the clipboard even before the results come back – why? Because they were all wearing MAGA hats. God bless Florida.

      2. One study showed 98% positive and when someone investigated, it was really 9.8% –really??
        How many folks stayed home because of this.
        AND, I just read a motorcycle death was listed a covid death.

        1. In the same article they said one lab was 76% positive but it was actually around 6%. Sounds like some malicious intent going on there.

        2. INPrepper
          Kaaching $$$$$🤑🤑 out of our pockets into theirs.

          When you receive the winning lottery numbers could you please post them, you know the ‘fair share’ program. lol

      3. If they are truly that accurate, I want them to tell me the winning numbers on the Powerball Lottery.

      4. I’m now beginning to really wonder if the test is actually picking up on ANY coronavirus, which we would all likely be exposed to over our lifetimes, versus specifically THE coronavirus, COVID19. I’ve heard that over and over as a possibility, but it could be the case?

      5. I’ve read recently that the tests come back positive for ANY coronavirus, including a run-of-the-mill cold.

    3. Random disturbing things I’ve heard from healthcare folks (some of which who work at testing locations):

      “We get TRIPLE the negative results as we do positive.”

      “Some people who wait in line for hours on end just up and leave. Then they get a document or a phone call telling them they tested positive — when they left without being tested at all. Figure that one out.”

      “If you get phoned by a contact tracer because you were potentially exposed by someone else they traced, the likelihood that you will be included in the positive numbers — along with all the others traced in your situation — is extremely high. They’re assuming you’re positive when they trace you and they’re actually including you in those numbers. Do not answer your phone or talk with a tracer.”

      “Do not take a test, any test. And don’t bother with the antibody test. They’re not accurate; it’s useless. You don’t want to be on their radar. They’re lying to people.”

      “If you had the influenza vaccine in ’17 or ’18, you’ll likely test positive for COVID19. Don’t ask me how I know.”

      1. I have had the covid test twice here in China. Since I am not a Chinese citizen, I have to pay for my tests.first one was a nasal swab. Not enjoyable at all. I think I may have soiled myself some that time. The second time was a nightmare. The nurse took the nasal swab and shoved that giant Q-tip so far up my nose, I think she gave me a labatome. This NEW nurse actually made me cry. Something I haven’t done in decades. My nose was sore, swollen, and plugged up for a week. As soon as she finished the nasal, she runs out of the room with the sample going to the head nurse saying there was no sample. Huh, it was watery, that’s why. It wasn’t full of boogers. Then the head nurse said one more test. I said He—–l NO you are not sticking anything in my nose again. They said we will do a throat. I figured OK, can’t be too bad. Hehehe. Again that new nurse was jamming that swab around my thrift and I was gagging for about 20 seconds. Just when I was about to throw up, the head nurse said that’s enough.

        The results were a joke in them selves. They said negative for the virus but since I was a foreigner there is still a possibility I have the virus.
        What a joke!

        1. The medical community doesn’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. I’m convinced. It’s as if they’ve all taken a stupid pill and all those years of medical school just went out the window. Something I didn’t expect to feel throughout this whole ordeal is an utter lack of trust in doctors. They’re insecure, lack confidence, and seem to mistrust the very science they claim to be experts at. My wife and I are fully expecting that, by the time we’re elderly (if we make it through this shit show), it’ll be robots and AI programs calling the shots while in the hospital or at a doctor’s appt. In fact, we were very proactive about our health before this; check-ups, annual visits, etc. Not anymore. We will now see a doctor going forward ONLY IF something is very, very wrong. I believe they WANT us sick. Healthcare in America is no longer (and was it ever, really?) HEALTHcare. It’s SICKcare. Plain and simple. They’re literally tripping over themselves with this virus and don’t know which way is up. I can’t trust that.

    4. Spoke to my aunt last night who is a RN working in Gainesville. She is currently evaluating and testing hospital/medical employees that think they have covid. She acknowledged the issues with the testing. False positive and false negative. Its gotten so hard to know if they are pos or neg. They are now just going by symptoms and telling the employee to quarantine for 14 days. Very confusing.


  3. – The three deaths in my county were a City worker (age 34, a friend of my son growing up), a LEO (age 44, a friend of my DW) and an elderly woman, age 70 some-odd. So, our demographics are all screwed up, huh?

    – Papa S.

    1. – Oh, I forgot to mention, all were other-than-Demoncrats

      – Papa

    2. Papa Smurf, your demographics aren’t screwed up, your sample size is too small. When you have 1,000 cases, then you’ll begin to see a more normal distribution that lines up with the rest of the country.

      1. – But but but (pardon me sounding like a motorboat) if we had a thousand cases, my county wouldn’t exist!
        – Papa

  4. Hummmm, .. lets see how much of this post is blockd by … squares with funny symbols in it… all thru the text.. have no context to know what was posted in those.
    The facts do remain:.
    (1). the cure for this seasons flu outbreak was Covid.19. Just look at it. No deaths from cancer, heart attacks, stroke( only a few).
    (2) This was a bioweapon paid for in our own country by traitors… FOLLOW the MONEY… from went to wuhan./bio medical lab. who oversaw it’s transfer in spite of it being refused. Hang the BUZZARD!
    (3) WHO is giving us information? WHO pays for that information?
    (4) This is very serious ill illness, It has manipulated bacteria placed within it.. There are those…who have re-0ccurances,continual lung and heart damage.,, and inflammation and blood clot with strokes.
    (5) There are simple things that can be done to mitigate this illness if one is aware of their own body… The sooner these methods are used the more effective and less…disease has a chance to set up the cytokine storm which does the most serious damage.
    my conclusion, NONE of these are minor after effects…for those affected,.disability is real and prolonged… at NO time in the history of our world has so many barriers been placed on humanity because of a virus or bacteria.

    1. Medicare is costing a fortune. What a way to get rid of the hangers on. I really think this a horror bio gift from China. There are just to many ‘odd’ left over symptoms compared to the flu. Of course this might be baloney. One person here has first hand knowledge….
      What say you homesteader? If I recall correctly you and the Mrs. had a difficult time.

  5. While I have no doubt that the data for deaths due to Covid are essentially true and that unless you are elderly and/or have significant health problems you are unlikely to die from this, I’m more concerned with the reports of significant health effects in those who survive it. There are many reports of people, some quite young, experiencing serious ongoing health problems after their bout with Covid. I’m not exactly too thrilled at the idea of ending up with potentially permanent cardiac, pulmonary or nervous system damage. So I don’t think that the number of deaths is anywhere near the whole story here.

  6. Down here in South FL It seems if you watch MSM SCUM you would think everyone one is dropping dead down here right??????

    Still waiting for the mass boomer/geezer extinction so that I can buy beachfront house at bargain pricing just have to get the stink of the old dead people out of it. WTF I know a couple of people who had it…They survived.

    Most people checking in the ER are mainly suffering from Dehydration + Fever…. Really morons drink some gator aid and get some freekin sleep.
    I can send them instructions for an ANAL rehydration procedure using a camelback hydration bladder…. don’t need doc to stik a $20,000 IV into you and mark it down as on his scamdemic bureaucrat forms bill to Unkie Samuel.

    1. WC: I’ll stick to beer thanks; via the normal route. This Bud’s for YOU, Mr. Camelback anal rehydrator!

  7. Hey Ken,
    Maybe we could do an informal poll on how many people here know someone who was diagnosed with covid
    I know 3
    My former manager(in his 30s)
    My sisters neighbor (50s and a nurse)
    And know from here Old Homesteader
    That’s it from my family,friends and coworkers

    1. That might be interesting. Thanks for the suggestion.

      I have been particularly interested to understand the Covid deaths demographic – which is why I posted the latest stats on this.

      During a time period awhile after the beginning of the Covid threat and predictions, it had become fairly evident (if one scoured the data) that the very elderly were succumbing to this – especially those with underlying health conditions.

      After I discovered this, it always annoyed me how it seemed no-one in the MSM would emphasize this (that Covid fatalities are most dangerous for that demographic). I believe we could have done things differently if emphasis was provided by the talking heads.

      Thankfully, nearly everyone who is not elderly with comorbidity will survive this if they get it. Do I want to get it? Heck NO! And I will continue to use common sense (as I would during any time period when “Flu” is around – for example) and do my due-diligence.

    2. I personally do not know of anyone who got the virus. But when the virus was running around China like wildfire a few months ago there were reports of a positive at the apartment complex across the street, a positive a few blocks away at another apartment complex, and an employee who got dick and tested positive at the local supermarket. That was all we were made aware of locally. The chicom gov had a total lockdown on ALL information and released only what they wanted. So there is actually no telling what the truth actually was. The news here has to be taken with a grain of salt.

  8. I’m not a walmart shopper but did make my last shopping experience today due to Monday’s mandate.

    1. Jay-Jay, was it the one that requires all WM shoppers to wear pants?! LOL my sister sent me something about this but I thought it was a joke.

      1. Good lord and pleease make it forbidden for overweight females to wear leggings in public and overweight males to not wear tank tops in public.

        1. And no more middle aged and older men wearing speedos at the pool/beach.

        2. INPREPPER,

          I second that, buddy. Speedos should be for competitive swimming only. No one needs their eyes assaulted!

    2. Some shopping places here in China still require a mask to be worn in order to enter and shop.even though there have been zero (publicly reported) cases in the area for a month or two.

  9. I know of no one or heard of anyone in this county with the virus or died from.
    In June, deaths reached 470 in Kentucky…but as we discussed, how many had underlying health issues that was the real cause??

  10. I do not personally (face to face) know anyone who has or had COVID. Several online friends have had it (including OH) and my BIL’s uncle died of it.

    I wish the media would bring up the effects of isolation on the immune system…

  11. My wife just brought me news that she found quite disturbing: “A kid from the middle school died today, and a dean from the (nearby) university died too”. I asked her who they were, she didn’t know. I asked her if the news came from someone she knew… or a news alert on her phone. It was a news alert on the phone. Who is spreading this panic??!

  12. Death isn’t really the best way to measure the threat level of this virus. This virus attacks your lungs, nervous system, kidneys, heart, etc. Asymptomatic people routinely have lung and heart damage. There’s a new study which has mild cases posting 45% abnormal heart scans and moderate cases about 64%.

  13. on gathering statistics – food for thought:

    #1 People who attend church are much more likely to be cooperative with answering ?’s by public health workers versus rowdy youngsters that are carrying spray paint and throwing rocks and incendiary devices on the streets of Portland.

    #2 Mortality report is pretty definitive guidelines: the person is dead. ( let us avoid the issue of zombies here ).

    #3 Morbidity report is going to be much harder to track and the stats will vary widely depending on the source of the information and how it was gathered. Many are sick. How many were sick with COVID19 is a whole ‘other story that we will never get a definitive answer on.

    #4 within every 100 people, there will be a % of people whose system will hyper-react to a new foreign agent like a corona virus – new strain. To chalk up their passing as a % is not acceptable to the surviving family members lighting candles in the memory of those who have passed. Likewise the MSM will jump on every story of young people, in prime of life, pregnant and/or mid career and splash it on evening news where-as the passing of an older person barely gets a mention.

    #5 Within this country, HIPPAA rules and regs prevent info about a person’s illness from being shared on top of the family’s desire to not share information. ( further clouding the issue of numbers )

    Within my place of work and my wife’s place of work, there are not many of us showing up for work these days. How much of it is due to COVID19 or how much of it is due to: “It is a sunny Saturday and I do not feel like going to work today”. This has been an issue within all long-term care facilities for the over 25 years I have been working. How much of this is staff shortage or due to COVID19? Your guess is as good as mine. HIPPAA prevents most of us from ever finding out.

    My wife and I are still testing negative and are showing up for work. If we turn up +, we will be forced to stay at home for at least 2 weeks. We have many friends that have turned up + due to workplace exposure in the pst 30 days. This is the closest to confirmation I know of in my AO.

  14. Now that death counts are dropping to the point that they blend in with normal birth and death statistics, the media have predictably pivoted to case counts as their new hair-on-fire statistic to stoke fear, keep the economy shut down, and hopefully banish their nemesis back to the land of Mordor, also known as Mar-a-Lago.

    Total cases are interesting but largely irrelevant without context. And context is anathema to most journalists and media outlets, who prefer the opposite approach.

    Context includes what defines a positive COVID test. Is it an actual positive antigen test result or a presumed positive case?

    Antibody test-positive individuals, having previous, but not current active infections, are also positive cases. That would be like classifying retired military members as active duty.

    Congressional candidate Jessi Melton tweeted about a friend of hers who went to a lab for a COVID test but couldn’t wait for the test and left, receiving a call later telling her she tested positive. Numerous labs in Florida are only reporting positive test results, not the negatives, giving the impression that everyone in the state is infected with the Wuhan virus.

    Not only are case numbers inflated but also deaths. Anyone testing positive at the time of death is counted as a COVID death, from alcohol poisoning or a shooting, to someone in hospice with weeks to live, dying from their underlying condition, but testing positive. George Floyd is likely somewhere in the COVID death count as he tested positive at autopsy.

    CDC labs were contaminated, leading to false positives and bogus test results. Tests in Tanzania on a goat and paw paw fruit returned positive results.

    [ Read more at American Thinker ]

  15. Just read this on another website…

    “Rush Limbaugh had a “JANE DOE” call today. The caller is working as a nurse in a TEXAS hospital. Her hospital is told to mark as many patients as COVID positive, no matter what the reason they are being checked into the hospital She said that she KNOWS of several other Hospitals in 4 OTHER STATES, that are now doing the SAME PRACTICE. So, as many people as possible are being signed IN and OUT as COVID POSITIVES patients!! Kind of watch the news b/c I am sure that Rush will get this Jane Doe info out there!!”

    Just gets crazier by the hour, folks.

  16. Politics is the religion of the 21st Century. And by religion I mean business. And by business I mean money. Any by money I mean power. And by power I mean religion.

  17. The interview is from June 28th, 2020. Gates spoke to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, on what we’ve learned, and what to expect.

    “We’ll have to prepare for the next one,” Gates says, “That, you know, I’d say is, will get everyone’s attention this time.”

    “Most the work we’re going to do to be ready for Pandemic Two, I call this Pandemic One…”

    Patriots, it ain’t over yet. They plan to destroy America. The Sheeple, have “ALL” been taught to obey their commands.

    1. SMG –
      I’d be curious to know whether he mentioned Pandemic 2 as a Second Wave of the current COVID-19 as we know it, or whether another coronavirus will be arriving that is different.

      Also, did he mention any timeframe?

    2. Gates did an interview yesterday and didn’t seem phased at all when saying that I will take 2 or even 3 jabs and around 80% are having a significant reaction. I think there was some mention of 700,000 people may die from it. But “oh well”.

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