10 Most Popular Tools For Outdoor Survival


The following is a list of 10 popular ‘tools’ (things, items) (in order of popularity) to be used for outdoor survival. The list is based on input from preppers themselves, from a poll conducted awhile ago.

These might be part of what you might keep in a bug out bag, or what you might consider taking with you during a wilderness excursion, camping, or whatever else…

Interestingly, within the list are tools which cover the 5 C’s of Survivability (Cutting, Combustion, Cover, Container, Cordage) as outlined by Dave Canterbury years ago.

Here’s the overall list:


Tools For Outdoor Survival

1. KNIFE: Folder, Full-tang, Machete

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2. FIRESTARTER: FireSteel, Lighter, Matches, Magnesium, Magnifier, Fire Kit

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3. RIFLE: .22, Handgun, Carbine, your choices?

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4. TARP: size? Emergency blanket

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5. HAND AXE: size & weight constraints?

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6. PARACORD: 550 Paracord, Tarred trot-line cord, Fishing line

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7. WATER FILTER: Lifestraw, Sawyer mini, Katadyn hiker, purification tabs

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8. STAINLESS STEEL POT: Mess Kit, SS Canteen

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9. SAW: Bow, Folding

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10. MULTITOOL: Leatherman, etc..

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Surely there’s more that could be of value for outdoor survival. However this list is pretty solid based on a previous reader poll. What do you think?

Of the categories listed above, do you have a particular favorite or suggested type, make/model?

For example, within the ‘water filter’ category, which do you use or prefer? Etc..