Cyber Attack Risk Awareness and Hard Copies


Recent news:
The United States faces “the cyber equivalent of the World Trade Center attack” unless urgent action is taken, a former U.S. intelligence chief warns.

John “Mike” McConnell, who served as director of the National Security Agency under President Clinton and then as director of national intelligence under George W. Bush and President Obama, told the Financial Times that such an attack would cripple the nation’s banking system, power grid, and other essential infrastructure.

“All of a sudden, the power doesn’t work, there’s no way you can get money, you can’t get out of town, you can’t get online, and banking, as a function to make the world work, starts to not be reliable,” McConnell said. “Now, that is a cyber-Pearl Harbor, and it is achievable.”


Here’s a thought… imagine if there really were a successful, or even partially successful cyber attack which took down the grid (or parts thereof) and/or financial institutions. Not only would this lead to a probable financial collapse scenario, but it will leave you with no ‘online’ recourse.

Without going into the terrible life threatening survival risks of a grid-down situation, think about this…

Many people do their banking, investment transactions, and bill pay online. What if these financial data centers were taken offline or corrupted via a cyber attack? Do you have adequate ‘hard copy’ paperwork to support or backup your claims? Do you even have the correct mailing addresses that you might need to transact business the old fashioned way?

The suggestion I am trying to make is to put together a file or binder of recent statements, addresses, contact information, etc. to support your position, should you ever need to.

It is very easy to become complacent and unknowingly dependent on the internet. But stop and think about it for a minute. What if it went away?

Commit some time to downloading and printing out your recent data, and file it away. Since some of this information may be sensitive with account numbers or your personal information, it’s a good idea to keep this in a fireproof safe or lock box. They’re not very expensive and are good insurance.


In no particular order, here is a list of ideas of other items to keep in a safe or lock box…

Contacts list
Bank statements
Credit card information
Tax records
Real estate deeds
Vehicle titles
Important family photos and negatives
Videos or photos of personal possessions for insurance purposes
Household inventory
Legal documents
List of your passwords
Thumb drive or portable hard drive with important electronic documents
Birth, marriage, and death certificates
Stock and bond certificates
Trust documents
Living wills or medical directives
Funeral or burial instructions
Powers of attorney
Insurance policies.


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  1. We just had a nasty virus on our home computer! We had Mcafee antivirus and were vigilant about the websites we visited and keeping our computer safe! And Mcafee still charged us to get rid of it, even though we had already paid for their software that was supposed to protect us! Bleh! They told us this time of year was really bad because hackers were targeting shoppers and the such.
    This is a very real threat! We need to take it seriously. We were completely locked out of our computer. Just think how that would be on a massive, large scale? They can hack into phones, Ipads, etc…

  2. The same warnings were made for several years about civilian aircraft before 9/11 from an expert in Boston, Massachusetts.

    Also too original plots were discarded for attacks over the Pacific and it was uncovered and the terrorists went to jail.


    The answer is obvious – THEY WANT MARSHAL LAW – especially control over the internet as it still is somewhat ahh “free” – thats why this website continues..

    In a “MARSHAL LAW” s@ituation over the internet – websites like this could easily be erased over night as “free”dom is dangerous for your brain and the “free”dumb is the down they want you to sleep on.

    So you think when countries like Syria and Egypt shut down the internet that it won’t be done here? – yeah right – LISTEN – this country could go off any second with the fiscal cliff hanger – dollar being valueless – food riots – fuel riots – civil unrest – the government can gain control BY CONTROLLING THE INFORMATION YOU ARE FED – most people eat it up every night anyway – this way you are going to get the full dose of the governments rice and beans to control you and to stay inside during marshal law.


  3. You can get multiple copies of your birth certificate. You are only supposed to have one copy of your social security card, but you can tell it is lost and get another copy too. Storing these at a remote location will go a long way towards speeding up reestablishing your identity should you lose everything, such as in a house fire.

    You can make copies of the other legal documents listed above, although they won’t be legally binding. Older bank and investment statements will help in identifying your accounts, even if they are not up to date. The list of passwords will be really important as most of the time the password reminders are sent to the email address you had when you opened the account.

    Be sure you can trust the person you are storing this with. It would be really annoying to avoid being a victim of the cyber-attack only to be a victim of identity theft.

  4. Hi Texas Girl,

    I do not know if you are aware of this or not – John McAfee the owner/creator of the McAfee Antivirus apparently did an attack of his own – on the next door neighbor who apparently poisoned his dogs.

    However his neighbor did not recover from the attack, even though the EMTs didn’t have a McAfee Antivirus on them at the time – I don’t think it would have made a difference!

    So heres the latest news (not that I like the huffington post – its just the 1st hit that came up on the search):-


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