Not all preps are those which require ‘money’ to buy things. While money certainly helps, preparedness involves other additional (and very important) aspects too.

Preps are not necessarily ‘just’ physically tangible things (as in having a basement full of survival gear). There are also the ‘preps’ which are located ‘between your ears’. Your noggin. Your attitude and skills.

Here’s what I mean:



Attitude requires no gear whatsoever. Having the right attitude is huge, and may make the difference between success or failure in many survival situations. Here are a few attitudes that come to mind which I consider to be beneficial to preparedness in general…

Optimism – optimist
Skeptical – a ‘healthy’ skepticism
Critical thinker
Patient – patience
Adaptable – adaptability
Aware – awareness

Attitudes are ingrained in us over time, and they are ‘who we are’ and ‘who we’ve become’.

The right attitude can help tremendously while dealing with other people or situations. Attitudes can make huge differences while under stress or dealing with atypical situations. You might have all the survival and preparedness gear in the world, but a wrong attitude may stop your progress during a critical time of survivability.



A skill is a sort of ‘prep’. Skills will compliment a related group of tangibles, such as specific tools, gear, or other such ‘things’. Skills enable you to IMPLEMENT ACTION (in a successful manner). In fact, if you have the skills (to do something specific) you don’t necessarily need to physically posses the associated tools or gear because you might be able to borrow from others or fashion them yourself, or adapt another way to go about the task…

Skills develop from knowledge and experience. Often they are related to one’s job or career, however one’s hobbies and interests may also hone specific skill sets outside of one’s career. With regards to survival preparedness, many of these skills are only learned by one’s own doing. Practice, practice, practice.

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