Rats – Mice – Insects After SHTF – What To Do About It

In every major disaster, in most of recorded history, and all of prehistory, these animals (rats, mice, insects) may have been the number one most common cause of death. You must be adequately prepared for them, or they can very easily be the major problem that kills you, your family, neighbors, or your group.

Guest post -by Papa Smurf

Unfortunately, guns simply are not adequate to deal with the problem. These animals can be fun to hunt, but that simply will not be enough.

What am I talking about? Just rats, mice and insects. These can destroy far more food than they can eat, as well as harbor a number of diseases that can easily result in your death in a survival situation.

In a SHTF situation, you may or may not have access to the tools and equipment you might ordinarily have. You may have some, but find that suddenly you have a problem that you never had before, or that what you have on hand is just not enough.

What do you do about it? Well, Be Prepared is one answer. Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome is another.


Keep A Clean Environment

First, just basic cleanliness. This may not be as easy as you think. You could be living in a cave, dugout, or dirt-floor cabin. You could be living in the ruins of your current home. You just don’t know.

So, a couple of brooms and dustpans. You likely have these now, but might need to put one or two more back. Do you think you will be able to use your vacuum?

Food cans will need to be burned out and buried, or washed and used for building or repair materials, or… any number of things. Whatever, you can’t just toss them without thinking. Same for other ‘disposable’ food and water/drink packaging. How about an adequate supply of matches and dish soap?

In my garage, I have a sealed five-gallon plastic bucket of matches. Can I start fire other ways? At least a half-dozen. Can everyone who lives in the house now or in the future? Hmmm…



How about mousetraps. Will a dozen be enough? I sent two dozen with that group I mentioned. The plain “Victor” snap traps work as well as any I have used. A small amount of peanut butter makes a good bait. So do candy gumdrops.

You may want a couple of live traps as well. “Mice Cubes” are very good, although I have not been able to find them lately. A “Tin Cat” works well too. Follow the directions with them.

Rattraps are another consideration. You may need a dozen for vermin control. A rattrap, though, is one of the best means of providing survival protein going. It is capable of catching and killing everything from birds to rattlesnakes. (Try a live mouse in a jar, with a bit of food and water and a lid with holes punched in it for bait). That and just a bit of ingenuity might be essential to keeping you protected and fed.

Drill a hole and add a couple of feet wire in a corner away from where the trap strikes, to prevent the trap being carried away by a dog, cat, fox or coyote. Just wire the other end to a post or stake. It might get your catch, but you keep the trap. You might consider as many as three or four dozen.



Bug spray. At least one dozen large cans. The kind you can put on skin. You might consider doubling that if finances allow.

Repel Insect Repellent, Pack of 12

You will also want the kind you can put on clothes and let dry. This will typically last for as many as half a dozen washings. Look for Permethrin. You will also want at least a dozen cans of this. You will be spending a lot more time outdoors, and the bug populations can be expected to soar.

You will need enough of the room fogging type insecticide to bomb your home at least three times. When you use it, use the old stuff and replace it. That should get you through at least one year.

You and your group will be going in and out of doors pretty regularly, and insect populations are going to be up, if prior disasters are any indication.

Fly swatters, about 6. And keep another dozen cans of room/yard spray.

Keep at least 4 cans of wasp spray. You don’t want to deal with them without the stuff.

Don’t forget any animals you may have; have enough on hand to get them through a year, especially those that may share your home or bed. The ‘one-drop’ treatments work better than collars or powders, but have something available.

I hope I have given you something to think about; maybe a new direction for things you need to prep for.

-Papa S.


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