Ready Made Resources Walk-In Store: Tennessee


(Ready Made Resources, walk-in store)

I just wanted to point out that (Robert Griswold & family) has a walk-in store on their homestead in Tellico Plains, Tennessee.

He welcomes anyone who may be in the area to come on over and see their working homestead and shop at their walk-in store.

Here’s a bit more information:

 ‘Ready Made Resources’ has been in business for nearly two decades and a top quality sponsor / advertiser on Modern Survival Blog for nearly 10 years!

They live the homestead lifestyle on a wonderful property in Tennessee.

The store is 100% solar powered. They have Organic Gardens, Bees, Homeopathic Doctor (his wife), and a large selection of products. The property even includes an Amateur Radio Station (KM4IEQ) in a stand-alone ‘Ham Shack’.

Robert says “One thing people like when they visit is looking through their Night Vision Devices.” Ready Made Resources is notorious for their night vision products and Robert is very knowledgeable on the subject.

My Visit to Ready Made Resources (2017)
I was ‘passing by’ and wanted to check out the PVS-14 NVD.

 They carry Berkey, Sawyer, and Katadyn water filters.

They stock Mountain House, Augason Farms, Lindon Farms, and Numanna Food products.

Medical Supplies include advanced trauma supplies, and pre-made medic kits – along with all sorts of camping supplies.

They have a Very Large Selection of Books and Videos, Protective Equipment for NBC, Water pumps, Solar Equipment, and more…

They have a VERY extensive list of products available for online ordering.

They’re also a licensed FFL dealer.

If you’re ever in the area, stop on by!

Ready Made Resources
239 Cagle Rd.
Tellico Plains, TN

They also invite you to call them with any questions that you may have:

800-627-3809 (Toll-free orders)
423-253-6789 (Technical support)


Robert’s ‘HAM Shack’


  1. Been trying to get Mr. to ride over that way for awhile now. sigh………. I think they have the Bun Baker oven there which I would like to see.

  2. 👍, and don’t forget Jeremiah 😊 ( he answers the phone).
    They’re all very thoughtful, kind, and helpful.

    You can also hear Bob on Dave Hodges Common Sense Show. Worthwhile your time to listen.

  3. I’ve bought a number of products there and their catalog is a survival manual.

  4. I have purchased a few items from Ready Made Resources, and have been very happy with the service I have received from them. If I ever get east of the Mississippi I hope to stop by and say hi.

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