sample long term food storage

Sample Your Long Term Food Storage! Is It Still Good?

sample long term food storage

“Hi Ken. I recently had experience eating some of my preps, canned chicken, and was reminded of the importance and necessity of eating what one preps. Found that I really don’t care for one of the brands I had, and so will swap it out (donate to a local food bank) for brands I do prefer. Perhaps a good reminder to others to practice what one preps.”

What a great bit of advice! I received this email the other day and couldn’t help but post it for general recommendation.

I have found this to be true myself! Especially when starting out prepping we tend to get excited about taking quick actions towards our self-reliance and independence. Some of those actions may not be entirely well thought out :(

What I mean is… we might end up buying things that may not be the best choice for us.

More specifically, in the food department (for example), we might acquire foods or brands that when tasted, we say “yuck!” “that’s gross!”

I’ve had that reaction before –

I remember my first purchases when I became serious about long term food storage back in 2008 (or thereabouts). I had purchased a kit bundle of various dehydrated and freeze dried foods in #10 cans. It was more or less a impulsive ‘knee jerk’ reaction at the time (to get ‘something’) and then I would build from there.

Quite a few years later I decided to sample some of the food from that early purchase. I was looking more in depth at real world shelf life expectations regarding the various food types in these #10 cans. Well guess what… we tried a few of them and they were not what we expected.

They always market this stuff with ‘pretty pictures’ – delicious looking meals on a plate – looks great, right? Well, that’s not what this stuff looked like! It didn’t taste very good.

That particular food company brand is long gone, only lasted a few years before disappearing like so many others back then. There were lots of startups hoping to capitalize on the prepper movement – which has since subsided significantly.

Anyway, we learned quite a few lessons the hard way back then:

– Do better research first.
– Check ratings and reviews of products.
– How long has the company been in business?
– Where are the ingredients sourced from? Email the company.
– Extra scrutiny to products advertised for long shelf life. We want it to survive the years and to be palatable when it comes time…

A particularly important thing that I learned with regards to long term shelf life foods of this type (#10 cans, dehydrated, freeze dried) –

Buy a small quantity first. Sample it. Open it up and actually use it, consume it.

How did it work out? Were you happy with it? Okay, then you can buy more.

It also sometimes comes down to this: You get what you pay for.

Not always, but often the better ‘stuff’ costs more. Same goes with many of these long term storage foods and kits (#10 cans of freeze dried meals, etc..).

Not too long ago we polled our readers for their favorite brands:
Favorite Freeze Dried & Dehydrated Foods and Brands


Sample your long term storage foods.

This goes for any and everything. You might find that packaging has failed and some things have spoiled. Maybe a mouse got into some of it. Bugs? Who knows… but you should re-asses every so often.

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  1. I have tried several brands and it was very interesting.

    I found Augason Farms very good but it seemed to have more preservatives than the others.

    Emergency Essentials has always been good, old and new, but I found some of the items such as chicken and rice to be mostly rice. Recently I opened and old sausage crumbles and it was delicious, especially NOT re-hydrated.

    Honeyville is always first quality, little to none preservatives and extremely expensive.

    LDS is also very good, not as expensive as the rest, but you can’t really put them up against the others as they mostly have staples. They don’t have ready cooked meals or bakery products. If you are looking for staples it is the way to go. Of all they have the best Hot Chocolate- rich and creamy.

    Sam Andy is something I sold for someone. It was already about 13 years old. It was also excellent but they were also staples, no meals. It was the best wheat i ever had. It was made before they started fooling with wheat.

    I find bakery cans from anyone that get to old start to taste odd as it has baking power etc. that tends to go funny. And the lids usually start to rise up. The companies say they are still ok, but be careful opening them.

    One of the best meals I have tried are Funeral Potatoes from Augason Farms. It tastes wonderful, like home made and is real easy to cook and to add a few things. It was $3.99 but went up when it became popular and it feeds a crowd.

    1. If your baking items are old, and you are concerned about the baking powder being old or “flat” try adding a pinch to 1/4 tsp of Cream of Tartar. Brings the old baking powder to life again.

  2. Just cooked up some black eyed peas hat had been in storage for 10 years. Just overlooked them I guess. Anyway, they came out perfect! yumm!

  3. I know for sure my spam and rice and canned pears tastes just fine!
    It aint all fancy schmancy like “mountain house” (OOOOoooo)
    But i bought it within my budget, a little at a time and i could build a small condominium out of the stuff

    1. Tommyboy;
      Spam has sure gone up in price in the last few years, gone are the prices of $0.59 a can, more like $2.59 or more.

      1. Local store charges $3.59+ for Spam. But along with the upwards cost comes the change in the formula. Spam doesn’t taste the same as it did years ago as it gets leaner to suit the thought police. But you can make your own according to the original recipe, lots of instructions on video formats.

        And although Spam and canned fish will keep indefinitely, I keep it in the refrigerator. Tomorrow I will open another can of Kippers and mix it up with chopped onions on crackers. I spoon the oil over it. Any cheese is on the side and will be a very sharp cheddar. Oh how I love cheeses!

  4. We purchased the Rancher’s cut meats via Honeyville quite a few years back. It has been stored in the house in a closed room which is kept cool all year around.
    Like many that purchase we were not sure if the taste would be alright, a surprise the lady that worked at the local store had made up chicken salad with the Rancher’s meat, dehydrated celery with mayo for chicken salad. It was really good even though she reduced the amount of condiments in the mix, for those who did not care for a lot salt in their food(s).
    We are not fond of the premade meals due to the salty taste so our household avoids them, an purchases items we put together for meals

  5. We mostly can our own food. Except for storing rice and beans. Looking at ordering wheat .still waiting for call back from Auguson. We also process our deer when we get one.No luck this season yet, always freeze venison and beef etc. But we will try canning venison for the first time hopefully soon., we do have stores of store bought Vegs and fruits and fish products also.

    1. Maggie’s Farm have you asked at the local LDS Church about the Bishops Storehouse? In the basics their prices cannot be beat. Wheat in #10 cans, same with pinto beans and their hot chocolate is insanely good.

    2. M’s Farm,,,
      On the wheat,,,,
      I got all of mine theough Amazon, came in 20# bags with free shipping,,,
      For me that was big, will try and post a link, the type i got was organic and they had soft white, hard white, hard red, thought it a good deal, i stuck it in the freezer for a few days then acclimated, and into 5 gallon buckets with mylar liners, and the usual oxy absorbers and dessicant packs.

      1. Nh Micheal,Tommy, will look. At LDS and have seen it on Amazon.Will look there also .thanks. also if anyone has good luck canning venison,would appreciate hearing about process used

        1. Maggie’s farm;
          I have canned Venison, no different than most other meats.
          Cut into 1″ cubes
          I did a Raw Pack, into Wide Mouth Jars, no added nada else, make sure on the Head Space and liquid,
          Pressured Canned it @ 15 pounds for 75 minutes (Pints).
          Tis really good,

          1. Maggie’s farm
            Find the old canning era books from WWII, there will be recipes for canning wild meat in those books. My mom used to can wild game all the time from those recipes.

            Yes, I know everyone states USE the new canning Blue book which it along with several others discourages wild game canning.

            Welcome to the site.
            Hope this helps you with your processing project..bambie in a can or make that a jar.😊

          2. kevinH & ALL
            FYI, a “boat load of jars!” is one help of a LOT of Jars… HAHAHAH
            Figure a little under one pound of meat for a Wide Mouth Jar, that 400 pound Moose will net out around 150 pounds of meat to Can….. Hence around 170 Pint Jars…

        2. M’s farm
          LDS sounds like the way to go, for me the shipping is a killer so i try to use Amazon, free is free!
          Locally LDS doesnt have an outlet, sorta surprising as we are quite remote,

          1. You can buy LDS bulk foods on line at there site, Provident living.

    3. Maggie’s farm;
      First of all, welcome to the BLOG, Ken does a hell of a GREAT job here, I’m not much of a weekender here now-a-days, life has gotten very busy with the Harvest and Canning, maybe a game of golf now and then :-)

      As far as Wheat and Beans, see if you can find a local Mill that will sell direct.

      My latest purchase was $15 per 50 pound bag of Red Wheat Berries, $20 per 50# bag of Pinto Beans. I like the Anasazi Beans a lot more at $30 per 50#.

      Storage is simple, they do NOT need to be stored in Metal Cans at all. I food grade plastic bucket with a few Bay Leaves and a tight lid will do just fine, Friend has some that’s 20 years old, they are still very VERY good.
      Again, welcome to the Nut House.

      1. I think the only “Nut” in the house is you NRP ;) (quit making it sound like we’re all nuts – although I like nuts, cashews, peanuts, most any nut – although short on shelf life due to oils!)

          1. NRP, Nope, nada, nixed, nein, nyet! Ask that question AFTER 1-2 years w/o resupply.

      2. Thank you. If this is a nuthouse,,I’m in the right place as everyone I know including my children in there 40s think I’m crazy.

        1. Maggie’s farm;
          Seriously, this is a very good site, we make fun and are respectful of everyone (except Trolls), a LOT of good info and some/lot of people here I would call good friends.
          Just watch out for that NRP dude, we ALL think he’s a little off center, if you get my drift…. HAHAHAHA

        1. I use it I have a 50lb sack lasts forever… I primarily use it for insect control.
          Kills off the poisonous locus down here.

      3. NRP
        See your posting on Red wheat & your favorite beans, but have a question for you.
        Is the mill in your area getting soft & hard white wheat berries this year? If so what are the asking for #50 units? I was lucky at the beginning of the summer to pick up 2 #50 bags of soft wheat, do not recall what it set us back price wise. Of course you know we live in komiefornia.

        1. Antique Collector;
          Getting Hard Red Wheat Berries, 50# bag this year is $15.00, just got some a couple of weeks ago. They do have Soft Wheat, but I’m not a buyer for that. Last year was $13 for a 50#er, but still a LOT cheaper that online or such.
          Hence look locally for a Mill.
          I’m not sure if they will ship out of the USA to you or not, could check for you :-)
          I do know my Bean Supplier ships all over the Country, could get their Name if you want.

          1. NRP I would be grateful for a good bean supplier. Please post the contact information.


          2. NH Michael;
            Will email the info to Ken, not to sure what his thinking on posting specific Company info is, if ok he’ll post it.

          3. NH Michael;
            Got the ok-doky from Ken in the Info

            For Red Wheat Berries, Blue Corn, and a slue of other Wheat/Blue Corn products do a quick Internet search on;
            Cortez Milling Co.
            Their site is for contact info only, not online ordering yet, Really REALLY nice folks and yes they ship all over the Country.

            For Beans my supplier is Adobe Mills, do a search on;
            Adobe Milling Dove Creek, Colorado:
            Their site is GREAT, and you can do online ordering.
            All kinds of stuff, sorry no soy-beans, These people are also true down to earth good hearted folks. Heck I go there once a year and pickup hundreds of pounds of Beans for a few families, they always welcome me by name when I open the door.
            I did do a recheck on Pinto Beans, “Gourmet Pinto Beans – 50 pound poly sack, Price $33.50” that’s not a bad price.

            Both places are a blast to visit, just a good warm feeling when ya do business with them.

    4. M farm, Pleasant Hills Grains in Nebraska, Good prices. Already comes in 6 gallon bucket, mylar and moisture packs. Free shipping over $50 if I recall correctly.

  6. Good article Ken.
    Interesting the “Email” did not mention if the ‘canned chicken’ was a Freeze Dried product or just a normal “Chicken–o-da-Sea” type product, would be interesting to know.

    I believe that most serious preppers have done the same thing, hit the CC and purchased an ample amount of #10 cans and Pouched Meals, even a case or two of MRE’s.
    I personally have ZERO problem with that, for now, at least they have a supply if TSHTF today.

    Obviously the next step is learning skills, storing fuel, Water storage, Blah Blah Blah, we all know the drill, AND should DO IT!!!! What ya waiting for, Hurricane Michel to kick your azz?

    So, after a year or two of the preparing and reading 50 Survivalist/Prepper BLOGs a day, what’s next?
    Hummm, let’s see, how about “Lights Out” weekends, using those 100 #10 cans of food storage, do EXACTLY what you are advocating here. Live the EMP scenario for a week or two. You will be shocked at what you will learn, maybe find the answer to the question “Is 600 rolls really enough”?

    I don’t know how many hundreds of times I have typed it, but here goes again;
    “Eat what you Store and Store what you Eat!!!” or you may very well end up HATING your emergency stored foods.

    And yet, I will guarantee you if the ANTFI crowd get their way (or thousands of other things that could go wrong), you will be loving that food that taste like crapo a LOT because they/something will crumble the country and you will get hungry.

    So the list I like;
    “Eat what you Store and Store what you Eat!!!”
    “Use one, Buy two”
    “Practice ‘Lights Out’” to see if you really can build a fire with a toothpick and jar of mayonnaise
    “Learn Skills, get educated”
    “Get rid of access Baggage” simplify your life; it’s only ‘Stuff’
    “Figure what ‘Living the Lifestyle’ means”
    “Smile and Laugh at yourself often”

    Most importantly on food storage, Friggen get some!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for listening.

    PS, learn to can your own stuff, it’s cheap and you’ll probably like the food.

    1. So what your saying is,
      You should store what you eat? And eat what you store?
      Wow,,, i dunno bud, sounds sketchy

      1. Tommyboy;
        UGHHHHHHH. 6 of one, 1/2 dozen of another makes for a full carton hahahahaha
        PS; kinda fun to tease Ken a little don’t ya think?
        I can see him right now at his desk YELLING at the screen
        “NRP, shut UP for once” LOLOL…… :-)

  7. Eat what you save and save what you eat. We taste test different items from time to time and also check store canned foods for bulge or loose ness of the can. We found 3 canned hams that were very loose feeling packing and threw them out. When buying canned foods be sure and check for dents and we found that pull top stuff does not keep a seal as long as a regular can . Not too long ago we had some of our MRE meals , good, filling and more than adequate , especially in tough times .
    We home can things and much prefer home canned chicken to store bought canned chicken . We find that store bought chicken simply has little to no taste .

    1. Bluesman;
      I might add that ” store bought chicken” is containing more and more water, less chicken.
      AND taste NASTY!!!! :-)

        1. Antique Collector;
          What brand you get there?
          I have been canning my own, no water no nada anything but chicken…..

          1. NRP
            Kirkland brand, and have also purchased the organic one they have in stock. Be aware it does have water in the can, next time I open one up for dh & the cats will measure the amount of water ratio to chicken.
            Either way it is life saver for me, when I require the cooked chicken to be added to the raviolis(chicken & cheese-Costco) that I use for a quick meal.

        2. With you on the Kirkland brand chicken. I also can my own but ha a couple dozen of those in stock

      1. Mrs. USMCBG, Don’t know about your taste buds but, mine don’t mind the taste of MRE’s. at all. When you are trying to stay “GRAY” after the first or second week of a SHTF event, and nobody has any food left, you don’t want to cook and have your neighbors showing up at your house to eat when they smell the cooking. Even if it’s just roman noodles.

      2. Wow proof that I am weird (like I needed PROOF :-)) I have eaten old Korean War (with the cigarettes rations) c-rats through the Arab Approved MREs over the decades and with a little Tobasco Hot Sauce they are great.

        Hunger makes a GREAT Sauce someone said. However MRE’s WILL cork you up thus the Military making great effort to provide T- Rations and such to keep the bowels moving along.

        Up early as a power outage was just resolved. 92 year olds need support in blackouts.

      3. I have to hide the pound cake MRE’s, they kept disappearing. Speaking of which, I opened one I think was 15 years old. It was delicious.

  8. Good day, Everyone,
    Another soggy day here in PA
    Am cooking with commercially canned black beans BBD 7-2017
    they are great
    Still have some organic lentil soup from 2016, slight texture (more mushy) but flavor is fine
    Will donate just because we need the room
    Would appreciate hearing from anyone who has eaten canned salmon or sardines that are past BBD by at least a year or more, I trust safe if no can damage, just curious about taste…
    PS have found drinks do change and typically do not last past BBD especially if liquid form
    Anyone have experience with powdered drinks past BB?
    We have some that are probably at least a year past or close to it…
    Thanks :)

    1. shepherdess;
      I’m the kind of past BBD HAHAHAHA
      on the powdered drinks, I’ve got a can of Tang open and using now that almost 3 years past BBD. and a few more cans of the same, will probably be 4 years past BBD. is still good with nada problems.
      As far as Sardines and Salmon, it’s a choice, I have zero problems with those that are 2 years past, but do a good “look see” on the cans and such.

      1. LOL, NRP, Tang…the choice breakfast drink of kids of yonder years
        My mom never bought it but a lot of the neighborhood kids had it..
        Yep, I do remember a tang about it!
        PS I had to YouTube old Tang commercials…chuckle ;)

        1. shepherdess;
          My mom would say “If it’s good enough for the ‘Astro-Nuts’ it’s good enough for you” Ahhhh the good old days huh?

    2. Shepherdess
      I am using Tang with a BB date of March 2014, same will go for the Lemonade. It was purchased around the same time frame, possible newer BB dates as I pick these up 2-3 at time when shopping.
      These were stored in an insulated out building which does not have A/C but stayed around 80 degrees in a 100+ summer. The mix tastes fine, I have not used the Lemonade in a while. Kept in the same condition as the Tang so the taste should be equal, all purchased via Costco when I make a trip in to that store.

      Soda pop will lose it’s carbonation so their BB date is pretty accurate, you will drink it up and buy more, or dump the unused since it lost its fizz. Guess that is why many went to the home made soda machines.

      1. Thanks, AC I was hoping the powered drinks were still good…
        such a simple thing to stock
        I get ones with vitamin C too

    3. shepherdess
      I am slowly working through my older stores. Funny you should ask about sardines. I love sardines, so, I have an extensive inventory of store canned fish. The last can of sardines I ate, was 2012. Just fine. The last can of salmon was 2014, just fine. The last can of clams, well severely bludged, all of them, they were 2014. I am looking at the rest, and will post back

      1. SMG, am interested in hearing your report…
        We like (confession: love) canned fish DH = sardines me: red sockeye salmon
        we keep good stores on them too….
        thank you for sharing that your 2012 supply of sardines was good

    4. As far as powdered drinks go, I am using powders such as Vitalyte, Ultragen and Ironman Perform (all electrolyte supplements with various sugars added) with no problem, and they are waaaayy past their ‘best by’ date, probably by 4-5 years.

    5. Took a very old orange drink mix- not sure what it was, it had a squirrel on the label. to a large picnic. It was ok, everyone drank it, maybe I am more discriminating.

  9. Had the opportunity a few years ago to live in a place with local food I found unpalatable and imported food way too expensive. So taking a page from the prepper’s manual I ordered the variety packs from a couple of different vendors – #10 cans of various FD meats, buckets of various FD fruits and veggies, powdered and instant milk, instant potatoes. After 18 months eating from this stock almost exclusively knew which I liked and which I would willing give to my worst enemy.

    Have purchased the MH meal packs when on sale. Have given them as gifts to family members. Only tried the biscuits and gravy so far. Not bad for an on-the-run meal. Much prefer making sit down meals from scratch ingredients.

    Still grateful to NH Michael for turning me on to the LDS store. I buy 32 lbs of hard red wheat there for $15 (I pick up from a store about 125 miles from here – ordering on line is more) already packed into #10 cans and in cases of 6 cans. No buckets, lids, bags, O2 packets, or other preservatives to buy. They’ve got the basics, but not a lot of variety.

    Prices are on this page, just scroll down:

    Here’s the list of locations:

    I store what I’ve eaten, for sure. Just not many “meals” and no “mixes”.

    NOTE – Am not a member of or affiliated with the LDS church.

    1. Anony, We had a package of MH scrambled eggs and bacon we purchased form Wal Mart to try. Finally ate it one morning and it is ok. Mr. agreed. They add some stuff to the eggs to make them a lighter consistency.

  10. If ya’ll get a chance go to Youtube and look up, Steve1989MREinfo. This guy opens old c rations etc. from WWII, Vietnam and other places. Can be amusing and don’t forget the read some of the comments. LOL Mr. enjoyed watching the Vietnam one. Waited for the ham to be opened. I found it informative as well as amusing.
    Also as we have discussed, watch the canned acid type foods real close.

    1. Mrs. USMCBG,

      I guess I’m one of the few who liked C-rats. Even the canned crackers, jam, cheese, and the chocolate covered coconut (?)cookies (?). MRE’s are a sad substitute for food in my opinion. They came about long after I was out, but one son’s girl friend was in the National Guard and gave us several cases brought home from drill weekends because no one would eat them. I keep them to feed to the family occasionally if things go south just to make them appreciate the canned stores, dry rice, peas, and beans. Side note, Many Viet Nam era C-rats dated back to the Korean War, 15 or more years old, one of the reasons I place faith in canned goods for storage.

        1. Mrs. USMCBG;
          AHHHHH how do ya eat Lima Beans without a hunk of Ham cooked in??????
          Never heard of such a thing :-) :-)

        2. Mrs. USMCBG,

          Yep! Everybody else called ’em Beans and MFer’s. I just said “Well, just give me them MFer’s, they keep me regular!”

  11. Does anyone have trouble with cans of spam lids loosing their pressure? They pop up and down so i figure they aren’t good anymore. I also have trouble with cans of Roast Beef hash- brand new ones loosing pressure. It might be my altitude.

  12. Most of my long term storage consist of individual freeze dried ingredients. Favorites are pineapple, pears, peas, corn, hamburger.
    I’ve not found a “just add water” meal that I absolutely love yet. Most of them are full of rice or pasta. And the spices or flavorings are not what I’m used to. However, I’m sure that if things were terrible and I’m truly hungry, I would eat it.
    I do have some “emergency 72 hour” buckets that I’m saving for donation…. I wasn’t so wise when I bought them. yuck.

  13. I have pounds of dried beans, I’m going to start pressure cooking canning them up to put on the shelf, don’t know if to cook and can or can and cook.

    1. Old Chevy – on a rustic road;
      I have done a few quarts of Canned Beans, they are ok, and if ya need some fast they will work. I would rather just store raw, they will keep a very long time if stored correctly.

      I did the “fill jar 2/3 full, add water and Pressure Cook/Can” and yes they filled the Jar full when expanded.

      But just not the way I like em, they do make good re-fried beans though.

  14. OC
    Believe that would depend on how long they were stored & the conditions they were kept.
    Do know one never makes refried beans without a large mess all over the kitchen per a site I read. She had one large mess to clean up, refried beans every where.

  15. Have to comment on NRP saying MSB is the best. I follow several sites and have to agree with him. More information and except for trolls everyone is respectful of the others opinion. I mostly just read but have learned a lot and enjoy the back and forth. God bless all and hope we don’t have to find out if we prepped enough!

      Welcome to the “comment” side, and yes it’s a GREAT group of folks here……
      Even that TP-wacko NRP dude… HAHAHAHA
      I know Ken puts a LOT and I do mean a LOT of work into the BLOG.

        1. Minerjim;
          Probably enough for one person. Maybe……
          Butt, in keeping inline with the Article, I have been doing some “Sampling” of the “Long Term Storage” as of late, making sure the Quality of the TP is holding up to proper standards.
          Is important ya know to make sure the tush is well taken care of :-( :-(

          1. Mrs. USMCBG;
            Interesting you mentioned Pepto-Bismol.

            About 2-3 times a year I get a very bad Migraine Headache, have come to find out it’s caused from access Stomach Acid. My vision starts to blur from the sides and works to the middle. Than clears and in about 10-15 minutes I get a killer headache.

            But, if I take about 3-4 TBLS of Pepto (over dose) the Blurriness and resulting Headache will not progress….

            Sounds odd, yep, but it works to stop the Migraine for me.
            So yes I have a stash of 5-6 bottles in the Meds. :-)

          2. NRP,
            Hello old friend. There is a side / symptom of migraine, called “intestinal migraine”… I too find that if I control the terrible acid stomach, a migraine headache will go away sooner.
            I have a prescription for Dexilant (name brand) and I have a large stash of Pepcid AC which helps a lot.
            hmmmm we have more in common than mint… luv ya’ll, Beach’n

          3. Beach’n;
            Thanks, I now have a name to put to it.
            I’m just very happy it only hits a couple of times a year, and afterwards I think abut the foods and situations I was in to better understand how to stop it or lessen it.
            Be well my friend
            Mint Juleps at Ken’s 6,20,2020 2020 hours :-) :-)

  16. Ordered whole wheat, corn meal,oats.does anyone have any recommendations on a hand powered grain grinder.brands etc.thanks all.

    1. Maggie’s farm;
      There is a HUGE selection to chose from, from $100 to $1200 and more.
      I have ordered a “GarinMaker” was not cheap, but wanted a good one…..

    2. Maggie if budget allows look at the Grain Maker made by an American family in Montana around the Bitter Root area. I love mine. Will do peanuts too although I have not tried that yet. Now I found out the best way to grind oat flour is add a small amount at a time instead of filling the hopper. Hard grains grind easier.

  17. Maggies Farm
    I personally like the Grainmaker, is made in Montana, nice grinders, solid units. They are not cheap, but compared to other hand grinders are much better. I have tried several different ones,

      1. Maggies farm,
        Dont forget to get a good seive, you can really up the quality of your grinds by sifting out bigger particles and re grinding,

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