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“Hi Ken. I recently had experience eating some of my preps, canned chicken, and was reminded of the importance and necessity of eating what one preps. Found that I really don’t care for one of the brands I had, and so will swap it out (donate to a local food bank) for brands I do prefer. Perhaps a good reminder to others to practice what one preps.”

What a great bit of advice! I received this email the other day and couldn’t help but post it for general recommendation.

I have found this to be true myself! Especially when starting out prepping we tend to get excited about taking quick actions towards our self-reliance and independence. Some of those actions may not be entirely well thought out :(

What I mean is… we might end up buying things that may not be the best choice for us.

More specifically, in the food department (for example), we might acquire foods or brands that when tasted, we say “yuck!” “that’s gross!”

I’ve had that reaction before –

I remember my first purchases when I became serious about long term food storage back in 2008 (or thereabouts). I had purchased a kit bundle of various dehydrated and freeze dried foods in #10 cans. It was more or less a impulsive ‘knee jerk’ reaction at the time (to get ‘something’) and then I would build from there.

Quite a few years later I decided to sample some of the food from that early purchase. I was looking more in depth at real world shelf life expectations regarding the various food types in these #10 cans. Well guess what… we tried a few of them and they were not what we expected.

They always market this stuff with ‘pretty pictures’ – delicious looking meals on a plate – looks great, right? Well, that’s not what this stuff looked like! It didn’t taste very good.

That particular food company brand is long gone, only lasted a few years before disappearing like so many others back then. There were lots of startups hoping to capitalize on the prepper movement – which has since subsided significantly.

Anyway, we learned quite a few lessons the hard way back then:

– Do better research first.
– Check ratings and reviews of products.
– How long has the company been in business?
– Where are the ingredients sourced from? Email the company.
– Extra scrutiny to products advertised for long shelf life. We want it to survive the years and to be palatable when it comes time…

A particularly important thing that I learned with regards to long term shelf life foods of this type (#10 cans, dehydrated, freeze dried) –

Buy a small quantity first. Sample it. Open it up and actually use it, consume it.

How did it work out? Were you happy with it? Okay, then you can buy more.

It also sometimes comes down to this: You get what you pay for.

Not always, but often the better ‘stuff’ costs more. Same goes with many of these long term storage foods and kits (#10 cans of freeze dried meals, etc..).

Not too long ago we polled our readers for their favorite brands:
Favorite Freeze Dried & Dehydrated Foods and Brands


Sample your long term storage foods.

This goes for any and everything. You might find that packaging has failed and some things have spoiled. Maybe a mouse got into some of it. Bugs? Who knows… but you should re-asses every so often.

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