Survival Vitamins and Supplements

survival supplements

Preparedness and one’s health. It’s important. I’m going to provide you with my opinion on what I consider important survival supplements and vitamins. Curious to hear yours as well.

One reason people can become vitamin deficient because they don’t eat right, or unable to get all of the nutrients they really need.

Lots of factors contribute to being healthy. Just to name a few… The food you eat. Physical fitness. Age. Environment. Your genes. I believe that vitamin supplements can also attribute towards health. I have my own regiment that I take each day. You might call them, ‘survival supplements’ (grin).

Anyway, regarding preparedness, you might consider stocking up on some of these. It can’t hurt, right?

In addition to food and preparedness supplies, we should not overlook the value of storing extra vitamins (and medications, be it prescription or over-the-counter) which could become very relevant – especially if a disaster turns into a long-term situation.


None of this should be considered medical advice. Rather, my opinion.

The Essential Vitamins & Supplements

Your most important consideration should be to stay healthy! Not only is this relevant for everyday life, but also in the context of preparedness. For example, during the time period following SHTF / long term disaster, many people will not be eating healthy, and many people will likely suffer from various vitamin deficiencies as a result.


Although eating a proper diet rich in fundamental and beneficial nutrition is the best way to survive, a multivitamin supplement (at a minimum) could prove to be very important to overcome, or at least combat, the issues of vitamin deficiencies.

I believe that a multivitamin is perhaps the most important survival supplement. If you’re only going to get one vitamin, get this one! A multivitamin will (should) have at least the minimum daily requirements. Although perhaps arguably, additional supplements may further augment one’s overall well-being in a number of targeted ways.

I personally choose well recognized brands, tailored separately towards men and women (varying needs). And, the “over 50” crowd (also with unique nutrients).

Centrum for Men and Women

Vitamin C

D3 5000 IU (NatureWise)

Vitamin C is an important and essential survival supplement too! It is a water soluble nutrient well known for its vital role in the immune system. In addition to a multivitamin, consider specific supplements such as Vitamin C (or ascorbic acid powder, which is how I take it). I usually mix 500 mg with a glass of water in the morning and afternoon.


K2 100 mcg (NatureWise)

C and K2 go together. They are recommended to take together for optimal absorption, and, strong bones and healthy heart. I take one a day with my C supplement.

Vitamin D

D3 5000 IU (NatureWise)

Important! Vitamin D (D3), the so called winter vitamin. I take it year-round. It’s a very essential survival supplement, especially if you live north of the Mason-Dixon line. Plus, today’s indoor lifestyles radically inhibit natural vitamin D production. In fact, an astounding number of people are presently Vitamin-D deficient, right now! I take 5000 IU in the morning.

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Zinc 30 mg (NutraBio)

Preferably Chelated Zinc. I supplement 30 mg each day. I dare not mention the apparent potential benefit against a particular ‘thing’ that’s going around right now (big tech may censor it if I say the word). But I think you know what I’m talking about (the ‘vid’).

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Life Extension Optimized Quercetin

Zinc and Quercetin should go together. I take a 250 mg tablet once a day with the zinc mineral supplement. Quercetin apparently promotes cardiovascular health and immune system support.

B Complex Vitamin

Super B Complex (Nature Made)

Apparent wide-ranging goodness. An immune support supplement. B vitamins are also apparently necessary for normal functioning of the nervous system. I take one a day.

More ‘Survival Supplements’

Those listed above are particularly important in my opinion. However, I also like the following.


Qunol Ultra CoQ10 100 mg (Qunol)

Other ‘survival supplements’ like Coenzyme Q10 which apparently may attribute to heart health. I take one a day. If you take a statin (for high cholesterol), you need to be taking this too. I no longer take a statin, however I continue to supplement with this.

The point is, in consideration for preparedness to offset potential vitamin deficiencies, there may be a need for ‘survival vitamins’ in your preps.

Also do some research and learn which foods, and other natural substances are rich in various vitamins. The pills won’t last forever, and are only secondary compared with eating a good nutritional diet.


Don’t forget to also stock up on your prescription drugs, over-the-counter pain relievers, and other pharmaceuticals which may apply.

If you have regular prescriptions, particularly those that are absolutely essential for your well being, you should try to build up extra (although sometimes difficult to do, given insurance companies, etc.).

Try asking your doctor to prescribe more for the purpose of having some extra on hand. While an insurance company may deny a purchase of ‘extra’, you could potentially pay out of pocket for your own peace of mind.

Pain relievers such as aspirin which reduces fever and relieves pain (do not give to children). Advil (Ibuprofen), Tylenol (Acetaminophen), etc.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Any specific recommendations?