survival priorities

A few thoughts about prioritizing one’s priorities in a survival situation.

Whether you are planning for, or actually encountering an emergency or disaster, consider this list of priorities.


The right Attitude for Survival


Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome

Beginning with, and maintaining an attitude that includes positivism, adaptability, and clear thinking. One’s immediate assessment, decisions and subsequent actions are foremost.

The opposite would include panic, undue pessimism, brain freeze.

The following list is a good framework and basic approach to have in the back of your mind when it comes to survival situations:

During an emergency situation, we may need to mitigate the following:

Immediate Survival Priorities

– Air / Oxygen. We need air, and the ability to breathe.
– Safety / Security. Immediate danger, threats, security.
– First Aid. Stabilize if necessary.

Top Survival Priorities

– Body Core Temperature. Hypothermia can set in fast. Overheating too.
– Shelter. Protection from the environment when necessary.
– Fire. If required – body core temp., water purification, food.
– Hydration. Three days without water, and… (not good!).

More Survival Priorities

– Food. Maintain caloric energy to keep going.
– Transportation. To safety. Under your own power or other means.
– Operational Security & Defense If the situation warrants. 2 or 4 legged.
– Sleep. Without sleep, decision making abilities will deteriorate.

One Version Of The Rule of Threes

If you PANIC you could be dead in 3 seconds.
If you have no OXYGEN you could be dead in 3 minutes.
If you have no SHELTER you could be dead in 3 hours.
If you have no WATER you could be dead in 3 days.
If you have no FOOD you could be dead in 3 weeks.

The Rule of Threes

There could be some variability. For example if there is a serious injury, this must be attended to very early if not immediately (First Aid).

Note: Shelter includes body core temperature. Maintaining with safe limits.

The 5 & 10 C’s of Survival

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