Levels Of Survival Priorities

Survival Priorities

Here are a few thoughts about prioritizing one’s priorities in a survival type situation.

Whether you are planning for, or actually encountering an emergency or disaster, consider this list of general areas to focus on first.

It’s all opinion, and I welcome yours and your insight…



Attitude. Before all else, I believe that the right attitude is necessary to survive, especially to survive while also making better decisions. This means a positive attitude of adaptability.


Oxygen. We need air to breathe.
Clothing. 1st ‘shelter’ layer. Proper clothes for environment. Hypothermia sets in fast.
Water. Three days without it, and you will meet your maker.
Sleep. Without it, your decision making abilities will rapidly decelerate.


Food. Become very weak after few days; few weeks without and you’ll meet your maker.
Shelter. Hard protection beyond just clothing; barrier for security.
Sanitation. Without it, disease will rapidly set in; potentially deadly.


First Aid. Injury and health issues will shorten lifespan without treatment.
Fire/Cooking. Required for some foods; a source of heat, security, and comfort.
Energy/Lights/Communications. To harness external energies for efficiencies.
Transportation. Enable broader survival from people and goods further away.

One Version Of The Rule of Threes

If you PANIC you could be dead in 3 seconds.
If you have no OXYGEN you could be dead in 3 minutes.
If you have no SHELTER you could be dead in 3 hours.
If you have no WATER you could be dead in 3 days.
If you have no FOOD you could be dead in 3 weeks.

There certainly is variability. For example if there is a serious injury, this must be attended to very early if not immediately. Although I’ve split ‘shelter’ into clothing (1st) and traditional shelter (2nd), there may be situations when even your ‘proper’ clothing isn’t enough.

It’s a good exercise for discussion or thinking about – scenarios versus priorities (which differ from one to another).


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